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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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coming up. new at 6:00 o'clock, through the the eyes of the fire fighter a helmet cam captures dramatic footage of the chester fire fighter battling flames in three suspicious fires that occurred on the same block. tonight we will hear heroic actions of that fire fighters and maniors recognized by the community that they serve. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. those fires have ripped through homes on the same block on bickley place and "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has latest on the investigation and letter of gratitude left at one of the scenes. >> unaudible. >> reporter: video from this helmet mounted camera shows fire fighters gordon pip even and his crew from station 82 encounters flames, in the first of three fires over the past five days.
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they have scorched half dozen homes on the same block forcing 28 people from their houses. >> fire flashed over, heavy fire on the first and second floor. all three nights. every night that happened. >> reporter: so far officials call 39 fires suspicious, await ago additional evidence, before determining if an arsonist had struck and if so, the motive. >> the fire was coming from the ceiling from out the light switchers. i said y'all can't stay there you have to get out. >> reporter: dahntay davis helped his family escape flames approaching his home. construction crews have have been boarding up damaged homes including the one where bill yates and his family lived for 55 years. >> this is just crazy. it don't make no sense. >> reporter: fire fighters pip even and his crew tell me that although they are exhausted they are gratified that three times they have been able to stop the flames, before they
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consumed additional homes or, claimed any lives. as they emerge from those flames fire fighter pip even, inside that helmet he left inside his truck found this handwritten thank you note from the neighbor reading in part you are dedicated and a awesome person. you are truly amazing keep up got work, ending with the symbols for hugs and kisses, signed, a truly inspired civilian. >> she saw look on our faces and how hard we worked and what we have done to save the row from the first fifer and a it was pretty significant for us. >> reporter: fire fighters, neighbors, hoping that the fires here will stop soon. in chester walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". elsewhere tonight a trip to niagara falls turned deadly after a bus loaded with italian tourist crashes in the poconos. bus collided with a tractor trailer on i380 in tonyhanna monroe county. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is at the scene.
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>> reporter: people on board this bus were from italy heading north to see niagara falls. it was just after 10:00 wednesday morning near mile marker four on i380 when the crash happened. initial reports suggest that this tractor trailer heading southbound on the same road crossed in to the northbound lanes, slamming into the tour bus. another truck driver who witnessed this scene was shaken by what he saw. >> i'm on these road every day six or seven days a week and it is definitely an impact to see another truck. >> reporter: the truck was embedded in the truck's trailer for most of the afternoon as investigators performed their work. thirteen people in total were injured and some were air lifted to the hospital. three people, lost their lives. in a statement the owner of the bus involved, academy bus said in part quote we can confirm that one of the deceased is the bus driver. we offer our condolences and family of this valued member of our academy team, as well as to the families of others tragically a affect by this
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accident. we also extend our thoughts to the injured. crash scene investigators have spent most of their afternoon on the scene here on interstate 380 trying their best to recreate the scene of this accident, still no word yet on what might have caused this crash in the first place or if there will be any criminal charges penning the identities of the victims involved have also not yet been released. we're in monroe county, matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, an accident in upper darby is caught on surveillance video. watch this yellow car as it hits a building and a gas meter, gas that reportedly then leak into that building in the 7100 block of west chester pike. investigators say the driver of that car had just left traffic court where they faced a violation for careless driving. bucket truck accident in east falls has sent one person to the hospital today this happened in williams penn charter high school. the truck toppled over, as it was removing a tree, and the authorities say that the driver of the truck was taken
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to einstein hospital, no word on their condition tonight. fortunately there were no students around when that accident happened. a philadelphia police officer open fire injuring a person in the wynfield neighborhood. police responded to 54th and hazel hearst to reports of someone with a gun. an officer discharge his weapon at that scene and the person was taken to penn presbyterian medical center. no word on their condition. convicted murder rafael jones was sentenced to life in prison today without the possibility of parole for the murder of off-duty philadelphia police officer moses walker. jones and another man tried to rob officer walker on august 18th, 2012, as he walk to a bus. they shot him twice killing him. "eyewitness news" spoke to the first responders at that scene where walker was shot. >> i cannot say it is justice served, but whether it is justice or not it won't bring moses back. it won't bring our friend back. it won't bring my collogue's brother back. >> reporter: are officer
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walker's family has since set up a scholarship fun in his name to deserving single parents to trade school or college. philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in the mill creek neighborhood. police responded to a corner market at forty-sixth and parish where they found the man suffering from two gunshot wound. that victim was taken to penn presbyterian medical center and is in stable condition tonight. in the meantime police continue to investigate the shooting. the public will have a chance to pay its respects to beau biden the former delaware attorney general and son of the vice-president. on thursday biden will lie in honor at legislative hall in dover from 1:00 until 5:00 o'clock. beau biden died saturday following a bought with brain cancer. president obama will give the eulogy during a funeral services in wilmington on saturday. beau biden was 46 years old. the fight for lgbt rights traces back 50 years right on the steps of the philadelphia's independent mall. >> to commemorate the movement the national constitution
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center has unveiled a new exhibit that is called speaking out for equality. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has the story. >> reporter: on the walls of the national constitution center guests could see the journeys of others and even pointed out photos of themselves. >> they represent lgbt history, huge part of it started here in philadelphia and in front of the independent hall. >> reporter: tiedled speaking out for equality this interactive time line follows gay rights in the u.s. courts from forced le about on the mys to marriage equality. >> you see human faces individual who stood up to try to make their case in court. >> reporter: these are word in the center of it all, 14th amendment equal protection clause. the question for those going through those doors who does ate reply to. once it opened to the public on friday visitors will be a able to vote on that. another look at the time line and it is clear that one group makes a late appearance. >> i think that the transgender people are just
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about where gay people were, maybe 25 or 30 years ago. >> reporter: representing the t, in lgbt this week caitlin jenner is now both cover girl and poster child for the transgendered journey. >> it is opening up a dialogue to start to focus on things and get our communities, our transgender communities truly in a place where they too can thrive and prosper . >> reporter: of all of the stories and cases the exhibit comes back to just one, 228 year-old document and what it means to be equal. reporting from independent mall alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come at 6:00 o'clock tonight a mystery solve, it was sculpture left on the south jersey boardwalk and now we know how it got there and who it belonged to. and learning from the pros, a special day for some local students as they get dance lessons from people who know how to do it best. we will tell you who was showing them the ropes kathy? in weather we're talking
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about some cloud and a few showers, the cool weather is going to stick around but not entirely through the seven day, we will warm it up for the weekend i'll show thaw with the seven day forecast, beasley. shady mccoy was asked to respond to his statements about chip kill toy day in buffalo and he made it clear he does not want to discuss his insinuation that kelly makes a race a factor in the. we have shady's threat to end the press conference ahead in
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new at 6:00 mystery solved. ventnor police located the owner of a bust abandoned on the boardwalk. a as "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan tells us tonight we now know the story behind the art. >> reporter: for six months ventnor police have been trying to find owner of this bust found on the boardwalk last november. since we told you tuesday about the search for mystery sculpture many theories have been popping up about the origin of the artwork. >> thank you. >> reporter: fred brown from elkins park made this bust her art instructor's father during a sculpture chance in 1972 at cheltenham center for the arts. >> there is a lot of similarities in it. i think nose, eyes, mouth and the hair style. >> reporter: hair style, for sure. >> yes. >> reporter: brown thinks the inscription hilda72 means there was a women named that
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43 years ago. how convinced are you that this is the same person. >> i would say 99 percent. >> reporter: but as we started to track down art class records, ventnor police called to say rightful owner of the bust was on her way. >> she walk in my door and said hi dad. >> reporter: it turns out bust belongs to the woman named cc who moved from ventnor from delaware last november. her mother made the bust of the husband doctor samuel shanes a wilmington dentist but passed away but remembered in an annual lecture series at u penn dental school. bust was lost in the move and returned to ventnor. >> this structure would have gone into storage, would have been covered and wouldn't have been found for years if at all. so kudos to, for you guys for taking a chance on putting this story out there. >> reporter: doctor shanes daughter thanked me over the phone but did not want to be interviewed. her family is glad to have the sculpture back. as for vent are in police it is back to work staying ahead of the bad guys n ventnor i'm
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cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now we know. >> mystery solved. >> that is great. >> we were all wandberg that. nice to know the answer. some philadelphia student got a very special treat this morning. >> that is right cast members from the lion king shared some chorography with them at kimmel center. seventh and eighth grade students from the meredith school were there and able to dance with the performers. the students learned some of the dance moves from one of the production numbers in that long run and brilliant musical. >> they are amazing this he were great. they showed me a side of themselves that like i was than the expect to go see from non-dancers. they were excited. i saw smiles in their eyes. it was a great experience. >> reporter: lion king continues in philadelphia, at the academy of musei can sunday june 14th. when you can escape the rain, when and fit rains over next few days, great night. >> is there nothing like the theater especially in the summer. we are looking at warmer
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temperatures over the course of the weekend. you will be able to stay inside or go outside depending on what you like. outside right now we're on the cool side with improvement from yesterday and let's take you down the shore in ocean city, cape may county, getting a little bit busy. look ferris wheel is moving, yes, good sign, lot of people on the board but notice what they're wearing sweat shirts and jacket. >> yes, layered pants. >> yeah. >> layer it up. >> temperatures are only in the 50's down the shore with that persistent marine influence. on storm scan three, we have some clouds. we have had some showers and they are off shore for the most part but some, in southern new jersey, cape may county and also kent and sussex county delaware. elsewhere we're just seeing some cloud and they are slowly lifting towards the north. we have a boundary to the south, and that is creating the cloud cover, and also bringing in some of that moisture and the persistent easterly flow that is keeping it cool, and here's a look at our probability of precipitation or our rain chances over the next couple of days, a chance of a 30 percent range for thursday. higher on friday, chance of the shower or storm on
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saturday and sunday looks like the dry day with sunshine which is great news around here. cool day to day from allentown to philadelphia, temperatures fairly the same with some clouds, atlantic city at the airport only 64 degrees with the mostly cloudy sky and persistent ease wind. sixty-seven in the city. millville 62. sixty-four in reading. down the shore look at these numbers 58 on the boards in ocean city, cape may 61 on the promenade and rehoboth beach delaware on the boardwalk 57, the ocean only 54 and it will be very slow to warm. here's our scenario for your thursday, high pressure off the coast. we have a clockwise flow that is helping to bring in the cool and cloudy conditions. this dying front to the south keeping that moisture close by but temperatures will still warm through the 60's and we'll breaks in the clouds a a lot like today. then by friday the front moves away, high pressure moves away so you will lose that easterly flow temperatures in the 07's. then we have to watch this cool front. this a etch properes from the northwest, brings a scattered
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shower or storm for your saturday but temperatures are back in the 80's, so feeling much more like june around here, and overnight mostly cloudy, cool for june, low of 57 but good night to crack windows and let that fresh air in before that summer heat makes a come back. for your thursday a spotty shower possible. and then as we go hour by hour cool in the morning light jacket or sweat shirt as kid head out the door. by noon 63, 4:00 p.m. sixty-seven. dry for any evening activities and the the temperature 61. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast. fifty-seven for friday. saturday 82. sunday dry and breezy. seventy-eight. look at monday, tuesday and wednesday, high temperatures in the 80's at home, down the shore, in the 70's, so really, feeling a lot more like summer. and right now there are signs of summer in center city philadelphia a but first we want to tell you about orr at the shore. we will be live in cape may tomorrow at 5:00 and 6:00a lot
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planned. we have restaurant week and pianos on the promenade for a good cause. we will talk more about that tomorrow live from cape may. now, signs have of summer in center city philadelphia, bars and restaurants are offering great deals for the start of the center city's which runs all summer long. guess where justin drabick is at independent mall at all of the fun. it looks like a great time. >> i think a lot of people look forward to this for the summer season. tonight is kick off of center city, every wednesday through september 2nd between hours of 5:00 and 7:00 numerous bars and restaurant have deals. $5 cocktails, $4 wine, $3 beer half price appetizers. here we go independent beer garden thinks one of the spots that are offering this deals for the center city deal. this is a huge place. 20,000 square feet, inside open bar. a good place to hang out during the sum is ther and people are taking advantage of
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the deals already. good place to hang out after work. a lot of people in coats tonight. it is not feeling like summer. let talk about the forecast as we go to the graphic and maybe just hanging out a across center city doing some shopping later this evening. here's what we can expect generally cloudy sky is what we have right now. kathy says, cool temperatures, right around 7:00 o'clock in the mid 60's. we will drop about 63, by 8:00 and then 9:00 o'clock in the lower 60's. a bit of the chill heading out later tonight but for the most part we should stay try in center city. let go back here with the cbs-3 mobil weather lab. we were out earlier this afternoon and we had some sunshine and included building backup temperatures only 66.9 degrees, humidity, non-existent that dew point temperature low at 50. usually the last several days we had dew point in the 60's some what comfortable but on the cool side. again every wednesday now through september sicked we have center side i fifth, one
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place to hang out to enjoy those deals for your happy hour. that is very latest from independent mall, live from the cbs-3 mobile weather lab new back to you in the studio. >> wow. >> sound like it is happening there. >> that sound like fun. >> wonder what they are sipping. >> no sipping but he has to drive the mobile weather lab no sipping for justin. >> that is right. >> we will be right back.
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more eagles talk today. >> yes. >> yeah, serious talk now. shady mccoy is starting to drop a bomb in the movies, super hero walks away and never looks back.
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>> yes. >> shady insinuated chip kelly used races as a factor in personnel decisions. chip say mccoy was flat out wrong. shady was asked for a counter response in buffalo. shady said i don't want to discuss that topic anymore. after redirect from the media lesean mccoy said he will discuss football topic or leave. >> for what, i don't to have discuss no one. i said how i felt, and i'm done with that. >> do you take chip's calls. >> are you guys listening to me in i'm not talking about chip kelly or no eagles. so, i will be done with this interview, if you have anything tolls say about the bills. >> do you regret saying what you said. >> i never regret nothing i said never. >> lie i said everybody has a opinion, that is lesean, and what he says. i know my relation hip with chip is nothing like that. i kept it like. that i can only speak about what i know. >> nfl players put your
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finkers in your ears eagles training camp moves into august. chip kelly's third camp starts august 2nd and on the 21st y bother. just 19 days have of training camp, open practices at the link august 4th and 9th watch them hold hand. game two of the series between phillies and red, cole hamels on the mound tonight and hopes to continue his dominance against cincinnati, ten-o in 13 starts with the 1.36 era. last night phillies snapped their seven game losing streak. they erased four-one deficit. won in the ninth on darren ruf walk off single five-four was the final. number one seed know vac joke wick ended up ra fey yesterday madal french open streak by winning in straight set. it was his second lost in 72 matches. he was going for his tenth open championship. djokovic will play on friday. >> very impressive.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten. we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next. tonight they will look at the boston terror plot and what has happened there with the killing of the suspect also, a look at challenges, of fighting isis, here at home, the "cbs evening news" is next, we will see you later tonight.
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>> rose: two terror suspects were allegedly plotting to carry out an isis-style beheading here in the united states. and tonight former c.i.a. director david petraeus on the battle against isis. are we winning or losing? the washington mansion murders, police put new focus on the man who delivered the ransom. we've learned the identity of the american mauled to death in a south african lion park. and-- >> you're just a normal prng out here on the highway like everybody else. >> just like everybody else. >> reporter: not quite. greg dyke on the road back. >> rose: good evening, scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. federal agents have broken up what they describe as a home-grown terror plot. it included pl


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