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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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f her cell phone and cash by a man with the gun. delaware county sheriffs were in the area they heard the radio dispatch and they encountered the 25 year-old suspect in the 1100 block of pine lane. >> reporter: according to the district attorney's office handling the investigation man took off on his bike and led police down narrow alley ways. they say near the intersection of 13th and keystone, the suspects fell off of his bike and was run over by city police vehicle a gun was found at the scene pennsylvania man died at the hospital and his mother drove seven hours to get there. >> my sonnies not built forearmed robbery. that is not him at all. he is a straight momma's boy. >> limited to what we can say but we want to extend condolence to the family from the city hall, and chester police department. >> reporter: preliminary ruling from the district attorney's office considers the death accidental. the mother believes, that they take the wrong guy. >> that is not true. >> reporter: so i asked police if they believe the same man was both, suspect and victim.
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>> yes. >> reporter: chester police are not heading up this investigation they say they are unsure if that stolen cell phone and cash was found with byrd. live from delaware county tonight alexandria hoff for cb is s3 "eyewitness news". fire fighters and hazmat crews respond to a building fire in an auto salvage yard in allentown today. chopper three over that scene in the 1200 block of north plymouth street. we're told this building is used to store both gasoline and waste oil investigators say that a worker was operating a a forklift and then accidentally punctured a fast tank inside. fuel then spilled and ignited beneath the forklift. good news is there were no injuries there. a somber day at delaware state capitol hundreds have gathered to pay their respects to former delaware attorney general beau biden. "eyewitness news" reporter matt river is live at legislative hall where biden is lying in honor matt. >> reporter: jessica, hundreds of people, as you mentioned spent their afternoons filing
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into the state house behind me to pay their respects to beau biden biden's body arrived here in dover just before 1:00 p.m. in a procession from will mink ton. it was quiet thursday, when the the casket arrived the biden's stood together holding hand in silence the sounds of the moment just heels beau biden a veteran himself was carried in the state house draped in the flag of the country he served. inside of the senate chamber he lie in honor in front of those who filled the room with his praise. >> he was known moses specially as a true gentlemen of gentle will kindness which he was. >> reporter: he died saturday after fighting illness for several years it was brain cans their ultimately took his life. >> beau is now of the ages, he and you have already eternal
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gratitude. >> reporter: his impact on the state of delaware manifested in the hundreds of the people, who waited for hours to say their good byes. >> it is heart breaking for him and his family, the public, everybody is really touch by this. >> reporter: beau was remembered as a major in the army national guard and state attorney general who wanted to run for governor but more than that he was remembered as a husband to his wife, a son to his father, and as a dad to two young kids. and the biden family will make another public appearance tomorrow at a public viewing for beau in, his hometown of wilmington, on saturday, president obama ace scheduled to deliver beau's eulogy, at his funeral. we are live in dover matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right matt, thank you. public can pay its respect to beau biden at a viewing tomorrow at saint anthony of padua church in wilmington between 1:00 and 4:00 and later from 6:00 to 9:00. on saturday at 10:30 there
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will be a funeral mass at saint anthony of padua. president obama will be there to deliver the eulogy. in new jersey, a state trooper killed in the line of duty was laid to rest today funeral services were held in somerset county for trooper anthony rest pennsylvania. hundreds, including governor christie gathered at saint matteas church to pay their respects. he died saturday when his patrol car hit a deer on i295 and then crashed in the tree. >> we had them all too short of a time, a year and a half, graduated the academy october 203, and now we're burying him somebody who had really the promise of a tremendous career. >> governor christie ordered flags at state buildings to fly in half staff in honor of trooper rest pennsylvania. accident investigators in chester are looking into whether speed played a role in the deadly crash overnight. two cars collided on west second and palsy street.
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it scattered car parts and debris all over. drivers of the both vehicles were killed, their identities have in the been released. authorities are looking for this man michael idle in connection with yesterday's deadly stab nothing berlin camden county. the victim, carol bound was found unresponsive at her driveway around 10:30 last night. idol is ex-boyfriend and has been charged with first degree murder. if you have any information about his whereabouts call police. philadelphia school budget crisis could hit you in the wallet, even if you don't have kid, or live in the city. city council is considering new ways to raise revenue tonight, our todd quinones is live at school district headquarters with more on their ideas todd. >> reporter: chris, for example people who live in the suburbs, but park in the city, well they could ab machining those who wind up having to pay more in order to fund city school. city council is about to dig deeper in to people's pockets only question is whose pocket. issue school funding. mayor michael nutter is
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seeking a 9 percent property tax hike in order to pay the schools an additional 103 million-dollar, but there seems to be in support of that in city council especially after city wide reassessments already increased a lot have of homeowners taxes. >> now you want to add a 10 percent additional tax on those individuals? i just don't think it is ferreter report here's what council is considering, two and a half percent property tax hike to raise 25 million-dollar another seven to ten million-dollar to come from hiking up parking garage fees, and another 10 million to come from increasing the tax on the use of commercial real estate, but that doesn't sit well with the chamber of commerce. >> it will increase 18 percent just three years ago and we think to disproportionately try to balance this school district deficit just on one tax, paid by the business community is not really good public policy. >> reporter: all told city council is looking at send ising an additional 80 million-dollar to the schools not the 100 million that the
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mayor wants. >> we are, we don't have sufficient nurses, counselors, teachers, and resources like books, and paper in our schools. >> reporter: council is also looking at idea of selling property tax liens to private collectors, in order to try to recover an estimated 500 million-dollar in uncollect property taxes here in the city. reporting live tonight from center city, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> much more to come on that todd, thanks very much. in weather today it has been another day of cool, cloudy conditions but there are changes on the way. >> yes, there are meteorologist kathy orr is live in cape may with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab hi kathy. >> now usually you think of the shore the sun the surf and the sand but look a today chris and jessica, we have some cloud serious wind and we are bundled up a little bit but still a a beautiful day down the shore. i'm here with the cbs-3 mobile
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weather lab temperature is only 59 degrees and with the wind it is making it feel much cooler. take a look at the high temperatures, around the region. it is cool every where. lets start off in the north in the poconos where high temperature for the day only 63 degrees. better in philadelphia at 70 degrees, but here down the shore the high only 62 degrees. in our satellite and radar combination we can see some clouds and spotty showers and that is just rule of the day right in the evening period, and temperatures are going to stay on the cool side. now in philadelphia, it is milder 67 degrees but in ocean city, we have 58, sea isle, 50's as well and here in cape may i showed you only 59 degrees. now this evening in the city we will be in the 60's, but down the shore we will be cooler. so in philadelphia tonight 7:00 o'clock if you are going out cloudy, 64 degrees. by 9:00 o'clock temperatures falling in the lower 60's and by 11:00 mostly cloudy sky and a temperature of 61. back here live we are on the
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mall, the washington square mall, because this is what people do down the shore right, when it is cloudy and cool they eat they drink and they shop right. >> that is right. >> yes. >> still having a good time. >> yes. >> still having a good time. >> yes yes. >> just wear your sweat shirts and your long pants and we do expect it to warm up over the course of the weekend. now we will send it back to you in the studio and of course have forecast from the city to the shore from the improving weekend coming up late inert broadcast. >> cape may sweat shirts are coming in handy on a day like this. kathy, thanks very much. those kids will still have fun, don't worry about them. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" we are following breaking news, f.d.a. votes to whether to approve a female version of the vei gar, health reporter stephanie stahl will join with us their decision. up skirting, it is certainly an invasion of privacy but did you know in parts of our area it is not a crime. we will tell you how local lawmakers will change that.
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a shopping frenzy in suburban philadelphia, that line wrapped around the building, find out what has hundreds of people camping out for days hoping for some big discounts. we will be right back.
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breaking news, health news, it is a yes for little pink pill , the f.d.a. advisory panel has voted to approve the female sex drug
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called female viagra. this is a a long for the battle and considered a big victory for women's groups fighting for the drug. >> stephanie stahl has been following this and is here with the late breaking details. >> reporter: the f.d.a. advisory panel voted 18-six to improve the drug, with warning labels to inform women about potential risks. there was big concerns about safety issues. the drug called flabanran, works on brain chemistry to improve sexual desire in premenopausal women. it has been reject twice because of side effects including dizziness and low blood pressure. the drug maker submitted new evident showing an improvement in sexual satisfaction, and a reductions in serious side effects. during the hearing today in washington advocates said a sex drug for women is long overdue, men have many to choose from. >> this is a land mark decision because it is the very first f.d.a. approved
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intervention for female sexual dysfunction, specifically low desire in women. so it really well make us equal in our standing of having medical intervention are for sexual dysfunction. it is a great day. >> reporter: doctor kelloggs is with the center for pull will vick medicine in rose aremont. today's vote is a recommendation from the advisory committee f.d.a. does not have to follow-up but usually does. we have not heard from the f.d.a. when that final decision is expect to come. >> the side effects don't seem dissimilar from the ones associated with the erectile dysfunction medicine, so we're all in this together, parentally. >> stephanie, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this afternoon the sale that has shoppers camping out and lining up around the block some coming hundreds of miles away. kathy? oh wow. >> we're live in cape may making fudge with the vogel family. what is their special secret.
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it is thursday, it is orr at the shore but not your typical orr at the shore. not what you would a associate with, you know.
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>> with june. >> kathy, on the beach. >> different setting. >> different scene. >> but she has got good stuff to show us, weather tasting just a few minutes ago. she's in cape may with some friend, hi kathy. >> you know what, jessica, i know what you like. you are all about the taffy. chris is all about the the fudge. >> bring me the fudge. >> we will get to that in a a few minutes. i want to show you the mall. usually it is super busy but fairly busy for being a cloudy, drizzly day and the reason why is what do you do down the shore when it is cloudy, you eat right? maybe go to the ugly mug and have a cocktail and you shop and all these people here are shopping right guys. >> yes. >> bring the baby over. the baby is bundled up, because it is a chilly day. are you on vacation. >> we are yes. >> where are you from. >> allentown pennsylvania. >> little cool for you right big guy. >> he is hanging in there multiple layers.
5:19 pm
>> maybe in by next week even. thanks very much. have a good time. >> thank you. >> we are talking about drizzly conditions, take a look at storm scan three cloud will stick around and so will the rain for at least the next 12 hours or so and tomorrow we will see improvement. lets talk about the wind. it has been breezy here today, wildwood, same wind out of the north east at 21 miles an hour, same here in cape may, atlantic city is the same sustain wind at 14. here in cape may we are gusting to 30 miles an hour. weather is all about the win. cool northeasterly wind blowing in today and next few days, watching the area of low pressure moving away and that will help because we will watch a front approach, tomorrow, and then we will begin to see improvement in our weather. little bit more sunshine. by the time we make it to saturday wind will shift from the southwest and will warm backup into the 80's. so we will go above normal. lets look at our forecast, overnight tonight mostly
5:20 pm
cloudy, stray shower or sprinkle temperature of 59 degrees, during the day tomorrow, we will go for an isolated shower, otherwise cloud, sun temperature is 74. northeasterly breeze. then on the three day forecast you can see improvement saturday we will go to 82 degrees and then by sunday we will go to 78. down the shore tomorrow 65, 74 on saturday, sunday 70 degrees. we will back here live with paul co-owner of the original fudge kitchen, he is join by brother joe and of course, pj here and tell us the secret of this great fudge. we have had it several times down the shore. we love your fudge. >> kathy, the secret as i said before is a a lot of hard work every single piece of fudge is hand whipped in our copper kettles, every day, seven days a week all year round. >> what is the deal with the copper kettle is that a secret. >> copper kettle is a good conductor of heat as we learn
5:21 pm
in eighth grade and it also is a reducing acidity in any food, at all and it is a traditional candy making tool. they are the three reasons. >> we have to ask pj now. you work in the shop. you are in eighth grade. is there something special going on tonight. >> well, my graduation from eighth grade is on monday from school in north wildwood you are working tonight. >> no, i'm afraid not because tonight is my eighth grade graduation dinner/dance. >> congratulations. >> thank you thank you. >> uncle joe has some sample is here. >> yes,. >> we will take some samples you and i and come over to all these people on vacation, are you guys on vacation. >> all right. >> pj, they gave you some samples, we have check late nut, vanilla nut and chocolate, tell us your favorite. what is your favorite flavor,
5:22 pm
mom. >> chocolate of course. >> go ahead and dig in there. i know chris may likes chocolate. i know he likes chocolate nut. i will take a piece of chocolate nut and we will sample the chocolate fudge. original fudge kitchen here in washington square mall in cape may. we have joe and paul, how many years have you been here. >> we have been here for 35 years. >> and we have been in business, or forty-fourth summer. >> forty-fourth summer. >> hoist the younger brother i'm not going to get in the middle of that. we will bring you a lot of fudge back, we've owe. >> he can't raise his hand. >> we will send it back to you chris and jessica. >> i have boxes of this for you and i will indulge. >> by the way chris says he likes every flavor. >> don't be bashful. >> chocolate nuts, whatever. >> chris loves every flavor. >> we will be eagerly awaiting. >> you got it, we will see you neck half an hour.
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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shoppers are taking advantage of big discounts in the montgomery county, and and, great lily pulitzer. some camped out. savanna millsap traveled from greensboro north carolina for this event and she talk about why she decided to try and travel all this year. >> it is bright, and we have lots of compliment on it. i feel pretty. >> well, there you go. >> event only happens once a year and such a big deal shoppers had to sign a waiver to ensure everyone's behaving. >> wow. >> well, they have big deal at target, a few months back, that was lily pulitzer.
5:26 pm
>> that was that was long day for target and thinks warehouse sale. discounts every where. >> people are great too about it. >> anticipation building for debut of the new late show with steven colbert on cbs-3. >> i cannot wait for this. today he released a short video announcing his new band leader. >> i'm steven colbert in new orleans, louisiana, thank you very much, and people keep asking me who my ban leader is going to be. well i like this guy. hi i'm john. >> well, that is the the even if men nal john batiste a jazz musician from new orleans and perform internationally with his band called stay human and collaborated including prince and check out colbert here he finish off that, a apparently. he collaborated with prince, winton marsales and just to
5:27 pm
name a few and now he is on cbs each and every night with that guy the late show with steve up colbert premiers after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 on tuesday september 8th, again you cannot see it anywhere else but right here on cbs-3. shaping up to be a great show. >> quite talented. >> yes. >> a lot of fun. coming up, warning for woman, depending on where you live up skirting is not a crime, find out how local lawmakers, trying to change that. also ahead we have new details about a terror suspect shot and killed in boston this week and his plans for an isis inspired beheading here in the u.s. new at 6:00 tonight atlantic city fire fighters are fighting for their jobs, we will take to you ac for today's protest and show you the implications of the cities
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authority are investigating after a chester police car ran down and killed a robbery suspect during a chase. police say that sherman byrd fell a off his bike at 13th and keystone during that chase. hundreds of mourners gathered in the delaware state capitol today to pay their respects to beau biden biden lies in honor at legislative hall following a procession from wilmington to dover. and dozens of cars were burn during a building fire in the auto salvage yard in
5:31 pm
allentown today. a worker operating a forklift accidentally punctured a gas tank and started that fire. there were no injuries. kate? good evening to you chris, good evening everyone. it was another cloudy cool day temperatures running 10 degrees below average and unfortunately cloud will linger through tonight and certainly into tomorrow but temperatures slowly climbing into the weekend. big question will we see sun or for our weekend plans? i will answer that with the seven day forecast in just a bit, jessica. new at 5:30 new jersey lawmakers want to outlook what is known as up skirting when someone takes a revealing photo under a person's clothing. as syma chowdhry tells us right now up skirting is not a specific crime in the state. it is a new type of voyeurism except it can happen anywhere in public. >> it can take the camera and take pictures, and it is call up skirting because camera, picture is taken underneath the lady's dress.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: klee path tro tucker introduced new legislation to make up skirting a crime in new jersey. at assembly judicial committee passed the legislation on thursday. >> it is something that is not appropriate, it is an invasion of someone's privacy. >> reporter: there are laws in place in pennsylvania and delaware. >> it is new jersey that far beyond behind, you know, it doesn't make sense to me. >> we hope it will be effective. >> reporter: right now up skirt would go fall under invasion of privacy laws in the state but tucker wants to make it a specific crime. >> we just want to make sure that it is on our books in new jersey that we can manage it. >> reporter: latest incident of up skirt nothing our area took place last month at a wegmans in montgomery township. police say a woman was in the check outline when she noticed this man bent down holding a cell phone under her skirt. when she confronted him he fled the store. >> it is disgusting, i don't understand why people have to do that, it is an invasion of privacy. >> it is embarrassing because
5:33 pm
i wouldn't want anybody doing that to me. >> reporter: with the bill getting more attention tucker says it could make perpetrators think twice before committing the crime. >> it is just something that happens all the time. >> reporter: measure makes up skirting a fourth degree offense and a third degree offense if the images are shared on line. bill now heads for a vote in the full assembly n trenton syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". news out of boston today sources tell cbs news that a terror suspect who was shot and killed earlier this week was planning a a violent attack against a u.s. target. we will get details from correspondent had mark albert who is in washington. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that osama rahim has planned to carry out an isis style beheading possibly begins out spoken critic of islam pamela geller. >> i'm number one target for isis right now. >> reporter: it was gel shore organized the controversial cartoon drawing contest of the prophet mohammad last month police killed two men who
5:34 pm
tried to attack the event. >> it won't end with me or the cops the one thing that came out of garland is that isis is here. >> reporter: rahim was shot and killed tuesday in boston during a confrontation with police. fbi says he had at least two accomplices, including david wright who had been arrested and charged with conspiracy n a recorded call rahim says he would go after the boys in blue allegedly calling them, the easiest target. police say rahim recently bought military style knives on line and in another call he allegedly told wright i just got myself a nice little tool you know it goodies for carving. police are seeking a third man in connection with the plot but has not released his name. mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a form of fifa boss threatens to blow the world soccer corruption scandal wide open. former vice-president jack warner vowed to hand over corruption evidence to
5:35 pm
investigators including financial transactions involving sepp blat shore resigned this week. warner is face extradition to the u.s. for accepting a ten million-dollar bribe just hours earlier court record were released in which u.s. fif a a executive chuck blazer admitted his involvement with the bribes. new there are 11, former texas governor rick perry officially entered the republican race for president today. perry's entry brings to is 11 number of candidates vying for nomination. his a announcement came in addison, texas. >> we have the power to make things new again to project america's strength again and to get our economy going again. and that is exactly why today i am running for the presidency of the united states of america. >> rick perry left office in january, after serving 14 years as governor of texas.
5:36 pm
we also learn that former florida governor jeb bushies expect to officially announce his candidacy later this month in miami. republican presidential candidate ted cruz is apology guying after he was criticized for a joke he made about vice-president joe biden, whose grieving the loss of his son. texas senator was speaking a at a g.o.p. dinner in howell michigan when he made that joke wednesday night. told it many times before it is part of his stump speech, take a listen. >> you know the nice thing you next party you are at because walk up to someone and say vice-president joe biden and just close your mouth. they will crack up laughing. >> cruz called that joke a mistake, and said his prayers were with the biden family. still to come here on "eyewitness news" new technology that engineers hope will end drunk driving with a single breath or the touch of
5:37 pm
a finger. we will show you how it works coming up. do you recognize this couple? their life changing moment was captured on camera and woman who took photo would like to find them, kathy? here in cape may in washington mall it is cloudy, drizzly, and there is a piano piano that the mall and prom men made for a very special reason. i'll explain coming up and have the the forecast for city to the shore for weekend coming up as "eyewitness news" at 5:00 continues.
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one. well, a big sale is causing some headaches for southwest airlines, their web site crashed yesterday, and during a three day sale with some fares as low as hundred dollars round trip. representative with southwest had apologized saying customer's response exceeded the company's expectations. web site is backup and running but users may still experience some difficulty advertise, that sale, by the way runs through the rest of this day. time to check on the philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst
5:41 pm
jill schlesinger is here with more report are report college students who land summer internships have one goal to convert that role into a full-time job. employers in the philadelphia area use intern ships to develop a pool of potential employees for their organizations. and as an intern your first priority is to focus on your job responsibilities, but be willing to go above and beyond what is asked the energetic diligent, hard working and collaborative. volunteer to assist in anyway you can and think feedback from your supervisor on a regular basis. use the internship as a networking opportunity, your collogues and senior leaders could be future references, connect with them via linkedin and they could alert to you job offerings at other companies. before you leave check with your supervisor and hr about full-time career opportunities. follow-up with thank you notes and finally check in throughout the year via
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e-mail. doing so may help remind decision makers that you would be the perfect candidate for a job. i'm jill schlesinger for
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price guaranteed for two years. or from now until june 13th get a $400 visa prepaid card when you sign a 2 year agreement. go to cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v we have breaking news a massive data breach involving agency that handles security clearances and employee record
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has white house scrambling tonight. congressional aid familiar with the situation says that the office of personnel management has been hack, as has the interior department. the white house is reportedly considering a public announcement of this breach tonight, or early tomorrow morning. okay. we have check in earlier with kathy down the shore. we know it is a chilly day but that is not stopping fun. >> you cannot stop fun at orr at the shore. kate bailey is here in the cbs weather center. we will start first with kathy? >> well, it is a cloudy, cool, drizzly day down the shore but this week it has been filled with music in cape may and that will continue into the weekend. the weather will get better as well. here's a look at our shore specifically cape may weekend forecast. tomorrow if you are heading down for these wonderful festivities, temperatures will be in the 60's, but then by saturday we will warm up to
5:46 pm
74. by sunday, the temperature around 70 with plenty of sunshine. i mentioned earlier that there are pianos throughout cape may for a very special reason. take a listen... >> ♪ >> . the sound of piano player alexander buoy graduate of the egg harbor township, high school and student at manhattan school of music. he is part of the free piano festival going on this week through saturday in cape may showcasing south jersey music students across the region. voluntary donations, two performances will go toward jacob's piano fund for children's hospital of philadelphia here to tell us more about that is bob renaldi of jacob's music. bob, what an event it is.
5:47 pm
it will be spectacular. we know you have had concert this is week and it will continue in the weekend. all weekend steinway and sons of cape may comes together as celebration of the piano music in an effort to raise money to purchase piano for children's hospital of philadelphia a. >> which has been your goal for a long time. >> we have had fun raising events at kimmel center, and citizens of cape may have been most gracious for four days to open the the doors of the convention hall and we have a wonderful performance culminating with a acclaim artists on saturday night. >> students, like alexander who are fantastic. >> student coming from the community, every performance is free, every performance they have donated their time to raise money to purchase piano for children's hospital. >> everyone knows irradiate dad who passed away recently had a great legacy of giving in the community and you are continuing that. why are you doing that for children's hospital. >> quite simply doctor gray saved my youngest daughter, julianne she was born with
5:48 pm
down syndrome and significant heart defects. she's thriving now. we want to give a gift to the children at children's hospital. >> the concert are are free, this weekend. we have the big one on saturday in the convention center. >> big one saturday night with doctor bill clark frome mack lath, doctor igo from west chester, and andy todd with peggy cain. >> we wish you huge success in your goals. everyone come down to see this wonderful concert. isn't he great. >> yes. >> fantastic. now we will send it back to kate in the studio but turf say alexander take us to the studio. >> there it is, kate. >> our theme music. >> incredible. >> that is a remarkable man. >> can play in any conditions, indoors, outdoors, rain, sun whatever. >> breeze. >> very impressive. >> wow.
5:49 pm
>> a amazing. >> from egg harbor township. that is fantastic. down the shore as kathy mentioned it is cool, cloudy. i thought i saw the sun on her face, trying to peak out here and there but not the best day and i want to show you one spot across the area heading down to rehoboth beach. we will head down to ocean city so you can see cameras shaking there it is breezy down the shore. that on shore win. we have talked about that earlier in the week. that is keeping us so cool, east wind, very much like west coast, california this time of the year. they have predominant on shore win, when we get it, we get june gloom as they are known for in places like san francisco. lets call your attention to the bottom of the screen where weather watchers observation from his across the region, in your neighborhood as well, they are scrolling through. look for weather watcher closest to you. lets look at rehoboth beach. it is raining right now. you can seaboard are damp. we saw someone running down the boardwalk with the jacket over their head trying to get to shelter before rain comes down. seas looking rough and gloom
5:50 pm
any rehoboth today. 57 degrees right now which is definitely cool for this time of the year. here's storm scan three bigger picture as far as radar is concern. you can see showers around rehoboth, right through delaware beaches and moving toward cape may as well. kathy, dry for now but these showers moving in 7 miles stone harbor, avalon seeing showers at the moment. further north and west, it is quiet but this is part and parcel of the larger system we have been watching all week, sitting and spinning, you can see the swirl steady rain over virginia. where wind are coming from the northern flange of the system we are seeing wind from the east. that easterly wind keeping things cloudy and chilly and a little bit damp. temperatures right now mid 60's at the airport. fifty-nine in the atlantic city airport. when we have ocean water temperatures in the 50's we will not get much bet's long the coast. 66 degrees in reading. how does the next couple days look? tomorrow we will see this system moving away. it will be pushed out by an
5:51 pm
advancing cold front. tomorrow still more cloud then sunshine couple showers here and there during the course of the day but once that front comes through we will clear it out early saturday. saturday cloud will clear from northwest to south east may take longer down the shore 2:00 p.m. sunshine in the city clearing out down the shore as well. high pressure moves in from one day, that day is sunday before this next front arrives but sunday looks like a sunny beautiful afternoon. my husband is a terrible allergy sufferer and he has been saying this week only positive is pollen levels. they are down. allergy sufferers rejoycing this week. a as we head into saturday and sunday with more sunshine, less cloud cover and easterly influence the numbers will be climbing saturday and sunday especially. do want to take you quickly to hurricane blanco which is a category to second with gusts of 120 miles an hour. if you know anyone traveling here in mexico that system will make a close approach as a category one and sunday morning around 11:00 a.m. back here at home overnight mainly
5:52 pm
cloudy. stray showers. 59 degrees is our overnight low. for your friday cloud some sun, still a isolated shower, still cannot break out of the june gloom. we are 74 for your friday. here's the eyewitness weather seven day shore cast an shore cast. it warms you the down the shore. sunshine returning saturday at an '82. sunday looks beautiful. that is your day to get outside. that is my gold star day of the forecast. warmer next week even. look at wednesday and thursday back to summer-like temperatures with sunshine. chris and yes, sir contact back over to you. >> we will welcome those back, thanks very much. cars could soon boost a new safety fee he tour that may prevent drunk driving crashes. >> correspondent craig boswell has more on technology that could make roadways safer. >> reporter: government unveiled new technology that put an end to drunk driving crashes a and save lives. >> it is estimated it could be in the range of 59,000 lives over 15 years and up to $343 billion, in cost toss our society. >> it is an alcohol detection
5:53 pm
system measuring a driver's intoxication level in less than a second. >> i refer to it as a seat belt of our generation. >> reporter: there are two technologies to keep a vehicle from starting if the driver's alcohol level ace above .08. on the ignition button a touch season read blood chough alcohol level below skin surface this detects alcohol on the breath. national president of the mothers against drunk driving believes that it could have saved her son who was killed by a drunk driver ten years ago. >> could be here right now to be a able to talk and he would be 28. >> reporter: american beverage institute released a statement saying new technology should focus honorary pete offenders not treating all americans like criminals every time they start their cars. engineers hope an option will be available for new car buyers and five to ten years. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". engineers do say safety technology costs about the same as collision warning systems that are in cars today. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a woman tries to find a
5:54 pm
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arkansas woman is turning to facebook in hopes of finding a mystery couple in the tender photo. snap this photo of the man propose to go his girl friend at the national park in utah. she was riding with her family when she saw this. this picture has been shared about 30,000 times on facebook. and, she says she wants to find the couple to share the picture with them. if you know them, let them know. also trending love and basketball canadian professional player bri dor set faked an injury on the court, a friend rushed to his side, hoping a little black box in his hand and then, this is what happened. proposed to his girlfriend. he was playing a against her in this game. she said yes. >> she is very surprised, you can tell. >> creative proposals out there. >> yes. >> exactly. >> pretty good. >> glad he is okay. >> he is okay. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 remembering beau biden the former
5:58 pm
delaware attorney general and son of the vice-president, joe biden, is honored at an emotional ceremony. also a robbery suspect is hit and killed by a police cruiser as he tried to flee on the bicycle. we will tell you what the department says tonight about that incident. kathy? it is cloudy and cool down the shore but believe it or not we will go back to the 07's in the seven day and 80's, all of that coming up with the seven day forecast. dozens of atlantic city fire fighters rallied outside city hall urging officials to do everything possible to save their jobs, i'm cleve bryan coming up, we will have reaction from there. right now at 6:00 o'clock families friend, and mourners, filled delaware's legislative state house paying tribute to the late beau
5:59 pm
biden. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. biden who served in iraq was car mid by fellow servicemen, his family including his father, vice-president joe biden, greeted those who came to pay their respects. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers joins us live from dover with more on today's emotional ceremony, matt. >> reporter: chris and guess cat entire biden family, spent their entire afternoon here in the delaware state house standing right next to beau's casket. thinks as the state of delaware took a collective moment to have grief. >> he was brought in the delaware state house one last time thursday, beau biden a delaware native, major in its national guard and former state attorney general lie in honor in these senate chambers. the word spoken above him were sad, simple, consistent in their praise. >> he was that kind of outing person who made it clear to everyone that they were the
6:00 pm
most person in their room, not him. that is the beau that i knew. that is the beau that we loved. that is the beau that we will miss. >> reporter: yes. >> the the biden's family is delaware's family. >> reporter: hundreds turnout waiting for hours for a handshake, or a hug with the vice-president and his family. they paid their respects, amid grief, for one of delaware's favorite sons. >> i loved him so much. i just had to pay last respects. >> reporter: for all of the people that turnout thursday's service, it was one step for a family that says good bye to a son, husband brother and a dad, a somber day under gray skies. in delaware. a public viewing for beau biden is scheduled in his hometown of wilmington for tomorrow, on saturday, president obama is


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