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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 12, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, oh and a steamy start to your morning too, as soon as you step outside, you open the door, you will feel that stifling heat, and it is only going to get worse as the sun comes up this morning. >> this really is shaping up to be the hottest day of the year. let's get right over to katie for the sizzling forecast. >> there you go. >> holt already. >> it feels more like the dog days of summer as of late, just the latest pattern looking right now but storm scan3, hey at least that's empty for you. we are expecting much like yesterday, more sun than anything. heat advice have i takes effect at noon today for i-95, and the adjacent counties, to it, so up to western chester, upper bucks county then down toward gloucester camden, you'll find the heat advisory in effect. the records we need to hit in order to tie at least the records that are currently standing we've got good shot to flirt with it in philadelphia. shooting for 93 degrees, wilmington, see how we do, since little further south t
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may come awfully close as well, up in trenton 94, and the list goes on, but bottom line regardless of temperature, not sure what happened to our observations there, but regardless of that, we are starting off on very warm note out there and steamy note. and as we go through the day we can only go up from here. so regardless like i was saying of what the temperature actually hits, it is going to be hot. it will be sticky. records aside, you have to be you have ally careful being outside today. 93 degrees is our anticipated high. we should hit the mid 80s so that's relief by comparison obviously at the shore points. also, south to southwest winds flow kicking up, too so breeze to go along with it, that's really the place to go. and as a result, why not get little bit of jump start to the weekends if you are headed to the shore points. meantime though, if you have got to stay in the city, carol, take it easy, it will be a toast i one poor sure. >> it real i remember how hot the asphalt gets, bear feet, bear pause, so walk your pets on the lawn or the grassy areas, if you possibly can.
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now, we're looking at i want to show you camera here, look, it has cleared. well, in the last three seconds, they just cleared this southbound lane had been block between ashburner and rhawn street state road in holmesburg. at least thant section now open and working just fine. here's interstate 95, and it looks fine. but can you see the haze that's out there? you can just feel that heat that's just building. and, if you drive today you may find those mirages coming up off the hot ground. so, things are moving along nicely, in both directions, on 95 at this point. and, as we take a look at the speeds, they continue, as 55 miles an hour, as long as we see a pair of five's here, we're in good shape. erika? >> sounds good carol, thank you. police are trying to find the thieves who stole dozens of computers from a west philadelphia school. the break-in happened wednesday night at saint
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ignascious of loyola school north 43rd street. that's where "eyewitness news" justin finch joins us with more on that. justin? >> reporter: good morning, erika. this is being called a huge hit for the school this morning. most of their tech is bought with grant money or given to them as gifts. they are hoping there is a way to get the stolen computers back. >> staff at saint ignascious of loyola say they don't have much. >> we're a poor school. we rely on grants, funding. >> so when the little they have was found stolen thursday morning, it hurt. >> ipads miscellaneous computers, office were broken into computer lab was broken into. >> staff at the non-profit independent school found their front door compromised, locks broken, chains removed. what they could not find near $18,000 in laptops computers and ipads. not toys, say teachers, but tools for students? it is not like it is an option. you have to have it this day
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and age. you have to have it to do your homework, to look things up, you know, to learn. >> the more than 100 year old parish is a west philly landmark, authorities say, it is likely those computers will wind up not far from campus. >> we know there is people out there in the community who may be purchasing these items. we don't think they're going pawn shops either corner stores or people on the street. >> lawsuits breakdown to 30 ipads, five laptops for total of $17,620. police are now trying to track down those serial numbers to track down the items. police say few see a deal on an ipad or laptop in this area avoid it, it could be one that belongs to the school. live in west philly justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you so much. also, south jersey fire chief is behind bars on child pornography charges. authority arrested john, at the ought ooh bonn park fire company in camden county wednesday night. investigators say, he used a firehouse computer to view and
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distribute more than a thousand explicit pictures and videos. he allegedly shared them on file sharing network popular with sex offenders. judge set bail at $150,000. >> four day care workers in north jersey fired after this shocking and disturbing video. a staff member is accused of being rough with a two year old, after having trouble putting on the child's hat. developed yo taken a month ago at the month sorry school, the school's director and assistant director were among the workers terminated for mishandling that situation. >> philadelphia parking authority could write more than just parking tickets. jim kenny wants ppa to do more. he's proposing ppa employees check construction permits and write tickets for littering and putting trash out too early the day before trash day. i don't see any reason we should not utilize employees paid for the public out on the street looking at things and
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correcting, helping correct problems. >> now, once again, to be clear, kenny's ideas are just proposals. the ppa and l & i have expressed some initial support. for now once again the ppa will target parking violators. always see them on the streets. >> oh, they're out there. 5:36 now. business news area now is next. the government is going after crowd funding deadbeats. >> also, how much time your average app user spends using those apps. money watch's wendy gillette joins us from the new york torque stock exchanges wendy good morning. >> good morning natasha erika. the market gain grounds for a second day. the dow rose 39 points yesterday, the nasdaq was up five. net neutrality rules agreed by the ftc last february will take effect today as scheduled. the federal appeals court ruled against a request to block the rules in a suit by at&t verizon, and others. the rules are designed to prevent service providers like verizon, and to at&t, from creating fast lane for internet users. the federal trace commission
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is cracking down on people who raise money through crowd funding websites, but don't follow through on their promises. one man who raised $122,000 on kick starter, to produce a board game, was ordered to repay the money. that's because he used the fund to pay his rent instead and to move. the problem he doesn't have any money now to repay the investors, but the settlement also includes provision he won't lie about future crowd funding campaigns. and the average device user spend about a day and a half every month using apps on their phone or tablet. that's according to mobile app statistics compiled by feel son for the last quarter of 2014. the total amount of time works out to 37 hours and 28 minutes, using apps. that's up 26% from the same period the year before. natasha, erika, woe just keep using our phones and devices more and more, obviously. >> no kidding. >> can't live without them. >> think back ten years before we had apps.
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what a simpler time. >> i don't know how we functioned as human beings. >> made it through. wendy, thank you. right now, it is 5:38. cbs-3 and the "cw philly" celebrating another special day in the fight against childhood cancer. >> we hell our ninth annual telethon, benefitting alex's lemonade stand. as jessica reports viewers like you helped to make it a record breaking day. a day of big cheers, big names, and big checks behind the scenes of a strand for hope. >> it is an incredible day. it is a really happy day. and really inspiring. >> this was our ninth telethon for alex's lemonade stand foundation, over the years, we have raised more than $12 million. founding sponsor volvo donated $850,000. >> we man the phones here, and we just, part of our family now, part of our culture. >> little donations add up, too, the pin i's -- pennies and nickles dropped into the
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td coin collection, kids on the ocean city boardwalk with meteorologist, kathy orrraised 477.70. couldn't have done it without people donating their time to take phonecalls. >> what's your favorite part so far? >> answering the phones, i got a $200 donation. >> eleven year old tony came by cancer survivor himself wanted to be here to spread the cause. >> i bet some people called in because of you. i bet you convinced them. >> some people but not all of them. >> one person convinced was agnes of west philadelphia. every year she watches alex's story on cbs-3 and donate. she, herself has cancer. >> it is going to help millions and millions of babies, maybe some of them will live longer than little alex. >> meteorologist, kate bilo, was in l.a., guest co-host on the talk, she gave alec's cause a national shout out. >> lemonade days this weekend for alex scott, they have a big fundraising going on today. go get some lemonade this week
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end. >> alex fundraising paid more foreman 500 research grant. her mother, liz scott, hears from grateful parent all the time. >> the treatment that cured their child was because of alex's lemonade stand. >> parent like pam whitt whose son, zach, has lymphoma. >> i think it is a very big help for the kids that are dying in the hospital. >> zach would not be here today without that. so it is very special and dear to our hearts. >> that to me is the moment that i wish everything could share in, everybody who donate could share in, because it is incredible. >> from the first glass of lemonade, to now alex's lemonade stand has raised more than $100 million for childhood cancer. >> it is amazing, you know, but we want to put ourselves out of business. we'll do that soon. >> jessica don't cbs-3 "eyewitness news". just incredible. now here is the grand total. it is a new record for us, it is close to $3 million. just shy of that. all going to alex's lemonade stand foundation, just an
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incredible day. we want to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful sponsors partners, and you the viewers everyone who called in and made a donation, swung by to drop change off, our great volunteers that came in thank you we could not have done this without you. >> it was a wonderful day and this weekend, you can see the inspirational stories of alex and the other children, who are caring on her legacy. tune in to see our award winning documentary alex scott, stand for hope, tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. on sister station the "cw philly", and then again, on sunday morning at 11:30 right here on cbs-3. it was just awesome. >> always wonderful day to hear the store -- stories drug being developed because of money raised by aling. >> thanks so much to everyone's generosity. >> still ahead this morning we are updating this morning's top stories including the latest clues in the search for the escaped killers on the run in up-state new york. >> and dinosaurs roar back into theatres this weekend for the latest jurassic park sequel. i can't wait to see this.
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see what's different about this version of the movie. and also taking you behind the scenes to see some of the stars antics. >> we always love antics. anibal i hoo. and before you walk out the door letting you know about the traffic backups to avoid when we do traffic and weather together. we'll be right back.
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>> dozens every people in the care of the red cross after huge apartment fire in delaware county flames burned the stratford court ants in lansdowne yesterday afternoon. two people street dollars for smoke inhalation. and the cause is under investigation. >> and, police are searching for the computers and thieves that stole them from west philadelphia saint ignascious school. investigators say the burglars got away with 30 ipads plus del laptops, and meat books. they say the break-in took place wednesday night. >> the search for the two escaped murders ers is focused few miles from the northern new york state prison. teams say k9's pick up the scene of david sweat and rivered armat mat in heavily wooded area, where they also located an apparent camp site. >> right now just past 5:43, and my fair part of friday, other than it is friday; friday trivia, katie. >> yes, friday just makes it everything better, flight. >> sure does. >> yes weather trivia. time for it once again my friend. starting new year off of weather trivia, since we did
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ukee his trophy last week, little stink err, ran away with that thing. all right philadelphia, my friends, has reached 100 degrees, nine times in the month of june. when was the last year that this occurred? was it 2008, a b 1994 c 1988 or, d 1964? so i would like to gather your answers. natasha, just blank look. >> i know. i got nothing. i'm kidding. >> want to take a guess? >> i'll say a. >> i say i'm also with natasha with a. >> carol, what do you think? >> since they took a which limits me, i'll take -- let's take 94. >> ninety-four so we tart with the a's. >> which means you're wrong. >> oh, man. >> you're incorrect. but is it b? >> well done, carol. >> yeah, carol. >> leave it to the meteorologist,. >> nicely done. actually happened twice that year that we hit 100 degrees in the middle of june. so yes it can happen. we're not necessarily talking
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triple digit heat here today. but definately talking about a the love building heat, humidity, and will even be some moisture that creeps in, and just enough of it, we probably see quick shower, thunderstorm, in some of the northern counties. little checklist for you here. specially if you have to be outside at the height of the day. lots of water guys. draw the blind during the day if you don't have the benefit of air-conditioning. remember that your car can turn into an oven in minutes. do not leave your kids or your pets inside. and always check on your neighbors, make sure you're taking care of the elderly folks, getting out there just making sure everyone's taking it easy, too. great pool day though meantime. tomorrow 90 degrees, officially make it first heatwave of the year. but by sunday, clearing it out for you not quite as hot nor as humid. carol, over to you. >> not as hot or humid t sounds delightful. people are waking up, coming into the city on 42, and some going out and perhaps hooking up with the atlantic city expressway.
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you can notice the haze that we have out there. now, we take a look at the vine street expressway during construction overnight not during the day so people can come in and out of the city and head out on the schuylkill or where ever they are going. so far this morning the speeds have been showing you the schuylkill, spring garden, see the cars sipping right along there. and coming out of the city, they're also doing fine. and 55 miles per hour holding with the speeds. we like. that will things moving along fine this morning, that the tasha, erika? >> we have two words. >> what are they? >> bing warning. >> orange is the new black could be tired after binging on the hit season show. netflix gave the ladies an early release you might say. putting season three on line, six hours ahead of schedule. the new batch of episodes not supposed to be released until 3:00 this morning but last
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night they got posted and all the sudden everyone was hook. >> a lot of people with extra coffee this morning. >> supposed to be great show. >> oh, we've been looking forward to this, dinosaurs come along on the big screen this weekend once again almost 20 years after the original jurassic park hit theatres. dinosaurs back in jurassic world. >> has it been that long? >> twenty years. >> time flies. sorry. kevin frazer from entertainment tonight has the word on the latest film and the dinosaur franchise. >> backfire when bigger badder dinosaur is on the loose in jurassic wormed, to up chris to stop it or at least out run it. remember something chases you, run. >> this time, it is chris pratt, bryce, doing the running, as a genetically modified super dino get loose in the park. >> killing for sport.
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>> may not be able to contain the dinosaur, but can they contain chris and dance moves? >> oh, god. chris, i can't stop this. >> okay. >> can't stop it. >> oh, no. >> dear lord. >> dude, sorry. i don't create the rules. >> if you can't have fun making jurassic world then all a never have fun. >> all kidding aside, pratt took on the challenge of doing a sequel to beloved classic pretty seriously. >> i was pretty p.m. what happened i got this role. and but it was after -- aid little trepidation, like i didn't want to -- very sacred grounds. so when called me and said list, i want to talk to you about the jurassic sequel, i was look all right, if i of all, don't you mess around with jurassic park. that's my jam. don't go mess it up. and then he told me the story. was and i was like oh, oh, it took five minute before i was like so i can be in this movie please? and, you know, i got to be. >> if we do this, we do this
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my way. >> i'm kevin frazier now back to you in the studio. >> looks good. if you want to know what's happening in hollywood watch entertainment tonight at 7:00 tonight and every week night right here on cbs-3. >> still ahead this morning we'll check on your scorching forecast before you walk out the door. katie has her eye on some rain and some relief this weekend. >> also another big honor for philadelphia's own taney dragons. the prestigious awards, little league baseball stars will peck up today.
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>> tame or swift is bringing her style you might is a to philadelphia this weekend. tonight is the first of two big concert at lincoln financial field. we check and there are only few ticket left, but if you want to go, you can still snag them. septa telling us they are adding extra train trips on the broad street and market frankford lines to help get fans to and from those concerts, expect them to be packed with fifa fans. you know. >> happening today the taney dragons will get the 2015 john wanamaker athletic award at the crystal tee room in center city. dragons made it to the little league world series tournament last season, and young pitcher mo'ne davis caught the imagination of the sports worlds make, the award given for reflecting credit on the city of philadelphia. just another wonderful honor this team, so proud of them. >> so proud of them. well done. right now 5:53. we check in with katie already hot out there katy? >> definitely very steamy outside, erika. good morning everyone, storm scan3, thankfully clear right now.
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so we ends one more sun than anything we think today. i would say real good place to get some relief head to the shore. we got some hazy sunshine for you, but warm, breezy, great excuse to hit the sand that uv index will be up there. take note. meanwhile, we look forward in this eyewitness weather three day forecast, and as long as we hit 90 tomorrow, that will make it the first official heatwave of not just the season but the year. as we look ahead to sunday, thankfully not quite as hot. we got some relief behind approaching cold front. carol, over to you. >> the roads at this point this morning are looking just fine. we are taking a look at 95 headed up over the girard point bridge, coming into the city, the traffic moving along just fine there. and then headed over to 422, this is near route 29, collegeville, and you can see people coming into the city, but things are moving along we love that, and one last one, this is roosevelt boulevard, in the the haze in the air. the heat is there. you can just feel the air quality. looking at this picture, but at least the traffic is moving nicely. we will be back right after
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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hundreds of jobs are up for grabs today. we'll let you know where to apply. also imagine going on very long walk in this heat. well that's exactly what montgomery county man is getting ready to do. why he's traveling across pennsylvania, by foot. >> and, their right of passage for high school seniors see some of the best senior pranks at local schools. that's all coming up on "eyewitness news" starting at 6:00. we'll be right back.
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to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. turning up the heat this morning, it is already a steamy start for those out and about right now. and, we have a heat advisory
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to tell you about for these dangerous temperatures. and this is the kind of heat, i mean, you want to spend as much time as possible inside in the air-conditioning. really going to get warm today. we're on our way to possibly having the hottest day of the year so far. >> let's get right over to katie for details on it sizzling forecast, i am telling when you i walk out this morning, could you feel it? >> oh, ya. >> wall of humidity. >> it was. >> just walk right into, smack your face into, right? yes, and that's why this heat advisory more than anything, guys actually taking effect. because our temperatures are going to be pretty sim floor what we saw yesterdayment don't get me wrong. yesterday was hot. but when you factor in these rising dew points, in other words, the moisture content that builds up in the atmosphere, we always say right, not the heat, it is the humidity. that's he can actually what it will boil down to here today. no pun intendedment heat advisory will a effect specifically at noon, real when the worse of this starts to get underway. and it is really only for a very localized area of the delaware valley, because lot of you are include


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