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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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allentown 89. normally this time of the year we're only in the 80's. trenton 91. a atlantic city at the airport the temperature is 90 but in ocean city, it is 81. we have a heat advisory in effect for tomorrow for most of the region, and it is going to be pretty substantial. we are looking at 87 by 7:00. by 98:00 3a few showers north. by 11:00 temperature will be 80 degrees. tomorrow the heat will be intense. we will have a heat index of at least 95 or greater that heat advisory means business. so please try to limit your time outdoors. back here in ocean city, we do have our eighth annual alexa's lemonade stand taking a stan for hope, we're asking folks to stop by put in your donations, thank you very much your is, fill out a lemon and we will post it here at rita's. we will be here throughout the evening. coming up we will have your forecast from the city to the cher for this coming weekend and it does promise to be a
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good one. for now i'm meteorologist kathy orr now back to you in the studio. >> enjoy the boardwalk thanks very much. breaking news right now lets go to chopper three. it is over the 2900 block of alabama road in camden where a teenager has been hit by a bus. that 13 year-old was said to be playing with his sister, when he ran into the street and was hit by that bus today. this is chopper three over the scene. we are told that young man was alert and conscious at the scene, he has been taken to cooper university hospital. developing right now disturbing allegations authorities accused a south jersey fire chief of using the firehouse computer to distribute child pornography on line. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in audubon park, camden county with the details, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, thinks an all role tear fire company here in audubon park, and people that live in this small boro tell us they are shocked and disgusted at the chief of
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all people, using this place here as somewhere to distribute child pornography. authorities say audubon park fire chief john tourus o made his firehouse a digital den for child porn grave. they arrested the chief and seized numerous computers and storage devices containing a thousand pornographic files. >> anyone of these public officials or no, thousand images or one are revolting and dangerous. >> reporter: several agencies investigated him after noticing internet active from the firehouse from the file share network pop lah with child porno fenders. they said in one knew what the chief was allegedly up to. how do you think he got away with doing this here. >> we all necessity how technology is, it is easy to high stuff you can hide whatever you want. i guess there was a trust level extend todd him as a fire chief when he was working on the computers. >> reporter: people in town say he was at the fire hall all the time almost like he lived here. reek will park next to the station, penknock says he is
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associated to the daytime job at what appeared to be a pornographic video in plane view this gentlemen need some help. >> reporter: patty farly whose father is a former chief came up to us in tears. what do you think about the chief. >> i think he is a scum bag. i mean honestly, if anybody here would have known what was going on, it would have been done and it would have been stopped and it would have been reported. >> reporter: i told the mayor to take a line side the chief's vehicle. he will have it towed out of here. the chief is being held in camden county jail on full $150,000 bail. we're live from audubon park, i'm cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you very much. search for two escaped killers in upstate new york, expands, after a reported sighting in philadelphia. this cabdriver told police he had pick up two men fitting the description of the pair at broad and vine overnight. he claimed to have dropped them off at 30th street station and that they were
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dirty and acted suspiciously. police reviewed some surveillance video and they decided the sighting was unfounded. meantime authorities in new york are focusing their search in an area not far from the prison that these two escape. correspondent hanna daniels has more. >> reporter: law enforcement flooded town obfuscate iville just 3 miles east of clinton correctional facility in upstate new york. >> we're looking underneath every rock, behind every tree, and inside every structure until we catch these two. >> reporter: cbs news has learned tracking dogs pick up scent of prison escapees david sweat and richard matt in the area investigators found a footprint and food rapper. helicopters buzzed overhead as police searched cars at checkpoints. residents had been told to lock their doors. >> i don't worry too much bit. we have two dogs inside the house at night and we're pretty sensitive about any kind of noises outside too. >> reporter: men have been on the run for six days and may not be equipped for the outdoors. source tell cbs news investigators are hoping they are starting to feel effects
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of being outside especially since they plan to jump in the getaway car. cbs news has learned that prison employee joyce mitchell told police she was going to pick the men up after they escaped but instead he went to the hospital suffering a pan ache tack. convicted killers used power tools to cut through steel and bricks at the maximum in security prison. >> let's face it, they are people that shouldn't be on the loose by any means. >> reporter: authorities say that no vehicles have been stolen in the area which could mean the men are still on foot. >> in new york hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". manhunt for those two fugitives has also responded to the state of of vermont. a philadelphia why sentenced a woman who called herself black madam to ten to 20 years in prison. page winslow was convicted in march for illegally performing buttocks enhancement injection that is killed a british woman and injured another. winslow was facing up to 70 years, for this crime. relative of winslow's told "eyewitness news" she is
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satisfied with the sentence. >> the crime didn't -- that is not what she is and media made her out to be somebody hoist a monster. she's not. >> i think she has learned an awful lot. i think she is a remorseful heart and hopefully she will live a better life. >> for next ten years we know she will not be killing any girls in the streets of philadelphia. >> reporter: with time served winslow could be out for parole in seven years. police in falls township have have arrested a man in connection with the firebombing, and vandalism spree. thinks three three-year old john serena junior, facing charges in numerous incidents ranging from an arson attack and firebombing of the restoration church in levittown in april. he also did tire slashings in levittown. may 30, three tires were slashed in the towns pinewood section. in chester county tonight police are investigating whether there were more victims of the teacher who is accused of having a sexual relationship with an under age student. police say that 31 year old
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matthew scavitto taught and coached the 17 year-old accuser at phelps school in malvern. they alleged he showed that boy pornography and sexually abused him throughout the 2013/14 school year. scavitto is behind bars tonight, police are asking for any other potential victims to come forward. we are now just three months away from pope francis's visit to philadelphia and today mayor nutter and archbishop chaput announced they are heading back to rome for final preparations. this is video from last years visit, those two will be with the delegation that will spend june 22nd and 25th in various meet to go discuss the world meeting of families and papal visit. no word if they will meet with the pope. i will be in rome with them as the philadelphia delegation meets with vatican official about that visit and the world meeting of families. my live reports begin june between the second right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". don't forget our coverage continues on line, for more information, go to cbs
5:08 pm visit. still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a dramatic rescue at sea coastguard video captures all of the action as four men plunged in the frigid water. after 11 gut wrenching hours an upper dublin girl is return home safely today and we will have the emotional reunion. we are raising money in the fight against childhood cancer it is the ninth annual alex's lemonade stand a stand for hope tell a-a-thon. the phone lines are opened right now we're just waiting to hear from you, call 1.844.977.cbs3 to make a donation, every dollar helps. we will be right back.
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it all started with a little girl with cancer, holding a lemonade stand on her front lawn to raise money for a cure. alex scott lost her battle with the disease but her legacy lives on through alex's
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lemonade stand foundation. today cbs three is proud to partner once again with the foundation to raise money so one day alex's dream will come true. guess case live in the great hall with more on how you can help jessica? >> it is a wonderful day i'm here with cole fitzgerald, a hero and his sister, maggie dad, bill, mom karen so we are all here just a wonderful family who has benefited from alex lemonade stand foundation and then turned around and given back to it ten fold. before we get started i want to remind everybody 1.844.977.cbs3, that is the number to call, we have volunteers here. i want to introduce to you cole. cole, you are quite the man here. tell me a little bit about yourself. tell me your story. >> my name is cole fitzgerald and i'm an eight year cancer survivor. >> wow, let's give him a round of applause, yeah.
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that is awesome. there we go. cole, now you are helping other kid with cancer, right. >> yes. >> tell me how you are doing that. >> i love to help kids because i really like -- i was born with cancer a and now i like to help other kids with cancer and i want to keep on going through that process. >> that is awesome. sisters, you guys play an excellent role, you have done lemonade stand. >> yeah good a lot of fun. >> yeah good great to be here today. you guys as a family were honored. we were with you at january at lemon ball which was the big fundraiser, you guys were there were you honored as volunteer family of the year. clearly alex lemonade plays a big role in your life. tell us about that. >> we're so grateful for cole's survivorship. it is eight years. we started out in this journal any 2007, we didn't know eight years was possible for cole. it is a miracle every day that he is here.
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we are happy to contribute to alex lemonade stand foundation and help other families get through this and lend our voice in fund raising. >> it is so wonderful and gives the hope that comes from this day. you guys make this a family effort. >> absolutely, this is, you know, for a family that faces childhood cancer, the whole family gets cancer, and we're not scientists, we're not doctors but the foundation gives us a way to feel empowered to fight back, to make a difference, to help kids like cole, fight cancer and beat cancer. in a way it is therapeutic. >> absolutely. >> you can be a big part of it as well, 1.844.977.cbs3, col what do you have to say to the people out there watching. >> help kids with childhood cancer. >> awesome. >> fitzgerald family, you guys are an inspiration. so glad to be with you. thanks for being here. will you go answer some phones now? yeah. all right. stephanie good that is right
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cole and his family is what this is all about helping raise money to fight pediatric cancer. we could not to this without our sponsors. we love our sponsors. we have so many. joining me is ron jones from ashley furniture first thanks are being here with your wonderful team. you have been here all along. why is this owe important to ashley furniture. >> well, this is important to us because we are such a blessed company. it is a great way to give back to the community that has been good to go. we feel honored to be here and to help out with such a big charity event lying alex lemonade stand. cancer effects all of our lives. it has affected me personally. i can't think of a better way to give back then to participate in this event. >> you have incentives to tell us about we have given away coupons to all of our stores after stores, and i'm proud to have some of my managers here, work ago long side us. great participation from a lot of people who are willing will to give their time and effort
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to be part of this. >> what have you been hearing on the phone as people are calling in, what are they saying. >> people are excited about this, this has gone on a few years. they say this is a big thing in the community. they are thankful we are participating in it and great to have feedback from our customers but also people who just understand how big an event this is that effects everybody lives. >> ron jones thanks very much. ashley furniture we appreciate you being here, your company and all of your team. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> lets go back to the studio. phones are opened until 8:00 o'clock tonight. still to come here on "eyewitness news" a new feature on the apple ios is specifically geared toward philadelphia, we will tell you how it will make navigating the city a whole lot easier, kathy? we're in ocean city, chris, on this beautiful day is there an ocean breeze, it is very comfortable thinks our eighth annual alex lemonade stan. this is my friend reigny taking donations ready guys,
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go ahead put it in the bucket every dollar counts. we appreciate it. thanks. we will be here throughout the evening, trying to fight childhood cancer. you will hear reigny's amazing story coming up a as "eyewitness news" continues.
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it has been a great day here at cbs-3 as we raise money for
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alex lemonade stand foundation but we are not just concentrating here in philadelphia, we have taking our showdown the shore. >> we take it all over the place, and this is a special stand for hope addition of orr at the shore and kathy is joining us live from ocean city hi, kathy. >> it has been a terrific day good afternoon you two here in ocean city the weather is beautiful, people enjoying day and we are taking a stand for hope to fight childhood cancer. we are raising money for money for research, to battle this disease. thinks our eighth annual alex's lemonade stand here in ocean city and people are coming out and contributing. we are so grateful for that. there are so many stories of so many young cancer survivors receiving life saving treatment thanks to the research made possible by donations to the alex lemonade stand foundation. now here is yet another family story. looking at her play, you would never get eight year-old
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reigny pure to of woodbine was ever sick but she was when she was seven months old. >> she had a fever and we had a good doctor at the time who recognized it ways probably abnormal to have a fever to have no reason. he ran some tests. he found a tumor on her left adrenal gland. >> do you know what it was called? >> reporter: reigny was lucky surgeons got the entire tumor. he didn't need chemo radiation and never had a reoccurrence. she is a swimmer and dog lover and raises money for alex's lemonade stand. tell me what you know about alex. >> she has had the same kind of me. >> we talked about how this was a little girl who had the same type, and you know, she wasn't as lucky as reigny was. >> reporter: reigny walks in the alex lemonade stand lemon run every year with a little
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help from her friend. >> couple years we brought a big gang of kid and they all loved it. >> reporter: why do you do these things for alex's lemonade stand. >> it is about helping other people. >> reporter: reigny has raised about $2,000 to help doctors help children like her. it is an amazing story. it is an amazing story, we are joined by stephanie and reigny puerto, thanks for being with us. >> our pleasure. >> we saw this beautiful story about your daughter and her journey and your journey and what does it mean to have a foundation of alex's lemonade stand helping you. it was hard enough to have a seven month-old and then finding out that she had neuroblastoma. >> alex lemonade stand is amazing and we are so proud and happy to be inspired by alex and continuing to do whatever we can to help raise money for childhood cancer and to help families impacted. >> how is reign y now.
5:21 pm
>> she's healthy great and she doesn't have to go back for appointments anymore and we are just lucky. we love her so much. >> i got to spend sometime with you. i know you are a super swimmer. what do you have to say tour swim team. >> they can come down and raise money for us, and they can have a great time down here good are you having fun with us raising money. >> yeah. >> your family is here too. they will be here to cheer you on. >> yes. >> all of your friend say it real quick what are their names. >> bailey and mia. >> all right. >> come down, we're waiting for you. thank you so much. you will help me with weather. stephanie, thanks for sharing your wonderful story with us. >> lets get out to storm scan three. i will have a junior meteorologist here with me. we have a few showers and thunderstorms, north of harrisburg that we have to talk b we are keeping an eye on them. we have to talk about the temperatures because there is a big difference from the city to the shore. temperatures in philadelphia 91.
5:22 pm
wilmington 87. reading, 90 but look at these shore temperatures. beach haven it is 84. here in ocean city the temperature is what, rainey, do you see it. >> seventy-nine. >> seventy-nine. >> same in stone harbor and in cape may the temperature is a little bit warmer. >> eighty-four. >> yes, rehoboth beach delaware that is the warmest point look at the beach. >> eighty-seven. >> yeah, amazing how different it can be from one shore point to the other. we have a few cloud low temperature 72 tomorrow partly sunny with a high temperature of. >> ninety-three. >> very good. near record heat. look at this friday's record is 95, and setback in 1947, we don't remember that? we will go for a temperature of 93. here's 39 day forecast, friday 93 down the shore 84. saturday 90. official heat wave. sunday 85 degrees, wow. good job buddy. back here live we will be here throughout the evening raising money to help children like
5:23 pm
rainey beat childhood cancer. no donation is too small split is alex lemonade stand any donation, guys, come on in we're ready. grab that bucket, rainey let's take these donations. we will send it back to you in the studio. we will be here through 8:00 o'clock tonight. >> great job. we might have to have rename that rainey at the shore she was so good. >> great weather name. >> perfect weather name. >> that is right kathy. >> thank
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5:25 pm
lasalle basketball coach john, has been manning the phones. i know are involved with coaches verse cancer. you are helping against the fight of pediatric cancer, something very important to you and your fellow coaches. >> it is important to everyone. it is an honor to be here to work with these wonderful volunteers. people are trying to make a difference. i don't know what cause can be greater than to help kid who are sick. so alex's lemonade stand is one of the most inspirational stories i have heard in my lifetime. why not be all in, why not give and get involved. >> something our viewers may not know is, this guy right
5:26 pm
here is famous forgiving these inspirational locker room speeches, your players have told me that you are the best so can you kind of inspire the viewers out there to hall in and donate. >> my gosh well, be compassionate, those of us whether or not hurting, we are still so blessed, you know, you look at people who are fighting this thing and especially children. it is just the right thing to do. i believe this, we don't have to be inspired to do great things we just to have look at what is in front of you. cbs is doing a great job. they are putting cause in front of us. it is obvious we should just dot right thing and help kid and hear families that need it. >> thank you so much doctor john. now there are three ways to donate and call now at 1.844.977.cbs3 you can visit cbs or text lemonade cbs to 85944. that will make an automatic 10-dollar donation. and, my gosh, it is a great
5:27 pm
cause. chris and jessica, back over to you. >> no better way to spend $10 than. that leslie, thanks very much. still to come here it was a big day for our meteorologist kate bilo. she guest hosted the popular cbs daytime show the talk, coming up, we will take you behind the scenes. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey like you have probably never seen him before what he said on stage that got a standing ovation. new at 6:00 o'clock tonight, he he lost a leg in the hit and run now michael allah toner speaks with our diana rocco in a tv exclusive about how this accident has change his life and what he thinks about the driver who hit him and kept on going. that is at 6:00.
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i'm jessica dean with the day's top stories audubon park fire chief john taru.s.o is facing child pornography charges. prosecutors say he used a fire station computer to share hundreds of explicits pictures. philadelphia judge sentenced the so-called black madam page winslow to ten to 20 years in prison. she was quick of third degree murder in march for performing an illegal buttocks enhancement procedure on a british woman who later died. reported philadelphia sighting of the two escaped prisoners from upstate new york turned out to be unfounded. manhunt for pair now centers around the prison where they escape saturday. kathy? jessica, it is a beautiful day from the city to the shore beating the heat in ocean city, ocean water temperature still chilly in the 60's.
5:31 pm
we are looking for record heat tomorrow, these are the numbers to beat. in allentown record is nine two atlantic city the record is 93. trenton 94. philadelphia is 95. back in 1947, in wilmington, we will challenge record of 96 setback in 1914. back in the next half an hour we will talk more about what to expect this weekend i'll see you then. >> kathy, thank you. have you heard of tech talk? that is a forum where industry leaders share ideas worth spreading. a local version of that took place here in philadelphia, it is called ted-x. >> typical tech genius or media mogul police commissioner charles ramsey took the stage and did not disappoint. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has details. >> reporter: those last three words set the tone for event held at temple's performing arts certainty. >> all it takes is a few videos to change the entire dynamic. >> reporter: in light of many controversial incidents involving police nationally, philadelphia police
5:32 pm
commissioner charles ramsey was given just 18 minutes to give his take for justice for all. >> we have as much responsibility protecting the rights of those who have committed or accused of committing a crime as we do law abiding people who are just victims of crime. >> reporter: in a room compiled mostly of college students and community activist and it may not have seemed like an easy crowd to face. >> you just have to be honest burr assessment of how you see it see the situation today. >> god bless you. >> reporter: prior to that standing ovation was a stand out moment, a conversation commissioner had with a collogue on how police should serve their citizens. >> he said do what you have to do as a police officer but never, ever do anything to take away that person's dignity or self respect because that is all they got left and they will fight you to hold on to it. >> reporter: commissioner
5:33 pm
ramsey emphasized that success of the police force doesn't always line up with the numbers. for example he says if they make 100 stops on the treat looking for a weapon they may find one but run risk on have alienating the other 99 people in the process. live from the sat center alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very interesting can't wait to see the whole talk. thanks very much. after an 11 hour wait, an upper dublin girl finally return home safely today. wait ace gut wrenching wait. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao tells us the reunion was all because of the hard work of philadelphia police. >> reporter: this was the reunion philadelphia police worked so hard to achieve thursday morning. a 17 year-old girl, sarah wills, from upper dublin gets lost in the woods and she's finally rescued by investigators 11 hours later and delivered in the arms of her parents. detective james sloan was the man to find her. >> it is a great experience, you know, just lucky that we were able to help out and
5:34 pm
thrilled that i am have found her and happen that i she's okay. >> reporter: through big brush sloan stumbled upon a teen some 300-yard in with only scrapes and bruises police say her ordeal could have been worse. >> it is tough terrain it drops, it is all wooded, off the beat and path, it looks like she got scared and got off beat and path. >> reporter: k-9 june witt heat detecting equipment searched for the teen all night. for some reason her dad had to pick her up early from the concert in new jersey. here on germantown avenue in chestnut hill they said she felt sick. her father pulled over. she went in the woods but never return. >> he went up in the wood looking for her and found her sleeping under a tree. >> reporter: this than the is the first time detectives sloan has been involved in bringing home a missing person. he was a big part of the team that brought home that ab chucked germantown woman found safe ape own in maryland last year. reunions like thinks more than enough for one career n
5:35 pm
chestnut hill, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a government workers union says hackers have stolen the personal data and social security numbers for every federal employee. the head of the american federation of governmental employees says that cyber attack which happened in december exposed everything from pay history to pension information. there had been reports that china is responsible for but the chinese government has denied that. a desperate fight for survival in the gulf of alaska coastguard helicopter captures video of the group of fisherman as they cling helplessly to the side of the sinking boat but as cbs news correspondent jill wagner tells us there is way happy end to go this ordeal. >> reporter: coastguard arrived early wednesday morning after receiving a mayday call from the captain of this 73-foot fishing boat. the boat was quickly sinking in rought seas in the gulf of alaska were four men on board. >> is this on the radio what
5:36 pm
would you like to us do then. >> the ship's captain was especially concerned about one member of his crew. >> i've got one man that is pretty old and cannot swim. >> rog arer that captain that captain. >> reporter: men balanced on the edge of the sinking ship one by one. then, plunged in the frigid water trying to make their way to the life rafts. men were dressed in emergency suits design to protect them from hypotheria. rescue team used ships to put them in the helicopter whale their boat disappeared in the water. coastguard is investigating what caused this ship to sink. officials don't think the weather was to blame. jill wagner, cbs news, new york. >> amazing. >> it was a record breaking in mission, after 199 days in space, three a astronauts from the international space station safely returned to earth. the trio landed in russia this
5:37 pm
morning, italian astronaut christopher, spent the record for longest female space mission ever. while in space they performed scientific research and technology demonstrations. >> officials in the kimmel center had a nice surprise for someone in the audience today azamat in a performance of the lion king, the kimmel president and ceo and viewers honored paula wagner for this season's 1 million guests. her prize a broadway philadelphia subscription package. more than 14 million people have visited the kimmel sent it opened in 2001. today our own kate bilo was on the hit cbs daytime show, the talk. she flew to l.a. to be guest co host. >> personally i didn't think any of the dresses were on the scene but i have to be honest if i looked like beyonce would i probably bewaring it too. >> that was kate. she got a round of applause weighing in on the risque fashions of the met ball, one of the topics that the ladies covered. david du covany was one of
5:38 pm
the guests back staining. kate was getting ready with the other ladies. she talk with him about how much fun it is to dot show. >> you guys must have fun doing this every single day. >> yeah good is it the best job ever. >> anytime we have a week off we're like we just need to come back, because we laugh we have with friend and in the deal with the other obligations. >> sound pretty good. >> yes good reminder, catch talk every weekday at 2:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3 and kate was awesome a lot of fun good she did a fantastic job. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" philadelphia is getting special attention from the folks at apple. we will tell you about how a new feature will make driving and getting around the city easier. today is a special day here at cbs-3. we are taking a stand for hope and raising money for childhood cancer research. our phone lines are opened, these kind people want to talk to you give them a call, 1.844.977.cbs3.
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kathy? i'm here in ocean city with ice gown we are teaming up with rita's water ice for a stand for hope with alex's lemonade stan. thank you very much. we will have the forecast from the city to the cher for weekend coming up as "eyewitness news" at 5:00 continues. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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a big also maim siri a smart's cysttent by, looking at how you use your iphone and recommending ways to use it best. and it is time to check the philadelphia job market report. >> cbs news business am list jill schlesinger has more. >> although labor mark has been strengthening there is still stiff competition to land entry level jobs. to help recent graduates to determine when to leap at an opportunity, wallet hub analyzed entry level job market and compared over 100 different types of jobs based on metrics ranging from starting salaries to industry growth rates. on the top ten list, web developers and designers and positionness marketing software development and network and computer systems administration, point to strong progress in the year ahead. if you are seeking longer term income growth potential you may be surprised to learn that a first job as a consumer loan
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officer may lead to you a lucrative career. loan officers' val wait authorized, or recommend approval of loan applications for individuals and businesses. here in the philadelphia area, loan officers earn a median wage of nearly $80,000 though entry level positions start at much lower levels. with the economy improving and demand for borrowing rising, first job as a loan officer could abe great starting point for recent grads. i'm jill schlesinger for
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it is a special day here at cbs-3 we are taking a stand for hope as we are proud to partner with alex lemonade stand foundation in the fight for a cure for pediatric cancer. chris's live in the great hall with more on how you can help right now. >> it is our ninth annual alex scott stan for hope tell a-a-thon thon and hard to believe, it keeps getting better and bigger each an every year. number to call as always is 1.844.977.cbs3, and our volunteers are here, waiting to take your california. they have their call me signs they want to hear from you and write down those donations. give them a call as quickly as you can or text lemonade cbs
5:46 pm
to 85944. you know this guy john mcdevitt from our sister radio station kyw news radio 106o great to see you. >> great to see you. >> i know you have a great incentive for food ease out there next person to donate $200 get a hundred dollars gift card to steven star. >> so many restaurants around city of philadelphia they are all great. >> beyond, i know you guys at kyw do so much charitable work. tell us about how important this effort is the fight against pediatric cancer is. >> pretty amazing speaking of the folks here, and the people that have just done so much, go through those who supported the charity and those who are going through this, i mean, we certainly, it pulls at our heart strings. >> we appreciate your help, and once again incentive for steven star. >> $200 right now you get a hundred dollar gift card. >> 1.844.977.cbs3. john, thanks very much. lets go over to pat ciarrocchi with more.
5:47 pm
pat. >> we have a really terrific long time sponsors here, td bank has joined us throughout the day and they have made a great contributions which we will get to in a second. we want to show you what it was like outside in the lobby area because they have been collecting all of the change. td bank broad along their penny arcade to our lobby so people can come in with their loose change to make a donation. all that change has built up in your car cup holder on your dresser, it does make a difference. i have lots of change in my trunk. after think will get all of that. with me is rachel and chris of td bank. great to have you with us. tell us why you are participating. >> this is such a great event. we are so thrilled to be here and help and support the families of the children that benefit from the alex lemonade stand foundation. our team worked so hard to get to the streets and they were set up with that mobile pennies so we can collect that change and we are thrilled today, together with the donation of $5,000, from td
5:48 pm
bank to present to you guys a check for $6,403.84. >> all right. >> all right. don't you love how it built up. one cup of lemonade 1 penny at a time. >> i love this because it means these folks were out there collecting all day willing around collecting. that is what we believe in. every single donation count a penny, nickel all add up to top it off with our own donation is incredibly generous good you haven't had a opportunity to contribute, td bank, you certainly can do that. just pick up the phone, we have volunteers on the phone through 8:00 o'clock tonight and call 1.844.977.cbs3. 1.844.977.cbs3. now back to the shore with kathy orr at the shore. >> that is right pat kathy
5:49 pm
orr has taken our stan for hope phone bank on the road, so to speak joining us live from ocean city where she's raising money for childhood cancer research, kathy. >> it has been a terrific day. we want to thank these wonderful people, down the shore in ocean city, for making co nations many of them will come up and make a donation in a minute but i want to set the stage. we have team up with rita's for eighth year in the row to take a stand against pediatric cancer. we have had people coming from all different shore points. we are very grateful for that. this is problem lee. she will show everybody what to do. come down, go put your money in the basket. and then go right over here and sign a lemon and that will be posted inside on alex's wall up there inside rita's water ice. the great staff here will give you a tattoo and bracelet. thanks very much. >> i want to talk to dan doland, the owner of this rita's water ice. dan, we appreciate it. you have been our partner for
5:50 pm
a long time and many thanks for all that you do. >> this is a great cause so happy to be part of it. >> we have had a lot of people coming. have you heard any amazing stories, over the years when we have done this. >> a lot of stories many today. >> wonderful thing to do. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. >> we want to thank you. so far we have raised $150 but we need many more donations so we are calling on ice girl, not ice guy but ice girl, get over here ice girl. come on up, everybody. we have these wonderful people who will donation, put money in the bucket right there. as you do that i am going to do a little weather. thank you sir. put that change right there. thank you very much. come on up, sir. go ahead you are good, go ahead young lady, put your money in too. do you have your money. we will let you put your money in there. go ahead i'll let you put it in there and i will tart my forecast as part of the weather is concern we're
5:51 pm
talking about a very changeable weekend lets go to storm scan three north of harrisburg we have a storm right here near route 81 but we're not too concerned about that. maybe a spotty shower north. it will be really feeling steamy it is right now, it will be worse tomorrow, philadelphia here's what it feels like 94. ninety-four in allentown. wilmington 94. dover feels like 96. over next couple days we will have a heat wave, tomorrow in the 90's, same for sat take but front moves through sending out showers and thunderstorms and we are going to be seeing things changing on saturday. once that front comes through it will bust the heat. we have heat wave and then unday not as hot with high pressure building in and temperature 80 degrees. tonight we are looking at a comfortable night with temperatures falling in the 70's. there will be a few cloud and a storm possible north. tomorrow, a near record, near record of 93 degrees, record being 95, and then looking at
5:52 pm
some quieter weather in the poconos, friday 85, friday, 79. sunday 78. a chance of the storm friday and saturday, with that cool front moving through. as we look ahead on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 90 for saturday with showers and storms. sunday looks great. machine looks great. tuesday a shower or thunderstorm. wednesday, thursday, temperatures in the 80's, and shore temperatures, in the 80's and in the 70's. it is going to be a warm week as we get deeper and deeper into the month of june. back here live you can see a very busy boardwalk ice girl doing a good job collecting money. we appreciate that. thank you. we have some more folks donating here. is what your name, honey. >> an ad son. >> where are you from. >> glen mills good what do you have here is that your little brother. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you for your donation do you want to say hi to the camera. >> all right thanks, guys.
5:53 pm
we appreciate every donation. we will be back at "eyewitness news" at 6:00 for update on the forecast and more on donation. i'm meteorologist kathy orr back to you in the studio. >> you always find good friend down there.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
today is our annual alex scott, stand for hope tell-a-thon where we're raising money for pediatric cancer research and funding to help families dealing with this disease. >> indeed it all started with a little girl named alex who held a lemonade stand hoping to raise money to one day find a cure. alex lost her battle but her dream lives on, through this foundation. stephanie stahl is live from the cbs-3 great hall with more on how you can help, stephanie. >> i got a big announcement for you nick from five below is here with a big announcement, what sit nick. >> five below is happy to provide a check for over $594,000. >> that is incredible. >> we might to have name you five above. >> yes, that is very good.
5:57 pm
>> this is from five above. >> thanks very much. >> tell us, what this means for this organization. >> our founder tom and david schlesinger had a great relationship with this foundation. every year we have to thank our stores, our customers who provide donations for pin ups and every year we open up more stores and just exciting every year. >> this is our many years with you what sit like to present this check to this organization. >> it feels great. we are very happy to be here as part of our home office and also for our stores, out there, and it is a great feeling. >> five above. >> five above. >> we're five below. liz scott what do you think of this donation. >> we were talking about the total before we went on air and we figure out it is over 11,000 hours of research funded through donations of five below alone. >> when you hold this check and see this what do you think about. >> well, i think it is just
5:58 pm
incredible how generous people are and how this company has grown alongside us throughout the year and their donation has grown and helps us do many more wonderful things. it is exciting. >> it will research a lot of it coming out of children's hospital in philadelphia, i do stories there it is incredible, lives are being saved because of the generosity of people like you renamed now, five above. >> five above. >> with their check for $594,000. let's go back to you in the studio. >> we will call them whatever they'd like when they come with checks like. that we are a long way from over, phones stayed open until 8:00. we will continue this throughout our next broadcast and hour long special tonight at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. hot and humid certainly feeling like summer out there kathy. >> it sure is, jessica but it depend on where you are. in the city and suburbs we're talking about 90's. down the shore in the 70's. we are catching a break from
5:59 pm
the heat. >> i will not surrender and say my life is over. >> battered but unbroken, an "eyewitness news" tv explosive a local actor who became a victim of hit and run tells his story. what he says to diana rocco about life after the crash. plus shocking charges against a camden county fire chief disturbing file they found on his work computer. and we do need to you pick up the phone and help in the fight against pediatric cancer, ninth annual alex scott: a stand for hope tell-a-thon his in full swing right now. donate by calling 1.844.977.cbs3. it is hot and humid we
6:00 pm
may not have reached summer but thermometer doesn't lie mercury into the 90's now and thinks just the beginning of what may be a heat wave. well, good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. we will send it out to meteorologist kathy orr live from ocean city tonight. kathy, people are going how hot will it get. >> well, temperatures will continue to sore over the next couple of days and yes we are going for a heat wave, widespread 90's across the delaware veil, down at our shore points a different story catching a break here. we are on the boardwalk in ocean city and you can see behind me the beautiful view from the ocean city music pier. the board are busy because weather is hot at home. everyone is flocking to the shore. today in philadelphia we have had a high of 29 degrees. the record 95 setback in 1986 and we will challenge another record tomorrow. take a look at the numbers, in the region, philadelphia right now we are at 91. allentown 88.


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