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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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to accumulate taking a little bit of the break in interior south jersey but that will in the last. here's our rain amounts over the past 24 hours. folsom over 6 inches and or storm yesterday. rine land 4.6. woodstown 2.7. mays landing 2.6. mulika township 2.5. there certainly was a bull's eye to the storm. look at estimates from the last 24 hours through southern new castle county, kent county delaware, cross the delaware river into interior south jersey 4 inches, 5 inches reported in some spots even up to 6 inches of rain. hammington hit hard as well. take a a look at the temperatures only in the 50's. it is 57 in philadelphia, average high, is 79 degrees for this time of the year. so 22 degrees below normal today and millville 56. even the poconos, 55 with the rain and the clouds, temperatures are not varying that much from north to south. why is it so cool? we have had overcast skies, we have a warm front to the south and a persistent easterly
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flow. when ocean water temperature in the 50's temperatures continue to struggle, and will stay, very cool, so this evening, some spotty showers and drizzle expected not a lot of accumulation staying chill which temperatures in the 50's and then we have to be wear of areas of fog overnight tonight, and right now on the sky deck still seeing the light rain don't be like me i'lle you later in the broadcast. >> kathy thank you. a home owner has a big mess to clean up after the tree fell in the back deck of this house on silver wood street. branches and leaves, strewn across the property there heavy rain, may have contributed to that tree coming down. and hammington, flood waters, following the heavy rainfall in that area. it is too early to say
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exactly what caused the problem. well, developing news tonight a convicted sex offender is back in police custody after bolting from authorities in cumberland county. police say that 25 year-old caesar lockey was handcuffed when he took off in the wood near route 49 in fairfield township around 10:30 this morning. he was captured about two hours ago at the cumberland county fair ground in millville, about 3 miles from where, he escaped. today, the ntsb released a preliminary report on the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia lawmakers grilled amtrak officials about the crash on capitol hill. walt hunter new has more. >> reporter: three weeks after the deadly derailment members were frustrate that had top federal inn gators and railroad officials could not provide more information about why it happened. >> there are very few answers right now three weeks after one of the most horrific crash
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that he is our nation has ever seen. >> reporter: why, they inquired, a after three weeks still, no new details on the condition of the train. or, the actions of the engineer. brandon bostian whose phonies still being examined, to determine if he might have been distracted, as the the train, suddenly accelerated to 106 miles an hour, more than double the 50-mile an hour speed, on the frankford junction curve. >> to not understand what those record are after three weeks. >> reporter: but despite the lack of new findings, there was, total alcon census, that positive train control a safety system to slow, speeding locomotives, would have prevented the crash. >> a properly installed functional positive train control or ptc would have prevented this accident. >> reporter: committee told by amtrak president and ceo joseph boardman that while ptc will be installed all along its northeast corridor by the end of the year, it wasn't on
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the northbound curve tracks because it was never expected, any train would accelerate, going into such a sharp turn and curve. >> at that time the notion that an engineer might actually accelerate in the northbound curve was not a circumstance we anticipated. >> reporter: now coming up at 6:00 the congress members here suggestions on how to make amtrak safer as they debate who is going to come up with the money needed to implement improvement. we will see you at 6:00 live from the at center, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police released new surveillance video of the scooter thieves in action. take a look for yourself, you can see two male suspects taking a scooter from the front of the home on carpenter street this happened may sixth, and police say they believe these suspects are responsible for multiple scooter thefts in philadelphia. if you happen to know anything about this call the police. this black mercedes was one of three vehicles torched within blocks of each other in
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camden county overnight. this happened on garden and wood land avenues in pennsauken. vandals also targeted a car on the 3900 block of royal avenue. a third car fire happened in camden city on garden and highland avenues. so far police have no suspects. the all clear was given at philadelphia international airport after someone called in a bomb threat on a u.s. airways plane. it was one of of several threats made against flights across the country this morning and as "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch tells us investigators are taking it very seriously. >> reporter: the 88 passengers and five crew aboard u.s. airways flight 648 there san diego touched down, just this morning at philadelphia international airport where they were met by police and fire crews waiting on the ground. all hand on deck after word of a bomb threat. >> there was a phone call received by tsa headquarters in d.c. threats were made against multiple flights that were already in the air.
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that information was pass add long to the faa tower approximately 6:00a m this morning. >> reporter: passengers, were alerted that first responders search for that threat. >> pass meaningers and luggage were rescreened and threats. they were released and allowed to continue on with their travel. >> reporter: all clear was quickly given but threat is one of of many under investigation. last week on memorial day came reports of threat against flights at newark liberty and jfk airport, as many as ten threats logged that day. although threats don't often pan out they must be vetted, officials say. >> unfortunately all threats of this nature has to be taken seriously, we do have have emergency plans in place and as of this morning it was developing police with very closery with its partners at fbi, airport operations. >> reporter: as for those threats chief i been expect or joe sullivan says police will be working with their federal partners to track down the source of that threat. a as for those passengers
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there were 88 a aboard. we were told many were able to make their connecting flights although many with a delay. at the airport i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, tonight this iconic image is at the center of the crime. photograph afghan girl is among dozens of items stolen from an art gallery in exton. three two-year old bri destephano was arraigned and charged with stealing those items and selling them to make a profit. destafano works as a sales manager, the at photographer steve mccurry's studio. >> we have known about these things for quite sometime. we have been cooperating with the district attorney's office ever since they approached us. we will see where it is from there. >> the defendant saw these great photographs saw these wonderful photographs that mr. mccurry had spent his life making and she saw a way to make a quick buck. >> investigators are also accusing the destafano of using aliases to will sell dozens of mccurry's books on
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line. funeral arrangements are set for beau biden former delaware, attorney general and son of the vice-president, joe biden. those plans included a eulogy from president barack obama during the funeral on the saturday. biden died last saturday at the age of 46, after a battle with brain cancer. on thursday, beau biden will lie in honor at legislative had hall in dover between one and 5:00 p.m. on friday, there will be a ruling at saint anthony of church in wilmington between one and 4:00 and six and 9:00 p.m. on saturday at 10:30, there will be a mass of christian burial at the church. he will well, an evesham township tonight residents will be able to get a peak at how officers do their jobs. the police department is conducting virtual ride alongs, "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry tells us more. >> your driver's license and registration. >> reporter: get a firsthand look from inside a police cruiser without getting in the car. evesham township police are emphasizing the word
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transparency by using twitter and facebook. >> social media is where it is at, it is immediate information and i believe that the community deserves. >> reporter: chief christopher chew wants people to see what it is like to be a police officer. he came up with the idea of the virtual ride along taking place on line next at day from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. >> so saturdays during the summertime are our busiest times. >> reporter: every call that comes in will be posted on the police department's twitter and facebook accounts. once the officer arrives at a scene another tweet will be sent with pictures and video. >> as it unfold take the video. >> drive safely. >> reporter: once call is cleared there will be another status update. followers can respond and ask questions. >> why are you doing passenger side approach. these are things we want to educate our public on. >> reporter: any traffic stop even sobriety checks could be posted with video. >> we are not trying to embarras anyone but we are just trying to show what we are doing each and every day. >> reporter: officials are hoping the the social media followers will feel like they are with the officers on
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patrol and they are considering, doing virtual ride alongs on a monthly basis. >> to get our community on board to what we do and see it from our eyes. >> reporter: where are my tax dollars going. >> thinks where they are going. >> reporter: mayor randy brown supports this social media push. >> we have put a lot of money behind the u.s. law enforcement, cell phone violations, traffic division, this is one piece of what we are doing as a community that includes an on line community. syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it is like a scene out of the dukes of has air caught on camera a car goes airborne, and, see what sent it flying in the building. and then, caitlin jenner making headlines around the world and breaking social media record more on how she's redefining beauty. do you want to eat like a prisoner without doing hard time, we will tell you why people are paying to do just that and where you can go to do it this weekend. that is next.
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2 million twitter followers and following just since yesterday. >> caitlin nothing short of the phenomenon setting a new twitter record, as the person person to reach a million followers in just four hours. >> pretty impressive. >> insider's louie joins us from hollywood with more, louie. >> reporter: chris and jessica caitlin tweeted another jenner world record at 65 who would have thought, who would have thought that at 65, standing 6-foot
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two with a size, 13, caitlin could be turning a transgender tipping point into a tidal wave. redefining beauty on her own terms. >> everybody is buzzing about caitlin jenner what did you think of the spread. >> i thought it was great. >> caitlin doesn't have any secrets. i'm free. >> i loved bruce. i still love bruce. i am going to learn to love caitlin. >> reporter: caitlin's inner circle god mother to his younger girl kathy lee gifford join millions around the world in embracing this new glamour addition to the transgender community. >> beautiful and bold. bold, a hero. >> what a destiny to have the role model for straight, young men, athlete and to be so successful and now be such a role model for transgender. it is remarkable report railroad report friend and designer dianne celebrating
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caitlin's body type but doesn't necessarily for the normal of high fashion but donna car hone designed this skin tight number for vanity fair was up for the the challenge. >> caitlin jenner, who was wearing your clothing, that is a woman athletic, 6 feet two larger frame, some challenges there. >> good women. >> reporter: we will learn more about caitlin's journey and as she allows cameras on this summer still untitled series on e. chris and general contact back to you. you can watch the insider tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. good evening everyone. we have a lot going on if you are traveling on 476 southbound, we have rush hour, we have a bit of the rain delay here, and there and you have an incident that was compromising left-hand lane right around saint cave it, villanova anyone traveling out of the area of the schuylkill, maybe heading out of the stretch of mid county and making your way down to this point here we are going to be
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in for high volume. north bound we also have delays between 95 and media and some slow going, as you make your way out toward mid county tolls out of the conshohocken. ninety-five is a wash. it is best play on word because if you are traveling in either direction it is, just swampy and slow, traveling southbound out of the northeast down to the vine you you are jam. phillies game tonight at 7:05. northbound it is just a a lot of rush hour really out of center city making your way throughout the north east. we are seeing delays in and out of the delaware county around the commodore barry bridge. looking at this wide it really depicts what we are dealing with right now. twelve is your average on i-95 in the red there same thing for vine street expressway to and from the schuylkill, traveling on the roosevelt boulevard out of the area of 76 throughout the northeast 76 total again. the turnpike, 422 so on and so forth just a a lot going on and if you are doing traveling a at philadelphia international airport or waiting for someone to come in we have delays so check ahead. now back to the desk.
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>> thanks very much, vittoria. still a ahead, married woman out there there is a higher risk of a cheating husband we will tell you what it all comes down to as a new study. also ahead does watching orange is a new black have awe curious about what prisoners eat. we will tell but a food festival where you can take the prison chow without doing the hard time.
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more rain. >> yes. >> another day more rain. >> it is like groundhog day over and over and over and that is how the forecast will be each day we will have a chance of rain if you will get less and less moving through the week. >> that is good news you know who learned a lot about that today a bunch of sixth graders in marlton yes. they know a lot more about weather thanks to meteorologist justin drabick. he visited students at marlton middle school today talk about what it is like to be on television delivering the forecast live on television, how magic of television using green screen or chrome key wall. students got an education on the seasonal weather and forecast as we head into summer. of course, they have asked a lot of great questions. take a look outside because right now in center city the question is when is the sun going to return? that is the question every where. if you'd like to see observations from today see them at bottom of the screen courtesy of the weather
5:21 pm
watchers. lets go down the shore where temperature is cool, and we still have damp, dreary weather. it is not much different just a few folks on the board. live neighborhood network takes to usard more where rain drops are on the screen, traffic going slow and temperatures in the 50's. that is where it will stay. those temperatures not inching up and low temperatures will stay that way as well. reason why it is cool, damp, dreary, and we are going to be seeing some areas of fog develop as well. it feels more like a march day then a june day. >> that is for sure. >> we have had some showers lifting toward north east and once in the while we will get into one of those yellow blobs and that means heavier more consistent shower activity. philadelphia south philadelphia a and and a as we move up 206 on bordentown and trenton and 295 toward upper freehold. a little bit of the mix
5:22 pm
depending where you are. interior south jersey toward pemberton in the southern end of 206 where we saw the heavy rain, yesterday it is fairly dry. along 30, even around 40, it is estelle manor seeing rain and millville seeing steady showers as well. high today so far 57 degrees, that is more characteristic of march 27th then june 2nd. right now 57 in the city, allentown 57. poconos 55. in the suburbs temperatures uniform because of the cool, cloudy damp weather. this evening temperatures will take in the 50's with scattered showers and drizzle through 7:00 o'clock hour going to the phillies game, it will be wet. 9:00 p.m. 56. by 11:00 cloudy, dreary and some fog and 57 degrees this pesky area have on he low pressure will continue to keep that flowing coming from the ocean and staying cloudy and cool and tamp, but in the 60's for wednesday and thursday, additional showers and slowly as this storm system moves away a threat of rain will
5:23 pm
lesson but still chance of the shower by friday with temperatures in the 70's. as we look ahead we will be seeing rain chances through the rest of the week, staying in that chance category between about 30 percent and 40 percent, right through saturday and even into sunday. it goes down just a little bit by the weekend. overnight low 57 degrees with a few the scattered showers high tomorrow 67. it will be an improvement, as we look a head to the three day forecast, 67 wednesday, 69 thursday, friday up to 77, that is an improvement. what about the weekend kate will be back with that next half an hour we will
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prison food has a reputation of being pretty bad and you can guess it is well
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deserve. >> right we candy side for ourself fit is cruel, unusual punishment at eastern state penitentiary. >> okay. >> reporter john mcdevitt of the kyw news radio has details new from fairmount. >> reporter: eastern state penitentiary will be allowing visitors to take refreshment known as newt that loaf from state recipes for prison food week. each state has a different taste for a more palatable version, in idaho it resembles a breakfast to a bland pennsylvania version incorporating cooked rice, oatmeal and beans. so what can be a barely legal loaf with non-dairy seed and raisins that used to be served, to unrulely prisoners until they went to the department of corrections. >> department of corrections had to give them, so far the department of corrections has not updated their policy so it is on suspension in vermont. >> reporter: they are obligated to provide nutrition but nobody says, it has to be good. you will be able to take and
5:27 pm
make comfort food known as chichi where they mix things in trash bags, and share with friend. of course, weekend of june 6th, and seventh. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio kyw-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will get food that comes into the office. >> not in a trash bag. >> well, there is a a basket of it outside right now. it is largely untouched. you did not dig into it. >> nope. >> johnnies a brave man. >> yes, he is, well done. >> hard pass from frustrates. >> coming up the in the next half an hour, a stunning turn off events in a huge corruption scandal involving big news. lawmakers are hoping to get answers to day on the defective automobile air bags. and must see video from a car goes airborne, see what is happening. blank. then new at 6:00 o'clock do you recognize this face? well, this sculpture has police in one south jersey community asking for your
5:28 pm
help, we will tell you where they found it at 6:00.
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i'm jessica dean, here are some of the day's top stories amtrak safety technology into operation during a hearing about the deadly amtrak crash on capitol hill. federal investigators say they still do not know what the engineer was on his cell phone
5:31 pm
before the speeding train derails in port richmond. bomb squad hits a u.s. airplane in after someone called in the threat to tsa in washington no explosives were found, and the plane was one of five flights target add cross the country today. a three two-year old woman accused of stealing an iconic photo plus other items from aniston art gallery and then selling them to make a profit. rita destafano works at steve mccurry studios mccurry is photographer that took that photo called afghan girl, kate? jessica, in the wake of yesterday's damaging thunderstorms and flooding rain today, we have a rainy cold dreary day temperatures in the 50's. you can see rain was heavier over poconos and it has lightened up in intensity but increased in coverage. light rain across much of the area with heavier showers moving through portions of south jersey. rain will be beginning to taper overnight but we have showers in the forecast every day this week. i will have that full seven day in a few minutes chris.
5:32 pm
>> we will see you then. there are new developments in the air bag recall from takata japanese manufacturer today faced lawmakers during a hearing. defective takata a air bags have been link to six death and over 100 injuries. here's cbs reporter chris martinez. >> reporter: lawmakers are demanding answer from his takata, an automatic owe makers and top auto safety regulator mark rosekind. >> are replacement devices safe, not safer but safe. >> reporter: congressional hearing comes two weeks after takata agreed to declare 34 millionaire bags defective affecting 11 auto makers. air bags are link to at least six death and more than 100 injuries worldwide takata, rp kevin kennedy testified that a inflater was found in many of these accidents. >> takata will seized producing the inflaters. >> reporter: takata and federal regulators are priority icing replacements for older model cars in states
5:33 pm
with hot humid climates but they say testing continues. >> while some actors a appear to have a role such as time and absolute humidity the full story is in the yet men and definitive cause has not been identified. >> reporter: further complicating the recall many cars already repaired will need a second air bag replacement. >> your dealer should be able to tell you whether they have a fix that is long term or they have an interim remedy. >> even if someone gets it fix may not get it fix. >> dealer better make that clear. >> reporter: officials say it could take years to get all of the recalled vehicles fix. drivers of being urged tonight to keep checking their vin numbers to find out whether their cars are subject to this recall. we've got more information for you on our web site at cbs philadelphia police want the public's help to find suspects wanted in the assault and shooting. take a look at this video from may 23rd, outside of the lounge on castor avenue. police arrived, they found
5:34 pm
shell casings and a trail of blood, that led them to a car. a 25 year-old man in that car had been shot and was taken to the hospital. chaos erupts inside of the florida mall when a gang of men robbed a jewelry store and it is all caught on cell phone video. look at these five suspects using hammers to smash cases at the mall in fort lauderdale on sunday. they grabbed what they could carry a and ran out of the mall where a getaway car was there. several police officers chased after that man we're told two of the suspects were later arrested. a driver goes out of control and goes airborne into a building. this crash was caught on cameras at an auto repair shop in canada a. the speeding car hit a fence and then flew about 30 feet through the the the air slamming into that shop's garage door. the shops owner says he was home having breakfast when he got the phone call. >> a neighbor of our pool master said a car went through your building and need to rush to the shop immediately.
5:35 pm
dukes of hazard the car went airborne missed parked cars and went through the building clean and was stopped by a structural beam inside the building. >> the driver did suffer some serious injuries in that crash and could face charges in connection with it. at least five people are dead and more than 400 others were missing after a cruise ship capsized during a storm in china. the 15 survivors were pulled to safety including the ship's captain and chief engineer. chinese broadcasters reported this he were both taken into police custody. most of the 458 people on board were elderly tourists. it is unclear what caused it to sink. in a stunning move, fifa president seth blatter will resign from the soccer golfers body. his announcement comes days after being reelect and several top lieutenants were arrested in a corruption scandal. correspondent tina krause has the latest from london.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: decided to lay down my mandate in an extraordinary elect i have congress. >> reporter: during a news conference tuesday fifa president accept blat era announced he is stepping down from soccer's most powerful organization. his decision comes days have after winning a fifth term in switzerland. >> that election is over, but fifa's challenges are not. fifa needs a profound overhaul. >> reporter: blatter will continue as president until fifa hold its next election. the organization has been dogged by corruption scandal since last week, and u.s. prosecutors say that 14 people including senior fifa figures accepted millions of dollars in bribes in exchange for commercial rights to lucrative events. so far blatter has not been accused of any wrongdoing and critics applaud tuesday's decision. >> will many countries around the world perfectly run business, only fifa. >> reporter: blatter blamed u.s. criminal investigation on
5:37 pm
fifa decision on decision to award 2018 world cup to russia and 2022 tournament to qatar. tina krause, cbs news, london. congress has sent legislation to the president to revive and a disputed government nsa surveillance program two days after allowing it to expire. the legislation overhauls the gathering of the u.s. phone record, to search for terrorist. if it is enacted the nsa will be able to resume storing record for six months, but a after that the records will stay with phone companies. the government, however would be able to search them, with a warrant. >> so that people feel more secure about the intelligence operation we have going on in this country. >> truly under mines american's security by taking within more tool from our war fighters in my view, exactly at the wrong time. >> nsa stopped gathering phone record midnight sunday when lawmakers allowed the patriot act to expire. and in philadelphia, a new
5:38 pm
initiative with an emma fat cyst on early childhood education was unveiled today. mayor michael nutter laid out framework for a running start philadelphia. that is a program that pledge toes provide high quality early learning opportunities for children but beginning at birth. its goal, to improve school readiness as part of the new anti poverty plan. >> early learning is a proven way to help people overcome poverty, which is why we need to make it a part of every child's birth right as a philadelphia an, as a pennsylvanian, and as an american. >> last year only 21 percent of the cities licensed child care programs, were identified as high quality. this new plan, seeks to improve those numbers. good evening everyone. generally speaking traveling out and about is not going to be the the best. it is going to be slow, it is going to be slick in some areas and just going to be a drag. traveling on 476 the blue route southbound right around
5:39 pm
saint david villanova notice behind meehan earlier accident has been moved to the shoulder but now we are dealing with residual delays on top have of rush hour and a gaper delay. southbound on again 476 out of the area of villanova i would say from the stretch of conshohocken, mid county toll place, that delay stemming back and then continuing to be slow beyond that point. if you are traveling on either end of the schuylkill we are slow around center city and also slow traveling in and out of the western suburbs. just a lot going on. phillies game. we have phils fans heading down to the ballpark adding more traffic out there. in addition to rush hour we also have a truck fire in new jersey on the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike just beyond i-95, blocking two right lanes notice some volume on the turnpike as well as 295 and 42 and we have this accident on 295 southbound be mindful of and delays at the airport so call ahead chris. vittoria, thanks very much. still to come, some easy ways to save on your home insurance premiums.
5:40 pm
three on your side's jim donovan will show us how. and the money effect on cheating spouses new research on what makes a husband more likely to stray kate. and it is a dreary, chilly day feeling more like march than june outside but we have warmer weather after our spring cool down, coming up in the seven day forecast, i'll tell you when shower chances may start to abate as well and take a sneak peak in your there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones
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♪ there's nothing wrong with being flashy. ♪ so long as you've done the work to back it up. ♪
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time to check the philadelphia job market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more. >> with the end of the school year upon us it is time for high school kid to get busy and land a summer job. summer jobs have become more illusive after the recession but survey by snag a predicts strong overall job growth this summer. 78 percent of employers said they expect to hire the same number of hourly summer employees or more, compared to last year. hourly wages are expect to rise to an average of $11.52 this summer, that is up by 1.13 a year ago and employment for those between 16 and 19 is currently at its highest non-summer level since 2009. the most common summer jobs
5:44 pm
for high school students include, baby-sitters, camp counselors tutors, life guard, retail an associate and cashiers. summer internships are another option for students who prefer a more professional environment, great resource is, where you can narrow your search to highlight opportunities for high school students. here in the philadelphia area top internship positions are available in marketing and social media. i'm jill schlesinger
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preparations are underway for papal visit and world meeting of families in philadelphia in september. the mural arts program hosted its first community paint day for a mural that will honor visit of pope frances. "eyewitness news" at saint maliki school in north philadelphia students from there and saint veronica's, joined together to paint a panel of that newly announced mural. great day to paint inside not outside on a day like this. >> get a little damp. >> it is a shock to the system of 80's, near 90, heat and humidity and now talking 50's. we will cycle back to march. >> it looks like tight. >> yes i looked on twitter that it is a nice break. people said there is a middle ground. >> yes sure. >> yeah, exactly. we've got some cool days
5:48 pm
ahead. we will start off here with campbell's field camera. showing what a dreary, day june day it is, june gloom more common in san francisco then san francisco but we are stuck in the same maritime weather pattern that they tend to get in northern california where we have cool ocean water off shore and then get an on shore flow keeping cloud around and fog around and boy it looks like a san francisco or london kind of day here on sky cam three. lets check on on you're witness weather watchers and see what they are seeing. i haven't seen numbers like this since main may we had a couple cold days in may and april certainly. lets check with one of our newest eyewitness weather watchers helen davis reporting 65 degrees with light rain. even says another 3 inches today and yesterday i think our drought is over. that is only good news. we were in a maryland rate drought up in berks county, lancaster county and up through lehigh veil. more rain today means that is the end of the drought
5:49 pm
concerns. we've rag kateed kateed that in a day or two. bill is a at 58 with light rain coming town. fifty-six as we head across river and check with robin she's in mount laurel, new jersey. again, 56 degrees. robin has a comment finally much needed rain the lawns and gardens are smiling. is there another upside to the rain. we don't to have water flowers, mother nature is doing your work for you. i always loved that. lets look another time at storm scan three showing us that batch of light rain moving through lehigh valley. still up in the poconos and back through berks county. it is lessening in intensity but it is expanded its scope a little bit south. now we have light rain falling from chester county in new castle will county delaware and heavier shower, over in atlantic county. this is right here where we got 6 inches of rain with yesterday's system. philadelphia we are in the hole as you can see the city, little bit more light rain is pushing in and while i do think it will clear out this evening you may want to bring rain gear and pretty heavy coat heading to the phillies
5:50 pm
game as temperatures will in the improve in the upper 50's. we will be stuck here right through the the overnight. fifty-seven at the airport. fifty-seven in allentown. 56 degrees in reading. fifty-five in mount pocono. normal highs in the upper 70's. we are more than 20 degrees below average. take a look at this, in the entire in of may we were talking about that drought whole month 1.19 inches of rain. last 48 hours 2.16 inches of rain in 48 hours so there we go we will beat month of may and normally in june we will get four and a third inches of rain, we are halfway where we should be and it is day two of june and more rain is on the way. we have talk about that maritime influence and east win. wind blowing from high pressure to low pressure with the low to the south. that east wind will continue tomorrow. notice tomorrow majority of the shower activity off to the south. we are still in the cloud. still cool. it is not a wet day. just a few scattered showers. thursday it is a storm that comes closer, better chance
5:51 pm
for showers cloud hang around. we will get this out of here on friday and squeeze play with the advancing cold front may boost those temperatures backup to near 80 degrees at least closer to where we should be in early june. overnight cloudy, cool a shower, 57. tomorrow not a great day mainly cloudy and cool and a few showers but off to the south. that is for your wednesday. as we head in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, it is cool thursday. back to 77 friday. little bit nicer this weekend but chance of the shower is in the forecast every single day right through tuesday. chris and jessica back over to you. well, are you looking to save money on your home insurance premiums? well, how much risk are you willing to take. >> three on your side consume are reporter jim donovan explains simply boosting your ductible can result in significant savings. >> reporter: when it comes to lowering your home insurance cost one thing is for certain. >> raising your deductible can really save money when it comes to home insurance. if the consumer is willing to
5:52 pm
take on more risk by raising their deductible the insurance company will reward them by lowering their premium. >> reporter: recent survey by insurance find savings can be considerable. >> we see across the country raising your deductible from 500 up to a thousand can save you 6 percent. if you are willing to go higher then that up to 2,000 you can save on average, 16 percent on your premium. >> reporter: it depend on where you live. for example boosting your deductible from 500 to thousand dollars would result in the premium savings have of 8 percent in pennsylvania, 6.5 in new jersey and just under 2 percent in delaware. now estimated only 5 percent of homeowners ever make an insurance claim. even so, before making any changes tour deductible you need to also take into consideration how much you have available in savings. >> so if you raise your deductible up to a you this or 2,000 you need to have that much money in savings otherwise you will get caught in a really bad situation if
5:53 pm
you do need to make a claim and a repair. >> reporter: other ways, to keep your rates down, bundle your home insurance with your auto insurance and check for other discounts having a security system, for instance may knock a few buck off or setting up auto pay for your premium payment. mess of all don't file minor claims, even a single claim can boost your premium up by 9 percent. >> take care of you are that yourself. >> if the roof blows off pipe explode and if you have a broken window don't call your agent, fix it yourself. >> keep that deductible on hand. >> good advice. >> jim, thanks very much. new study says if you are married, a woman and breadwinner you are more likely to have a cheating husband. american social review find men dependent on the money made by their wife's have 15 percent chance of cheating, compared to a 5 percent of women who cheat with their husband is soul breadwinner. the theory behind this finding is an economically
5:54 pm
dependent man uses infidelity as a way to even the playing field. still ahead on "eyewitness news", big engagement in the music world. >> kim kardashian's dress catches fire, find out who came to her rescue. we have
5:55 pm
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bob schieffer has left cbs news and now he is heading to the ivy league. legendary moderator of face the nation accepted a fellowship at harvard university. schieffer who said farewell to television, just on sunday, said he has plans new to teach college students. harvard says schieffer's fellowship will focus on the 2016 presidential election. shifting gears, from bob schieffer to the rapper iggy azalea now engaged. >> in two days after former 76er nick young told people magazine he was planning a big surprise for his girl friend, well, he posted this photo on instagram. lakers player said quote she said yes it is over, man getting married. >> swag i p proposed to the rapper at his party last night. that engagement ring in the photo is more than ten carat
5:58 pm
and valued at 500 you this dollars. >> wow. >> kim kardashian always seems to turn head with her fashion last night her outfit, almost got her into some actual danger. she wore this dress to an award ceremony, you see feathers there on top. those turnout to be rather hazardous, a fire has air even, the feathers caught fire from a candle, later that night, kardashian posted this video shout out to ferrell and helen who saved my life tonight, that would be ferrell williams and his wife. kardashian said they jumped on her to put out flames. you do not want it to go up in flames good watch out for your feathers, be careful out there. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now a at 6:00, the tweet prompting change, bucks county student takes to social media have a his school tells him he cannot participate in activities. now the school ace pol guying, kathy. we are still tracking rain on storm scan three and we will track rain for the next several days, is there any sun in that seven day?
5:59 pm
we will find it, coming up. also, a amtrak derailment in port richmond is focus of the hearing in washington, the vow amtrak's ceo made to law make tours day. >> reporter: do you recognize this face. i'm cleve bryan in ventnor new jersey. how you can help police locate the owner of this sculpture . a damp, dreary day a across the region, there is a a chill in the eras more typical ovulate march then early june. and guess what we're tracking even more rain tonight live storm can three showing a big portion of the region getting that wet weather. we are stuck in the cloud so to speak. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm chris may. we will begin with meteorologist kathy orr tracking rain and the chill and kathy when might we see improvement. >> we might be waiting a
6:00 pm
while, chris and jessica. you can see rain pulling toward the north and east, and, some brighter colors to the south along chesapeake bay and eastern shore of maryland. you see yellow and orange. that is heavy rain moving into southern delaware. spotty showers and heavier rain will be the rule right through the evening and you see heavier rain training right through cumberland county atlantic county and southern burlington county place that he is got hit hard with yesterday's storm. looking ahead we will talk about temperatures that are going to stay on the cool side, no doubt about that. and here's the rain amounts from yesterday hammington, nearly 5 inches. wilmington four. atlantic city 2.5. two in philadelphia a chats worth 2 inches of rain. we are adding on minimal amounts but still damp, dreary and cool. doppler radar estimates four, 56 inches from interior south jersey to the across the river in central delaware and more on top of that. we are


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