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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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currently a ground stop at flights at philadelphia international the airport so keep that in mind. we also have, team three weather coverage for you meteorologist kathy orr and kate bilo. we will begin with kathy where she's tracking where that heaviest storm is right now kathy. >> we are watching a severe threat. this is a line of severe storms moving in along the the eastern shore of maryland but they continue to move east at 40 miles an hour and that means new castle county, kent county and sussex county delaware please ab wear that these storms are heading your way as well. they will stay severe, that could pack a punch within the next hour or so. in the meantime as we look through main line of philadelphia through suburbs of the montgomery and bucks county we have heavy rain moving up i-95 corridor through wilmington right new through parts of the delaware county and philadelphia you can see interior south jersey where we had a severe cell still seeing heavy rain pleading to flooding, glassboro, upper pilesgrove and moving into gloucester as
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well. every where seeing heavy rain. thinks a hail indication from our previous storm. you can see our tornado warning earlier today across the river into salem county and these are all indications of hail, as large as one to 2 inches in diameter earlier this afternoon and now this is extending toward the east. we do have damage and hail associated with these storms and some damaging wind as well. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for eastern shore of maryland until 6:45. i'm concern that those storms will cross in the state of delaware after that and of course, we will keep you advised here at cb. 36789 flash flood warnings continues for interior south jersey including collins lake, buena vice taxer vineland, hammington and mulika until 6:45 this evening. with any of these storms we are talking about rain rates at one to 2 inches an hour, flash flooding, certainly a possibility, large hail and gusty wind in excess of
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60 miles an hour. that is very latest from the weather center a as we continue to track the storms but our kate bilo is in the storms along the schuylkill river and kelly drive in philadelphia where we have had some heavy rain, kate but nothing like what we have seen in new jersey. >> reporter: that is right kathy. it has been picking up for past few minutes now. this is probably some of the heaviest rain we have been seeing as that wall of rain moves in the city. we have not seen severe wet are they have seen off to the south but we have had rumbles of thunder flashes of lightening along kelly drive. you you can see kelly drive is moving okay. we have large puddles forming these road are prone to flooding they are low lying road along the river if you come over with us this way we have our buddy here, she went behind camera, of course, 76, schuylkill expressway, martin luther king drive everything looking like a slow to the crawl right now. everything is slow. not only wet road and spray but falling rain. it is falling at a steady clip at the moment.
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you can see it hitting cue kill river there. that bill slow down as well as wipers are going and rain hitting the windshield. look at what to expect on the roads for rest of tonight. we expect that road spray to be a problem. low visibility to be a problem. we could see following especially off to the south where temperatures were warmer today. we want to remind you we have had flooding around black horse pike down around hammington roads closed. never try to drive through flooded roadway turnaround don't drawn. find an alternate route. does not take much to pose a life threatening situation. lets look at is what needed to flood. thinks flood guidance n12 hours we need four or 5 inches have rain in south jersey in causing flash flieding. we needless than that around philadelphia got news it has been dry bad news don't get too much rain too soon and we got that situation in our area through tonight and into tomorrow morning. of course we will have updates throughout the night and complete coverage on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we are getting drenched out
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here. not a good night to be out and b stay safe, stay inside and don't drive through flooded roadways, chris and jessica back to you. the storms that rolled through this morning also did their fair share of tam age. this is jackson street in philadelphia where a tree felon to power lines there were minor problems in the area but now everything is back to normal. you can keep track of the storms on your smart phone or tablet, just down load cbs philly weather app free available on i tunes and google play. new at 6:00 tonight we know that drones can offer breathtaking views from the sky, whether pictures, or video, but as a phillies fan learned over the weekend flying a drone over a big event not the a good idea. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff looks closer at the rules from south philadelphia. >> reporter: top of the sixth down three to the rockies. and then something appears above third base. >> the the operator was with in this area here and flying above our stadium.
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>> reporter: sunday evening flight by an amateur drone pilot at citizens bank park led to questioning and seizure of video. >> i can only assume he was a photography enthusiast or videographer. >> reporter: faa has jurisdiction and direct statement saying beside possibly landing a right or in jail flying unmanned aircraft over a crowded stadium could result in the faa civil penalty for careless and reckless operation of the aircraft. the ballpark is within prohibited air space of philadelphia international. >> one of the problems is you are operating and device over a large accumulation of people where if it fails or if you lose radio contact with it, that drone falls into people and hurt somebody. >> reporter: so we came here to drone cast, fill based aerial advertising company and they say when it comes to getting one of these in the sky you bet are leave it to the professionals. >> thinks the the drone the guy that was using at the stadium.
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>> reporter: their pilots log 150 training hours on a rope before flying solo. >> someone can buy a drone for $1,200. they are not considering risks involved. >> reporter: speaking of risk, over the weekend singer enrique sliced his finger reaching out to grab a drone at his concert in mexico. >> sometimes you just don't grab thing. i wouldn't put my hand in the fan if it wasn't going to stop >> reporter: a drone noise joke not for phillies or singer, it is unclear if the faa will penalize the the sunday drone pilot. reporting live, alexandria hoff cb is. three "eyewitness news". strong odor of gasoline rules fire officials to rule a house fire in south philadelphia as suspicious. fire fighters pulled a man's body from inside that home. it happened just afternoon on the 1500 block of south fifth second street in kingsessing. fire was quickly placed under control and no other injuries were reported. fire in the vacant roast home damaging neighboring row homes in chester. "eyewitness news" in the 400
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block of bickley street. by the time that fire was contained it had damaged four adjacent occupied homes no one was injured but on friday another caught fire and an investigation is underway. a million-dollar settlement is reached in the case of the cape may county couple who was seriously injured in the gas explosion. james and earlily minute cart i were hurt in the blast that leveled their lower township home in 2013. according to the law firm representing the couple the incident happened after they switched from propane to natural gas. many who knew and worked with beau biden are offering up word of praise in the wake of his death. forty-six year-old former delaware attorney general the son of the vice-president, died lancaster saturday from brain cancer. our steve paterson talked with one of his closest political allies today. >> it is unusual. >> reporter: in the current landscape of part is in politics, some might call this an under statement. >> i know that he took some
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flack for asking a republican to become in and be his chief deputy. >> reporter: when beau biden won his first election for delaware attorney general by 13,000 votes in 2006 he name attorney richard devlin his deputy chief. >> i took a little flack for going in as his chief deputy too. >> reporter: not a popular move, devlin says a democrat giving power to the competing party was seen as a slap in the face but he committed because of beau's character. >> i thought that together we could do good things for delaware. >> reporter: saturday vice-president joe biden announced his oldest son, 46 year-old beau biden died from a two year battle with brain cancer. two term attorney general was first a major in the army national guard deployed in 2008 for year long tour of duty in iraq. when he left, he called on devlin. the republican asked to fill the democrat's seat. >> beau is an extraordinary person that could do these things and not worry bit and not think about the repercussions, just doing what
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he thought was the the best thing. >> reporter: biden netted nearly 200 convictions as attorney general and made a reputation defending rights of children begins sexual predators and to get it all done he put politics aside. >> this is the lost word just cannot describe. >> reporter: beau biden leaves behind a wife, and two children. at this point we are still waiting on funeral arrangements that have yet to be made. reporting from wilmington, i'm steve padder son for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" will continue our coverage of the death of the beau biden. you'll find updates here on television and also on line at cbs well, a pennsylvania man gets a second chance after being convicted for making threat on facebook. >> still ahead at 6:00 we will take a closer look why the u.s. supreme court reversed his conviction and yes is not a freeman just yet. also ahead shattering the the glass ceiling a camden county police officer marks a first in that cities law enforcement history kathy.
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we have had several storm reports of hail and also flood ago cross the delaware valley and this will continue right into the night time hours, we are tracking this storm live on cbs-3. i'll be back with that in just a minute, beasley. the fight against als continues for phillies, they have been doing this since 1984, it is fans festival we will talk bit and hear from dave mon
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we are tracking storms. storm scan three is active. we have flash flood warnings and watches posted throughout the region. meteorologist kathy orr has the complete forecast in just a few minutes. u.s. supreme court overturns the convictions of the northampton county man who was quick of making threats on facebook. anthony of freemansburg referenced his estrange wife, police and school in those postings. he said he didn't intend for post to be threats. prosecutors argued that the comments with strike fear in a reese nal person but a court said that is inconsistent with requirements for criminal conduct which includes an awareness of wrongdoing. today marked a special occasion on federal street in camden as the police department promoted more than a dozen law enforcement officers into its command
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ranks. three new captain and ten new lieutenants took the oath of office. and among those is one officer who is shattering a long standing, glass ceiling within the department, reporter cherrie greg from our sister station kyw news radio has story of success and commitment. >> character. >> and character. >> for the public trust. >> after 18 years of hard work linda alycia is fulfilling her childhood dream. today she became lieutenant alycia the highest ranking latin a in camden law enforcement history but she's used to the sound of the shattering glass. >> i was first female to apply for county, and first female sergeant. >> reporter: mother on 36 grew up in north camden second generation of alycia's to wear the badge and she gave birth to a third her daughter, ashley an not only was i born
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and raised in the city of camden but all of my family that lives in the city of camden. >> lieutenant alycia will command patrol of the park side neighborhood as well as this area of whitman park. areas of most of camden that are more than 90 percent black and latin o. >> as we go through the the community. >> reporter: major criticism of the ccp d has been lack of diversity among the ranks but today roughly half of those promoted are black or latin a making two out of 3a member of the minority group. >> helps us to be as well rounded, and as thoughtful as the community which we police as possible. >> reporter: for alycia it is just the beginning she says she will continue to protect city that she loves as she shatters ceilings and builds bridges in the commune. in camden, cherry greg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". congratulations. executives from the building materials company saint gobain made a big a announcement in center sit the eye today.
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>> they are providing a $600,000 grant to youth build a program that helps drop outs earn their ged's and learn construction trade. mayor michael nutter was on hand today. saint gobain recently set up a big exhibit on eakins oval called future sensations a cluster of sound light shows and architecturally significant pavilions. >> i drive by that coming to work every day. i can't wait to see it. i did in the stop my car and go in. it is raining outside right now stormy, significantly, not a good day to be out. >> not a good day to be out. >> we have no severe thunderstorm warnings in our region at the present time but one close in maryland that could cross over in delaware that we are watching carefully on storm scan three. potential for flooding is still quite high right through the evening hours. take a a look outside where we have some areas of fog the sun trying to peak in there in center city but more rain heading our way up i-95
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corridor. lets go down the shore where rain fell heavily you can see some folks on the boardwalk but little bit hazy there as well with more showers moving up the barrier island at this point. the on storm scan three it is amazing that the vivid colors, we have yellows oranges and red, these are heavy rains, we are talking about one to 2 inches an hour in these rainfall. heavy rain through suburbs that is riding right through ocean city, right now but main threat is between wilmington and interior south jersey toward vineland. look at this moving north east up i-95 corridor. i want to focus on the eastern shore of maryland. we have heavy rape going through salem county, through gloucester county and camden county. but this line is severe. there is a severe thunderstorm warning for easter shore of maryland for these storms moving east at the 40 miles an hour. at that speed they will be moving across delaware. now will they still be severe at that time?
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is uncertain but heavy rain and potential for large hail with these storms. so they will be in middletown by 6:24. smyrna by 6:44. dover by 7:00. bridgeton by 7:05. so delaware heads up you have some heavy storms moving your way. that severe thunderstorm warning in effect for eastern shore until 6:45. that is a big threat moving our way. i want to show you our picture from denise in absecon. you can see heavy rain falling, ponding she said rainfall heavily. they have pick up a half inch of rain in a short period of time in a matter of minutes. storm report range from large hail to flash flooding, new castle hail an inch in diameter, dime sized in newark flash flooding in fall some hamilton small hail and salem that tornado warning doppler radar indicated tornado. we have, indication of debris and we are checking that out. rape fall amounts games our wet are watch inner ocean city said 3 inches in the back bay.
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we have flooding in area road. margo says in buena vista 3 inches. half town over an inch. wilmington over an inch of rain. more rain is moving up that i-95 corridor. heavy at times tonight. tomorrow still spotty showers expected. as we look ahead overnight tonight low temperature 60's. still that heavy threat rain will continue in the late night hours. scattered showers tomorrow. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast 60's tomorrow. then we will go 70's for wednesday and thursday. by friday we will break out of this rainy ruth with a high temperature of 79. eighty's for saturday and little cooler sunday. 80 degrees next monday. this is first week of june and it is stormy, it will be sticky, and hurricane season begins today. >> a lot going on in the weather world. >> kathy thanks. >> vittoria has a check on traffic. >> thanks very much. we have a lot going on in the traffic world as well. when we have rain and rush hour it makes volume double up. that is exactly what we are dealing with right now.
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first lets start with i-95 at cottman avenue. notice it is a construction zone squeezing both side of the roadway both north and southbound we are seeing delays around cottman but also around vine street expressway, even if you are traveling on i-95 northbound toward stadium area. if you are traveling on i-95 in either direction of the delaware county. just a lot going on and even in delaware. on the roosevelt boulevard look at your northbound delay jam from the schuylkill to broad street a long that commute you'll fine ponding and flooding in the roadways. make sure you take it extra easy out there anywhere that you would usually find anywhere, that you would usually find rush hour traffic anticipate the worst today. give yourself more time. if you are doing traveling or waiting for on one to come in the airport there are delays. but stay with us, we're cbs-3 "eyewitness news"
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phillies are off but still plenty happening down at the ballpark. >> sports director beasley easies live inside citizens bank park with more, beasley. >> well, guys, this is a very special daze for phillies, they have been doing it since 1984 raising over 15.2 million-dollar in the fight against al s and guy that has been here from the beginning of it is dave machines monday, chairman, the boss and, i know it is a little bit light the turnout but i think it makes it the more personal for the visitors. >> it really does. you you know, when you think about it, beasley we're the the vehicle our players are the the vehicles, we bring our fans out als using the event to get sponsorships, and philadelphia chapter and the weather hurts a little bit tonight as far as the crowd is concerned and when we win a
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few more ballgames it has something to do with popularity too but the reality is the event is the one constant we all have. we have all learn to care so much about the cause understand the ways that we can help the patients, the families of the patients, from detection to advances as far as crews are concerned. it is just comforts for family and patients themselves, that is what they are here for and they enjoy. >> now we all know about the players, and coaches staff signing autographs, being there for the fans but when it is over you were telling me that the players get with some patients with some patient that is are here in a personal way. >> that is correct. >> we cannot invite all patients but als association selects 16 patients, we split them up in two rooms and then our players will go in and get their pictures taken get them each a station and mingle with
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them as well as staff. overtime, om have have us have got tone know these people quite well and it is a tough disease, it can hit you quickly and it can hit you fast or linger a number of years you guys do a great job. we appreciate everything. we broad your work in the community the way you give back and from citizens bank park i'm beasley reese with dave montgomery, more news after this time you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back here on the cbs philly and back here at 11:00 on cbs-3. >> tsa big fail, they will have details on a than cover investigation, police a look at the extreme weather hitting us here at home and also abroad. in for scott pelley tonight here's charlie rose reporting
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from new york. >> rose: devastating floods in the united states. a deadly heat wave in india. a new report says the extreme weather is all related and there is more of it to come. also tonight, a startling failure of air force security. investigators give fake bombs and band weapons past screeners almost every time they try. bruce jenner's transition. the former olympic athlete says "call me caitlyn." and it was the big one at the box office, but an earthquake expert finds fault with "san andreas." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott's on assign. i'm charlie rose. scientists today made an ominous prediction. we'll be seeing more extreme weather like the flooding that killed at least 30 people last month in the southern plains


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