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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 1, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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moving through parts of the region. but even stormier weather is on the horizon for tomorrow. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us us. the storm cos make for a bit of a slow morning commute for you. let's get right over to meteorologist justin drabick track wagon we can expect throughout the night into the morning hours. >> justin. >> natasha, that's right. slow moving storm system we'll have periods of showers and some thunderstorms through the overnight. and impacting the entire day on monday. again it's not going to be raining all day long. any time through the day over the next 24 hours or so we can see the threat for some showers and strong thunderstorms and we're seeing them right now kind of slow moving and they're dropping a lot of rainfall you can see the showers and storms flaring up once again. we had lot of them earlier up in the lehigh valley and poconos and that's where the flash flood warning continues because we're talking about rainfall rates about one to 2-inches per hour. slow moving cells so watch out for potential for flooding in you're driving anywhere overnight. and through the day on monday. there's stronger storm moving over reading right now in berk county.
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it continues to move to the northeast eventually impacting allentown probably in another hour or so. another storm developing near the downingtown area as it moves to the northeast it should impact northern montgomery county in the next half hour to an hour. keep in mind heavy showers and storms through the overnight and certainly impacting the morning commute. already rainfall reports up to around thee inches from earlier storms. northern berks, lehighly and poconos carbon and monroe county remain under a flash flood warning. slow might have moving storms dropping rainfall rates about twenty seven one to 2-inches per hour. don't think about driving through flooded roadways. flash flood watch berks county, lehigh valley the poconos because we had the earlier storms statue ratted ground here. here's what to expect overnight and into monday, scattered showers and storms watch out for localized downpours, rainfall amounts around one to 3-inches which could lead to possible flooding. i'll you know when we finally dry out coming in the seven day forecast in few minutes.
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>> you can stay one step of severe weather by downloading downloading the cbs3 weather app. track life radar and get weather alerts when they're issued and a lot more. it's free, available now on i tunes and google play. >> katie fehlinger will be track the storm overnight haven't the very latest before you head out to to work and school. "eyewitness news" this morning begins at 4:30. tributes continue tonight following the death of beau biden. the first family visited the bidens today to offer their condolences. the former delaware attorney general and son of vice-president joe biden died on saturday after battling brain cancer. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson spoke with people in delaware today who know the biden family personally and are mourning the loss. beau biden was the quintessential gentleman. >> reporter: before he was lawyer, political player or attorney general as a young man, they called him the sheriff sheriff. >> he was called the sheriff because he was always the guy that was supposed to kind of watch out for the other kids.
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he was the designated driver. he didn't drink. he didn't smoke. >> reporter: character that left an impression. john worked for joe and with beau biden for years. he watched that perfect gentleman grow no into capable leader. >> this is such a tragedy to delaware. >> saturday vice-president joe biden announced that his son 46-year-old beau biden died from a two year battle with brains cancer. bow the popular former two term attorney general in delaware first a federal prosecutor in philadelphia. then a major in the army national guard deployed in 2008 for a year long tour of duty in iraq. in 2010 he suffered a mild stroke. before being diagnosed with cancer just three years later. >> we all know vice-president is strong and he's no stranger to trap glee this will be the second time joe biden is burying one of his children n1972 joe's wife and daughter were killed in a car accident at just three years old bow by didn't was
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seriously injured. new castle county executive tom gordon remembers calling his friend and then newly elected senator amtrak joe. >> he came home every day. he really did. he drove that train home with his kids. they never knew he was in washington as a young man. >> many point to this as the biden legacy perseverance through personal agony to make a better life for the next generation. many point to bow's legacy as tough but fair a sheriff sworn to protect the first state. he was a perfect gentleman at all times. gordon says another point of sadness here is what biden could have have been. before he took ill he was entertaining a bid for governor in 2016 and most who understand the political landscape in delaware say he probably would have won. bow by dean leaves behind a wife a son and daughter. reporting from wilmington i'm steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> well, biden had quite an impact throughout his home state of delaware. today "eyewitness news" talked with wilmington city council
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president theo k. gregory he said that biden brought a poe cuss from the attorney general's office that had not be. (in the city before. >> very fair person. someone you could talk to. you could engage. and he would give you a straight answer. go back and forth but very fair person. >> beau biden's family and the community that came to know him in his catholic faith continue to mourn tonight. matt rivers shows us this is not the first time the biden family has been forced to deal with tragedy. >> reporter: beau biden was a devout catholic and a senator of -- center of his religion was here at st. joseph on the brandywine. some of his family are buried here and it's where the husband and father of two will be laid to rest. >> i just can't fathom someone so young and so kind having passed. >> reporter: his death struck an immediate and painful cord with parishioners who knew him so well and they will lend their support to a family who has
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weathered their grief in this place before. >> no parent should be pre deceased by their son or daughter. i unfortunately had that experience too. >> back in 2012 vice-president biden spoke to a group of family members of fallen soldier. he spoke about grief. his first wife and one-year-old daughter both victims of a 1972 car crash just weeks after being elected to the senate at 29 years old. >> by the tone of the phone call you knew. you knew when they walked up the path. you knew when the call came. you knew you just felt it in your bones something bad happened. >> bow survived that crash and 43 years later was surrounded by family members as he passed away from brain cancer. the ensuing grief is something the vice-president spoke about three years ago. >> you see a flower and it reminds you. you hear a tune on the radio or
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you just look up in the night and you know you think maybe -- maybe i'm not going to make it, man. >> that day biden went on to tell the audience on hand that there's always hope. he said one day the memories of their lost loved ones instead of bringing a tear to their eyes hopefully they will bring a smile to their faces. we're live in the sat center matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you so much, matt. washington lawmakers honored beau biden today. this afternoon leaders in senate reflected on the 46-year-old's life and legacy. >> beau biden was known to many as a dedicated public sorry vent. a loving father of two and a devoted partner to the woman he loved. >> delaware is a better place because of beau biden. our country is a better place because of beau biden and the world is a better place because of beau biden. >> many who knew beau biden are mourning his loves.
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delaware governor jack narcotic kell issued this statement... senator chris kuhns said in part... funeral arrangements are still pending at this point stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the death of beau biden. we'll have updates on television and online at also developing to night midnight major parts of patriot act will expire after the senate failed to pass legislation senators came back early from their holiday recess to try to work out a compromise. cbs news correspondent wendy
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gillette has more now from new york. >> mr. president i request a live quorum call. >> reporter: rand paul had vowed he would make sure sections of the patriot act expired at midnight sunday. he says the law that allows surveillance programs to collect data including americans telephone records is illegal. >> i'm not going to take it any more. i don't think the american people are going to take it any more. >> reporter: he got what he and wad. senators were unable to work out a deal despite a rare sunday session. >> we're here now facing yet another manufactured crisis. >> we should pass it tonight. don't duck behind not doing anything. >> the senate was considering a bill passed by the house that reforms the patriot act which was signed into law after 9/11. the usa freedom act would institute a mortar getted system of collecting telephone data. the director of cia said
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allowing the programs could lapse could put americans in danger. >> this is something we can't afford to do right now because if you look at the horrific tourist attacks and violence that's being perp rated around the globe, we need to keep our country safe. senate voted to proceed forward with the bill sunday night but a final vote will likely not be held for several days. wendy gillette for cbs3 "eyewitness news". developing right now police are searching for two men wanted in connection with a shooting in west oak lane. a 52-year-old victim was getting out of his car on the 7100 block of north 18th street when two men approached and asked for his wallet. the victim handed it over but was still shot once in the stomach. he is expected to survive. the two men did get away in a green car. stay with with us. a huge air-conditioning unit falls 28 stories on to the streets in manhattan. close to a dozen people are injured. what investigators say happened right before this accident.
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plus a crash outside a terminal at one of the nation's busiest airports sends three people to the hospital. justin? >> showers and thunderstorms continue to bring heavy rainfall overnight, and for the morning commute. those details coming up in the "eyewitness weather" forecast. >> straight ahead in sports the phils downward spiral continued against the rockies. lesley van arsdall has the highlights. stay wit
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>> back now out on "eyewitness news" storm scan is tracking rain, thunder and lightning and even stormier conditions are in in tour store for tomorrow. meteorologist justin drabick has the updated forecast in just a few minutes. most of the state of texas set to see it's first period of extended sunshine in weeks. after torrential rains caused massive flooding all throughout the state. as you can see here, cattle had to be herded through a swollen river. in the city of houston alone preliminary damage estimates are expected to cost at least
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$45 million. three people including a nine-year-old girl were injured after a car crashed into a terminal at los angeles international airport tonight. the car struck the girl and then went through a wall of a utility room at the departure terminal much the girl listed in critical condition. the two others involved were the driver and the passenger of the car and they suffered non-life threatening injuries. 10 people were injured after a crane accident sunday morning on madison avenue in manhattan. now, this crane was lifting a massive air-conditioning unit to the roof when it crashed 28 stories on to the street and also hit car. the unit create add trail of damage along the building's facade and officials are not quite sure why the air-conditioner broke free. >> we as i said will do full investigation to understand what happened here and to guard against anything like this in the future. >> all of the injured are expected to make a full recovery recovery. the mayor said the city is working very hard to have the
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streets around the building reopened by the monday morning commute. secretary of state john kerry is in the hospital tonight with a broken leg. kerry crashed while riding his bicycle in france this morning. he was flown to a hospital in nearby geneva switzerland where he will stay overnight. the secretary spokesman said paramedics and a doctor were with kerry's motorcade when this crash happened. now, today it mark the end of a wonderful career for a broadcast legend. >> and that's it for us today as i say goodbye for this last time as moderator of face the nation. i want to you meet all of the people who have worked so hard to make this broadcast what it is over the years. here they are. i want all of to you take a bow. (applause). >> bob shieffer welcomed his staff onset thanking all of them and all of the viewers for the support throughout the years. 78-year-old served as moderator for face the nation for 24 years
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years. but his journalism career spanned nearly sick decades. he will certainly be missed. starting next week cbs news political director john dickerson will be the new host of face the nation. and you can watch right here on cbs3 every sunday morning at 10:30. all right. justin all my rain gear ready. evening i might need it. >> one step ahead. you were listening i like that. >> i was paying close attention. immediate rain in our forecast seeing it now. tomorrow deal same deal. better chance to see rain in the city tomorrow. not all day washout. keep in mind we could run into heavy showers maybe a few thunderstorms. outside right now it's still quiet in center he too. just a few clouds over us right now. it's very warm and humid. all that humidity will help fuel showers and storms as a cold front finally makes its way eastward. show you on storm scan3. two batches of showers and storms to deal witch one over pennsylvania right now. and it's moving slowly to the east and northeast. we catch little bit of a break
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over virginia, west virginia and another round of showers and storms developing over tennessee and that will make its way through our region later tomorrow night. here we go. round number one coming through the overnight hours again somed showers a few thunderstorms stronger storm now developing just west puff reading moving east at about 25 to 30 miles per hour. could contain wind gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour. certainly drops heavy rainfall rates one to 2-inches per hour. stronger shower now just moving north and west of philadelphia across eastern chester county right now should miss the city. you see a stronger line of thunderstorms breaking out near harrisburg approaching baltimore right now. that will continue to move to the east as well. again through the overnight we might run into heavy rain if you're traveling so keep that in mine. these are doppler radar rainfall estimates over the last 24 hours. we had earlier storms across northern berks lehigh valley into the poconos. look at that areas of orange and yellow that's two to 3-inches of rain from some of those storms. so that's what you possible
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expect if one of the storms moves through your area. there's a cold front you can see temperature map you know there's something going on doesn't make a meteorologist to pick out where that front is. it's now south of mount pocono we have a temperature of 58 degrees. but on the front side of the front, still very warm upper 70 toss 80 for philadelphia and washington. but look at that buffalo cleveland, 45 degrees. so eventually get the front moving through that will be the focal point for the showers and storms. till then, though it stays very warm and humid. so one more day of a steamy air mass. not good for the hair. i know lesley and -- natasha complaining about that all right. >> justin. >> you guys will notice the difference on tuesday. >> we didn't say anything about hair tonight did we. >> high mayor looks good. wednesday and thursday, something to look forward to. tomorrow better chance to see some wet weather for philadelphia and areas south and east because of the front lined up over the region. stalls out and then finally the front moves offshore. tuesday but still in the morning i think we'll be dealing with some showers early tuesday.
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wednesday looks nice clearing out seeing sunshine very comfortable high temperatures in the 70s. here we go. overnight look at that round of heavier rain moving on through a few thunderstorms 3:00 a.m. morning commute 7:00 a.m. still some spots could be dealing with some wet weather. so keep that that mine. you may need to leave the house early for that extra drive time here we go into the afternoon monday we see another flare up of showers and storms. that continues monday night. finally tuesday morning things start to quiet down. we'll start to get rid of the showers and dry out. how much rain we talking about. we see red showing up around philadelphia, parts of new jersey indicating two maybe even 3-inches of rain in some of those heavier showers that develop. overnight park, scattered showers and storms depending where you are. 70 for the low temperature. same deal tomorrow. watch out for locally heavy rain any showers and storms that do develop. at the shore you might not see rain until later during the day first half could be okay. 75 degrees with some sunshine
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ocean is cold, though, 57 degrees it has dropped over the past couple of days. all right. extended forecast we'll drop to the mid 70s on tuesday and wednesday. wednesday, thursday and friday keeping it dry. by the weekend little bit warmer and humid back into the 80s maybe a shower or storm on saturday. >> all right. we can at least use the rain. >> we can. i think you should give a hair cast. >> hair cast? >> yes. >> yes. >> for the ladies out there. >> guys don't care about that. the ladies do. >> we don't have perfect hair like you. >> sure. >> lesley has sports highlight. >> at least the rain held off down in dover. big race today. jimmy johnson once again tames the monster mile and the phillies bats again missing in action. losing streak grows.
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>> levels. phillies are falling apart. >> down they go. just a little bit. colorado never took the phillies at citizens bank park until today. the phillies have now lost seven in a row. first inning jerome williams already in jam.
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nolan at the plate and crushes this pitch to centerfield and phils down two to zero. >> to the fifth another two run shot. phillies pitching is it a staff surrendered eight homerun in the series. offense scored four runs. phillies lost, four-one. swept in consecutive series for the first time in almost two years. they are now a season low 14 games under 500. nascar down at the monster mile fed ex 400 a wild ride and scary moment on pitt row. carl edwards pulling away a crew member hadn't removed a wrench. did he not see him. fell but don't worry he's okay. jimmy johnson continues his dominance at monster mile winning its for the tenth time. >> coming up next in the zone tonight we have more on the eagles ota is tim tebow just a practice arm. do we know? does he stand a chance to make the team.
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94 wip's paul jolovit
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>> welcome back everybody. hollywood's latest disaster movie was an easy winner at the box office this week glenn the earth will literally crack open. >> the earthquake epic san andreas debuted at the top spot it stars dwayne the rock johnson biggest debut for a movie where he is the top build actress. it hauled in an estimated $53.2 million. pitch perfect two came in second. tomorrow land was third. follow beside mad max fury road and avengers age of ultron. more than 500-pounded the pavement in philadelphia today all for great cause. "eyewitness news" here in fdr park crowds walked to cure arthritis. participants chose to walk a 5k or optional 1 mile route. more than thee million people in pennsylvania suffer from arthritis debilitateing disease
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and money raised here will go to support programs and treatment research. justin has that final check on the forecast now. >> lot of showers and storms to deal with through the overnight and then once again tomorrow be aware of that. any time through the day monday we could run into a heavy shower perhaps a thunderstorm rainfall rains could get one to 2-inches per hour. there could be localized flooding. stay safe if you're traveling overnight through monday. then phenolly by tuesday afternoon we'll get the rain out of here. sets up to be very comfortable fort middle of the week. 70s with low humidity. >> very nice. thank you justin. appreciate that. thank you so much for joining us tonight. for lesley justin, all of us. i'm natasha brown. we're always on lesley will be back with the cbs3 sports zone right after the break. have a great night ♪
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♪ ♪ made in hollywood ♪ >> movies comeing to a theater near you starring melissa mccarthy chris pratt, amy poehler, and adrian grenier are made in hollywood. >> welcome to "made in hollywood." >> we're going to look at some of the hottest movies coming to a theater near you.
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>> this is a master of i improve improvevisation. i have to read it on a pose in note. >> stay tune. >> "made in hollywood" celebrates it's 10th anniversary season. >> hello, i'm melissa mccarthy mccarthy. >> i'm britt robertson. >> i'm adrian grenier. >> you're watching "made in hollywood." >> "made in hollywood." >> welcome to "made in hollywood." ♪ made in hollywood ♪ >> now kiley, when i go to the theater during the summer i expect big laughs or explosive thrills. >> well, eric, this is what action star jason statham and comedian melissa mccarthy had to say about working together on "spy." a movie that blends the action with the comedy. >> she knows the identity of all our agents. we need someone to plant the
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bomb without being detected, but it can't be anyone of you. we need someone i am visible invisible. >> there is this woman who is under estimated by everyone around her. what is something about you guys that maybe people under estimate about you and maybe you can say one about each other. >> sometimes when people does something so well, like jason does action, peopl people under estimate how much you have to train for that. >> it's difficult and tricky to make those things look so dangerous and not be dangerous. >> i once drove a car off a freeway on top of a train while i was on fire. not the car but i was on fire. >> and he's swell guy. >> take that, cooper. >> wow, is that a compliment. >> i've been in movies and i don't want to mention any names but i've been in in big


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