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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 11, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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jan carabao is live at the scene in chestnut hill with the very latest on this search jan. >> reporter: natasha and erika, this 17 year-old girl has been missing since 8:00 o'clock last night. she has in the been seen or her from ever since after coming home from a concert in new jersey with her father. you can see behind me police are still searching this wood aired use in the 7600 block of germantown avenue in chestnut hill near crest president valley drive. police are now conducting a grid search in those woods right behind us looking for her this morning. police detectives, swat, k-9 have all been out here for hours overnight. they have used bright lights, heat detecting equipment and even a helicopter in the search for a 17 year-old, sarah wills have of upper dublin. police say she lives five minutes from where she was last seen. she was coming home last night from the concert in new jersey when she wasn't feeling well. police say they have got
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preliminary information that she may have been intoxicated they are in the sure yet that is part of the investigation. her father says he pull the car over so she could relief herself, she left her phone in the car. when she didn't come back, the father search the wood himself and then called police. her purse and other personal items have been found in the woods but so far no sign of her, let's take a listen. so police say they have searched the wood again. they have conduct a grid search going through this area, with bright lights, they went with dark heat seeking equipment, helicopter as well. they hope daylight helps in the search. they will likely be searching all day i wanting to over wills description she's 5 feet nine 155-pound, last seen in the maroon halter top with spaghetti straps jean shorts and white sneakers.
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we have learn that she goes to mount st. joseph academy a private all girls catholic school. anyone with any fur or who has seen her is asked to call police. a large presence on the scene and they will be here throughout the day obviously authorities and parents very concerned about her whereabouts this morning. she has not been seen or heard from since 8:00 last night. we are reporting live from chestnut hill, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we are learning more about the investigation in the deadly amtrak derailment last in month in port richmond. federal officials have determined that the engineer was not talking or texting on his cell phone at the time of the crash. "eyewitness news" reporter, justin finch has very latest on the investigation. >> reporter: before a senate panel wednesday the ntsb gave its latest find initial to amtrak engineer brandon bostian's cell phone use. >> we have determined that there was no talking or texting or data usage involved. >> reporter: bostian's phone record are key as ntsb tries
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to pinpoint a cause of the deadly tea rail. of amtrak train 188 last month. engineers are not allowed to use their cell phone operating trains and bostian denied using his. train took the curve in port richmond at 106 miles an hour more than twice than the posted speed limit. >> it answers at least for now is he on his phone but does not answer why this happened record record larry bendes ky and his partners represent 12 victims in the crash that killed eight. ntsb plans to use a even if like bostian to compare data record. so far it does not appear he was using train's wifi but that does not rule out he was not using his phone. >> there are 400,000 pieces of date, involved in the analysis and because of the extent of that things like use of an app or other use of the phone has in the yet been determined. >> we're going with whether he was on the phone, not paying
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attention or not aware of what he was doing, he has a responsibility to all of those people who want to get safely home to their families. >> that was just continue finch reporting. "eyewitness news" is staying on top of the amtrak derailment investigation, we will bring you new developments on television and on line at cbs right now just past 5:33. lets check with katie on the start of the heat wave. >> that is the spectation. what you need for the official definition of the heat wave is three days or more of 90 degrees or more and we are calling for that, three straight days of at least 90. today that will be the hottest. storm scan three is showing in the a lot going on, it is hazy, hint of cloud cover nothing more. we are expecting basically just dry conditions for most of you here today but there will be a off chance thaw see a shower or thunderstorm. anything that moves through will be exceptionally isolated. we are not worried about anything terribly widespread and as a result not only are
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uv index values high today tomorrow and saturday for that matter but you'll have a relatively poor air quality. especially if you fall in the sensitive category, elderly kid, respiratory illness asthma, just be extra careful in the heat. it could get you. seventy-one at the airport. slightly cooler by comparison but muggy around the rest of the region. moving forward in the forecast, the whole region will be on the hot side here. we are expecting temperatures to spike in the 90's later today. first heat wave of 2015 is underway steamy, end of the weekend, and not quite as hot as we hit early part of next week but in the meantime, yes it will be awfully steam a across the delaware valley. expecting some sunshine and certainly really great beach weather. don't miss a special addition of orr at the shore this afternoon, kathy will be live at ninth street and boardwalk during alex lemonade stand foundation tell-a-thon as we
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progress throughout the day so tune in for that. good stuff. vittoria, over to you. if you are heading down the shore this morning maybe getting an early start to celebrate the weekend a little bit earlier this morning, new jersey there are in problems there are in problems in pennsylvania as well. making trip from pennsylvania into new jersey or new jersey into pennsylvania, using ben franklin bridge in delays in either direction. all of our bridges are moving just as easily as ben. we have a lot of good news. as we continue maybe catching a flight out of town or picking up someone at the airport thinks i-95 outside phl in, delays at airport or i-95. happy to know even in south philadelphia we are looking good on i-95. i will say that we are starting to feel a little bit of the rumbling of the rush hour on i-95 southbound at girard and will only get bigger from there. we have in bound delays due to amtrak work for wilmington newark line so plan a accordingly to that but still
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a nice ride, erika and natasha. 5:36. in business news a change of clothes for the nba. >> and how cooking could soon get a lot more easier. money watch's wendy gilette joins us from the new york stock exchange, good morning. >> good morning natasha and erika. wall street snapped a week long slump, dow jones rallied for 236 points, biggest one day gain in a month. nasdaq finished 26 points higher. house of representatives voted to repeal laws on labels on meat with information about the country of origin. canada and mexico threaten sanctions if the law is not repealed. the labels indicate where animals were born, raised and slaughtered. consumer advocates are in favor because it lets shoppers know where the food fridays. nike is teaming with the nba, athletic wear company will be the league's official provider of the uniforms, starting in 2017. it is an eight year deal. nike's logo will appear on the
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uniforms. adidas is current provider. new oven that does cooking for you the june intelligence oven can identify your food, weight weigh it, then select just the right temperature. built in camera and wifi lets you watch on your phone as your food cooks to perfection, natasha and erika that is my kind of oven. >> that is fantastic. >> every oven is different and takes a while to figure it out. >> yes. >> thank you. >> reporter: only thing you have to mix ingredient is still. >> you have to do some work and clean bowls afterwards. >> it is a start. >> take care. eye opening numbers meantime, americans throw a lot of food in the bar gauge. according to agriculture department, 40 percent have of the u.s. food supply is wasted every year n2010 more than $161 billion worth of food was trashed, according to a new survey people in the u.s. they
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away food mostly because they are worried about food poisoning and freshness. >> there may be a gap in awareness of what they are doing in terms of wasting food. they say they are wasting very lit bull that doesn't match with the numbers regarding waste. >> some organizations are changing waste patterns in new york city harvest rescues over a 136,000-pound of food, every day for soup kitchen that is would otherwise get trashed. >> well done. 5:39. if you think sharks can only get you in the water think again, they were spotted yesterday. a truck hauling five of them blew a tire and crashed on northbound i-95 in florida yesterday on it way to coney island aquarium. rescue team from sea world off loaded those sharks and put them in a new truck. florida highway patrol is investigating this crash. within of the last things you expect to find in the shark. >> yes. >> updating this morning's top
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stories including latest on breaking news that we have been following search for missing teenage girl in chestnut hill. forget flying caps at graduation fist where is flying in the crowd, see what sparked this huge brawl. introducing the dosage, we will show what you goes into this new breakfast treat stay with us, back in a moment.
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philadelphia police are investigating the disappearance of the mount st. joseph academy junior in chestnut hill. police say 17 year-old sarah wills got out of her father's car in the 7600 block of germantown have avenue around 8:15 last night and has not been seen ever since. police found wills purse and personal items in a wooded area nearby. and page winslow faces 70 years in prison at her sentence to go day winslow was convicted in the 2011 death of the woman after a illegal silicone injection procedure. and search for two escaped murderers has expanded from new york to neighboring vermont. state police are going door to door in the search for men who used power tools to cut their way out of the upstate new york prison last weekend. dramatic rescue now off the coast of alaska where coastguard saved fisherman with seconds to spare. video coming from the coastguard shows four
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fisherman hanging on to that boat as it took on water. one by one they escaped on the life raft right before that boat san k. helicopter pluck them out of the water and we are told they are doing okay about just a couple more second later it would have been a different story. high school graduation ceremony end up in a brawl take a look it happened at thomas and mack center at university of las vegas. it marred what was supposed to be a happy day for nearly 600 students at verde high school. u.n. lv confirms it was over seating selection. one graduate said she had a close call with the crowd while trying to leave. >> it was scary because i was like exiting they looked like they were going to fall on me and other girls exiting. so we got pushed back. >> u.n. lv police did break up the fight the university will not say if anyone has been charged.
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come on, hate seeing that. 5:43. lets check with katie and talk about the weather today. >> it will heat up from here. that is for sure. this is the coolest part of the day, we are starting off that way but here's is what interesting a as we check with the eyewitness weather watcher network. we are in the upper 60's in a few locations. when you start a off in warm territory you can only go up from here with a pattern like this we have temperatures recorded at 66 degrees for sand draft we have some mixture of sun and cloud popping up over the horizon in burlington, new jersey. her comment beautiful morning. good luck today. she's wishing us all of us with the alex scott stand for hope phone bank. we will kick that off in 15 minutes or so. 68 degrees was sent into us here from carry. she has got more sun then anything in mount laurel. she said she will be presiding over a very warm, humid morning and hot, sticky day too lynn in full sunshine in cherry hill. perfect day for lemonade. i love. that just in the next 15 minutes our alex lemonade stand, tell a-a-thon will be
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getting underway. hopefully you will stick around for. that in the meanwhile storm scan three showing a frontal boundary bulk of in moisture getting swept off to the north. you can see the trail of cloud and hint of moisture too. we have to allow for shower or thunderstorm. could be locally gusty where ever it pops up but we are mostly dry. it is one of those things, summertime, pop up thunderstorm weather right now. that is what we will find a lot of moisture across those midsections of the you had. that will eventually be a storm system more so a frontal boundary that crosses our area by the weekend. in the meantime as we take you forward in the forecast we are expecting at least near record territory. today's high 93. tomorrow nine two. that is at least flirting with a couple degrees of daily record for both days. we will see how we do, meanwhile, we will expect that third day on saturday to hit 90 as well. making it a heat wave according to the forecast. that depend on the temperatures. looking forward to sunday and monday more dose of the reality by that point and much
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more seasonal in the low to mid 80's, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. right now traffic on the ben franklin bridge no delays in either direction. great ride heading in to new jersey or philadelphia. all of our bridges are moving swell this morning. a as we continue we will take you elsewhere to the schuylkill express waste which right now is 5:46. we are not seeing huge developments for rush hour. in and out of the center city would i say you are in the clear but fuzz are traveling westbound on the schuylkill around city avenue would i not be surprised if we started to see that pocket forming. watching us right now you will be on the road for 20, 25 minutes would i anticipate usual rush hour delays on the schuylkill and definitely on i-95. ninety-five southbound at girard is getting slower right now. we have an accident in norristown sandy hill road at kelly drive. you if can avoid this area i would suggest do you. that in the wilmington newark regional rail lines they are having inn bound delays due to amtrak track work as well, natasha. thanks very much. have you even experienced lawn
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envy when lou at your neighbor's lush green grass? maybe it is time to give your yard a make over n this weeks angie's list report, jim donovan takes a look at sod verse seed so you candy side which one is best for your lawn. >> reporter: good thick lawn always starts with the well prepped base. >> it is important to prepare the soil when are doing sod or seed. go ahead rake the soil and add 2 inches of fresh topsoil or comp post so sod or seed has good soil to take root in. >> reporter: sod takes two or three weeks to establish a good root system significantly more expensive than seed, don't waste your investment, water your investment. >> keep it wet, every day, ten minutes a day, two times a day, because that helps, the sod. you don't need to soak the ground to get it wet you what the water in the top layer report report trying for a beautiful green lawn then sod
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is your west bet but if you are not in the rush you might want to go with seed instead. >> it is fun to see immediate finish product of sod seed can be a bet are option in the long term because it has a better route system and it can be cheaper. >> reporter: if you are thinking of using seed instead of sod experts suggest waiting until late summer or early fall. make sure eye high quality seed with zero weed content. for more advice from angie on growing a beautiful lawn visit cbs philly dot coy/angie's list. i'm jim donovan. have you heard of the chris event and doughnut rolled together, well, there is the doughnut and muffin, we have heard of that and now is there the dosage. >> yes this is next level. >> yes, breakfast meat. >> a man in england came up with this meat and sweet treat, into sausage stuffed with doughnut filling. there air lot of flavors, strawberry, raspberry or custard.
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>> huh. >> doesn't love custard with their sausage. >> creator has launched a kick starter campaign to start manufacturing them. i asked everyone on twitter would you want to try it? i'm in the so sure. >> if it is not broke come on sausage is a lovely thing. >> i had to do it, would i pick strawberry what do you think. >> custard no. >> i don't eat custard and meat together. >> would i do strawberries. >> i don't know. >> right now commercial break. >> speaking of which before you leave home katie has latest on the near record heat we will feel today after the break. we are getting our first look at new design plan for second world trade center towers see what will soon fill the skies in lower manhattan.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me?
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no. uh-huh-huh! we're taking a stand for hope cws3 and the cw philly, are proud to partner with alex lemonade stan foundation raising money to fight childhood cancer. phone lines opened in less than ten minutes at 6:00 a.m. remembering alex and continuing her dream have of finding a cure. we will show you stories of childhood cancer heroes and talk to them live right here on the cbs-3. they are reason we are so committed to this cause. we hope you can join us and help make a donation too take a stand for hope this morning. it is time for traffic and weather together now lets check with katie. >> perfect day to maybe grab a cup of lemonade. we are expecting to see these temperatures spike in the lower 90's, humidity on the rise, and we are looking ahead to overall a sunny day.
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a little hazy at the on set but that will change in rehoboth boardwalk plaza just seeing 1lone person taking a walk down the boardwalk. early morning walk is your thing and you want privacy rehoboth is not that place to go. your health report, we are starting to see these orange and red showing up, you know things will get downhill here. air quality less than ideal pollen level higher, uv and heat index are also on the high side. it is great for beach, great for the the pool, but be careful out there today. sun block required. take it easy. lower 90's today tomorrow and saturday. officially make it first heat wave of the year, vittoria. well, right now we are wait if you go are that rush hour volume to heat up. we are seeing developments or more vehicles on the roadway traveling on the northbound side of the 42 approaching 29 five it is not awful just yet but maybe in the leaving house for 15 or 20 minutes. it will get press i awful. just like 95 will.
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i-95 southbound making their way in to downtown we are seeing a squeeze around girard. also westbound side of the schuylkill but that is why you have to stay with us, we will have more on the other
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xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. we have a look at the design for final tower a at world trade center. >> it will be shorter than one world trade center but it will be new york city's third tallest building. danish architect design the 80 story tower it will be 1330 feet tall, two companies have signed leases for that tower, it is scheduled to open up in 2020. >> beautiful. well, still ahead this morning "eyewitness news" we're continuing to follow breaking news a teenager disappears on her way home from the concert and new is there a frantic search to find her right now we are live with the clues, police have found. we're also taking a stand for hope today phone lines opened up in just a few minutes for today's alex scott a stand for hope tell a-a-thon we will let you know how to
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help out in the fight against childhood cancer.
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we're following breaking news this morning the search for a missing teenager expands after vanishing in the wood on the way home from a concert. police have found some of her belongings in the woods. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in chose nut hill and following the search throughout the morning. jan, what is the latest. >> reporter: natasha and erika, police hope daylight will help in the search for a missing 17 year-old girl who has in the been seen or heard from since 8:00 last night after returning home, or going home from a concert in new jersey. police are still on the scene here this morning, they are searching that wooded area just behind them. this is the 7600 block of
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germantown avenue in chestnut hill near crescent valley drive. police are conducting a grid search in those woods looking for her this morning. police, detectives, swat and k-9 unit have been out here all night long. they have used bright lights, heat detecting equipment and their helicopter in the search for a 17 year old. this is her picture sarah wills of upper dublin. she was just 5 miles from where she lived where she disappeared last night. police say she was combing home from a cons inert new jersey with her father last night when she was not feeling well. police save they have gotten preliminary information that she may have been intoxicated they are not sure yet and that is part of the investigation. her father tells police she pulled over next to the woods here so she could relief herself. she left her phone in the car and when she didn't come back her father tells police he searched those woods her will self and then called 911. she has not been seen, since. but her first and other personal items have been found in the woods.


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