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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 6, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ "eyewitness news" begins at 11:00 o'clock tonight with breaking news out of lehigh county. two young girls have been badly hurt after falling from a fourth floor window. this happened on the 700 block of turner street in allentown. chopper three is over that scene right now. police tell us the girls are three and five years of age. they are in very serious condition at an allentown hospital. it is not clear what led to the fall. we are following this breaking story tonight. we will update you just as soon
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as we have more information. well now to our other top story. hundreds gathered to say goodbye to beau biden. throughout this day and into the night those who knew or were touched by the son of the vice-president waited hours to pay their respects. we get more from "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson in wilmington. >> it's sadness that just -- words can't express. >> reporter: those words came from mike mccabe volunteer for joe biden's first campaign who knew beau as a boy. >> one of the finest young men i've ever met. report roar friday there weren't many words worthy enough to describe what was lost. but for what was gained in the 46 years of beau biden's live words were in abundance. >> we'll never forget all did he for us. goodman. report roar those words from lynn williams. when his brother ron a delaware state police detective was killed while working undercover beau made sure his family got help and personally visited them them. >> he will forever remember the things he did for her. >> reporter: these words from
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loretta taylor describe the beau biden that mentored her daughter as an assistant. >> i don't think anybody can say anything bad about him. >> this pastaturday vice-president joe biden announce his son died from a long battle with brain cancer friday hundreds came from across the country to stand in line for upwards of six hours at a visitation at saint anthony's church to mourn the former delaware state attorney general. inside you can see the vice-president doing what so many have come to love his family for. >> vice-president biden, he took the time and he hugged every person in that line. >> reporter: love for friends associate, strangers all welcomed as family. in wilmington steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". beau biden's funeral is set for tomorrow morning at 10:30 also at saint anthony padua church in wilmington. president obama will deliver the eulogy. and we'll stream it for you live
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on our website also, the biden family has stabbed the beau biden foundation for the protect of children. you can look for much more information also on our website tonight we know the identity of the robber suspect killed in shootout with an off duty philadelphia detective. police say that he fired a gun loaded with blanks in a late night heist of a pizza shop. our nat that brown joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters with more. natasha? >> reporter: chris this off duty police detective just happened to be in that pizza shop last night ordering dinner when he found himself in the middle of a robbery. the shop is back in business tonight but not just back to normal for some concerned customers. >> that's why i came tonight. i'm worried about them. i actually my husband is coming later on because he's worried about them, too. >> reporter: loyal customers filed into the rising sun pizza shop to check on rattleed employees after word attempted robbery at the pizza store
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spread quickly through out the neighbor. >> i'm more worried about what they're feeling right now. i'm worried about them. um i'm worried that people will stop coming to a great place. >> reporter: this as evidence of shootout that occurred inside the pizza shop thursday night. bullets shattered glass from exchange between an off duty police detective and two robbers robbers. two masked men walked into the shop at 11:30 thursday night and announced a robbery. they put a gun to the head of off duty officer and ordered him to the floor. moments later police say that officer jumped into action. >> they took money from his hand, ordered him to the ground, at that point in time they turned their direct away from him, he stood back up, pulled his firearm and he announced who he was a police officer and one of the suspects fired twice at him. >> reporter: police say the suspects were firing blank but the officer did manage to exchange gunfire. one, 33-year-old suspect was found nearby collapsed with gunshot wounds to the torso.
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store employees identified him as one of robbers. neighbors say they're just happy that no one else got hurt. >> thankfully, nobody but the criminal got hurt. and thank god there was a cop in there. >> reporter: well this officer's actions are being hailed as heroic tonight. meantime police are scowering through surveillance video from both inside and outside of that pizza shop in search avenue second suspect who got away. we're live at police headquarters, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". natasha, thank you very much much. we turn to weather now. it was a gorgeous night all around philadelphia and even more beautiful weather is on the way fort weekend. meteorologist kathy orr is outside on the cbs3 sky deck with the first look at that weekend forecast. kathy? >> reporter: can't wait, chris. you know what, right now, we have some clouds moving in to the region but don't despair the forecast still looks good for the weekend. let's start off with the temperatures right now in philadelphia we're still holding on to skate. it is 71 in reading. 68 in allentown and you can see in millville 61 degrees.
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down the shore with that ocean water at about 60 it's still mild. temperatures haven't budged much today. ocean city 64. 58 in sea isle. pack a jacket at rehoboth beach delaware on the boards only 59 degrees. now, this is what we're looking a few spotty showers through the lehigh valley right now and to the west so we could see a few sprinkles overnight. that is going to encounter dry air. come tomorrow morning we'll have some clouds temperatures in the upper 50s lower 60s. that's what we'll wake up to and then during the day morning clouds will transfer over into sunshine. becoming sunny in philadelphia, 82. down the shore 72 with increasing sun. the poconos partly sunny 74 a good way to start the weekend. but it gets better. more sun and temperatures soaring toward 90 in the seven day. i'll be back with that later in the broadcast chris. maybe i can stay outside. >> enjoy it while it lasts kathy, thank you very much. new at 11:00 o'clock night a $5,000 reward is being offered as police search for a man who
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they believe stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death. 45-year-old michael itel is wanted in the murder of 39-year-old carol brown. she was found unresponsive in herber lynn township driveway on wednesday night. itel has been charged with first degree murder and police say brown had a protection order against hip. anyone who knows where that man is tonight is asked to call police. two suspects are in custody in a series of robberies near temple university. police today arrested 17-year-old desean hardin and 16 year bryant anthony. harden is facing charges in five robberies, anthony in two. police say that this surveillance video shows the duo in action may 14th on wilmington street. they say that they pulled a gun on a man and then stole his iphone. well some more video from monday name you can see two men break the window of a van in camden and then use some kind of accelerant to sit on fire.
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shortly after that happened, two other vehicle fires in nearby pennsauken occurred, and police believe the same suspects were behind them. anyone with information on who those people are is asked to contact camden county police. two years ago today we witnessed the horrific building collapse in center city philadelphia. it killed six people at 22nd and market. today nancy winkler who lost her daughter ann in the collapse spoke at a ceremony commemorating that tragic day. >> ann's death has left a terrible void in our family which can never be filled. i've become very emotional when i speak about a inform n. i miss her so much. still, i love to talk about her because she was here. she mattered. >> there are plans underway now to erect a permanent memorial to the victims at the site. today the city of philadelphia donated $300,000 toward that goal.
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the final victim to be pulled from the rubble that night two years ago the miracle survivor of the collapse was reunited today with the fire chief who saved her life. maria hugged chief john o'neal today. she was inside the salvation army brick store that was crushed when a building under demolition unexpected collapseed. maria has endured a bilateral amputation up to her pelvis and she has struggled to recover. >> sometimes it's very difficult to deal with what i have to but i'm thankful this person saved my life and i'm able to join my kids every day. i'm able to see my granddaughter and i'm able to enjoy life. >> maria was among 14 people injured in that collapse again two years ago today. amtrak train slammed into a tractor trailer near chicago late this afternoon. officials say that truck was
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blocking the tracks. the trailer separated from the cab and then overturned. none of the trains crew members or 200 thee passengers were injured. it's not immediately known if the truck driver was injured. we do know the train was on its way from san antonio to chicago. wild weather swept across colorado at least seven tornadoes were reported across that state forcing forcing many to scramble for safety but there have been no reports of injuries or deaths. residents today spent their time picking through what is left of the rubble while crews work to restore power and other utility utilities. tonight there are growing accusations of sexual abuse against the former speaker house den in it hastert. cbs news has learned that during the fbi's investigation of hastert, agents became aware of as many as three people alleging sexual misconduct. meantime today a montana woman came forward to say that hastert had a relationship with her late brother. he was the student equipment
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management of the high school wrestling team that hastert coached in yorkville, illinois. just last week denny hastert was indicted for lying to the fbi about blackmail payments that he reportedly made. a massive cyber attack on the federal government is now believed to have originated in china. federal law enforcement source says that the attack against the office of personnel management began last fall. and that bears striking similarities against the health care companies blue cross and premier rah. the records of more than 4 million current and former federal workers were accessed. a boston man killed by terrorism investigators was mourned today by his friends and family at a traditional muslim service. 26-year-old osama raheem shot to death by police and the fbi on tuesday. he was suspected suspected of plotting to kill members of law enforcement.
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the attorney for his family says they were shocked by the allegations. meantime a muslim leader close to the family apologized today for saying that police murdered raheem. >> we don't -- we believe the police acted irrational. i think it was a situation that warned what they did but it could have been handled better. i continue to make this statement. it could have been handled better. they might have been able to preserve his life. >> law enforcement officials say taped phone conversations support the claim that raheem was going attack police officers with a military knife. they are still investigating whether he had connections to isis. incredibly above kangaroo is taking the internet by storm tonight. up next here we'll introduce to you this mews queue lar marsupial find out how big he is and how trainers say he keeps those muscles. >> plus it is better late than never. meet the 99-year-old woman who just graduated college.
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kathy? >> that is awesome. weather wise we're looking at a big warmup across the delaware valley. right now it's in the deep south and it's moving our way. we'll start with some clouds. but wait until you see how far temperatures soar. that's coming up as eyewitnes
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some photographs of what appears to be a very above kangaroo from us a stale gentleman are going viral. this is roger the giant red kangaroo. the 6-foot five, 192 pounder can be seen flecking his muscles at the kangaroo sanctuary alice springs. roger as you can see is said to crush metal feeding buckets between his paws in order to workout and for fun he likes to chase his human keepers. let's hope he doesn't catch them them. on the health watch tonight do you have your sunscreen ready for this weekend? doctors say that people who use it often miss spots and that can lead to some problems. our health reporter stephanie stahl has a new reminder tonight from dermatologists.
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>> reporter: slater it on sunscreen keeps outside summer fun safeguarding against the rays harmful uv rays especially in important for children. >> she has my hub's color. she gets lots of sunscreen every day report roar despite our best efforts doctors say there are certain spots many of you tend to miss. the american academy of dermatology says 37% of people rarely or never apply sunscreen to their back. >> it's really hard to get your hole back and shoulders and chest covered. especially around bathing suit straps. and those place that is you don't cover with sunscreen are the places you'll get a sunburn. >> reporter: other spots that are often missed include the top of the feet, neck, ears, lips and the back of the hands. >> the back of the hand is important to cover with sunscreen because it's a place that is not covered by clothing, and every time you wash your hands it washes off. >> reporter: this family says she try to always remember to apply sunscreen everywhere. >> head, back of the head, ears,
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always -- nothing more painful than a burned head. >> reporter: doctors recommend putting sunscreen on before you go out in the sun and once you're outside reapplying every two hours. and for the spot that is are often missed, wearing a shirt and hat will help. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". it was a nice night for students at winslow township high school. as they got a second chance at prom. last month students prom was abruptly cut short when the power went out at the facility they were using. a woman who owns another local venue called villa manor in winslow township offered a free night at her place. tonight the students took her up on that. they were able to enjoy themselves and finally get the memorable night that they were looking forward to good for them and good for villa manor as well. very nice deal there. california woman proves it is never too late to go back to school much this is 99-year-old dorothy daniels graduateing from
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college in los angeles county today. she received her diploma with the rest of the class of 2015 and came an inspiration for hundreds of fellow students. she lived through the great depression, the civil rights movement and now college finals. dorothy will turn 100 next april. congratulations to her. we can all a lot from dorothy. >> dorothy i think from life experience could have about 90% of her credits. >> exactly. >> what she lived through. >> she's earned them. no doubt about it. >> we're looking forward to really nice weekend. >> we are. >> conditions are going to deteriorate a little bit with clouds before we see the sunshine full blast. take a lookout side. where it is beautiful evening, of course, the boys of summer out, of course, candle field the home of the river sharks empty because the game is over. we have a few clouds and a few sprinkles through the lehigh valley northampton county and the poconos but the precipitation that we see out to the west in williamsport is going to fadeaways it end
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counsels drier air. we have a cold front moving through tomorrow. we'll have some clouds and they will give way to sun. right now in philadelphia, 68. 71 in reading. 61 in millville. and you can see in willow grove 62. pottstown 67. palmyra only 65 degrees. so let's look at future weather a little bit more active than earlier. this computer model showing that tomorrow morning we see all those showers fade away but we do have the cloud cover in the morning. don't despair. there is still a chance when the front moves through we can see some showers firing up from philadelphia southward during the late morning hours but then the sun moves in from north to south with clearing and by the late afternoon, we have sunshine everywhere even down the shore between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. sunshine, of course, before sunset. here's the way it looks the cold front comes through. you see a few showers. then that could be overdoing it a little bit. temperatures in the 80s. we go from clouds in the morning from sun to north to south as high pressure builds in. sunday the sunnier day with high temperatures in the high 70s to
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around 80 we watch another cold front move in for monday. rain free day and temperatures back in the 80ings. after that it stays pretty warm. for the rest of next week. overnight mostly cloudy, not quite as cool as it's been the low 62. still good night to crack the windows. tomorrow a few stray showers especially south and east and that will be late morning into the early afternoon if you're going to see anything firing up with the front. temperatures will be in the 80s. clouds to sun from north to south as the day wears on in the morning we start off with more clouds than anything else by the afternoon increasing sun. even by 9:00 o'clock those skies will be clear. heading to the poconos this weekend, it will be beautiful. as temperatures will be mild the next couple of days. and we stay in the sunshine. on the seven day forecast temperatures warming up. monday 82. tuesday 85. wednesday 87. look at thursday the high 90 degrees. down the shore 82. that's really hot 82 on the sand. and then friday, 87 degrees. 79 down the shore that's shaping
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up to be a hot week back to the sultry days of almost summer. get the updated forecast any time with the cbs philly weather app. check live radar get severe weather alerts and share your storm pictures or shore pictures with us. download the app now on i tunes and google play. take us with you wherever you go go. >> you'll love that weather down the shore. we know that. >> it will be nice weekend. >> we're loving here as well. great night to be out at the ballpark lessly. >> sure would. we have a lot to cover. big loss for the cavaliers following game one. plus revisiting allen iverson famous practice rant. and the phillies lost eight out of 10. trying get things turned around. coming up i
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more baseball going on tonight in south philadelphia. >> that's right. beautiful night for baseball. phillies opening a three game series with the giants at citizens bank park. san francisco ice right now. they've lost five straight games to the braves and pirates. we'll pick it up in the first. a runner on third for ryan howard just crushes this baseball. goes into the bullpen for two run homerun. and the phillies will take an early lead. now, it was four-three giants in the sixth inning michael franco hitting another homerun much he's been a bright spot since his promotion will tie up the ballgame at four and then in the seventh. buster posie going deep on solo shot right here that fake it five-four. it will stay that way. phillies make a come back and lose this game by just a run. big blow for the cleveland cavalier. irving has been ruled out for the rest of the inform ba
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season. he went down late in game one fractured a kneecap but he's projected to miss three to four months after surgery. and he just come back from injury. the cavs went cold overtime period. golden state taking over warriors within the 108-100 they take one to nothing series lead. >> i mean it's a little diss appointing. a little frustrating because i mean just coming in i felt amazing. so it's like this is just a set back that i got to take it with a grain of salt. >> we've had a great rhythm. we haven't had much luck and we haven't been healthy. but i haven't gotten discouraged discouraged. i understand the moment i'm in. and i'm not too much worried about the game. >> we talking about practice. we ain't talking about the game. we talking about practice man. >> oh, no doubt you'll remember that. well the new allen iverson book suggests that ai was drunk during this famous press conference in 2002.
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today howard eskin from our sister station 94 wip said on the radio iverson had been drink drinking that day yet. a smith spoke to iverson this morning and he toll smith he was not. so we'll hear more about this. united states versus the netherlands in amsterdam. seven goals in this he can his big game. us down three-one in the second half. storming back for four-three win. warm up to the summer's gold come the final will be played right here at lincoln financial field july 26th. kirk bush poll pig for sprint cup race in the poconos he came out on top in a with and bumpy qualifying session. saw five cars fail to complete a lap in the final round carl edwards will join push on the front row for sunday's race. >> a lot of cars -- >> lot of cars. >> to qualify. >> it should be an interesting weekend in the poconos.
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♪ finally tonight uber drivers gather for a driver appreciation event in philadelphia. they held this at the tiara restaurant on north fifth street. the goal of the event celebrates celebrates unhundreds of thousands of successful trips on the uber platform. uber x has been operating illegally in the city of philadelphia. celebration nonetheless.
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>> a lot of people around the city getting around on uber. no doubt about it. >> we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we hope off great weekend. for lesley kathy and everyone her i'm chris may. we're always on at cbs philly f you're up early join our morning team. they start at 5:00 o'clock. stay tuned now for the mentalist mentalist. have a good night. we'll see you back here tomorrow. ♪
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