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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  June 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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biz march morning in center city, debris range down on the streets after guys allegedly break into a building and start throwing things out of the window, justin finch on the scene trying to go through the details for us. good morning i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm ukee washington has the day off this morning i'm diana rocco. >> let them find how the is behind the wheel at this hilt and run. >> police at the meadowlands police clash withing rowdy crowd. more on that coming up in just a moment, first nice weekends gorgeous sunday. >> it was, but saturday, i got caught in a downpour, anybody
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else? >> got stuck in the same downpour. what are you going to do? at least the forecast verified it is what we called for. >> there go. >> and nice start to the morning? >> and we are starting the work week on nice note. starting off. but later today we do start to see our trecks frontal boundery approaching producing next rained of showers, thunderstorm, next rounds because we had a chance to heat up, gather more sunshine, that's potentially going to be around, thunderstorms turn locally strong or severe. but, initially no weather-related issues for this morning drive. full details on the forecast for now few, erika back to you. >> new this morning vandals break into that building under construction in center city. they start throwing debris out of the windows. >> police used search dogs to catch the suspect, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch picks up the story live this morning from the scene goo morning -- good morning justin, what have you learned?
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>> good morning, police still on scene here hours after that was called in. holding that scene and yes it did catch two of the men inside of this building here, at broad and arch. you can see police still parked out front here we take you video to the capture of the two men inside the building k9's, police, going into the building, coming out with two men do believe there could be more out there this morning, now calls came in just about 1:00 a.m. complaints of debris falling from this building here, on broad and arch. there is low level scaffolding but still the debris did come range down on the ground below. now, this is older building you, might know, right by the convention center here, once bank but conversions underway to turn this building into hotel space. and again police belief there could be more vandals linked to this out here this morning. let's take you back out there live to the scene across the street here on broad. see mcdonald's there has big hole in it. that's another case of not linked to this case here, acro
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the street at this old bank building here at broad and arch. again, police still looking for possibly in vandals in this attack here. but the case remains under investigation this morning. we are live in center city, justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so strange, justin, thank you. 4:33, checking in with katie. do you think you need the umbrella later today? >> later today probably the best idea. one of the folks headed out the door for work right now, i would hope likely that you are going to be getting home maybe little earlier in the afternoon, could you probably for go the umbrella. kind of depends how late you'll be out. later you're out more likely it is you will probably have the wet weather gear. for now "skycam 3" empty will stay that way over center city, and everywhere else, things looking pretty tranquil. quick check on storm scan, shows signs of life, in fact, we can zoom thing out for you one time show you the little pocket of showers that's rolling through the williams port area, right along i80. >> this may clip the poconos
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northwestern portions of the generally vale, but generally gets bypassed by this opt just sign every things to come here eventually, fresh rounds every showers thunderstorms start to fire up for us, as well everywhere else. is that will start to happen later in the day today. headed toward tonight. and at that point because we'll have built up lots of heat in the atmosphere, well, had the heating of the day on our side, that's when the storms could start to turn pretty dangerous, 56 degrees the temperature right now at philadelphia international airport. in the low mid 60s generally everywhere else, little cooler by comparison up at mount pocono, but you have seen serious spike on the thermometer up that way since yesterday this same time. temperatures right now upper 70s in birmingham, little rock, so starting to warm things up from south to north here, and our wind flow basically right out of the south. soap, that means we will easily hit the mid 80s in the city today. up in the mountains, you will see scattered thunderstorms and the shore not completely out of the woods here, i would say, especially tonight just watch for the thunderstorms to also rumble through. justin? >> good morning everyone, still pretty comfortable
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outside. humidity quite not here just yet, so enjoy your morning ride. traffic looking good on the 42 freeway headed into the city, headlights volume increasing little bit. speeds are looking good. southbound no problems. into the city, schuylkill expressway at spring garden, out bound traffic here are the headlights, moving good, nice dry conditions this morning so okay start to your morning drive. and here we go, area speeds, no problems, running at the speed limit in and around the city looks good in new jersey on 295 the turn peak, blue route also looking good, as well as the northeast extention, now we do have police activity in hunting park north franklin treat between lycoming street and hunting park avenue. so outwent avoid this area, alternate would be ninth streetment and also, down in newport delaware, out of wilmington, burnside road an accident all lanes block this hour. alternate is boxwood road. construction lower southampton maple avenue at bridge town, park, and woodbridge boulevard all lanes are blocked. that's a look at your ride
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this morning. man fires in three cars, in south philadelphia. police say they found bullet damaged cars 1800 block of south fourth street around midnight. no one was hurt, police are looking for the gunman. >> do you know driver faces dui this morning. last night, at the 600 block of cioga street. driver ran red light and struck 17 year old boy who was riding his bike. the boy was pronounced dead about a half hour later. police arrested the 28 year old driver. another hit-and-run leaves south jersey high school football player fighting for his life this morning. legs now searching for that driver. seventeen year old was hit early sunday morning on north hook road at lee avenue in pennsville salem county. neon orange spray paint marks the crash scene you see there. left kyle critically injured. star athlete from pennsville
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high school was riding his skateboard home when hit. police say the driver showed no sign of slowing or stopping. judge you don't just hit a kid and get away with it. >> based on debris found at the scene, police say striking vehicle is a hyundai elantra. the car should have significant front end damage, if you have any information about the hit-and-run, call police. >> chaos at hip hop concert after police arrive with riot gear and crowds are blasted with tear gas. this all happened last night at met life stadium in the meadowlands, authorities say crowds attempt topped get into the sold out hot 97 summer jam concert without ticket. by climbing fences and forcing their way through security. hundreds ran from the gates as police tried to disperse crowds. problem got so bad many people who actually had tickets were turned away at the gate. >> people been standing out here for over three and a half hours, just trying to get in a
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concert that they paid their money for. and they wouldn't let us in. the way they treatises like animals. i never do this again. >> the stadium was put on lockdown while an armored tank blasted loud piercing sounds forcing spectators to leave the property. >> police in up-state new york continue their manhunt this morning, for two very dangerous escaped prisoners. david sweat and richard matt escaped from the clinton correctional facility sometime between friday night and saturday morning. prison officials say the men used power tools to bus through their cell wall, then they navigated high catwalk cut through a maze of pipes and emerge from the manhole. there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to their capture. president obama is meeting with other leaders at the g7 summit in germany. he's attending today's final day under the strain intimidating list of global pressures, the president will also try to convince european leaders not to waiver on sanctions against russia, in the face of french -- fresh
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violence in the ukraine. >> new jersey governor chris christie saidel decide by the end of the month whether see through presidential nomination. on "face the nation" he fired back at democratic candidates hillary clinton over her attack on new jersey's voter access policies. >> in new jersey, we have early voting that are available to people. i don't want to expand it, increase the opportunity for fraud. maybe that's what mrs. clinton wants to do. i don't know. >> so you're truth tell. why don't you just say you're running. >> because i haven't made my minds up. but i'll make my mind up this month. >> christie says serving as governor has prepared him to be president. >> and there is much more to come here on "eyewitness news", another over time battle in game two of the nba finals. >> been good series so far. >> oh, yes. >> cyclists make the uphill climb in the manayunk bike race. we're back in two minutes.
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thousands lined the streets to see hundreds of the cyclists. 12-mile course takes through manayunk, east falls fairmount park, kelly drive. most grueling part is the half mile climb of manayunk's infamous wall. men make the climb nine times women, six. >> that's about like a one to three minute effort. >> it is very steep hill. aim not a climbing rider. so i have so much respect for the people who can do this. >> they train about 30 hours or more a week, just to take part in this race. part-time job. >> i don't know if i could did that one time, never minds -- >> oh, no kidding. so impressive. winners, elizabeth won the women's race, and carl won the men's race. both received thousand dollars for the their first place finish. $30,000. >> that's awesome. >> yes.
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>> 4:43, just nice start it the day. >> definitely not bad start. >> at least initially things looking good. morning drive shouldn't be affected at all by wet weather across the philadelphia, greater area, anyway. but we are eventually going to be tracking some stronger thunderstorm later today especially in toward night fall. that will will be just leading edge of the next approaching cold front. we see this all the time in the summertime, right where you start off with, you know, building humidity, building heat and sunshine, almost bake the atmosphere, that's what's going to help get thunderstorm going. already, pocket of some heavier rainfall coming right in along basically i80 at this point. so the poconos, problem bring going to get clipped by this here, even the northern lehigh valley, but rest of us, i don't think do you have worry about it, but you can tell that there is something off to the west and something waiting in the wings that's the leading edge what is turning into pretty potent frontal bound i. so eventually we see that line start to creep our way. and that does put us in a
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slight risk northeast half, marginal risk for delaware, basically central and southern new jersey. what is that all equate to then? later today main threats heavy downpours gusty winds as well as potential for some hail. we have to allow for slim chance for tornado out of this. not guarantee obviously but something that we are watching. we'll absolutely let you know anything were to try to spin up. meantime, things do start off on pretty quiet note. we will eventually see thunderstorms firing up later today as promised. 84 degrees the expected hi, only drop to 71 tonight because this front will not have completely crossed yet. it looker however, start to cross completely tomorrow. so, still shower, thunderstorm in our forecast, and despite it being a cold front we're still going to heat up. the west flow kicks right back in. so we're back to the upper 80s wednesday, we make good run for 90 thursday, and friday, diana, back to you. >> the nba finals move to cleveland for game three tomorrow night.
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with the series all leaving at one apiece. another wild one for labron james. he had a triple double, and cleveland had a big lead. but the warriors stormed back, anti-the game, onset curry's lay up. >> matted ooh put the cavs up to stay. they hang onto win 95 to 93. cole hamels faces the reds, mike leak, yesterday, the phils avoid the the sweep against the giants at citizens bank park, bit hug came from jeff van core. his seventh inning triple broke a three-three tie put the phils up five-three. the phils survive scare in the nine. but they win six to four. >> , kay? >> "eyewitness news" apple gets into new business, we'll tell you what, first though, here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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>> police in center city looking for suspect reports about one of someone throwing debris from construction at broad and arch streets. police found two people hiding inside, but they say more could be involved. police want to know if vandalism at nearby mcdonald's is linked to this. >> seventeen year old kyle, fighting for his life this morning, after hit-and-run in pennsville, salem county. the accident happened early sunday morning investigators are now looking for a hyundai elantra with front ends damage. >> driver faces dui charges after police say that man ran a red light hit a teenager, riding bike on 600 block on co-owing a street in hunting park. that 17 year old was returned to einstein medical center but died at the hospital. >> well, it is 4:48. time for check on business news. >> money watch's wendy gillette joins us from the new york torque stock exchange wendy, always nice to see you.
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what's happening on wall street today? >> reporter: thank, diana, erika, asian stocks lower today. here on wall street the markets closed mixed on friday despite promising news from the labor department. employers added 280,000 jobs in may. the dow lost 56-point, the nasdaq gained nine. diana, err dismay. >> wendy, we hear there is another big announcement coming from apple today. >> yep. it is reported apple will announce it subscription streaming music service the announcement is expected to come at apple's annual conference for software develop nerves san francisco. apple wants strong position in the paid streaming music business, that's why the company paid $3 billion for beats audio, play list, and technology. apple is also expected to introduce better tools to build apps for it smart watch. diana, ericay? >> another way they are getting their monday. >> i that's smart watch is certainly something. >> oh, yes. >> thank wendy. coming up after the break weather and traffic on the 3's, we'll be right back.
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>> on thursday we're taking a stand for help. cbs-3 and the "cw philly" raising money for child hood cancer. join us from 6:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. as we remember alex, and continue her dream of finding a cure. we hope you can join us and make a donation, take a stand for hope. right now coming up on 4:53. we want our tracking. kick things off with justin. >> good monday morning back to the swing every things after nice weekend weather wise, looking pretty good this morning, no problems for your morning ride, at least with the weather conditions, sunrise coming up at 5:33. cottman avenue, looking good, traffic flow, no problems, also, on the vine street expressway. as we are looking eastbound here, leaving the city, looking pretty good here, dry conditions, out on the area roadways. so let's take you south into delaware. new castle county, looking at area speeds, no problems 495
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95 route one also looking good as well as route 40. hopping the bridge over to new jersey no problems on the turnpike, 29a however though do, have accident in newport delaware at 141 southbound at burnside boulevard all lanes are block this hour, boxwood road your alternate. police activity hunting park north franklin between lycoming and hunting park avenue. avoid this area. alternate ninth street. up in doylestown we have some emergency construction route 202 northbound at the doylestown bypass. two right lanes blocked this is until at least june 24th. also lower southampton we have some construction route 213 maple avenue. bridge town pied woodbridge boulevard. all lanes blocked, there as well. looking at mass transit, no reported delays, also the airport is looking good. now, you may be seeing storms later this afternoon. here is your forecast with kate. >> i absolutely right. starting things off on nice dry note. i have a feeling the p.m. drive, gets most impacted by the weather here today. sun glare certainly an issue. but other than that, really looking at pretty pleasant
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weather initially. we turn the focus to the tropics, especially the eastern pacific where we do have one little disturbance just south of mexico, that has a shot to actually develop into something here. meanwhile, though, we are still tracking what now is tropical storm blanca, making very, very close bee line here at this point toward the southern baja california. this is expected to actually just move on inland here and eventually it is going to have chance to weaken somewhat into depression status. regardless, lots of moisture drawing upon and certainly the potential for some very drenching rain across that area. meanwhile, as far as we're concerned, storm scan3, at this point is still empty local level but just even one zoom out here does show that you there is some steadier rain moving along portions of the i80 corridor, far off to the north appears right now so that's going to be clipping portions of the poconos as well as even maybe northampton county. we have to keep an eye on that for any of you traveling maybe the extreme northern branch of the northeast extension but
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otherwise, we keep it dry everywhere else. i do want to zoom out even one more time here, show you the scope of this frontal boundary, it is pretty broad one, extends all the way from across the canadian border all the way back into, say northern texas here, so, the deep south is even getting impacted by this here today t does appear as though the potential store strong thunderstorms not only is in our local area, but even way back to the northeastern most edge of arkansas, as far as the most severe potential here with any thunderstorms that erupt today. talking ben p.m. time frame. approaching evening as the worse of these storms start to fire up. so you have window of opportunity for outdoor plans definitely the case. but does appear as though shower or thunderstorm lidge ers into tomorrow. and despite it being a cold front passage we actually heat up from here, west flow kicks right back in, heat and humidity build right back in, and we are going have real easy time at least flirting with 90 for couple of days coming up. diana, back to you. >> thanks, now a check of some of the stories on our station
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"kyw news radio" 1060. utility companies want to take fear out of calling 911 suspicious when someone claiming to be utility worker knocks at your door. with a estimated 1 million people visiting philadelphia for the papal visit who will you it impact the jersey shore? we'll have more on that. and hackers, hard at work in philadelphia, but it is nothing criminal. check in two three, four times a day, "kyw news "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", live with damage, some vandals accused of causing after breaking into building overnight. plus, new killers on the run this morning after daring prison break. we're there live with the growing manhunt to catch the convicted killers. >> and what's next for triple crown winner american pharaoh? we'll let you know about the race that could bring that champion horse to new jersey. we're back at the top of the hour on this monday morning. good morning.
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we're following breaking news right now. there is a manhunt for two men after a woman is shot in the space in hunting park. you're looking live right now at the scene on the 4100 block of north franklin street. police are looking for two men, wearing gloves. we're told that one of them has high powered gun. our justin finch is on his way to the scene and we'll get update as soon as we arrive. >> also, new this morning night of destruction at center city construction site leads to intense manhunt. police arrest two vandalism suspect, after someone start throwing items on to the street. >> plus, new jersey high school football player is fight to go survive after he's a victim after hit-and-run. we'll have the latest on the search for the driver, and the clue police know about the car.
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>> also, this morning concert chaos, when police in riot gear start firing tear gas outside after show in new jersey. featuring chris brown and kendrick lamar. we'll show you what sparked clashes with police. good morning today is monday june 8th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm diane a rocco. ukee washington has the day off. >> building un connecticut vukovich sean, and witnesses reportedly seeing debris flying out the windows around 1:00 this morning at broad and arch street. building was once a bank, but being renovate today a hotel. police use of search dogs to captain suspect and they believe there could be more vandals lidge today this break-in. also, new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in south philadelphia. eyewitnesses heard gunshots in the 1800 block of south fourth street around midnight. when officers arrived on the scene, they found three vehicles littered with bullet holes.


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