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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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assault from may 2013, when he was a junior, through the end of his senior year in 2014. including a summer while the two were away at a cam in new hampshire. >> this defendant was this victim's teacher this victim's coach this rick tim's dorm supervisor, and the victim indicated that he viewed the defendant as a close friend. >> reporter: it began at 17 and snuck in scavitto's on campus apartment. scavitto invited victim over to inn truck him on being with the woman. they watched pornographic video and touched each other. the meetings lasted 30 minutes, twice a week. scavitto would text student which to meet using code, and then order him to erase messages threatening that if he told, he would lose his job. >> with the pattern of behavior that the way that this defendant groomed this victim we're very concerned that there might be other victims out there. >> reporter: the school released this statement the phelps school was shock and
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sad toned learn of the arrest of the faculty member late yesterday evening. we can a assure members of the phelps school community that the safety, well-being of our students is paramount and staff member in question will not be returning. and police say that this school has been, fully cooperative with their investigation, tonight, scavitto was in immediately fired, he is now being held in chester county prison on $250,000 bail. we're live from willis town chester county, i'm's diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thanks very much. today investigators answered a key question in the investigation of the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia but many other questions remain. frustrating families of victims who want to know the cause of the crash. lets get the latest from "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live at 30th street station alex? >> reporter: well, good evening, chris. ntsb already knew is that train engineer brandon bostian
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had to use his even if to make calls and text on may 12th the day of the crash but what they now no, they did not use his phone at least in that way while operating the train. it was a point of discussion with the ntsb officials during today's senate hearing. >> we have determined that there was no talking or texting, or data usage involved however... >> the however is a big one. >> the conclusion toss not rule out the use of the phone by brandon bostian in other ways like browsing photos and old e-mails things that do not transmit any material or use the internet. ntsb also says that bostian did not tap into amtrak's wifi system at all operating train on may 12th. >> there are 400,000 pieces of data a involved in the analysis, and because of the extent of that, things like use of an app or other use of the phone has not been determined. >> reporter: ntsb officials
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say they will compare the phone of brandon bostian with an identical one to validate data inside. >> it raises more questions then gives us answers. >> reporter: larry, and his partners are representing 12 of the 200 people injured when amtrak train 188 derailed near port richmond last month. at 106 miles an hour it was going more than twice the posted speed limit around the curve. >> so regardless of whether he is on the phone, or not paying attention or not aware of what he is doing, he has a responsibility to all of those people who wanting to safely home to his families and he and amtrak failed in that responsibility. >> reporter: something else we're waiting on are blood test result, bostian friend were quick to say their friend always had a keen eye on safety throughout his career, two people remain hospitalized. reporting live from 30th street station alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". commuter chaos in new york city, two buses collided
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inside of the lincoln continue toll day injuring 31 people. first responders helped people walk out of the tunnel some had to be carried away on stretcher. a private bus carrying a group of canadian students was rear ended by new jersey transit bus around 9:30. there were two pregnant woman on board another bus stuck in traffic behind that accident and one of those women began having contractions and had to be taken to the hospital. >> port authority police went in the tunnel, and they rendered aid stayed with her and then they arrived when the traffic cleared up a bit they were able to transport that woman via ambulance to the hospital, roosevelt hospital. she's okay. >> other pregnant woman refused treatment all of the injuries were minor and lincoln tunnel has reopen. in weather now it is warm, humid and this is only beginning. tomorrow, is when we will really turn up the heat. meteorologist kathy orr live
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on the cbs-3 sky deck and you don't appear to be melting at this point. >> beautiful breeze on the sky deck chris tonight will be a great evening outdoors, low humidity, won't even break a sweat, and best of all it will be rain free. it will not stay that way over the weekend and we are going to crank up the heat. lets look at what we do expect on storm scan three we are looking at dry conditions so no weather issues but we are definitely turning up the heat. right now temperatures are not that bad. we are in the 80's. 84 degrees in philadelphia. eighty-one allentown. seventy-six in the poconos. millville 79. average high is 81 degrees. this evening temperatures falling through the 70's, 76 at 9:00. by 11:00 o'clock temperature 73 degrees. guess what is coming. we're talking about chasing record heat across the delaware valley, a heat wave is on the way the first of this spring season, and wait until you see how hot it is
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going to get. i'll have that with the seven day joining you inside later with the broadcast. >> thanks very much. police continuing to search hit and run driver who critically injured a man in the feltonville section of philadelphia. police say 25 year-old emmet was hit crossing roosevelt boulevard at front street. vehicle that hit him is described as a dark colored acura or honda. >> we're frustrated because we fund no video. we have nothing to go with at this point. we are still looking for witnesses who have seen, heard or any knowledge of a car that hit mr. toner that night. >> he was transported to einstein hospital in critical but stable condition but he suffered several broken bones and bleeding in his head. fire officials are investigating the cause of the fire in frankford this morning. chopper three was over that scene in the 5300 block of head street. fire broke out just before 11:00 o'clock we're told everyone inside the building was able to get out and there were no injuries there.
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fire was quickly brought under control. all lanes of north bound 295 in burlington county are back opened after a tractor trailer filled with apple juice overturn. that happened just as morning commute began around 5:00a m. chopper three was over that scene as well, all three lanes were blocked for a while and traffic was sneaking by on the shoulder. there were no injured reported there. prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty for two men charged with killing philadelphia police officer robert wilson. carlton hipps and ramone williams were a arraigned today and they are charged with killing wilson back in march. officer wilson was buying a present for his son at a video game store when the two men attempted a robbery. wilson tried to stop them and then was killed during the gun battle. new developments in the case of the now former police officer accused of using excessive force during a pool party in mckenney, texas. cell phone rid yes shows eric casebolt taking down a teenage
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girl and pointing his gun at other teens. casebolt and other officers were responding to a report of the difficulties push answer at that pool. he resign yesterday and unclear when will face criminal charges. today local civil rights leaders said he should be punish, while casebolt's attorney says his client fears for his life. >> we are hoping that he will be charged and just advertise witt come to this family. >> he is receiving death threats. he is worried for his family. worried he may be followed. until that threat subsides, he is going to, be in an undisclosed location. >> reporter: jane bushkin says casebolt responded to two suicide calls earlier in the day and his emotions got the best of him. in the wake of that incident and other like it involving police lawmakers on capitol hill are talking about body cameras for all police officers. today the house passed a non-binding resolution urging state and local departments to equip their people with
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recording devices like these. proponents say they will provide transparency to protect innocent and shield officers from false allegations. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" ever get so mad you punched a car? well, this guy did. that is not all. we will have more on this road rage incident caught on camera. wow. >> we have a warning for millions of people who take common antacid drugs there is new research just released about how they may increase your risk of a heart attack. woman makes medical history after giving birth from when she was just 15 years old more o
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cbs-3 healthwatch now there is a new study on you the that shows a link between a very widely used heartburn medications and heart attacks. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain lot of people interested in that. >> reporter: lots of people interested in this. these are popular drugs they are talking about, 20 million americans take this certain class of medication a year for heartburn, and now this new study that included 3 million people say it can cause heart attacks. like millions of americans peter leahy suffers with heartburn and acid refluxes. >> it progressively got worse to the point where one day in particular i felt a lot of discomfort in my chest. >> reporter: he started to
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take antacids called pro ton pump inhibitors or ppi to help control heartburn victims. people who take hpi's may be more likely to have a heart attack trucks with brand names such as prevacid and next yum. >> pro ton pump inhibitors increase risk of heart attack in the general population by about 15 to 20 percent. >> reporter: previous studies show ppi's can a affect lining of blood vessels interfering with blood flow to increase risk of heart attacks. >> if you are taking this mehdi wouldn't panic but would i reassess whether you need to be on it, or whether you can taper off or have it be replaced with a different class of drugs. >> reporter: researchers found htwo blockers did not have heart risks those medicine include pep side and zantac. >> take a deep breath. >> reporter: peter's doctor is moving him to a h2 blocker. researchers on this new study say ppi's can be useful when
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used in the short term. we have called maker of each of the drugs name in this research and only heard back from as extra send contact maker of next yum. in part they said drug is safe and effective when used according to the directions. lots of people interested in this. we will keep you updated on cbs and keep a link for you on my facebook and twitter feed. >> you have to be careful because one thing can help but it can hurt in other ways. >> as the credit says don't panic good absolutely not. >> work your way through it. >> steph, thanks very much. in belgium a woman makes medical history a transplant of her own frozen ovarian tissue has helped her get pregnant and give birth to a hilt babe boy. it was removed and frozen at 13. ten years later doctors transplanted four tissue fragments from the frozen ovary on to her remaining ovary. to years later she was pregnant this medical break through could benefit other sick children who lose their fertility through medical
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treatments. >> pretty amazing. >> yeah. still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a guide doggies being called a hero tonight credited with saving the life of his owner who is legally blind. tonight he is on the mend after throwing himself in the path of the bus. new recommendation that is could have a big i'm pack on the way you fly why you might have to buy a new carry on bag. we will be right (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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when the tall ship festival kicks off this month on the delaware river this guy will be a special guest on hand. this is rocky the baby duck, rocky is 10 feet tall and today he was on advertise play at shops at liberty place. rocky's mom whom we told but will be at the festival too. she's got a bit more size on her. six stories tall the largest rubber duck in the world what a draw she will be. the tall ships festival starts june 25th, on the delaware river. it should be great. >> don't see that every day. >> you don't that is what makes it special. speaking of great alex lemonade stand foundation is getting more power in the battle to fight childhood cancer they were presented with this new car. they were on hand for that presentation. car will be used as part of the new campaign, and wish foundation which visit researches funded by alex's lemonade stan.
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hey, while we're talking bit let's remind thaw tomorrow, we are taking a stan for hope, cbs-3 and cw philly are very proud to partner with alex lemonade stand foundation raising money to fight childhood cancer and we invite you to inn joe us from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. as we remember alex and continue her dream of finding a cure. that is tomorrow. great day. >> it will be a great day. >> you will be down the shore with the lemonade stan. >> yes. >> we will be here, we will be all over the place. >> it will be a great day good we have our orr at the shore alex lemonade stand teaming up with rita's water ice. we will be giving out alexa's lemon ice and asking to you donate to a great cause. stop by and see us right near music pier, about eighth street and boardwalk. it will be a great day to be down the shore. you'll see those observation from his our eyewitness weather watchers at bottom of the screen. let's show you a beautiful day. not as warm as yesterday but kind of testing out the water ocean water temperatures, up to the 60's.
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that is an improvement. air temperatures warm in the 70's and some 80's down the shore. we are looking at a very pleasant afternoon, that is for sure, on storm scan three dry conditions, not a cloud in the sky and our region and it will be taking that way for a little while. we are looking at near record heat the next couple days. tomorrow the high temperature forecast is 93. the record is 95. friday our forecast high 92. record 95 set in 1947. very close to those records. it is 48 in philadelphia. eighty-seven in millville n wildwood this is rio grande 80 degrees ac airport. 80 degrees. ocean water temperature 68. that is influencing our temperatures with the south lawyer wind we will get a land breeze. ocean city, sea isle in the lower 07's. cape may 76 not bad. rehoboth beach delaware 78. barnegat light cool spot at only 69 degrees. we are under the threat of marge mal risk of severe weather for tomorrow afternoon with a few showers and storms popping upright now, they will be isolated in nature.
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i'm's not overly concerned about that. we will watch as a cold front serves as a real forcing mechanism lifting mechanism for any storms that pop up, a higher threat as you move through new england and interior new york. temperatures in the 90's. we have one day of 90's on thursday another day on 90's on friday, and then that is not enough, and that would be third one on saturday with showers and storms more numerous with this front late afternoon, early evening. if you go the two taylor swift concert on saturday pay attention to the weather. she has been known to wait until rain passes and continue a full concert even if it is late. that is good news. overnight mainly clear warm, low temperature 69. during the day tomorrow high 93. some sun. it will be hot. spotty storm. wind southwest at 10 miles an hour. as we go hour by hour we will start off mild, gets warm, muggy late morning. by noon it is 89. 5:00 p.m. 92. evening activity we will be sweating it out with the
5:22 pm
temperature of 86. humidity continues with the heat friday and saturday, with our heat wave across the delaware valley and those shore temperatures staying in the 80's. we will look at cooling down in the seven day coming up next half an hour. we will be back coming up. we want to let you know we will be down the shore in ocean city tomorrow, for more orr at the shore, we will see
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tonight a search talk is called a hero after he risked his live to save his brian owner. >> the golden retriever protect his companion by throwing himself in front of the on coming bus a as lou young of our sister station in new york reports little dog stayed right by his owner's side until help arrived. >> reporter: injured service dog limps along and can still
5:25 pm
manage a tail wag after literally throwing himself in front of the bus monday on main street in brewster. eight year-old golden retriever is companion and guide of audrey stone legally blind resident here who knows fido is something special. >> i thank him. i thank god for that ambulance. and that he survived too. i love him. >> reporter: police shared these accident scene photos with us, front tire of the school bus and pavement in front covered with the animal's fur, stripped from its right front leg. >> it was very heart breaking very heart breaking. >> reporter: amazingly the dog didn't yelp in pain but calmy struggled to stay with his mistress. >> you really can't touch an injured during guarding somebody. touch them, they are aggressive. not this dog. >> reporter: dog really didn't stop struggling until paramedics took audry away in the ambulance. he was taken to the local vet iron said fido's behavior is remarkable even for a service animal. >> when did that consciously or unconsciously but it is pretty amazing. >> reporter: this is audrey
5:26 pm
stone third service dog she has been fond of them all but this one is providing extra incentive for her to get past her hospital treatment and then back on her feet. >> i want to get home to my dog. >> reporter: lou young cbs news. >> good dog right there bus driver was given a summons important not yielding. audrey has found a keeper there, guardian angel dog. well, still to come in the next half an hour we will go to studio city, california where kate bilo will join us, she's co hosting the talk tomorrow. >> exciting stuff there. also ahead a new strategy to take on ice is in iraq, we will have more on president obama's announcement as they deploy more u.s. troops to the region. frightening case of road rage is caught on cameras two men get out of their cars and start throwing hey makers, as other cars speed by. >> then at 6:00, we hear from people at local high school who has pop superstar's attention with
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here are the top stories chester county teacher is behind bars tonight a accused of sexually assaulting a student. police say matthew scavitto had a sexual relationship with a 17 year-old boy while teaching at the fell president school in malvern. ntsb says engineer driving amtrak train that derailed in
5:30 pm
port richmond last in was not talking or texting on his phone at the time, the investigation in the cause of the crash does continue. police are searching for a hit/run driver who critically injured a 25 year-old philadelphia a man and roosevelt boulevard at front street. the carries described as a dark colored acura or honda. kathy? we are in for some sizzling heat, chris, in the 80's and 90's tomorrow. first heat wave of the season and a few weekend thunderstorms, in the summer like heat. we will talk about how long 90's continue with that seven day forecast, coming up, kathy, thanks. police are retracing their steps in upstate new york as they hunt for two escaped killers. cbs news correspondent hanna daniels is in danamar new york with the fifth day search. >> reporter: officers took no chances searching door to door in the small town of danamore, for two escape killers.
5:31 pm
>> they will fine him. police come to your house. >> a couple of times just to search the back shed. >> reporter: it has been five days sinned dave sweat and richard matt cut their way out of the clinton correctional fat it is. >> they are probably long gone, searching around the same spot every day just to me feels kind of, pointless. >> reporter: investigators believe the fugitive had helped getting help with the power tools used in the break out. they have questioned 150 civilian employees at the prison including joyce mitchell who work in the prison taylor shop with the two men. cbs news has learned that mitchell was supposed to pick up inmates after they escaped but never showed up. instead she ended up at the hospital suffering from a panic attack. many people in this area owned seasonal homes investigators are asking them to inspect their property very carefully on arrival. looking for any sign of trepassers. in danamore new york, hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new york state police has
5:32 pm
more than 50 digital billboard in new york, new jersey, massachusetts and pennsylvania are featuring photos and information about the two escaped, inmates. caught on tape a road rage incident between two drivers turns violent touring morning rush hour in hollywood. you'll see driver on the right, punches the car next to him, then both drivers get out of the car and then start punching each other. that man is almost run over by a van a all this caught on cell phone video and police say incident has in the been reported. >> my goodness. >> vice-president joe biden returned to work today for the first time since the death of his son beau. white house says that the vice-president had a private lunch with president obama and then met with the prime minister of ukraine and attended other meetings. he is scheduled to return to wilmington later tonight. biden has been spending most of his time since his family since his son died a week and a half ago following a battle with brain cancer. campaign money set aside for beau biden's run for
5:33 pm
governor will fund a charity in his name. beau biden foundation for protection of children has raised more than a quarter billion dollars since it was created by his widow last week. delaware law does allow for unspent campaign money to be donated to charity. two of biden's political committees reported balances of almost $700,000 back in december, it is unclear how much of that money will be donated. u.s. is sending hundreds more troops to iraq to speed up the training of local forces. the white house says today that it plans to send up to 450 more troops as part of the new strategy to help defeat isis. troops will establish a base in the anbar province of western iraq where the extremist group has made recent gains. >> leading them into this fight under command and control of the iraqi central government, already an important part oven hearing that we have iraqi fighters on the ground who are fighting isil in their own country and their own communities. >> it was also announced today
5:34 pm
that american citizen keith broomfield has died while fighting alongside kurdish forces. current liz there are 3,000 troops in iraq. gloucester county community is preparing to build a memorial for victims of the 9/11 attacks and now a piece of the original world trade center has arrived. take a a look at this 4,000-pound steel beam recovered from ground zero. it will be center piece of woolwich township tribute to the thousands who lost their lives. this afternoon a man who lost his son in law in the a attacks told "eyewitness news" what the memorial means to him. >> i want unity for this country. that we have had right after 9/11. i want unity again because we have become too complacent and we need to unify ourselves again a as a strong country good town is hoping to have the memorial completed by the end of the year. pope francis is welcoming russian president vladamire putin to the vatican. this meeting comes two years
5:35 pm
after world leaders should putin for russia a's actionness ukraine. cbs news correspondent jonathan, has details. >> reporter: pope frances welcomes everyone to the vatican including russian president putin at a time when much of the world has slam the door. putin had has come under fire for russia's role in the crisis in ukraine. pope frances used wednesday's talk to call for a sincere great effort, to bring pennsylvania peace in the ukraine. many hope the leader of the world's catholic can build diplomacy through religion. >> that is a very line line to walk and still be accepting and not approving of the regime. >> reporter: pope's meet agent the vatican is delicate balance, in the past he a has partnered with russia to protect christians in the middle east. now ukrainian catholic church is asking the pope to protect its followers from russia. the u.s. is urging pope frances to join the west in condemning russia's a actionness ukraine the pope has not publicly taken sides. the pontiff approach has
5:36 pm
proven effective in the past. he is credited with breaking tension between cuba and u.s. cuban president raul castro was so impressed with pope frances he said he was becoming religious again. put inn has not been as warm. he has never invited the pope to visit russia even though frances has welcomed putin to the vatican twice. jonathan vigliotti. pope frances coming here in september for world meeting of families. for more information, go to cbs visit. a member of the cbs-3 team is enjoying beautiful sunshine in southern california that sound pretty good. meteorologist kate bilo is in studio city getting ready to be a guest host on the cbs daytime show the talk. >> chris and jessica i'm so excited. i was here three years ago. a little nervous because i didn't know what to expect.
5:37 pm
now i feel like i'm going back to chat with my friend again. i can't wait to get back on the set. i'm sure we will have some fun things to talk about tomorrow afternoon. i'm here in l.a. it wasn't all that sunny mess of the day. i was missing our beautiful weather in philadelphia now sunnies out. the problem is as soon as i got off the plane, first thing i got was a message from the friend, who send me tyler's tweet who said we have no power at the talk studio this morning. they had a transformer fire. they had no power at all. they had to get dressed in the dark. i don't know how they did flat irons and hairdriers. but we have footage of that show. everything went off without a hitch because these ladies are professionals and they make it work. hopefully we will have power tomorrow. it will be a great day no matter what even if there is in power we will make it work and we will get to talk on the air. >> yes let's see today and not tomorrow, hopefully there will be no snafus. >> is this a live show, kate as you are doing it we will see it here. >> yes, it will be a live show. it -- i think in some markets
5:38 pm
it is on an hour delay but what you will be seeing is live, they do a taped one for later in the week but my show will be live tomorrow. anything i say will be right out of my mouth and they cannot stop and start over, so yeah, i have to be careful. i have to stay on script. >> you will do great. >> will be guests on the show tomorrow. >> i hear that the guests for tomorrow will be david due could have any which i'm very excited about you know him from his shows and x-files and there is a x-files reboot in the works and hopefully we will talk about that, tomorrow and then after the talk i getting to to the taping of the late late show with james cordon and talk to him and interview his ban leader and that i'm super excited about. >> you are living it up, we will see it all. we will see you live on the talk and see with you james cordon. good stuff kate. this is exciting. >> thanks so much guys, i will see you on tv tomorrow. i wish i could be there for the alex lemonade phone bank but i have a yellow benning he
5:39 pm
will and we will talk about that tomorrow as well. >> we know you will be here in spirit. have a great time. we will be watching. you can see kate tomorrow on the talk, it is a at 2:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. really the best talk show, on television right now. >> so good, so much fun to watch. great addition. we will have alex lemonade stand happening throughout the day. >> throughout the day. >> good watching tomorrow for sure. still to come on "eyewitness news" size matters when it comes to airlines we know that why millions of flyers might soon be buying new carry on suitcases. we know higher temperatures mean more people spend time at their pool, three is on your side with information that will help keep your family safe this summer. we're talking about a heat wave moving our way in time for the weekend, we will show you how long
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farm. if you are a air traveler and carry on your luggage you may have to buy a new bag. new guidelines have been recommended by international air transport association that recommend shrinking the size of suitcase's loud in the plane's overhead bin. new size will be 21 and a half
5:43 pm
inches, which is compared to the current 22 inches. the new bag will also be, half inch small inner wi dth and not as deep. >> so we are seeing global airline after global airline adapting building more pressure for standard in the u.s. airlines. >> that is fantastic. new size will be designed so if everyone carried on one bag they would all fit , eight international carriers have signed on in supporters of the new guidelines including lufthansa and qatar but none based in the u.s. a lot of people talking about this story and additionally buying new bags. we want to know what you think about that. connect with us on facebook, and on twitter and use the hash tag cbs-3 chat. a local amazon center is adding more than five hundred new jobs this month. the company is hiring full-time workers at its facility in middletown, delaware and that will put building at 2500 workers. the $12 an hour jobs include
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inventory and packing positions and these new jobs, are among the 6,000 total new positions that amazon is filling throughout the country. new parents are working at virgin group where to get generous leave. founder richard branson says eligible workers will receive a fully paid year of parental leave after the birth or adoption of a child. eligible workers must be on the job for more than four years to get that full pay and it is only opened to staff in london and geneva, virgin and grants are licensed but pretty genero
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medical experts discuss critical health issues facing women at state of women's health forum clinical experts and policy leaders held an a interactive program with audience members and there they talked about the approaches objectives and strategy for advancing care for women. this was hosted by health company life cycle women care. they are hoping to make this an annual event. >> good for them. >> it is a need. >> kathy is back with us now. beautiful day outside today. tomorrow though, we will start feeling the heat. >> not just heat but humidity. they say in the humidity your actually have hair growing. you know, the whole saying, in the looking forward to that.
5:48 pm
we have three days of heat and humidity, official heat wave we will look at how high those temperatures will go but first lets talk about what is coming in the future. as you can see here we are looking at temperatures that will just get higher, and higher, feeling summer-like. average high this time of the year is 81 degrees. you can see 80's today and then 90 ease, 90's for thursday, for friday, for saturday, a and it really doesn't cool down until sunday, and then we will be feeling much better around here but after a long winter i don't think anybody is really complaining. our eyewitness weather watchers saying the same thing. we have some 90's and 80's ape mix of everything. even some 70's. south jersey reporting a temperature of 84. this is from margot one of our ace weather watchers. she said in south jersey it is a beautiful summer-like day. lets go down the shore where it is always a little bit cooler. we have a seee breeze.
5:49 pm
temperature 75 degrees. james is saying yes a win out of the south at 10 miles an hour, where will you be, in ocean city tomorrow so i can say hello? i will be at the ocean city music pier at rita's water ice. so between pier and rita's we will be broadcasting live. come by, make a donation and i will give you a a free water ice. lets go outside. we will take you to the poconos. it is beautiful. thinks big boulder lake. it looks inviting over the next couple days that would be a good place to take a break and escape the heat. temperatures across the region are still warm philadelphia 84. poconos 76. reading is 82. you can see in dover 79 degrees. here is core of the heat through our nation's heart land wichita 98. oklahoma city 95. dallas 96. little rockies 93. all have of this is moving toward the north east ahead of the front. it will be pushing it here for
5:50 pm
next three days and we will be near record warmth. dew points, that true amount of moisture in the atmosphere pleasant today low humidity that will change thomas those numbers rise. watch a afront approach from the west squeezing up heat and humidity, a a few scattered showers or isolated thunderstorms possible. on friday here we go with another front approaching, few scattered showers but no big deal. main front is saturday afternoon, this front will create some afternoon showers and thunderstorms and break the heat. this is our best chance have of seeing some active weather once again saturday afternoon and evening. overnight mainly clear and warm. low temperature near 70 degrees. during the day tomorrow high of 93 degrees. some sun. spotty shower or storm is possible and looking ahead it will go down the shore tomorrow, why not. it will be cooler. 83 degrees. partly sunny. hazy inn december still high. on the seven day forecast and shore cast 92 on friday.
5:51 pm
saturday 90 degrees. sunday 83. monday 82. and then you will see temperatures warming backup by mid period of the week, shore temperatures feeling good. well kathy remind us it is june, temperatures are rising, a lot of us like to spend time at the pool. so that is a good time for reminders about keeping everyone safe around the water. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has the details. >> reporter: splashing ash the pool is apart of the summer fun for children and parents but it is also worth reviewing key points about water safety. especially fit is home owner's first summer with the pool. consumer products safety commission has reminders for parents about pool dangers. >> it is not like the movies. it is not where you see someone splashing, screaming for help to get your attention. drowning is a silent killer. they go under and it is over. >> reporter: in case of emergency quick response is
5:52 pm
crucial. that is why red cross says pool owners should have right equipment on hand before it is needed that includes reaching or throwing equipment like a life safer life jackets and first aid kit. pool safety doesn't end when everyone is out of the water in fact that time when pool is unsupervised can be more dangerous. cpsc urges pool owners to have a fence 4 feet in height around perimeter of the pool. use gates that self latch and self close and install an alarm between house and pool area to alert everyone that someone may be approaching the the water. >> consumer products safety commission has a great web site called pool safely dot gov that includes all resources for pool owners to make sure your family and friend are safe, i will post a lincoln cbs and facebook and twitter feeds. worth checking out. >> it doesn't take long for danger to happen. >> especially dealing with small children. you turn your head and
5:53 pm
somebody is in the water. just take extra precautions. >> you have to watch them like a hawk. you are not a pool guy. >> not a big pool guy. i'm not a big fan with everyone floating around me in close proximitiy need my space. >> lots of water. >> yes. >> still ahead an engagement session photo bombed one couple probably isn't going to forget. this is a copy of the new 50 shade of gray book is stole up just days before the release, we will have details on that next.
5:54 pm
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
5:57 pm
we hope you are a winner. amy schumer has made what just might be her best came ohio yet. >> she photo bombed a engagement session while running in central park in new york and it happened just as they turn, posing for camera near reservoir on saturday. photographer who was taking the shot didn't recognize comedian until schumer which is allegedly really famous. then she figured it out. >> she's getting there. >> man you crypt for new 50 shades of gray novel has been reportedly stolen. the publishing house called police in kent england claiming that a a copy of author el james latest
5:58 pm
installment was gonna cord go to new book is entitled gray, it is supposed to hit stores june 18th. there are concerns that the manuscript may fine its way on line ahead of the official publishing date. hugh jackman will return as one of the x men in theaters but he says after that he is ready to move on. actor announced he will retire from playing the character waffle reen, jackman wants to leave on a good note and he and the fans get tired. jackman final performance as waffle reen is now set for 2017. peak speaking of big movies a huge premiere for one of the biggest of the summer that would be jurassic world it has taken more than 20 years for sequel to come to the big screen and the stars were out to premiere in hollywood this new installment features a dinosaur theme park where an attraction backfires. sounds familiar? >> yes. >> stars were thrilled to be part of the such an iconic film series. >> the idea of steven
5:59 pm
speilberg trusting to us bring this back and what a feeling it was so good. >> so excited about seeing him. >> he looks cool. >> he does. >> great actor there. >> jurassic world, opens up on friday. a lot of people will be for that. >> big weekend no doubt. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 new findings reveal that the amtrak tragedy but they are raising even more questions, tonight we're getting reaction from victim families and survivors. also tonight, a teacher at a main line school has been arrested and accused of carrying an inappropriate relationship with the student. tonight police are concerned there may be more victims. kathy? in weather we are challenging record heat coming up this weekend, we are looking at a heat wave across the entire region, i'll show you how high those temperatures will get and how long it will last, coming up. for many of these students it is looks day of high school in cinnaminson high school and they are sending it off with taylor swift i'm cleve bryan
6:00 pm
coming up how social media made these kid famous. from the cbs-3 broadcasting center in philadelphia this is eyewitness news at 6:00. new findings are revealed in the crash of the amtrak 188, investigators answered a key question, but tonight the victim's families and survivors said, that it is simply in the good enough. they believe questioned remain unanswered. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. today's fine goes shows what the engineer was in the doing with his phone before the crash. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us live from 30th street station with more on what they revealed today, alexandria? >> reporter: chris and jessica, ntsb has determined that the train's engineer was not calling texting or using data on his phone around the time of the crash but that does not


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