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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the search is on for a hit and run driver who struck a man crossing the roosevelt boulevard. >> that victim is in critical condition. lets get the latest from "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao at that scene in feltonville, jan. >> reporter: erika and natasha at scene is cleared and boulevard is back, and traffic is moving once again and here we are once again talking about yet another hit and run in philadelphia. we all know that the boulevard is a are dangerous road to drive. this accident actually happened at intersection near front street. one of the victims even left sitting in the crosswalk. a pair of shoes all that was left at the scene after a serious hit and run in the feltonville section of philadelphia wednesday morning. police say a 25 year old man was crossing here at front and the boulevard around 1:30 when he was hit multiple people
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reported the accident after the driver didn't stop. meantime medics transported the victim to einstein hospital where he underwent surgery forehead trauma and broken bones. police say he is critical but expected to survive. now accident investigators are trying to track down the driver. >> vehicle that struck him is described as a black or dark colored honda or acura last seen traveling north on the boulevard, from front street on the inner lanes. >> reporter: police say it is unclear if the 25 year-old was walking with or against his signal, that is part of the investigation. police are also, canvassing businesses nearby for surveillance video hoping to get a better description have of the striking vehicle since not much evident was left at the scene. >> the impact caused the 25 year-old victim to come out of both of his shoes. there is no parts of the striking vehicle that we can see, in plane view on the boulevard, however, we believe that the striking vehicle will
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have have some front end damage. >> reporter: and again police are looking for dark colored or a black acura a or honda anyone with information is asked to call police. we are reporting live in feltonville, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police believe shooting in kensington started a as a robbery attempt. it happened around 2:13:30 in the 1900 block of ease first street. gunman shot that man in first legs. victim is in stable condition. so far there have been no arrests. wild police chase end with the crash in philadelphia "eyewitness news" at that scene on the 4800 block of tack want street in frankford. police say the chase began in bensalem. the driver then led police on i-95 in northeast philadelphia eventually coming to a crashing end. eyewitness tribe what he saw. >> i seen helicopter coming through with the lights.
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next thing you know i looked up and you hear a big boom. i turn to the side and see car skidding through two other cars. i ran across the street to see her. he hits another van and he just started running. >> no one was injury. police arrested two suspects but unclear what prompted this chase. 6:03. let's head outside and do you not need your jack tote day katie. >> absolutely not, classic summertime forecast here but minus the worst of the humidity. these are just beautiful day to make excuses to get outside, have lunch outside take the dog for a nice long walk and go for morning jog and add a mile to it, why not if you have the time or just sit on the porch with a cup of coffee. all this stuff is perfect for doing anything, for today just beautiful weather unfolding. we have high pressure to thank. currently storm scan three is empty and will stay that way all day to day. we will look at a wider zoom and see clouds retreating out to sea indicating a full
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passage now and retreat of our latest cold front. temperatures have taken a dive ever so slightly some comfortable temperatures. your low 60's, generally 68 at philly international and now that the sunnies up, it is going to do nothing but warm things up pretty readily too. we should-in the mid 70's by 9:00 a.m. and as day progress that he is sun will shine brightly. again, mine thaws humidity. it will feel so comfortable and if you do get hot with highs in the upper 80's it will feel hot. seek some shade. no steaminess today vittoria. well, right now if you are traveling on i-95 we are starting to see that rush hour delay, so brace yourself if you are watching us at home by the time you get there it will double. lets start first with the serious incident that we are taking a live look at chopper three over 295 northbound where you'll notice an overturn tractor trail their we have gotten word is carrying or was carrying,
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8,000 pounds or 80,000 pounds of apple juice. 80,000 pounds of apple juice. so this will be quite the clean up, again this is 295 northbound traveling in burlington township. right at the area of 541. you will net is we have had lane blockages in that last shot. they will be however intermittently blocking all lanes because they have had to upright that tractor trailer and get it out of the way. stick to the new jersey turnpike that is your best alternate a at this time. take a look at i-95 southbound out of the northeast through to the vine, it will be a long lazy river n delays for mass transit. natasha. happening today, we will learn more about what caused the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia, the national transportation safety board will announce its findings this morning. they reportedly include if the engineer was using his cell phone. on may 12th train derailed along a curve in port richmond killing eight people injuring
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about 200 others. the house has now voted to cut amtrak's budget by 242 million. however, lawmakers added new funding to install video cameras inside locomotive cabs. they will record engineers and help investigators get to the bottom of the crashes. amtrak ace monk many domestic programs with budgets that the republican dominated congress is cutting. vice-president gentlemen biden goes back to work today for the first time since the death of his son. according to the white house the vice-president will meet with the ukrainian prime minister and attend other meetings. he will also have lunch with president obama before returning to will in mink ton. biden had been spending his time with his family since beau biden died last month after a battle with brain cancer. well, it is day five and search for two convicted killer who escaped from a insuring prison over the the weekend. investigators now questioning a female prison employee who worked very closely with the prisoners but not naming her as a suspect. search teams sweep the small
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town of wills bureau but they come up empty don champion has the latest. >> reporter: jessica kept the doors to her home in willsboro locked overnight as manhunt for david sweat and richard matt continue. >> if they are cornered and they are desperate they will go in someone's house and someone will get hurt and that is my own fear. >> reporter: hundreds of law enforcement officers descended on this small community by the the bus load on tuesday authorities searched wooded area and railroad tracks for the two men spotted walking in the area monday night in heavy rain. >> small town like this and so far from the area you just don't think of it. >> reporter: the town is 40 miles from the clinton correctional facility where officials say the convicted killer used power tools to break free, investigators remain focused on how the men were able to obtain those tools. rich palmerdor work as a engineer for, 35 years. >> everything is counted at
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the end of the day f is there one tool missing or misplaced the shop is lock and nobody leaves. >> reporter: corrections officials said an inventory of the prison's tools has shown nothing missing. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police officer accused of using excessive force during a pool party in mckenney, texas has resign. cell phone video shows officer david casebolt taking down a teenage girl. it shows officer and at other teens. and, causing the accident, in the festival. >> policies, training, practice to not support his actions. he came into the call out of control. as the video shows, was out of control during the incident. >> casebolt's lawyer says her client has received death threats. bomb threats closed parts of the nation's capitol we will have have details coming up next. a major snag in the
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colorado movie shooting trial find out why three jurors were dismissed. pregnant mother jumps into action when her four year-old sonnies bitten by a rattlesnake. she suck the venom out of his leg but that was the wrong thing to do. coming up.
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new jersey's pension system is a mess but don't blame teachers and other school employees. over 20 years, teachers have paid more
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than 10 billion dollars into their pensions, but new jersey politicians have paid just three underfunding teacher pensions by billions. unless the state makes its pension payments the entire fund could disappear in twelve years- threatening over 200 thousand teachers with poverty in retirement. school employees have done their part. now, politicians need to do theirs. it's only fair.
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authorities are investigating bomb threats. the secret service had to evacuate the white house press core after ate called in threat. reporters return about an hour later. earlier a call about a suspicious package interrupted a a hearing on transportation safety. capitol police evacuated the senate office building for an hour and a half. three jurors have been dismissed from the james holmes murder trial man accused in the shooting rampage in the colorado movie theater. judge dismissed jurors after he received a report about a juror talking about media stories regarding emotions for mistrial and two others about a tweet of the case. all of that is against the rules. that leaves 21 jurors including nine alternate to decide if holmes is guilty of shooting and killing 12 people and injuring 07 others.
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disgraced track star oscar pistorius could be released from prison in august just ten months after being convicted in his girl friend. they are recommending he be released. pistorius was sentenced last october to five years in prison for culpable homicide under south african law pistorius must in served ten months of that sentence before being considered for release. right now 6:13. let's check with katie for our forecast. today is your favorite of the bunch. >> it sure is. the reason is we have full sunshine. it is a try affect, full sunshine definitely warm air but not humid. it feels so comfortable outside. it will generally speaking throughout the day. when it heat up it may not be most comfortable thing you have ever experienced but don't that have mugginess. if you seek out shade it will feel nice. one front is out next front is on the move. it looks worse then it will be by the time it crosses our
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area. classes bark worse than the the bite. that does cross through by tomorrow. even though we have a couple cold front to track forget about cold air trying to cool things down we are talking about nothing but heat in the days ahead here as jet stream lifts off to the north and there will be a few pulses that come through here but you will not see too much in the way of seasonal air. not until we hit sunday at least. we are talking about 87, sunshine beautiful day. tomorrow more sunshine but steaminess returns possibly a spotty shower or storm by night fall and friday we will stan a better shot for showers. just fast flow in the atmosphere. things are going through here. every day brings a different front of some kind but we will keep the heat. >> first heat wave of the year. >> yes indeed. >> enjoy it. >> good day for vittoria at the pool. >> of course work sun block, rpf50, of course. >> good morning everyone. lets talk more numbers.
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maybe in the 50. but lets talk more numbers because if you are traveling out and about in new jersey, we still have our breaking news story, in regard to the traffic department at least. 295 northbound we have an overturn tractor trailer that was containing 80,000 pounds of apple juice. as you will notice it has spilled on the roadway. we are talking quite a clean up. this is north bound side of 295 at 541. chopper three is live where only one lane gets by but they are allowing traffic to get by intermittently. would i anticipate this closure and stick to the new jersey turnpike if you are doing traveling in this area. chopper three moves back we have emergency teams on the scene. one lane gets by and trust me we have a big old delay approaching the scene of the overturn, because of the lane blockages. give yourself some more time stay to the new jersey turnpike if you can and anticipate rush hour and sun glare on the majors.
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eastbound 422 here, i-95 and schuylkill natasha. updating breaking news search is on for driver who hit a man and kept going 22-year old was seriously injured near front street and boulevard around 1:45 this morning. police say vehicle that hit him likely has front end damage and broken windshield. ntsb details findings in the may train derailment that killed eight people. report could show that the engineer was using his cell phone when train jumped the tracks. search continues to two murderers who escape from the upstate new york prison last week even. there have been reported sightings and tips but so far the men have in the been found. >> it is 6:16. we will be right back, stay with us.
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tomorrow night game four of the nba finals will have a tough time living up to the first three games, they have been exciting. first two games went in overtime and game three featured a huge come back led by warriors over step curry. curry had 17 in the fourth quarter to get warriors back from double digits down but lebron james had 40 points, and cavilers win 96-91. cleveland lead the series now two games to one. phillies play afternoon baseball in senate toy day game time 12:35. sooner the better, last night phillies were hammered by red ape joey vato in particular. he hit three of the five home
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runs and phillies got beaten down 11-two, ouch. phillies have lost two in a row and five of their last six games. first no hitter of 2015 is thrown by giants rocky chris heston only two balls reached the outfield in the entire game. heston struck out 11 and giants beat mets five to nothing. it is giants fourth no hitter in five years. way to go. >> always fun games to go to when that happens n1 says it, but everyone is thinking it. >> yes exactly. >> 6:20. still ahead your iphone can do a lot and soon it can keep track of your sex life. >> um-hmm good details next. also uber driver is fired and facing charges after a disturbing incident caught on camera. see what happens inside his car with the passenger down the shore that is coming up,
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uprising, cold at least for now. >> sure seems like the defense department robotic project, as each tried to complete their tasks, like open a door, they encountered some unseen problems. toppled over. entertaining to watch. robot team built the robot built by a south korean team did succeed and they won and got thousands of dollars. >> look at his legs shaking in oh no. >> well, my goodness. >> that would be great. >> oh, my gosh. >> got to go to katie sorry. >> that is awesome right ahead of the weather. >> yes, the weather is awesome. it is nice to piggy back with nice weather stories here today. expecting nothing but full sunshine comfortable humidity
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is big key for the forecast. so nice. storm scan is totally empty. but this big thing is that humidity. that will be on another uphill climb in the days ahead. enjoy comfort while you have got it. back to the steaminess looking to thursday, friday and saturday as well. but by sunday it does appear to have have temperatures drop off to more seasonal territory. we will have a heat wave in the meantime, vittoria. if you are traveling still in burlington township we have an overturn tractor trailer that is carrying, was carrying 80,000-pound of apple juice. 295 northbound. clean up crews are on the scene and they have been blocking the roadway. we have a big delay in and around this area best thing to give yourself more time number one and stick to the new jersey turnpike as an alternate. give yourself some more time, erika. >> a well known local actor loses his leg after a hit and run crash in center city and police are looking for the driver who just took off.
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michael toner was crossing market street at 11th, early yesterday morning when someone hit him and then kept going. his injuries were so severe doctors had to amputate one of his legs. toner has been an actor for decade and he was scheduled to perform on penn's campus this weekend. >> i'm heart broken. it is so, so sad. >> we have nothing that is why sometimes somebody might have saw something, might have heard something, the public has been good in the past giving us information keeping it anonymous. anything helpful naturally we'd like people to call us. >> at last check toner was in critical condition. police are trying to track down any surveillance video for clues. a california mother gets scare of her life when her sonnies bitten by a rattlesnake. jacqueline is nine months pregnant she and her four year-old were walking when he accidentally stepped on a baby rattlesnake and got bitten. being a heroic mom she sucked
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venom out before taking him to the hospital but experts say that trick used in old westerns is very, very dangerous in real life. >> the mother instinct in me decided to suck venom out because that is what they do. >> absolutely don't do that. use your basic wound type stuff, soap and water, wash the a area, keep it clean call 911 immediately. >> venom that she tried to suck out, didn't spread to her or her unborn son and little vinny there is recovering just fine, thank goodness. >> incredible first thing you think of, you think suck venom out but not right. >> that is good to know. >> new apple update, can give some very intimate information to your phone. >> a set of health kit features in the i up come ios9 can track how often they have sex. >> just put that right in your phone. >> apple says health date ace
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kept private by default but user could send to it their doctor or anonymously provide it for research, this health app is part of the effort to create more software for female users. >> i can see it for reproductive reasons. >> yes. >> lets get to the phone quickly. >> coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" an update on the breaking news we have been following the entire morning a hit and run on the boulevard justin. >> reporter: trucker is shot and killed before the start of his day i'm justin finch more on the search for that killer coming up. >> reporter: ride down the shore goes wrong after booking through a transportation app i'm cleve bryan coming up what a driver did to land in trouble with the law. and the epitome of road rage check this out two drivers caught on camera in a fist fight on the busy street in hollywood. find out what set them off.
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vittoria and katie returns with traffic and weather together on the three, we are back with you in two minutes.
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updating our breaking news right now philadelphia police are looking for a hit and run driver who critically injured a man it happened on the roosevelt boulevard at front street earlier this morning. police say that the 25 year-old victim suffered a number of injuries, including head trauma and broken bones.
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police described the striking vehicle as a dark colored honda or acura. new this morning a man caught in the cross fire, when two men got in the argument in north philadelphia it happened at front and lip even cot in the fair hill section of the city, 59 three-year old victim was hit in the calf and the shooter got away on a bicycle. also a delivery driver is murdered on the job this morning, police are searching for his killer. >> it happened on the loading dock in the industrial complex, that happened in yeadon delaware county. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us with the very latest on this investigation, justin, good morning have the. >> reporter: good morning natasha, erika this first came in yesterday morning as a a report of the a suspicious person here. police showed up. they found no sign of that person but they did find that someone had taken a man's life. at age 63, thomas childs had his eye honorary timer. >> he is probably the most loyal employee, we have had
6:32 am
over the years. he has been here, day in, day out, hardly ever takes a vacation. >> reporter: childs boss, brad daggy says he worked there for 15 years, delivering the company's cleaning supplies for restaurants along the east coast. tuesday morning after 3:00 a.m. he was loading up for a stop in new york city. >> he left early this morning to go to work, support his family anticipated him coming home and returning home and as a result this cold blooded killer okay, took his life there for less than $30. >> reporter: childs never left ridgeway's baltimore avenue loading dock, bullet holes seen in the cabin. another trucker believes he heard gunfire and saw a the suspect. authorities say that he helped yeadon police draw up this sketch. >> something has to be done about this, this guy has got to be caught and taken off the street. >> this doesn't desire to happen to anyone let alone someone of this nature. >> reporter: childs made his
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home in aston pennsylvania and his family has released a a statement saying thinks what they are deeply saddened by his loss at this time and as for that suspect police have an idea of who he might be, between 5-foot , 45-foot six 180-pound, light skin, black male 180-pound and last seen wearing a gray hoodie when he left this scene here. we are live, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin, thank you. 63:00 36789 traffic and weather together on the three's. good morning katie. >> good morning, in a cash a talk about a beautiful day underway. it is so comfortable. when you lose that humidity all bets are off. it is one of those days where you have to fine an excuse to be outside even if it is just to take a quick walk on your lunch break. find some excuse. today is one of those days you don't want to go to waste. we will start off with a quick check outside on storm scan three, we are still watching our frontal boundary least treat where those clouds are coming from but they are leaving. we're left with high pressure and usually that bodes well for the forecast and it will today, absolutely zero, chance
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of wet weather today. but notice chances go on a up tic here over next few days because we have a fast flow in our atmosphere. weak cold front crosses thursday, warm air lifts in friday saturday fee he tours, a cold front and that is why we will start to see increase in terms of the potential for a lit built of wet wet's long the way. not today though 87, sunshine in the city and with that low humidity, it is hot but if you seek out shade it will still feel comfortable to you and we will be right around 80 degrees or just shy of it in all of the area resort towns. get set my friend we are setting up for first heat wave of the year, yep as long as we hit 90 or greater which we will thursday, friday, saturday may make it official, for first time in 2015, vittoria. good morning everyone. we are looking at the scene of this overturn tractor trailer. if you are traveling on 295 northbound and 541, we have an
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overturn tractor trailer which is blocking two right lane. one lane of traffic is getting by in burlington township but they have been all morning intermittently blocking those lanes to tend to that incident. that incident is involving a tractor trail their was at one point carrying 80,000 pounds of apple juice. this is right as you make your way after 541. so keep that in mind. notice, traffic right now looks almost non-existent, but there it is, all right behind it, as they again have been intermittently blocking those lanes. two right lanes blocked traveling in and around this area, take and stick to the new jersey turnpike that should get you through it. we have rush hour delays on the schuykill 422, i9 five just prepare yourself for the worst, erika. >> thanks, vittoria. we have an update on the housees on the edge of disaster in burlington county. in late april a land slide in florence township caused chris and lynn odell's backyard to
6:36 am
slide 07 feet in the delaware river. now lawyers have told them that the county will acquire their property and one next door, however there is no settlement offer just yet. >> how you could have a plan b we have a group z because it could happen at any given moment or any given time. >> odells say workers have sealed off the leaky storm water drainage pipe which they believe caused the erosion. an uber driver is fired ape now facing charges after funneling himself in the back seat, right next to his passenger. the entire ordeal was captured on cell phone video by that passenger, "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has the details new from new jersey. >> reporter: caught on video that went viral after license police are charging this uber driver after making sexual advances and fondling himself next to a with man lock in the back seat. >> victim thought he would open up to get out and then got in the back seat of the
6:37 am
vehicle. >> reporter: nail salem of bustleton avenue of northeast philadelphia a is charged with lewdness, false imprisonment and harassment. he gave at three three-year old victim a scene in avalon. driver has been permanently removed in the uber platform for his inappropriate behavior. we have reached out to the ride turra pol guys for such is an uncomfortable experience. >> it is kind of weird to get in the car with the stranger but i guess i mean i trust them. >> reporter: uber says they have connect more than a million rides in the philadelphia area, and require background checks for their drivers. still after ron police chief will yak mccormack believes more safe vet is using a taxi vetted through your local municipality. >> avalon licenses approximately 100 brittanys and taxi services through town and that is identified by a blue sticker on the back of each sticker. >> reporter: samantha mccarthey says she used uber a few times but not again. how many times have you used it? >> i have probably used it like five.
6:38 am
>> reporter: what were your experiencing like. >> the cars are unmark. >> reporter: uber driver is scheduled to appear june between the second but police suggest as far as safety, always tell people how are with and where you are going regardless of which taxi services you select. in avalon i'm's cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". shocking show of road rage was capture on camera. >> two guys jumped out of their car near hollywood boulevard in los angeles and they go at it. we have video of another motorist casey cassidy. you can see one man gets out of his car and then watch just go nuts. one guy gets hit by a passing van too. >> despite this cell even if video, police say they have gotten no reports of any incident. in one call to complain bit. >> look at cars passing by. >> just nuts. >> coming up next new video of
6:39 am
amelia earhardt see her preparing for her final trip, and still footage lost since 1937. also a service dog takes service to a whole any level when he throws himself in front of the bus, to save his blind owner. sons of ben passionate local fans of the, philadelphia union soccer teams they stopped at nothing to bring major league soccer in philadelphia and new their story is playing out on the big screen. we will talk about them coming up next. >> ♪ >> i haven't heard that in a while. >> takes you back a minute. >> and what is in a name? we're talking about the movie stars husband who took her last name when they got married, it is 6:39 on this
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wednesday, glad you are waking up with us, back in a moment. so i. sue i.
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dear fellow citizen, kids are a great thing. before you know it they're in college.
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if you're lucky, they get a degree in finance and figure out how to pay for it. could happen. but just in case it doesn't, i can help. we have new student loans others don't offer. next time you have a question about how to pay for college ask me. sincerely, jared duemling, fellow ninja and fellow citizen an old home movie surfaced of amelia earhardt, three and a half minute film shows the pioneer before she sped off on her last flight in 1937. a few weeks later earhardt's plan vanished over the pacific ocean.
6:43 am
footage was released in conjunction with the new e book amelia earhardt's last photo shoot. >> i love seeing snapshots from the past. >> i know. >> zoe selldonna's husband is taking her last name. >> the former marco is hailed as a progressive and feminist for his actions. after a a tar actress said she tried to talk her husband out of becoming mrs. sialdana saying he refused saying he didn't care what people thought. newly married couple of two years are parents to twin boys. >> you don't see that very often but if it works for them terrific. >> yes. >> it may be confusing when you introduce yourself. >> yeah, maybe. >> it is a hollywood thing. whatever makes you happy. name your child apple. yes. you know what, we have seen stranger things. >> so very true. >> we will check with our
6:44 am
eyewitness weather watcher network. we have temperature readings right around 60 degrees. we will take you off to the north here and check in way in toward that northern remet suburbs and bath, pa charles in 57 degrees. he has full sunshine as many people do and he had a hint of light falling throughout the last hour. we did see that in the poconos field camera. you might run into that but we have full sun that will get rid of that quickly. sixty-three from jeff moore in hatfield, pennsylvania pennsylvania and with the full sunshine it is a beautiful start to the day. let me go out to storm scan three here. we have some pretty fast movement in the atmosphere. high pressure is in place for one day it is a beautiful take but only get one and as things start to get more a active with time. cold front number one passed out to sea coal front number two back here bark worse than the bite, we will say that, and it looks like it will be a spotty keyword pot spotty shower or storm out of it.
6:45 am
upper 80's the spectation, very warm with sunshine but not terribly humid. that changes tomorrow. we spike to the low 90's a of the first day of three. that front will cross through with spotty shower or storm. warm air lifting back in we are still in the 90's and a few showers dotting the regional radar. keep an eye on. that in day is a wash out including saturday, another front, and this is the day that will likely make it first heat wave here of the year, because you need, by definition, 90 plus degrees for three days straight or more. that is what we are forecast continuing. today awesome great pool weather for one thing. looking ahead to the next few days steamies back and see behind that saturday cold front a drop on the thermometer. it looks good. vittoria, over to you. >> thanks very much. right now 295 is still in the looking great stepping out of the way giving you a live look, over the scene of this is an overturn tractor trailer, i-95 north bound at
6:46 am
541. what we are looking at here and eulogy in on, that is 80,000-pound of apple juice on the roadway just talk about the clean up that they will have to do and still upright that tractor trailer and get it out of the way. traveling in an around this area only one lane of traffic gets by, it looks like two lanes have they opened up a second lane. two lanes are getting by, that is an improvement however on ramp from 541 is still closed and best alternate toys take a new jersey turnpike. anticipate rush hour 95, schuylkill expressway, market frankford line is 15 minute delays natasha. updating breaking news we are following police are searching for a honda or acura with front end damage and broken windshield after a hit and run on roosevelt and and, it happened this morning. victim suffered head trauma, and broken bones. and, searching for a suspect
6:47 am
that resembled this sketch in delaware county. six three-year old delivery driver, was gun down on a loading dock in yeadon yesterday afternoon. ntsb will detail findings in the may deadly port richmond train derailment. report could include whether the engineer was actually on his cell phone at the time of the crash. now to a story getting a lot of attention a service dog that stepped in front of the bus to protect its brian owner. >> the dog would in the leave her side until help arrives and this morning they are both recovering. lou young from our sister station in new york has this heart warming story. >> reporter: injured service dog limb answer long and can manage a tail wag after literally throwing himself in front of the bus monday on main street in brewster. eight year-old golden retriever is companion and guide of audry stone legally blind resident here, who knows fido is something special. >> i thank him i thank god
6:48 am
that i have him and that he survived too and i love him. >> reporter: police shared these accident scene photos, front tire of the school bus pavement in front covered in the animal's fur, strip from the right front leg. >> it is very heart breaking, very heart breaking. >> reporter: amazingly the dog did not yelp in pain but calmy struggled to stay with the mistress. >> you cannot touch an injured dog. >> reporter: dog really didn't stop until paramedics took audry to the ambulance. he was taken to the local vet who said fido's behavior is remarkable even for a service animal. >> whether he did that consciously or unconsciously it is pretty amazing. >> reporter: thinks audry stone's third service dog she has fostered them all but this one is providing every second for her to get past her hospital treatment back on her feet. >> i want to get home to my dog. >> reporter: lou young cb. news. just an incredible story. >> yes. >> i love that dog.
6:49 am
>> we want to get to katie. you might say she's super excited there. >> thanks very much, you know i'm ridiculous philadelphia union fan. of course, their season is well underway but licensing before there was even soccer in philadelphia, there were fans who championed to bring the sport to our city. their story is subject of the new documentary sons of ben the movie that premiers tonight and kenney hanson the organization's current president is joining me right now to tell us more about the film. good morning. >> good morning good thanks for waking up with us dark and early here. >> yes good for those folks who might not be familiar with the sons of ben talk to you about the role they have played here in helping to bring this sport to our city. >> what they did started in 2007 and push to get a team in philadelphia, petition the state, city, and, you know, unprecedented that you see a group of fans going to other
6:50 am
cities and cheering for a team that doesn't even exist. >> it never happened before. >> not that i'm aware of. >> the director is a childhood friend of one of the founding members of the sons of ben and he saw what was going on here and said turf make a movie about this. >> right. >> talk about what we will see in the documentary it is not just passion you guys have but a lot of work do you in the community. >> one of the things that brian james started was to give back to the city of chester and specifically that we president every yeah we help kick hunger. it is designed to help the bernard dean center and, you know just make it that, you know, there are better things in chester. we have the ability to give back. it is our home. it is our home away from home. if we can make that a experience for everyone around us that is what we should be doing. >> it is a positive experience in the stand every weekend just quickly what is it like in that arena.
6:51 am
>> sometimes you don't realize what you are in the middle of until you step back and watch it on tv and say we did that. that is cool. the environment is electric. i think that we have some of the best fans, and best members, in mls. >> absolutely, i'm there every home game myself, not in the sons of ben section but i sit back and watch and it is a sight to see. i highly suggest you get to a match. >> lets talk about where you can see the film premiering tonight. >> trocadero is one of the showing from 6:00 to 7:00. happy her by yard. from there the showing is at 7:30 and after party until midnight. >> fans will be excited. >> get your tickets at sons of ben >> fine the information on our web site as well. so all that detailed information right there for you too. congratulations, good luck with the premiere tonight. >> thank you, we are very excited. >> guys we will be right back stay tune.
6:52 am
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the difference? try adjusting up or down you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store where you'll find the best buy rated mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number. management up anti with its fraternity policy. companies offering new fathers up to a year, of paid leave. >> wow. >> the policy also applies to adoptive parents. founder richard branson released a statement saying if
6:55 am
you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business, and this could be the start of the trend. >> yes, lot of parents would a appreciate that. >> after taking on soda, in the meantime new york city wants to take on salt. >> cities health department is propose ago hi in rule requiring chain restaurants to put warning symbols next to menu item with high sodium. they want to help fight cardiovascular disease and make it easier for customers to make healthier choices. according to the cdc it raises blood pressure which is a a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. >> good idea i think. >> yeah. >> tomorrow we are taking a stan for hope, cbs-3 and cw philly are proud to partner with alex lemonade stand foundation raising money to fight childhood cancer. join us from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00p in m thomas we remember alex and also continue her dream of finding a cure. now, we know, secret to a long life. >> yes. >> no official documentation on this but a hundred year-old woman, just turned a hundred
6:56 am
happy birthday, she's someone to listen to. >> new here, pauline spagknolla of wilkes barre says that the key is to live this long is because of alcohol. not just some. she says you have to drink a lot of it. that is her her key to a long life. so, you know, exercise, or friendships. >> right right. >> yes, it is alcohol. >> yes. >> i was looking for her there next to the cake. >> yes. >> she had a martini somewhere close. >> she looked terrific. >> that is amazing. >> yes. >> drink of choice. >> yes. >> okay, katie this is a terrific day. >> it is, we have got warmth and sunshine but you don't have the humidity. so five beach balls out of five beach balls um-hmm, this
6:57 am
is ukee's pool, i'm told by our graphic team. >> is that it. >> we have never seen it. >> come over to my pool. >> thank you. >> good morning rush hour, schuylkill 95, 476 also slow and overturn tractor trailer on 295. >> stay with us. >> yes 80,000-pound. >> my goodness. >> thanks, vittoria. that is "eyewitness news" for now we will see you on the cw
6:58 am
new jersey's pension system is a mess but don't blame teachers and other school employees. over 20 years, teachers have paid more than 10 billion dollars into their pensions, but new jersey politicians have paid just three underfunding teacher pensions by billions. unless the state makes its pension payments the entire fund could disappear in twelve years- threatening over 200 thousand teachers with poverty in retirement. school employees have done their part. now, politicians need to do theirs. it's only fair.
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it is wednesday, june 10th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." police swarm a small new york town in search of two escaped murderers. we are there with the manhunt. a new strategy. we'll send hundreds of advisers to iraq. and we'll reveal a new smart drone that promises aerial video as good as anything from hollywood. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. hello, drone. >> authorities are focusing on a small


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