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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 5, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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it is friday, the fifth of june, good morning i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von von tiehl. more on developing story offer duty police officer ordering take outcomes face-to-face with armed robbers. gun battle ensues, now, one suspect is dead. let's get more now from "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at the scene in lawndale. jan? >> police tell us we are very fortunate talking about a dead detective and couple of injured store employees, could be talking about a very different outcome inside of that pizza place during this robbery, and off duty detective had a gunpoint dollars to his head. fortunately, he is not injured this morning and those people who were inside those store employees store owner not injured either. >> police say this robbery happened around 11:30, 6900 block every rising sun avenue, and off duty detective orders erring take out, two men
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burst in announced robbery. police say they pointed a gun at the detective, and took his money, then, investigators say, they proceeded to rob the pizza place and that's when this detective announced he was a cop police say there was then an exchange of gunfire, the suspect they say, fired first we are told they fired at least two times at the detective ethion returned fire, as they ran one of the suspect dropped the gun. that suspect also collapsed and died in the parking lot the second suspect, however has gotten away this morning. >> point blank range at the officer, the officer is extremely lucky that he was not shot. he is extremely lucky that he was not killed. >> now, neither of these suspect have been identified this morning police only saying they are men likely, in their 20, a the man found dead in the parking lot did not have an i.d. on him. now the owner of the shop, again, and employee who were
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here at the time of the robbery, they're fine, so is the officer all uninjured this morning. meantime police, as you can see, remain on the scene investigating. we are told good surveillance inside and south site, and police say that may be released later today. after all there is suspect still on the loose anyone with information is asked to call police. in the meantime, we are reporting live in lawndale, jan carabeo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jan we will touch base again short lip, thank up. other news, police searching for the gunman who shot man in the stomach in fairhill just after midnight. the man was rushed to temple university hospital, in critical condition and so far investigators have no motive, no suspects, in the violence. >> the public will have chan to pay their final respects to former delaware attorney general, beau biden today at viewing in wilmington. yesterday, his body lay in honor at legislative hall in dover. biden died of brain cancer, last saturday, he was 46. his father, vice president joe
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biden, and his family, stood next to the coffin receiving condolances from mourners. >> beau biden is a model for what a public is her event should be. he cared deeply about the people of delaware. he wanted to make their world better, and he did. he loved them. and we the people of delaware love beau biden if possible even more. >> the viewing at saint anthony of patua roman church from one p.m. to 4:00 p.m. then again from six p.m. to 9:00 p.m. tonight. president obama will deliver the eulogy at the funeral 10:30 tomorrow morning. >> families will gather to mark the second anniversary of the tragedy caught the moment of the collapse at 22nd and market street. a building undergoing demolition fell on to the salvation army thrift store killing six people, and injuring 14 others, the site will soon become a memorial
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park. >> right now 5:03, we want our traffic and weather together. katie on the skydeck and yep still have the jacket on. we have some good news, right? >> dow finally have good news, isn't necessarily start today we still have one more day that basically is on repeat with this forecast, where we are still stuck with the clouds and still stuck with a couple of showers. it is actually misting out here on the skydeck right now. i was doing like little back and forth, do i take the umbrella out, do i leave continue side, not enough to mess with even my hair, and i'm very particular about that. one of those days where again it is far from a wash out. but you will find that, it is a little misty find shower here and there we start things off by taking you on outside watch we fine here on this region wide zoom on saturday light and radar is that we are still finding couple of showers, sort of really dotting the region, almost like it is blanketing the i95 corridor right now. we go ahead move things forward. one thing that we have certainly found in recent days is very low pollen level. oh oak, grasses still pre
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tomorrow than the problems looks like spike tomorrow. finally this pattern is starting to shift a little bit here. hour by hour we go, around the region as whole. temperatures start to warm up. i think couple of additional degrees from what we've seen in recent days here. should hit the mid 70s end up with sunshine as the day progresses because this system that's been with us now all week long is finally getting booted out to sea. that's definitely some good news. timing definitely on our side. at this point vittoria, all just over this system, get out of here already right? >> i know, supposed to be summer katie? >> i know. we'll get there. >> well, good morning everyone, at least right now traffic wise, i can tell you not dealing with too many problems. real nice ride out there at least nice start to your friday morning commute. little wet. make sure you're tacking it easy because even in weather like this, definitely an accident prone sort of
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situation. throughout the construction zones, not even setting you back. so great on 9a it is not even in and out of center city, also traveling in and out of delaware county. speaking of delaware, due to beau biden's funeral arrangements in wilmington, there will be many closures in and around that area, between six a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on saturday. so, if you plan to travel in and around this stretch, you will notice that we do have few closure street, that you will want to plan accordingly for this weekend. also, do you want to watch out. we have a downed pole and wires bridgeboro street in new jersey. >> two more suspect in the jewelers row abduction scheduled to appear in court this afternoon. basil boo and salad shah heed arrested in philadelphia last night. investigators say, three men pulled a jewelry store employee into a van on april 4th and dropped her off at darby township cemetery.
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the atf says the men put her through an ordeal. >> she was stunned repeatedly, with a taser and beaten, and thrown out of the abductor's van. atf agents arrested third suspect tyree gay days after the abduction. >> 5:07. china says allegations that it was involved in breaking into us government computers are irresponsible and unscientific. the fbi is looking into this breach, stealing millions of identifying information of at least 4 million federal workers. this investigation could reveal even more federal employees are at risk. >> as. as 4 million are wait to go see if chinese hackers listed their personal information right off of government computers. along with details about job
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assignment, and performance ratings. sources tell cbs news, some of the sensitive data might have been used in background and security clearance investigation. >> the federal government has probably been one of the largest employers in the world tonight have that data system breached is pretty incredible. >> federal investigators say the hackers left behind their cyber signature when they broke no networks, for the office of personal management as well as the interior department. the information may have been south to make it harder to detect foreign spice in the u.s. spokesman for the chinese embasy washington calling the allegations irresponsible and counter productive. officials believe employees from nearly every government agency may be affected. lawmakers on both sides calling for reform. size cyber improve are overdue. while republican senator
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richard burr says we cannot continue to look the other direction. mark albert, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> sal krajewski views upright add ship that sang in a chinese river. has been underwater since it flipped over during storm on monday. so far, divers have recovered nearly 100 bodies, but more than 330 people are still missing. a chain east official says the chances of finding anyone elsa life are very, very slim. still ahead this morning murder suspect on the run. see the man police are looking for after his exgirlfriends was killed. >> also, rough landing for the people on this plane. the trouble they ran into before landing safely here in philadelphia. >> and severe storms rip through colorado, and this storm chaser got caught right in the middle of a tornado. to the damage left behind by this dangerous weather. >> and after a couple of cooler days, katie says get ready for weekend warm up. she's updating the forecast on the other side. be right
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>> flights at philadelphia international airport are back to normal this morning, after this small private plane landed with a broken nose gear. firefighters, sprayed foam on the plane after it skidded down the runway. now, the plane was headed from new mexico, to airport in monmouth county, when the pilot noticed the problem decided to land in philadelphia. all five people on board the plane escaped without getting hurt. investigators are still trying to figure out why the knows gear just didn't work. erika? >> ukee, police have now identified a suspect in a deadly stabbing in camden county. michael itell is the exboyfriend of carol bound found unresponsive in her berlin driveway wednesday night. he is charged with first degree murder. authorities say that bound had protection order against itell. >> terribly shocked. it is a quiet neighborhood. everybody's friendly. not a typical story. don't expect to hear something like this in a neighborhood
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like this. >> if you have any information on itell's whereabouts, you are asked to call police. >> and take a good look if you can at this surveillance video, camden county police need help finding the men responsible for torching a mini-van broke a window, thinner to of the it near highland and garden avenues. police say they're not sure if those men are also responsible for two other burned cars in pennsauken just few blocks away. >> right now though, 5:13. we want to check in with katie for a forecast. >> the forecast does progressively get nicer with time here. expect much nicer weekend to unfold, so dreary, i know, we have had to put up with a lot here in the way of cloud cover most notably, all from one system too. this happens every so often. where one system decides i'm hang out over stay my welcome, in a very significant way. this one is finally going get the boot it needs to be shoved out to sea and we'll ends up with thankfully now in time for the weekends, some much more pleasant weather. let me start you off with pretty dreary view, yet again
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here, out at the boardwalk plaza, sort of halo effect going on around the street lamps or the boardwalk lamps i should say here, also it looks like there is just maintenance crew that's out actually on the sand right now. it is still breezy, in rehoboth definitely still breezy at the air shore points. and that persistent north-northeast wind; going to continue to deep keep things on the cool side for the rest of the morning. meanwhile on storm scan3 what you are finding still the backward rotation, counter clockwise spin with a system now starting to retreat out to sea, but still bringing in the cloud and the moisture. so we are still having to allow as a result for couple of additional showers out there today. rest of the this map will catch up we think at some point. but i did want to show you off in the distance, there we go, off in the distance out over wisconsin, the up of michigan, nebs front what actually is helping to get the flow back into a faster speed here. so, as that front comes through, it does mean that we're not only going to see the system get out of here, but also still could end up
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with shower or storm tomorrow. i don't think that you have to cancel any outdoor plans guys, we are many with a g back up to the low 80 axe expect some sunshine, generally speaking, and that front again allow for shower or thunderstorm because of it, but behind it, sunday looks phenominal. another one of those perfect days where you are back in the upper 70s with comfortable humidity to go a long with it, checking out the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, we expect to see these temperatures really for the most part just get back into much more summer like territory. so 80s tomorrow, slightly cooler sunday behind the front i mentioned new system headed our way for monday and tuesday, and specially monday, looks like we will be dealing with fresh rounds of some showers and thunderstorms with this next front. so, it is a faster flow. you get breaks a little more quickly as a result. >> also, heat, too. >> people looking forward to that now i think. >> indeed. >> so dear. >> i hey, young lady. >> nice. i heard that noise no, you know what right now traveling
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out and about, i would say you can breathe sigh sigh of relief, right now traveling the majors. i definitely want to think of those sunny icons in katie's report right now yes little dreary outside. we have some wetness slickness on the roads a lot to look forward to this weekend, so we have to get through this morning's commute. as we wait for the rush, taking a look at the vine street expressway. if you are traveling on the vine westbound, would be, toward the right side of your screen, those tail light moving away from us, they've wrapped up the construction on the westbound side that was blocking things, between the broad street and the schuylkill. how much, traveling eastbound, we had some earlier closure cones, and it looks like they've just pick that up, as women. so the vine street expressway, now good to go. traveling on 476 also, good to go. no delays in either direction. to and from the northeast extension, on the northeast extension, you look great. even on the pa turnpike, i mean really looking nice on all of the majors. if you are traveling in delaware, due to beau biden's funeral arrangements in wilmington starting today at 6:00 a.m., ongoing until
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tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. we'll have a lot of street closures, we will be posting full list on twitterment make sure to stay with us ukee, erika. >> thank you. you know the excitement really building for the pope's trip to philadelphia. >> we'll show you how a pennsylvania company hopes to cash in on his visit with a commemorative keepsake. >> hospital patient's wild ride stolen ambulance, comes to frightening ends. see what it look like inside the ambulance whether it flew into a ditch. we'll be back.
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some stunning weather video here from storm kaiser in colorado. check it out. that's a tornado that also dropped baseball size hail, in a small community outside of denver. at least five confirm tornados touched down in colorado yesterday. knocking over trees ripping the roofs offhand full of buildings. just extreme weather throughout. >> right now we want to get our forecast, weaver some good news katie good morning. >> we certainly do. this pesky system plaguing us
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for days will finally get booted out to sea as faster atmosphere flow begins to start picking up. we will still find shower around there today. certainly you can see it over my shoulder. you'll see what we are talking about here showers are little bit more widespread than we did see yesterday, at least right now so, little bit more prone here say outside of the i95 corridor really within that range to see shower as you travel here and there. but, overall we are expecting much more of what we have seen in recent days, limited sun more clouds than anything, shower here and there and we do have of course another game down at citizens bank park tonight, 69 degrees at first pitch this evening. should be at least few peaks of sun by that point as well, then by tomorrow, we start to generally just end one more sunshine. that's also going to help warm things up for us too in the longrun, vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much. well, right now roads are still very quiet. it is, i mean, casino every nice outside really. great way to start your friday morning, we get outside, gave you a look. here is a shot of the ben
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franklin bridge. no delays in either direction to and from new jersey, to and from philadelphia, beautiful out there. the roads may be little slick. however, i would say really still waiting for any sort of rush hour developments. moving now to the 42 freeway 42 again nice shot here. northbound traffic will be the headlights there coming toward the area of creek road, no delays. pa, new jersey delaware, it is all good this morning. hopefully it stays that way for us a long as possible. speaking of delaware, there will be many closure points, in and around the area, of beau biden's funeral in wilmington. they start at 6:00 a.m. this morning, they will be ongoing until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, many parking restrictions, so plan cords inningly if that's where you are headed this morning ukee? >> torrey, thank you, in sports cleveland cavaliers could be shorthanded when they play game two of the nba finals against the warriors in oakland sunday night. the cavs got 44 from labron james last night in game one but he missed a buzzer beater and they went to over time. that's when the cavaliers lost kyree irving.
5:26 am
i'll have tests today to see how bad a knee injury s irving had 23 before he left the game. set curry 26 on the night war worse would win game one in over time 108 to 100. >> the phillies open weekend series against the giants, starting tonight, at citizens bank park. look to go get back on the winning track. rookie mykel franco had rbi double in the first inning last night still swinging hot bat and the phils led the reds two-one, here is a weird play of the game, bases loaded, tag, even though it was a force-out. the ump called catchers interference, reds take the lead. reds ends up winning this thing, final score was six to four phils still take two out of three. erika, back to you. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" liver at people get ready to remember beau biden today. also, an off-duty police officer dodges a bullet when he foils a robbery with a gunpoint dollars at his head. we'll have the latest on the search for the suspect who got away. and, just horrible case of animal abuse.
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the sickening way he was treated as investigators search for the person who hurt him. >> and torrey and katie return. they'll have your traffic and weather together on the 3's. back in two minutes.
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>> we're following a developing story. scene after deadly shooting involving off-duty philadelphia police detective. it happened late last night at pizza shop on the 6900 block of rising sun avenue in lawndale. police say that detective was ordering take-out when two men enters the store and announce add robbery. at least one of them had a gun, he put the gun to the head of the off duty detective, and took $20 cash
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from the detective's hand. he ordered the detective to lay on the floor while point ago gun to his head. >> a gun battle soon followed. the detective shot and killed one suspect. the other escaped. the officer the pizza shop owner, and an employee, were not injured. the delaware county spca's dealing with a case of animal cruelty. this dog who they're calling trooper, is between eight and ten months old. trooper was found in darby with a shackle embedded in his neck. it required surgery to remove it. officials also say the trooper is emaciated almost half of what he should way. >> we have seen our fair share of emaciated dogs, but never in a condition like there is where he also had you know, that chain inside his neck, embedded in his neck. >> the spca is requesting donations for the care of trooper. for more information, you can go to our website


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