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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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tremendous mentor for her. >> i work as a role tear for eight years in the east wilmington office. >> reporter: everyone we spoke with has had some personal connection to the biden family. >> joe the vice-president, was very helpful, and in getting me, some help. >> we worked with then senator biden and beau biden served together in the national guard. >> reporter: back in the place he was born former attorney general beau biden was escorted to saint anthony's church in wilmington wrapped in the same color that the community put on display outside of their home. this is one day after he laid in honor inside of the delaware senate chambers. the vice-president's eldest son, had to retreat from dreams of running for governor so he could focus on his family and health as he battled brain cancer. that ended saturday. beau is 46 and leaves behind a wife and two young children. that hits home for margaret whose sonnies also battling terminal cancer. >> i cannot identify with it. it is just so sad.
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>> reporter: family man and veteran will be lait laid to rest tomorrow. but, already left here with us. >> they can teach us all some humility and patriotism, and strong commitment to his nation. >> reporter: many people told me they were here for joe and for beau seeing him no, sir as the vice-president or former senator but fat shore suffered too many losses. reporting live, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. beau biden's funeral is tomorrow morning at 10:30. it will be there at saint anthony of padua church in wilmington and president obama will be there as well to deliver the eulogy. watch that mass, live, on cbs and, in honor of the former attorney general's leg ace toy protect children from sexual predators his family had has begun the beau biden foundation for protection of children. we have much more information about that on our web site
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again at cbs we have just learn the name of the robbery suspect who was killed in the shoot-out with an off-duty philadelphia police officer. police say that andrew he willer bee used a gun loaded with blanks while a second us peck in the late night heist got away. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has more from police headquarters. >> reporter: broken window glassies evidence of the shoot-out inside rising sun pizza shop, around 11:30 in lawn dale thursday night. >> i walked out to the corner, seeing the helicopter, all of the cops. >> reporter: two hooded mask men walk in and announced a robbery. one put a gun to the off-duty police detective's head and ordered him to the ground. detective was there picking up dinner. >> machine friday his hand, and to the ground, and that point in time. they turned their directions away from him looking backup hold his firearm and he announced hoe was a police officer and one of the suspects fired twice at him. >> reporter: officer engaged the men and returned fire
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hitting one in the torso multiple times. police now say that the suspects were shooting blanks, two were fired and four were found inside of the revolver left at the scene when the two men fled. >> he did what he was supposed to do. he was protecting and serving. we don't know the intentions of those. >> reporter: three three-year old man was found collapsed nearby suffering from multiple gunshot wound to the torso and later died. he was later identified by pizza shop employees as one of the robbers. >> it is a shame thank god that the police officer wasn't hurt i mean they have no respect for police officers any more. >> reporter: police are reviewing surveillance video from in and outside of that pizza shop looking for the second suspect tonight the actions of this detective are being hailed as heroic. from police headquarters i'm's diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we finally saw sun again today, after a chilly and cloudy start. "eyewitness news" at haddon
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lake park in camden county not a bad morning for fishing but this guy had hoodie on and was trying to stay warm. much different scene this afternoon. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the sunny sky deck with a look at the first sky deck and hopefully a warmer weekend. >> absolutely, chris, what a day of transition, cloud rain in some spots you would never know it would turnout like this with a deep blue sky low humidity, and a breeze, it is going to be a start of something really good this weekend. look at the highs heading toward the north in allentown, a very warm high today, making it to 76 with more sun there. fifty-seven in philadelphia a we have jumped 4 degrees last hour. sixty-five in atlantic city where we still have some cloud. we will see satellite radar combination a storm off shore is still keeping some cloud down the shore and rest of us seeing sunshine. fifty-five in atlantic city at the airport. seventy-five in philadelphia. seventy-nine in reading. sixty-nine in dover with some clouds. this evening temperatures will fall into the 60's and
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more clouds will roll in with the front. that will move through overnight tonight, and don't worry, we will clear it out in time for the weekend with warmer temperatures ahead. i will have that in the three day later on in the broadcast when i join you inside, chris. >> thank you very much. a 20th 22nd and market a day to remember what happened two years ago today. salvation army thrift store there collapsed killing six people injuring four. the city did remember those lost, "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has more. >> it is a day of reflection and hope, an event commemorated second anniversary of a building collapse that took place at corner of the between the second and market street. family and friend gathered to remember those who lost their lives. two years ago, six people were killed and 14 injured when crews were demolishing a vacant building next to the salvation army store. >> iain's death has left a terrible void in our family
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which can never be filled. >> reporter: nancy winkler's daughter ann died in the collapse. she's on the committee trying to it is up a memorial park on that location. earlier this year a replica was unveiled, memorial's 8 feet tall with the names of the victim along with the color glass hit by their families but for win ker it will reher of what happened here. >> our mission toys no other family will suffer terrible pain we know. >> reporter: demolition contractor griffin campbell and subcontractor sean benschop has been charged with third degree murder. their trial is set to start in september. mayor nutter says the city has made many changes since the collapse. >> investing more resources and personnel and training, l and i was brought under the umbrella, for the deputy mayor of public safety. again, making the point that this is, in fact a public safety agency.
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>> reporter: officials say they need 1.3 million-dollar to bill the memorial park, owe far they have more than half of that but at the event the mayor announced a $300,000 donation from the city, edging them closer to their goals. in center city syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". final survivor to be pulled from the ruble is a woman described as a fighter. fifty-four year-old maria make. >> i'm so happy i can look at him and tell him thank you for saving me, forgiving me a chance for my kids. >> reporter: our pat ciarrocchi will have more of that emotional interview with electric an a story of survival and perseverance tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. tonight police need your help as they look for a man who robbed a dollar store in cobbs creek. that crime was caught on surveillance video you can see in the video the suspect
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pulling out a gun and jumping over the counter. all this happened tuesday at the family dollar store at 57th and walnut, and police say that the man stole money from the register and robbed an elderly customer. police continued searching for a gunman who shot at another man in fair hill. this happened in the 200 block of ontario street, just after midnight. investigators say they were hit in the stomach and taken to temple hospital in critical condition. so far investigators don't know what prompt that had violence and they have made no arrests. four men from philadelphia are busted, accused of trying to steel range rovers from a dealer in connecticut. these are the men anwar carter earn is smith and victor strong. police say that in the town of daron these men were outside a luxury car dealership. they cut a hole in the fence there and hoped to steel three range rovers valued at more
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than $150,000. well, is there much more to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 tonight including a health alert about sun screen, we have spots you want to make sure not to mess. then, three cars, just blocks apart are set on fire. surveillance video captures suspect on camera we are live with the search and some new developments. there has been wild weather in colorado, tornado flooding, and now check out these hail covered roads. we will take a look at damage from there. and here is an odd sight in an operating room, we will tell you why this patient who is under going brain surgery is playing the guitar.
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these tornadoes damage and destroyed homes looking for some people, looking for places to stay, residents spent the day picking through is what left of the ruble while crews worked to restore power and other utility that were lost. that same system brought large hail to the city of denver and and snow covering the streets. public work crews had to pull out bulldozers in order to clear those roadways. >> in addition to the hail, left with rain as well, some areas got more than 7 inches,
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in the town of sheraton colorado a sink hole form, swallowing police officers suv. that officer had had to crawl on the roof of the suv she was rescued at a nearby hospital. on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight, do you have sun screen ready for the weekend? doctors say even for those who use it regularly some spots are often missed. our health reporter stephanie stahl has a new reminder from dermatologists. >> reporter: put it on sun screen keeps um iser fun safe, guard ago begins ray's harmful uv rays especially important for children. >> she has the color and lots of sun screen every day. >> reporter: despite best efforts doctors say there are certain spots many of us tend to miss, the american academy of dermatology says 37 percent of people, rarely, or never apply sun screen, to their back. >> it is extremely hard to get their whole back and soldiers and chest covered especially
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a around bathing suit straps and those places you don't cover with sun screen are places to get a sun bern. >> reporter: other spots that are missed include top of the feet neck, ears, lips and back of the hand. >> the back of the hand is important to cover with sun screen because it is a place not covered by clothing. every time you wash your hand it washes off. >> reporter: this family says they try to always remember to apply sun screen every where. >> head, back of the head, ears, always nothing more painful then a burn head. >> reporter: really, isn't that true. doctors recommend putting sun screen on before you go out in the sun and once you are outside, reapply every two hours. for those spots that are often missed wearing a shirt or hat will help. going outside, starting to help put sun screen on your back. >> you need a buddy. >> very important reminder. >> you will love this next story by the way patient puts on a concert during his own surgery in bra sill.
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this is really amazing the patient there playing guitar, while undergoing brain surgery, did he that because doctors needed the man to stay awake while they removed a brain tumor to monitor his motor functions and speech. the the three three-year old played and sang six different songs, including yesterday by the beatles. >> still to come here, on "eyewitness news", american pharoah races for a spot in history tomorrow, a win would mean the first triple crown since 1978. we will hear from horse racing fans and take a look at horses some say could stand in the colt's way. also getting stuck in the airport, is never fun and every now and then, it is a pleasant surprise. we will tell but this spontaneous sing off.
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mayor michael nutter led the 2015 top of the class celebration. more than 1500 of the city's brightest, high school seniors participated in recognizing public private and catholic school students who maintain at least a b plus average in school. the the event wrapped up with
5:19 pm
the scholarship program at dilworth park. >> that is great. >> there is a lot of them that may change that b plus average. >> i'm sure you would have made the cut for that parade. >> i hope so. >> even in the 21st century everything seems more difficult these days. >> i would have been cleaning up afterwards, but it is all the same. great day for a parade this afternoon. >> i am glad the the sun came out for them. we have cloud rolling in, associated with a cold front. it will be moving in late tonight and tomorrow, bringing in a few sprinkles with it, but for the most part this weekend is quite an improvement over the weekend. lets look outside where we have a beautiful view of big boulder lake in the poconos looking great but if we are in the poconos watching and we have a few spotty showers moving our way. you can see cloud thickening that is what it is bring it inside and wait until heavy showers passed. we are looking nice this afternoon, and mostly cloudy but at least it is pleasant and dry. on storm scan three there is a lot going on, a lot of cloud
5:20 pm
cover and the frontal boundary is well to the west cutting through western parts of the new york, toronto canada and cincinnati. it is a cold front and will make its way our way over next 24 hours. associated with it, we have conditions that will be changing, and definitely will be improving. now, as we look at the east, conditions will be a lot better then they were. you can see some clouds right here along the shore but they will be slowly moving out. they are associated with an area of low pressure that brought some showers over our way over the course of the morning. is there our cold front moving eastward and in the poconos well ahead. we have a few spotty showers and you can see them on storm scan three near spring brook along 380, right here near mount pocono and near 8o you can get caught under one of the those. it is cool to the north you can see cooler temperatures interior south jersey, millville 69. dover 69. zero seven in wilmington. philadelphia is seven 56789 down the shore northeast wind
5:21 pm
keeping temperatures in the 50's. fifty-seven in barnegat light. cape may in at 62 degrees. future weather shows cloud rolling back in ahead of the cold front but it stays dry some showers during midnight hours to the north and west. early tomorrow morning a mix of cloud and sun and a few sprinkles possible, the skies clear out and then we will keep it sunny right through the weekend. so watch watch that front swing through saturday, improving day again with high temperatures in the 80's and sunday looking great. high pressure builds from the north low humidity, dry conditions and temperature in the 70's to around 80 degrees. by monday another front moves in gets warm, stick which a few showers and storms. overnight mostly cloudy becoming mostly cloudy low six two. high 82 with a few stray showers to the south heading to the beach it will be a very pleasant day on saturday, a few spotty showers but best betties sunday mostly sunny uv index is high, and temperature 72. on the exclusive three day forecast sunday 78. monday 82.
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"eyewitness news" continues to celebrate, 50 years, looking back at moments that captured headlines and our hearts. tomorrow is the belmont steaks. but on this day in 2004, all of our eyes were on our hometown horse smarty jones was racing for triple crown at belmont that year. smarty parties took place all around the area in which the thoroughbred from philadelphia park was cheered on, anticipation was so high following wins at kentucky derby and preakness, jockey stewart elliott riding that horse, smarty led at the start of the race but wound up losing by just a length finishing second and missing
5:25 pm
out on that illusive triple crown. like smarty jones american pharoah has a shot at history tomorrow. if he wins the belmont he would be first triple crown winner since 1978. wendy gilette has more now from new york. >> reporter: american pharoah got in one last work out before saturday's belmont steaks. then he enjoyed a not so private bath as cameras caught his every move. his trainer says the horse is relaxed, ready to be the first triple crown winner in 37 years. >> we're just enjoying it, keeping him happy one more day and i'm holding up really well so far. >> reporter: how are you doing. >> i'm the one with the free stand. >> reporter: bob baffort trained three horse that he is won kentucky derby and preakness but could not take belmont which is the longest race. >> american pharoah. >> american pharoah is only horse in this years belmont to run first two legs of the triple crown and faces seven fresher horses including top
5:26 pm
contenders materiality and frosted. >> i think froze teddies a good horse. he ran g he deserves another chance. >> reporter: if you bet on american pharoah odds air begins you. even if he wins you will take home less money then you put up. chris, says he is still going to bet on the favorite. >> it will be the test of the champion. i think he will lead them all the way. >> reporter: american pharoah is now getting rest but cameras will be back to follow him to the track and maybe into the history books. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it will be fun to watch good luck to him. still to come, three car fires happening just blocks apart and police hope this video will help them fine the suspects we're live. then it is one of the largest security breaches ever to hit the u.s. government, personal information from millions of the federal workers stolen, we have got new details behind who might be behind the attack. new at 6:00, it is where philadelphia's rich and famous
5:27 pm
kind for more than 30 years the four seasons hotel in logan square hotel will close its doors tomorrow. we will stop by for the final deca
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hundreds have gathered to say good bye to the former tell war attorney general beau biden, second of two viewings will begin at 6:00 o'clock tonight at saint anthony of padua church in wilmington. police say robber's gun was loaded with blanks when he opened fire inside a northeast philadelphia pizza shop. an off-duty detective who was there ordering take out food shot and killed the man. second suspect got away. today marks second anniversary of the deadly center city building collapse. a ceremony was held there today commemorating the the tragedy and honoring the six lives that were lost. kate? and chris, it was a cloudy, drizzly start to the day but now things have turned out pretty nice. we can expect to see good deal of sunshine right through weekend. your weekend plans are looking good. i will tell you where there could be a better chance of showers and storms by monday. we will heat up again the return of summer-like weather by mid of next week. that full seven day forecast coming your way in a few minutes. >> thanks, very much kate.
5:31 pm
camden county police department is investigating several suspicious vehicle fires tonight and they need your help to identify the suspects. they were caught in the act on surveillance tape. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in camden with more on their investigation, cleve. >> reporter: police say that the ars a is in first moved a set of minivans on fire right here and then they went about a block a across the street into pennsauken before setting more fires but what they didn't know is that they were being watched by surveillance cameras and now police are asking for help trying to catch these suspects. >> we all here these two big explosions. >> reporter: loud bangs set on fire around 10:20 camden police highlighted security video of the two suspects. it shows them park their suv on high land avenue walk around garden avenue, break the van's window and then use an accelerant to set it on fire. >> to lock the van like that, and just for this, i mean it
5:32 pm
is not ferreter report owners of the minivan are afraid to show their faces with the two suspects still on the loose and they are not the only victims. within three hours there were two more vehicles set on fire within two blocks. police believe crimes are connected and they want your help finding two suspects in this video before something worse happens. >> there could be someone in the vehicle god forbid if they are not paying attention and it is dark out. somebody could be in the vehicle just sitting there in the vehicle or fit is close to the house you can start a house fire. >> reporter: hopefully someone recognizes one but there is another clue, one of the suspects appears to have an american flag on the back of his hood. owners of the minivan says if the arsonist were out for a little thrill, it would be at the expense of the hard working family now without a mode of transportation. >> working on another thing with the instruments and hopefully we can we can get something decent for my mom so she can go to work. >> reporter: camden county police say if it was not for surveillance video they really would not have much to go on
5:33 pm
with these fires. again, if you know anything about this, if you recognize those faces please contact the camden county police or pennsauken police. live from camden, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. is there a direct accusation that former house speaker dennis hastert sexually abused a former student. a montana woman says hastert had that relationship with her brother steven rinebold a student equipment manager at the high school where hastert was a wrestling coach in yorkville, illinois. the sister says he died of aids in 1995. last week hastert was indicted for allegedly lying to the fbi about black mail payments he made to a victim decades ago. well, it is being called one of the biggest ever security breaches for the federal government, the fbi is now investigating who is behind the sign's tack and how they dit. cbs news correspondent craig boswell is at the white house. >> reporter: the federal workers may have had their personal information stolen
5:34 pm
during a breach of the office of the personnel management, and department of the interior. hackers were able to enter malwear in governmental systems last december. the breach was not discovered until april. it took another month to determine that information had been taken. >> we're still trying to determine exactly the scope of this particular i been dogs, and how precisely some individuals, or group of individuals was able to obtain access. >> reporter: publicly white house officials will not say who was behind the attack, privately administration sources tell cbs news they believe china is responsible for the breach. >> they have more cyber espionage than crime. >> reporter: doctor jane leclair with the national cyber security institute said the attack could be useful for spying. >> it sound a bit fantastic but i don't think it is. it is really within a well many of what a nation state would do. >> reporter: china's foreign minister says u.s. should stop making what he called unverified presumptions. craig boswell for cbs news.
5:35 pm
cyber security system known as einstein currently protects half of the government's agencies. it is due to be inn talked in all agencies by the end of next year. an earthquake rocks's malaysia's highest mountain, two climbers kill, more than 100 are stranded on the peak. landslide cut off a key trail leading off that mountain and bad weather is hampering rescues. it was a powerful, 5.1 magnitude quake that ripped apart roadways and also damage some buildings. well, face the the nation gets a new host on sunday, cbs news political director john dickerson takes over replacing the least tiring bob schieffer. john says he will engage with viewers on and off the air. he has 1.3 million followers on twitter. >> part of what we do is take people don't have the kind of access that we have and show them what is being done essentially in their name which is to say when you interview public officials
5:36 pm
these are people who work for the public, for the viewers. so when i first signed up, twitter, you know, in 2007 covering 2008 campaign i was trying to show people the stuff in between the cracks of the campaign, not what we talk about on tv but a little bit behind curtain why dot things happen as they happen. >> it is a whole new another don't forget you can see face the nation with john dickerson sunday morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. philadelphia police department welcomed new members today. "eyewitness news" at temple university where officers graduated from the police academy. fifty members join the force and pair of philadelphia housing authority recruits graduated as well. graduates completed eight months of training, good luck to them all. still to come here on "eyewitness news" are you looking to change up your work out and catch sometime in the sun at the same time? >> it is downward dog down at the shore i'm erika von tiehl, coming up, i'll show
5:37 pm
you how yoga is getting a new twist. >> be careful. and it is being called the best delay ever, not one but two broadway casts have a sing off, at an airport. that is one way to pass the time kate? if you are waiting for a flight that sound like a good plan to me. heading out of town you may want to stay put this weekend. we have nice weather to look forward to as temperatures warm up and seeing a return of sun behind this afternoon. will it stick here throughout the whole weekend? i'll have the weekend
5:38 pm
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there is some good news for the economy today, 280,000 jobs were added in may those numbers, exceeded expectations. the the government release that had jobs report this morning and it found jobs in construction retail and health care, all increased. wages also grew 2.3 percent which beat expectations as well. unemployment rate ticked up slightly to 5.5 percent. southwest airlines is extending its massive sale after its web site crashed earlier in the week. sale now extended through
5:41 pm
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very talented golfers taking part in the 21st annual philadelphia boys choir golf outing at pine crest country club in lansdale. this fundraiser is organize by our own ukee washington and he was on hand with the original director doctor rob are earth g hamilton. ukee and 59 friend were founding members of the boys choir, its annual concert at the kimmel center on sunday. well slowly but surely it is warming up in time for the weekend, perhaps in time for golf.
5:45 pm
we know people are getting out for first friday in olde city, glad to see that back. meteorologist carol erickson has join the revellers in the cbs-3 mobile weather lab as he well hi, carol. >> well, you know, it is back, but it is back, history is mob, but i will show you and and, on second street right now, 74 degrees on the mobile weather lab absolutely perfect and stays perfect to us this evening. let me show you evening planner and we have temperatures of 70 degrees right through the time this closes at 9:00. all this outside street activity, you will find temperatures in the 60's and just beautiful. look at this street, we're on second street, mobbed from wall to wall and not just traditional galleries that you've got here but it is a bunch of people who do art because they love it, because they want to make money because they want to show it off. i talked to this woman down here. this is olivia. she may be making a sale.
5:46 pm
i don't want to get in the way of you making some money. why do you come down here with the jewelry you have made. >> well, it is a little bit selling things i get to be creatively do and it is also, really nice to be part of the community. >> reporter: so, it is somebody at home that is watching this and say i can paint, draw, i want to come down here is what protocol you bring your own table. >> i bring your own table come pick out a spot, it helps to know people, i have a friend up the street who helped me get set up. just kind of open. that is what is fun about it. >> it is totally open. we will look at your jewelry maybe someone will find you standing on second. you have music people are dancing, thinks an incredible street fare. you have the professional artist and some of these galleries and you have to a lot of very talented people coming down here because couple extra dollars is never a bad thing and kate, the next first friday, it will be mobbed down here, it is
5:47 pm
friday, july the third. >> my goodness. >> i think something is happening on the fourth around here. >> yeah, philadelphia is a big place to be july 4th, thanks, so much. it looks great down there. i may head down after work and pick up two necklacees. last time i was down there it is a great mix between high end galleries and people that just set up shop and make things in their spare time. great report from carol erickson. lets look at our weather watchers. they are sending in great report. we will start off with the highest number, he is reporting 80 degrees. sun came out and really boosted those temperatures. in new jersey, close perhaps to ed connor's house in chesterfield new jersey we are seeing sun. seven 56789 ed said rain stopped 1300 hours keeping it technical. right around 1:00 p.m. humidity down, temperature up. nice night. lets look at the first state of delaware 72 degrees checking in with sandor at newark. seventy-two there with sunshine. hello sunshine. great morning led to a wonderful have afternoon with
5:48 pm
blue skies. take a look outside it all depend where you are, we will take you down the shore first and foremost and still cloudy down the shore. most folks on the boardwalk in ocean city, they have got their sweat shirts on and they have to duck in the shop and buy one of those you bic with us ocbp sweat shirt. i had those as a kid or shbp but still a nice night for stralling the boardwalk. ferris wheel is going. lets check the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach. notice, it is looking a little glummy still in the beach towns. 58 degrees at the boardwalk plaza head west of the city, north and west, up here, you will still see blue skies and cloud on the horizon looking like a nice night there we will clear things out and keep clearing things out as we head in the weekend. right now we are in the squeeze play. you can see showers moving in the poconos that shower is out to sea but we have sunshine in between. we have an approaching cool front. i want to zoom out and take a look at temperatures and show
5:49 pm
you where we are at because as that front approaches temperatures have been surging and see it right now 57 in philadelphia this morning it was gray, drizzly east wind. i got worried about our forecast. it and out just as we thought it would thank goodness. seventy-five in the city of philadelphia. seventy-nine in reading. cooler down the shore. as that front clears out we will start day with cloud. much like today the sun will come out and turn into a nice saturday afternoon. sunday high pressure has a foot hold beautiful day and watch this front loading up to the west and that will swing through late in the day monday. monday starts with sun and then turns a bit cloudy. rain chances just 10 percent stray showers, maybe down the shore in delaware tomorrow. sunday 0 percent. monday 80 percent chance of rain tuesday 20 percent and humidity will drop as well, it will be very comfortable in the rain is here sunday. we will ram the it backup on monday. mostly cloudy overnight not as cool as six two.
5:50 pm
saturday cloud giving way to sun, stray showers to the south. 82 degrees for our saturday. sunday it is beautiful at 78. and then you know what we have hit pause button on the summer weather but we will hit play next week. back to the upper 80's by wednesday and thursday, chris back over to you. hit that button as soon as possible, thanks very much. we know yoga is a great way to build muscle, increase flexibility and relax but looking for a real challenge there is a class in wildwood that will push you to your limit by really testing your balance. erika von tiehl gave it a try. >> reporter: on a hot summer day in wildwood, new jersey it is in the all that unusual to see paddle board on the water. >> it is beautiful out here. water wind, sun. >> but this just may make you look twice. it is stand up paddle board yoga. >> you get to hear nature, nature and yoga are a match made in heaven. >> reporter: crystal philmore with jersey shore adventures learn about the outdoor work out in florida and brought
5:51 pm
technique back with her three summers ago. >> i was playing outside on the bay and they had say hey can you teach me. that i guess i can. >> reporter: yes. >> it is a good challenge. it pushes you to your limit. >> reporter: i had to try it out. we met up with k and d family marina for a begin are course. normally you paddle out in the bay for class but because of the wind we needed to stay connect to the pier. crystal started class with an easy pose. >> take a deep breath and raise your hand high. >> reporter: but she quickly moved on to more challenging ones. >> compactly what you are doggies exactly right. there is no bay monsters so nothing will happen if you fall in. >> reporter: biggest challenge staying dry. >> balancing with the water and having a constricted amount of space was difficult being able to spread out more. >> reporter: instability of the board makes you work hard and shows you where you may cheat in a regular yoga class but then in the end you just
5:52 pm
can't wheat the feeling of dipping a finger or toe in the cool water. >> amazing, it is very peaceful, very zen i love being out on the water and i love yoga. they go hand a hand. >> insuring a nice day on the bay. erika von tiehl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well drop in feet is the $35. instructors say you don't need any experience with yoga, not yoda my star wars thought or yoga our don't need any experience with paddle boarding as well and good to know there are no bay monster down there. still to come on "eyewitness news" a brought way sing off in the middle of the airport and then the tone a ward, they are this sunday we will hear from two of the most prominent leading ladies of our time, both up for broadways, biggest honor, that is next.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
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go to cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v delays at laguardia are nothing new but we have one that turned into a sick off between two disney on broadway shows. storms delayed the cast of a
5:56 pm
laden and the least on king, owe to pass the time the the lion king cast started to sing. ♪ >> pretty good. >> and then cast of a laden could not be out done, james monroe just responded with a brief rendition of his own . >> ♪ >> well, both casts from the real winners were the other travelers. a lot of fun. >> broadway's biggest stars are getting set for the tone a ward, two prominent leading ladies will be in the spotlight where they belong. marley hall has more now from
5:57 pm
new york. >> reporter: they may have more than a century of acting experience and helen miren and cheetah river yard front and center. >> i have nothing to do with that. >> reporter: she has conquered oscars and emmys a and now she's going for trifecta starring in the audience that she's nominated for best actress for her role as queen elizabeth. >> it is fabulous. just one of the elements that makes being on broadway such an exciting experience. >> reporter: if she wins it will be a rare triumph claiming an oscar and tony for rolls as the same character. just down the street is the musical the visit where audiences pack into see one of broadway's most enduring stars. riveria made her stage debut more than 60 years ago now 82 she has been nominated for ten tonies with two wins. >> i came along at an amazing time, to work with so many
5:58 pm
theaters filled with so many brilliant pieces of theater and i have work with all of them. >> reporter: she's nominated for best actress in a musical she plays a in mystery woman with a lust for revenge. >> ♪ >> reporter: they are two of this years most season stars and front runners for broadway's biggest prize. marley had hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, don't miss our special tony's preview at 11:30 sunday morning, we will have interviews with the nominees and highlights from the shows and of course, tune in for the award show live sunday night at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. and that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00, now at 6:00 the woman trapped in the ruble of the center city building collapse, meets the man who saved her life, this is on the second anniversary of that deadly accident. also today, we will remember beau biden "eyewitness news" live from delaware as, hundreds gather
5:59 pm
to pay their respects to the former attorney general and son of the nation's vice-president kathy? we have an improving forecast sunshine out right now and that will continue through the evening but then a cold front will move through changing our weather for the weekend. we will have an update with the seven day forecast. it was a gathering spot for philadelphia's movers and shakers but now the four seasons hotel is about to shut its doors. we will gather for one last brunch, next on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> when i first saw her move it scared me, that particular one moment, i was in shock. two years ago today he heard her cries and saved her life, and today a fire chief meets would the man that he discovered in the ruble of the collapsed salvation armored thrift shop. good evening i'm chris
6:00 pm
may. guess case off tonight. today marks the second an letters/of that deadly building collapse in center city philadelphia six people died that day, 14 more were injured when a vacant building being demolished collapsed on that salvation army store at 22nd and market. today, for the first time, the woman described as a miracle survivor, met her rescuers. our pat ciarrocchi was there as they embraced. >> i was the firemen who found you. >> yes. >> you're welcome. you are welcomed. >> reporter: moment felt sacred miracle survivor of the horrific building collapse meets a fire chief who heard her cries. >> i was so afraid nobody would find me, nobody would save me and i tried to scream, help. >> reporter: nearly 13 hours earlier maria plek an, native of ukraine walked in the salvation armored thrift shop at between the second and market. a wall collapsed on to the shop trapping and crushing


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