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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 18, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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scan three with the very latest on that rain, good morning. >> walk into a hot walk here, like oh, through are. good morning are one i didn't mean to walk right in and step n the weather that is moving right there on storm scan is a warm front related. it is just a soggy mess of some soaking rains in spots. some of you are seeing the worst of the wet weather wining down already. north and western most suburbs, that is definitely you. however, if you spray from the vehicle, you will have reduced visibility and it will be one of those soggy morning drives where i suggest the umbrella. you know me i always like to tell you if you can getaway without it, this isn't one of those days. unless you are not leaving the house until after the lunch hour because that is when we will see this wining down at least initially. looking at uv index here for today, tomorrow and saturday, it is a lot lower today simply because, of course, we have cloud cover overhead. lets get a spike right backup here for both friday and
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saturday. we will have cloud around but more sunshine then what you will find today. starting to heat things up with time, and at the moment anyway, in the really expecting too much movement on the thermometer. we are in the upper 60's from the shore points up to philadelphia cooler by comparison obviously in the pocono region. as we move forward in the forecast we are talking temperatures at best that top off in the 70's. crazy to think that this sounds cool but regardless, it is, 77 is the expected high in philadelphia, down the shore we are talking 73, everybody gets in on the showers especially for the first half of the day vittoria, over to you. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. right now traveling on the majors you will notice as katie mentioned low visibility, is definitely slick out there let give you a live look. if you are traveling on 476 this shot here is blue route right as you look underneath the schuylkill expressway. if you are traveling in and around this area you will notice that it is damp, wet slick, so be extra careful but
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in volume to speak of just yet. i would be mindful exiting on the ramp sometimes we can sort of under estimate a turn. so just be careful. something to think about. moving to 422, 422 looking good not too far from the area of oaks, eastbound traffic in the seeing big rush hour delays and 5:32 usually we are in the seeing a rush hour delay until at least 6:00, 6:15 when it starts. you may find ponding on the roadway or flooding spots as well. like traveling skippack pike and matters lane we have a flooding situation. be careful of. that we have a fire at hope road. all lanes block. best alternate toys take chester pike n delays for mass transit. that is good news there call ahead at the airport. nicole. >> vittoria, thank you. now to our breaking news in south carolina the suspect who shot and killed a pastor and eight others in a church is still on the loose. gunman opened fire in emmanuel ame church in charleston during a prayer meeting last
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night. police are calling this attack at historic black church a hate crime and say that the fbi will be involved in the investigation. >> city police department, county police, fire, police state law enforcement division, other municipalities, the fbi and others are all combined and a working with us to make sure that we catch this awful person and bring him to justice, as soon as possible. >> new there were survivors in this but it is unclear at this point, how many, the suspects described as a white man in his early 20's. police plan to update us around 7:00 this morning. erika? nicole, septa riders are on alert after a frightening attack at the market frankford el station. police say that the man seen this this surveillance video right there slashed a woman. the attack happened 9:30 yesterday morning at margaret
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orthodox station. >> as she approached the fair line, and a man began speaking to her. an argument ensued, the man punch her and she does not know that man. she had never seen him before. she defended herself, for the back, at which point the man drew a razor and then cut her. >> the 50 year-old victim walk to the hospital where she was treated for the wound if you have any information about that attack you are asked to call police. a prosecutor confirms that the woman who allegedly helped two men break out of the upstate new york prison discussed having them kill her husband. a as manhunt continues officials released so-called progression photos of the david sweat and richard matt. they depict what the fugitives may look like now since they broke out of the prison. both men have grizzly beard and shag i hair then in their mug shots. fugitives have been on the run for almost two weeks. decayed wood could be cause of the deadly balcony collapse in california. investigators say that they
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think that wood may not have been properly sealed during construction and was damaged by moisture as a result. six people were killed when a fifth floor apartment balcony collapsed on tuesday. seven others were injured. family members of the victims have arrived from ireland to take their loved ones back home. >> so sad. 5:35. in business news this morning a big day for investors looking to get in shape. >> also a plan to shrink carry on luggage and bags. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. good morning jill. >> reporter: definitely, good morning, erika and nicole. fit bit goes public today here at the new york stock exchange and trade under the ticket fit. that stock is priced at $20 a share which gives the company a market value of $4 billion. yesterday, the dow jones gained 31 points, nasdaq was up nine. some help could becoming, to stop automated robo calls. fcc will vote on new crackdowns, giving agency
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power to subpoena to identify illegal robo callers and raising fines imposed on them. uber says it will appeal a ruling from the california labor commission, it is ruled that uber drivers are employees and not contractors. so that means uber would have to give those workers benefits like social security, workers compensation and unemployment insurance. you can keep your big carry on bags for now global airline association has scrapped its recommendation to reduce carry on sizes by 20 percent travelers strongly oppose the idea and senators agreed saying it was forcing passengers to buy new bags to fit those requirements and yah, erika and nicoley already have my carry on bag i don't want to have have to buy a new one. >> plus, it is already a tight squeeze they are already too small. >> i'm with you jill, 100 percent. >> good call. >> thank you. for the first time in more than a century a with man will be featured on the 10-dollar
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bill. u.s. treasury secretary john lulu says redesign 10-dollar bill will debut in 2020. woman has not been decided yet but officials will work out that this summer. they are asking for public's suggestions and launching a web site for people to give ideas. that would be kind of interesting, we have a few ideas i guess some have been mentioned for that redesign, 10-dollar bill, harriet tub man, rosa parks and harriet tubman. >> so many woman. >> let us know what you think on twitter, use the at cws3 morning handle or use the hash tag cbs-3. i will go philadelphia and vote for betsy ross. >> i like that, absolutely. >> 5:37. safety seats are only part of making sure children are safe on the road. >> now the insurance institute for high waste safety tested attachment hardware on more than a hundred vehicles. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us with the surprising results that parents are curious about
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jan. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. we want to be very clear that these new released ratings have to do with how easy it is to use your cars latch system. take a look one of these hardwares we are talking about here, a latch you see right here. it is within have the lower anchors that safely secures a car seat inside a vehicle. the problem that this study found that is many are easily confused with other hardware inside the vehicle or they are impossible to spot. it turns out many car manufacturers aren't making it easy for parents to install child restraints. insurance institute for highway safety has new looked into built in hardware of 100 vehicles. that hardware makes up the latch system which stance for lower anchors and teathers for children. >> we've val waited over a hundred vehicle and a only three earned top rating of good and more than half were poor or marginal. >> reporter: they are raise based on how easy it is to use. study found in many vehicles
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latch can be confused with other hardware or just impossible to find. only three vehicles received a rating of good, bmw five series, mercedes benz, gl class and volkswagen passat. those rated poor include toyota siena minivan nissan altima and jetta. it is important to note that iihs says latch hardware with poor ratings still provide protection with hardware with good ratings but just weren't as difficult to use. >> latch hardware easy to eyes more likely to result in a good tight installation. >> reporter: this study found that car makers need to put this kind of hardware and more accessible locations and give parents more room to move around in as well. reporting live from spring garden jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> precious cargo we have to get it right. >> yes, so true.
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5:39. we are updating this morning's top stories including latest on breaking news, a search for gunman who killed nine people in a south carolina church. also have you ever been suck into watching a cat video on line. >> who hasn't. >> maybe a little bored. >> they may not be a total waste of your time how these cute little cats actually help you. >> how could that be a waste of time ever, that is great stuff. just leave extra time to get where you aringing this morning, guys, road are slick from the rain, we will check traffic and weather coming up next, stay with us.
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nine people are dead after a shooting at a historic african-american church in charleston south carolina police say a white man walk in during a prayer service and opened fire. city officials are calling this a hate crime. security camera caught an image of the person of interest in the a attack on the market frankford line. the 50 year-old woman was slash with a razor after an argument with the man at margaret orthodox station. we are coming up at 5:43 and check in with kate which all this rain. >> we are going to deal with this rain for next couple of hours at the local level nicole but let me take you to the tropics here. we're in the even in the tropics but we are dealing with tropical moisture with
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this system. this storm is going to eventually be making a beeline for philadelphia, currently it is still a depression but then gets wrapped up in the rest of the flow here in the u.s. and it is dragging this tropical moisture along with the next cold front in our area. heavy rain is eventually on the waste but that is not until fathers day, as far as this particular system is concern. so lets take a look at storm scan three and circulation that continuing to come in with this system. we have heavy rain in well define circulation with bill, what is left of him at this point and that will be heading our way with time. right now we have a batch of wet weather to track coming in the form of warm front right now. a lot of people getting hit by the rain and that is what we are hearing from our eyewitness weather watchers. that is where we will head next, we will check on a couple spots. mid 60's around the board. sixty-four from ed. he has a light drizzle in chesterfield. we can go to a different 64
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where sandra is checking in from burlington. everybody take care, and you take little ones out to the bus stop for the last day. meanwhile our seven day forecast coolest day of the pack is today because of the cloud. you will not see very much sunshine. by tomorrow we will brighten things up and this afternoon dries out. we will be okay here later this afternoon for p.m. drive but we could see a pop up shower or thunder storm looking ahead to tomorrow, a saturday and then fathers day. happy first day of summer no less. steamy dreary with rain and a thunderstorm. find some indoor plans if you celebrate dad. i do think this rain will be clearing out when we're at the shore head to stone harbor. kathy will be live at third avenue later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00. vittoria, back over to you. good morning everyone. right now road are still fairly quiet with the exception fuzz are traveling on i-95. notice these brake lights moving beyond us trying to travel in the city, you can
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barely see the city. you will have low visibility for sure, rain out there making things slower but this is one pocket of traffic that we are now seeing before formations of a rush hour. usually rush her starts around this time 6:00 o'clock. 6:15. right on time. we will take you elsewhere to the ben franklin bridge, more traffic as you make your way mid span down toward eighth and vine. we have good amount of space between vehicles here but it is slow and lengthy because of the weather today. just keep that in mine. taking a look at speed sensors we are dropping on i-95 out of the north east. five to second on the vine. fifty-three on the schuylkill. fifty-five on 476. if you are traveling on the roosevelt boulevard in the northeast north and southbound we have construction between rhawn and strahl and it is inner drive closing inner drive until 6:00 a.m. so about 15 minutes or so. things like this could set you back. keep in mind out and about on the roads setbacks happen all the time. you can always get updated information about traffic backups and setbacks with the
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new cbs-3 philly traffic app. down load it now on itune and google play, vittoria. do you deep your car park outside because your garage is just pack with stuff? maybe you need extra storage space. in this weeks angie's list report, jim donovan takes a look at options for sheds. >> reporter: there are basically three kind of shed, metal wood or vinyl, if you have the right tools and the time to do it, you can build your own shed using a kit available at many big box stores. >> prefabricated shed can be a good alternative looking for a smaller shed up to like ten by 14 in size, they can be less expensive but also they may not be as durable as one built on site. >> reporter: you can opt for custom built shed but it is important that it has a strong sturdy foundation. >> floor rots out the the rest of the shed is in good. ivory placed floors before but that is a whole big process. >> reporter: make sure your
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builder uses treated lumber, galvanized nails and 25 year shingles. if you plan to add a heat source you will need tar paper on the have roof. no matter the style, sheds can give your home added beauty and value but experts say if you want a bigger return on your investment you may want to spent more and go with vinyl. before you add a shed make sure to check with your homeowners association and your local township, it may require a permit . for more advice on build ing a shed at your home visit cbs's list. i'm jim donovan. on your healthwatch this morning new sun screen labels appear to confuse a lot of consumer. >> researchers in chicago surveyed more than a 100 people and they found 43 percent understood the definition of sun protection factor or spf. many didn't realize to protect against skin cancer you need broad spectrum sun screen that protect is a begins uva and uvb. you want to see without have
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those letters on your sun screen. >> um-hmm. searching for cat video, i know, you may be doing something g a new survey revealed that people who watched cat videos have fewer negative emotions. >> yes. >> so you have fewer negative emotions after watching the tape. katie is loving this. >> yes sigh. >> yes. >> it is you watch them at work or study the pleasure from watching those videos seem to out waste way any guilt you felt about procrastinating. >> sometimes you need a break and why not watch stuff like this. little kitty. >> katie has a full line up, she's happy to tell you. >> it is so cute. still ahead this morning do you remember that black burred and, they have a new colorful.
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>> we will tell but this one coming up. dalai lama is coming to philadelphia apparently we will let you know about the big honor that is bringing him to this town later this year. we will be right back.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! i got a question, would you camp out all night in the rain for free chick-fil-a. >> interesting. >> good possibility. >> but some people will. >> for some people it is a very real possibility. this is new chick-fil-a in montgomeryville township. they are giving away free food for a year for the first 100 people to line. doors open in about ten minutes. i'm surprised they brought their tenth, their flag, they are ready. >> you know what a few hours in the rain, a whole year of chick-fil-a. >> good deal. >> yeah. >> here's one for brave eaters out there burger king unveiled a new all red burger.
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>> check this out it is the sammeri beefberg's veilable starting next movement aka means red. red bun red cheese and hot sauce. they are also going to offer a chicken sandwich on the same bun, and in case you are wondering they added tomato powder to the buns and cheese to give them the blood red look. i don't know, what do you think, would you give it a try? >> sure, it is just red there is in flavor. >> you really don't understand why. >> i have no idea why. it is a huge hit in japan so good for them good everything is so big in japan. aka. >> yes. >> red burger. >> yes. >> let us know what you think on twitter on cbs-3 mornings. this isberg er king's second try. we talked about this, a couple months ago. >> now, this is just disgusting. >> little more appetizing. >> that doesn't do anything for me. >> yeah, unfortunately you
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can try it, but this is in japan sorry to dash your hopes and dreams. >> ben and jerry's is adding dairy free flavors this comes after american 27,000 people signed a petition asking for options made without cow's milk. >> wow. >> indeed steady they will use almond or coconut. >> i love almond milk. >> yes. >> 27,000 people. >> a lot of vegans. >> if you cannot have dairy or lactose intolerant and cannot have have dairy no word if they have over chunky monkey and cherry garcia ice cream good for those dairy free flavors you have to wait until next spring. >> it takes time to perfect these things. >> that it does. we have some rain out there katie. >> i would totally murder a pint of dairy free ice cream. my hand down favorite. >> in the waffle cone. >> i feel you. >> yes. >> i like the choice of word,
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murder. >> you're mine. >> yes. >> i want to show you what is going on. we have some weather to talk b heavy rain, currently falling through central new jersey. not the best beach day obviously. you're dealing with cloud showers are primarily a morning event not just for beaches but every where else. we thankfully are still finding a pretty low rip current risk out there if you are brave enough. vittoria, over to you. >> get the girl some ice cream. >> i'm telling you. >> good morning everyone. right now you can see rush hour is upon us. we have southbound delay out of the area of academy down toward cottman. it is slow, damp, it is wet you'll fine low visibility and rain is not helping us and a also on the northbound side of academy we have a accident moved to the shoulder. that is good news. quick looking into new jersey traveling on the 42 freeway you will notice north bound side starting to pick up a few more headlights. you know what that means? that means rush hour. stay with us, we will have more on the other side,
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at the national constitution center on october 26th. the dalai lama is being honored for his work in expanding freedom, compassion and tolerance around the world. thinks the 27th liberty medal presentation, and could not have found a more fitting person. coming up next on "eyewitness news" katie is tracking rain for the next few hours. her forecast is coming up next. takes a close look at this person police say he is wanted on an attack of the woman in the septa a station. fear at jersey shore when this dolphin washes a shore with the giant bite taken out of its body. that story is coming up next, good morning.
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about to brave reportief reporters with the mayor. the mayor calls the killings unspeakable. let's listen. >> as i said earlier this evening, this is a very dangerous and extremely dangerous individual. and we need the public's assistance to identify him as quickly as possible. we have got copies of this flyer for you and we're also going to be e-mailing it to you electronically. and as we said please help us get this out as quickly as possible. the investigation is ongoing. we will be back here at 7:00 to provide more details about the investigation. at this time we just wanted to get this out as quickly as we could. and ask you to help us get this
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out probably so we can identify this individual and arrest him before he hurts someone else. either in the city or somewhere else in the general area. so if you have any specific questions about the suspect that we're looking for, i'll be happy to answer those at this time. [ inaudible ] >> it was at the location of the shooting. that's correct. [ inaudible ] >> he's a white male. he's a younger white male. we're estimating between 21 and 25 years of age. he's approximately 5'9" in height. and as you will see, he has on a very distinctive sweatshirt that has markings. and i would point out that also the vehicle that you'll see has a very distinctive front license plate. so again, hopefully these things will help us to identify this individual. and our people our
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investigators are standing by. one of the things we have been able to do in the past couple of hours is set up a 1-800 number for any leads that could come into this task force. that would be 1-800-call-fbi. the number is also listed there. there are operators standing by to take any information that would be provided. and what we're asking is regardless of how small people think that the information they have might be we want them to call us. we have investigative teams that are prepared to go out and follow every lead that is sent into this hot line number. and that's what we really need at this point. we need information. we have a good starting point here. we have a good suspect and what we need now is to get the assistance of the community. if they see this car, if they see this individual we do not want them to approach this person. we want them to call 911 and allow us and our partners


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