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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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taylor swift i'm cleve bryan coming up how social media made these kid famous. from the cbs-3 broadcasting center in philadelphia this is eyewitness news at 6:00. new findings are revealed in the crash of the amtrak 188, investigators answered a key question, but tonight the victim's families and survivors said, that it is simply in the good enough. they believe questioned remain unanswered. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. today's fine goes shows what the engineer was in the doing with his phone before the crash. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us live from 30th street station with more on what they revealed today, alexandria? >> reporter: chris and jessica, ntsb has determined that the train's engineer was not calling texting or using data on his phone around the time of the crash but that does not necessarily mean the
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phone was off. >> we have another client who is in critical condition. >> reporter: larry bendeski are representing 12 of the 200 people injured when amtrak train 188 derailed near port richmond last month. as 106 miles an hour, it was going more than twice the posted speed limit around a curve. >> so it answers at least for now the question of is he on his phone? it doesn't answer why this happened. >> reporter: bendesky is referring to the latest fine goes stating that train engineer brandon bostian was not talking texting or using the internet on the phone in the moments before the crash. >> we have determined that there were no talking and texting or data usage involve however. >> reporter: that however point to the possibility that bostian was using the phone in other ways like browsing photos or old e-mails things that don't use data or internet. >> there are four hundred thousand pieces of data involved in the analysis.
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because of the extent of that things like use of an app or other use of the phone has not been determined. >> reporter: engineers blood test results of in the been released, he told police he remembers nothing of the crash. >> what was he doing? how did this happen if he wasn't on the phone? >> reporter: that question may take more than just sorting through data to answer, two people hospitalized following last month's crash that killed eight passengers. reporting live from 30th street station alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now to a scandal at a main line high school, police say a teacher had a sexual relationship with the under age student. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco tells us they believe there may be more victims. >> reporter: thirty-one year-old teacher and coach matt scavitto is charged with sexually assaulting a teenage student. scavitto worked and lived at phelps school in malvern chester county, an all boys
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prep school. >> we are concern there might be other victims. this teacher was a teacher at the school for approximately seven years. >> reporter: this week a former student with event to willtown police reporting at salt from may of 2013 when he was a junior through the end of his senior year at 2014. included in the summer while they were away at a cam in new hampshire. >> this defendant was this victim's teacher this victim's coach, this victim's dorm supervisor. the victim indicated that he viewed the defendant as a close friend. >> reporter: victim said it began when he was 17 and snuck in scavitto's on campus apartment. scavitto invited him over to instruct him on being with the woman. they watched pornographic videos and touched each other according to the affidavit. meetings lasted 30 minutes twice a week. scavitto would text student when to meet using code, and then order him to erase messages threatening if he told, he would lose his job. >> with the pattern of behavior the way that this
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defendant groomed this victim, we're very concerned that there might be other victims out there. >> reporter: school released this statement phelps school was shock sat end to learn of the arrest of the faculty member late yesterday evening. we can assure members of the phelps school community that the safety and well-being of the students is paramount and the staff member in question will not be returning. police say the school has been fully cooperative with their investigation, scavitto was immediately fired and being held in chester county prison on $250,000 bail. in willistown chester county i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". taking a look at the weather a wonderful wednesday across the a area but it business to heat up out there meteorologist kathy orr joining us from the cbs-3 sky deck where it is simply beautiful, kathy. >> the yen consensus it is not snowing, guess contact so everybody is happy i keep telling people we're in for a heat wave. they are saying okay, it is not snow.
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i couldn't cure. right now we are looking at a deep blue sky low humidity and breeze that will keep it comfortable but that is going to change. storm scan three you can see there is not a cloud in the sky. this is our 150-mile radius and that is significant in itself. right now in philadelphia 84. eighty-one allentown. seventy-eight in millville. eighty-one in wilmington. average high this time of the year in the city is 81. temperatures falling from 81 at 7:00 to 78 at 9:00 look for mainly clear skies even at 11:00, temperature 74. say good bye to the comfort though because heat and humidity or the rise tomorrow a heat wave is coming and in the seven day i'll show you how long it will stick around. with that heat comes a few summer-like thunderstorms as well. i'll see you late inert the broadcast. >> we will see you then. prosecutors in the case against two men charged with killing philadelphia police officer robert wilson will see the death penalty. carlton hipps and ramone williams were arraigned today.
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both have been charged with killing now sergeant wilson in march. wilson was buying a present for his son at a video game store when police say two men attempted a robbery wilson tried to stop them and was killed during the ensuing gun battle will. law makers in washington say that they want police officers to wear body cameras. today the house passed a non-binding resolution that urge estate and local departments to equip their personnel with recording devices. today's vote comes in the wake of the cell phone video that showed a police officer throwing a teenage girl to the ground during a disturbance outside texas pool party over the weekend. that officer resign under fire yesterday. new at 6:00 philadelphia official announced cities biggest heroin bust in 20 years. authorities confiscated 3.3 million-dollar of heroin during a sting operation in northeast philadelphia and three suspects were arrested. they began looking in the drug ring in march and suspects are
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a accused of dealing drugs and lawnering money in oxford circle rhawnhurst and bell's corner. >> taking such a large quantity of drugs off the street we hope, will be significant in our battle, to protect the lives of philadelphians. >> thirty-nine suspects are identified as martin gomez domingo, and richardo ortiz malone. officials say a man was arrested at philadelphia international over the week went $440,000 worth of cocaine in his bag. u.s. customs and border protection conduct a random search of that if they found nearly 14-pound of the drug and 45 year-old fabio delacca's bag. 's arrived from the flight from the dominican republic and turn over to philadelphia police. search is on for hit and run driver who critically injured a man in the feltonville section of philadelphia. police say 25 year-old e
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mmet to i was hit and crossed against a red light at roosevelt boulevard and front street. man suffered several broken bones and bleeding in his skull. police were able to get an id of the vehicle from the witness account. >> now we have one witness behind the striking vehicle just going north nice enough to stop, pull over, to give us some information that it was a dark colored smaller type vehicle. >> police say if the driver did remain on the scene and was not impaired it is possibly or she may not have been in any trouble at all but now they say that driver will face charges for leaving the scene. officials are investigating a cause have the fire in frankford this morning. chopper three over a house in the 5300 block of hedge street. this fire broke out just before 11:00 fire fighters had it under control everyone in the building was able to get out and no one was injured. northbound 295 is jammed up around 5:00 this morning after a tractor trailer filled with apple juice overturn, just as it morning commute was getting underway. chopper three over that scene
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in burlington county as three lanes were block and traffic there just sneaking by in the shoulder of the road. but no injuries were reported. still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 a local high school that caught eye of taylor swift. we will hear from the south jersey students who got a tweet from the pop superstar herself. and this little duckies a sign of things to come. why rocky the baby birdies a preview, but still river bound, leslie. eagles playing hard ball with evan mathis and kimmo timonen gets a chance to play in the stanley cup final. phillies road wows continue in cincinnati. i will have disastrous numbers coming u
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melting fat without surgery. this is first f.d.a. approved injection that just a arrived to treat double chins. health reporter stephanie stahl has the first patient in the area to get that new treatment. her exclusive report tonight at 11:00 on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thinks a special day nearly two dozen seniors at a delaware county high school. >> "eyewitness news" at
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davidson school in elwyn as 23 flood weights received their diplomas. each student suffered from a disability and that school specializes in giving them the tools that they need to live, fulfilling lives. parents say the skills that their children learn are incredibly valuable. >> it is immeasurable how much that they conquer, with the help of the teachers here. i for the to get him in this school and he is a a fine young man what can i say. >> congratulations to all of them. they work so hard. today's graduates come from 11 regional school districts. >> this friday and saturday, taylor swift will have crowd at lincoln financial field shaking, excited dancing. >> shaking it off. >> shaking it off but she has given love to students at a local high school whose shake it off video has gone viral. >> we showed it to you yesterday. today "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan caught up with the students in cinnaminson.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: this spring cinnaminson high school took lip singing to their own living shooting their own version of shake it off by taylor swift. >> ♪. >> it took months of planning so it could be done in one single continuous shot but they nailed it on the first take. >> once we had all 800 people in the school there we were like wow now we have to get these people organized. we had mega phones. >> reporter: senior tv production students showed us some props and equipment that they used. >> when music starts we had to line up perfectly. everything ran seem leslie. >> reporter: putting the final product on you tube in the only did they become rock stars but tuesday taylor swift gave them a shout out by tweeting a link with the message i love you cinnaminson high school. >> i just started to scream and started to cry. >> reporter: there has been lots to celebrate. >> shake shake shake shake. >> just such a great way to end the year with all of your
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friend and everything. >> reporter: as you can imagine touches parties doing tonight one take and walking backward especially through lots of obstacles. i asked the student what was the key to their success. they tell me it is having lots of people watching your bag and taylor swift if your watching they have a message. >> we love you taylor. >> i'm super happy for this group because they deserve every view, like, retweet whatever else they are getting. >> reporter: maybe some day these production students will work with taylor on a video. in cinnaminson, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". job well done, by all of those kid. they deserve recognition. >> not every day taylor swift is tweeting you. >> that is special. we necessity when tall ships festival, kicks off later this month on the delaware river lots of special guests will be than hand but one in particular, this guy. >> meet the baby duck, 10 feet tall. he was on display at shops at liberty place and rocky's mom well she's bigger. she will be at festival too.
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she towered six stories high, largest rubber duck in the world. so mark this done tall ships festival kicks off june 25th. >> we hope for sunny skies for the ducks and the ships and everyone coming to see them. >> yeah, fun. >> we will all forget and we will see giant duck and go yes. >> yes. >> wow, that is amazing interesting duck name. >> we are looking at some heat and humidity and it will begin tomorrow. get ready, we are not used to this. it will be a first heat wave of the spring season and summer is just ten days away. that is something to look forward to. looking outside where we are catching a break from the heat some folks stralling beach in ocean city cape may county. i will be teaming up with rita's water ice for alex's lemonade stand tomorrow afternoon. stop by read a's between eighth and ninth street and see, say hello. we are looking at a very nice day across the delaware valley on storm scan three
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you can see not a cloud in the sky. that is 150-mile radius and we are coming up empty. it will stay that way right through evening with clear skies and little bit of the wind to keep it comfortable. philadelphia in at 84. seventy-five in the poconos. eighty-two in dover. right now we will fall into 75 in wildwood at rio grande. here is core of the heat to the nation's heart land. ninety-eight wichita still. ninety-three houston and dallas. ninety-five in abilene. new orleans 90. all this is moving toward the north east. it will be here tomorrow afternoon. dew point is true amount of moisture in the air. relative humidity is relative to the temperature so it goes up a and down as temperature does this doesn't when you see dew points in the 50's and lower 60's it is comfortable. once we get in the 70's that is sticky a a and that is where we are heading. here's how it will feel. humid thursday, really steamy on friday and saturday. that is peak of the heat. sun take coming back, down when we see cold front moving through and that will drop
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temperature and humidity. our first front approaches from the northwest tomorrow, heat and humidity with the strong southeasterly win. that heat and moisture will build on friday with our next system moving our way slight chance of the slight shower or storm and best chance of the showers and then are storms in the afternoon and evening will be saturday with this front because this is the heat buster. once this move through fair weather high pressure builds in and it won't be quite as hot, temperatures will drop 10 degrees between saturday and sunday. scattered shower or thunderstorm saturday afternoon and saturday evening. we will talk about the taylor swift concert saturday night. keep your eye to the sky and that could be a situation that we will see a delay. we will keep you updated. in man innly clear and warm, low of 69 degrees with wind out of the west. during the day tomorrow, high 93 degrees that will be the warmest day of the year, record is 95. as we go hour by hour it is near 90. 5:00 o'clock 92. by 8:00 p.m. for any evening
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activities 86 and humid little sticky. on the seven day forecast and shore cast temperature stay in the 90's through saturday. we will break the heat sunday and a monday. backup to 89, next wednesday those shore temperatures in the 70's and 80's but you know that uv index will be like nine or ten. >> yes. >> sun screen. >> that is right. >> be prepared. >> all right kathy thanks very much. >> "cbs evening news" is just a couple minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead. scott. >> reporter: here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. search for two new york killers expand to vermont what an alleged accomplish is saying about her role in the escape. plus the texas officer seen here using force a against a teen resigns. meet a ten year-old entrepreneur who haslem made industry buzzing tonight on
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film is on the road and hate to break it but they were the worst team in baseball. >> yes. >> day game for phillies this afternoon they are trying to avoid sweep on the road in cincinnati, at this point jerome williams on the mound he had a rough first inning. brian pena singles to right. red will take a one to nothing lead. ivan dejesus junior jumping all over this fast ball. hitting it in the seats in left. second home run of the series. phillies had to dig out of the four to nothing lead. cameron ruf phillies offense. drove in both phillies runs here in the fourth his double scores hernandez to make it four-two. red brian pena had four hits and drove in a pair as
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phillies goat swept for third time five-two the final. they are seven and 23, right now on the road. well, bird playing hard ball with evan mathis, they reportedly took a deal that would have paid evan a million-dollar a year off the table. howie roseman made that offer before last season. now chip kelly has full control and told mathis that deal is off the table because howie rosemanmade it. mathis wants a new contract. eagles told his agent drew rosenhaus to work out a trade but they have had no takers. he has missed all these voluntary otas. next week they have a mandatory three day mini camp. if he skips those he could lose $75,000. soap opera continues. kimmo timonen will be making his first appearance with the black hawks since may 25th tonight for game four of the stanley cup finals against tampa bay. >> i'm really excited. you know this is the moment i have put a lot of work into it
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and it is a big game, we all know it. i'm going to enjoy the moment. i have a game plan in my mind and i will go out there and try to do it. last night golden state warriors trailed by 17 after three-quarters but warriors step curry led a furious compact with seven of his 27 in the fourth quarter but cavilers lebron james had 40 points to hold off warriors, cleveland wins 96-91 to take a two games to one lead in the series. you know khiry irving said, oh yeah, it is over. >> somebody forgot to tell lebron that. >> he didn't get that message. >> its has been a competitive series as well. >> we
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volvo presented the foundation with a new car and liz and jay scott were on hand for that presentation at keystone volvo in berwyn. the sc90 will be used as part of the new campaign in which foundation will visit researchers funded by alex lemonade stand. tomorrow we are taking a stand for hope, cbs-3 and cw philly are proud to partner with alex lemonade stand foundation to raise money to fight childhood cancer. you can join us from 6:00 a a.m. until 8:00 p.m. a as we remember alex and continue her dream, of finding a cure, we hope you'll be there. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wpsg the cw philly and back here at 11:00. cws evening news with scott pelley is next, scotties back in the chair and he reports tonight from new york.
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>> pelley: the search for two new york killers expands to vermont, and this woman allegedly told investigators she was supposed to be their ride. also tonight the president who wanted so much to get the u.s. out of iraq is sending still more troops in. how telemarketers are getting around the "do not call" list. and when little mikaila got stung on the neck, it was like a tap on the shoulder. >> i decided to create a product that helped save the bees. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, the search for two murderers who broke out of an upstate new york prison over the weekend moved across the border bovermont, and we've learned more about the prison employee that investiga


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