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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast in philadelphia cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now, there is an intense manhunt to find these two convicted kill heres use power tools to break out of prison. now, there are signs that they may have had help on the inside. good morning, to you. cbs news has learned that female prison employee is now being questioned in connection to the this daring escape. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in our sat center this morning, with the latest developments. good morning justin. >> reporter: good morning,
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diana, erika, as of right now that woman is only being questioned, they say she used to work with those men tayloring clothing in the prison, as for the prison itself, 40 minutes from canada, 45 from vermont so there is concern all of these days later these men could be just about anywhere. >> day four in the search for david sweat, and richard matt, the fbi has now joined the manhunt and the going through hundreds of leads. law enforcement sources tell cbs news woman who worked at the clinton correctional facility is being questioned about her possible connection to the escape. >> discusting, i can't believe it. >> steve answer he is brother, kevin, murdered back in 2002. sweat was serving life without parole for the crime. >> i can't believe anybody would them them get out knowing what they had done. >> matt was sentenced to 25 years to life for kidnapping, killing, and dismembering his former boss in 1997. the pair is believed to have used power tools to cut through walls and pipes and to eventually emerge from manhole three blocks away from
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the prison. investigators believe the men used tools belonging to contractors working on the 107 open year old prison. but former clinton inmate says it is not easy to sneak tools. >> even if you are an electrician or plumber they gave you a tool box. when you lever the shop, do you have come back with that stuff. >> now, free officials say the men are likely desperate to stay free. >> they are likely that they could do a home invasion to steel a car, a hijacking could hold a family hostage kill them, in order to get money, weapons cars. >> and what's not helping the searcher, the area near the prison set to have very little electronic surveillance. these men are considered armed and dangerous and there is $100,000 reward for their capture this morning. >> story keeping on developing. developing right now threaten phonecall against harrington middle school. live look right now at the school in mt. laurel, new jersey. police are not taking any chances. as precaution, officers will check student's belongings
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before classes begin and remain on school grounds throughout the day. this is just one of several calls made to new jersey, and pennsylvania schools. >> a delaware family is shaken and upset this morning after becoming victims after hate crime. someone etched a swastika in a racial slur on to the family's suv park on denim avenue claymont new castle county. police believe the vandalism took place early sunday morning, amerea green said she check her calf after she noticed some of her flower pots were missing her husband's car also vandalized. >> you would think in 2015 we still wouldn't be going through this. >> if the suspect or suspect is going to return, then will it escalate? >> authority say the crime carries felony charge, if you have any information you're asked to call police. >> time now 5:53. more storms on the way today. katie, good morning. >> and good morning diane a yep, you said it, more showers, more thunderstorms scattered variety of them,
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however, won't have solid line like we had rolling through last night. and thankfully we should not be dealing with anywhere near the severity of storms that do erupt as the day progresses, but let me start things wolf beautiful view for you here, glorious sunshine trying to peak through the clouds, having tough time in ac. but where you have got it, definitely just golden and pretty and starting the morning off on very muggy note. see little hint of haze that's out there blanketing the shore points as well. storm scan3 shows we do still have few pockets of showers, at this point not really dealing with much across the local map. but you can see, there is definitely still some activity going on here, you know, we are still awaiting the passage of the officials passage of our cold front. so that's going to take the better part of the day. meantime we've got some pretty moist air in place here. looking at not the temperatures, rather the dew point. remember, dew point measures the moisture content in the atmosphere so the lower it is, the less humid it is. but when you have got dew points at this level, it is steamy anyway, and these level, mid upper 60s are very
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close to the actual air temperature as reflected here in a couple of choice locations, so that basically means you are dealing with saturated air mass. air go, when anything fires up today, could you get drenched. even though scat nerds nature, i wouldn't chance it. i would take the umbrella just be done with it and have it ready to go. expecting mid 80s once again on the thermometer today warm steamy, summer like, true variety pack that we typically find on these kind of summer days. justin, we send it over you. >> did have symptom damage from the last night's storm that rolled through the region. we take to you wissahickon avenue right now west mt. airy, do have tree that came down last night from those powerful storms, took down some power lines power lines or pour outages reported last night, but wissahickon avenue still remains closed this hour. as you see the crews trying to work on that utility pole, and clean things up for later this morning. so we take you to the maps. see where this is again west mt. airy, wissahickon avenue, closed near carpenter lane,
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and that is due to downed tree from last night's storm. we take you to the schuylkill expressway. again, spring garden, both directions moving good, skies starting to brighten up, sunrise up, happened at 5:32, this morning. an accident remains in effect here, roosevelt boulevard southbound outer drive at levick street. so just be aware of that, accident scene and also elk township, in new jersey do have construction route 55 southbound between 641 and 553. left lane will stay blocked until 6:00 this morning. and heads up at the shore we move into the prime time summer season, the town sent inlet bridge still remains closed connection from sea isle section to avalon due to construction, will remain closed until late june. area speeds across the region still looking good, at the speed limit in and around the philadelphia region, no problems in south jersey right now, turnpike, 55, 295 looks good. that's a look at your ride. erika, back to you. >> thank you. happening today former speaker dennis hastert set to appear in federal court. longest gop speak nerve
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history will face allegations he paid over million dollars to cover up that he sexually molested male student. hastert was teacher wrestling, football coach and illinois high school from 1965 to 1981. eases' hired high-powered washington attorney, thomas green. haster. it will enter plea to charge that he broke banking laws and lied to f.b.i. investigators about the money. >> also, today, new jersey's highest court is expected to rule on whether governor chris christie and state lawmakers must crib more toward pension funds for public workers. the governor argues the state can't afford to pay more, and that the law does not demand the full payment. unions though, say that christy is bound by law the one that he signed. >> time now 5:37. in business news this morning how starbucks is celebrating that chino anniversary. >> let's check winds which gillette. got us all wiped you will with this frappuccino talk, wendy. >> i know, you guys want some
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this early right diana erika? >> oh, ya. >> stocks streaks finish down, slipping into the red for the year, the nasdaq lost 46. >> hsbc bank says it will cut as many as 25,000 jobs world-wide. as it tries to cut costs. that's 10% of it work force. the company is also planning to sell its operations in turkey and brazil, which will raise another $25,000 jobs. the goal is to reduce costs by as much as $5 billion. by the end of 2017. >> apple officially introduce it plans for streaming music service, like pan door, a spotify. apple music will cost about $10 a month. it allows users to stream music and itunes without having to buy songs and download them. apple music will combine with new around the clock streaming radio station hosted by live dj called beat one. it will be available later this month. apple also announced it will bring public transit directions to apple maps, and number every cities including new york and philadelphia.
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and, starbucks is debuting six new frappuccino flavors in celebration of the frappuccino 20th birthday. the new flavors are lemon bar carmel cocoa cluster cupcake red velvet cotton candy anacine minute roll. all joining the menu of stores at us and canada for limited time. diana, erika? >> not sure about those. >> sounds really sweet. >> well, lemon bar i'm not sure that about that one but the red cupcake cinnamin, ya, sure. >> all right, wendy, thanks so much. >> sound good. >> speaking of coffee, one way to perk up your morning dunkin donut talking about delivering to you. >> take the middle man out. sound good. the company's ceo says working on service to deliver coffee and donut right to your doorstep. he did not have a time frame for when the program might be available, however this delivery competition is heating up with starbucks and mcdonald, a working on their own delivery service. as everyone want everything brought to them. no one seems to go out any
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more. >> we have to get that number on speed dial, right here. >> there you go. still ahead this morning katie has her eye with more check on the rain, checking on traffic and weather together coming up next. >> also, team usa get off to fast start at the woman's world cup. hear from some young girls being inspired by a local star's play. plus this. >> ♪ ♪ >> you go girl. >> oh, she is a little show stopper, getting a lot of respect this morning for this performance. seymour of the moves that stole the show. >> be right back. >> ♪ ♪ >> first this thursday, we taking a stand for hope. cbs-3 and the "cw philly" proud to partner with alex's lemonade stand foundation, raising money to fight childhood cancer. join us from 6:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. thursday as we
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remember alex, and continue her dream of finding a cure. we'll show you stories every childhood cancer heroes, the reason we are so committed this cause. we hope you can join us and make a donation, to take the stands for hope. stay with us.
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>> teen usa megan scored two gomes. in the second half, the game winner came from kristin, in the 61st minute. team usa wins, three to one. and, key player for the team for team. sa, 32 year old mid fielder carli lloyd who logged 90 minutes, 90 minutes, in game one last night. the delran native scored the over time goal in those gold metal game of the 2008 summer olympics. charlie is international soccer star, but wasn't always that way. she learned the game at universal academy in medford student there now are inspired by her success. >> i see her doing things that she doesn't barak -- that she does at practice, and she is just never stops. she talks to us about like mental stuff like how to prepare your mind, because it is not just like skills and stuff. >> hoping carly and team. so usa give the girls more to
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cheer b team usa game is against sweden on friday. great to hear she is going back to town, talking to the young girls coming up. really admire her. >> exciting stuff and she is fun to watch. >> 5:44, some of the most mash that the fans in the country right here in philadelphia, known as the sons of ben turn out in droves to vote fortune and. i'm sure katie can tell us more about this. >> she is laughing over there. never before has a fan base for a team that didn't exist influence a league's decision to create the franchise. >> ♪ ♪ we love you ♪ ♪ >> now, sons of ben the movie tells the inside story of the fan base and the role they play to bring the union here before the movie premiers tomorrow night the president and founder of sons of ben will join us live on "eyewitness news" tomorrow morning, to talk about what makes the fateful fans so special. >> all right katie, you can tell us what makes them so
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special. >> huge union fan and at every match, yes the sons of ben, they just light it up. it is what makes the match. so yes make sure to tune in for that tomorrow, guys. we want to check in with eyewitness weather watcher network. temperatures generally uniform once again generally talking mid and upper 60s around most of the region here couple of comments to point out for you here. eileen sending in just clouds at the moment, gilbertsville. tallied up rainfall totals, .7 inches yesterday evening .4 overnight totalling up to 1.1. with the humidity, not the best hair day in the world i here you on that one you need the instant freeze, just got to find the ac he is that's pretty much it here today. ed can or brinking in little mixture of clouds, sun he has 67 degrees in chesterfield. it is getting later with every passing day just little bit sooner, that's definitely a way to look at the bright spot there. sixty-nine in from jays son, clouds, he said he had passing shower about a half hour ago.
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that's actually exactly what we were talking about. if you have been with us now throughout the morning so far there was little pocket that rolled right over new castle and kent county. looking at storm scan, at this region wide zoom, actually we zoom it out one time for you we do have the front that sort of draped all the way back here from new england and even all the way back into texas. and now, at this point, you can see some moisture starting to get funneled in here. this is actually what's left now of what was hurricane blanca. that is actually going to get absorb by our next front that moves in this weekend. soap interesting how long the moisture from tropical system can really hang out that will eventually come no play for us as we look ahead to saturday. for now severe weather threat has been removed off to the northeast, at least the worse of it, but still in a marginal risk for downpours gusty winds possibly some hail. but this severe weather threat compared to yesterday, is greatly reduced. you want to make sure you understand. that will still the off chance some of these storms get little feisty for that matter.
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looking forward in the forecast tomorrow, looks great, hot granted but not as humid. very steamy days to wrap up this work week. justin? >> certainly cranking up the heat. record high temperature today 99 degrees, not even close to that, but not even record territory the next few days, but it can get hot they are time of year. ben franklin bridge, inbound out bound, here we go, looking pretty good at this hour, skies still pretty much overcast right now from left over showers that are rolling on through 422, at the turnpike again traffic for the most part looking okay, eastbound, volume starting to increase. on the boulevard southbound, outer drive we do have accident before levick street. a vehicle struck a tree earlier this morning. out in down in clayton west academy street at west clayton avenue, blown transformer possible power outages in this area. so just be aware of that, if you are traveling to that location clayton, new jersey, could be running into power outages, as well. wissahickon avenue, stays closed due to downed tree from last night, west mt. airy near carpenter lane. again, downed tree on power
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lines. last night there were some power outages as well. heads up again tonight, vine street expressway, eastbound westbound, between broad and 76, will be closed starting at 11:00 that will go until 5:00 a.m. that will last all the way through friday morning. that's a look add your ride, diana, erika good morning. ♪ ♪ what's the word ♪ ♪ ♪ >> netflix and brad pitt are uniting for a project. >> video streaming website says it will produce and distribute film with the hollywood a lister titled war machine. will be a satirical comedy with pit as general commander us war effort in afghanistan the movie scheduled to come out netflix and in limited number of theatres nerve year. >> this morning whole lot of respect for sassy pint sized girl named johann a. >> ♪ ♪
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>> oh, she gets into it. little joanna did not hold back during her dance recital. i'm pretty sure the queen of soul aretha franklin would approve of this rendition. video posted by her mother, by the way has received over 19 million views. and i love how she gets her whole body in t because the other little girls are doing the same moves. >> that's what you call owning it. that little girl owned it. >> a lot of charisma, that little one. >> how would you like some of her confidence? >> and tooth tutu, i take them both. >> oh, this is great. we'll be right back.
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> a woman is recovering this morning, after getting hurt during a home invasion in overbrook. police say two armed men
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forced their way into a home on north 62nd street and got away with cash. >> also, police officers will check students' belongings today before class at mt. laurel harrington middle school. police received a threat against the school yesterday. the officers will stay on school grounds throughout the day. >> and new surveillance video shows a robbery suspect right there who survived a gun fight with a off duty police officer at rising sun pizzeria last thursday. the suspect remains at large. another suspect was shot and killed by that detective. new this morning, chop loses it title as the best children's hospital in the country. us news and world report just released the new ranking overnight. chop fell from first place to second overall behind boston's children's hospital. chop also finish in the top five in several specialties including cancer, neonatology and orthopedics. still, top five. not bad. coming up on a 53:00 let's get traffic and weather together. more storms today, katy? >> more storms today. no where near the severe
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variety we had yesterday evening, but still going to find smattering and scattered variety of showers thunderstorms firing up throughout the day. at the moment we already have couple of showers, most notably, into portion of gloucester camden county then right now migrating into burlington county and down the shore, keeping pollen levels lower, and believe it or not even though we do have clouds initially here, uv index will be high today. heat index, you know, feeling pretty steamy outside. please use caution if you have got to be outside for any extended periods of time at the height of the day. also keep your ears perked for thunder, head inside if you hear it. that's always the rule. >> tonight, skies clearing, lose the worse of the humidity tomorrow. great excuse to be outside but it will be toasty justin? >> good place to hang out would be at the pool or maybe down at the shore, stay cool. to 95 right now cottman here
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is southbound traffic starting to increase little bit. roads for the most part dry but may have shower that's coming through the philadelphia area, very light stuff right now though. speaking of 202, at the route 30 bypass, both directions actually smooth sailing this morning, still some clouds around so, at least we won't have to be dealing with the sun glare this morning. there are your area speeds, again, starting to come down little bit down the vine street expressway, but still running at the speed limit. stay with us, we'll b
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>> paranicus a shoot failed to inflate. supersonic speeds it appeared to disintegrate, during the test. they do know where it landed, they can go grab if from the ocean, even bet nasa will egg
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if out what wrong and fix it. right now 5:56. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", live with developing story. list will be greeting some student in south jersey this morning after threat is made against their school. plus, there are numerous studies on the negative impact of too much tv on your kids. parents, listen up. new research on sesame street might have you reaching for that remote. more on that when we come back.
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don't take amitiza, if you have a bowel blockage or severe diarrhea. tell your doctor, if your nausea or diarrhea, becomes severe, or if you experience chest tightness or shortness of breath. the most common side effects are nausea diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning if you like storms, bow did i have a good night. torrential downpours, now this morning, look out for ponding on several roadways. >> several trees are down,
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noble three live picture from west mt. airy, live tree fell on power lines near carpenter lane. as you can see crews are now working to remove that tree happen restore power to the area. >> not in the clear just yet here, shows another line of showers moving through the area. maybe getting soak or maybe nothing. >> still muggy wild neat we had last night good morning kate. >> i that's absolutely right guys. still tracking some wet weather in the forecast here today. but i would say, ourself ear weather threat has certainly diminished since yesterday. we did get hit pretty hard quite few locations last night. back in time, hands full of the storm report, did come into us. as we showed you moment ago there was some damage done, already. three quarter inch size hail, unconfirmed funnel cloud even came into the pottsville area. un confirm but nonetheless some of th


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