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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> following breaking news at least four people hospitalized after this house fire in montgomery county. fire broke out 100 block of skip adder creek road in lower salford township. that will fire is now under control but crews remain on the scene putting out hot spot. cause of the fire is under investigation. cryings zero crews going back to west philadelphia this morning to fix broken water maniacs, that sent millions of gallons of water, spilling
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into the intersection of 52nd and westminster avenue yesterday morning. jan carabeo live at the scene good morning. >> 500 block of 52nd street here in west philadelphia is complete mess this morning. and the road will remain closed, until the damage here can be fixed. now, you can see, that the water is gone. but what's left behind, is a giant hole, this damaged caused by broken main dating back to 1885. as the sun roast sunday morning, 52nd street at westminster avenue looked like storm had just passed through. water filling the street and overwhelming cars. this however was the result after 36-inch water main break at west philadelphia. >> crazy. i couldn't even get my thought together when i woke up, crazy, i couldn't believe it. >> tiara simpson was asleep in her basement bedroom when the water started rushing into cars and into homes.
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crews were forced to go into knee deep water more than dozen people from the block. >> no injuries to civilians or to any fire department members. >> at times the water levels rose 3 feet high. twelve and a half million gallons, spewed from the main before it was capped. easily destroyed simpson's carment un for the lip, for her, she just arrived to fill fry georgia. >> me trunk opened, i had family pictures in there i would bring in from georgia for my family, all of that is going. >> the power of water on full display, both captivating and agonizing, for those now left cleaning up the mess. >> i'm 64 years old. i ain't never seen nothing like this. >> this main was capped around 8:00, and water has been restored to this area, but you can see whole lot of damage is left a lot of repairs needed here on scene and we're told crews will return to the scene, to start working on it little later this morning.
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reporting live in west philadelphia, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you. >> she went shopping scheduled to go on trial today, say karen thompson left the children in the suv with the air-conditioning running at a shopping center, in port richmond last july. thompson ran the day care out of her home. she is facing five counts of child endangerment. >> south jersey animal rescue group offering reward in hopes of finding the person who tortured a puppy and left her help less -- helpless in a philadelphia park. >> this video posted to facebook by lilos shows little nani taking her first steps since she was found in the talcony park last week. the group is asking anyone who might know the owner of this pup to call police. >> 5:33, time for check of traffic and weather together. steamy morning kate? >> it is asteism i morning diana. temperatures in the 70s already, with dew points almost just as high it feels
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very sticky out there. and some spots dealing with some steady rain this morning. we take you down to one of the live neighborhood network site, this is the boardwalk of course, boardwalk plaza rehoboth beach delaware. you can see, it is actually not looking too bad out there. bright inning up. >> , few people taking first walk on the board 75 degrees there right now dry for the moment. but that will be changing perhaps as some of the showers moving across delaware are headed for the beach points. you can see some steadier rain back across central pennsylvania starting to actually weaken little bit. see the heaviest rain moving into maryland, so looks like the steadiest stuff should miss us to the south for the most part. still going to have locally heavy showers to contends with through the next couple of hours and low clouds, fog out there, not great morning to be out and about. you can see some of the steadier rain moving into cape may county at the moment. so the new jersey beach communities as well from atlantic city, cape may see again some of the steady rain start to move n here's what we expect in the next half hour or so, showers moving toward the shore points, weaver
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steadier rain back to the west, will continue through about 7:00. that's when we can expect to see some showers here in philadelphia, as well. by 10:00 start to see that move out just lingering sprinkle, few breaks every sunday, but take a look at the polka dot thunderstorms we call them through this afternoon, some locally strong, or even severe, so even though they will be localize dollars, high risk for heavy downpours moderate risk for lightning and strong winds with anyone of those. so your day planner plan for storms at any time. but again the best chance to have dry conditions is right through the noon hour. now, we send it over to vittoria with a check on traffic. >> traveling right now definately slick, damp out there, starting to feel little bit more vehicles on the roadway. visibility on 95, that would be yep that camera over there. and this camera right here. giving you live look at 95 at girard avenue. if you are traveling in toward center city philadelphia, again, we are starting to feel little bit more traffic out
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there. it is not that swamp volume that we usually see at rush hour, still waiting in the wings of. that will but at least right now it is developing, if you are headed into downtown philadelphia. now, if you are traveling elsewhere on 95, i would say throughout the stretch of delaware county, even bucks county, it is not awful just yet. with some of the haze that we are dealing with right now maybe some fog out and about you will notice low visibility, i would imagine so like if you're traveling on the 42 freeway hazy shot here northbound, southbound, again no volume but volume building on the northbound side approaching 295, but you can definitely see here that maybe some -- we might have visibility problem. we are taking you now over to the 30 bypass westbound still 340, all lanes block just on the westbound side, as a result after downed tree, so lincoln highway your best alternate. just to be on the safe side i would call ahead at the airport. >> thanks, vet tore y we'll find out later today who will win the coveted marion anderson award. award given out annually in philadelphia honors artist who is use their talent to help crib to society. jon bon jovi won the award
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last year, this year's win letter receive the awards in november. wait and see for that. >> that will be interesting. 5:36. time now for business news. how ikea is celebrating a milestone. >> also, how soon will gas prices go down? we check in with money watch's jill wagner up at the stock exchange, good morning. >> good morning, we will see if the markets can rebounds from friday losses, dow dropped 141-point friday. nazdek fell 31. saudi arabia opening stock market tonight national investors, worth about $530 billion, and it is mostly composed of energy and financial stocks. gas prices jumped again last week but triple a says relief coming, says crude oil prices are falling and predict gas prices will drop every month through the end of the year. and ikea is celebrating its 30th birthday, looking at turn
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around slower sales with a few house calls. so this year the furniture chain will be sending employees into hundreds of us homes to look through people's cabinets, watch their kids play, all to figure out what americans really need from their furniture. as aside ikea opened it first us store in philadelphia. >> little fun fact. >> i always like lower gas prices, so that's also good news. thanks jill. >> small space probe was lost, has now been found. the solar powered lander known as fill-a sent message from space after seven month long nap. the washing machine size comet lander disappeared after device to anchor the lander to the comet failed. scientists believe it bounced out of the weak gravitational field before falling into hibernation. it is the first spacecraft to ever land on a comet. right now, five this 38.
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have you pick out your gift for fathers day yet? we'll let you know what he really want this year. apparently it is not a tie ya. >> it is a tie thanks. and a family's fun photo shoot turns them into the target of an internet attack. why people are criticizing the family behind those superhero snapshots. we'll have that when we come back.
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only six days left until mothers day. while most americans do plan on doing something to celebrate dear old dad won't spend as much as they do on mom. "3 on your side" consumer reporter jim donovan takes a look at the numbers for you. >> the most popular gift for dad this fathers day is a special day out. that is according to an annual survey by the national retail federation, which found consumers will spends about $2.6 billion on a gift like baseball tickets or a family meal. another popular option, letting him choose his own gift. 39% of fathers day gift buyers say they'll purchase a gift card for total of $1.8 billion in spending. americans will spends another $1.7 billion on clothing for dad, and 1.6 billion on electronics. overall, fathers day spending should ring up an additional $12.7 billion for retailers versus the 21.2 estimate they
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spent for mother day. why the gap in spending between mom and dad? the website retail me not says it could be a matter of timing, with june weddings, graduations, and summer vacations, putting a strain on spending around the day. now, a survey by retail me not found the gift most requested by dads include gift cards clothing and gadgets. the items they're least likely to treat themselves to, clothing, shoes or home goods and toils. now, gifts aside almost half the dads in the survey said what they really want for fathers day is to spends time with their family. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> is there go. >> isn't that nice? >> time with family maybe clothing or shoes. >> i always get my dad a tie. so maybe time to branch out little bit. >> oh, you got a tradition going now. 5:42 wisconsin family photo shoot gone viral now sparking outrage on line. >> that's because some people say the photos are putting the couple's baby at risk. take a look at these pictures. roxanne daily set up caped crusader photo shoot for her
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husband, the problem, there you see it, the baby's on the railroad tracks. after receiving thousands of likes and many concerned for -- concerns for the son's safety, they say it began to spy rat owl -- spiral out of control. >> some people posted our address, making threats saying they're going show up to the house in the middle of the night. >> i was begging him to go to a hotel for the night because i was terrified. >> the concern was it wasn't safe wisconsin state raw, only railroad workers and authorized newspaper reporters allowed to walk on the pain tracks. family said they had no idea about the law. >> 54:23, time to check in. >> let's start off with eyewitness weather watchers this morning. while seeing some report of temperatures in the 70s right now, at 73 degrees, near philadelphia, as we check in with bill laden in card inning ton, 73, again look at cloud cover there. he says damp, hot and humid this morning. the dew point here is at 71.
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so almost fully saturated out there with temperatures, again, right around 73 degrees soy it feels very sticky. twenty-seven moving across the river here toward lynn springer's house in cherry hill, new jersey, at 27 degrees right now lynn says very damp and soupy out this morning. seventy-five toward lindenwald, david dutch reporting 75 degrees, and mostly cloudy conditions at the moment. so, let's see what's going on outside. we take you out to storm scan three rain moving through see the heaviest down over south jersey but starting to see some more of the showers fill in, want to take you down to the shore points again seeing this steadier rain over cape may county, so right now if you are maybe in avalon, stone harbor area, down toward the wildwoods, where you will see some steadier rainfall here through the next couple of hours. moving forward in time, again we've got some more rain to talk about through the afternoon. so showers this morning then some sun through the midday hours, in the afternoon and evening, scattered storms, some of these could be locally strong or even severe with
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frequent lightning and the threat for heavy downpours. that's going to be your biggest threat with any storm this afternoon and even again tomorrow, weaver got lots of what we call pre simple water in the as moss fever, like ringing out a sponge when the storms come through can dump heavy rain, risk for ponding on the roads and flashflooding. dew point almost to match it, feels very sticky outside right now. and headed up to 89 degrees today. with showers thunderstorms at any time. now, headed very, very quickly toward the start of summer, six days away, june 21st, 1st day of summer, and the longest day of the year, first day of summer here also fathers day 09 degrees, certainly will feel like summer but this last week of spring feeling pretty summer like as well. >> good morning right now very dark shot of the ben franklin bridge, as we take a look here, you know what i'll step out of the way to give you better idea. traveling on the ben making your way into philadelphia, we have that hey i fog, trample
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up and over the bridge, in either direction, but both sides of the ben are still moving fairly well. i would say if you are traveling into philly, feeling the slow down build but generally speaking not dealing with a rush hour just yet. i would say building in areas, like traveling on 476 right around the area of route one it does seem to be on the southbound side, starting to pick up just little bit of traffic around the lima springfield area. if you are traveling on 95, around girard avenue, also, little bit of a slow down starting to form. but generally speaking speed censors are still high up in the 50's, not only in pa, pa new jersey, and in delaware. overall could be worse. still dealing with all rained blocked at 52nd, westminster avenue and wyolucing, as a result of the water main break occurred yesterday. fifty-third still your best alternate. no majors delays, and things at the airport still okay. but, don't forget, when you are on the road you can get updated information about traffic backups with the new cbs philly traffic app and
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you can download the app now on itunes or google play. fire broke out around 2:00 this morning on skippack creek road. four people were taken to hospitals, but the extent of their injuries is not known right now. >> police chase ends with a crash in montgomery county. authority say the crash began in the chase began in berks county, it ended on route 422 in mink owe road in royersford. there are reports of injuries this morning police briefly shut down the road to investigate, but it has since reopen. we're work to go find out what prompted the chase. big clean up in west philadelphia after huge water main break. it happened at 52nd and westminster early yesterday morning. and flooded cars and basements. and forced evacuations in that neighborhood. >> crowded field of republicans looking to be the next president get a little larger later today. jeb bush will become the
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latest to join the run for the while house. >> jeb bush has new logo and video to help kick offer his run for the republican presidential nomination. >> the former florida governor will make his candidacy official at rally in miami today. the 62 year old joins ten other republicans in the hunt for the nomination. but lush says life experience also set him apart. >> for the democrats, hillary clinton campaign sunday in iowa distancing herself from president obama in his battle with congress over a trade agreement. >> the president should listen to and work with his allies, in congress, starting with nancy pelosi. >> but independent senator bernie sanders, who is challenging clinton in the democratic race, says she needs to take a more definitive stand on trade.
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i open hope very much will side with every union in this country, virtually every environmental group many religious groups and say that this ppp policy is a dis asker. >> says, he can beat clinton but he faces an uphill battle at the polls. brian web for cbs news, new york. >> new jersey new jersey senator want them to give them a break whether it comes to carry on luggage. today holding news conference at newark liberty international airport in response to airline industry proposal to trim the size of allowable carry on luggage by over 20%. menendez says it will ultimately cause the cost of flying to soar. >> still ahead this morning, a strange scene on a pennsylvania bridge. just like one out of the bible. the unusual problem that forced the road to close. >> and dinosaurs destroy the competition at the box office. we have the word on the record breaking opening for the new
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jurassic park sequel, coming up after the break. good morning. comfort keepers can provide a variety of custom in-home services for your aging loved ones, including medication reminders and transportation to the doctor. ♪
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jurassic worlds is the word, after records breaking opening week end. >> thriller proved their obsession with the jurassic factor franchise, it is not extinct. >> became the highest global opener of all time, earning jaw dropping $511 million in theatres. also the second highest domestic opening of all time, it made over 204 million in the u.s. last weaken 'd winner spy
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16 million followed by san andre's, insidious chapter three, pitch perfect two. dow want to go see jurassic wormed. looks so good. >> it does. >> we will check in with kate, maybe good day to watch a movie with all of the storms moving through. >> not bad day format inch a if you can get out maybe sneak out, this would be good time to go. not as crowded as the weekend could have been, but what we are dealing with this morning tracking showers storms, to start our monday morning. a bloody start to your day seeing some steady rain down the shore right now notice, showers pushing into lancaster county as we speak. couple of showers popping up in chester county, as well. nothing heavy at the moment for us, in philadelphia, certainly, quiet in the city, but it is gloomy and fog which low clouds, see around portions of shore points, cape may county specially own and city seeing thunderstorm right now, sea isle down toward cape may seeing some pretty steady rain at the moment. look at the buy points, measures how much moisture is in the atmosphere.
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dew points in the 70s oppressive humidity. temperatures low 70s, dew points in the seven 70s, like wacking outside and wading through hot fudge in the air except not nearly as delicious as that would be. 89 degrees the high in philadelphia today. eighty-two down the shore. seventy in the poconos chance of thunderstorms through the afternoon. now we economic in with vittoria. >> good morning. not dealing with too much rush hour. forming on 59, traveling into downtown philadelphia, primarily around the allegheny and girard avenue. but, we are dealing with a incident on 476 southbound at germantown pike. the majority of the incident or at least all of it really is off toward the shoulder, and traffic moving by, just fine, but it is definitely something that is out there. if you are traveling on 422 again, just few more vehicles developing on the eastbound side as you rounds around trooper. only the start of t it will only get busier. keep it here.
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>> it may be june, but a swarm every may flies even snapped traffic on roads, the flies live for only one day, but they make sure reproduce soon millions are just flying around and you see their little bodies there on the sidewalk. officials say there is good news presence of may flyers means that local water quality is good. but i'm sure the residents there would be happy just to have them get out of there. >> could probably do without that almost looks like snow covering the lens there. >> more news update on breaking news, over night fire that forced montgomery county family out of their home. just learned that one person has died. we are live at the scene with some new details for you. >> also, talk about taking one for the team. judge a mayor a grease to get tazed by an angry fan. >> and here's one survival story just incredible. where that cat was finally found more than two months after his owner moved.
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the hair raising tail you might say coming up.
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we are following breaking news overnight, fire rips through montgomery county house sending several people to the hospital and we have just learned minutes ago one person has died. we're there live as investigators look for what sparked that fire. stormy scatter to your wok week check out storm scan3 there, we have a lot of activity headed out the door. >> kate is in this morning the latest on this steamy and stormy forecast from the weather center, good morning monday, after hot and humid weekend, we've got well, hot and humid start to the week, as well as the chance for thunderstorms, all day today. let's take you out to storm scan3, what we are seeing, more along the lines of showers, did have pretty nasty lightning, couple of


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