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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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region. we will see them moving north and east in the rest after afternoon. north and western suburbs have had greatest risk for severe weather but we could see it anywhere in the city and maybe overnight down the shore. few storms are warned, we don't have any more tornado warnings at the moment but severe thunderstorm warning near harrisburg until 5:30. severe thunderstorm warning further north and edge of berks county in schuylkill county we have severe then are storm warning until 5:15. so here's the tornado watch here counties included in our region including lancaster berks, lehigh, northampton carbon monroe counties in the poconos and central pennsylvania up into new york state as well. notice we have had no watches and warnings for philadelphia, south jersey or delaware at the moment, but as they progress we could see much wases be issued. we will let you know when that happens. timing this out again you can see steady of the storms will move through north and western suburbs around 6:00 p.m. watch what happens later tonight this will turn in a
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line. once that happens the the risk for tornadoes diminishes and risk for strong straight line wind increases. by 11:00 is when we can see that line coming through city and down the shore after midnight. this may hang around even into early tomorrow morning with a couple showers and thunderstorms around. what to expect? scattered showers strong thunderstorms, downpours hail gusty wind and can't rule out that isolated weak tornado off to the north and west especially. we will have updates throughout the next hour and a half on this advancing severe weather, chris back over to you. thanks very much. stay up to date on the forecast by down loading cbs philly weather app, track live radar and much more, it is free and available now on itunes and google play. we're following breaking news out of new jersey, where suspect in the hit and run is turn himself into police. seventeen year-old victim was hit sunday morning on north hook road in pennsville salem county. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joining us live from police headquarters with
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the latest on this investigation, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, within the last mower police brought that hit and run suspect through this parking lot into the police headquarters. chief tells me he is cooperating after initially trying to avoid police. they say he may have been drinking. he was out at day night into sunday morning but at this point they cannot pursue dui charges as it ties late. but they hope this bring some comfort to the victim's family. twenty-three year-old zachary mcdonough turn himself in monday but too little too late after giving police an account of sunday morning's nearly fatal hit and run officers took him away in cuffs. is there anything you want to say to kyle's family. >> reporter: mcdonough was driving on hook road when he ran into 17 year-old kyle pszenny, riding a skate game, there is no evidence that he stopped, instead he stole a car cover from the relative and put it over gray hyundai accent he was driving. monday morning an officer spotted the car. >> being alert and we talk about this morning and
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observed car under cover ape right away thought, you know this might be the car. >> reporter: they traced to it his father who helped locate zachary. he waved his rights to an attorney and told them what happen among charges aggravated assault by auto. if he had just pulled over he might have a roided these charges. >> if he wasn't under the influence of alcohol he would have been able to avoid charges. >> what did was wrong and the fact that he just kept going just shows that he is not a good person and i cannot believe it. >> reporter: codey, spent all day sunday in the hospital with his cousin, kyle still unconscious from severe head injuries. >> devastated to see him and the whole family just all upset, and it is just in shock, seeing him like that. >> reporter: pszenny is at christiana hospital. they are not releasing any information on his condition but his mother has told both his school principal and his police department that he is responding to light and other stimulus even though he is unconscious. we will have lots more at 6:00 o'clock
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about how all his friend are trying to snow their support. live from pennsville cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. a 28 year-old man faces dui charges in a crash that claimed the life of the 17 year-old boy. police say that the driver was drunk and ran a red light in the 600 block officious ewing a street in hunting park last night. also garcia was hit while riding a bicycle. he was rush to einstein hospital where he died. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this fire in benjamin franklin high school in philadelphia fire that drove students, and faculty from the building. chopper three was overhead as fire fighters hit the building with water and you can see that water came shooting out a window. ben franklin high school is in the 500 block of north broad street and in the spring garden section of the city. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live there with the very latest, steve. >> reporter: chris, big scare for staff and students to look up this morning and to see their own high school on fire.
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administrators we spoke to say a the response here was textbook and the events of today certainly could have been worse. classroom, smoke hundreds of students in ben franklin high getting a firsthand crash course in fire safety. >> it was shocking. >> everybody was all freaking out. >> reporter: that shock started within the student educators, school officials say shortly before 10:00 a signs teacher noticed fire traveling through the ceiling by the time crew as arrived, rolling, white smoke came out of the fourth floor classroom where the fire was contained and eventually extinguish. >> it was crazy. >> reporter: student kion brown was on the same floor. >> i came in and all this smoke and hit me when i came out in the hallways. >> reporter: on the ground 457 students were evacuated and taken to nearby franklin learning center, no one was injured and beyond that, students we spoke to say that the evacuation was so smooth, many of them didn't even
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realize their school was on fire. >> i mean everybody was calm. there was a fire drill. so that was it. >> it was so calm you thought it was a drill. >> reporter: yes. >> reporter: the district spokesperson says he praises ben franklin staff for a morning that could have been far worse. >> we also had some staff that really jumped in to action trying to control the situation on the fourth floor. so we are very grateful for teachers that really help tremendously in this. >> reporter: school was canceled this morning shortly after that fire was put out at 11:30 and after school activity followed, but i got off the phone with the school district spokesperson who tells me that school and classes will be back on bright and early tomorrow morning. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. we are live from spring garden i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". three alarm fire rips through a home in hamilton township mercer county. chopper three over that scene in the 100 block of waiverly place this afternoon. you can see the damage right there fire fighters were
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called to the area around 11:00 this morning. no one was injured. that causes now under investigation. chopper three over another house fire, today this one in sellersville bucks county this fire broke out just before 3:30 this afternoon and happened in the 2700 block of hugh crest road. fire fighters are still working to contain the fire within the last hour, and no word if there are any injuries at this time. new information now on a five alarm fire this morning at a chemical company in adams county and fire fighters, and, heavy smoke in the chemical company near gettysburg they may fertilizer and officials say smoke is not toxic but residents within a mile in that plant shelf nerd place there were no reports of any injuries and causes under investigation. new developments tonight in the penn state fraternity hazing scandal for very first time we are hearing from a kappa delta row fraternity pledge turn whistle blower. he filed a lawsuit today
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begins the fraternity and university. charlotte huffman has details surrounding what they call barbaric and life threatening hazing. >> they assured me there was a no hate in policy. >> reporter: former pledge james, says that was not the case. the disturbing allegations of what he says really happened inside the fraternity house are all details in an eight count complaint obtained by the iteam. he and other pledgees were forced to drink from the bucket of liquor, mixed with urine, even vomit. subjected to physical abuse including cigarette burns and among other things forced to gust will hard liquor without stopping until vomiting all part of the ritual. even more shocking he said that the details described in this lawsuit filed here in philadelphia state court all happened under the university's nose. he says he took photos, text messages and other proof to a university investigators and that is more than a year ago. he says that he showed the
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university hundreds of documents and including group text messages, these returning the use of drugs like coke add erall and an obvious culture of hazing. then there was the alleged sexual harassment which included a secret fraternity facebook page where members posted photos of nude and unconscious female students, student that his attorney aaron freewall says they are too vulgar to show. >> there is a image, one of of them very disturbing of the young man and young woman both of them passed out in a portable pod which her panties at her ankles. >> these were images that were sent around, were comment than on, laughed about and then shown to the university. according to freewall who likens the cover up to penn state's handling of the jerry sandusky case. >> the attitude of keeping this in house perhaps looking
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the other way certainly being painfully slow to respond. it is, identical. >> reporter: the complaint alleged that it wasn't until he took everything to police this year that penn state finally took action, and last month, kicked the fraternity off campus. however, the university says that in a statement that he would not file a complaint or pursue the formal disciplinary process when investigators first met with him. his attorney says that statement is false and until presumed the evidence to prove it in court. well, what is the fraternity saying, if anything. >> the national fraternity also declined to answer our specific questions but did send us a statement saying that just today they expelled 38 members from the fraternity. >> you will keep an eye on this, more to come i'm sure, thanks. one person dead another is in serious condition after a multi vehicle crash in washington township gloucester county. chopper three over 200 block
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of fries road at 1:30 this afternoon. two vehicles crashed head on in the fatal accident. one of the victims was trapped inside their car. it is unclear what caused the accident. overturn truck carrying fuel oil creates a mess at a construction site in mount laurel burlington county. chopper three on that scene around 10:00 at 900 block of burchfield drive. health officials say the spill did not pose a threat to the public no one was injured. chopper three over the scene of another overturn truck in burlington county this one in pemberton township on route 07 by lakehurst road. dump truck overturn shortly before noon there was a driver, trapped inside but no word on any injuries. well, still to come on "eyewitness news" prisoners on the loose. >> it could be, literally anywhere. >> a manhunt is intensifying for two convicted killedder to new york state prison can they have help pulling off this elaborate scheme. we have more details. more on the texas police
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officer suspended after pulling a gun on the group of teens at a pool parity. the disturbing scene caught on camera. not all frequent flier miles are created equal, three on your side jim donovan is here and he will show us how to get most out of our reward
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>> when do we want justice. >> "eyewitness news" at philadelphia city hall where some local airport workers staged a protest they say they have had enough of what they call poverty level wages. workers were joined by organizers from seiu, they want to end airline's out sourcing passenger service jobs to low bid contractors. well, 100 million people belonged to some kind of frequent flier program, but there is a new report out that find some airlines are better than others at honoring reward travel. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has add rise to get most out of your miles. >> reporter: steve sirochi says using frequent flier miles for travel can be a challenge. >> we fine those types of seats are not always available. >> reporter: consumer reports analyzed 70 million passenger trips over the past two years and found major airlines are getting better at honoring frequent flier miles but some
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are better than others. southwest ranks number one for offering the most award tickets. followed bayou nighted american delta and jet blue. sean bren on regularly flies southwest. >> i think it is a great program because you can fly one way or round trip and you can use relatively few miles to get a quick trip in. >> if you call it and talk to the ticket agent they have more powered and they are more skilled looking at through all of the computer system and trying different routes. >> reporter: consumer reports say airlines process when consumers don't use their miles. >> when you don't use your air miles it is call break age and basically that becomes revenue that the airline puts it right in their pocket and right down to profit. >> reporter: consumer reports say frequent flyers can maximize their miles by shopping months in advance and by booking on the phone with the ticket agent. they recommend never buying additional points. coming up tonight at 11:00 planning a trip i'll look at what travel insurance
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busy afternoon out there right now. >> yes tracking storms. >> storms are coming through. they are off to the north and west right now but they are working their way in our area berks and lancaster county under a severe thunderstorm warning. we will look at that in a moment. we see these storms moving east toward city of philadelphia through rest of tonight and not getting in the city until late tonight after the dinner hours. in the north and western suburbs you have to stay, alert, stay alert to the radar, you can get it on our weather april an and watch skies as dark cloud roll in get off baseball field and where ever you happen to be here tonight. lets look outside. see what is happening in the
5:21 pm
poconos. cloud have rolled in. pocono region is one of the spot that is under a tornado watch. that goes until 10:00 o'clock tonight. a tornado watch does not mean tornadoes are happening but conditions are favorable. conditions could support the formation of the tornado generally a weak, short lived tornado in this area, but we have the possibility that is why it is a tornado watch and not a severe thunderstorm watch. the the storms have yet to arrive but they will get there shortly. lets look at these storms as we head out to storm scan three. they have turn into a line from the harrisburg area right down through central that. that is a good thing talking tornado because once storms form in the squall line we are looking for damaging win. wind of 07 miles an hour can take down tree branches and power lines but not as dangerous as a tornado. we do see that line forming. it is moving pretty quickly toward portions of berks and lancaster counties as these storms continue to progress north and eastwar. we have a couple of warnings to tell but berks county that is north of the reading and you can see that storm with
5:22 pm
heavy rain just south of pottsville and threat for frequent lightening. that goes until 6:15pn. that one little warning effects 30,000 plus people. now we will go further south and this severe thunder storm warning here which impacts portions of lancaster county right along the pennsylvania turnpike here as these storms continue to move eastward. this one is in effect through the rest of the hour. that is effect 1.1 million people impacted by that warning. dauphin, lancaster lebanon and york counties and that goes until 6:15. these storms continuing to progress eastward as we go through the afternoon. we are in the slight risk of western suburbs in that slight risk for severe weather. we can see severe thunderstorm watches shaded in yellow. red shading is tornado watch no warnings right now. that is good news. these tornadoes warnings from earlier have expired. we are looking at temperatures in the 80's, average high 81. we are seeing that south wind that blow torch wind bringing the warm moist air into our region and wind are accelerate agos this cold front progresses toward the area
5:23 pm
timing the storms, poconos and lehigh valley nim time between now and 10:00 p.m. philadelphia and northwestern suburbs. >> 8:00 to 2:00 a.m. and then these storms, will not reach the shore points, until after midnight and they will be generally just heavy downpours by that point. so still some scattered showers and thunderstorms as we head through your tuesday so for tonight we will drop down to 71 degrees. we have a shower or thunderstorm in spots. it could be locally strong. you're witness weather three day forecast shower, thunderstorm tomorrow morning especially and then we will clear it out. we are looking at hot weather through end of the week. twenty-nine by thursday. we will have the seven day in a bit. for
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flying sawers do exist and here is proof tonight, nast launched one to test new technology as part of the mission to mars. this giant balloon lift that had test vehicle high into the atmosphere in hawaii. it took about three hours to travel 120,000 feet, which is three times the cruising altitude of an airplane. right now balloon is preparing to plunge back to the earth and mock three speed. the super sonic parachute will be deployed and hopefully bring it safely down in the ocean. pretty cool experiment there. now to a michigan teen who has walk an impressive 57 miles with his brother on his back. he is doing this to raise awareness about cerebral palsy. >> this 15 year-old hunter, finished long journal friday lambertville to ann arbor. his brother brayden was in a harness. it prevents brayden from walking by himself. they were joined by other family members on this walk. >> i cannot explain how i feel right now. only time i felt anything near
5:27 pm
this where a carried him 40 miles. >> just incredible. what a great set of brothers there. this is second time hunter has walk a long trek with his brother on his back. he got a burst of energy at the very end. cerebral palsy swagger event lasted two days. so, quite the the feat there. >> it is, hard work but i bet he could do another 60 minutes for his brother. pretty impressive. coming up in the next half an hour convicted kill others the loose and police november eye tea where they are. we've got more on the daring escape and if the pair, had help from the inside. also the dangers of tic by the, lyme disease may not be the only thing you need to war bit our health reporter stephanie stahl has new information just released, we will be
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we're back on "eyewitness news" with some breaking news. chopper three is live over what is a four alarm fire, in hamilton mercer county. you can see here from this live picture this is a line of row homes and we're told many of them are on fire. you can see flames coming from that one structure perhaps as many as two. quite a bit of smoke there as well. again, this is, hamilton mercer county east state street is what we're told a line of row homes burning there. no word on any injuries, and it appears as though fire fighters are on the scene you
5:31 pm
can see ladder there you can see holes that have been poke through those roofs as well trying to ventilate those buildings but a fire is heavily alarms and we will bring you updates on tv and also on line at cbs also, 59:30 we are tracking storms across the area kate? we are tracking these nasty storms coming through and out ahead of these storms wind are ago selling rating so that will be a problem for that fire location, wind gusting south at 20 to 25 plus miles an hour right now. look at this line that has formed with severe thunderstorm warnings around berks county, lancaster county moving east at 15. they are moving low slowly with heavy rain's we will get in portion s toward lebanon by 6:00 o'clock tonight. we will track these storms. i will have timing as to when they will get closer to the city coming up in a few minutes, jessica. >> we will see you then. search is intensifying for
5:32 pm
two convicted murderers who broke out of new york's largest maximum prison over the weekend. investigators are looking into whether that pair had help from the inside. cbs news correspondent jill wagner reports now from new york state. >> reporter: convicted murderers david sweat and richard matt are on the run for a third day since they pulled off their daring estate at clifton correctional facility up in state new york. killers used power tools to cut through steel and brick and then went through a underground steam pipes and tunnels before they popped out of the manhole and made a run for it. >> there is limited surveillance take with the fat it is. we have taken a look, nothing has been fruitful at this time for our investigation. >> reporter: governor cuomo is convinced that the men had help but says he would be shocked if a prison guard was involved. police are interviewing hundreds of civilian contractors and employees at 150 year-old prison which has been under going an extensive renovation. the prison is 20 miles from
5:33 pm
the canadian border. officials say the men could be anywhere. >> we will leave no stone urn turned. >> reporter: matt ways serving 25 years to life for kidnapping, killing and dismemberrering his boss in 1997. sweat was in for life for killing a sheriff's deputy in 20 on two. officials say both are considered, armed and extremely dangerous. jill wagner for cbs news, in new york. police say they are following up on at least 150 tips, is there also a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest. sixty-one people were arrested and ten new jersey state troopers were hurt in the clash outside of the concert last night. it happened at met life stadium. the show was sold out and police say that fans who could not get tickets tried to storm the the gates. police in riot gear blocked those gates those people who did have tickets became agitated as well, officers wound up firing tear gas in the crowd and some of them
5:34 pm
then threw bottles back toward the police. >> people have been standing out here for over three and a half hours just trying to get in the concert that they paid their money for and they wouldn't let us in. the way they treat us it is like animals. >> reporter: police say they wanted to clear crowd to avoid congestion when the concert came to an event. concert organizers are offering refund to any fans who tickets were not scanned. a texas police officer is on administrative leave after being caught on cell phone video violently handcuffs a teenage girl. he could also be seen pointing his weapon at other teens who tried to come to that girl's aid. reporter brian of our sister station in dallas k tv t has some more. >> reporter: this is the part of the video that has caused the most outrage on line, a young girl, in only a bikini dragged to the ground by a mckenney police officer. other teenagers tried to intervene the officer pulls out his gun. thirteen year-old janet
5:35 pm
mccurry was there. >> i thought he was getting ready to hurt someone. >> reporter: young girl on the ground begged for help. >> unaudible. >> reporter: but the officer forced on them again. this video shot here, showed the officer dragging the girl across the ground. >> why are you dragging her. >> reporter: girl was apparently trying to tell the officer she was doing nothing wrong this he were trying to make us leave but if we ran they would chase after us. if we stayed they would arrest us. >> i told you to stay on the ground. get down on the ground. >> reporter: earlier the officer could be seen cursing and forcing boys on the ground. you want to screw around around here. >> reporter: he says police were only targeting minority teens. >> obviously there was about race because they mostly did nothing, to the caucasians. >> reporter: officers conduct
5:36 pm
is now under investigation. >> anytime you confront a large group of people there is a very dynamic situation and tensions can rise very quickly. >> reporter: the officers were summoned after this fight between the parties teenage host and an adult woman at the pool. they were also complaints some of the teens didn't have permission to be there. >> i wouldn't want that to be my daughter, in doubt about that but at that point when you have people running around, people just trying to get out of there and get the situation done just like anybody else would. >> reporter: she said she lives nearby and has a pool pass. so did many of her friend. >> they are a acting like we were criminals. we were just there for a pool party. >> reporter: that was brian new from ktvt reporting. the officer has been identified as corporal eric casebolt a ten year veteran of the police department. police are searching for a gunman who opened fire on a south philadelphia street. eyewitnesses say they heard gunshots near fourth and moore around midnight.
5:37 pm
when officers got there they found three vehicles that had been hit with bullets. a man was seen leaving the scene following that shooting and police continue to search for him tonight but we do know there were no injuries in that incident. mother of the college student found dead after a night of drink nothing manayunk, testifies before philadelphia city council. today council heard from karen montgomery as she's in support of the bill introduced by councilman curtis jones which would require bars and any other establishments serving alcohol to install at least one outdoor surveillance camera. shane montgomery a 21 year-old west chester student disappeared on thanksgiving after a night of drinking and he was found dead 36 days later in the schuylkill river. >> i have no delusions that any camera would have saved my shane. i am convinced without a doubt, that had video showed his direction upon his last leaving his last stop, that the suffering endured during the searches, without
5:38 pm
direction, would have been lessened. >> reporter: jones is hopeful that council will vote on the bill before the even of the year. president obama a met with u.s. allies on the second and final day of the g7 summit in the german alps. leaders there turned their a attention to climate change, and agreed that the world should phase out use of fossil fools by the end of the century. they also agreed that sanction as begins russia should remain in place until the a seer fire is reached in the ukraine. isis threat was also discussed. >> where we're trained iraqi forces directly and equipped them and we have a train in this posture they operate effectively. >> the president acknowledged the that the united states needs to improve the speed in which iraqi forces are trained. good evening everyone. what you'll fine this evening is just a lot of rush hour traffic as we take a a look at a hazy shot of the philadelphia sky line in the back here. this is i-95, traveling from
5:39 pm
the southbound direction. definitely have slow go, making your way around girard avenue area but this volleys stretching back toward cottman. throughout the construction zones we have the usual stuff. if you are traveling on the northbound side it looks light around here at girard avenue but don't take it for granted. i-95 we are seeing slow downs throughout the area of the northeast. taking you to the schuylkill expressway 76 around girard avenue east and westbound we are seeing delays in and around the city and in the western suburbs. ninety-five and schuylkill expressway look like they do, speed sensors in the teens and you'll also fine i-95 delays south wound in delaware county, 28 being is your average on the schuylkill and readies bound around 76. sixteen is your average traveling on 476. also the vine street expressway tonight up close 11:00 p.m. to 5:00a m through friday and east and westbound so note that and tacony palmyra bridge is up. now back to the desk. vittoria, thanks very much. more on our breaking news this
5:40 pm
afternoon. you are looking live at a fire in hamilton mercer county that has grown to five alarms. the fire is burning in a line of row homes right now on east, state street, again in, hamilton mercer county. right now no word on any injuries, but it looks like this fire is burning across several homes there, and quite a few fire fighters are on the scene. again, this fire has grown to five alarms right now smoke still billowing out of the structures. chopper three is live over the scene and will continue to monitor fire and progress and have updates on tv and also on cbs big announcement from apple coming up a tech giant business to launch. also a new benefit of non-invasive priest natal testing we will tell what you a simple blood test can expect in expecting mothers kate? still tracking a severe threat, we have a tornado watch for parts of the area and other spots under severe
5:41 pm
thunderstorm warning. i'll let you know when they could make it in your neighborhood c
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apple is the latest company to join the streaming music business, the company today announced its new
5:44 pm
services, called apple music. it cost $9.99 a month or $14.99 for a family plan. apple is entering a market dominated by spotify, they have 60 million users 15 million are paid subscribers. well here's a wake up call right at your front door. >> imagine coffee and doughnuts right there at the doorstep ceo of dunkin' donuts say company is testing a delivery service and most likely wants mobile ordering sometime this year this comes as rival star bucks test an app based delivery services in the northwest. we will see what happens with all of that. we will be
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i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there. this thursday we are taking a stand for hope, cbs-3 and cw philly are proud to partner with alex's lemonade stand foundation, where we are raising money to fight childhood cancer. join us from 6:00 a a.m. through 8:00 p.m. thursday on we remember alex and continue her dream of finding a cure. we will show you stories of childhood cancer heroes, of course, that is reason we're so committed to this cause and we hope you can join us and make a donation as we take a stand for hope. we cannot wait for thursday. it will be a great day. in the meantime storms are brewing around here right now.
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>> beautiful day yesterday. start of today looked g we have had a couple showers this morning but afternoon has been great. tough to believe we're talking about severe weather. now we have a tornado watch that has been extended on include chester bucks and montgomery counties. in that area until 10:00 p.m. you are under a tornado watch. we will show you what is happening. you can see cloud bubbling up here on skies cam three shot from campbell's field toward ben franklin bridge. when you see he cloud build up in the atmosphere we call that towering cumulus and is there a indication that some storms may be approaching. i also want to take you down the shore where we have a nice day. we have sunshine, pretty packed boardwalk in ocean city. should be quiet throughout the rest of the evening. storms will not get in until likely after midnight. lets take a quick with our eyewitness weather watchers where we have nasty storms, brewing. we will go over to lansdale area where it is quiet. lou is in eagleville, reporting 81 degrees. he has sunshine. eighty-one down into chester
5:49 pm
county. area has been added to or tornado watch. paul more son in new london township just some sun. hugh humidity. we did have a gusty breeze from the south all day long. and doug is in southampton new jersey still reporting sun and at 83 degrees. story of the house is the storms approaching rapidly on storm scan three. you can see a line of very slow moving storms. we call these training thunderstorms because they line up like cars on a train basically and follow the same path over and over and that tend to lead to the risk for flash flooding. in this area around harrisburg and berks county, we have nasty conditions n fact i retweeted a picture from my twitter follower who send me a shot from berks county. you can see how black the sky looks. it looks like middle have the night in berks county as this storm works in. look at that lightening. lets take a count of lightening, 198 lightening strikes reported in the past five to ten minutes or so with these storms as they move in berks county and lancaster
5:50 pm
county. look at that heavy rain. it has not moved much in the past ten, 15 or 20 minutes. we have severe thunderstorm warnings. i want to show thaw storm over berks county does have a strong hail signature with it. this is a track of potential hail. see purple shading indicating large hail. 2.4 inches. that is possibility with that hail we could see hail over an inch in diameter as we head through remainder of have this evening. that is another concern. here's our tornado watch in montgomery, bucks and chester county until 10:00 p.m. it does not been dogging this in the city of philadelphia we could end up before the night is over. severe thunderstorm warnings until 6:15. win gusts to 60 miles an hour. that hail to an inch or inch and a half in diameter. a as we head through your temperature map 84 degrees in philadelphia 84 will allentown. eighty-four in wilmington. still very warm. you can see how much cooler it is behind these storms as that rain cooled air makes a difference. real big dent in the
5:51 pm
temperature as we go through the remainder of the afternoon. as we see storms coming through philadelphia, we will see those temperatures drop, current wind coming from the south. they are gusty. your feeling that gusty breeze, fire in hamilton township here and it is definitely going to cause a problem as these wind are gusting over to 20 miles an hour. that strong wind gusts could lead to a fanning of the flames and make it harder to fight that fire. we have warm, moist air on the south wind. advancing cold front. these are storm factors for this evening. active jet stream meaning any storm that pops up will be strong or severe, with damaging win hail and can't rule out that brief isolated tornado to the north and west. tomorrow cloud and thunderstorm in the morning and then some sun. hour by hour best chance of rain in the morning and then sun coming out throughout afternoon. can't rule out an isolated shower four or 5:00 p.m. your seven day forecast after we get through terms tonight and stomach look at this warm up. eighty-six on wednesday. ninety's. high humidity thursday and
5:52 pm
friday. another chance of then are storms to start the weekend. chris and jessica? well, we have a new possible benefit of non-invasive prenatal testing for pregnant woman. researchers have found that it not only detects disorder like down syndrome but may tea tech cancers in the mothers at a very early stage even before symptoms can appear. also on the healthwatch warm summer days, they are here now and increase risk of t ic by the and possibly lyme disease. for the past five years in pennsylvania, we have had most cases of tic born illnesses anywhere in the country. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has new research about a new tic threat. >> reporter: steve trout is vigilant about protecting himself and grand kid from tics after having lime disease himself. >> it is probably the worst illness or pain i have been through. >> reporter: lyme disease is most common tics born illness but not only one. report in the annals of
5:53 pm
internal medicine found a newly recognized ailment related to tics bm d is more common in the north east. >> sometimes it is a very high fever, severe headache, a lot of body aches and pains. >> reporter: doctor bonnie prince studies tics born diseases which can cause wide ranging symptoms and can be especially difficult to diagnosis. best way to prevent t ic by the ace to wear long sleeves and pants talk in sachs. >> tics will be at the edge of the staying in the middle of the path that is one way to stay away from where tics would be. >> reporter: it is important to have others check you for tics dean's wife found his so he he could get quick treatment. many tic transmitted diseases can be treated with antibiotics, pennsylvania resident have been warned of an increased risk of tic related diseases after a study found tics present in every county throughout the state for the very first time. lots of people talking about this now. we have all kind of information for you at cbs
5:54 pm i will post it on my facebook and twitter feed. how do you get rid of the tics what to do. >> you don't like to think bit because it makes you feel queasy but you have to think bit going outside. >> steph, thank you. still ahead an incident on the plane involving a super model. >> why was
5:55 pm
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philadelphia's a free library kicks off summer of reading. this was summer of wonder kick off event featuring stories crafts and this guy the the phillies fanatic. library supports literacy in the city encouraging more than 50,000 children, teens and adults to read and participate in library events during the summer months. well, super model is reportedly booted off an airplane. >> media reports in britain say kate moss was removed from her flight, the 41 year-old was escorted off a jet flight just landing in london from turkey. police will not officially identify the passenger but they say the person was removed for being disruptive during the the flight. well melissa mccarthey
5:58 pm
takes the lead at the box office. >> her espionage comedy called spy debuted over the the weekend in the top spot. it is first time that the star of cbs mike and molly has been a star in the number one film. congratulations. movie pulled in 30 in million-dollar over the weekend. san andreas a dropped to second with 26 million followed by insidious chapter three, enter age had a disappointing opening only ten million-dollar. and mad max: fury road. round out the top five pulling in another 8 million bucks. all those films get a lot more competition this weekend when jurassic world rolls into the theaters. a lot of people waiting for that one. >> yes. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. at 6:00 we have an eye on the storm. >> kate? >> indeed we do, we are tracking storms moving from the west and they are slowing down bringing risk for flash flooding as well as damaging winds, hail and tornado watch in effect for parts of the area i will have details coming up. also at 6:00 o'clock
5:59 pm
breaking his silence the penn state fraternity pledge who alerted officials about a hazing scandal speaks for the first time and he has harsh words about the university. and a suspect in custody an allege hit and run driver who critically injured a pennsville teen turns himself in we will tell you how police were able to track down the car involve. plus a scare for high school students, after flames break out in a philadelphia high school, we will have the latest on the investigation there. we will begin at 6:00 with an update on breaking news, fire crews are battling the fire that has now gone to five alarms and scorched several row homes in mercer county. this is chopper three live over the scene right now, in the 1700 block of east state street, in hamilton right now no word on injuries but we are keeping an eye on the situation and we will update you throughout the broadcast.
6:00 pm
we have an eye on the storm, severe weather is inching, ever closer to the area. we could be in for a serious storms tonight. and good evening i'm chris may. aim jessica dean. lets get over to meteorologist kate bilo tracking a system from the weather center, is what the latest. latest is a tornado watch has been extended until 10:00 p.m. that does include chester, bucks montgomery counties. we have risk for flash flooding, storm prediction center issued a special statement these storms have really slowed down quite a bit and they are training, moving over the same area and really again slowing progression so they can dump rainfall in the same area for extended period of time leading to the risk of flash flooding and could dump one to 2 inches of rain, as we go through next several hours. the worst over burks and lancaster county. that is where the and hail signature with that storm as


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