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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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speaking to her, an argument ensued, the man punched her she does not know that man had never seen him before, and she defended herself, for the back, at which point the man drew a razor and then cut her on her forearm. >> reporter: victim received a 5-inch gash to her forearm and suspect ran to the street level area and got away. septa police are searching through surveillance video from hundreds of cameras within their system. hoping to find other evidence that may lead them to their suspect. >> we rarely have an incident of violence, and this is the disturbing to us and we want to get information out so public can help us find this person and we can arrest tell. >> reporter: we now in this case that the victim actually, took herself to frankford hospital where she received, medical attention for gash in her forearm. she has been released but police are skiing anyone about this suspect, to contact police right away. live at septa headquarters
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natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you very much. remnants of the tropical storm bill, will ab affect our wet they are weekend, we will get to meteorologist kathy orr with more on what to expect but first the problems that storm is cause nothing hard hit texas. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has more now outside of dallas. >> reporter: in texas they just can't take much more water. road turned into lakes as remnants of the tropical storm bill dumped 5 inches of rain, still, texas governor greg abbott said that the state dodged a bullet. >> it looks like we have been able to avoid the worst. >> reporter: video shows the storm as it made land fall off the gulf of mexico on tuesday. this diverts excess what the tore areas that can handle it. will take days for excess run off to stop causing problems. >> there will be some flooding as a consequence of the flooding that occurred over
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the memorial day weekend. >> reporter: those storms capped off a in of record rainfall in texas. seven counties were just added to a federal disaster declaration. rain is now heading in to oklahoma and arkansas, water management officials say reservoirs and lakes can handle the downpours but. >> the reservoirs back to where they were, three weeks ago, and at the very top of the pool elevation. >> reporter: sandra left in oklahoma and sand bagging her home for the second time in a month. >> we're kind of getting used to it. i wish it wouldn't, it wouldn't be so often, you know but anyway, it is home. >> reporter: so the preparation go on. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and again, bill, the remnants of the bill at least will have an impact on our weather. for more on that lets check with meteorologist kathy orr live outside on the cbs-3 sky deck where sirens are passing by kathy. >> very busy afternoon out here in center city philadelphia and a column
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breeze has moved in as well with temperatures falling. first let's talk about bill, the remnants of the old tropical storm bill, they are sitting right now an area of low pressure a depression over texas. right around dallas fort worth. 30 miles an hour wind but dumping a lot of rain. on the track the storm will move up through missouri and into the midwest spreading its rain, heading toward philadelphia area late saturday into sunday. look at rain between three and 5 inches into places like st. louis and louisville, nashville on the southern edge of that and you can see all of that angling to the north and toward the east and they have flash flood watches in the in midwest as well, so bill, will be impacting our weather most likely, on fathers day. we will talk more about that coming up but as far as our immediate future we have a few spotty showers on storm scan three, some in the lehigh valley, on around dover not all of this making it to the ground but some of it, so you may see a few spotty sprinkles tonight. temperatures are cooler then
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yesterday by far you can see 80 degrees in philadelphia, 77 wilmington. seventy-four in dover right now. average high in the lower to mid 80's. this evening temperatures will be cooling down through the 70's, feeling good with a mostly cloudy sky and a few spotty showers, in the forecast, by late tonight. more rain to come, not associated with bill, tomorrow morning, we will talk more about the timing on that, and getting ready for weekend coming up when i join you inside. >> kathy, thank you. a mother, found stabbed on death with her three children in the home. police are investigating a horrific crime. it happened in the 4900 block of war knock street in the logan section of the city. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live outside police headquarters with developing details matt. >> reporter: jessica, police say this was a long time couple and as you mentioned the man in this case, police are now actively looking for killed this woman while the pair's three children were
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inside of the home. police forced their way in to this home on the 4900 block of warknock, only to find the body of 28 year-old brittany green, inside. >> she was stabbed multiple times, and unfortunately also her throat was actually split. it was a very vicious murder. >> reporter: police say they know who did it, they are searching for the victim's long term boyfriend jarill hall he fled scene with the couple's three children six eight and ten. they were not injured. police say he drop them at his mother's house and took off. it was his mother who called nine is 11. weights likely not first time these children saw domestic abuse firsthand. >> he has been arrested several times a couple times for assaulting her and recently got out of jail not too long ago. >> reporter: police say an early morning argument prompted the attack. >> my daughter was a good person. she was a loving mom and a very hard worker.
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>> reporter: green's mother and her family gathered on the block, wednesday afternoon heart broken, in grief angry in their pursuit of justice. >> i'm begging y'all please help me find my daughter's killer. please. and a as the search for jarill hall continues police say public should treat him as armed and dangerous. if you know anything about where hall is you are asked to call 911. we are live outside police headquarters, matt rivers, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you. scary moments in west philadelphia when an out of control van slams in the day careful of children. this happened just before 11:00 at caring center at 31st and spring garden. the driver of that van was taken to the hospital, with non-life threatening injuries. the good news is no children or staff were hurt. several people are hurt in this three car crash in yeadon delaware county. it happened at intersection of longacre boulevard and west
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cobbs creek parkway just before 10:00 o'clock this morning. one of the victims an aqua american employee working in the street at the time of the crash. an employee was hit by one of the cars and there is no word on that person's condition right now. we have some surveillance pictures now of the suspect wanted for robbing a rite aide and then carjacking a priest right afterward in haddonfield. we told but this yesterday. police say that this is the suspect, he stole prescription drugs from that rite aide yesterday. he pulled a gun inside the store and carjacked the priest in the parking lot and then later abandoned that car and then ran off. he is described as a white male about 6-foot two weighing 200-pound you can see he wore a yellow reflective vest a white hard hat and carrying an orange traffic cone during that robbery. rite aide is offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to his arrest. a dead baby dolphin washes up on a north wildwood beach with what appeared to be a giant shark bite. >> it is certainly not pleasant to look at and
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discovery has spark fears about what might be lurking just off the shore. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan joins us live from north wildwood with more cleve. >> reporter: chris, officials here tell me that on a weekly basis, they see partially consume, sea life washed up on the shore here. so they do not believe that there is any added threat despite the surfacing of the image of the baby dolphin which looks like it was bit by a shark. we want to warn you this image some people may seem to be graphic. >> i'm avoiding water today. >> reporter: it is not the ocean temperatures giving some people goose bumps at the beach but this picture circulating on social media of a baby dolphin missing half of its body from shark by the. >> it freaks me out to hear something like that was found. >> reporter: officialness north wildwood said a sun baiter said they found a dolphin in the water near fourth street. guard fished it out and soon threw it in the crash but not before caris a kerns snapped this video.
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>> as soon as she flipped that dolphin over, she was shock by it like it looked like, one shark came up and just chump. >> reporter: after two people lost limbs last sunday in north carolina, the stealth ocean predators are on many peoples mind. >> there are sharks here, is there dolphins here, abundance of sea life here. it is not a major concern. >> reporter: marine mammal stranding center investigates when dolphins wash a shore dead or a alive. director bob says the shark or sharks ate the babe dolphin after it was already dead. he guesses the culprit is a nurse tiger shark. despite rows of shark teeth they are not considered aggressive toward people, unless you get between the shark and its meal. so unlike what the north wild life life guard did do not go near injured sea life. >> do you not go out and look at a dolphin that looks wounded or thrashing around it could be thrashing because it is being eaten by a shark. >> reporter: marine mammal stranding center and city had a conversation about the fact that this dolphin was not
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reported the way it should have been. it won't happen again. live from north wildwood, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". some good advice there just be cautious out there. >> yes. >> don't get between shark and his meal. still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 what has been a common sight for tourist down the shore find out what is attracting red foxes to the ocean city boardwalk. and he says he never saw it coming, one of the teens who lost an arm in the shark attack in a north carolina beach is speaking out from his hospital bed. also there is a possible break through tonight in diabetes research, our health reporter stephanie stahl will tell us about this inexpensive new treatment, that is giving long time patients new hope.
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red foxes are a a common site in ocean city. >> many claim the spot under board at saint charles place is a popular spot for them. the owner of brown's which is popular for its doughnuts actually had to put up signs asking customers not to feed animals. although they are not aggressive, experts say to remember foxes are wild animals. and, on the cbs-3 healthwatch, an exciting new treatment for type one diabetes, it is an inexpensive generic drug that has been successfully used to treat another disease. health reporter stephanie stahl has the story. >> reporter: jennifer sullivan was diagnosed with type one diabetes at age 15, she managed the disease for 30 years using insulin to control her blood sugar. >> you are never free from it anything you eat or drink. just stress level, exercise everything factors in every take. >> reporter: type one diabetes
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is chronic disease that starts during childhood. now they are launching a five-year clinical trial of a reaction seen that treats disease but reverses for some with diabetes. the drug, call bcg has been used to prevent tuberculosis for decade. >> we saw early signs that even at low doses, that this vaccine, that the cells killing pancreas were killed. >> reporter: she says it is kind of break through that gives her hope to better regulate her blood sugar and avoid future problems. >> risk of complications blindness, amputation, kidney disease, heart disease not seeing my son grow up. >> about one and a quarter million americans have type one diabetes. research on this new treatment is currently being coordinated at mass general. i'll have more information for you on my facebook and twitter feed. this could be a big break through for lots of people. >> as she said every minute of every day you have to think bit. >> reporter: amazing something
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for tv might be, who have would have thought that for diabetes amazing. >> all right stephanie thanks very much. ate appears more people are having babies. the birthrate among those age 15 to 44, is up 1 percent for 2013 and 2014. while that is modest rise, it is first increase since 2007, a according to a study done by center for disease and prevention. >> nothing better than having a baby around. >> yes, so true. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" how do you sell a four million-dollar mansion on the main line? with food trucks. >> um-hmm. >> that is one way. festival is underway right now in front of the home of former sixers president pat croce, we will explain in a live report. plus, from plumbing to electrical problems, how more and more people are tuning into the handy guide to save money and get things fix, i'm three on your side's jim donovan with that story
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the tolly llama has been chosen as the liberty medal. he will be in philadelphia to accept at ward on october 26th. the national constitution center president and ceo jeffery rosen says he is being honored in his expanding work in freedom, compassion and tolerance around the world. this will be the 27th, presentation of the liberty medal. >> i love watching it, russell
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brand, i think that is. >> yeah, right. >> tugging on his beard. >> good vibes all the way around. >> nice outside not quite as humid, the air is so dry, there is a breeze, i felt like i needed a sweater i hate to say that. >> yes. >> yesterday you were not going to say that. >> no, big change today. we are looking at temperatures in the 70's and 80's and eyewitness weather watchers had reports in and you can see them at the bottom of the television screen. lets look outside where we have very busy, boardwalk first one, ocean city, cape may county, north even, wonder land pier you can see it right there and great day to be outside, from the city to the shore, with some sunshine down the shore, more than we have, in the city of philadelphia on storm scan three there are some spotty showers, the bark is worse than the bite on this radar, a lot of this is precipitation not making it quite to the ground. the air is just too dry today but a few sprinkles in the lehigh valley, northern part
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of the lehigh valley north of allentown, darker returns where we are seeing precipitation and also through dover. elsewhere we are fairly dry with some clouds that is just about it. now taking a look at the high for today 85 degrees. down to 80 with the clouds. average high is 83 degrees for this time of the year. seasonal day. eighty in allentown. poconos 72. millville 77 degrees. down the shore 70's for the most part, but look at barnegat light with a easterly win, temperature only 68 degrees, dig big difference from the city to the shore. we will watch this warm front lift, so expect morning showers, during the afternoon and we will take a break and we could see additional showers tomorrow night. keeping an eye on that, front comes through on friday, with a shower possible, the temperatures a little bit warmer and then all eyes are on the remnants of the old tropical storm bill, chugging rather to the south of us, and you can see the rain associated with it. so saturday, the system will be to the south of us,
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temperatures in the 80's, chance of a shower or storm especially to the south and east of philadelphia, a better chance of seeing this impact our weather on sunday. so we will continue to keep you updated. we know it is a very important take with fathers day. cloud building overnight showers late, low temperature of 65 degrees. during the day tomorrow high of 84, showers mainly in the morning. hour by hour tomorrow, we have a shower at 8:00 a.m. some at 10:00 a.m. by noon we will drying it out four and 7:00, with a little sunshine. three day forecast shows warm up friday 86. saturday 84. shore temperatures in the 70's. that is your three day forecast we will be right back with more news after this. still remind you stone harbor tomorrow live at 5:00 and 6:00 for orr at the shore, we will be right back.
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today broadcast pioneers of philadelphia celebrated 50 years, of "eyewitness news". >> back in 1965 a new concept of covering local news originated right here at channel three. pat ciarrocchi, caught up with some of the staff hours got it all started. >> this is "eyewitness news". >> reporter: there was a time when "eyewitness news" was a concept, young news director named al people owe reporters gathered at news scene as anchor read the news. people owe thought that this
5:25 pm
could be different. >> we had these folks with health politics, transportation, in one ever did that before. and within weeks these reporters were coming back, with stories. ahead of the newspapers. >> reporter: competitively powerful and enduring ideas, 50 years ago. today philadelphia's broadcast pioneers brought to go originators in a celebration. >> it is a celebration of 50 years of "eyewitness news". >> reporter: robin mackintosh, marcia rhodes, dick standish, trudy haynes, dick sheeran the faces and voices that created the brand, still carry that passion, that define their careers. >> "eyewitness news" was a family, it was a family broadcasting to families in the delaware valley, and it work, and reason it work it was family to family. >> you can get it over air internet, it is every where and it is still very hard to think of something that is more powerful, to reach people, and then to help them,
5:26 pm
educate them. >> reporter: trudy haynes broke color barrier as first black woman on the air. marcia rose broke gender barrier, first woman anchoring the news. >> it was an exciting time, to be the first would man doing things that other people weren't doing. >> reporter: birthdays need a cake and family pictures. "eyewitness news" born in philadelphia, and still coming of age in a community that we love. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, we stand on their shoulders a lot of familiar faces that still inspire all of us. coming up in the next half an hour two days after a life changing shark attack a 15 year-old who lost an arm talks about his traumatic experience from his hospital bed. plus, this closet is a girl's dream come true, i'm syma chowdhry coming up we will get a sneak peak into pat
5:27 pm
croce's former home which is on sale, and let's just say you won't want to miss it. how much does it go for again? can i live here. >> that is a a closet. wow. new at 6:00 o'clock story behind this billboard? "eyewitness news" talks with the mother who wants everybody to know how proud she is of her son that is tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00.
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i'm chris may here are some of the top stories for you philadelphia police are searching foreman slashed a woman in the septa station in frankford this morning and woman did not know the man and suffered a 5-inch gash on her arm. police are searching for a man suspect of killing a woman, while her three children were inside the house, and he is said to be arm, and dangerous. rains from tropical storm bill are pounding texas causing flooding and now that storm is heading to the north east, and potentially impact us kate. >> we're watching bill's trajectory through the weekend and moisture from bill will give you just in time for fathers day on sunday. but in the meantime cooler weather tomorrow we may not make it past the 70's. been a while watching bill's moisture this weekend and then heating up, we're talking 90's
5:31 pm
to start next week. we will have the full seven day forecast coming up, jessica. encouraging news about the two teens who survived shark attacks off north carolina's coast. family of the 13 year-old girl says that while she lost her arm below her elbow they expect she will be able to keep her leg. second victim a young man is now talking about what happened to him. mikhail ferrari reports. >> reporter: one of the victims of the brutal pair of shark attacks off the coast of north carolina is speaking out for the first time from his hospital bed. sixteen year-old hunter recount ago this traumatic shark even count their cost him his arm. >> i was just in waist deep water i would say. and, then i felt this kind of hit in my left leg like i know it was a big fish, kind of knew were you something. i thought it was biting up my left arm. >> reporter: the teen from will colorado was swimming off
5:32 pm
waters in oak island when shark attack. >> i didn't see it coming. i felt it on my leg. and then i thought it had attack my arm. >> reporter: it happened a mere 90 minutes after another shark attack unfold on the same beach. less than 2 miles away, for this 13 year-old, where she had her left arm torn off by a shark. bystander leaping in action to prevent the victims from bleed to go death. >> he just had his arm bit off. >> are you with the person right now. >> my husband is, he has it wrapped up in a towel. >> reporter: just two days after that life changing attack hunter vows to remain positive. >> i have two options. i can try to live my life the way i was and make an effort to do that even though i don't have have an arm or i can just let this be, completely debilitating and bring my life down and ruin it in a way. out of those two there is only one that i would choose to do and that is to try to fight
5:33 pm
and to live normal life with the cards that i have been dealt. >> wow, good for him. that was mikayla reporting. that beach is still opened and officials are warning residents to swim at their own risk. news from overseas, a tiger escaped from a zoo after severe flooding has killed one man and wounded another. interior ministry in the ex-soviet republic of georgia said police killed the tiger today. it had been hiding in the warehouse when it attack those men. zoo officials say all seven of zoos tigers were killed in the flooding. the decaying wood could be cause of the deadly balcony collapse in california. a preliminary investigation points to water damage on wooden beams. five irish students an an american women were killed when a fifth floor balcony collapsed yesterday. seven others were injured. family members have arrived from ireland to take their loved ones back home. manhunt continues for two escaped killers from an
5:34 pm
upstate new york prison. authorities say that this is what prison escapee david sweat and richard matt might look like after ten days on the run. new york state police released these progression photos of the pair today. they broke out on june 6th with the help of the prison worker. loretta lynch is formally sworn in as the united states attorney general. >> true, safe and allegiance. >> president obama was among those in attendance as lynch was sworn in by supreme court justice sonya sotomayor. the president tapped lynch last november to be attorney general but five months of political infighting put her nomination on hold. senate finally voted to confirm her in april. loretta lynch becomes first african-american women to serve as attorney general. well singer neil young is not happy with donald trump the latest g.o.p. presidential candidate arrived for his announcement yesterday while young's rocking in the free
5:35 pm
world, blared over speakers. the neil young now says that the donald did not have permission to use his song. the singer is supporting another candidate in the, 2016 race and democratic senator bernie zahners of vermont. neil young's manager reached out to trump's camp and requested that it stop using the song. we will see what the donald does. they are pulling out all of the stops to sell a pretty amazing mansion on the main line. >> so, new buyers should bring their checkbooks of course. >> yes. >> but their a appetite. syma chowdhry is live at villanova with the details hi syma. >> reporter: hi, jessica and chris. imagine you could sell it if you have the right amount of money but realtors here are doing other things to attract buyers. how about some free food with food truck vendors. there is threetive rent convenientors at this house in villanova we're talking about cup cakes which i will eat after this we have a burger joint over here. we have some ice cream. now this open house is going
5:36 pm
to be until 7:00 o'clock tonight. so come down here, check it out, grab a bite to eat. now after you do that why don't you feast your eyes on this three story house that was once owned by a famous, famous person and we got an inside look at the house to check out new renovations made here. >> come on in. >> welcome. >> reporter: unique listing was fun way to create a buzz. food truck open house is drawing attention to this mansion, former 76ers owner pat ciarrocchi lived here but he sold it in october. >> this is one of my favorite views. >> reporter: julie is listing agent who gave us a tour, after several upgrade the current owners put it back on the market. >> some walls old cabinet try, opened it up,. >> reporter: mansion has more than 11,000 square feet sitting on three and a half acres. it has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and three half bats selling for 3.9 million-dollar. there is a ten car garage a
5:37 pm
pool with the pool house tennis courts, even ifish basement that fit for a gym and a sauna. the kitchen is commercial like amenities can put a restaurant to shame. it has five sub zero refrigerators, wine cooler and ice maker. >> a second dishwasher. >> reporter: my favorite part. >> oh, my gosh, i want to live in this bathroom report report master suite bathroom and closet is fit for a queen. julie says house has been painted neutral colors to attract new buyers but the storm look is only remnants of the pat croce's eclectic taste. >> pat had an affinity for pirates. he owns two pirate museums and loved everything related to that report report how do you get people to check out the mansion. offer, free food. >> that could be a connection to really bring that right buyer to this house. >> reporter: and the house was built in the 1920's, but pat croce own the house from 1993
5:38 pm
until last year. if you can afford the house remember it is more than 3.9 million-dollar, you have to budget in, the property taxes. so here is a lot we're talking about $80,000 a year. so pat and jessica i am wondering if i can bureau some money. >> we can go in together. >> change in the couch cushions. >> it is a beautiful place good name it the "eyewitness news" house. >> little commune there. best way they could close that deal throw in the cup cake truck, closing costs and you are done, sole. >> look at you. >> all right thanks very much. well utility companies are teaming up with the philadelphia police to keep seniors safe. today they launched an educational campaign regarding utility workers rather people posing as utility workers the campaign is call be sure, before you open up the door. police say you should always
5:39 pm
ask for a photo id before you let anyone in your home. call 911 if you are not sure if the person is not legitimate. police will call the utility if we determine that there is a problem that utilities worker is and should in the be there we're going to up that to a priority one. that priority one will mean that they will lights and sirens immediately responding to that location. >> philadelphia corporation for aging is partnering with utility companies on that campaign. philadelphia police department honored officers during merit commendations. "eyewitness news" was at fop headquarters this he were recognized for making outstanding arrests commissioner ramsey was on hand congratulating them while their family and friend, watched with pride congratulations to them. yes, indeed. still to come on "eyewitness news" this man learn he had to pay $7,000 for brick pointing, he was not so happy about that. with help from these guys he did it for himself for a
5:40 pm
hundred dollars. three on your side jim donovan shows us where to get expert advice on jobs to help you stay big. a boy's lost stuffed tiger goes on a incredible airport adventure and it has gone viral. see what happens when the boy returns, kate? we are tracking remnant moisture from bill now a tropical depression but that moisture will get in by week end but in the meantime we have rain to worry about as soon as tonight we will track that on storm scan three coming up when we come
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we all complain about the internet being slow sometimes but is the internet actually getting slower. >> i have canned this out loud, out of frustration before. according to data, supplied by attp archives the average time is up and that is because the average sizable web site is double what it was three years ago. video, pictures embedded tracking tools and increased web site security, we feature that slower speed. also, on line traffic is up, thanks to mobile devices. and to those of you like me who might enjoy emoji from
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time to time. >> you enjoy emoji. >> you will love this. british software company has come up with a way to use emoji as a four digit banking pin. intelligence environment said they are platform makes it easy to remember the pin but it is also more secure, were 44 to choose from, there are 3.5 million possible combinations. so your money is under lock and key with dancing ladies and smiling faces. >> emoji away. >> we will be right
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trending now a toy tiger got quite a tour of tampa international airport. tiger a's owner left it behind in a accident when his family went on vacation. resident put hobbs in the lost and farm but airport operations manager took him on a grand tour to see all of the sights. when little boy and his family return they were reunite and they got a photo back of his airport adventures. >> isn't that really nice. look at these nice people that took part in all that. >> if your child has ever, misplaced or left behind, a crucial toy, you know this, there is nothing more scary for a parent. you have to find hobbs or whatever it is, you have to find it. >> yes, you cannot rest. >> when i was five i left my
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dog at a rest stop in carlisle. it is a great name. i still remember the terror when i realized that, he was still in carlisle. >> that is an emoji all one word, all one word, no capitol. >> yes, of course. >> it is devastating. but yes, hobbs is safe and sound. >> hobbs is safe and sound and weather is looking fantastic. >> what a great day to day. >> we had a breeze, we had temperatures generally comfortable and low humidity so key this time of the year. we will take you out to the go program campaign still seeing last legs of the blue sky hanging on over the city. it is not going to be with us for much longer. the cloud coming in hurling the a arrival of some rain. that will come in late tonight and a few spots off to the north already starting to see showers out there. if you are seeing them not a whole lot reaching the ground because air has been so dry but if you are seeing them let us know on twitter, facebook or our eyewitness weather watchers are seeing it right now. lets check with them.
5:49 pm
eyewitness weather watchers reporting 77 degrees off to the north. let check with peter, in lawrenceville, new jersey reporting some cloud here at the moment. anybody off to the north here. seventy-seven, also north of philadelphia and this one pop up for me check in with barbara lane in willow grove. she's got some cloud at her house. further south we are seeing temperatures pretty comfortable. upper 70's to lower 80's which feels great. kathy in wynonna kathy has a comment. nice dry low humid day. wind gusting at 14 miles an hour but it looks like rain is coming. sure does. lets go out to storm scan three. you can see what we mean. as we sweep area green is popping up out there not sure if this is all on the ground or not. it looks like it is generally light but a few sprinkles out there as wet weather makes its way in. as we zoom up toward lehigh valley where we are seeing chance for steadier showers in allentown right along 22, toward bethlehem easton and lehigh where couple showers are possible.
5:50 pm
our attention shifts to what is ahead and what is ahead is tropical storm bill and what was tropical storm bill is a tropical depression with heavy rain across central oak a do you see this line of showers extend go through upper midwest. what that will do is push bill to the north and east and pull up this moisture and send it east ward giving here just in time for the weekend. so temperatures right now still comfortable. cloud have have cooled it down but we are sitting at 80 at the airport. we do expect clouds to thicken up and then showers tomorrow morning, a break in the afternoon and then, watch for a few scattered showers late afternoon or evening but more steady in the morning. friday cloud giving way occasional sun behind in the afternoon in the a bad day on friday and then we will start to watch bill, bill is now a tropical depression and watch how it moves to the north and east heading through the day friday, still off to the west by saturday afternoon but eventually by sunday that is where that moisture could start to get in. watch that moisture traverse the country as it is pulled along by advancing front that low is well off to the west by
5:51 pm
saturday but by sunday, again that is when we will see that moisture work its way n saturday looks like your better weekend day. fathers day sunday, well, maybe a good weekend day. we will have scattered showers and storms. anyone could tap in tropical moisture and produce downpours. overnight tonight cloud building showers late. we're at 65. tomorrow cloudy, cooler. showers especially early in the day. you're witness weather seven day forecast and shore cast. we're back to the mid 80's friday and saturday but chance for a then are storm but biggest threat for storms comes on sunday. hot on monday. beautiful, as we clear it out and drop humidity by tuesday. chris, back over to you. kate thanks very much. more and more americans are taking on home improvement projects, with the growing number of do it yourself videos that are on line, three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan found out you may not need to spend money calling a repairman. >> reporter: when paul's dishwasher was not operating properly he had three options call a repairman. >> we will replace dishwasher.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: or try to fix it himself. self proclaim unhandy man went on line, and found a do it yourself video. >> just a cleaning issue. there was just this stuck in the bottom here. you have to clean it out manually by hand. >> reporter: two hours later paul had the dishwasher working as good as new. >> when it gets broken and someone says dishes are spotting and not cleaning right, then i can do it. >> reporter: millions are now doing the same thing and many are turning to these two, they are known as the handy guys. >> we will talk about how to repair these. >> reporter: from faucet and toilet repairs installing doggie doors and home lighting, these childhood friend started to make their own do it yourself videos including the one that helped paul. >> we are not appliance repair guys. we have had these problems ourselves. we have figured them out and made video on how to fix it. >> reporter: they are videos that got over a million you tube hits. >> they are explaining guys, just doing a plane job and helping you out. >> people are looking to save some money and also have that
5:53 pm
sense of accomplishment. >> reporter: people are saving money by not having to hire a handy man. commerce department says american spending on alliance repairs is down 25 percent in the past ten years. >> my wife pointed it out to me which means i need to fix this. >> reporter: when brick around his west chester house need repair paul first called a professional. >> we got a price back from one gentlemen for $7,000. to do the whole house. it didn't need the whole house done. i needed a section. >> reporter: he once again went to the video and did it himself. final cost. >> about a hundred dollars and then about eight hours of my time. >> reporter: he used money he saved for a family trip to disney world. now, to subscribe to the handy guys you tube channel or watch their video and pod cast, there is a lincoln cbs, and on my twitter and facebook feeds. meanwhile, christopher can now, start fixing things on his own. >> people would be shocked bynum of do it yourself
5:54 pm
things. you are really into this. >> i can use power tools and work with my hand. >> yes exactly. >> yes. >> jim thanks. >> we will be right yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis.
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she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ ♪
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5:57 pm
new addition to rome's coliseum is bringing anxious stadium back to life. >> cbs news correspondent jonathan takes us inside the animal elevator. >> where are we right now in the coliseum. >> this moment we are in the underground, so the place where, the show, went on. >> reporter: it is a coliseum's walls could drawing the director barbara knows the stories they would tell. >> that would be it. >> reporter: she took me behind the scenes to show off restoration of the anxious list, that is helping historians and visitors reimagine battles between gladiators and wild animals. >> one thing is different it is one other thing it is to realize it as it was. >> reporter: this is one of the 28 devices once used to carry hungry lions bears and this documentary shows, wolfs through a trapped door to a stage battle field above. >> it is a very early version of what we necessity today as will elevator, but instead of
5:58 pm
electric, the romance had manpower. eight men hoisted the animals. they had to impress people, in rome this restored piece of history is impressing visitors n rome, jonathan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". wow, it cost 20 million-dollar to restore animal elevator and it was a gift from a production company filming a documentary on the coliseum. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a phone call leads to a disturbing discovery inside a philadelphia home, a mother of three found stabbed to death tonight, police are searching for her killer. plus, it is disturbing photo that has gotten a lot of attention on social media this dolphin found dead in the water off of north wildwood, was a shark involved. tonight marine experts weigh in kathy.
5:59 pm
>> keeping an eye on showers as they move toward the delaware valley, they will impact your morning commute and tropical storm, bill has weakened but the remnant could, spoil part of the weekend especially for dad i'll explain with this forecast. plus, one local mom wants everyone to know, he is, really proud of her son. she actually rented out a billboard to show all of that pride, we will tell you bit "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. tonight a search for a killer. mother of three is found stabbed inside of her home and police know who did it but they don't necessity where she is. a phone call from family, prompted police to make that terrible discovery. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm chris may. we are hearing from the victim's family and they want that man to turn himself in. police found body of brittany
6:00 pm
green, inside of her home in the 4900 block of war income street, in the logan section of philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is outside police headquarters tonight with the latest on the investigation matt? >> reporter: chris and jessica, police are still searching for 28 year-old, jarill hall, who is responsible for the stabbing, and the ultimate killing of his long time girlfriend, the mother of his three children. anguish pride from the 4900 block of warknock street on wednesday as 28 year-old brittany green's family gathered just down the street from where she was murdered. >> she was stabbed multiple times and unfortunately also, her throat was slit. it was a very vicious murder. >> reporter: police say green and her long time boyfriend jarill hall were arguing around 7:00 a.m. they say he stab her and fled the home with the couple's three children. >> they were in the house when it happen. i won't confi


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