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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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hunderstorm that dumped an inch have rain in minutes. lets look at storm scan three. we have showers and heavy downpours popping up. that one in atlantic city and also moving through ocean city, that has moved off shore but this is in burlington county near route 38, also mount holly bypass, woodlane road really around the area of the national weather service in mount holly that is where we are seeing heavy rain and we will continue to see these pop up downpours and thunderstorms, through the evening. here's a storm report and estelle manor we have trees down, wires down in upper township atlantic city a a 39-mile an hour gust and ocean city a 44-mile an hour gust. those are strong tropical storm force gusts. for the rest of the afternoon and in the evening scatter storms with downpours creating poor drainage flooding and even possibility of some damaging wind. right now this is what it feels like around the region. in philadelphia 95. ninety-nine in millville and in wildwood, those numbers were in the hundreds, earlier today. through this evening temperatures will cool through the 80's, feeling like 91 at
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7:00 p.m. eighty-seven by 9:00 p.m. by 11:00 it will feel like 84. feels like reading closer to the temperatures because humidity will be falling. next up, we will tropical storm bill, moisture moving inland along the texas panhandle there. you can see houston, in the path of the storm and dallas. will this moisture play in the weekend weather. we will talk about that coming up with the seven day forecast when i join you inside. >> kathy thanks very much. surprises, air conditioning in the middle of all this hot weather, forced atlantic city to close its public safety building to take. that building on the 2700 block of atlantic avenue houses police station and muse pal court. chopper three over that scene earlier today. police remain on call tonight respond to go emergencies while repairs are made. track weather in your neighborhood by down loading. cbs philly weather app get latest forecast from our team of meteorologists and check live radar down load app now
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it is freon itunes and google play. we're now more than three months away from pope francis visit to philadelphia for world meeting of families. you will be in town for that big event organizers are telling to you plan to walk a a lot i witness news reporter todd quinones is live at city hall with more on the mass transit slam todd, this is a big one. >> reporter: jessica, imagine if all of these things are happening at once, we had phillies parade down broad street republican national convention as well as the welcome america, fourth of july concert and then you begin to get a sense of the size of the crowd that is heading our way. >> this is a very different event, so what you would normally do to go, you know, to an eagles game or something, forget that. >> reporter: consider yourself warn, papal visit on september 26th and 27th, will bring an estimated one to 2 million people to center city. it will be unlike anything
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philadelphia has ever seen before with crowds expected to be much bigger then when pep john paul the second came here in 1979. >> it will also be unlike anything commuters who used mass transit have dealt with before. >> probably will get into new jersey or just get out of the city all together. >> reporter: that weekend septa says only these 31 stations marked by blue dots out of the 282 regional rail, el broad street and high speed lines will be opened. >> trains will operate express type pick up services only, from the select outlying stations to center city for the papal visit. >> reporter: as parking a at select regional rail station that is will be opened will be brutal. >> we're working with the local municipalities to provide additional parking but realistically, we expect people to be dropped off at those locations. >> reporter: the plans to run business as usual for world meeting of families, that
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leaves a visit for pope francis. there are also going to be some changes to amtrak services as well, bottom line here message is if you plan on coming to philadelphia during the papal visit or live or work in the center city area start preparing immediately. reporting live tonight from city hall, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it will be quite an event todd, thanks very much. details are still ironed out but you can take a look at some of those plans todd was just talking about we have posted links on our web site at cbs, click on papal visit. the mayor will be among delegation heading to the vatican next week to finalize plans surrounding this visit. i will be with them. look for my reports from the vatican beginning next monday right here on "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are looking for a suspect who stole ten taxi cabs in a little over a week's and they think they may be used to commit other crimes. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live with the very latest from southwest
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detectives syma? >> reporter: chris, police are calling the theft bizarre and the thief, craft i they say that they have never seen a string of taxi cab thefts like this one. it is like a real life version of the grand theft auto a car thief is stealing cabs, and using them, during shootings and robberies. southwest detectives are looking for this man who they say is responsible for the string of car thefts in west and southwest philadelphia. this is surveillance video of just one of the incidents, he is suspected of stealing ten cabs in the span of nine days starting last sunday. they are similar styles but from different cab companies. >> it looks like they are targeting models 2007 through 2009 ford crown victoria cabs that are from a police auction. >> reporter: just last week police responded to a shooting at palm and ogden street in west philadelphia police say suspect was a passenger and taxi cab and early monday morning a stolen taxi was used in the robbery on the 4,000
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block of west minister avenue. >> walking down the street, three males get out of the cab in one that was stolen. they robbed a male. they slain the cab. the cab was found by a thousand wyalusing. >> reporter: man just walk up to the park cab gets in and drives off. thief disable the gps tracking device were taking off. police have a theory about how cars are getting stolen. >> we think emissions are warn out so keys are working particular cars. >> reporter: so far five of the ten stolen cars have been recovered and right now police do not have a good description of the suspect. they don't know if he is act ago loan or with other suspects. if you have any information you are asked to contact the police. we're live outside southwest detectives syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a fiery crash claims the life of the driver in chester county this happened just after midnight on route 322 at penn drive-in west goshen township. eyewitnesses say this car burst into flames after
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slamming in the bridge. no word on the the victim's identity and cause of the crash remains under investigation. also in chester county a fire that damaged three story building in downtown west chester remains under investigation this afternoon. it took more than 140 fire fighters to battle 39 alarm fire at ten north church street last night. the building housed dnb bank on the first floor and apartments on the upper level. >> a lot of money in the building and land mark for the area and we are disappoint todd see this happen. >> no one was hurt in the fire. three suspects in the broomall home invasion are in police custody tonight jermaine wallace and his brother, sterling, appeared in court this morning. the third suspect is a juvenile a fourth is still on the run tonight. police say that the four broke in the home on old cedar grove road pistol whipped the teenager and then raided the family safe.
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officers believed the homeowners were targeted because they own a business in upper darby. threat prompts evacuation of the two military facilities here in philadelphia naval offices at philadelphia navy yard had to be evacuated and most staffers were sent home early. workers in stores and officers however were told not to leave. employees of the naval support activities facility in lawncrest were also sent home today. but after about 90 minutes federal officials gave a stand down order and they explained that the threat was in the credible. man who used to be osama bin laden's personal aid has been killed in the u.s. air strike. al qaeda confirmed that he was killed in yemen last week. he led eye california a in the arab yan peninsula aster or group's number two commanders. u.s. officials say he orchestrated charlie hebdo magazine attack in paris earlier this year. campaign 2016 now and donald trump says he wanting
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to from the board room, to the oval office. today, at trump tower in new york real estate mogul and reality tv host announce his candidacy for president of the united states. trump is joining the republican race, and says his goal, it is to make america great again. he also released a a summary of his network it totals nearly $9 billion. >> i don't need anybody's money, it is nice, i don't need anybody's money. i'm using my own money. i'm in the using lobbyist or donors. i don't care. i'm really rich. by the way i'm not even saying that in a bragging way that is the kind of mind set that is kind of thinking you need for this country. >> donald trump has flirted in the past but this time it is the first, he has thrown his hat in the ring so there he is donald trump joining crowded field of republicans 12 main contenders now in the hunt for nomination and
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parties first prime time debate is august 6th, with only ten spots available not everyone will be able to participate and governor chris christie is still out there many others who could join this race, it will be an enormous field and very interesting campaign. >> very interesting indeed. coming own "eyewitness news" tropical storm bill makes land fall and gulf coast getting battered by heavy downpours damaging wind. we will tell how flood ravage texas is preparing for the worst. it is considered to be the worst kind of fat that you can eat and it is all over are grocery list. health reporter stephanie stahl will tell us about a new plan to ban trans fats from the united states food supply. rachel dolezal is speaking out for first time since stepping down as president of the naacp spokane chapter dolezal says she identifies as black and that she has not been tea september i have, we will have that story next.
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well, civil rights activist at center of the debate operation identity is explaining herself. >> for nearly a decade rachel dolezal represented herself as a black woman despite her white heritage. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette has more. >> reporter: rachel dolezal said on nbc's today show that she identifies as black and that she has not been deceptive. >> this goes back to a very early age with myself identification with the black experience. as a very young child. >> reporter: dolezal resigned yesterday as president of the
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naacp chapter in spokane washington. >> are you here to take a stan. >> yes. >> reporter: members of the local civil rights community held a rally monday night following the development. demanding an apology for what they view as deopenings. >> she was one of our own marching with us, and yesterday we don't know who she is. >> reporter: city of spokane is investigating whether dolezal lied about her ethnicity when she landed an appointment on the police oversight board. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up a at 5:30 people are drawing comparison between caitlin jenner and rachel dolezal asking if you can be transgender can you be trans racial. we will look closer at that debate trending on social media. well, on the cbs-3 healthwatch, trans fatties now on the government's hit list. today the food and drug administration announced that the heart blocking fats will be eliminated from the food supply. health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain how
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it will affect how you are eating. >> consumption of trans fat has significantly decreased down from 80 percent. it has been decreased or removed from many items but still out there and even small amounts can pose big heart problems, so for the next three years, they will be phased out. many junk food items like chips contain trans fat and owe does margarine and ready to use frosting. trans fat created when hydrogen added to vegetable oil is used to improve shelf life in favor but increase risk of coronary disease and heart attacks. >> we have been talking about food that are processed things like box cookies crackers, pies, things like frenchfries. >> reporter: f.d.a. is giving food manufacturers three years to remove partially hydrogenated oils major source of trans fats from their products. in the past few years levels of trans fats have been lowered but f.d.a. says even those small amounts can add up. >> if they were eating, more
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than one serving of that, they could really consume a high level of trans fats from that food and not even be a aware of it. >> reporter: grocery manufacturers association the main trade group for the industry is working on a petition to asked f.d.a. for certain exceptions that is only way some level of trans fat would be allowed to be left inside foods. a lot of people don't realize trans fatties also in pop corn and coffee creamer. it is in a lot of stuff out there i've got complete list and more information and i'll put it on facebook and my twitter foods. >> always reading labels. >> yes i have consumed a lot of those few things, popcorn and coffee creamer unbelievable. >> settle still ahead on "eyewitness news" eco friendly weddings are on the rise, three on your side shows you how going green can save you money on your big day leslie. former flyer kimmo timonen's career may be over but he leaves the game as a champion we will hear from him coming up later in sports.
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if were you outside today yeah. >> it is hot and hazy. >> on the sky deck a brush of wind came and that can be a prefrontal breeze, we like that. >> yes. >> going through tonight tomorrow a total different story. more comfortable conditions, lower humidity, deep blue
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skies, that is what is coming our way. you can see observation from his our eyewitness weather watchers a at bottom of the screen. lets look outside our weather window and show you what is going on here. you can see here in center city we have some sun some clouds, a few showers and storms popping up on storm scan three but right now center city is dry. things go down the shore we have heavy rain, lot of lightening, cape may county, ocean county, a little bit earlier this afternoon. it is long gone and the board are busy. on storm scan three, showers and storm are down the shore are moving well off shore, we have a spotty shower, downpour in burlington county but main line is up to the north and west. this is our frontal boundary moving showers and storms through the poconos some downpours in the lehigh valley right now and reading berks county moving toward the south and into places like montgomery county and also northern part of the chester county. we will see a few of these moving through during the course of the evening but after that ban passes, we will
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be in the clear. this is the line, the track of the rape, that fell, through south jersey, earlier this afternoon and you you can see how much rain fell in a very short period of time, patches of green in pittsgrove, estelle manor through ocean city, atlantic city, over an inch of rain in a matter of minutes and a lot of lightening. a hundred lightening strikes in 15 minutes with that particular storm. that is off shore. as it was moving from williamstown this is a picture that peter caught. there is storm cloud moving and deep blue sky moving in. thank you to our eyewitness weather watcher peter. right now temperature of 91 in philadelphia. we will continue to rise. ninety-one wilmington. millville 91. dover 91. wildwood 91 degrees. seventy-one in the poconos with some showers and downpours. down the shore we have a rain cooled 80 in ocean city, pretty decent, we have been bouncing back, sea isle 88, cape may 86. rehoboth beach delaware with a land breeze, 92 degrees.
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we will be seeing quite an improvement tomorrow, and temperature and humidity, oppressive out there right new but by the time front moves through, pleasant tomorrow, so it is going to be much more comfortable. in the wake of the front temperatures will be in the 80's with the low humidity we will be feeling good, cloud and showers with our next storm, on thursday, friday high pressure build back in with better weather on tap. so during the day tomorrow, temperatures will be warming up into the 80's shark will be quite pleasant. by the afternoon mid 80's will be our temperatures. on the exclusive three day forecast we are looking ahead to a pleasant day 84 on wednesday. eighty thursday with showers. friday 86. so what about that tropical storm bill and will it impact our weekend weather. we will talk about that neck half an hour with
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everybody wants to leave their sport as a champion and some people get to do it, michael strahan jerome betus john elway they went out on top. >> now you can add former flyer kimmo timonen to the list. leslie van arsdal joins us now you with more on this. >> really could not happen to a better guy story bookending for a former flyer and fan favorite kimmo timonen hoisting the hardware last night as a member of the
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chicago black hawks the first stanley cup of his 17 year career. forty year-old defenseman is retiring going out on top. black hawks beat lightening two to nothing to win the series. last summer he was diagnosis with blood clots in his lung and leg and thought his career was over. flyers gm ron hextall traded him at the deadline to the black hawks to get kimmo one last chance at the cup. he is so respected around the league that his teammates wanted him to hold the cup first and kimmo heads into retirement as a stanley cup chapel beyond. >> it has been a long journal, so many emotions go through my head but i am really happy that i get to leave the stanley cup champion. i can't ask for more than that. >> when you held up the cup what went through your mine. >> i blackout, i have been waiting for that moment for 17 years. it has been a long journey but
5:27 pm
i'm happy i'm ready. >> timonen spent eight years with the flyers before he was trade todd chicago for that one final shot at the cup. he said he and his family loved the a area he will be contacting the flyers about a coaching job with the team and you may remember, the time someone left philadelphia and won a championship with another team and we were so excited for that player. it says a lot. >> no one likes the black hawks around here but i don't think anybody could been happier for kimmo. >> so emotional. >> well, tropical storm bill makes land fall still to come we will bring you latest from houston. >> there is new developments after a balcony collapse kill six students attending a birthday party. >> also a swann badly burned by chemicals goes home, we're there to see return to the wild and we will talk to the people who nurse that had bird back to health. and then at 6:00 o'clock using science to fight crime brand new technology is coming to camden county home and business owners who fall
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victim to thieves will soon be able to use plant based dna to track down the valuables and we will show you how it works. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment.
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i'm jessica dean, police searched for a suspect who reportedly stole ten cabs, in philadelphia, and allegedly into crimes this week and
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getting a shooting and robbery in west philadelphia message from philadelphia organizers with the world meeting of families, expect to do a lot of walking and they announced preliminary transportation plans today ahead of the papal visit in september. air conditioning problems in the hot weather forced atlantic city toy close public safety building to day, police are still on call and responding to emergencies as, they prepare kathy. tropical storm bill made land fall, in the island early this afternoon just to the south of galveston and you can see all this rain moving inland tropical storm will weaken and continue to move toward the north and finally toward the east. max wind 50 miles an hour moving north/northwest and will turn toward east and become an area of low pressure with heavy rain, moving inland. remnant of this expanding all the way up into the midwest general rain amounts between 4 inches and 8 inches of rain and that is where we expect flash flood watches all the
5:32 pm
way into illinois. we will look at how this could impact our weather over the weekend, coming up, chris. let's talk more about tropical storm bill as it roar is a shore on the gulf coast of texas. storm could bring more than a half foot of rain to area still recovering from last month's devastating flood. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has more from houston. >> reporter: tropical storm bill made land fall just before noon time, in the texas about 90 miles southwest of houston. win gusts up to 60 miles an hour buffeted the coast and whipped up the serve while band of heavy rain made their way further inland. >> this is not a hurricane. we are not in danger of storm surge or high wind damage. >> reporter: residents in low lying coastal area were asked to evacuate. >> on than that right side of the set of circulation flooding rains will continue to fall. there is as much as a possibility of seven to 8 inches near houston and some areas of east texas up to a
5:33 pm
foot of rain. >> heavy rain is exactly what the houston area doesn't need, after the wetest may on record, it won't take much to send rivers and streams back over their banks. dozens of people died in homes and businesses destroyed after a series of storms caused major flooding here over the memorial day weekend. signs and detours are already in place in case this rainy tropical storm causes more flooding before it all blows over. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". after a soaking of eastern texas that storm is expect to bring heavy rain north ward toward illinois. balcony pack with college students gave way in california killing six irish students and injuring seven others. it all happened early this morning, at an apartment building near campus of uc berkley. they were attending a birthday party when that balcony collapsed plunging them four stories to the ground. an eyewitness described that chaotic scene. >> the ruble on the ground,
5:34 pm
and it was a terrible scene. >> i just heard them screaming. >> reporter: right now authorities in california are trying to figure out just how that accident happened. well, town of oak island, north carolina is advising against ocean swimming after two children were mauled in separate shark attacks. twelve year-old good are lost part of her left arm and suffered a leg injury. shortly after she was attack about 2 miles away, a 16 year-old boy lost his left arm to a shark attack. both children are listed in good condition tonight. paramedics credited the help of bystanders in saving the life of that little girl. it is day 11 in the search for pair of escaped killers in upstate new york. authorities received more than 900 leads but so far no sightings of david sweat and richard matt. the prison worker a accused of helping two escape joyce mitchell is behind bars tonight. source tells cbs news that mitchell and matt had a sexual
5:35 pm
relationship while he was lock up. more on the racial identity controversy involving a civil rights leader named rachel dolezal. people are drawing comparisons between caitlin jenner and dolezal and asking the question if you can be transgender, can you be trans racial? "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson looks at a debate trending on social media. >> i don't see how you could identify as black if you have the option of being white. >> reporter: it may be the most talk about subject in the nation. >> she still should have been, i am a white girl. >> reporter: rachel dolezal the twitter trending former naacp lied about her race as a black woman for years or did she in an interview tuesday morning dolezal admitted coming from a caucasian lineage but she identifies culturally as black. >> you can identify yourself however you want. >> reporter: this student says people have trouble putting her in a racial category. >> you can like feel like
5:36 pm
identify and have people close to you that are people of color but can't like appropriate their struggle for their own. >> reporter: one of the things dolezal said in that interview that she has been culturally confused for a very long time that since the age of five years old she racially identified as black. we wanted to ask a psychologist if that was common or even possible. >> i think that is the challenge is it feels unprecedented. >> reporter: council for relationship psychologist sarah source says racial confusion isn't cut and dry. it is difficult for one to one comparison to kate len general tore rachel dolezal. >> it is not like gender identification or orientation. in terms of being dichotomy iced in that way being white or block that is a cultural overlay. >> reporter: she says a person determining their own race is influenced by a number of factors like heritage and social background. she said that is different then strict borders of say gender n her opinion a five-year old rachel dolezal likely didn't feel the same sense of desperation as a
5:37 pm
five-year old bruce jenner. >> it is not the same. >> reporter: so the debate continues. in west philadelphia, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and update now on the swann found badly burned by chemicals in a new jersey state park. we have some good news to tell you about the swann has recovered and released back in the wild. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao was there for a very happy home coming. >> reporter: par vin state park home swede home to many species of wild life but today the sight of perhaps no sweeter home coming then this a once badly burn swann, ready for release the end of a long road to recovery. >> i always keep my reservations until the day that you take him and put him back out. >> reporter: wild life rehabilitation expert vicky schmidt has spent five week nursing this female swann back to health. it was early may when the a animal was spotted near death at the park suffering from what experts believe were chemical burns all over her head, what he looked like then in sharp contrast to her
5:38 pm
appearance and her spirit today. >> she does have one small scar but feathers are coming back on the top of her head. >> reporter: unless someone comes forward we may never necessity what happens to this swann but experts are convinced her injuries were no accident. >> it wasn't a natural injury. you hate to think that somebody did it, but things happen. >> reporter: still she's new fully recovered and without hesitation tuesday she stepped out of her cage and went into her water and then, with east took off likely on her way to meet her mate and find her nest just in time for her babe toys hatch. >> it is a happy culmination of efforts buy a lot of people. >> reporter: celebrated with a victory lap and splash down in her usual sport n parvin state park jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> hopefully she enjoys it. >> back where she belongs. >> no more mommy guilt new research about the pay off of children of working moms. eco friendly weddings they can also save money, three on
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your side shows you a sim will way to go green on your big day. and gets on the go hundreds take off in a stampede don't worry thinks for a good cause kathy. in weather we're talking about heat and humidity giving way to more confidentable conditions and keeping an eye on tropical storm bill, and how it could impact our wet they are weekend it is all next on "eyewitness news" 59:00 continues.
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more than a million cars made by honda face a second recall because of air bag issues. auto maker says the cars already recalled to fix driver side air bags also need their passenger side bags replaced. models targeted in this expanded recall, include the civic from 2001 through 2005 and 2003, to 2007 accord. embattled air bag maker takata says 35 million car need to be repaired due to faulty air bags which can explode sending shrapnel throughout the vehicle. here's a good reason to wave good bye to mommy guilt. new study says leaving your child to go to work is better for them. researchers a at harvard
5:43 pm
business school found daughters of working mothers grow up to be more successful in the work place than their peers. they earn more and more likely to be bosses. sons of the working moms are more likely to grow up contribute to go child care and household chores. it is now time to look the at philadelphia job market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more. >> reporter: this marks sixth anniversary of the even of the recession, according to the national boro of economic research u.s. economy bottomed out in june 2009 and 18 month recession that began in december 2007 was longest of any since world war two. it was most severe contraction since the great depression. wiping out 8.9 million jobs. so where do we stand, six years later? total up by 11.7 million from the recession low private employment is up 12.3 million. and three and a half million above the previous peak. in the months after the
5:44 pm
recession, unemployment rate peaked at 10 percent nationally, and in pennsylvania, it stand at 5.3 percent through april. although the recession was tough on all workers those with the college degree faired better with an unemployment rate at half of the national average and college grads earn more during their work lives when compared to less educated employees, further proof that investing in education can pay big dividend over long term, i'm jill schlesinger for
5:45 pm
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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summer continues in philadelphia today mayor michael nutter was story teller as free library celebrated 150th anniversary of the avengers of alice in wonder land. library encourages spirit of creativity and exploration and they created eight weeks of fun engaging activities for children and their families. ukee washington hit the links for today's 23rd annual dick vermeil invitational golf tournament joined by mayock and all-star group of sports personality at phoenixville beautiful river crest golf club. this tournament is raising more than two million-dollar in support of the scouting in chester county. the money helps the county provide quality programs, and
5:48 pm
cam facilities. >> it looks nice out there probably warm out there. >> good day to be on the links. >> yes. >> humid. >> sticky. >> air is quite thick. >> it still is but that will change. tomorrow morning on the golf course tennis court or anywhere you go it will be much better. outside looking good right now, wind of change are moving into the delaware valley, our sky looking bluer this cold front will be sneaking through, we will see some scattered showers and then are storms popping up here and there but nothing really widespread and then, just dryer conditions, moving in the delaware valley. in most of the region it is still sticky and still steamy and quite warm with high temperatures that have been in the 90's. our eyewitness weather watchers has been send nothing reports throughout the afternoon tracking the isolated storms moving through, one down the shore and a few until the lehigh valley. right now temperatures in southeastern, pennsylvania range from the 80's in the 90's. it is 86 in willow grove.
5:49 pm
they are reporting mostly cloudy skies. 91 degrees right now in south jersey. david said in clementon wind at 7 miles an hour, heat index feels like it is 97 degrees. let's go to delaware, wilmington temperature of 90 degrees. greg is saying in marshallton you can see heat, humidity, pressure study. just made the a air feeling more steamy, it thinks july. no, not yet but does feel like it. in this picture as storms left, you can see the skies getting a little bit more blue. we will be seeing some changes moving in with dry conditions, but today definitely an impressive day. look at storm scan three we have some showers and some thunderstorms that are trying to move through the lehigh valley, associated with this front. more downpours then anything else. i'm not seeing a lot of lightening but heading in the northern part of the bucks county, some spotty showers and also some downpours right between montgomery and chester
5:50 pm
county, all this moving toward the south east. here's the impressive highs. atlantic city airport 92. philadelphia 91. wilmington and trenton at 90. allentown 88 degrees. hot one for sure. ninety-one in the city. ninety-one in millville dover, wildwood. seventy-one in the poconos where we have had some rain. in allentown cooler at 83. a as we move in the suburbs mount holly had a shower, 87 degrees. willow grove 91. quakertown at 82 degrees. it will feel much different thomas i have been saying really pleasant with low humidity thursday we will creep up to more humid conditions, stays humid friday and even higher on saturday and as more instability builds in the atmosphere and remnants of bill get a little bit closer. so here's the setup for this evening, watching the front moving through skies clear high pressure in canada begins to build in. it gives us a pretty day on wednesday. then we will watch this area of low pressure moving from the west an as it does with
5:51 pm
the warm front that those showers, downpours early thursday but then we will dry it out some what on thursday after noon and more rain activity possibly early friday. friday looks like a nice day but then we're watching remnants of tropical storm bill moving their way through midwest and saturday or sunday we can see tropical moisture move in our region. so overnight we will see clearing skies low 69, high tomorrow 84 degrees. as we look ahead it is looking good. seven day forecast, shore cast 80 thursday with some showers especially in the morning. friday partly sunny saturday, sun, some storms possible, keeping an eye on the remnant of bill, little steamy and stormy for dad on fathers day monday and tuesday staying hot, and that is a look at the seven day forecast. trending now, we know bears love honey but we have found out one bear apparently likes some hot sauce as well. while the cubs played, the bear opens up a mini fridge and walks away with the bottle
5:52 pm
of red hot sauce in its mouth. >> this isn't the first time this bear has raided the fridge. the night before the same bear swiped a bottle of ketchup in the conn. s. who lets the goats out thieves are actually part of the berkley landscaping crew, every year lab brings in the gets to eat grass and brush around the california. it makes area look better and reduces any fire has air. this is viral hit though, it has been viewed more than one and a half million times since it was posted. pop star ed sheeran surprises a fan with a impromptu do due it at the mall. >> ♪ >> how about that. he and a 13 year-old girl, sang his hit he was in the store nearby when he heard the familiar tune and he said i will just go out and sing with her. >> wow. >> they recorded the moment and posted to it twitter and the cousin said that ed ruined
5:53 pm
the girl's performance. >> oh, know. >> if you that are 13 year-old and ed sheeran just walks out of the gap and sings with you. >> which is what he did because there he is, ed sheeran knocking around the mall, that is unbelievable. >> guys, really, it is me. >> song sounded great. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" white wedding gone green. >> three on your side with how to save money by making your big day eco friendly, that is up
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
june is the peak time for weddings we know invitations flowers, food, drive up the cost of a wedding but they also can increase the cost that a celebration takes on the environment and for a lot
5:57 pm
of couples that is a growing concern. >> jim donovan looks at ways to make big day more green without being too extreme. >> there are more than 2 million weddings in the united states every year and that is imitation, menus, dresses, flowers, cakes and more. while many couples will spare no indulgence last decade or so has brought a new focus on going green. katie martin is a wedding planner and editor in chief of eco weddings magazine. she said keeping things close is the first step. >> it is all about going local, the more local you have, your vendor. the better you are at being sustainable of having your wedding being less ways full. >> reporter: local florals and flavor, pick something seasonal and something that comes from local farms. >> you will get a better product. >> reporter: items in season often have a lower price tag. while weddings are prime for keepsakes, couples can scale back on programs and maybe
5:58 pm
just one menu per table made of recycled or seeded paper. >> basically paper that has seeds for wild flowers or woven within it, so guest can actually take that home and plant it and have a memory from your wedding of their own as wild flowers grow. >> reporter: that same idea can translate into flavors like package of seed that can be planted or something edible, either way there is no waste. if you want a more green wedding, your best bet to ask your wedding planner or vendors you are using. you won't be first person to ask for more eco friendly options. not bad plan your invitation in the backyard, maybe have a flower garden. >> that is nice. it is nice to be that thoughtful about things like that. >> if i ever allowed my daughter to get married which i won't, i will take advantage of that. >> yes. >> okay. >> it will be a while don't worry. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 heat and
5:59 pm
humidity trigger fast moving storms across the region, drenching rains have already soak the shore and meteorologist kathy orr is tracking it all. >> culprit is a cold front that will move through this evening, so we still expect additional showers and downpours, after that, a quick break, before we keep an eye on tropical storm bill and what it could mean for our weekend. also we know dna has made major advancement in the fight against crime, well, now there is a new use that could protect from you theft, we will she you how that works. and the pope will arrive in philadelphia in just about three months, city officials outlined the mass transit plan, why they say you should expect to do a lot of walking. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. well oppressive humidity makes for another active day of weather. a steamy, stormy, stretch
6:00 pm
continues tonight and storm scan three is tracking pop up showers, and thunderstorms all across the region but once these move out changes will move in and we think you will a's like them. good evening thanks for being with us, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. lets get out to meteorologist kathy orr. it has been a busy day in the weather center. we have a lot of element working to day. >> we do we have a lot of instability in the atmosphere ahead of the cold front heat and humidity the atmosphere is prime, like a sponge, so when that front comes through it will ring itself out. any storms, or showers are going to come down pretty hard. drenching rain expect. take a look at storm scan three you can see the line that we're talking about that is forming through lehigh valley and heading in our northern/northern suburbs and there are a few spotty downpours out there, one in montgomery county as we zoom in, we can see this one with heavy rain, and that is moving toward the south east, along 276, and


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