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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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e where this took place, on the 4100 block of north franklin street here, we are told that woman opened her door just after 4:00 this morning. she was shot by one of two men who left the scene. one person inside the home we are told, when he heard the shots, jumped on to the roof of the home, police went on a ladder to bring him back down, one before three witnesses who were in the home, who are now being questioned by police, at east detective. we are told one reason why this woman is alive at this moment is because the bullet here was a small caliber built, that did shoot her in the face, one casing found on the porch of the home this morning, and here's what police have to sayment take a listen. >> other people inside the house that are witnesses either heard something or saw something, and they're being interviewed by east detective
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division. >> in you were going to see me is she going to make it, i don't know. fortunately, for her small caliber bullet. at last check we're told the woman in critical condition at temple university hospital. her name not being released at this time. again, people who were in the home with her are being questioned by police, and at this time, are being considered witnesses justin, tank you. new this morning, two men behind bars for allegedly breaking into a center city building, that was under construction. and causing a lot of damage, you see them, in police custody there. eyewitnesses reported seeing debris flying from windows at about 1:00 this morning at broad and arch and arch streets. building once a bank, but currently being renovate today a hotel. police use search dogs to catch the two men and believe
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there could be more vandals linked to this break-in. >> philadelphia police looking for gunman who opened fire, on an in south philadelphia. eyewitnesses heard gunshot on the 1800 block of south fourth street around midnight. they found three vehicles littered bullet holes, no one injured in the shooting. >> the search continues this morning, for hit-and-run driver, left football player fighting for his live. the 17 jerold was hit early sunday morning on north hook road, at lee avenue, in pennsville, salem county new jersey it left kyle critically injured. the star at least from pennsville high school was riding a skateboard home when he was hit. police say the driver showed no sign of slowing down, or stopping. i honestly think this person needs to go to prison for the rest of their life. you don't just hit a kid and get away with it, based on
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debris fawn at the scene striking vehicle is hyundai elantra. the car should have significant front end damage, too. if you have any information about that hit-and-run, the call or the driver you are asked to call police. >> meanwhile another 17 year old boy is killed in a crash in hunting park. police say driver drunk when ran through red light cioga street and hit the boy on the bike. twenty-eight year old driver facing dui charges this morning. >> well, 6:03, looks like you're going need that umbrella but not quite yet right, katy? >> depends when you are going to be out here, and right now whether you might want to think about grabbing rain gear. we do have right now just couple of clouds here over the cbs-3 skydeck but when we take you full screen, not everyone is in the clear at this moment. really just northern most counties, lehigh valley, pocono region, getting claimed by this little pocket here, of some pretty steady rain.
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soul through quickly, three hour loop, crossing pennsylvania here, very speedily so, it does appear as though you meeting left with this for another 45 minute, starts to move on out become much less after issue for our area at the local level. but looking at the temperatures around the region, also very comfortable start. our winds have turned more out of the south will help heat things up, send some of the warmth and humidity no less, up our direction. that's coming south ski advance of cold front. wind flow has shifted as a result there will eventually be some showers some thunderstorms that fire up primarily later this afternoon and into tonight. window of philadelphia probably leaning on the p.m. rush typical p.m. rush. further west and north you travel, the sooner you'll probably tart to see the storms. down the shore problem bye get in most of the day without a hitch here. probably not later tonight when the thunderstorms start to hit you when they do, they could pacca punch.
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more about the severe potential as the show progresses, justin? >> heads up for the evening commute. no problems so far weather wise this morning except intense sun glare we're dealing with this morning but take a look at camden right now, look close, you can see the white molk coming out over the trees do have house fire going on in camden, right now. bit of breeze with the southerly win. languageham avenue alternate haddon avenue. there is the sun glare tacking about. fifty-nine at girard, again northbound going right into that sun as it rises over or comes over the horizon southbound traffic really starting to increase. sped headed into the sitly continue to slow up, new jersey still looking okay, 42 freeway, new jersey turnpike, 295, no problem. also the blue route looking good. we are running at the speed limit. police activity continues lycoming street, hunting park avenue. alternate ninth street.
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avoid that area, n again down at the shore the townsend inlet bridge sea isle city to avalon it remains closed goes until late june. that's look at your ride. >> thank you justin. mayhem in the meadowlands clash with police in riot gear yes, we have video from the scene right here, just looks like war zone. now, police were firing tear gas at that crowd as they brawled with officers. cbs news correspondent don champion shows us what triggered the chaos. >> officers could be seen using pepper spray to get people to leave met life stadium just outside of new york city. the disturbance started when crowds of people, some without tickets, tried getting into the sold out summer jam concert. >> people be standing out here for over three and a half hours just trying to get into a concert that they paid their money for. and they wouldn't let us in. the way they treatises like animals. >> officials say hundreds of ticketed fans were not allowed inside the hip hop event. because after apparent crowd
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control problem. as the police helicopter hovered above some people could be seen jumping the fence of the stadium. several arrests cents were made by officers in riot gear, tactical vehicles, even brought into the scene. they had everybody standing outside in a mob, mob of people. you understand? they would not let just. >> concert organizers say refunds will be given for ticket holds ers whose tickets were not scanned. >> don champion, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> breaking news more on the fire you heard justin talking b fire fighters camden battling two alarm house fire, this is pictures from chopper three, live over the 1200 block of languageham avenue. two homes engulfed in flames. no word yet from the scene on any injuries or the cause. it does look like one of the homes was abandoned the other looks occupied. of course we'll bring you the very latest as we learn more.
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happening today philadelphia city council committee talks about increasing surveillance cameras, outside bars. move comes after the death of shane montgomery. he was found dead in the schuylkill river in january after night out in manayunk. his death was ruled an accident. the city council bill would require bars to install surveillance cameras at each public exit. >> time right now 6:08. developing right now the search for two convicted kill hostess caped in this elaborate prison break. >> they could be literally anywhere. >> this is something right out of the movie coming up next, live in new york with the latest on the search for these dangerous fugitives. >> and caught on camera. a police officer pulls his gun and points it at a group of teenagers. at a pool party. the latest on that coming up.
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developing this morning, manhunt underway for two convicted murderers cape maximum security prison over the weekends. >> men used power tools to cut through steam pipe, for their escape. live in up-state new york for thus morning, with the very latest good morning hanna. >> good morning two, convicted killers supply stolen their degrees escape plot out of the movies. now after owning run for more than 24 hours governor andrew cuomo calling this crisis situation. >> they could be literally anywhere. >> hundreds of officer from federal and state law enforcement agencies are combing through the wooded areas, surrounding the clinton correctional facility. hunting for david sweat and richard matt. the convicted killers left
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hine decoys in their beds saturday. as they used power tools to cut their way through prison walls. >> we presume they supply had access to vehicle as well as received assistance in their escape efforts. >> but kept you awake with all the cutting? >> governor andrew cuomo toured the fast till over the weekends called the plan sophisticated. men managed to crawl through series every tunnel, steam pipes, before finally cutting through a lock on this manhole. >> this requires a period of time no doubt to execute periods of time could have been days believe the dangerous fugitive could have crossed into nearby canada or travel southwest authorities have also alerted agent sits in mexico, to be on the look-out. matt serving 25 years to life, for murder conviction, fled to mexico in 1997 before he was extradited back to the states. sweat was serving life sentence for murder a sheriff's dispute any 2002.
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>> and for the prison officials, now talking with outside contractors, to find out just how these two men got their hands on those power tools, live, hen a daniels cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> just incredible story. >> i think it is a good question. we would all like to knowment thanks hanna. meanwhile, residents in the sleeves port area of louisianna forced to evacuate their homes. the red river is expected to crest at 37 feet this morning. say last week's birrage of flood something now draining into northwest louisianna residents are being urged to pick up sandbags. emergency shelters have also been set up in that area. 6:13 right now. katie, we are expecting some storms today, flight. >> absolutely are. in fact, this he very same frontal boundery does extend all the way back in toward at least the red river valley. yes, a lot of times get the flooding issues, come delayed
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because all of the water has to drain eventually. we will eventually get our fair share of some steady showers and thunderstorms that fire up here with the approach of this next frontal boundary. really action pack later today. a this is just sort of our run down of the different storm threat. philly, not included but outside, toward chester montgomery, bucks county points north that is where do you have slight risk, marginal risk for everyone else, very low risk for tornado but we have to allow that chance, meanwhile, i would say real heavy downpours is the biggest issue, but strong winds, as women. at the moment definitely little dreary out here outside beach patrol headquarters starting things offer with more clouds than anything, moving forwards in the nor cast you will see some sunshine today. just not going to be day that's completely bright and sunny building heat, humidity, allowing for storms to come up stronger still lingering chance for storm tomorrow. what i would call great pool
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and beach weather. great excuse to get outside and take dip here. it is looking good the next couple of days. >> summer has arrived finally. >> sure has. >> the ocean is cold. a lot of people, low 60s but maybe the sunshine will do some work ocean water get that warmed up pretty soon. traffic looking okay this morning, weather wise, battling some sun glare. disabling vehicle, 76 the onramp to 476 northbound, you can see disable vehicle on the shoulder. firetruck as well there. be aware of this traveling west on 76, merging onto 476. so little slow around that region. boulevard looks good at fox street. looking southbound taillights here, and again skies pretty much clear here in center city. just watch out for the storms later this afternoon. tac-pal bridge opening up this morning coming in at 6:25. so heads up there new
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accident carlson drive and also that house fire continues in camden language ham avenue near wildwood avenue. haddon avenue to get around the fire scene and travel sometimes starting to slow down 95, now typical for the mid-morning return, it will take but 21 minute, we send it back over to you. >> thank you updating breaking news, police are searching for two men who shot a woman in the face along the 4100 block of north franklin street in hunting park. the 22 year old victim is now in critical condition. meanwhile, two men are in custody in connection with vandalism at construction site at broad and arch streets in center city. there is a broken window at motorcycle done add's across the street, investigators want to know if these two scenes are connected. >> seventeen year old kyle in critical condition this morning, after a hit-and-run in pennsville, salem county over the weekend. police say the car involved was a hyundai elantra, lick lick to have front ends damage. we'll be right back.
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>> update willing breaking news in camden fire fight verse knock down the bulk of two alarm fire on 12900 block of language ham avenue. the flames spread to at least one other home. but you can see looking there, just little bit of smoke coming out. looks like one of the homes abandoned, the other occupied. no word on any injuries or a cause. >> in sports, the nba finals
6:20 am
are shaping up to be a classic. the cavaliers come back to cleveland tomorrow night even with the warriors at a game apiece. last night labron james had 39 points, 16 rebounds, and 11 assists, as the cavs fail big lead. stage big come back, lay up since the game, into over time. calves matthew seals the deed for cleveland. >> the phillies open three game series in cincinnati tonight. cole hamels, gets the start yesterday phils and giants in south philly. jeff van core broke p-three tie in the seventh, two run triple. phils hang onto win six-four, fills have the tenth, and the 48th pick tonight. big news, for the biggest star in the world of sport. triple crown winner american pharaoh could be on his way to new jersey. returned home yesterday to heroes welcome at churchill downs, well deserved, the
6:21 am
first triple crown winner in 37 years. american thorough's trainer says the invitational at monmouth park in august is one of the races that the the colt could compete in nextment could be headed our way. >> how about that? s women's soccer team, how from the players about some of their big he challenges coming up. >> also ahead police officer pulls his gun on group of teenagers at pool party. the whole thing caught on camera details coming up next.
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>> severe storms later? >> yes, as we beat up heat, instability, eventually going
6:24 am
to see fresh rounds of showers, storms, rumbling in, at the moment, though, storm scan3, what you are finding really quick lil rounds of what's actually pretty steady rain along the northeast extension headed up to the poconos, lehigh valley even portions of berks county getting claimed by quick shower. that's going to zip out of here most of us ends with some sun before the storms come in. that goes for the beaches starting off with some sun does however look like your storms won't come until later on tonight. heads up, rip current at the shore, little increased today because of the chopper surround every and the gusty win, but knock look at the talcony palmyra bridge, 6:25, the next few minutes looking south here on delaware river take you back to the 76 here, right around girard, both directions volume starting to increase little bit. speeds still looking okay around is the it i. blue route still looking okay okay as well as areas in new jersey.
6:25 am
erika, back to you. >> thank you justin. update for you right now on the capsized cruise ship in china. report crews have recovered 434 bodies. more than 450 people were on board that ship, when it overturning, last week, 14 survived. eight others romain missing. >> a sixth person has now died in south korea from middle east respiratory syndrome also known as americas mers, largest out braid of the middle east. nearly 2,000 schools have just closed. schools open are using he deet at the tours, advising them to use face masks and hands sanitizers. 6:25. texas police officer on leave after pulling his gun on group of teenagers at a pool party. confrontation caught on cell phone video officers responding to disturbance call when according to
6:26 am
police, they were met by multiple juveniles, who refuse to go leave. you can see all of this playing out there in the video, one officer forced young woman to the ground, and then pulled his gun on group trying to intervene. >> the officer was overzelous. he tripped during the vint yo, these are children, they have to handle things in a better manner than this. >> what we're training as far as officers on the scene. any time you confront large group of people it is a very dynamic situation. >> police said made one arrest, not aware of any injuries there. anyone else release today parent or guardian. diffuse cents don't come any more vicious. >> the wife of the country's richest man is after half their fortune. natalie married for 30 years to her childhood sweetheart, vladmeere, he's worth about
6:27 am
15 billion, with a b, billion dollars after buying russian state assets after the fall of the soviet union. says she would give her $7 billion to russia if she ends up get that amount. but 30 years together. $15 billion, how long will this take? >> that's nice little chunk every change, but i'm not sure the rush n government needs it? >> maybe by something for herself out of the deal? >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", an update on our breaking news, the search for two gunmen, who shot a woman in the face. jan? >> reporter: star football player, in salem county, is injured, critically, during a hit-and-run accident this weekend. i'm jan carabeo live outside of the high school, coming up how his classmates and friends plan to show all of their support later today. >> also the us women's soccer team takes on australia
6:28 am
tonight in their first game of the worlds cup. you might say they have a clear goal in mind. we'll tell you what it is. in next. >> plus, katie tracking the threat of severe weather this afternoon, justin has his eye on the roads and your commute when we come back with trafficking threes. looks like starting to lighten up out there hand i monday everyone, ba here's to the explorers. those diagnosed with cancer who didn't settle for just one opinion on their diagnosis or recommended treatment plan they explored their options. and discovered a new level of empowerment. at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, that's what we do-empower our patients with a comprehensive second opinion. and because time is of the essence, we do it a single one day. explore your options with a one-day second opinion. learn more at
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>> updating breaking news in hunting park, woman shot in the face inside her home on north franklin street. the manhunt is on this morning for two gunmen who fled the scene. eyewitness neutral rorher justin finch live with the latest on this this morning good morning justinly looking for two men, we are mine the woman, 22 year old woman shot in the face. we are told when she answered the door to her house on the 4100 block of north franklin street since we last saw you things have calm down, police left the scene, detective searched the home with a evidence bag, also right there now, there are family members outside the door gathering, as that woman now recovers at temple university hospital. this all happened about 4:00 this morning police say a
6:32 am
woman hold her door, two men did leave the scene. at this time police talking to three witnesses in the home, we are told one man when he heard the shot ran for the roof of the house. police got ladder to get him down from the scene this morning. he and two others being spoke tone by police, at east detective, this morning that woman, back out live, recovering now at temple university hospital. at last check she was in critical condition as you mentioned the search on for two men involved in the shooting this morning. >> justin, thank youment meanwhile, high school football player in south jersey now fighting for his life after hit-and-run crash. the 17 year old hit certainly sunday morning north hook road lee avenue pennsville salem county. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now live at pennsville high school, where student are coming together to show their support. jan, good morning. >> good morning, specking very large show of support for this
6:33 am
star student athlete who was injured over the weaken, in a hit-and-run accident. grim reminder what happened here sunday morning orange paint marking where kyle's keys and hat were fawn on the road. after he was critically injured by hit-and-run driver in pennsville salem count. >> i no skidmarks, car never stopped, so i believe he was struck and they just continued right on. >> police say 17 year old was struck while riding skateboards home norfolk road at lee avenue. neighbor who thought a deer was hit called police, when they noticed a teenager in need of help. his friends and classmates couldn't believe it. some even stopping at the scene to see for themselves. >> i coin even swallow, sick to my stomach. >> neighbor and life-long friend. >> very nice kid very loved
6:34 am
in school, everyone lovers him. >> the 17 year old was struck by someone driving a hyundai elantra. at this time investigators unsure about the color, but the car has significant front end damage. meantime there is community is hoping for speedy recovery i feel sorry for the family, i hope to god he makes it. >> i honestly think the person needs to go to prison for the rest of their life. you don't hit a kid and get away with it. >> in support of the star football player, student staff, here there is morning are expected to wear those full colors, blue and gold, in support of this young man now, the high school as athletic facebook page says that the teenager had surgery yesterday, and his family is thankful for the outpouring of support. now the driver responsible could face number of charges here including leaving the scene after accident, as well as aggravated assault.
6:35 am
>> just past 6:33, checking with katie do, we need the umbrella? >> depend when you are out here erika today. if you are ready to leave the house, be out all day today would say take it along. not the worse idea, maybe relying in the western suburbs, at the moment, you probably want to grab the umbrella walking out the door lehigh valley. very quick moving little pocket. it is out there and clipping the northern counties, then the rest of us end up with sunshine, that's going to help to heat things up for us, as time progresses here so expect to ends up here with showers thunderstorms, we are going to be tracking temperatures that have chance to moderate up into the mid 80s across the delaware valley, and certainly with some sunshine at least initially that helps get things going and heating things up for us out there storm scan, what you are finding showers, thunderstorms out there or rather just some
6:36 am
rain, falling across the northern most tear of our area. then again later today we start to see some of the showers and storms fire up region wide. we send it over to you. >> weather wise, still battling sun glare outside but talcony palmyra bridge now up. check it out. right now, waiting on the boat to come through i think ukee's both this morning being took the day off probably cruising around the delaware river, why not? >> he didn't invite us. >> what's up with that? so heads up there. expect some delays. we take to you 422 east at oaks traffic volume increasing, speeds reduced it i am call for the morning rush hour. whoever i volume woodhaven to the vine, 32 minute trip with increased volume. still looking good eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike valley forge to bensalem. also 202 south from 76 to route 30. house fire in camden, near
6:37 am
wildwood avenue, ultimate to get around the house fire scene. accident now up in towamenson green lane at sumneytown pike. and again heads up tonight vine street expressway both directions eastbound and westbound, going to be closed between 76 and broad starting at 11:00 tonight will go through all week, back to you. >> us kicks off world run tonight dollars squad takes on australia jericka duncan introduces to you veteran us team bent on revenge. >> team usa comes to canada, win the title they narrowly lost against japan four years ago. mid fielder megan. >> i'm anxious and ready to go, and i can't wait to play games. >> one of the stars of the american roster. abby the all time goal scorer, male or female in
6:38 am
international play. >> fiery goal keeper holes solo is still one of the best in the net. thirty-nine year old christy playing in her fifth world cup. last remaining active player from the iconic 1999 worlds cup team, that took the title. winning it back won't be easy, today's international field is more competitive than ever. woman's dream so much, seeing around the world so much, more money, and more recesses. >> forwards is go to scorer, but nursing bruised knee that forced her to miss almost all the pre-cup warm up games. >> i'm going to be ready and ready to give everything that my team knows i can give at the world cup. so, you know, nothing really going to hold me back from playing this tournament. >> the us team arrives here with high expectations, but germany, france, sweeten and
6:39 am
japan, all loom far. us women's team place first match tonight against australia, stadium seats more than 30,000 people, and officials are expecting near sell-out crowd. jericka duncan, cbs news, winnipeg. the us is ranked number two, only, behind germany. this is going to be real exciting tournament. >> no kidding fantastic us has such high ranking, because the men not always the case. >> well, i want to is he these ladies get as much attention as the men did last year. >> there you go. >> does your football -- does your stomach rubble, even whether not hungry? coming up doctor rob is here to talk about your signals your body ending you what it all means also, jenkintown own bradley cooper turns some heads on the red carpet at the tony awards. find out if he juan, also, what he brought not one but two dates with him. that's coming up next. we'll be right back.
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>> ten year old boy recovering after shark attack. lifeguards say it was one of the worse fights they've seen in a long time. that boy was visiting cocoa beach with his family when he got bit by a four to 5-foot shark. he was only stating in waist deep water. the boy suffered at least two bites. on the second big wave, juvenile bull shark, dark gray, black and black tip.
6:43 am
probably 152nd later we saw group of people in me high water, and we heard screaming. >> oh, that boy suffered a severe bite, as well on his lower right calf. emergency crews wrapped his leg and air lifted him to the hospital. all right, right now 6:43, we want our traffic and weather together. kick things off with katie and great werth watcher. >> all up and adam, good morning, everyone definately finding some uniformity when it comes to the temperature readings around the region, low mid 60s generally what you've cross the board here, we take you from north to south starting off up in allentown, where julia actually has some breaks in the clouds here. she sent this in within the last half hour, 64 her temperature there, and it says that things are stormy up here. we'll discuss why in a second. starts off with dray weather down that way. further off to the south here, 6 degrees sent in to us from dolores, also with a mixed bag of clouds, sun says the sun peaking out here, pretty nice start to the day absolutely.
6:44 am
asking if we could hopefully miss the showers. can't totally guarantee that my friend. likes like the next will come in with potential for stronger storms. one more observation here, phil sending in same mixture clouds sunshine, 63 degrees for him. we go out to storm scan, show you what's happening here, one little pocket, rain, no thunder with this, just rain, that's rolling on through. northern branch of this northeast extension that's where your travels take you going up to the high 80 interchange, will likely run into some rain. certainly some damp roads. even extending down into portions every berks county. cut town area, reading pick being up rain. what we are waiting on is this thing. this big old frontal boundary that's got to cross the east coast here, lan eventually start to bring its leading edge in a our area come later on today. so what's that mean? end up with showers thunderstorms, bring in locally gusty win heavy downpours, keep your ears
6:45 am
perked and start to heat things up as the week progresses, over to you. >> good morning we need some sunshine to help fire up the atmosphere, and we have the sun right now in center city philadelphia. looking at 95, approaching the betsy ross, here is southbound, just stack up, with volume. so it is a long trip in to center city, through northeast philadelphia. talcony palmyra bridge still remains open. as the boats coming through right now so, again next several minute, specking delays, use the betsy ross bridge to get around. that will also, 95, there you go, your travel time, woodhaven to the vine, 32 minute trip southbound with heavy volume, turnpike looks good, as well as 202 southbound. still looking at clear conditions this morning. there are your area speeds, coming down just little bit. vine street expressway, 45 miles per hour, but we take it but 12 on northeast philadelphia on 95. that's a look at your ride. we send it back to you. rumbling stomach, foot fast
6:46 am
asleep. ever wonder what's hine the signals our body sending us? >> all the time. could it be clues when comes to our health? doctor rob dan off tells us what our bodies are saying us to good morning doctor. thank you for joining us. it is our favorite secondment of the week. so what does all of this mean? is our body really sending us clues? >> it is, it is body talk, when we get a headache after eating certain types of foods or maybe sitting certain way our foot falls asleep, our or urine changes body odor changes, body is telling us something about how we are feeling, what we are doing maybe what we are eating or activity. we feed to listen to signals try to figure out what's causing it. >> stomach rumble something we've all experienced, some more often than others. does it necessarily mean you're hungry? >> a lot of times it can bement some people have noisy stomachs. sometimes i do. it could be the mere thought of food if hungry or the smell. so what happens little muscle in the stomach start moving, there is air in, there we hear lot of noise. but could be food. most often food, so perhaps
6:47 am
maybe we eat like milk, certain milk products or beans, or maybe high fiber and our stomach will make a lot of noise or something, you know, maybe chewing gum or artificial sweeteners, a loft carbonated beverages sometimes people have dentures, maybe swallow a lot of air. so lot of reason for noisy stomachs. sometimes one patient whenever ever every whenever she lies on her left side her his can't sleep because her stomach is so noisy. people are reflux disease that causes, so main thing is if it is happening a lot. or if it is cause increased with pain, you want to see your doctor with that. but if it only happens little bit, then it is fairly normal. >> okay. >> what about things like pins and needles in the arms and legs, or my foot falls asleep constantly after sitting for a long time. should i be concerned? >> isn't that annoying? sometimes like i don't know, a lot of times kids sit with their legs crossed, one leg under the other? what happens sometimes our circulation kind of impaired by body position. but really the nerves.
6:48 am
nerves are like signals tots brain f they get compressed like sitting improperly or maybe too tight shoes, what happens is it cut off those nerves and the signals go hey wirement and our foot can fall asleep. then when it starts waking up we get this continuing lidge and numbness or pins and needles then feel bert. but if that never goes away, and it stays very numb, then we need to see our doctor. >> okay, also if you've eaten ice cream cone too fast, get the brain freeze. doesn't feel good? >> we all scream for ice cream? >> litter. >> i top of our mouth we have the pallet, roof of the mouth. actually so little nerves and blood vessel. as soon as we eat something very cold they get narrow. starts to warm up, they dilate or get bicker, all the sudden we get this referred pain, all of this blood pushing to the head. get ice cream headache. so, it is not unusual but boy it can be really painful. 302nd to minute it, goes away, so, little trick is drink room temperature water prior to that, little warm water drink or have little bit of slushy, or if you have the ice cream don't have a lot at a time.
6:49 am
then goes away. but those brain freezes really are painful. >> speaking of eating loss of taste is a big one something you should pay attention to. what's that mean? >> good point. as we gel little older may not taste as well. but taste and smell are intertwined. so not smelling as well may not taste as well. but people with reflux disease it might get the soar taste in their mouth. also, sometimes, you have a mouth infection, or dental, you know work, you might have antibiotics tacking or send blood pressure medications can all affect our sense of taste. main thing is it is usually temporary. if you find over days and weeks you're not tasting things very well me, go see your doctor, it may be something we can fix easily or maybe sign of something else. >> all right, doctor rob answering a lot of questions for us. >> good to see you. >> right now your time is 6:49. we opportunity see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie roads joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning charlie. >> good morning err cape, diane a ahead we are tracking men two, convicted kill
6:50 am
hostess caped from new york prison. how your location affect your cancer risk, what to expect from today's apple conference, what's next for american pharaoh. this how celebrities getting into the marijuana business, that and more, the news back in the morning and we'll see in you about ten minutes. >> all right, thank up, charlie. broadway honors its biggest and brightest stars at the 69th annual tony awards. >> the celebration of the year in theater was held at radio city music hall last night in new york. cbs marlie hall with the details for you. >> best musical of the year taking top honors at the tony awards. >> we stand here, because your face was bound less. >> the tony for best play went to the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. which also scored a leading actor trophy for alex sharp. >> i just want to dedicate this to any young person who feels misunderstood or feels different. >> won first tony award for
6:51 am
her role as queen elizabeth the second in the audience. >> this is inch believable honor. i'm so thrilled. thank you very much, indeed. >> broad way itself may have been the biggest winner. stage production's took in nearly one hadn't $4 billion this season, and that's a record. comedies won in the musical acting categories, with trophies going to anna lee ash berg for you can't take it with you and christian boil for something rotten. marlie hall, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and jenkintown's own bradley keeper had not one but two dates for the tony's. he brought his mom and his sister. how nice is that? cooper nominated for best leading actor in the elephant man. unfortunately, he did not win. but fans can get a glimpse of coup they are fall in prime time. he will have recurring role in the tv version of his own movie limitless. that will will air right here on cbs-3. but i love he brought his mom and sister. how fun for them to do that?
6:52 am
>> 's good guy. limitless was a good move. >> i should be good show. we'll be right
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> now apple launching paid streaming music service, set to lawn this much summer, apple will compete with streaming outlets like
6:55 am
pandora, and spotify. apple's ceo tim cook, expected to make the announcement at annual conference for software developers. that kicks off today in san francisco. a.m. he will's always coming out with something. >> anything they don't do? >> apparently not. >> annual tradition here in philadelphia. thousands of spectators lined the streets to cheer on cyclists competing in the international cycling classic 12-mile course takes cyclists right through manayunk east falls, fairmount park and kelly drive but you ask any of them the most grueling part, that half mile climb up the manayunk infamous wall. men nine time, wok take the wall six. >> one to three minute effort. >> very steep hill. i'm not a climbing rider so i have so much respect for the people who can do this. >> they train for three hours or more a week, to take part in this race. oh, and there are some win tears tell but elizabeth won
6:56 am
the woman's race, carlos barber a he won the men's race, and this helped soften the blow taking the wall that many times each received $30,000 for that first place finish. >> that's awesome. >> worth it, but anything that wall? >> so hard to get up. my goodness. like the worse ever. >> if it's your thing though -- >> right. or just walk outside and have afternoon shower to cool you off. >> there you go, he can actually, we certainly had that over the weekend. expecting more that far here today. locally gusty thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening, right now through the lehigh valley and poconos little rain rolling through that should clear up within the next half hour. justin? >> that evening commute affected by the showers and storm, but volume starting to increase as we head through prime time rush hour looking at 76 at montgomery volume headed into the city, stacking up pretty good. so slow go. have some patience this morning. >> all right commute has started. coming up in just couple of minutes more local news weather and traffic together on our sister station the cw
6:57 am
fill. >> i coming up next, we're continuing to follow the search for two suspect who shot a woman in her face, and in her hunting park home. right now she is fighting for her life. justin finch on the scene, the latest from police coming up on the "cw philly". next on cbs this morning celebrities cashing in on marijuana. how they're benefitting from the fastest growing business in the u.s. >> continue to follow your local news weather and traffic turn now to our sister station the "cw philly". where "eyewitness news" will be right back.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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good morning. it is monday june 8th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massive manhunt is on right now for two convicted killers. new details on their daring prison break. chaos overnight outside a concert with big named artists. police fire tear gas as people try to force their way inside. the women's world cup kicks of amid troubles with the star go keepers past. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> youthese are terrible


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