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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> construction is much needed after a long winter took toll on the road. jan carabao is live with the details, good morning. and in olde city the overnight work is done but you can definitely see progress. street here has been milled in preparation for the repaving. this is first step in a weeks long process and close to two dozen locations around center city will be getting this very same treatment the snow may be gone but toll winter took on philadelphia road is clear and in center city potholes are becoming too costly a problem for drivers. >> i just replaced, honestly my two front tires, three times. >> i had to replace a front axle once and it has been already two years. pretty bad. >> reporter: fix is in the works. philadelphia streets department has started a
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repaving project on close to two dozen center city streets. crews will work from east to west potholes on second street near race are already shaved a away. first step in the longer process. >> we will bring in a contractor to mill the street out to take old asphalt off prepare the man hold, and then we will come in and pave the street. >> reporter: project is expect to take a little more than a month, a necessary pain to get these roads back in shape. >> it makes street safer for all mode of the transportation bicycles, vehicles buses trucks and pedestrians crossing the street. >> reporter: even though it may mean more traffic drivers say it is better than alternative. >> would i rather deal with the inconvenience to travel, at least to have the roads paved and we could avoid this flat tires nails. >> reporter: a lot of this work is happening in the evening, and overnight hours to minimize traffic headaches to take a look the at full
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list of road projects, click on cbs we are reporting live in olde city jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good little headache now for big pay off later. >> thanks, jan. philadelphia police are looking for three people who nearly killed a man in olney. detectives tell us two men and a woman stabbed that victim in the back, shot him in the leg and robbed him at sixth street and west somerville avenue. >> he said that his watch his wallet and cell phone were taken from him by three people, two males and a female. >> the man is in extremely critical condition police say that the three suspects ran from that scene. woman at center of the naacp racial identity scandal says she started identifying as black when she was five years old. rachel dolezal resign as head of the spokane naacp chapter
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after her parents outed her as white. philadelphia's civil rights activist todd bernstein hoist whiteys president of the global citizens 365. he tells "eyewitness news" that dolezal would have been a more effective lead fur she would have come clean years ago. >> i don't question her sincerity, and passion for civil rights ape social justice, and her determination. what i question is heronsty and integrity. >> naacp washington state conference says it stand behind dolezal advocacy record. 5:33. lets check with katie for our forecast. this is one nice day. >> it will be a beautiful day. we have a couple other days that is pleasant but this is the nicest, a day to just want to make an excuse to be outside, enjoy it while you can because humidity is always a factor that makes it so much better, when it is
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non-existent. let me take you outside we have the longest days of the year happening as we speak. sunnies already over the horizon here in atlantic city. beautiful colors on sky scan three and every where else. we have blue skies could cloud, but just so pleasant to start the morning. talk about a great excuse to sit on the porch with a cup of coffee, lets go to storm scan three. we have ground clutter no wet weather in this forecast at all today which we have not been able to say. 73 degrees. a comfortable 73. we were on par with these levels, in philadelphia yesterday but remember how soupy it was outside. you don't have that this time. it is more than anything from that wind flow dryer air in place, cooler in the poconos but comfortable, it is the key. mid 70's, with more sun then anything. it is not as hot. it will be warm today in the city but that is where we should be. 84 degrees is within a degree
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of the normal. it is just a nice take. active pattern for rest of the our workweek and approaching weekend especially fathers day, hint, hint we are expect to go see tropical moisture head our way from what was tropical storm bill. we will track that throughout the morning, give you sense of the timing on everything. in the meantime vittoria, it is all good, just beautiful. >> i'm afraid to shut my eyes and envision myself on the porch with a cup of coffee because i might fall asleep right now. that is a great visual. good morning everyone. just send out those positive vibes for a great commute this morning ape visualize clear roads because for the most part it is, 5:35, that is what we have. things will change when rush hour is upon us later on. lets get outside and talk about some live shots. but first lets talk about an accident we are dealing with in the eastbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike between willow grove and bensalem. all eastbound lanes are blocked, this accident from the information we are getting
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in the traffic center is involving a van carrying a few dogs. we are reporting that there could be possible injuries but more information is still coming to us when we get it we will let you know. your best alternate is to take 611 northbound to maneuver around things. taking a look at the schuylkill, it is not too bad. seventy-six around king of prussia heading east or westbound we have no delays. overall we are moving well. traffic on the 42 freeway this construction zone is wrapping up but no delays on the 42 and majors and even better no delays for mass transit or airport, erika. your time 5:36. in business news the best rate for baby-sitter. >> how terminator can help get where you are going. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> in my arnold schwartsenager impression. >> indeed. >> reporter: markets rebounded after monday losses, dow jones
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jumped 113 points, nasdaq was up about 25. chicken is cheaper in the you had right new because bird flu out break in the midwest. virus forced farmers to destroy millions of chickens so that raised egg prices but because exports have been restrict there is a domestic supply. wholesale prices in the northeast are 32 percent lower then the same time last year. it pays to be a baby-sitter in the philadelphia baby-sitter pay nationwide has jumped 28 percent to $13.50 on average. philadelphia baby-sitters make some of the highest rates in the country more than 14 bucks an hour according to plus one in four say they tip their baby-sitter on top of that. air knoll schwartsenager can help get you to your destination. he voiced directions to that app wave. it is part of the promotion of the release of the new terminator movie.
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once user arrives he says his famous line, asta le vista baby. >> i'll be back. >> i'm going to pump you up. >> yes. >> thanks, jill. >> thanks very much. senator robert menendez loses his bid to move his corruption trial out of new jersey. demies accused of accepting bribes from a florida doctor in return for political favors. menendez's lawyers argues the trial hud be in washington since most of the allege crimes happened there but judge sided with prosecutors who airing a you'd that the case should stay in new jersey. day after donald trump announced he is running for president the real estate mogul and reality tv host is heading to new hampshire. trump will hold a rally after he made his first campaign stop in iowa. latest g.o.p. candidate jumped in the race at trump tower in new york. trump says his goal, it is to make america great again. >> i don't need anybody's
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money, that is nice, i'm using my own money. i'm in the using the lobbyist or donors. i don't care. i'm really rich, i will share that with you. by the way i'm not even saying that in a bragging way. that is the kind of kind of thinking you need for this country good he needs to form an opinion sometimes. >> trump released a summary of his net worth totaling 9 billion-dollar. trum joins a crowded field of republican date, two main contenders are in the race for g.o.p. nomination. parties first prime time debate is august 6th and with only ten slots a railable not everyone will be able to take part. as you might imagine it did not take long for comedian to start joining in and joking about his candidacy. >> they have those jokes in the can. >> new late show host steven colbert decided he had to make an announcement of his own. >> donald's presidential campaign has inspired me
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steven colbert to announce that i will still be hosting the late show on cbs. thank you, thank you. somebody has to. >> thank you you are welcomed. colbert sported a trump style comb over as he mocks the business mogul's presidential bid. colbert will have jokes about the presidential race coming up when he starts hosting the late show in a few months. catch his debut september 8th right here on cbs-3. there is so much fodder for this upcoming presidential campaign. >> it is only 2015. >> we have a whole year of this stuff. still ahead, are you still searching for the perfect fathers day gift? if so time is running out. >> we will show you great gadgets for dad who love tech toys. >> trans fat crackdown unhealthy artery blocking ingredients had to be taken out of popular food. does it feel like the internet is slower for you
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you? are not imaging it, what is dragging down some web pages we will explain coming up next.
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watch, wallet and cell phone. surveillance shows a suspect in the taxi cab thefts in philadelphia ten cabs were stolen over nine days and police think they were used to commit other crimes. city of philadelphia has released transit plan by visit by pope francis. it includes increased public transportation but rerouting as well. get that whole plan at cbs it is 5:43. let send it to katie and we are tracking storms, right it starts off with a pleasant note thankfully we are catching a is in break for you out there. eyewitness weather watchers are up, nice and early enjoying comfort out there already. we will start off here across northern most communities. keith baros1 of the poconos reporters full sunshine up for him. northwest very light wind but north west wind flow, but sun up over mountains. sunrise equal sun glare. so expect to kneader shades as we travel out and about
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56 degrees the temperature from charles, he has full sunshine in bath, pa, we will move off to the south right around philadelphia finding upper, mid to low 60's but regardless of temperatures it just feel so much more comfortable to you. rob stewart sending in a mixture of sun and couple cloud here in clementon. we will see more sun then anything. he turn air off but humidity had him put it back on. his dew point is starting to drop, 63 and will continue to, and climbing as the day goes on. lots to talk about here. in the here locally we have high pressure for one more day but you can see trailing front that dropped south yesterday. new system starting to get it act together across plains and here is what is left of the tropical storm bill, now a depression but moisture with this is what really will be legacy of bill. just flooding rain. major flooding rain concerns
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across texas oklahoma and then eventually that moisture reaches us in the seven day. we will get to that in a second. your health report here in the looking too bad when we see yellow it makes you nervous. air quality moderate, not horrible and keep pollen at medium levels. heat index values will be closer to the actual thermometer since we are seeing less humidity which is good news. nice day overall looking forward in the forecast overnight into tomorrow morning, we have showers steady rain moves in. friday a general break and then that tropical moisture moves in into sunday. time for fathers day unfortunately. mean while we have kathy heading out to the shore, she will head out to stone harbor for orr at the shore. she will be live on third avenue at 5:00 and 6:00. always a good time and a great beach day. >> absolutely, good morning everyone. i'm trying to continue the
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good flow of information here because even though you might have some great weather news, maybe traffic in the so much because you are traveling on i-95. ninety-five is slow if you are traveling around girard we have a disabled vehicle on i-95 at girard avenue. it doesn't seem to be causing a problem because we are in the dealing with volume on the northbound side is where we had that disable vehicle but it is out there. southbound i-95 hitting the breaks around girard after new but that is because of the construction zone. we will update you on that. beautiful shot of the ben franklin bridge. we will step out of the way to take it n traveling on the ben franklin bridge in delays. it is really nice out there. traveling on any of our bridges, it is just as nice, yesterday we were dealing with speed restrictions due to fog. we are in the seeing that today and that is good news. we still have an accident eastbound, between willow grove and bensalem. one point all eastbound lanes were block but they said they will be a alleviating one
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lane. we will keep you updated on that. 611 and street road is your best alternate. have you noticed the internet is slower? according to data track by http archive the average time to down load an web site is up and that is because average size is double what it was three years ago. videos pictures, embedded tracking tools and increased when site security contribute to slower speed. on line traffic is up to, thanks to those mobile devices on line and cell phones. >> a lot more than in the past. still ahead are you still looking for that perfect fathers day gift. >> c-net sharon has a few suggestions for the dad loves his technology. >> if you have a phone lover dad will appreciate having a dedicated device just for reading. $200 kindle voyage is the best
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e reader yesterday with the light weight wait and high resolution screen, much easier on eyes then tablet. orange is for fitness buff. it tracks steps and sleep just like the last version but this time it add heart rate monitoring. my favorite featuring device includes a smart alarm that wakes you up when you are not in a deep sleep. media junkies will love roku three, easy to use interface wide variety of content and will only cost you $89. best of all your smart phone can act as a backup remote when real one gets eaten by the couch. for more head over to c i'm shanon proveis for, cbs-3 eyewitness news. listen up lego lovers, cambridge university is looking to fill a unique position. get this, the british school is seeking a professor to teach legos. this is a real thing. >> yes, to teach about legos.
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cambridge teamed up with the lego foundation to launch a new research center, that focuses on play and education development and learning. funtation has similar ties with mit and the school in china. >> so, mit is impressive. >> yes, for lego professor. >> very interesting. >> there has ton something to it something worthwhile. >> yes, writ there. >> before you walk out the door katie has your updated forecast, we will let you know which day is more likely to get wash out. >> some beaches are over run by tiny, smelly crabs, yuck. >> you cannot even see them in some spots. we will let you know where unusual and stinky intruders are coming from. >> in one likes that. >> no.
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phillies are taking a stan launching a new campaign to protect women and children. >> in more using violence as a solution. >> no more standing on the sidelines. >> in more stalking or harassing. >> no more cat calls or lewd comments. >> in more put downs. >> that is all part of the public service announcement urging people to say no more to domestic and sexual violence. psa will air on the scoreboard starting with tonight's game. fans can sign anti domestic violence petition before the game. former penn state football coach joe paterno is heading to the pennsylvania sports hall of fame. winningest coach in college football history what's electric yesterday. organizers say paterno was approached by hall of fame personnel 20 years ago but shied away from the attention. paterno is 62 year career with the lions was cut short by jerry sandusky, child sex
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abuse scandal. in your healthwatch this morning say good bye to trans fats. f.d.a. is phasing out heart blocking substance in the next three years. you can usually find trans fat in junk food items. hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to improve shelf life and flavor. it increases risk of coronary disease and heart attacks. the manufacturers association is working on a petition to ask f.d.a. to have certain exceptions. right now 5:53. today is the exception to the week really nice. >> overall really pleasant weather. we are looking at more comfort, then anything across the delaware valley. storm scan three is nice and empty but lets jump here to tonight. net is time stamp wednesday 8:00 p.m. that is our next warm front advancing, look what it brings by the overnight. you might get woken up here through the overnight. it is lingering into the morning.
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generally a dreary day across the board tomorrow but we are going to have wet weather to dodge in the morning. around this time we will have wet weather to track on storm scan three. today looks beautiful. still warm at 84 degrees. vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. we are starting to feel rush hour hit us a bit. traveling on i-95 southbound you will be tapping brakes a little bit more around girard where you naturally narrow as a result of construction on the north bound side we have a disable vehicle. thinks only development we are seeing right now so far. if you are traveling on 476 not too far from the schuylkill expressway things are moving well but sunnies coming up. when sun comes up, rush comes in so stay with us we're cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we will be
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something smells fish any southern california right now. >> experts say mother nature will solve the problem for us. >> all right. >> check this out these are
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tuna crabs and there are millions of them. look at how much that washed up on the beaches. they look like little lobsters and they are covering beaches used by protect sea creatures. they say high tied they will eventually wash those tuna crabs back into the pacific. >> stinky little things. >> yes. >> i hear they are tasty. >> too small not worth the effort. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" a man is fighting for his life after he was stabbed shot and robbed, we are live with the search for suspects. many of us use emojis, daily, nicole. >> maybe you like the smiling face or a heart. >> yes. >> but, new those cute little characters could be also making your banking more security. >> how about that. >> hey. >> personally mow gi we will explain when we come right back. >> thumbs up
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i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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and new this morning three people stabbed shoot and rob a man in olney this morning philadelphia police are looking for suspects and have have some clues as who could help them. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from police headquarters with the very latest information, just continue. >> reporter: good morning, erika and nicole. that is right many key clues came from the victim himself who was pretty badly injured. several stab wonderful to his back gunshots to his side and punctures to his face but before passing out he gave key clues about his attackers. in olney philadelphia police canvassed the crime scene on sixth and west somerville avenue. their eyes and flashlights focused on finding more clues about their victim and however left him for dead. >> at this time we're not sure


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