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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 9, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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y brought down this tree on wissahickon avenue near carpenter lane in west mt. airy. crews have been working all night long to remove that tree after it landed on power lines. we're told that wissahickon avenue should reopen soon, justin will have the latest on that with your traffic report in one moment. first though, get ready for some sun and more storms today. bit of mixed bag. so will rain ruin your outdoor plans? >> katie in the weather center this morning. what can we expect in more of the same? >> i would say at least little bit more of the same. not going to be dealing with anywhere near the severe weather threat thankfully here today. we are still sitting in a marginal risk, for the potential maybe of some stronger thunderstorms but it shouldn't be anything like what we saw rumbling through here yesterday late in the day, where there were even not just as we saw in the video there some power lines pulled down but trees pulled down, even unconfirmed funnel cloud spotted. but rain amounts were definitely significant. even though things rolled through somewhat quickly we ended up with almost one and a half inches of rain in reading, pa, honeybrook pick
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up over one, shy of one in hatfield. so certainly was drenching downpour kind after day here. we still have lots of moisture to work w as you can see even though storm scan lasse learningly gotten rid of some of the heavier thunderstorms you can see there are still some pockets anyway of showers, most mother bridge, through southern new jersey, and specially salem county crossing out from the delaware bay area. so as we look out to the west, what you are finding is still some additional wet weather firing up. the back edge, or really where we sit right now the leading edge of the cold front that still has yet to actually cross through. we need one more day basically scattered showers and storms to fire up before we can say we're done with this system. than will actually start to happen even as early as tonight. temperatures meantime, are somewhat muggy, in the low seven's, upper 60s generally around the board right now with dew point only within couple every degrees of that. so it is definitely a saturated air mass. and that is going to allow for some of the showers and thunderstorms to fire up yet again, also, with the instability of that
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approaching front. so around the region, not wash out after day. i would still keep your umbrella at the ready also, your ears perk, if you have got outdoor plans, i would keep them, justin, but just listen up. if you hear thunder head inside. >> i'm with you. a loft moisture in the atmosphere, you can feel it juiced up. showers could come down pretty heavy. good news, no flooded roadways at least reporting at this hour. so looking okay as the roads start to dry out in areas that aren't seeing the rain at this hourment take you to the vine street expressway because of the heavy rain last night they canceled construction zone. so it did not close down, but tonight again 11:00 both directions eastbound and westbound, from broad to the schuylkill expressway, will be closed starting at 11:00 tonight until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. still dealing with the accident scene, schuylkill westbound right at south street. it is on the left, the right lane closed, but getting by on the left side. just little slow around that scene. area speeds, still looking good, running at the speed limit in and around the city, no problems on the pa turnpike blue route, 95 looks good. now, we take new bryn mawr, we do have downed tree at ash
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bridge road between air dale and wakefield, so just be careful of that. and also, southwest philadelphia, we do have house fire, bo month avenue between 56th and 57th. that's a look at your ride, back to you. >> justin, thank you. developing right now calls for increased secure till after threatening phonecall against harrington middle school mt. laurel, new jersey. the threat was one of several made to schools in both new jersey and pennsylvania. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in mt. laurel with the precautions officials are taking today taking it seriously jan good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. now, officials in this area received that threatening phonecall against this middle school right around 9:00 last night. soap, police quickly responded to the scene searched the area shall searched the building and found no threat. how much as a precaution today, police will be on scene all day long. and student and staff will be searched before even entering the school. officials are asking that student only bring essential items with them today in order to expedite that process. now, the threat here at harrington middle school was
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just one of several made not only in new jersey but in pennsylvania, as well, chopper three, over simmons elementary school in horsham yesterday morning. police say a threatening call was made to the school's main office. now, nothing suspicious was found, and the lock-down there was lifted. also in montgomery couldn't, a lock-down at hatboro horsham high school made to the district's elementary school. chopper three over the scene as police canvas that area, they again found nothing. and classes resumed. now, back out here live in mt. laurel, no other schools in this district have been impacted by this threat, and of course anyone with information about this threat is asked to call police. we are reporting live in mt. laurel this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan thank you. fire damages a store in the elmwood section of philadelphia overnight. firefighters arrive to the ek dollar and grocery woodland avenue and gould street around 2:00 this morning. they quickly placed the fire under control so about 20
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minute to knock down there, were no injuries there, fire fight remembers now investigating the cause of that fire. >> also, overnight shooting in north philadelphia. authorities say 28 year old man was shot multiple times and was then dropped off at temple university hospital by a private vehicle. the driver didn't wait around to talk to police. police now believe the shooting took place at 11th street and indianna avenue around midnight. the victim is currently in stable condition. >> happening today police step up the search for missing mother from delaware, who vanish almost a year ago. new castle county police and the fbi are launching new campaign to find trader, the mother of three vanished from her new castle home last july. a neighbor told police that he saw trader being fors intoed her car. it is a 2,000 silver acura rl with license plate 404893. no one has seen trader since then. >> philadelphia police have released this new surveillance video of the robbery suspect
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who survived a gun battle with an off-duty detective. police say that he is one of two men who held a gun to the detective head at the rising sun pizzeria last thursday night. when they started shooting, that detective fired back, killing one of the suspect. once again here is a close look at that surveillance video. detective think he may also be responsible for several other robberies around the city. >> fire in hamilton township mercer county damages nearly two dozen homes. chopper three over the scene at waverly place around 5:00 yesterday evening the fire grew to six alarms, then flames engulf the shared roof of the entire row of houses. the whole block was evacuated and there were no injuries. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >> a vigil is planned tonight for the south jersey teenager critically injured in a hit-and-run. police have arrested the suspect, 17 year old kyle was hit sunday morning on north hook road in pennsville, new jersey. police now say 23 year old
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zachary mc donahue was hit-and-run driver, and that he used a relative's car cover to hide his damaged car. he was ride his skateboard when he was hit and he suffered severe head injuries. >> what he did was wrong. and the fact that he just kept going, just shows that he's not a good person, and i can't believe this. >> kyle is now at christianna hospital in delaware, zachary mc donahue charged with aggravated assault by auto, after alleged taped confession. the young girl at the center of this controversial video, that young woman right there, she is speaking out. the video which has gone viral with millions of views shows that police officer in texas pink that 15 year old girl to the ground, protesters say the officer used excessive force while breaking up the pool party over the weekend, even pointing his gun later. we don't see it right there. but later pointed his gun at other teenagers. don champion has the story. video of the incident during a pool party has been
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seen more than 8 million times on line. monday evening it had hundreds of people protesting at a mckinney texas pool. it is where officer eric casebolt was seen aggressively detaining 15 year old beckton neighbors had called police after a fight and to complaint about teens who did not have permission to be at the pool. the pool was reserve of the for a party by a woman who lived in the neighborhood. the homeowners association limits guests to only two per person, but about 130 showed up at one point beckhold could be heard casing andrew his weapon. >> i was like telling him he can get off me, because my back was hurting really bad. >> at the protest many called for the officer's firing. >> i've been angry all day but to be treat that way? i thank god it wasn't my son. >> others showed support for the police. >> absolutely ridiculous, at
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the end of the day the children screwed up, and they didn't listen to what the police officers were saying. >> mckinney police say their internal investigation into the incident continues. don champion, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a grand jury in south carolina indicts a former police officer for murder in the shooting death after unarmed black man. north charleston police officer, michael slager, was caught on camera firing eight times, as 50 year old water scott tried to run away on april 4th. the killing inflamed national debate about how black people are treated by white police officers. slager grew up in mt. laurel, and graduated from lenape high school. still ahead local landmark is facing the wrecking ball. the fight happening today to save the church from being demolished. >> also, two killers on the run after a daring prison break. now, there are signs that may have been an inside job. >> and safety on the rails. the new recommendations to make amtrak trains safer after the deadly derailment in port
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richmond. >> and we'll see sunshine and storms today. depends on where you are what you will see today. katie has your forecast, to let you know if rain arrives for you with traffic and weather together. that's coming up after the break.
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>> wants commute err railroad to look where they have sharp curves and automatic safety systems to prevent trains from going too fast. agent asks also suggesting adding more warning signs about speed. investigators believe speed played a role in the may 12th crash, that killed eight people and injured about 200 other. >> time now 5:12.
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happening today the fight to save the historic fishtown church heads to philadelphia's historical commission. parish members trying to stop the archdioces from tearing down the old church at berks and memphis street. the archdioces says it would cost three and a half million dollars to repair the church, that's more than 100 years old, and $1 million to demolish it. today's hearing at the historical commission starts at 9:30. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf, is deciding his next move after the senate rejected his nominee for state police commissioner. the senate voted 26 to 22 against marcus brown shortly after wolf tried to withdraw the nomination. senate officials say they can't remember another time the nominees been voted down. for now, wolf says, he'll keep brown in his job as acting commissioner. >> 5:13, checking with katie to get our traffic and weather together. really just mixed bag it sound like. >> really is. it is classic summertime day. that's for sure here, we have the heat, we have the
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humidity, we have some sun, we have wet weather all thrown into one forecast for you here today. storm scan3, showing why. you have got a frontal boundary trying to cross through here. it is not really the slowest front we've ever seen granted you know last week we had the system that just hung on all week long. this one is going to get out of here by tonight but it is the very same system that helped to produce all of that severe weather and all of the heavy rain, that came through yesterday. so we've still got a lot of moisture to work with. granted shouldn't have as much of a severe threat and instability to work with, which is good news, but regardless, some of the storms could turn little feisty. which we'll discuss. meanwhile here is your front extends all the way back in toward the deep south lower mississippi valley. moisture associated what was hurricane blanca, now moving inland here, than is very likely going to be crossing through the rest of the united state, so, it is interesting how you can have a storm in the eastern pass i have i can typically would continue out in eastern pacific but this one getting drawn not us this time. future weather showing what we're talking about here, scattered, you know, not everyone is getting hit at any
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given time. but it does appear on future weather, whether this is right or not in terms of location, that really any time is fair game. at least through midday, for smattering of showers and/or thunderstorms to be firing up. but, by this evening sun starting to drop down over the horizon, things starting to clear out overhead. should and lot more comfortable for you later tonight. meantime let's talk about these storm threats. anything that fires up again will be scattered but because there is so much moisture, could you get doused. so i would suggest the umbrella just don't want to take a chance on. that will lightning wind, still going to be moderate concern. we could see some small size hail. we are not however worried about any tornado activity today, definitely good news. looking forward in the forecast we head into thursday and friday specifically low 90's, the expectation for us here, with sunshine on the way. it is steamy. it is hot. it is definitely going to feel like the dog days of summerment looking ahead to saturday, new cold front on the move. that will will be triggering fresh round of showers or thunderstorms, we think. so the sheet here.
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every single day is above average. >> right. >> we will be well over achieving by the tail end of the week. >> ninety's later this week. feels like summer. >> that's right, hopefully we don't have any thunderstorms try to get good night sleep last night went to bed early wasn't happening. bamm, the storms were rolling on through. still showers around, at least no flooded roads that we see right now in our traffic cameras, but we had an accident earlier on 76 westbound, at south street. they have now cleared that up. so looking pretty good. both directions, and some players up earlier looks like they're still there but getting by there with no problem. you can see the skies though still little dark there with clouds around the region. forty-two freeway southbound, to new jersey, looks good, headlights northbound, into the city, volume picking up just little built still moving at good speeds, same deal in northern delaware, route one, route 40, nine, a 495, through wilmington, no problems over the bridge, into new jersey, running at the speed limit on 295 and the jersey turnpike. we do have downed tree, this
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was from last night west mt. airy wissahickon avenue, stays closed near carpenter lane again weather-related also another downed tree in bryn mawr, at ash bridge road between air dale and wakefield. that's a look at your ride this morning diane a over to you. >> thanks, justin. penn state fraternity rocked by scandal now we're hearing from the student whistle blower and the university response to serious accusations. >> also, a wal-mart worker escapes after being kidnapped on the job. how she finally managed to break away from her kidnapper we'll be right
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>> north 62nd street, a home invasion around 4:00 this morning, they shoved that female resident and got a which with cash, so far and police have no suspect. woman is treated for minor injuries.
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>> cap a delta row fraternity expelled 38 members from its penn state fraternity. >> this move comes on the same day former pledge turned whistle blower james filed a lawsuit against the fraternity and the university yesterday. the seoul alleges he and others were forced to drink mixture of alcohol and bodily fluid there. were also allegations of sexual harrassment which reportedly include add facebook secret fraternity facebook page, posted photos of nude and unconscious female student. >> i learned the hard way in a very painful way that the fraternity house was a lot of things. but honorable was not one of them. >> the complaint alleges penn state waited too long to takings. however, the university says in a statement that he would not file a complaint or pursue the formal disciplinary process when investigators first met with him. diana? >> erika there is morning, there is a manhunt underway in wisconsin, wal-mart employee
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was forced into a karat gunpoint. you can see surveillance video of the suspect right there. victim eventually able to escape after her abductor had driven 238 miles. police say -- 230 miles. police say she seized the opportunity to escape, when her abductor stopped for gas. officer daniel stripe delivered the good news to worried family members. >> she was found alive huge emotional roller coaster for them, but to see the look on their faces when we told them that their daughter was found alive and well, it was just great. >> relief after some very scary moment there. authorities say the woman texted her boyfriend after she was abducted that text allowed police to track her phone. the suspect who police say knows the victim is still at large. >> right now 5:21, and still ahead this morning little girl, oh she steels the show at this dance re al. you have to see the show stopping moves.
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>> brand new best children's hospitalization in the country. see where chop landed on this year's list. >> it is tuesday morning and we'll be right back.
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>> we are tracking a retreat actually will take most of the day for it to cross through start to clear out in our area. so as a result, still going to find scattered variety of showers, and/or thunderstorms lots of moisture in this atmosphere so when anything pops and it could be really anywhere that things pop it could drench you. so i do suggest an umbrella today. like we said eventually we are going to see things start to clear out of here we tonight. meantime still getting three beach balls out of five for the poolside forecast. keep in mind, if you hear
5:25 am
thunder you have to head inside. that's just given. but you will see enough sun. it will be steamy enough, that yes, could you definitely take a dip. if that's what you want to do. tomorrow looks like a much nicer day by comparison. we are expecting to see upper 80s out there today or rather tomorrow, and minus the humidity, but full sunshine returns, and whole day looks totally dry. looks pretty nice, justin. >> three beach balls in the forecast, i like. that will remember if you can hear thunder close enough to be struck by lightning. hit the roads, 95 at girard, volume starting to increase southbound, see the headlights right, there a loft early risers out there roads drying out, areas not seeing the showers, we take you to the blue route past mid-county. both directions smooth sailing this morning, still some clouds to deal with. all right, we have an accident now on the boulevard southbound, the outer drive this is at levick street. so just be aware that far situation. mass transit reporting no delays, that's a look at your ride. we send it back over to you. >> thank justin. now, in sports, the phillies face the reds again tonight at the great american ballpark in cincinnati. last night the phils took in
5:26 am
early lead, when ryan howard doubled and ben revere in the first inning. the game was tide in the sixth, son of the former phillie owners off cole hamels. dejesus first career homerun and the reds first ever win over cole hamels. the final was six to four, cincinnati. used tenth pick in the player draft to grab georgia lie school shortstop corneilius randolph. he batted 528 with four homeruns and 18 stolen bases and 17 games this past spring. the phils already have shortstop jp crawford in the pipeline. so, randolph will likely move to the outfield. the phils say he's one of the best hitters available in the draft. erika? >> to the nba now the final resume tonight in cleveland the cavaliers and golden state warriors split a pair of over time throws in oakland to start the series, the cavs labron james has scored 83 points, just the first two games. >> the tampa bay lightning now
5:27 am
up two games to one in the stanley cup finals. the lightning cedric scored the deciding goal with just three minutes, 112th left in the game last night against the blackhawks in chicago. tampa wins, three-two lightning goalie ben bishop was game tying decision, stopped 36 of 38 shots. game four is tomorrow night in chicago. >> check this out, could be the best rally cap ever. see that you? can you keep it on? about 15 hats stack on top of the ccu player's head, they beat texas in the 16th inning to earn trip to the college world series. i'm reminded of the leaning hospice, a hole on, there you go. >> that's outstanding balance. well done. like jenga. >> looks heavy too. coming up in the next half hour, the latest on some threats bringing police to local schools this morning. >> also, they are two of the most wanted men in the country, the growing manhunt
5:28 am
to find the two convicted kill heres broke out of prison, and the possible help they got behind bars. >> also, local family, finds messages of hate on their car. now the search is on for the vandals. >> and justin and katie return they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's. looking at some more rain today. katie has your forecast when we come right back.
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from the cbs broadcast in philadelphia cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now, there is an intense manhunt to find these two convicted kill heres use power tools to break out of prison. now, there are signs that they may have had help on the inside. good morning, to you. cbs news has learned that female prison employee is now being questioned in connection to the this daring escape. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in our sat center this morning, with the latest developments. good morning justin.


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