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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 11, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> she was seen walking in the wood at crescent valley road. jan carabao is live at the search scene with the very latest, for us, good morning jan. >> reporter: natasha and erika, good morning. it a has been more than eight hours since anyone saw this 17 year-old girl. there was a large police presence here in chestnut hill. this area is germantown avenue near crescent valley drive. there are a number of uniform police officers here, k-9 unit detectives, swat and crime scene unit. they have been here overnight. last time anyone saw this 17 year-old was at 8:00 p.m. so authorities are very concern. look at her picture 17 year-old sarah wills from upper dublin last seen wearing that maroon top you see in the picture with spaghetti straps, jean shorts and white sneakers. this is what police say happen last night. this is course of the events as we know them. police say her and her father were coming home from the concert last night around
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8:00 in new jersey. they were coming home here through this area to upper dublin when they stopped by this wooded area. her father tells police that she didn't feel well, a had to relieve herself so she had to get out of the car. she left her cell phone in the car and went to the woods after a few minutes passed the father said she didn't come back. he went looking for her and didn't fine her. that is when he called 911 and we have this big police response this morning. police have been going through the wood in the grid search and meticulously gone through this area with k-9 unit, bright lights, they have used their helicopter for a time. they hoped that brighter daylight will help later on this morning. they were able to find some of her personal items in the woods but in one has seen or heard from her since 8:00 last night. they have been reaching out to her friend, vice tipping areas where she frequents but nothing quite yet take a listen. >> it has been almost eight
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hours now, little over eight hours since she was last seen by the father, so we are really concern. we have family members, we have friend, detectives, police personnel looking for this female and at this point we have no indication where she is, we haven't heard from her, be in has heard from her. >> reporter: back out here live on the scene you can see crime scene unit and some officers standing around but the great majority of the work is being done behind in that wooded area, expanding the search doing a grid search looking for this missing 17 year-old. her name is sarah wills, 17 years old from upper dublin. he has in the been seen since 8:00 last night. when reporter asked if she had been drinking at that cops earth, police say they had indications she may have been intoxicated the at the time. anyone with information should call police. we will update this story throughout the morning. we are live in chestnut hill, jan carabao for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". also police are looking for a gunman who shot a man execution style in north philadelphia it happened on the 2600 block of north eighth street. police say 31 year-old victim was sitting on the front step when suspect walk up and shot three times. eyewitnesses described suspect as a man in the 20's. police are hoping surveillance in the area captured the shooting. woman known as black madam faces up to 70 years in prison when she is sentenced to day for botched buttocks injection. page winslow was convicted of third degree murder in march one of her illegal silicone injections killed a tourist at a hotel back in 2011. winslow claims she injected several celebrities over the years. right now 50:00 36789 lets check with katie. rain is now out of here and now talking about a heat wave coming up. >> so this would be day one as long as we meet project highs we have to hit three days
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straight of 90 or above and we think that is a strong possibility at this point. warming it up. it is already in the 70's. we are starting off on a very warm note to begin with here. we have the warmth to begin with and that will help you spike with time. storm scan is empty at this point. with that said now that we are building up heat and humidity that does lead to air quality issues. we are in an air quality alert for counties in gray on the left-hand side of the screen. what that means is this is unhealthy air for those who fall in the sensitive category elderly kid respiratory illness take it extra easy here today. 71 degrees at the airport. we are in at 66 at mount pocono and ac and we have warm and southerly win flow right now. pretty light wind we think but there will be very, very spotty showers ape or then are storms that fire up around our area later on today ape that comes courtesy of what is a
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whimpy frontal bun dry not doing much to cool things down but it will trigger a gusty storm for some, most of us, we will just stay dry that hot and steamy weather today. >> that is good news right heading to the pool, absolutely. >> there you go, over to ukee's house we will go. good morning everyone. roads are still great there is not much to talk b lets take a look if you are traveling on the 42 freeway we are seeing those headlights a few more headlights on the 42 in the northbound direction but not many approaching 295. 5:05. still very early for a rush hour we are waiting in the wings and right now can just a appreciate nice traffic conditions in the only in new jersey but also traveling in pennsylvania as well, traveling 476 around ridge pike but north and southbound commute are moving well. it is not only blue route but pa turnpike, northeast extension, it is all good right now. all pennsylvania majors, speed sensors nice and high in the 50's. we have construction in doylestown so be mindful
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ongoing, erika. national transportation safety board says engineer of amtrak train 188 was not talking on the phone or texting at the time of the crash. that crash killed eight people and injured more than 200 in philadelphia last month. the findings were revealed in the senate hearing yesterday. ntsb did not rule out possibility that engineer brandon bostian's phone was being used for something other than calls or text there are four hub thousand pieces of data involve in the analysis and because of the extent of that things like use of an app or other use of the phone has in the been determined. >> investigators are still working to find out whether bostian was distracted by his cell phone. derailment occurred when train entered a curve at 106 miles an hour over twice the speed limit there. eye bitterness news is staying on top of the amtrak derailment investigation, get very latest on air and on line
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at cbs authorities have entered their sixth day in the search for two quick murderers who escaped a maximum security prison in new york. cbs news correspondent don champion tells us officials are now following hundreds of leads. >> here where escapees from new york. >> reporter: authorities in versace machines pounded pavement late in the night handing out wanted posters. >> they are both wanted for doing murders. they are not nice people. >> reporter: searching campground for fugitive richard matt and david sweat. >> we have had plenty of people approach thaws we don't know, just what you do in a camp ground. >> reporter: six days in hunt for fugitives have crossed state lines and green more intense. >> they are killers, they are murderers, there is no reason to believe they wouldn't do it again. >> reporter: investigators have expanded their search to the border of new york and vermont after learning inmates talk about how there would be less police on the ground to
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search for them. >> we have information that suggest that they thought new york was going to be hot vermont would be cooler, in terms of the law enforcement. >> reporter: cbs news has learned joyce mitchell at the facility was supposed to pick up prisoners after they broke out but instead mitchell sought treatment for a panic attack. owe far she has not been named a suspect. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a former police officer accused of using excessive force at a pool party in mckenney texas is offering an apology to his victims. cell phone video shows officer eric casebolt taking down a black teenage girl and then later pointing his gun at other teens. casebolt and other officers were responding to a report of the disturbance at that pool. casebolt resign on tuesday. his attorney says his client had responded to two suicide calls before the pool incident. >> with all that had happened that day's loud his emotions to get the better of him.
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eric regrets that his conduct betrayed him and his department in the negative light. 's pol guys toes all who were offended. >> an attorney representing 15 year-old girl says her client's civil rights were violated. she said her client had in physical marks from the confrontation but has had a hard time sleeping and eating. search is on for a philadelphia store clerk, see what he did after getting in the confrontation with the customer. also another american killed by isis, why man without any military experience traveled overseas to take otter wrist group. if you think you can avoid sharks by staying out of the water, well, think again see how that truck full of sharks ended up on the side of the road. katie is saying it will feel like the middle of the summer to day she's tracking rising temperatures as we do traffic and weather together after the break. we
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new jersey's pension system is a mess but don't blame teachers and other school employees. over 20 years, teachers have paid more than 10 billion dollars into their pensions, but new jersey politicians have paid just three underfunding teacher pensions by billions. unless the state makes its pension payments the entire fund could disappear in
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twelve years- threatening over 200 thousand teachers with poverty in retirement. school employees have done their part. now, politicians need to do theirs. it's only fair.
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we have wild surveillance here when a store clerk opens fire on a customer. philadelphia police are looking for that worker. video shows the confrontation at nyl a food market in mill creek. the clerk got in the argument with that customer, grabbed his gun and fired two shots. that victim was hit in the hand and back. police say clerk goes by the name pablo rodriguez or pablo torres. an american who join kurdish forces in the fight against isis has been killed. state department has confirmed that 36 year-old keith broom field was killed in battle on june 3rd. broom field changed his name to files isis. those who knew him said he had no military background but wanted to defend victims of ice is. >> he was motivate by what spread on tv and it turn into
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action. >> many civilians have joined the fight against isis oversees although, broomfield is believed to be first american killed. president obama just ordered 450 military advisors to go to iraq to help iraqi troops in the fight against isis. right now 5:13. lets check with katie on a mild morning. >> definitely very warm start to kick things off here and that will allow things to spike on the thermometer when it comes to the heat and humidity building for our area and will allow to flirt with a couple daily record too along the way. storm scan three is quiet locally, you can see a little hint of moisture off to the north and west over williamsport area for example but generally speaking we are not expecting much in the way of wet weather but we have to allow it because frontal boundary off to the north east but because this front is crossing through to get instability going here we may see spotty showers or thunderstorms along the way. as we move forward throughout the day we will see temperatures spike and we need
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that to have a baking effect of heat and humidity to help get thunderstorms severe variety going. we are not expecting much, and is there a marge mal risk out there, mostly staying dry but where we do potentially see these showers ape or then are storms erupting they could be very gusty, pre duesing heavy downpours or lightening with them. that is where this harming mal risk comes into play but again i say hey if you hit the shore, not a bad excuse. water temperatures are moderating up here in atlantic city off shore buoy checking in at 07 degrees. it is not maybe submergible adjust yet but enough to dip your toes in without a problem and get a break from the worst of that heat. meanwhile looking forward in the forecast three days straight of 90 or above and as we continue in the upcoming weekend here we will expect to see a cold front cross through to knock us back into reality mid to lower 80's for sunday
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and monday and both of those days look nice. you don't mind heat and humidity next few taste are awesome but we are back to more comfortable levels for sunday and monday. >> yes i know. >> just difference in color as well. >> yes. >> we are very coordinated. >> yes. >> alex lemonade stand which get underway in under an hour. >> if you are traveling out and about it is still a great ride out there and all majors have speed sensors high up in the 50's. as we are traveling on i-95 taking a live look at girard, traveling out bound which one your taillights on the right side of the screen, no delays making your way in to philadelphia. southbound traffic really moves well all the way throughout into delaware county and into delaware. i-95 is fantastic. it will change though. give it a half an hour or so. schuylkill around gulph mills east and westbound commuting
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is a breeze on 76. all major in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware are high up in the 50's and no reported delays on highways and by ways. we have construction traveling 202 southbound at 95, right lane blocked until 8:00 a.m. n delays for mass transit erika. it is almost time. we were just talking about this. today we are taking a stan for hope cbs-3 and cw philly are proud to partner with alex's lemonade stand foundation raising machine toy fight childhood cancer. phone lines opened up in 45 minutes, and we're rendering alex and continuing her dream of finding a cure, we will show you stories of childhood cancer heroes and talk with them live here on cbs-3. they are why we are so committed to this cause. we hope you can join us and make a donation, take a stand for hope. a graduation ceremony meantime gets out offhand see
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what happens when friend and family in the crowd ruin the big day. stop snap and share new push to get people to south philadelphia tourist on social media more on that coming up.
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philadelphia's tourism season is kick nothing to high gear but attracting people from all over the world to visit the city of brotherly love is not cheap. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers looks at the new tourism campaign to see if it is worth the money. >> reporter: point, shoot, share on social media tourists do it all the time. >> showing off for you our hang out in philly by love fountain yes, you have to brag about that. >> reporter: driving factor behind visit philly's six new photo friendly installations including in love park, 30th street station independence mall and spruce street harbor park. >> high traffic places in and around philadelphia. >> reporter: so is this. stop, snap share they even
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suggest a hash tag. >> people love these photo ops and they love to share them with friend and family and they love to show themselves doing fun things. >> reporter: the idea is to turn these citizens of social media into ambassadors for city, call it word of mouth in the digital age as part of the summer advertising push that includes displayness new york city's penn station and billboard outside it bus terminal. that ad buy did cost about $350,000 and installations like these a lot less expensive cost money as well. if you are from fill awe might wonder how does does all of that spending affect you and is it worth the price? the answer is the return on investment when tourist come here they spend money. >> pubs, that is for sure, cheese steaks. >> we had a budget that is here for a couple of days. >> reporter: that spending gets taxed it goes into city coughers and can be used to fix next spring potholes. so what is the value of the
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hash tag fit brings more tourist to philly, it could ab lot. matt rivers, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". how much food do you waste? probably more than you think surprising reasons why so many of us throw out good food. speaking of food this is not your average fish, we will let you know what goes into this unusual treat this just may be the next big thing when it comes to breakfast. how about that when we come back.
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it will be a warm one katie. >> it is, hot steamy weather returning to the delaware valley and this will likely end up being day one of what will be the first heat wave of the year. but storm scan three is at least empty at this point. you can see is there just a generally clear sky couple clouds in a few spots but we
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are setting up for a very muggy day. as we look forward in our forecast here we are expect to go see eventually here some more sunshine, with time, and as we take you on out, some reason my neighborhood network is not showing up let's move it on forward. we have sun and cloud a hot day expected and there will be a late day shower or thunderstorm but very, very isolated. that is the key here. we will give you five out of five beach balls for the day because generally you'll get in a full day of activity if that is what you are looking forward to. in the meantime tomorrow, also expecting a high in the low 90's. saturday 90 degrees. watch out for shower or then are storm and that will knock us back here to more, realistic temperatures for the standard of this time of the year. 84 degrees on sunday. looks like a nice day coming up. vittoria back over to you. well, right now if you are traveling on the roads you will still notice that they are great if you are traveling majors, our speed nice and
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high looking at roosevelt boulevard. traveling on the boulevard there are in delays in either direction. heading southbound your head lights there making your way through schuylkill in problems just yet. northbound commute all the way in the north east is a breeze, hopefully staying that way as long as possible. there nor delays in either treks. no delays for mass transit. things at the airport looking fine. overall it is great. look at these travel times. they are great. everything is in the clear with in problems at all. as we wait at 5:25 we are still waiting for rush hour but in the meantime you can celebrate with great road conditions again we just hope they stay that way for as long as possible, natasha. turning to sports now tonight is game four of the nba finals in cleveland where cavilers lead golden state warriors two games to one. calves are playing without two all stars but playing with lebron james who has played all but 12 minutes in the first three games of the series. stanley cup finals are even at
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two games a piece after black hawks, two-one win over tampa bay lightening last night in chicago. series moves back to tampa saturday night for game five. phillies now have the worst record in baseball, or toy say, they could tiehl some of their stars before the july trade deadline. word is phillies are willing to pay most of closer jonathan papelbon's 21 million-dollar contract. they talk to the cubs and blue jays but phillies want better prospects in the trade. phillies lost their third straight to the reds yesterday afternoon in cincinnati, ivan dejesus, junior hit his second home run in three games in the first inning to make it four to nothing red. phillies traded larry bowa and ryne sandberg for his father back in 198 36789 red win this five-two. phillies in pittsburgh tomorrow night. coming up in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" more questions about the deadly amtrak derailment after
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investigators reveal the engineer was not talking or texting in the crash. we will tell you is what next in the search for answers. we are latest live with the search happening at this hour, for this missing teenager in chestnut hill, after she disappeared on her way home from a concert. dramatic video as fisherman hang on to their sinking boat see how they were saved in the nick of time. vittoria and katie return traffic and weather together on the three's, we are back in two minutes.
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we're following breaking news search expand after she vanishes in the woods on the way home from a concert. this all happened, the the search is happening right now in the wood off germantown avenue. "eyewitness news" reporter
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jan carabao is live at the scene in chestnut hill with the very latest on this search jan. >> reporter: natasha and erika, this 17 year-old girl has been missing since 8:00 o'clock last night. she has in the been seen or her from ever since after coming home from a concert in new jersey with her father. you can see behind me police are still searching this wood aired use in the 7600 block of germantown avenue in chestnut hill near crest president valley drive. police are now conducting a grid search in those woods right behind us looking for her this morning. police detectives, swat, k-9 have all been out here for hours overnight. they have used bright lights, heat detecting equipment and even a helicopter in the search for a 17 year-old, sarah wills have of upper dublin. police say she lives five minutes from where she was last seen. she was coming home last night from the concert in new jersey when she wasn't feeling well. police say they


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