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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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broadcast. we have an eye on the storm, severe weather is inching, ever closer to the area. we could be in for a serious storms tonight. and good evening i'm chris may. aim jessica dean. lets get over to meteorologist kate bilo tracking a system from the weather center, is what the latest. latest is a tornado watch has been extended until 10:00 p.m. that does include chester, bucks montgomery counties. we have risk for flash flooding, storm prediction center issued a special statement these storms have really slowed down quite a bit and they are training, moving over the same area and really again slowing progression so they can dump rainfall in the same area for extended period of time leading to the risk of flash flooding and could dump one to 2 inches of rain, as we go through next several hours. the worst over burks and lancaster county. that is where the and hail signature with that storm as
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well. that is severely warned at the moment. we are warnings extending down into lancaster as well. seventy strikes of lightening with these cells. we are watching right around kutztown and large hail at 1.5 in diameter this storm is moving east but very slowly at 15 miles april hour bringing to it reading by 6:14. and, exiter at 6:36 ape white hall by 6:58 p.m. it includes all of our north and western suburbs. does not include philadelphia or delaware counties or south jersey or delaware but north and west of the city until 10:00 p.m. that tornado watch will be in effect. between now and 10:00 p.m. poconos and lehigh valley getting a brunt of it. philadelphia and northeast suburbs eight and 2:00. down the shore and southern delaware after midnight when we can expect heavier downpours to move through. we will talk about how much rain we can sianni clear it out and behind this we have serious heat for the even of the week, jessica back over
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to you. today kappa delta row fraternity expelled 38 in members from the penn state chapter and we are hearing from the first time from former pledged turn whistle blower. he filed a lawsuit against fraternity and penn state. charlotte huffman has details on what the intelligent called barbaric and life threatening hazing. >> reporter: i learn the hard way in a very painful way that the fraternity house was a lot of things, but honorable, was in the one of them. >> reporter: disturbing allegations of what former pledge james says happened inside of the fraternity house are all detailed in an eight count complained obtained by the iteam. he says he and other pledges were forced to drink from a bucket of liquor milk with urine, even vomit subjected to physical abuse including cigarette burns and among other things, forced to gust will hard liquor without stopping until vomiting. all part of a ritual. even more shocking he says that the details subscribed
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described in this lawsuit in philadelphia state court happened under the university's nose. he says he took photos, text messages and other proof to university investigators and that was more than a year ago. he says that he showed the university hundreds of documents, including text messages such as these referencing the use of drugs like coke, adderall and what he calls an obvious culture of hazing. then there was allege sexual harassment that included a secret facebook page where members posted photos of nude and unconscious female students. photos that he says his attorney aaron says are too vulgar to show. >> is there an image maybe one of them, more disturbing of a young man and young woman both of them passed out in a portable potty with her apartment is at her ankles. these were images that were sent around, were commented on were laughed about.
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>> reporter: and, shown to the university. a according to freewall who likens the cover up to penn state's handling of the jerry sandusky case. >> the attitude of keeping this in house perhaps looking the other way. certainly being painfully slow to respond is identical. >> the complaint alleged that it wasn't until he took everything to police this year that penn state finally took action, and last month kick a fraternity off campus. however, the university says that in a statement that he would not file a complaint or pursue the formal disciplinary process when investigators first met with him. his attorney says, that statement, is false, and he plans to present evidence to prove it when this whole thing goes to court. >> you will be there. >> we will definitely. >> charlotte, thanks. suspect in the new jersey hit and run has now turn himself into police. a 17 year-old man was struck
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sunday morning on norfolk road in pennsville salem county. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live at police headquarters with the very latest information now cleve. >> reporter: chris, let's be clear he turn himself in but police track the hit and run suspect down using serial numbers on parts found at the scene. he is in lock up at pennsville police station and charged with aggravated assault by auto. is there anything you want to say to kyle's family. pennsville police say zachary mcdone ace cooperating after initially trying to avoid arrest. after a hit and run early sunday morning he stole a relative's car cover to hide the gray hyundai accent he was driving. >> he is giving a full statement right now. he is upset. he realize he he has hurt somebody but scared and didn't know what to do. >> reporter: police say victim 17 year-old kyle pszenny was riding his skateboard after going to work and stopping by to see his girl friend. police say at the moment of impact he flipped over
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mcdonough's car and suffered severe head injuries. >> devastated to see him and the whole family just all upset, and i'm just in shock seeing him like that. >> reporter: these are kyle's cousins. >> we're worried sick with him. it will be tough for him. >> reporter: as kyle fights to recover pennsville high school is cheering for him like never before. monday students formed a giant seven his number on the football team. staff or school colors in his honor, and students shared encouraging messages, using hash tag kyle strong. >> he is a tough kid. i played football with my whole life. he will be all right. >> reporter: pszenny is in christiana hospital and they are in the releasing his current conditions. his mother says even though he is unconscious he is react to go light and other stimulus. tomorrow tonight there will be a candle light vigil for him at the local high school football field. cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a 28 year-old man is facing dui charges in the crash that claimed the life of
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the 17 year-old boy. police say that driver was drunk, and ran a red light in hunting park last night. garcia was hit while riding a bicycle and rushed to einstein medical center where he died. well breaking news right now, philadelphia police have made an arrest in the death of the man who was found stuffed inside of a suitcase near the airport. this that is man, 40 year-old year-old scott burnheisell the man arrested is thomas brennan of philadelphia we don't know the circumstances surrounding this man's death but we do know that last month someone walking a dog found that suitcase, behind a tinicum township, industrial park. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at ben franklin high school in philadelphia chopper three was overhead as fire fighters hit the flames with water, those flames were shooting through window at a time. just before 10:00 a science teacher noticed fire coming
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through the ceiling. by the tile fire fighters arrived, white smoke was gushing out of the fourth floor classroom where that fire was contained and eventually extinguished. >> it hit me as soon as i came down the hall way. >> reporter: 457 students were evacuated and taken to the nearby franklin learning center. no one was injury. school will be opened tomorrow. a three alarm fire ripped through a home in hamilton township mercer county, chopper three over that scene of 100 block of waiverly place this afternoon. you can see damage done there fire fighters were called to the area around 11:00 this morning. no one was injury. the causes under investigation. a car flipped over on the roosevelt boulevard chopper three over that scene in north east philadelphia and we're told two people were taken to torresdale hospital, no word on their injuries. we are getting a look at surveillance video from the bank robbery in montgomery county. authorities want your help as they try to crack this man down. he robbed a bank of america
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branch on plymouth road in plymouth meeting last week. he also fired a gun during that robbery but no one was injury. police believe this same man robbed a wells fargo bank in bryn mawr back in may. chester county priest, pleads guilty to charges of child pornography. fifty-six year-old mark haines admitted to posing as a 16 year-old girl on a teenage dating web site trying to get sexually explicit photos of young girls. he then distributed images of girls being sexually assaulted. haines faces a mandatory minimum of ten years in prison and scheduled for sentencing in september. still to come here on "eyewitness news" an alarming statistic that has one south jersey city on alert tonight. alexandria. a major spike in heroin overdose necessary camden, so much so police issued a warning we will take a closer look coming up. organizers are calling it the most ambitious aid
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educational project in philadelphia history we will tell you about the first of its kind conference in the fight against the illness kate? things are quiet in philadelphia for now but not for long strong storms heading our way, we will an eye on the storm tonight these severe then are storm could bring damaging wind hail and flash flooding we will have the latest, coming up, leslie. chip kelly had a special guest at practice and sam bradford continues to increase his work load rehabbing from that torn acl. we will have more on his come back later in sports.
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tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 if you ever planned a great trip and then suddenly something went wrong travel insurance cannery em burst you for illness is and canceled flights but you can also get protection from much more, three on your side jim donovan will show you how to find a policy to fit your needs tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. lets look live now from the cbs-3 mobile weather lab look at those skies looking quite threat evening in douglassville berks county. you can see storms making their way in the area. now lets take another look, this is at storm scan three you can see that line of thunderstorms pushing its way
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through the the area we will check with meteorologist kate bilo in just about three minutes. new at 6:00 an alarming number of heroin overdose necessary camden have officials taking action. >> they are getting word out right now and as "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff shows us they are trying to get life saving remedy in as many hands as possible. >> reporter: people like lindsey bear is in high demand. >> preregistration forms to get their contact information. >> reporter: as it become legal in new jersey she's been training people to administer narcan, the nasal spray, that rerests effects of the overdose. >> we have aloft support groups parent pennsylvania support grooms, loved ones our own clients come in to have it a lot of homeless here in camden carry it on them. >> reporter: you heard that right, some of the camden homeless carry narcan and is there a reason. >> we have had 32 overdosees. three of them were fatal. >> reporter: that same week last year saw nine total
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heroin overdosees. those who work closely with addicts say spike could mean is there a dangerous new blend on the market right now. even more dangerous many addicts consider product better and stronger, more overdosees it causes. >> we have had some several today this morning. >> reporter: police add at least a dozen deaths were prevented last week alone by police or e ms administer narcan but it is not all roses. >> we say give half of the dose because more of the dose they give more withdrawal they will feel and they can be violent. >> reporter: what about those that feel that narcan perpetuates the problem. >> i argue with them and say it is a life. if that was your family member or child would you want that out there. >> reporter: free from urban treatment associates but must accompany a training session and information about treatment. reporting from camden, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". month of june is aids education month and today philadelphia hosted the end aids 2015 conference.
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the event brings together three different summits including hiv prevention and outreach prison health care and community reentry and faith and spirituality. there were numerous exhibits with different resources for education and assistance. >> we will get to talk about what the latest treatment, is what new what is going on and how to end this epidemic, really and how we can stop it in philadelphia. >> this event featured several speakers and more than 65 different workshops. it is organize by philadelphia fight, which is the cities aids services organization. >> in the meantime we are tracking that severe weather that is making its way through. kate, you guys have been very busy. >> these storms blossomed and they are turning stronger a and stronger toward our region. a all of us will be in for nasty weather here as we head through tonight. it will take its time getting down the shore. we will be good until around midnight later tonight here in philadelphia we have had an eye on the storm this evening. lets look outside and things
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are still looking calm here in the city of philadelphia looking to the west, you can see those towering cumulus cloud indicative of the storms beginning to build to the west but for right now only area that have storms in our neck of the woods are well off to the west. berks and lancaster counties especially right now. let go to storm scan three to see where these line of storms are extending from berks county into portions of lancaster county and harrisburg area. right down toward k d.c. area as well. i want to take a closer look at these storms. a lot of these have severe thunderstorm warnings. allentown on the brink of seeing this storm moving through. they have popped up a severe thunderstorm warning for that area portions of bucks hunter ton, and allentown bethlehem lower macungie and white hall until 7:15. 700,000 people in that little watch area and that is thanks to this storm and you can see that hook shape witt, that means, when you see that hook shape that is indicative of strong straight lines wind. we are talking about wind
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gusts in excess of 07 miles an hour. that could bring down tree branches and power line. strong wind and heavy rain as well. allentown look for this storm around 6:00 to 22. easton, 6:45. towamencin by 7:00 o'clock. 7:08 in montgomery. that storm has a his testify of trail thank. you can see where heavier and largest hail was reported. is 1.5 inches reported back across portions of berks count which that particular cell. take a look at this photo sent on twitter. this is from matthew in berks county. look at that sky. just ominous liz blackout there tornado watch until 10:00 p.m. that includes montgomery, bucks, chester counties. it does not include philadelphia we will let you know if that changes. it is not until ten or 11:00 that storms role through philadelphia, and then move down the shore kathy orr will be in at ten and 11:00 tracking those severe storms. flash flooding a an issue as these storms have move over same areas. some spots could have two or 3 inches of rain before all is said and done. moving forward in time, still a thunderstorm tomorrow and we
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will clear it out and start to heat things up. we're talking 90's by end of the week. overnight tonight a few thunderstorms. is severe early mainly cloudy otherwise 07 degrees. for your tuesday, watch for thunderstorm in the morning. cloud giving way to sun. high of 85. on your exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast, here comes the heat. eighty-six on wednesday. pretty nice day. ninety's on thursday and friday, and then 89 degrees on saturday with a chance for a thunderstorm. so we just missed a heat wave by just one day, we will get to 90 on saturday. it could be the first heat wave of the year. sunday back to 84 degrees. quiet weather by the end of the week once we get you this nasty storms heading our way through tonight. >> keep an eye on those kate, thanks a lot. >> sure. good evening everyone. we are trying to keep an eye on rush hour. southbound side of i-95 is improving a bit around the area of the betsy ross bridge but cannot say the same for northbound side. i-95 northbound is severe liz jam out of the center city down through to cottman.
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there it is, that is vine street expressway. we are seeing delays in either direction. to and from the schuylkill. it is rush hour, brace yourself, still for. that also in new jersey, maple shade, 38 westbound right around kings high way, we have an accident there. notice yellow sensors tour indicating definite slow downs but left lane is block. as a result, of some signal problems norristown he spied line is 20 minute delayed route 13 trolley is shuttle busing but septa inn a new jersey transit as well as amtrak are all running on time. stay with us, we're cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 and we will be right back.
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other liver or kidney problems or other medical conditions. and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. harvoni should not be taken with any medicines containing amiodarone, rifampin, or st. john's wort. it also should not be taken with any other medicine that contains sovaldi. side effects may include tiredness and headache. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. eagles back at it. >> counting down the days with
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the final three days of eagles organize team activities, darren sproles and fletcher cox absent. last years top draft pick marcus smith was back on the field after missing first two weeks with the groin injury and quarterback sam bradford once again took part in seven on seven drills as he recovers from his second acl surgery. he is still not taking part in any team drills but says his knee is feeling good. >> it just feels good to be back out there playing football again. as many route i have thrown over past pennsylvania couple months it is nice to be out there for the guys getting a feel for offense and running plays we will run. past couple weeks have gone well as far as percentage, i'm in the sure but i know that the knee feels really good. >> chip kelly with the special visitor at novacare complex sixers head coach brett brown watched practice. sixers will debut their new jerseys june 181st week before the nba draft, third overall pick in the first round. phillies start an eight
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game road trip tonight in cincinnati, cole hamels on the mound and he has been on the role in the last six starts he has given up two runs or less plus dominated reds in his career. ten-o with 1.45 era in 14 starts. phillies sign veteran right-hander kevin to a major league contract spent this season pitching for giants triple a club. he went zero and one with a 3.65 era. he will join the team in cincinnati and is expect to start on friday against the pirates. we have third game of the stanley cup finals tonight in chicago, lightening and black hawks tied at one in the best of seven. ben bishop will be back between pipes for tampa. and nba finals move to cleveland tomorrow night with the series tied at one appease, cavilers behind lebron james triple double beat warriors 95-93 in overtime and for first time in history first two games of the best of seven series has gone in overtime. we will be right
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clearance even though they were on a terror watch list. also tonight, police search everywhere for escaped killers who could be anywhere. did think have inside help breaking out? a cop is put on administrative leave after this takedown of a teenage girl caught on video. and parts of louisiana, it is the worst flooding in 70 years. and the river is still rising. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. nearly 14 years after tourists turned commercial jetliners into weapons of mass destruction, there are still holes in the airport security net. an investigation by the inspector general of the homeland security department


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