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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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spunt joins us from yeadon with the latest on this investigation, david. >> reporter: everything happened behind me about 3:45 this morning. this is the truck that he was trying to get into this morning on his way to new york city when gunman came out of no where and opened fire. this bullet hole on the side of the ridgeway industries truck in yeadon tells a tragic story. six three-year old thomas childs was ready to hit the road in this truck. when his life ended in just seconds. >> complete devastation is only thing i can say. >> reporter: brad, runs ridgeway industries, a chemical cleaning company that supplies to restaurants. he hired thomas childs 15 years ago. >> i was overwhelmed with grief and it was just so shock to go hear about it this morning and coming down here and witnessing the whole thing. >> reporter: he was on the scene not long after the shooting. he told "eyewitness news" a driver from another company got a good look at the shooter and called police.
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detectives were able to put together this sketch. >> where do we turn from here. how much worse could it get? i am just devastated. co-worker frank ball and dag i pointed to another hole in the roof. thomas child was a hard worker someone who died too soon and looked forward to retiring in the near future. >> something has to be done with this. this guy has to be caught and taken off the streets. >> reporter: i spoke to child's wife on the phone and understandably very upset. she hopes police catch this killer. meanwhile authorities say that suspect is described as a black male in his mid 20's, 5-foot four to 5-foot six 180-pound with a light thin mustache. if you have any information call 911. reporting live from yeadon, david spunt cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a real life drama is shaking out in philadelphia's theater tonight. police are seeking public's help to catch a hit and run driver who critically injured
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a local actor and play wright. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live in center city with more, steve? >> reporter: chris, 68 year-old michael toner was scheduled to perform here, just next year in front of the hundreds now it is unclear if he will even wake up and recover from this. today we went to toner's neighborhood spoke to a woman a few doors down to lost a daughter the very same way and is once again pleading for the driver to turn themselves in. >> i just hope they find the person who did this. >> reporter: with tears streaming down her face, neighbor of the man now clinging to life is pleading for the person who wouldn't stop then, to finally stop now. >> just come forward. i don't under tan how people can do this to somebody. i wouldn't hit someone and not come forward. >> reporter: her pleas are for neighbor local stage anchor michael toner. >> my thoughts and prayers are with them. i'm very sad. >> reporter: police said about 1:00 tuesday morning toner was struck near 11th and market by
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a hit and run driver. he was rush to the hospital in critical condition his left leg had to be amputated to to the severity of his injuries. police admit they have very little in the way of leads no eyewitnesses, no video and unable to talk to toner because he is unconscious. toner has been a local stage actor for decade and currently performing with the traveling theater company and was scheduled to perform at walnut street theater next year. back in the neighborhood just a few homes down the story connect was nancy davidson. >> nine years and then she was taken from frustrates. >> reporter: impact of the same crime already felt, in this neighborhood, a mother's wish that it isn't felt again. >> wish someone would come forward. >> reporter: toner remains in critical condition at jefferson hospital, police now, scouring the area for any surveillance video and asking the public for any information, that will lead them to the driver, reporting
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live in center city, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> hopefully someone knows something steve thank you. vigil scheduled for south jersey teen critically injured in the hit and run. community will gather at pennville memorial high school at 8:00p m in honor of the kyle pszenny's recovery. suffered severe head injuries after being hit while riding his skateboard on sunday. police have have arrested the driver, 23 year-old zachary mcdonough. well philadelphia police officer is injured after being attack by a pit bull in grays ferry this afternoon. we're told the officer shot and killed that dog after it attacked in the 1500 block of corely street. there is no word on that officer's condition. an uber driver is fired and facing charges after allegedly fondling himself this is back seat next to his passenger. this whole ordeal is captured on cell phone video by that passenger. "eyewitness news", new jersey report, cleve bryan has more. >> reporter: caught on video that went viral avalon police
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are charging this uber driver after a allegedly making sexual advances and fondling himself next to the woman locked in the back seat. >> victim thought he would open the door to get out and then got in the back seat of the vehicle. >> reporter: fifty-seven year-old woman of bustleton avenue of philadelphia is charged with lewdness, false imprisonment and harassment. he and a three three-year old victim arrived object memorial day. uber says the driver has been removed from the platform for its inappropriate behavior and we have reached out to the rider to apologize for an uncomfortable experience. >> it is kind of weird to get in the car with a stranger, but i guess i mean i trust them. >> reporter: uber says they have connect more than a million rides in the philadelphia area and require background checks for all of their drivers. still avalon police chief william mccormack believes safe betties using a taxi vetted through your local municipality. >> avalon licenses approximately 100 brittany and
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taxi services through town as identified by blue sticker on the back of each sticker. >> reporter: samantha mccarthey said she used uber a few times but not again. how many times have you used this. >> probably like five times. >> reporter: what were your experiences like. >> it was pretty shaky the cars are unmarked and everything. >> reporter: the driver is scheduled to appear in municipal court june 22nd police also suggest as far as safety always tell people how are with and where you are going regardless of which taxi service you select. in avalon, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". turning now to weather it business to get hot out there. meteorologist kathy orr joining us from the cbs-3 sky deck. temperatures ready to go up. >> right now it is perfect. so after the newscast, try to get outside it is just a beautiful evening. deep blue skies with low humidity. bit of the breeze, but as jessica mentioned it will not stay that way. on storm scan three we have clear skies throughout the region but some clouds up
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through lehigh valley and poconos where we could see a spotty shower or downpours this evening. possibility of the rumble of thunder. that is once again lehigh valley and poconos. for the rest of us, persistent westerly wind will keep it comfortable in the evening. west wind at ten to 15 miles an hour keeping it warm as well. eighty's through mess of the region and poconos in the lehigh valley we have rain cooled temperatures but that westerly wind is also strong enough to keep a land breeze down the shore so temperatures in philadelphia, sea isle are the same. and that is going to stay that way during the day tomorrow, as well. now temperatures will be falling, through the 80's in the 70's by 9:00 o'clock, look for a few cloud 76. crack windows tonight temperatures falling through 70's and humidity will be low because over next couple of days it will sky rocket, with our first heat wave, that is coming up in the seven day when i join you inside. >> kathy, we will see you then, thank you. investigators tonight are looking for a man shot another man in west
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philadelphia a and then left the crime scene in a cab. chopper three over the scene at palm and ogden street around noon time today. police say that the shooter was riding in the cab as a passenger. he got out. shot the man in the street. got back inside that same cab and then he left. it is unclear if the shooter is connect to the cabdriver. we do know victim of the shooting is in stable didn't. today federal railroad administration issued a safety advisory for passenger railroad in the wake of the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. it is recommended commuter railroad look at where they have sharp track curves and adjust their automatic train control safety systems to prevent them from going too fast in those area. if automatic train control is not available a second crew member should be in the cab if the train is in the seat with restrict area. eight people were killed when speeding amtrak train was killed last month. a crash on i-95 in bensalem caused major backups in the northbound lanes.
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police say a 30 year-old driver overturn his jeep near woodhaven road exit. chopper three over that accident shortly afternoon time today. the extent of the driver's injuries isn't known at this time but we do know lanes have since reopened. >> reward has been raise todd $30,000 in the disappearance of the new castle county woman. nefertiti trader disappeared june 30th of last year, she was last seen being forced in to her own acura in front of her home. police say that they are hoping that they may generate new leads by raise ago this reward. >> the money is significant for someone who has information and will come for knowing that we may be able to hold on our hopes that we can find nefertiti. >> that reward is now at $30,000, authorities are planning to make use of digital billboards, like this one, in their search for trader. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight a local university looking out for well-being of students and
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faculty, health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how new kiosk can identified mental health issues and offer help on the spot. this is not your ordinary home renovation, we will tell you how you volunteers came together to change the life of the philadelphia a woman whose late husband was a member of the famous tuskegee air men kathy. we have a few showers popping up on storm scan three mainly well to the north and west of philadelphia, but coming up we will get you ready for first heat wave of the season before summer even begins, we will show you how far temperatures will sore coming up. hi leslie. well, very vocal and now former eagles quarterback kerry williams talked about his time in midnight green plus brandon graham is looking to become a leader this eagles season. chip kelly speaks about an emerging star in sport.
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at 11:00 o'clock tonight stop snoring with the trip to the dentist? it could be a a quickies i way to bet a better night sleep. stephanie stahl will explain how it works tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. breaking news now a mans shoddy in the head this darby bureau delaware county. we are told this happened in the wooded area near third and fern streets.
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chopper three is over that scene where police found the man's body around 2:00 this afternoon. officials telling us he had been there for ten to 12 hours. we will continue to machine for this situation. in word yet on the suspect. we shift our attention to the healthwatch lot of college students are concerned, more about their looks then their mental health. >> now a philadelphia university is found an interactivetive way to street mind over matter. stephanie stahl joins us on something that is first of its kind. >> reporter: nearly one in six college students has been diagnosed with or treated with anxiety within just the past year. well, drexel university wants students to be pro active about their mental health and take away stigma. it is doing that with a new device debuting on this finals week. going to college can be one of the most instruments full times in a young person's life. >> i have never been that stressed out in my entire life i had my first big anxiety attack ever.
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>> reporter: not just a way to face classes but students can conn trent a variety of social emotional and mental health issues. >> no one talks about it. this elephant in the room. >> reporter: drexel university is change ago this with their checkup from the neck up using mind care mental health screening kiosk in the university's recreational center. it looks like an atm but what student can get from it is invaluable. >> mind care kiosk is a tool to teach students to take stock of their own mental health. today's student is dealing with a whole amount of stressor. >> reporter: doctor paul furtaw is social director for drexel. >> these are all things that have been indicative of somebody with stress. >> signs and symptoms of the physical and emotional aspects of depression. >> reporter: kiosks six surveys on the touch screens. >> concerns mood depression, bipolar disorder, alcohol eating disorder, general anxiety, post traumatic stress. >> reporter: it ace none must and takes two minutes. screen is polarized so no one
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standing nearby can see their answers. >> it gives them feedback as to whether or not that response, they get is indicative of someone benefiting from a form of services. >> reporter: now at the end of the screening if a problem is detect the student will see a menu of mental health services available on campus. drexel by the way is first university in the country to use this new mental health screening kiosk. a a lot more information about all this for you on twitter and facebook, a really good and. thank you very much. new at 6:00 tonight volunteers are teaming up to improve lives of military families in our area. >> they were hard at work renovating home of sandra lee in north philadelphia. "eyewitness news" was there on the 2400 block of north sixth street. she is widow of u.s. army veteran charles lee. the organization sears heroes at home and rebuilding
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together made today possible. >> it is, amazing because it is in the just about me and my mom, it is literally our entire family, our entire family is, excited. >> lee's daughter followed in her father's footsteps and served in the u.s. air force reserves. >> very, very cool. not cool though outside it is getting more steamy by the hour. >> it is nice right now but it will not stay that way that much longer. tomorrow a pleasant day. it will be warm again. real hot stuff moves in for thursday and even into the weekend. are you ready for a heat wave, chris may? >> i don't know. >> outside we are looking pleasant from the city to the shore, on the board very busy because we have a land breeze and when win is westerly and strong enough it hold off that ocean influence and temperatures will stay warm down the shore as well. if it is 80's in the city, 80's down the shore.
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real nice day down there storm scan three we have had showers popping up, mainly through lehigh valley and poconos but i found one that was moving very quickly and area of chester county, delaware county and montgomery county but this one in particular popped up in radnor and you can see a downward around 30, main line, moving from berwyn through radnor and heading toward the east, even toward conshohocken. please be aware of that. this is south of king of prussia another one just to the south of white marsh moving east ward as well. a a few showers popping up, some with random downpours in this warmth. at least we don't have humidity. philadelphia high 86. same the atlantic city airport. will in mink ton 85. trenton 84. allentown 80's as well. right now we are in the 80's but allen to unwe have a rain cooled temperature of 78. poconos, cool at 68. quakertown with the showers 79, and willow grove at 81. palmyra eight 46789 mount holly, new jersey at 83.
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it has been a pretty wet month, we are only a week into the in of june and owe far we have had about 3.35 inches of rain normal to this date is 2.35. so we are an inch above normal for the month and usually we only get 4 inches for the month. we have been well above average. in the wake of the front today dry air comfortable conditions for your wednesday and then things change. another cold front moves in from the north and west, squeezes warmth off the coastal plains. that not do we have heat but we have humidity. ninety's for thursday. in mostly sunny skies 90's for friday and then once gannon saturday as another front moves our way 90's again. it is trifecta in the heat. overnight looking for mild conditions low 66. clear skies. during the day tomorrow high of 86. still humidity moderate as we go hour by hour by noon hour lunchtime 80. eighty-seven by 3:00. by 5:00 p.m. temperature 85. on the exclusive seven day
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forecast is there your heat wave, 92 on thursday. friday 91. saturday, 90 and then we will break heat after that, that is your seven day forecast, vittoria, is there sun glare out there today? >> kathy, we have some sun glare still lingering. you can see some on the schuylkill expressway, in this camera shot here. seventy-six eastbound making your way through king of prussia down toward gulph mills. good news is earlier accident has cleared that we had around this way bad news it is residual traffic on top of rush hour. speed sensors not looking great. however elsewhere we are in the 40's. twenty-three not doing so well on 95, 14 on the schuylkill, vine street expressway heading to and from the area of the schuylkill, 21 on 476. we do however finally have an improvement for northeast extension southbound, it is still slow between quakertown and lansdale but they have reopened the left-hand lane, still about 8 miles deep, in a delay so 309 is definitely still your best bet and
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bird continuing organized team activities at novacare complex. tomorrow is final day before a mandatory three day mini camp next week. this off season the eagles resigned linebacker brandon graham to a four year contract. he is one of 14 players left from the andy reid regime, last season he had five and a half sacks were four forced fumbles. chip kelly says former number number one is a force on and off the field. >> i think he has been stepping into a leadership role, you know, losing someone like trent cole is an outstanding player and leader at that position. brandon graham has a assumed that responsibility. >> i'm so excited to show them, you know, what they have been missing out on these past couple of years but
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everything happens for a reason. i'm just happy that i'm able to fill in this role right now and just show them what i can do. >> chip says that sam bradford is right on tack recovering from his torn acl but wouldn't commit help sam will be full participant in practice. bird cut carry williams at the end of the season and he signed seattle. carry is not frayed to speak his mind. today he said he wasn't a a fan of how chip kelly does things here. >> the fact that our conditioning and things like that was going to kick in because we worked harder then everybody in the national football league with chip kelly a's thing and we got out there and we got our teeth kick in. i think he is a great coach tremendous coach but i just think that what is going on, there isn't necessarily the right way to do things. >> phillies will play red. last night cole hamels lost for first time in his career against cincinnati. he was traded to the phillies
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for lah i bowa and ryne sandberg hit his first major league home run as red beat the phillies six-four. and they will play tonight. we will be right back. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you!
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this thursday we are taking a stand for hope, cbs-3 and cw philly are proud to partner with will alex's lemonade stand foundation, raising money to fight childhood cancer. we invite you to join from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. thursday as we remember alex and ten her dream of finding a cure. we will share with you stories of childhood cancer heroes they are reason we are so committed to this cause and we hope you can join us. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next charlie rose, sitting in tonight for scott pelley.
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>> rose: cops descend on a small new york town on a tip those escaped killers may have been spotted. we'll have the latest. also tonight, a former house speaker enters a plea in connection with pai kconnection with paing connection with paing making payments of hush money. and in the battle against hackers, it takes one to stop one. >> reporter: that's my pass word. >> yup. >> 45 seconds not even. >> about 37. >> reporter: well, that's scary. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. the search for the two murderers who escaped from a new york state prison over the weekend is


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