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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 3, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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see more sunshine, i promise you but won't necessarily be today for many of you because we have the same pesky front that brought in the soaking rain, that brought in the clouds, showers yesterday, and it continues to bring in those cloud right now. as we take you back outside and take you first and foremost here to the view of the sky cam three and comcast building slowedded in the top with cloud cover. we do still have some higher cloud out there. some of you especially north of philadelphia, far north you might find a little hint of fog with still plenty of moisture in the a atmosphere. we will go back to storm scan three. we will have have a expecteling of scattered showers. we are not dealing with widespread rain, as we saw but we do still have some moisture to work w what is happening is that brunt of moisture is dropping off to the south for now. that will leave us primarily with more included then anything. you can see there are steady showers, fearing up across kent sussex county border and southeastern sussex county.
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further south more likely you will run into some showers but generally speaking if you have a damp road from philadelphia a on north i'll give thaw but generally it is just dry and still cloudy for rest of the day here. we are catching a break in most locations, 55 is current temperature meanwhile at the airport, it is cool outside. we are even cooler as we head in toward happy valley, 46 in buffalo, cooler air has sunken in behind this sluggish frontal boundary but we are staying below average with these temperatures today. at best upper 60's, ten plus degrees even below seasonal normal. while we might see a few peaks of sun further south you go more likely you will see a shower at some point vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone. we will keep an eye on the weather and roads and right now it is slick out there still some of those lingering puddles that you may have so you know off to the side of the road it is not awful but
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still mindful of it. you never want to take even this drizzling if you will right new or that early drizzle lightly because it definitely causes slick patches on the road and you want to mack sure you are traveling at a moderate right speed limit. if you travel on the ben franklin bridge we have no delays in either treks. all bridges are moving well, that is great news and great news is majors are too. look at 476 around mid county tolls, in delays in either direction to and from the sound county, schuylkill, i-95. even traveling on the pennsylvania turnpike and northeast extension they are still nice and high where they should be. we have a drowned tree at kelly drive a fountain green. all lanes are block. reservoir drive or martin luther king drive would be two good alternates. in delays at the the airport. things on mass transit are moving well. in the news, three fires within a week on the same block in chester. authority, neighbors are no doubt frustrated and very concern. "eyewitness news" reporter jan
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carabao joins us at the scene with the very latest for you jan, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, good morning. fire crews and fire investigators have left the scene but you know who remains, chester police. fire investigators and chester's mayor alike say they will remain on the scene here protecting this neighborhood as this investigation continues, in the meantime take a look at tam age left left behind from this most recent fire. it started on the the corner row home. the it is new burnout. fire crew where is called to the 400 block have of backly place gone around 10:30 last night. it is a similar scenario. fire crews found heavy smoke and fire here and dozens of fire fighters work to extinguish the flames. this is the third fire here on bickley in recent days, monday's fire started in a vacant house and damaged five homes displacing 19 people, fire officials a most of those people are back in their hems
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before this fire. there was also a vacant row home fire here on thursday night. fortunately there have been in injuries but neighbors are worried that might change if these fires keep starting. they strongly new believe something suspicious is happening here and they want it stopped. >> we have been lucky that everybody got out of their house, you see what i'm saying. my mother is 76 years old. he woke me up saying there is a fire, didn't believe it, again, this is ridiculous man. >> reporter: is there now a joint investigation between fire and police looking into all three fires again fortunately no injuries to report and police are now going to remain on the scene here until this investigation is complete. we will bring you update as soon as we have them. for now we are live from chester delaware county, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new this morning, powe in about 50 homes in southwest philadelphia are waking up
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without water this morning. thinks the scene on the 4500 block of regent street, 6-inch water main in the middle of the street and ruptured sometime after 1:00 a.m. water department crews are working to repair that break. a man convicted in the murder of the philadelphia police officer will be sentenced to life in prison. judge found rafael jones guilty of the murder and attempted robbery of officer moses walker, junior. officer finished at 22nd police district in august 202 when two men tried to rob him. other suspect negotiated a guilty plea. well congress grills amtrak officials and investigators during a hearing about the deadly derailment in philadelphia testimony repeat that had speed had played a role in that crash that killed eight people and injured about 200 others. but witnesses have have no new information for the house transportation committee. now the lack of new finings left members of the congress frustrated. >> we didn't get the type of answer that left us fully
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understanding why after three weeks we don't have an answer to the question of whether or not texting or phone calls were happening. >> the national transportation i havety board's preliminary report says it is unclear if the damage to the windshield was caused by a rock or object thrown at the train. senate has given final approval to renew many post 9/11 surveillance programs and now the white house says it will work quickly to assure nsa once again has vital tools it need. mark albert has more now from washington. >> reporter: the national security agency is getting green light to resume critical part of the anti terror surveillance program with new limits. president obama signs u.s.a. freedom act into law tuesday night thanking the senate via twitter for finally passing the measure. >> bill is passed. >> reporter: in a 67-32 vote, law make's greed wiretaps on terror suspects who frequently change cell phones. in six months the national
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security agency will lose the pur to collect, and store phone record but can still be an access to record held by private companies with a court order. >> we have to protect american privacy. we can do that and still keep us secure. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell ace u.s.a. freedom act is a step in the wrong direction. >> it truly under mines american security by taking within more tool from our war fighters in my view, at exactly the wrong time. >> reporter: controversial surveillance program was first exposed by former nsa contractor edward snowden who maintains it is not effective and at preventing terror attacks if we don't reallocate our resource necessary a targeted way and we are spending resources for no benefit in terms of the public safety. >> reporter: officials say it could take at least several days to restart start any of the anti terror programs that expired. mark albert for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". boston police shoot and kill a terror suspect believed to have been radicalized by isis. police searched at least two boston area locations linked to the suspect after officers shot him in the parking lot. died at the hospital. investigators say suspect lunged at officers with the knife when this approached to question him. he had been around the clock surveillance for several weeks. biden family is getting ready to say good bye to beau biden now that funeral plans are set for delaware's former attorney general. biden will lie in honor at legislative hall between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. on friday there are two viewings at saint anthony padua church from one to 4:00 and 6:00 to 9:00. president obama will deliver a eulogy of the mass of christian burial at the church starting at 10:30 saturday morning. biden's widow haley announced the creation of the beau biden foundation for protection of children. he died at the age of 46 after a battle with brain cans are.
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our time is 5:08. pretty wild video when a carries sliced in half by a speeding train. see the crash wherever one a amazingly survived. wow. could the colorado movie theater massacre have been prevented. hear about the last second phone call james holmes tried to make right before he started shooting. it is another nippy start to the day so have we seen the last of the rain for now? maybe the cold? katie updates forecast. we do traffic and weather
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at hundreds of people are missing in china after a cruise ship capsizes in the river. rescue effort are ongoing in 50 feet deep of the water. 456 people were on the ship, 18 bodies have been found.
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total of four people have have been rescued including the captain and chief engineer. they told authority that a sudden tornado tossed the ship without warning. they said ship capsized so quickly they could not get off a distress call. this morning chicago officials confirmed that one victim has died after she was hit by an out of control bus. now tuesday evening a chicago transit authority bus ended up on the sidewalk with a pedestrian pinned underneath. officials a that the bus collided with several other vehicles in the busy downtown loop district before jumping that curve. eight other people were injured, one of them still in critical condition. and caught on camera in florida an amtrak train crashes in to a car slicing it in half. now, amazingly a all three people inside that vehicle survived with only minor injuries. the accident happened yesterday in jacksonville, in one on that train was hurt. driver was given a nearly $300 particular for trying to cross railroad tracks while the gate arms were down.
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all right. lets send it over to katie and hear more about this rain. >> thankfully nicole it is a period that we'll brunt of the moisture dip off to the south here today, we will still find some showers around but primarily through southern tear of the delaware valley a and as we go out to the live neighborhood network here, at rehoboth where you can see by the sheen coming off of the boardwalk there it is obviously raining throughout the night currently still is, it is very dreary, kind of raw, out here at boardwalk plaza right now with evident waves crashing up on the shoreline and pretty persistent north/northeast win right now and also wet weather that goes with it. we will still find heavy rain through carolinas but that is where brunt of the moisture is currently residing. we are on the northern fringe. because we are on the northern fringe we will still find some clouds out there and will still find a shower, around as well throughout that area but further up north and i think that includes philadelphia, even though it is starting off damp mess of the day is
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cloudy. we are finding certainly very quiet conditions out over the atlantic waters right now and that is generally the spectation for now. no tropical development of any kind expect but if we were to see any tropical development in the month of june what would find is systems rolling out off of africa moving in the central atlantic building in some strength and typical breeding ground for anything to develop would be around the caribbean area but again this is thankfully not a concern for us right now just something i wanted to give you a little trivia on here. we will look forward in the forecast eventually we will warm things up, eventually we will see some sunshine out there and as we look forward temperatures get that chance, to rebound back to typical territory for a change. while there will be a few showers south of the city, most of us are stuck in the clouds tomorrow. that moisture lifts back north, so another round of showers may be another one spotty in nature on friday and finally a weekend is looking up finally. maybe a thunderstorm on
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saturday yes. >> you have to throw that in there it is like you have to cover for it, because is it possible? if it pops up i'll hear bit. >> i'm telling you there are benefits for this we need it. >> we are catching up this week. >> that is bottom line. >> great nap weather. >> it really is. >> you don't have to tell me. >> baby ukee, come on now. >> good morning to you. >> good morning everyone. right now, with the dampness that we still have out there road are slick so take it easy but it is really nice outside in regard toss beautiful traffic conditions. in major problems. in major volume, it is still very early i necessity that but it is always nice when i can deliver some good news to you. however this may be the calm before the traffic storm, as we wait in the wings of rush hour but lets just take in the goodness while we can. thinks schuylkill expressway
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in the too far from center city moving well in either direction. to and from center city and to and from your western suburbs. all majors in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware have speed sensors high up in the 50's. we have construction, however in the northeast on the roosevelt boulevard both north ape southbound between rhawn and strahl. a all lanes are block from the inner drive so, stay to the outer drive if you can and this is ongoing until 5:30. you have about 15 minutes for that. we have a down tree on kelly drive and fountain green dean block all lanes. police are on the scene this hud this be cleared soon. reservoir drive and martin luther king drive would be two good alternates no delays on mass transit. the airport is just fine. there is a new way to get free shipping from amazon and this time you don't to have pay any membership fees. a terrifying day on the slopes when a skier records himself falling in the hole. see how he was finally rescued after spending 30 minutes in the snow, we will be right
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ultimate invasion of privacy a montgomery county man admits he secretly tapes hundreds of women and girls. shawn moses pleaded guilty to taking secret recording toss fitting rooms at several local malls. he took pictures through apartment buildings and ate the beach and posted them on line. prosecutors called this one of the largest invasion of privacy cases they have seen here. moses will be sentenced in september. delaware is one step closer to reducing penalty for people caught with small an amount of marijuana state house approved a bill that would make it a civil offense if you have 1 ounce or less of marijuana. that is punishable by a $100 fine but no jail time. smoking marijuana in public and selling it are still considered crimes. bill now heads to the the state senate. 5:19. time to check your philadelphia a jobs market report with cbs news business
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am list jill schlesinger. >> reporter: with the end of the school year upon us, it is time for high school kid to get busy and land a summer job. summer jobs are more illusive after the recession but a survey by snag a predicting strong job growth this um iser. 78 percent said they expect to higher the same number of hurley summer employees or more compared to last year. hourly wages are expect to rise to 11.52 cents this summer, up by $1.13 a year ago. employment between those 16 and 19 is currently the at its highest non-summer level since 2009. most common summer jobs for high school students includes baby-sitters camp counselors, dudors, life guard retail associates and cashiers. summer internships are another option for students who prefer a more professional environment. great resource is where you can narrow your search to
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highlight opportunity for high school students. here in the philadelphia area top internship positions are available in marketing and social media. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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let's send it over to katie. >> good morning, nicole. yet again we are dealing with the pesky frontal boundary that does not want to give up. we cannot shake it. it will be with us here in some way shape or form for the the next couple of days, i know storm scan three showing you is what up, steady rain, off to the south of philadelphia you might still see a couple of damp roads
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gloucester camden county this morning but all this is sinking south. the i think you're generally talking cloudy skies for most of the region here today but southern tear of our area you'll still see scattered showers picking up here. nothing in the way of what we saw yesterday but let alone what we saw monday in the form of the heavy rain. nearby moisture will keep us stuck in the clouds under the city and down to the ballpark for first pitch 7:05. so essentially in the terribly breezy but enough to feel cool to you. it does get better, thankfully, it comes in time for weekend sunshine, returning in full force it looks like as we head into saturday and sunday and that will warm up nicely for us. we should be back within a few degrees of 80 for both weekend days vittoria, over to you. well, right now still the road are sleeping, if you will, many speed sensors have been in the 50's, most of them are. take a look at vine street expressway only a few vehicles
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i can count on both hand. traveling west or eastbound straight shot through center city. traveling on the road you will notice those street lamps are picking up some slickness on the roads. be careful. take it easy. you never want to approach any road like this with any less caution. traveling on i-95 a very glummy shot around girard. southbound traffic coming towards you but we are in the seeing a major southbound delay just yet. no delays at the airport. we are waiting in the wings for rush hour. ukee. cole hamels goes for win number five on the season tonight when phillies take on the reds in south philadelphia at citizens bank park. phillies were in come back mode last night down four-one, chase utley cuts the lead with the fourth home run of the season. a solo shot to right center. miguel franco also went yard, two run black in the eighth. then in the tenth darren ruf singles in the game winner. take a dinner. five-four walk off win, for your fightin phillies.
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nicely done. manager melt down of the morning. mariners manager lloyd mcclinton who was so angry he yelled at three different umpires individually. it all started over check swings or not so check swings. he was check out of the ball yard. kick out. his mariners lost to the yankees, in 11 innings. eagles roster is taking shape as chip kelly takes a look at his players during ot a's in novacare in south philadelphia. they have skilled players on offense and defense. on the defensive side demeco ryans, kiko alonzo and michael kendricks will be jockeying for playing time. kendricks was on the trading block at trade time but he is in the dwelling on it. >> we're just practicing to get better as a team and what is to come, comes. i know as well as everybody else knows that i can play football so, you know, the proof is in the pudding and
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the rest i cannot control or worry about that. >> just do your thing young man. here's a good sign, sam bradford worked out with the other quarterbacks that participated on seven on seven drills and working his way back from the second knee surgery. get well young man looking forward to seeing you play, nicole back to you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we will have the latest on the rash of fires terrorizing a local neighborhood. justin? >> reporter: nicole, first of four days now, in the last month deadly amtrak train derailment but does it bring us closer to the cause? i'm's justin finch with a live look coming up. also must see video when a police officer pulled up to this burning car see how he risked his life to save the the driver passed out in the front seat the and vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's. we wil
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good morning here's is what happening chester city authorities are on the scene of another house fire on bickley place, it is the the third fire on the same block in less than a week. several homes were damage and fires on monday and friday, fortunately in one was injured in the fires but neighbors are very worried that might change if these fires continue. we have to get to the bottom of it. they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. people could lose their lives man. we have been luck that i everybody got out of their house. >> there is no word yet on if the fires are connected. police have joined fire officials to investigate what is going on. new video just in from pleasantville atlantic county where one person was hurt after an overnight house fire. you can see charred remains on the home on charles avenue.


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