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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the even bigger weather headlines is the heat, it will be steamy as temperatures are about to climb yet again. good evening i'm jessica dean, chris may as the evening off. the sweltering heat awaits us as well as chances of more storms. the philadelphia school district is already taking action tomorrow, all public schools in the city will dismiss early at noon, and in anticipation of the heat. we will go to meteorologist kathy orr tracking both chance of storms tonight plus all of the hot weather kathy. >> we have had drenching downpours out there but we are just seeing a few and we will have a few more in the evening. lehigh valley, poconos into parts of the bucks county, noxamixon and all this moving east and also through area of south jersey and delaware we are keeping an eye there as well because of storms in baltimore and washington, these continue to attract toward the east. phillies are playing in baltimore this evening, they could have a rain delay or the field could be wet at the start because of the rain, that is about to fall there. in the meantime the big story
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is the heat, and humidity. high today in philadelphia 89. we will go higher tomorrow. right now feels like 39 in philadelphia. thirty-nine in wilmington and in dover feels like 92 degrees. this evening temperatures will fall throughout the 80's, heat index 7:00 o'clock still 92. eighty-seven at 9:00 p.m. by is 11:00 heat index 84. tomorrow morning we will start off with heat index in the 80's and 90's. ninety-one in dover tomorrow at 8:00a in m. watch what happens by 1:00 he o'clock hour. feels like 100 in wilmington. dover 102 and in philadelphia close to hundred degrees. we're concerned tomorrow afternoon about this intense heat. temperatures around 90 heat index between 95 and 100. just try to keep yourself hydrated and keep a low profile. don't do any strenuous activities. we will talk about the heat and storms we will expect tomorrow with that seven day forecast, for now back to you. >> kate, thank you.
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storms that hit were severe in some area. two cars were hit by a fallen tree as drivers traveled on route 32 near aquatongue road in solebury township. one driver was trapped and had to be extricated but neither driver was seriously hurt. a big clean up is going on in west philadelphia, a water main break on sunday morning sent millions of gallons of water surging don't 52nd street. alexandria hoff joins us now with the latest on this. >> reporter: over 40 homes have been affect by this and we now know that 24 vehicles have been as well. crews have been out here all day working underground to try to fix this line. we have good news for homeowners restoration crews are expected to be outside starting tomorrow. >> that tank had fish and water in it. >> reporter: water may have receded inside this basement but there is still no sign of the fish or birds. thinks third water main break
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in 30 years that the couple says they have endured while living on north 57th street near wyalusing. "eyewitness news" was there back in august of 2004 when water, there reached 5 feet. in total it has cost their military memory, their wedding photos. >> they have heavy trucks coming through here and vibrates these old pipes and then they will give way. >> reporter: that is what happened again around 5:30 on sunday morning when over 10 million gallons lifted vehicles and poured into homes. >> the main was installed in 1885. it is a cast iron main. it was recently inspect upon that inspection there was nothing that showed a leak on that line, or any indication that this was going to happen. >> reporter: according to philadelphia water large transmission mains like the one on north 52nd are inspected, and measure accoustics in the pipe. >> it is not uncommon to have mains in the hundred plus year range, and city, and and
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and,. >> reporter: other utility companies were working nearby so interference to the water main cannot be ruled out just yet. now chosen 300 is a community meal center on lancaster avenue. they have extended an invitation to anyone living out here who may be exhausted by the experience to come by and get a meal tonight. that is happening right now. if you live out here and your home has been impacted and you have not yet been visited by a claims officer call 215-685-9651. we are reporting live from west philadelphia,al sand that hoff cbs-3 "eyewitness news". search is on for a home invader after police say a group of armed robbers storm the house with cash and jewelry. and, this happened on the 26 hup block of old cedar grove road in broomall. police say that the thieves pistol whipped the 25 year-old and forced his 45 year-old mother to open up a safe. we spoke with marple's police chief who said the situation
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could have been a lot worse. >> you know, who knows what would have triggered them, and, fire, and one of those the 17 year-old or the 45 year-old and they didn't do exactly, and if they didn't do what they would do. >> police tracked down getaway car and cost three of the four suspects. one remains on the loose. and, authorities are working to find out what sparked a deadly house fire in lower salford earlier today. fire ripped through the home on the 100 block of skippack creek road, four residents escaped but six two-year old peggy armada was trapped inside. they say fire fighters rushed into rescue her but they encountered dangerous conditions. and, we attempted to enter the house when floors collapsed underneath no fire fighters were injured. we were able to get out of the house safe liz and we were able to move back and go in our defensive operation have after the floors collapsed. >> the four resident who escaped were treated for
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injuries at an area hospital and released. today marks six months since brandon tait-brown was fatally shot by philadelphia police during a traffic stop. his family is now demanding an investigation into that case be reopened. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live at police headquarters to explain, steve. >> family of tait-brown made that demand this afternoon during a news conference, to district attorney seth williams, that he reopen the case. welshing williams responded by issuing a statement. the statement read, tragic, but not criminal. >> i formally call for the district attorney seth williams, to reopen his criminal investigation into this incident. >> reporter: that demand from the family of 26 year-old brandon tait-brown was denied. statement from district attorney seth williams reject reopening the case after what he called a thorough investigation. >> accountability is all i'm asking for. >> reporter: in december tait-brown was pulled over by
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two philadelphia police officers in frankford. the officers initially reported a struggle and said they feared for their lives when they thought tait-brown was lunging for a gun in the car after a criminal investigation, district attorney seth williams cleared the office are of wrongdoing. but since then the official account has changed. philadelphia police now say tait-brown wasn't reaching for a gun when he was shot in the back of the head and killed but he was resisting and was still moving around the side of the car which did contain a gun. monday the family's attorney made a second demand. >> we respectfully call upon commissioner ramsey to take these officers off the street right now immediately. >> reporter: that one was answered as well. >> i don't see anything at this point in time that would lead me to take the officers off the street this he were taken off during the course of the investigation. that part of the investigation has now been concluded. >> reporter: commissioner ramsey says he doesn't take calls for justice lightly but that justice in this case has already been served.
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>> if that was the crux of the reason why he was shot, which is their argument and he was not going for the weapon, is there a point that they have that maybe we should reexamine this thing. >> that is all part of the judgment. these things go down in a matter of seconds not months later. >> reporter: family of tait-brown currently has a lawsuit against the city of philadelphia, loving this. they plan to file an appeal with the federal department of justice, to have the case reopened. for now we are live from philadelphia police headquarters, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thank you. a police pursuit begins in reading and end in royersford with a car crash and two officers injured. police say that the suspect carjacked a victim at gunpoint pursuit led to 422 where police had to put down stop sticks to end that chase. thirty-five user old daniel vasquez was arrested on a number of charges including five counts of aggravated assault. a tractor trailer driver
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was killed early this morning when the truck hit a pole and then landed on its side in salem county. the crash closed route 540 between cool run and quinton township for hours as police investigated. that road is back opened tonight but it is unclear what caused the crash. take a look at this surveillance video police need your help identifying a man who robbed l el e's beauty salon on kensington avenue last wednesday. that suspect held a knife to the employee's head demanding money. he then got away with an unknown amount of cash from the register but no one was hurt in the incident. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will need a new nominee for state police commissioner. wolf's office say colonel marcus brown has withdrawn his name from consideration. state senate rejected his nomination and that is the first time that has happened in 20 years. critics say brown did not have the support of rank and file police and showed questionable decision making. we have a first look at
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delaware's first state compassion center. it is a medical marijuana dispensary in wilmington and this will provide certified licensed patient was cannabis. delaware's medical marijuana act became effective july 1st of 2012, and thinks first to open as part of the program. >> it is real patients. it is not an end and on trying to get high legally. the patients that are in the program and will be coming in the program are entering the program with their doctor's recommendation. >> center's grand opening takes place friday june 26th. north carolina beach town is terrorized by two shark attacks happening less than two hours apart what beach season is now in full swing down the shore should we be worried about shark attacks. still ahead tonight at 6:00 why experts say it is safe to go in the water. sorry, your town is closed why mayor of one new jersey community stopped visitors from coming up, kathy. we have seen pop up storms
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on storm scan three but more coming up tomorrow, it license even more steamy and stormy and then we have to talk about the tropics. we could have our second named storm of the season quite soon. hi there leslie. well, eagles signed an offensive lineman and former fan favorite kimmo timonen within game away from winning the stanley cup. phillies looking to end their six game losing streak. when was last time phillies starting pitcher actually won the game? you'll be surprised with the answer coming up
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back on "eyewitness news" steamy weather sparking storms across the region. you can see there storm scan three showing quite a bit of activity right now. meteorologist kathy or is tracking what we can expect for this evening and what is in store for tomorrow. you'll get her full forecast in a few minutes. pair of shark attacks leaves two teens in the hospital. these attacks happened just 90 minutes apart on the same stretch of beach on oak island. a 13 year-old girl, lost part of her left arm a 16 year-old boy lost his entire left arm. and investigators say it is unclear if the same shark is responsible for both attacks. we do know both are expected
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to survive. shark sightings in our area rare but they do happen. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan spoke with shark experts about what to expect this summer. >> i'm highly concern. >> reporter: some new jersey shore beach goers are concerned about going in the water after learning of multiple shark attacks in north carolina. >> waters who are are quite dark dirty and you cannot see what is out there. >> it freaks you out and makes you nervous to go in the water but that is why i like to stay where people are. >> reporter: in ventnor a shark sighting or two is normal but captain bill howard says it does not mean any harm. just been beach patrol instructs guard to keep an eye out and they have protocols. >> if is there any sighting at a certain beach that beach automatically just blows their whistles and tells people to come in. you don't go crazy. just tell this to come out of the water and we notify the other beaches just to keep an eye out. >> reporter: according to lead are researchers with the university of florida there are 30 to 50 sharks attacks in
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the u.s. each year and on average fewer than one turns out to be fatal. lets put that in perspective they say you are 75 more times likely to be struck by lightening then killed by a shark. >> more people hurt sharks than sharks hurt people. >> reporter: ted heinz oversees atlantic city aquarium say make owe thrashers and blue sharks are common off jersey shore but they are in the looking. >> they grab a human thinks it is a fish and realize it is no the what they want to eat and then they let get. >> reporter: sharks are common as ocean warms up. best beat to avoid a bite is staying out of the water around and after sunset when thermos active. in ventnor, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". one new jersey town has you get out its sorry we're closed sign after an event proved to be too popular this happened at the jersey beach town of bellmawr monmouth county. more than 200,000 people were there for the new jersey boat festival. when crowd got too big the mayor stepped in and said perfect storm of good things, led to an influence of
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visitors. >> we were at maximum capacity of cars we could have in town. so for public safety and folks who were here and all the people that wanted to come here we decided to close down avenues coming in for all vehicle traffic. >> new jersey sea food is good i get it. they were in effect for four hours the closures. bellmawr is home to 6,000 full-time residents but that number of course, jumps a lot in the summer. maybe even up to ten times they say. that is what happens in these shore towns. they get big inner population in the summertime. >> by far, if you go through during winter you dough see many and then in summer great boardwalk there just to the north of spring lake, one of our favorite shore towns toward the north. it will be a busy summer season every where. heat and humidity. take a look outside where here in the city at our go pro cam at cbs-3 studios. picture perfect view of the sky line. we will go down the shore where we are not catching a break from heat and humidity. we have a land breeze.
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strong win strong enough to hold off that ocean influence. ocean water temperatures only in the 60's. storm scan three we have heat and humidity firing up, some showers and thunderstorms highly localized though. we have a front right here warm front bringing in storminess to the poconos in a line to the north of the lehigh valley and extending down through the eastern part of the bucks county and crossing over warren county and dipping in the northern part of the mercer county. hopewell seeing some rain long 206, seeing some rain as well, and raritan seeing heavy rain, tinicum seeing rain as well. so that will continue into the night time hours. i would say next two hours. once we get sun to set we will lose daytime heating. eighty-seven in philadelphia. eighty-two allentown. poconos rain cooled 77, but still respectable with temperatures well in the 80's early today. look at this land breeze creating warmer temperatures. barnegat light. forty-eight cape may, sea isle, ocean city. will 88 degrees in rehoboth
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beach, delaware. ocean water temperature up to 69. huge improvement from just a couple weeks ago. future weather shows a few more spotty showers popping up possibly a few more late tonight especially through south jersey. we will dry it out tomorrow. more widespread storms during the afternoon in the evening with a cold front that cold front will be moving through killing that humidity but still warm on the back side. temperatures warming to 90 tomorrow. high pressure to the north on wednesday in the 80's, less humid and another area of low pressure moves our way and this called fed by tropical moisture. we are keeping an eye on tropical storm bob. cluster of thunderstorms, very good chance of forming in the gulf and that moisture will be riding around this blocking high moving in the midwest and feeding our storms for thursday. we will keep a careful eye on this because it could create so much moisture that we will see plane old heavy rain creating some localized flooding. during overnight just warm and muggy after evening scattered
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showers and storms, low of 73. tomorrow better chance of widespread afternoon showers and thunderstorms the the high of 90. with that humidity it will feel really oppressive. by noon temperature 87. but feels like reading or heat index well in the 90's. 4:00 p.m., 88. by 8:00 p.m. it will be hot. 38 degrees. on the exclusive seven day forecast and shore cast, wednesday 85. thursday, showers and storms, a day to watch not a good day to stain the deck or mow the lawn because it will be a wet day. and then wednesday or i should say friday looking better saturday 85. fathers day 91. and monday 90 degrees. maybe you can cool off with dad, in the pool or down the shore. remember you can stay one step ahead of the forecast with the cbs-3 weather app. track live radar get severe weather alerts and more, free and available on i tunes and google play. >> when you've got these pop up showers so nice to look at the radar and fit is
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developing to know to come on inside. >> yes, or only 2 miles wide. that is why it is very helpful. >> kathy, thanks very much. leslie is back
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we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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leslie is here now. phillies fans are seeing what they have in store for them tonight. >> trying to right the shape. >> upright yeah. >> phillies start a home game, home and home series tonight in baltimore. aaron harang will hopefully end the bleeding. they lost six straight, yesterday cole hamels pitched another gem, seven shut out innings and struck out season high of 12. he got no decision. they lost in the 11th inning on josh harris walk off single. one to nothing. last time phillies starter actually won the game may 23rd hamels against the nationals. well eagles sign jared wheeler to a one year
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contract. the university of miami grad can play both center and guard. he was cut at end of the training camp by buffalo. one of the new players chip kelly has brought in is running back ryan matthews who spent five seasons with the chargers. he ran for more than 4,000-yard and he is adjusting to chip kelly's offense. >> i knew it was fast paced offense. i really did. you know when you come here it opens your eyes in how fast it is and how fast everything is moving and how quick ball is moving around. it is, taking a little bit of of time to get used to but it is pun. >> chicago black hawks are back on home ice tonight with the chance to hoist stanley cup with the game six win over lightening. for former flyer and fan favorite kimmo timonen it is a chance to go out on top. >> obviously when i made this come back early in the year, this was the dream and i cannot lie to you i'm in the dreaming about it but you
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still have to focus on, the game. >> a local high school all-star getting a chance to show off their skills in front of the major league scouts and college coaches during 30th annual phillies carpenter cup classic. today was skills day work out followed by a 15 game tournament. we will be right back.
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thanks for watching, we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly. and then again here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight after being accused of lying about her race and an naacp leader resigns. plus former florida governor jeb bush officially enters the presidential race. here from new york is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: breaking news turns out that new york jail break may have been a murder plot stitched together by the prison seam seamstress. also tonight, the naacp official who claimed to be black resigns after her parents say she's white, and there are still more questions about her past. clarissa ward enters what may be the biggest terror threat to the united states. and "jurassic world" made tons of money but it also made some mezzoic errors. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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