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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 15, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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said specially south of philadelphia this morning, but we will all get in on the action before the morning is through. the worse part of the day will be the morning and then starting to dry out later this afternoon. but then this afternoon you have to watch for scattered locally strong thunderstorms. so, we take you right out again to storm scan three see one complex of rain, thunder lightning moving by to the south mainly across northern delaware, moving into south jersey. there is more rain back to the west, though that will eventually move through during the rest of this morning, so you can see all of the lightning right around smyrna at the moment, seeing some heavy rain moving into salem cumberland counseled counties in new jersey, then again waking to up lightning thunder, south of philadelphia, that's what you are seeing right now. so what do we expect as we go through the rest of the day? we have come more storms on the way we will continue to track them for you as we move through the morning and have the latest updates coming your way as we continue to deal with this heat and humidity. now we check in with vittoria. >> thank you and good morning, everyone, at least for right now not dealing with anything major in regard to volume situations. the weather is causing a
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problem, but really it is damp roadways making it a dangerous situation, if you are headed out and about. so let's first get outside. talk about the vine street expressway. as you will notice, the lamps picking up a lot of the sheen that you will have on the roads, so if you are headed out as i mentioned, could be little dangerous so not taking taking it easy. definitely a nice shot to start with. so we can caution you to take it easy when you leave this morning. but the vine looks great. they have pick up the earlier construction blocking the eastbound side between the schuylkill and broad street. now free and clear in either direction of the vine to hit 95 or hit the schuylkill. we're taking you now to the 30 bypass, westbound we have downed tree at 340 compromising traffic, waiting in this shot here to see if they are allowing this vehicle to go by t seems that they are sort of diverting traffic here off toward the ramp at 340 as a result of all lanes being blocked in this area. so, if this is where you're traveling at this time the best alternate to take would be lincoln highway. if you are traveling in and around the downingtown stretch. we'll let you know it does open up. meantime, we take quick look
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at mass transit, where generally speaking mass transit is moving very well. i would definitely advise to you call ahead at the airport. but, until about september or so few of the trolleys will be shuttle bussing due to construction, so just note. that will we head back to the desk. >> vittoria, thank you. back to breaking news, several people are returned to the hospital after a house fire in montgomery county. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live this morning, in lower salford township. what's the latest? >> erika diane, a good morning, at this point we have reports that perhaps four people from that home were taken to area hospitals. the extent of their injuries, not yet known at this time. but, the scene of the fire still here this morning several crews from local departments as well as ambulances here at the scene of this home fire, what we can see from the vantage point smoking garage, a car in the garage it, appears to be burned. this is a two story home that caught fire at about 2:00 this morning. we are told that crews responded soon after. the fire was brought under control, at about 3:45 this
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morning. but, crews dealt with very hazy conditions out here throughout the time battling that blaze. as we've been saying all morning, this fire did send at least several people to the hospital, the number we're hearing is about four people, this is on the 100 block of skip adder creek road here in lower salford much of the street is being roped off as is traffic on neighboring street nearby. so if you are traveling in this area this morning you may have some hold-ups in your commute. but we are awaiting official word from the fire chief here on the scene but this remains a very active investigation at this time. we're still seeing crews stamping out hot spots. we're seeing crews in that garage area with flashlights looking for potential other hot spot in the area, and this fire this scene still far from being close although the fire itself has been brought under control, back out live again, we are awaiting words from the choir chief on the details of this fire again four people, taken to the hospital. the investigation to the cause
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continues at this point this morning. we are live in lower salford justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin, thank you appreciate it. meanwhile, crews are returning to a west philadelphia neighborhood this morning to fix this gushing water main. that water main broke just before dawn yesterday morning at the intersection of 52nd street and westminster avenue. it gushed eight to 10 million-gallon of water into the street flooding basements, damaging cars, and it left a gaping hole in the street. >> but i know it is done, they said that the lights were on, the engine went out and my trunk opened, and i had family pictures in there that i was brink interesting georgia for my family and all of that is like gone. >> the philadelphia water department shut off that water several hours later, no one was hurt. we will get a live update on the repairs and you let know, that's coming up in the next half hour. >> new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting in the logan section of the city. officers heard gunfire near the 4800 block of carlisle
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street around 11:30 last night, one victim in critical condition this morning the other stable. police have recovered an s.u.v. that may help them in their investigation. >> that gray dodge durango not only had several bullet holes in it, but they also found a gun, a revolver in that vehicle. >> police do not believe the durango's owner is the gunman, but they believe he does know who pulled the trigger so far no arrest. >> prison work here helped two men escape from prison will be in court later this morning. those convicted kill verse been on the run now for ten days. and as don champion reports officials say the missing inmates could be anywhere. >> reporter: hundreds of law enforcement officers searched from above and on the ground in up-state new york sunday for prison escapees david sweat and david matt, on the run for more than a week. new york governor andrew cuomo
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say the men could be anywhere. >> we don't know if they're in the immediate area or if they're in mexico by now. >> residents hope the fugitives are caught soon. but they are not taking any chances. mary van gunshot owner has seen up tick in sales. >> we won't go looking for anything but i won't and hostage either. so it is time to car a gun. >> more than 800 state and federal officers here on the gown working 12 hour shifts a day. some are positioned at checkpoints like. >> this most are actively taking part in the search. >> the clinton county prosecutor says prison employees joyce mitchell was supposed to pick the two up at the power plant near the correctional facility, then drive them seven hours away, but they would not tell her the location. mitchel charged with promoting prison contraband and criminal fasilitation. as residents try to move on with their lives many can't help but wonder if danger is still lurking nearby. don champion, cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". happening today, he's the son and brother of past presidents now jeb bush starts his own run for the white house. bush, who is 62, plans to make his candidacy official with a speech at miami dade college. he is one of 11 major republicans, running for the nomination. few others including new jersey governor, chris christie, are still deciding whether to jump in possibly swelling the field to almost 20. still ahead this morning swimmers are on alert after not one but two shark attacks at the very same beach and both within a matter of hours. we'll tell you what's being done today to protect people who go out into the water. >> plus, chaos overseas, as wild animals roam free after massive flooding. we'll have the latest on the effort to rounds up the animals. >> and stormy start to your work week. we are waking to up some showers, and kate says, more rain is on the way. she's tracking those storms for you with a soggy forecast. and we do traffic and weather together. see those slick streets
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already. grab that umbrella. new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ >> two children lose limbs in separate shark attacks on the same beach all within just matter of hours. it started yesterday when a shark bit a 12 year old girl in the ocean off of oak island, north carolina little more than hour later while first responders still helping her, a 16 year old boy was also bitten nearby. doctors had to amputate an arm on each of those children. officials say the beach will be open today with extra safety patrols. diana? >> erika, severe flooding in the former soviet country of georgia has killed at least 12 people this morning in a bizarre twist, lions and other exotic animals are now the newest threat to residents there, as they wander the
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streets after their enclosures were washed away at a local zoo. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette shows us the unbelievable images. >> it was a strange site, main square in the capitol of georgia sunday, as hipopotimus roamed free. it also spent some time under an overpass. soldiers surrounded the animal, and eventually subdued it with a tranqilizer gun. bear was also spotted hanging out on top of an air-conditioning unit. a helicopter flew over the zoo that flooded the rushing water destroyed enclosures, allowing more than 30 animals including tigers, lions, and wolfs, to escape. some were captured or killed, but it is unclear how many are still on the loose. residents were asked to stay inside as a precaution. overnight, a stream in the city became a raging deadly river. rescuers in boats helped people who became trapped as the muddy water rose. the floods damaged hundreds every homes left piles of
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debris in the street, and flipped over vehicles. burying them in mud. roads were left with gaping holes. >> teams of residents are joining the clean up, to get the city of more than 1 million people back to normal, as soon as possible. wendy gillette, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on 5:13, we want to get our traffic and weather together. stormy start to the week, kate? >> that's for sure erika. tracking some steady rain this morning, and even some lightning and thunder to start your monday. not great way to start a monday morning. looking outside, see what's happening. now, the good news, it is only 5:12 a.m. the skies already brightening up. we are headed toward the longest days of the year of course, as we head toward the summer solsus this weekend marking longest daylight hours of the year on sunday. so the days are long, it is light when you wake up, that's good news, unless you have young children that wake you up as soon as the first hint of light comes into the sky which usually happens at my house, but things not looking too bad in philadelphia, just
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cloudy gloomy, fog out there could slow you down, worse of the rain is missing us to the south. we will take a peak on storm scan three you can see where we are dealing with rain right now, lightning thunder mainly south of philadelphia, into northern delaware, south jersey, but then this rain here south central pennsylvania right along the turnpike here, carlisle, back through portions of dolphin county headed toward the state capitol in harrisburg, little rain will be getting in here within the next couple of hours, then that fizzled then watch for thunderstorms later this afternoon right now north of dover where you have number of lightning strikes here, smyrna, down toward dover, probably waking to up some lightning thunder casino of show outside your window this morning if you are in that area let me know, hit me up on twitter let me know if you are seeing the rain. heard from danny on twitter he said noah's arc like rainfall just moved through his area in fall since ton. what to expect, morning showers, heavy at time, some sun through the afternoon then watch for scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms, some could be severe, they are isolated, not everywhere but in marginal
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risk for severe weather today. that's the lowest risk you can get. tomorrow in slight risk, slightly higher, downpours gusty winds small hail, but again storms isolated. across the region this monday, notice all of the flash that means we have lightning our future, 89 degrees showers storms, in philadelphia, morning showers and storms, down the shore then another threat for thunderstorms headed into the afternoon down the shore and in the poconos again, the chance for scattered thunderstorms. so we look at the next three days, in our future, notice how warm it will be. 90 degrees for your tuesday. then, we get little bit better on wednesday wednesday's the day to look forward to. slightly less humid mid eight's, and it looks like it should stay dry. so we'll us a july holds our horses until monday. >> with our umbrella. >> good morning vittoria. >> good morning, everyone, on the roads dealing with the slickness, that dampness, that wetness, so the good thing for right now not dealing with a high volume. that will will change whether we get closer to refresh hour, meantime, live look what you are looking at right now, 59
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around cottman avenue. if you are traveling in either direction, you will notice again, the head lamps are picking up the sheen on the roadway, so it is definitely the weather is causing a dangerous situation. if you don't take your time. so i advise to you take your time out there. you will notice that delays are nonexistent at this point. even if you are traveling around the construction zones here still pretty early at 5:15, usual will you we don't see too much after rush hour until at least 6:00 or 6:15, but in the meantime 95 great. not only throughout the northeast, it is even as you make your way throughout the area of bucks county, make your way even around delaware county into the philadelphia international airport, which i would advise to you call ahead, due to wet their we are experiencing this morning. thirty bypass, westbound side of the 30 bypass 340. notice traffic being diverted to the off ramp as result of downed tree. so if you are traveling in this area, i would advise to you take lincoln highway that would be your best alternate. speed censors looking great. they are in the 50's, pa, new jersey, and delaware, so all over in the green. with the weather out there, i
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would just anticipate things to be moving little slower. erika? >> thank up, vet tore y outrage is growing over the civil rights leader accused of faking her own race. the major developments expected today in the controversy that have a loft folks talking. >> fun photo shoot to the targeted internet attack, why people are criticizing the family behind these superhero snapshots. it is monday morning. we're coming right back.
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time now 51:89. new this morning police chase ends with a crash in montgomery county. authorities say the chase began in berks county, and it ended on route 422 and mink owe road, in royersford. there are reports of injuries there. police briefly shut down the road to investigate but it has since reopened. we're work to go find out what prompted that chase. >> authorities say, 14 police officers who engaged with the gunman who opened fire at dallas police headquarters are on administrative leave
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pending the investigation. officials say they'll be offered, police sniper killed the gunman later during a stand-off. the suspects mother says her son had history of mental problems. >> we had words and he came over and choked me. >> police identified the suspect as james bowlwear, his father said his son was angry over losing custody of his child. >> the embattled leader of the naacp in spokane, washington post popes a chapter meeting tonight. rachel dolezal expected to address the controversy surrounding her race. rachel dolezal said she made the decision to continue discussion with regional and national naacp members. it doesn't sit well members johnson, who is organize ago peaceful demonstration later today. >> few finds out you have not been completely hon west me, and you lied just to get close
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to me, yes i feel betrayed. >> to spin to sweep this all under the rug without apology, without acknowledgment, that people were hurt. >> johnson started on line petition calling for rachel dolezal to take leave of absence, it has gotten over 350 signature in the past several days. former president bill clinton will be if philadelphia later today, he will be at the national american jewish history new see tomorrow talk about the future of healthcare. it is an invitation only event bringing together hundreds of health and science experts. >> ikea getting ready to make some house calls. what the furniture company hopes to learn by visiting homes of everyday people. >> this is pretty much the last way to end a flight, right? why the passenger returned under the wings of the plane after frightening landing we'll explain coming up.
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all things mobile. all in one place.
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those passengers are are stands be g on the wing, after it lands in boise idaho. open the emergency he can it after they saw what they thought was smoke outside the plane. having little trouble with the video there. diana? >> it turns out it was just vapor from fuel leak, few passengers jumped down to the tarmac, all the rest were helped down. 5:33, steamy and stormy are the words this morning. >> that's right we have the owe literation going on, steamy stormy inch died, little sog toy boot. let's look outside see what's happening on storm scan3, we have some rain moving n you can see, it is lining up all across south central pennsylvania notice, the trajectory of it, steadiest missing us to the south but think think some of the showers you see over south central pa, along eight; the turnpike, that are get in here eventually. so soggy start to our morning, even little stormy
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off to the south seeing some lightning, thunder moving into portions of salem cumberland counties in new jersey. lightning has bumm inch wished a bit. still seeing lightning from dover, over towards the maurice river everywhere inbetween at the moment. so it will be bit of active day from start to finish really. temperatures right now 75 at the airport, 73 allentown, 69 mount pocono, and 73 degrees in atlantic city. if your poolside today lucky lucky, 89 degrees, the uv index is nine, but got to keep an eye to the sky. may be able to get out sometime this afternoon but showers and storms could move, moving indued, a lot of kids starting camp this week, so keep eye to the sky before you steak your claim outside. good news, we talked about how bright it is early our sunset time tonight 8:31 p.m. longest days of the year this week, so enjoy it while we have it. and quick peak at the seven day forecast, keeps us steamy tomorrow, wednesday is a great day, 86 degrees, and slightly less humid. see if it is a great day on
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the roads we check in with vittoria. >> good morning, at least for right now not dealing with too many problems, but definitely starting to feel few more vehicles out there. we have a downed tree to talk about in the 30 bypass, so, let's get outside. right side of the scene flashing lights, would be the westbound side of route 30, traveling at 340. it is a downed tree blocking the roadway. they are diverting traffic traveling in this area, individuals to you take lincoln highway, that would be your best alternate. opposite side of the roadway not dealing with any major problems earlier we had some lane blockages, but no longer. we take a look now at the schuylkill expressway being unless action little wet damp we caution to you take it easy out there go little slower than usual. because you will notice those slick spots on the roads. no volume to speak of just yet in and out every center city and in and out of the western suburbs, overall in the green on our majors in pa, new jersey and in delaware. we do have water main bridge,
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traveling 55, all lanes still block, 53rd is your best alternate. i would call ahead at the airport. >> thank you. >> nba finals could ends as early as tomorrow night now that the warriors are one win away from the championship. battled all night last night in oakland labron james had triple double with 40-point, but it was still not enough. thirty-seven regular season, set curry and beat the cavs 104 to 91. the warriors hold onto three games, they're up three games to two in the best of seven series. >> twenty games under 500. yesterday in pit burying phils got a finds from cole hamels. thirty-seven innings of shut out ball, struck out 12 pirates, but in the 11th, phillies throwing errors, leads to the only run of the game.
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pirates win, one to nothing phils have lost six games in a row. >> justin upton of the pods, throws one deep center, and the dodgers josh peterson tracks it down for the game saving catch. but it is not easy. he makes the catch hit the wall and hangs on. dodgers won the game in extra innings. chicago blackhawks could win their third stanley cup in six years tonight. they host the tampa by lightning in game six of the final. trying to clinch the cup at home, first time in almost 08 years. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" we are continuing to follow breaking news. montgomery county house badly damaged by overnight fire. several people rushed to the hospital. we'll get update on their injuries coming up next. >> big clean up needed here in west philadelphia after 36-inch water main break the water, flooding into the streets, destroying cars,
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flowing into people's homes. i'm jan carabeo full update straight ahead. >> thank you and vittoria and kate return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's. we'll have the latest on today's storms, and problems, it is causing on the roads. this monday morning we're back at the bottom of the hour. stay with us.
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>> following breaking news at least four people hospitalized after this house fire in montgomery county. fire broke out 100 block of skip adder creek road in lower salford township. that will fire is now under control but crews remain on the scene putting out hot spot. cause of the fire is under investigation. cryings zero crews going back to west philadelphia this morning to fix broken water maniacs, that sent millions of gallons of


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