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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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(narrator) only one family goes to incredible lengths to make sure your family time never becomes endangered. kalahari resorts. coming to the pocono mountains summer 2015. book now at >> tragedy on the busiest rail corridor on the continent.
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>> the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles per hour hour. >> once you hit this curve the train is supposed to be slowed down to 50 miles per hour. investigators confirm amtrak 188 was going twice the speed limit when it left the rails. but the why is still unanswered. ton night crews are still on the scenery moving the wreckage from the crash site in port richmond. a live look now from chopper three at that scene only two cars remain on the tracks following last night's violent derailment. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. this has been a day and night of dramatic developments in the amtrak tragedy. officials work to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. the latest at 11:00 o'clock "eyewitness news" has learned the train engineer is brandon bostian. the ntsb has not questioned him yet. but philadelphia police have. federal investigators say that his train was traveling 10 sick miles an hour in a 50 miles an hour zone just before it went
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off the rails tuesday night. also tonight tributes are being paid to the seven lives that were lost in that crash. >> we have reporters working all angles of this still developing story. we've got live team three coverage of the crash investigation, and the latest on the victims. our coverage begins life at the scene with reporter diana rocco and the late developments from their tonight. diana? >> reporter: chris and jessica, a busy day has turned into an even busier night out here. workers are on the tracks as we speak and the mayor says this is still very much a search and rescue operation as there are still people who are unaccounted for. meanwhile, as the ntsb now looks to take over this investigation there are a lot of unanswered questions. >> what was that engineer doing? why were you traveling at that rate of speed? what else was going on in that engine compartment? >> more than 24 hours later and the mangled wreckage shows the magnitudemagnitude of the crash that
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killed seven and injured dozens some still unaccounted for. investigators still searching the wreckage after six cars and the engine derailed carrying 238 passengers and five crew members members. >> people were screaming, um, i was slammed against the window, you know, the -- the car actually turned on its side a little bit. and then luggage started flying at me and hit me in my chest and my head. >> reporter: amtrak twenty eight trait 188 from washington, d.c. left 30th street station at nine physical ken tuesday night. it was recorded at speeds at 100 miles an hour prompting a mass casualty response. >> maximum authorized speed through this curve was 50 miles per hour. when the engineer induced brake application was applied, the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles per hour.
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>> the engineer hit the brake bringing the train speed to 102 miles per hour before it left the tracks. he suffered minor injuries and walked away while nearly 200 others were treated at hospitals. the focus now turns to why the train was traveling at twice the posted speed and what happened in those final moments. >> i think we need to learn a lot more about what actually happened. i'm just sorry that this happened. >> reporter: and tomorrow the ntsb will be taking a much closer much more detailed look at this crash sight trying to answer some of those questions. we also know that two black box recording devices were recovered from this crash site. they're on their way to washington, d.c. that is the very latest from port richmond tonight diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana thank you very much. tonight we do have an important update for amtrak riders. once again no amtrak service between philadelphia and new york tomorrow. new jersey transit though will honor amtrak tickets between
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trenton and new york so that's an option. there also be modified amtrak service between mld philadelphia and washington and philadelphia and harrisburg. this animation shows the timeline of events last night much the train left washington's union station just after 7:10 bound for new york city. it made a stop at 30th street station and then at 9:21, it derailed in port richmond and engine an seven cars spilling off the rails. well a few hours ago i jumped on board chopper three to take look at the crash site from high above and it remains breath taking sight. from that perspective you can see just why taking a turn at that high of a rate of speed could lead to disaster. our chopper is following essentially the same route that was traveled on tuesday night by amtrak train 188 a way way from center city philadelphia and toward trenton. this straight away section of tracks the speed limit here is 80 miles per hour. but investigators believe the train was traveling 10 sick
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miles per hour here. then once you hit this curve the train is supposed to be slowed down to 50 miles per hour but they believe it was in fact traveling about 102. nfsb officials are prepared to say this was the exact cause of this crash but mayor michael nutter told me it's no question it was a significant contributing factor to this wreck. >> unbelievable image. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt continues our team coverage tonight with new details on the man behind the train's controls. >> reporter: according to his professional page on linked in, brandon bostian began his career with amtrak in july 2006 as a passenger conductor. the same profile shows bostian starting as an engineer in december 2010. just a few hours after the crash, the 32-year-old changed his facebook profile picture to this black square. he went to the hospital for treatment moments after the crash. he was released and sources told "eyewitness news" he gave an initial statement to police
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after the crash. at this point he has not talked directly with the ntsb. >> this person has gone through a very traumatic event and we want to give him an opportunity to -- to, um, couldn't have a less for a day or so before we interviewed him but that is certainly a high priority for us. >> reporter: mayor nutter took a stronger tone when talking about bostian late wednesday afternoon. >> clearly it was wreck less in terms of the driving by the engineer, there's no way in the world that he should have been >> reporter: according to his facebook profile bostian is from tennessee but lives in new york city. authorities say he submit add blood sample voluntarily. no word where he is now but you can bet chris ntsb officials want to talk to him as soon as he's ready to figure out what was going on in that cabin right before that crash. >> lot of questions he needs to answer right now. david, thank you very much. pennsylvania congressman bob brady was at the site and earl
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err yes i had conversation with the crash survivor who was on his way home to brooklyn. he described the moment the train went out of control and how he pulled himself to safety from under a pile of debris. >> we were going around the curve at some speed. the car wept into what seemed like flight for a split second. tipped over. and hit. >> it was like being in a crowded closet that you've been stuffed into. and you have to push stuff around to get out. the randomnessness of this event crosses my mine. who who. >> "eyewitness news" confirm the another person killed in this crash derek griffith was the dean of student affairs of a college in new york city. >> todd quinones spent the evening at temple hospital where a lot of the injured were taken and he is live now with this part of our coverage. todd? >> reporter: jessica tonight there are new questions if this
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entire tragedy could have been prevented. 39-year-old rachel jacobs of new york the ceeo of small tech company here in philadelphia the latest victim to be identified her family released a statement saying in part, this is unthinkable tragedy. rachel was a wonderful mother, daughter sister, wife and friend. among the others killed 20-year-old justin zemser of rock away beach, new york. mid ship man at the naval academy. susan zemser is his mother. >> he was absolutely wonderful. everybody looked up to my son and there's no other words i can say. >> james gains of plainsboro, new jersey was a 48-year-old father of two and a video software architect for the associated press. 55-year-old ab bid gillan nia wells fargo executive from new york. this man who only wanted to be identified as ken was visiting his sister at temple university hospital he says she was in the second trip car and is now battling lost pain with a collapsed lung among other injuries. >> she has broken ribs, she has
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fractured back. she's unable to eat. she has had a head laceration. >> reporter: shaw says the most frighten frightening part derailment was when the lights went out. >> it took a few minutes for everyone to realize the am of pain you were in. that's when you started to hear the scream. >> he fractured his vertebrae a disc and rib and will be at hahnemann university hospital for the next few days. philadelphia attorney robert monk lewis see spent part of night visiting perspective clients. we spoke to him about the ntsb's conclusion the train was going more than 100 miles an hour and safety features to slow it down were not in place. >> that technology has been available and the question becomes, why aren't we using it? for the people who were, um, lost their loved ones, that's a terrible thing for them to ponder as they deal with their loss. >> reporter: tonight 22 passengers remain here at temple university hospital. of the 22, eight are listed in
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critical condition but got news in all of this all eight are expected to survive. reporting live tonight in north philadelphia, todd quinn nope cbs3 "eyewitness news". all right todd, thank you. today governor tom wolf ordered all pennsylvania state flags at the capitol and at other state buildings to fly at half staff to honor victims of the deadly train derailment. they will remain lowered until sundown on sunday may 17th. as "eyewitness news" was first to tell you today at 5:00 o'clock this deadly train crash could lead to criminal charges. tonight "eyewitness news" investigative reporter walt is under asking district attorney seth williams if that will happen. >> members of our crime scene unit have been there and this is the most horrific seen they have ever come across in their experiences as professionals. >> district attorney seth will yup says his investigators are already keeping a close eye on evidence uncovered in the deadly train crash to determine if a criminal investigation might be
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launched in the future. >> we are monitoring the investigation. we are actively a part of the investigation. but it's too early right now for to us come to any conclusions. >> the da says, if there is a criminal investigation it could also involve federal prosecutors prosecutors. >> i will meet with the us attorney his first assistant and we'll decide if there is criminal charges where that case should be charged. >> reporter: shot da choose to pursue a criminal investigation one weapon in his legal arsenal would be a grand jury. a powerful tool that he has already used to investigate the 2013 center city building collapse that killed six people. in the sat center walt hunter cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> pennsylvania copping man bob brady was among the many civil leaders who visited the derailment site today. i asked him what he man's to do in washington in the wake of this tragedy. >> when i go back, do a nice
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little audit. i'll ask for a public system wide audit from the department of transportation with all our railroads. >> there's other amtrak news coming off the hill tonight. a late this evening the republican led house appropriation committee voted along party lines to cut the amtrak budget from $1.4 billion to $1.13 billion. well don't forget there's much more to be found on the amtrak tragedy on the very latest video pictures and news conferences from investigators. figuring out what went wrong in a disaster like this is obviously a huge undertaking. >> up next the i-team is on the case digging deeper into what it takes to investigate an accident of this magnitude and how it could have been prevented. >> there's other news developing right lane. both lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike are shut down after tractor trailer winds up on its side. we've got some important details on the way. >> kathy? >> skies are clear and temperatures are plunging. it is a spring chill across the delaware valley.
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wait until you see what we'll wake up to. i'll have that with the seven day coming up. >> and some eagles players help spread cheer. we'll tell you why these guys were at local hospitals tonight. plus, the countdown to the final late show with david letterman is on. there are now only six shows left. you don't want to miss tonight actress julia roberts visiting dave one last time. late show music director paul schaeffer sharing his memories will dave and musical brian adams will perform that's all happening right after "eyewitness news" at 11:35.
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>> live look now at the scene of the amtrak tragedy now 24 hours after it happened. this time last night, first responder has just arrived there there. they were pulling survivors from the wreckage of train number 188. philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood ground zero for a harrowing emergency operation. a live look now from the ground the train of course on its way to new york city last night. today investigators revealed that it was simply traveling too fast. speeds topping 100 miles an hour when it entered a curve there on the rails. tonight the i-team is digging deeper into this deadly derailment an piece of technology that investigators today said just may have prevented all of this. >> i teal reporter charlotte huffman continues our coverage amtrak tragedy. >> reporter: train 188's black
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box now in the hands of the ntsb. preliminary analysis of the black box show the train's engineer was going more than 100 miles an hour when it derailed on sharp curve that's limbed to just 50 miles per hour hour. >> why he was doing that? how that happened? those are answers that are still going to be required by the ntsb before they have a full understanding of what happened. >> reporter: besides speed there are three quacked that is can cause the train to derailment may have also played a role. equipment track failure or engineer operations hike distractions or fatigue. >> federal regulations limit an engineer and conductor to a 12-hour work day but internal audit of amtrak obtained by the i team show a concerning trend among amtrak employees exceeding that 12-hour limit. in 2013 employees reported more than 116,000 instances of working 16 hours or more a day. about 83% of those reports came from transportation employees which includes train operators
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and engineers. regardless of why the engineer was speeding, former ntsb chair mark says tuesday's tragedy could have been prevent. >> positive train control could have had a significant impact in potentially helping to prevent this accident. >> reporter: positive train control is a new technology that congress required carriers to install after the 2008 train collision in la that killed 25 people. following the collision ntsb investigators revealed one of the train's operators ran a red light signal because he was teching. but the new system can take control of the train before tragedy strikes. >> it's actually used with a combination of technologyies that basically tell the train where it is. it knows what its authorized speed level is. if in fact it goes beyond that and the engineer doesn't do anything about it, the train comes to a stop. >> reporter: congressman dated carriers install that control system by the end of this year a deadline that in this case comes too late.
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for the i-team charlotte huffman cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> there's developing news right now. chopper three is over a crash that has left the pennsylvania turnpike closed in both directions between fort washington and willow grove. tractor trailer has overturned there as you can see. officials tell us the truck was hauling about 35,000 pounds of paper. so that's going to be quite a job up righting that truck tonight and getting traffic knowing again. we're told the driver was injured but there's no word on the condition. well if you step outside tonight, kathy you certainly feel the difference from the last couple of days. it is almost cool out there. it is cool out there. >> yeah, today about a 20-degree difference from yesterday. remember yesterday was close to 90. >> right. >> not the case today. >> and humid. isn't we're talking about cool conditions and temperatures plunging tonight into the 50s and into the 40s and in some spots into the 30s. ouch! back the sweater or
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sweatshirt you'll it tomorrow morning. temperatures are in the 50s in center city. beautiful view of our skyline tonight. we are seeing dry conditions across the region. on storm scan3 we're not concerned about any precipitation. not even any clouds but look at the north. just to the north of the poconos we're talking talking about frost in parts of southeastern new york. we're talking about a freeze. we'll be cold. but not that chilly overnight and in the poconos going for lows in the 30s. 39 what you'll wake up to. 45 in allentown. 50 in the city. 45 in lancaster and 50s as you head through interior south jersey come tomorrow morning right now only 56 in the city. 51 in allentown. 43 in the poconos and falling. 40s to the west through state college and pittsburgh so that cooler air is settling in under a dome of high pressure that's going to dominate our weather. the one thing that will keep temperatures up tonight will be the wind out of the northwest in philadelphia at 17 miles an hour that also adds a little bit of a chill in the air. come tomorrow morning plenty of sunshine cool temperatures. so put the lining back in your raincoat at least for now.
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the temperature around 72 in the afternoon tomorrow then high pressure slides off the coast little bit warmer temperatures boost in the mid 70s for friday. more sunshine and then we'll watch this warm front approach by saturday giving us a chance a few afternoon showers. we need the rain but we're not going to get anything significant any time soon. take look at the probability of precipitation this into the weekend nothing thursday or friday. saturday and sunday about a 40% chance of a shower each day. but nothing in the way of a widespread rainfall. overnight the low temperature 50 in the city. 40s in our suburbs. with a cool northwesterly breeze. crack the windows because it is going to get hot again. thursday sunny and seasonal the high 72. as you plan your day tomorrow, 54 in the morning. lunch outside little cool. 72 after school and then the evening activities will be mild at 70. but once that sun sets, the temperatures fall just like that. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, 70s for the next couple of days. we're back in the 80s over the weekend. a few showers in the afternoon here or there.
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so nothing of any consequence to cancel any outdoor plans. monday tuesday and wednesday back in the 70s and then the following weekend is memorial day. >> wow! >> do you believe it? >> already? >> orr at the shore before we know it. >> yup. >> on the calendar. >> kathy thanks. >> beasley is here. exciting baseball this evening. >> cole ham miss was fantastic tonight but he was actually up staged by something even bigger than his pitching. all time phillies record for jonathan papelbon the finish was classic and i've got it for you coming up in sports.
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>> phillies haven't won a game sin the last time cole hamels took the mound. kohl's turn tonight but he was up staged by a record setting moment that you'll see.
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let's go to the game. before the game the state flag at half staff at the park in honor of the victims of the amtrak accident. also, a moment of silence in their honor. to the game now hamels had another fantastic outing. seven, struck out nine, pirates only gave up two runs but let's go to the ninth. jonathan papelbon looking for a phillies record 113 saves. man on third. he's in trouble. gets the pop up. check out jeff francoeur. he's got a arrival. the phillies win three-two. papelbon now the franchise leader in saves. big night for reigning american cy young winner cory krueger. he struck out 18 cardinals through eight innings. record is roger clemons is 20. he didn't walk anyone. only gave up one hit. indians win two-zero. eagles with personnel moves today. they promoted louis clark to senior director of pro personnel and they named dwayne joseph
11:27 pm
director of pro personnel. joseph comes over from the bears. welcome. game seven madison care garden between the capitals and rangers. game tied in overtime. derek stephan with the game winner they celebrate the rangers win it two-one. they face the lightning starting on saturday. >> how about that. >> nothing like a game seven. >> always exciting nhl playoffs. >> beasley thank you very much. up next here eagles players really did something nice tonight. >> yes, they did.
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>> a surprise visit to temple university hospital provides happiness during a tragic time. >> nurses at the hospital were in for treat when they saw a couple of eagles players walk through the door. quarterback mark sanchez and linebacker connor barwin posing with the staff tonight. temple one of several hospitals where victims of last night's train crash were taken. the players hung around trying to cheer up patients and their families. a very nice gesture on their part. well done. we'll be right back with more. stay with us. ♪
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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before we go tonight update on the amtrak tragedy. crews are removing the wreckage from that crash site in port richmond as we speak. "eyewitness news" train engineer's name a brandon bostian. ntsb has not questioned him but philadelphia police have. federal investigators say the train was traveling 106 miles per hour in a 50 miles per hour zone before it derailed. also tonight tributes are being paid to the seven people killed in that crash. >> "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee washington, erika von tiehl. they'll have the very latest on the amtrak derailment investigation. we thank you for being with us for "eyewitness news" here at 11:00. for beasley, kathy and all of us i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean many we're always on at up next the late s
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from a regional distribution centre, it's the late show with david letterman! (applause) tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now jumper cables to your humdrum life david letterman! (cheers and applause)


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