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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 8, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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o, this morning concert chaos, when police in riot gear start firing tear gas outside after show in new jersey. featuring chris brown and kendrick lamar. we'll show you what sparked clashes with police. good morning today is monday june 8th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm diane a rocco. ukee washington has the day off. >> building un connecticut vukovich sean, and witnesses reportedly seeing debris flying out the windows around 1:00 this morning at broad and arch street. building was once a bank, but being renovate today a hotel. police use of search dogs to captain suspect and they believe there could be more vandals lidge today this break-in. also, new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in south philadelphia. eyewitnesses heard gunshots in the 1800 block of south fourth street around midnight. when officers arrived on the scene, they found three vehicles littered with bullet holes. no one was injured in that
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shooting. diana? >> erika, popular high school football player is fighting for his life this morning after a hit-and-run in pennsville, new jersey. the crash happened early sunday morning on the north hook road. seventeen year old kyle had pigsani riding his skate board home when hit. the driver showed no sign of slowing or stopping. >> i honestly this person needs to go to prison for the rest of their life. you don't just hit a kid and get away with it. >> police say that based on debris found at the scene the striking vehicle is a hyundai elantr and the car should have significant front end damage. if you have any information about the hit-and-run, you are asked to call police. and another 17 year old boy is killed in a crash in hunting park. police say the driver was drunk when he he ran through red light on the 600 block every co-owing a street and hit the boy on his bicycle. the 28 year old driver now facing dui charges this morning. new jersey state police arrive at summer jam concert with riot gear, tear gas
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armored vehicles. we show you the scene last night, east rutherford outside of met life stadium. police were called to this hip hop concert after fans without ticket allegedly tried to scale fences and push past security to get in. an armored police vehicle blasted appears g noise to try to disperse crowds. they later used tear gas. >> people be standing out here for over three and a half hours, just trying to get into a concert that they paid their money for. and they wouldn't let us in. the way they treatises like animals. i'm never do this again. >> many people were reportedly overcome by the fumes. a spokesman for the concert says those who bought tickets and were denied entry can get a full refund. right now coming up on a 03:00, we head outside to the skydeck. how does it feel? >> very comfortable not terribly humidity point, spec to go see some pretty pleasant views with the sunrise this morning, as well. we have it track thunderstorms, that comes courtesy of the leading edge of the latest frontal system.
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now that we had a chance to dry out heat up here, too that's going to help prompt the potential for some stronger thunderstorms to fire up later today. for now looking pretty good. granted off to the northwest you can see the speckles of green showing up here actually not even speckle just down right blob, we call it here, pretty steady rain, rolling right now along i80t does appear as though that's definitely going to be clipping through. the carbon and monroe county, northampton count ills, as well, but the rest of the region stays in the clear. here is a view actually up in the poconos outside pleasant valley middle, in broads heads ville, at the moment, all looking pretty quiet right now. but it is possible that if you're maybe sending the kids out to school this morning in that area, you may want to send them with not -- with their umbrella here just this morning. taking quick peak at the hour by hour forecast, temperatures do have chance to moderate up back to the mid 80s few degrees above the average here, certainly warm day for you. and expecting sunshine, initially, but that sun is
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what helps to heat up the atmosphere, and get some of the instability going for later today when we will see some stronger showers and thunderstorms start to rumble on in. justin, we send it into you. >> good morning, that's right moving back to the typical summer weather pattern hey it is june it, happens here across the delaware valley. sunrise coming up in about half hour, battling sun glare later this morning, no problems weather wise out on the area roadsment looking at the ben franklin bridge, inbound and out bound in the city looking good. you can see the camera starting get little brighter so the skies brightening up this morning. so nice start to the work week. again, evening commute that could be a little bit after problem with the showers and thunderstorms around. 476, mid-county, both directions looking good this morning. heads up tonight, vine street expressway will be closed eastbound and westbound between broad and i76 this goes through friday. and again police activity hunting park north franklin street between lycoming and hunting park avenue. avoid the area. that's a look at your ridement back to you. >> it is being called prison
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escape plot. straight from the movies. a manhunt is now underway for two convicted murderers. they escaped from maximum security correctional facility using power tools. >> cbs news correspondent hen a daniels live in new york this morning, with the very latest. hand a good morning. >> good morning erika diana, like you said, two convicted killers may have stolen their great escape plot straight out of the move ills. after being on the run for more than 24 hours governor andrew cuomo calling this a crisis situation. >> they could be literally anywhere. >> hundreds of officers from federal and state law enforcement agencies are combing through the wooded areas surrounding the clinton correctional facility. hunting for david and richard matt. convicted killers left behind decoys in their beds saturday, as they used power tools to cut their way through prison walls. >> we presume that they may have had ac toast a vehicle as well as may have received assistance in their escape
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effort. >> but kept you awake with all of the cutting? >> governor cuomo toured the facility over the weekends calls the plan sophisticated. men managed to call through series of tunnel, steam pipes before finally cutting through a lock on this manhole. >> this requires a period of time, no doubt to execute a period of time could have been days. >> officials believe the dangerous fugitives could have crossed into nearby canada, or traveled southwest. authorities have also alerted agencies in mexico to be on the look-out. matt serving 25 years to life for a murder conviction, fled to mexico in 1997 before he was extradited back to the states. sweat was serving life sentence for murdering a sheriff's dispute any 2002. and prison officials are now talking with outside contractors to find out just how two men got their hands on these power tools. live in new york, hen a dance
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yell cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> like a story out after movie. thank you. >> happening today, a philadelphia city council committee talks about increasing surveillance cameras outside of city bars. the move comes after the death of shane montgomery. the west chester university student was found dead in the schuylkill schuylkill river in january after night out in manayunk. his death was ruled an accident. the city council would require bars to install surveillance cameras at each public exit. >> right now 5:07. still ahead this morning devastating flood being down south as a river reaches its highest point in 70 years. >> when it is expected to crest, and the damage that's been left behind. >> also, a police officer loses his cool at a pool party tackling a teenager and then pulling his gun. what led up to the tense confrontation and l trouble he's in this morning. >> also, a young hero had a little boy saved his father from their burning homes. >> you want to keep that umbrella hand think afternoon katie says there is slight
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threat of severe storms. she'll let you know when the rain arrives on this monday morning. we'll be right back.
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>> back to braking news in hunting park, north franklin street, where a woman was shot in the face about an hour ago. right now police are looking for two men wearing gloves. we're told one of them has high powered gun. our justin finch is on the scene right now,'s gathering details, and will bring you an update as soon as possible. meanwhile, video sparking controversy, and a lot of outrage this morning. texas police officer on leave after pulling his gun on teenagers at a pool party. the confrontation near dallas was caught on cell phone videoment check it out. officers responding to
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disturbance call when according to police they were met by multiple juveniles refuse to go leave. one officers right there forces young woman to the grounds, then, keep watching here, pulls his gun out on a group trying to intervene. >> the officer was overzelous, he tripped during the video. these are children. they got to be able to handle things in a better manner than this. >> it is something we're going have to look into to determine, you know, what we're training, as far as the officers and their reaction on the scene. any time you confront large group of people, it is very dynamic situation. >> police say they made one arrest, and are not aware of any injuries. everyone else was release today parent or guardian. >> well, videos like, that police can get a bad rap. of course there are plenty of officers also doing the right thing, willing to help. if you need proof just check this out. picture from burlington city police, it was tweeted out yesterday. reserve corporal ken kramer came through in a pinch when
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he noticed the brake light came loose on boy's bike. officer pulled out small screwdriver, fixed the bike so the boy could just keep on riding his bike. so you see of course both sides here, but great to see the boy hop out, grab the screwdriver, getting the boy's back in order. >> there are good guys out there and always helping sometimes we talk more about the bad than the good. >> but great to celebrate the good ones. >> great story. 5:13, showing tracking, checking in with kate. >> i good morning guys, starting g things off on quiet note, most of the region starting offer on pretty quiet. no. little hint of wet weather to tell you about specifically confined across some of the northern most counties, so talking going way up the northeast extension here toward the i80 of the change portions of the poconos already, in fact, carbon county starting to see couple of showers rolling in here. there will be few steady rain pockets within that here up along, say again northern lehigh county, northampton then off to the north. so if that's where your travels take you, moving
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along, three hour soup, so it appears as early morning issue. then we catch a break region wide expect to eventually see some more showers and thunderstorms firing up. we zoom it out one more time for you here. this frontal boundary is pretty expansive. extends all the way from the new england way back, you can even see the trails of clouds back into oklahoma, and even portions of texas so, this is definitely large system. and it is certainly going to have some gusto with it once it fires up some of the showers, thunderstorms later today. so we do sit in a slight risk for severe weather across southeastern pennsylvania, marginal risk, in other words lower risk for severe weather through central southern new jersey and all of the state of delaware. regardless, it does appear as everyone is going to end up with the leading edge of this front with showers and locally stronger thunderstorms which primarily look to produce maybe some heavy downpours hail, certainly the potential here for very strong wind. we can't completely rule out tornado at least not completely. something we'll keep close watch on. heat just keeps oncoming back here, in fact, i jump ahead to
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the eyewitness weather seven day, take a look how the temperatures shape up. specially thursday friday, steamy hot dog days of summer style temperatures coming up here. so, it is interesting how cold front can cross through and just depending on the way the wind flow is, still just going to heat up from here. >> because last week so cold. now huge shift. >> hey, the 60s felt cold, right? >> it did. >> i'm with you t real did i. >> people with shore house this is week are happy they have them. that's for sure. >> totally back to the beach yes, summer officially begins in less than two weeks june 21, little taste of summer beforehand. looking good on the area roads, we mention showers storms corks impact the evening commute. but no problems on 76 right now. looking past 202 headlights are eastbound. traffic increasing little bit. but speeds still looking good all the across the region. we take to you 95 at girard, both directions moving okay. again, volume starting to pick up little bit. skies brightening up, sunrise coming up at 5:33 this morning. there are speeds right now cruising at the speed limit in
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and around the city no problems on 95, pa turnpike, into new jersey, 42 freeway a five, 295, turnpike also in myfoxphilly.comment down in delaware, newport, still the scene at 141, burnside boulevard. all lanes block alternate boxwood road. and in hunting park again the police activity you want to avoid this area north franklin street, between lycoming street and hunting park avenue. the alternate would be ninth street there. and then construction zone up in lower southampton route 213, maple avenue, bridge town pike to woodbridge boulevard. all lanes blocked. alternate bridge town pike. then up in doylestown, also construction zone 202 northbound at the doylestown bypass. two right lanes block. this will go until at least june 24th. that's a look at your ride. we send it back to you. >> justin, thank up. rough landing for plane last night. we'll show you what happened when it tried to lands in some windy weather. >> and car goes airborne, landing in a house. you see there. hear why the timing of this crash was specially ironic.
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we're back in two minutes. happy monday everyone.
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little lou being called a hero, when a fire broke out in their pennsauken home. it happened on the 2300 block just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. alex sanchez was asleep while his son was watching it. v. his son woke him up, that's when he noticed the smoke and flames. >> i wouldn't be here for it wasn't for my son, if he wouldn't have woke us up. who knowles. we right, sloping right in the back room, right where the fire happened. >> i saved my daddy's live. >> how about that? no one was injured alex says, most of their belongings were destroyed if the fire. they planned to stay with family. the cause is under investigation. >> certainly warms your march. man facing charges this morning, after running from police saying, crashing his car into a home in michigan. authority say the driver lost control of the car, went
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airborne landing on the front steps of the house. homeowners say they placed burdeners front of the house big boulders, to avoid this issue. the home has been hit more than seven times since 2005. they were supposed to have an open house yesterday because they're selling the house. >> oh, what an a shame. nasa hopes the weather finally cooperate today to lawn this much flying saucer in the sky over hawaii. bad weather wet has poe ponds the test since last tuesday. nasa want to see if the saucer's parachute can help land spacecraft, and maybe even humans on mars one day. they are doing those tests in hawaii because the air there is similar to the atmosphere on mars. who knew. >> coming up. apple getting ready to square off against pandora and spotify, the big announcement expected later today. >> what's next for triple crown winner american pharaoh? we'll let you know about the race that could bring that champion horse to new jersey. we'll be right back.
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residents in northwest louisianna forced to evacuate their homes as floodwaters reach dangerous levels. the red river is rising, as flooded water drains from oklahoma and texas. that river is expected to crest at 37 feet this morning. officials are urging resident to get sandbags, as somebody as possible, emergency shelters have also been set up in that area. coming up on 5:23, we want to check in with katie on our forecast, nice start for the day? >> we do have one lil rounds of rain rolling through the northern most branch of our area so if you reside in the poconos or head that way or even the lehigh valley you may get clipped by. >> this we start things off actually by taking you on outside, we will show you where things are looking beautiful this morning couple of clouds, nothing more at the moment in atlantic city so very pretty picturesque
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sunrise currently underway, down at the shore point and then also, further inland, bye we do have show show you what's happening here on the radar, certainly against across the northern most count it things moistening up here, very leading edge after system that's going to eventually be triggering some showers and locally stronger storms. so while this is sort of the exception, where you are seeing some of the wet weather initially, we eventually going to see this become more widespread. this morning, most of you end one sun and clouds, again save for the northern counties midday expect some sun, and very warm air to be in place and then, later this afternoon, especially toward evening, that means p.m. drive, locally gust gusty thunderstorms set to rumble in. we do sit in slight risk for severe weather keep in mind across southeastern pennsylvania, marge mal risk for everyone else, again the lowest risk possible from the storm prediction center, over the next couple of days, we keep the summer like warmth for sure, once we get rid of the wet weather specially by wednesday, start to hot right back up. shooting for 90 degrees two days in a row as we wrap up this coming work week or the
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week already after in the midst of already. already here, here we are justin, over to you. >> that's right. if you like heat, humidity, you will love the forecast this week, looking good so far this morning as far as the weather conditions are on area roads, we take you out to 202 or 422 to route 23. we are look looking eastbound taillights here, and looking good both directions, smooth sailing this morning. we check out 202 at 76, northbound, are the taillights right, there both directions, are looking all right. and then, also, the vine street expressway, we are dealing with construction zone tonight this will close down both directions between 11:00 and 5:00 a.m. this goes through friday, so just heads up there. also kelly drive do have come haven't shock out bound hunting park avenue, right lane stays blocked until july 10th. and police activity continues in hunting park north franklin street between lycoming street and hunting park avenue. that's look at your ride. we send it back to you. >> nba finals are shaping up to be a tight series. game three is in cleveland tomorrow night.
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labron james had his fifth career finals, triple double. lead down the stretch last night, set curry led the come back and his lay up, sent the game to over time. both games of the series went to ot. matthew's foul shots put the cavs ahead to stay. cleveland evens the series with a 95 to 93 win. >> and, cole hamels gets the start tonight when the phils take on the reds on the road in cincinnati. the phils and giants were tied at three, in the seventh inning yesterday afternoon when jeff van core one down the left field line, to score freddie gal vast, and ben riff ear. the phils win this 16 to four, to salvage one game in the giants series. erika? >> diane, a the next time we see triple crown winner american pharaoh race could be in new jersey. the horse returned home yesterday to a heroes welcome at churchill downs. o saturday he easily won the
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belmont steaks to become the first triple crane winner. says the invitational at monmouth park in august is one of the races that he could compete in, coming up next. >> just incredible, great to have another triple crown winner. >> everybody roots for them. just great american story. >> beautiful horse. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" continuing to follow breaking news, search for gunman at a woman is shot in the face. jan? >> reporter: a peng ville memorial high school star student athlete is critically injured during a hit-and-run accident. i'm jan carabeo live outside the high school this morning coming up, we will show you what the student body needs to do to show his support during his recovery. >> dow want to do it? in my heart is this something that i really absolutely want to do? >> it is almost decision time for chris christie. hear why the new jersey governor still hasn't made up his mind fell ' run for president. and, justin and katie
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return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's. including the latest threat of storms this afternoon. good morning everybody, it is monday and we're back in two minutes. we'll see you
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>> following breaking news in hunting park neighborhood a woman is shot in the face in the 4100 block of north franklin street. >> let's get right out to "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch love on the scene with the very latest this morning, good morning justin. >> reporter: good morning, erika and diana yes that woman is in the hospital right now, we are told she's in critical condition at temple. this happened about 4:00 this morning, on the 4100 block of north franklin street, as you can see behind us here, police are still on the scene here, holding that home where this took place as they continued
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to investigate. we know the woman is 22 years old, and that she was shot in the face with what we are told is a small caliber bullet. they did find a single casing on the porch of the home. now, reports are that the woman opened the door at about 4:00 this morning, and when she opened that door, she was shot in the face by one of two men, we are told, the time those two men did flea the scene. the direction is unknown this morning. but we are told that the woman was fortunate that the bullet was not a larger caliberment take listen to police now. >> in addition to somebody getting shot in the face, there were other people inside the house that are witnesses either heard something or saw something, and they're being interviewed by east detective division. if you were to ask me is she going to make it, i don't know


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