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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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involved. >> reporter: surveillance show roof entering emmanuel ame church last night. he apparently sat in on a prayer meeting and then opened fire. among the dead, south carolina state senator and church's pastor clementa pink any. today nicki haley joined the congregation for a prayer vigil. >> we have some grieving to do. we've got some pain that we have to go through. >> reporter: the emmanuel church is one of the oldest historically black churches in the country with deep roots in the civil rights movement. president obama said he knew pastor pinkany and died in the mass violence not seen in other countries. >> once again innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm, had no trouble getting their hand on a gun. >> reporter: fbi is investigating the shooting as a hate crime. marley hall, cb is. three "eyewitness news". we are learning more about
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local connections, to this deadly church shooting, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao spoke with the church leader from philadelphia who knew slain state senator clementa pinkany. >> reporter: mother bethel ame church in society hill was quiet just hours after learning nine people and a sister church in charleston south carolina were gunned down during a meeting there to pray. the man leading, reverend clementa pinkany who was a state senator is confirmed to be among the dead. >> this is such a great loss. >> reporter: mark kelly tyler knew the reverend well, philadelphia's where the entire ame church was founded as pastor here at mother bethel tyler spoke with the reverend half dots even times a year. >> great politician but a very good pastor, very committed to his church. >> reporter: emmanuel ame church will invoke they images but before these tragedy, two planned to meet again just weeks from now to go over a project they were working on together. pastor tyler is working on a
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documentary about the ame church in south carolina emmanuel being founding church they are playing a huge role and he knew instantly that reverend pinkany was a special person. >> pastor in the church and already making all of the right steps ape right decisions. >> just a hum blink privilege i have to serve as pastor. >> reporter: as for suspect capable of carrying out an unthinkable crime, pastor tyler reminded others about his faith. hate he says isn't a word he will use to describe his feelings toward the man responsible. >> hate is what got us here. hate leads us to a vicious psyched that will there is no end to it. so we have to find another way out of it. >> reporter: in society hill, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will have much more coverage of the church shooting coming up at 5:30 and get the latest anytime at cbs also, "cbs evening news" anchor scott pelley is in charleston tonight and will anchor live from that scene at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news" at 6:00.
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a large water main break has left shopping center in philadelphia's east falls section largely flooded tonight. >> this is all had happens at bakers square on fox street and roberts avenue and "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live with the very latest david. >> reporter: it is a mess out here crews just turn off that water main a few minutes ago. we will show you exactly where they turn off that break where those gentlemen are walking that is where water was spewing out. i want to throw out here 1895, that is when this water had main was installed. it tells you just how long it has been under the parking lot here obviously is there a break, we have some video to show you how intense this was. it happened around 3:00 this afternoon. there is several stores in this area, no homes that were affect, fire officials say that there were seven stores evacuated, we have a wine, spirits store a ross, shop rite dollar plus. we did notice there were several cars damage. we had a chance to speak to
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the owner of one of the cars who was inside when everything happened. >> i didn't know what was going on. then water came rushing in the front door. we asked if we could get out. he said out the back door but by the time i got here i could not get to the car. >> reporter: nobody lost, just decrease in pressure. interesting fact, had this ran for 24 hours at the peak of the water main break it would have been a 100 million gallons of water a day, at this point we don't know exactly how much water came out of here but crews knock it out two hours after it started, spewing. we are live david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime remnants of the tropical storm bill are now making their way across oak several inches caused flash floods and rock slides there. authorities are searching for a two-year old who was swept away by high water, yesterday. also, this camp bus was nearly swept away in falls creek.
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meanwhile in texas three teenagers had to be rescued after their car was surrounded by waist deep water. we are drying out here, after a wet start to the day but there is more wet weather in store for the weekend and that is, thanks to the remnant of the bill. meteorologist kathy orr is in stone harbor for orr the at the shore and joins us with the first look at the forecast hi, kathy. >> good afternoon, chris. when we arrived this afternoon it was cloudy and then sun came out and temperatures continue to climb here down the shore. it is actually warmer in stone harbor then it is in philadelphia we will step out so you can see beautiful view behind me, look at that, the bay here at stone harbor just picture perfect this afternoon. just a little breeze but it is very comfortable and humid lets take a look at storm scan three. we have some showers and heavy rain but far to the west in the harrisburg area and baltimore and washington. we will keep an eye on. that it will be in mainly dry throughout the evening if you have any outdoor plans. look at the rain from this
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morning a slow go in newark delaware closer to an inch of rain philadelphia .66 glendora a half an inch. same in vineland and willow grove .4 of an inch of rain. that has passed on with the warm front and now we are in a warm more humid air mass. temperatures slowly climbing in philadelphia but warmer at the shore. fill at high so far 72 degrees. stone harbor 74, as we work our way through the evening and the city and shore temperatures fairly similar. we will be in the lower 07's through 7:00 o'clock and 9:00 p.m. by 11:00 temperatures will be falling back in the 60's getting ready to heat backup toward fathers day weekend. and then, of course, we will have to talk about the remnant of bill which could create a spoil eras we celebrate dad on sunday. we will talk more about that later in the broadcast when i join with you that seven day forecast. >> okay kathy talk to you then, thanks very much. it might spoil day for many of us but rainy weather is a a relief for some, and you probably see the fruits of
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the wet weather along with veggies on your way to the shore. coming up at 6:00 o'clock tonight our cleve bryan will speak to farmers about breaking out of the drought. philadelphia police need your help to identify a suspect wanted for intended robberies caught on camera. this happened in the 2400 block of north 13th street, a man was approached by another man with the hand gun under a towel. that suspect forced his way to the victim's car and tried to make him withdraw money from an atm but nothing was taken. if you have any information call the philadelphia police. a lot of action at philadelphia city hall today among items city council moved on legislation for gallery redevelopment and increase in several taxes. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live at city hall with more on what this all means for those who live and work in the city, matt. >> reporter: jessica, this is council's last session for the summer and as is the normal they took care rather of quite a bit of business, before heading out for vacation.
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a a lot can happen in a three hour city council session the a agenda itself was over 20 pages long but will focus on the big stuff. start with school funning council approved three different tax increases that, along with selling off commercial tax liens will net district between 70 and 80 million-dollar. >> it is a challenge but at the end of the day we clearly have to support the children. >> reporter: city property taxes will go up over 4 percent, use occupancy taxes for city businesses will go up as will parking tax which may make off street parking more expensive. despite those measures the school district remains 20 to 30 million-dollar short of the funding it requested, and that money could come through under governor tom will wolf's proposed budget. >> we're hearing that there is potentially this year going to be additional support from harrisburg that is a long time coming. >> reporter: other big item on the agenda redevelopment of the gallery mall at market east. it is set for 350
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million-dollar upgrade seen here in rendering along with zoning changes council approved a 55 million-dollar tax subsidy for new mall's developers also known as a tif. >> this project would have never moved forward without it being passed by council. >> reporter: mayor nutter praised the bill before signing it into law after it passed surrounded by councilman and gallery developers. on top of all that city council voted to also approve the the fiscal year 2016 operating budget for the city. for now they are on summer break and all that legislation picks backup come september. we are live outside city hall, matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a man on the bike gets off and runs in the burning home but right before you call him a hero wait until you hear what he did once he got inside. also a bucks county woman was misdiagnosed with a serious illness and treated for years, which may jeopardize her future our health reporter stephanie
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stahl will tell us why this medical mistake is happening to a surprising number of people. what could a 10-dollar bill and someone who spent time in this house a long time ago possibly have in common? we will have
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in arizona tonight fire fighters are scrambling to contain this enormous brush fire, amid triple digit temperatures. so far blaze has consume more
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than a 1100 acres near community of carney, which is 85 miles south east of phoenix. all they fire did force hundreds of people to evacuate yesterday, many of those people had been allowed back home. in california, police are investigating a disturbing crime that was caught on tape. take a look at this man on the by sickle, he hops off to run inside of the burning home but what he did inside has home owner upset. he told police that the man walk in and stole her purse. there she is, trying to get their attention but it was too late. the man got on his bike, and pedaled away. the faa is investigating a near collision on the runway of chicago's midway international airport. officials say southwest airline flight was cleared for take off when an air traffic controller noticed a delta plane rolling without proper clearance on a intersecting runway. the control ordered delta plane to halt and that is when both planes stopped.
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>> stop, stop, stop. >> were we clear for take off. >> were you doing what you were supposed to be doing. >> delta. >> somebody kept stepping on me and i could not figure out who it was i reiterated it was you i was clearing to take off. >> planes were 2,000 feet from colliding at that intersection. anxious moment there. >> no doubt bit. still ahead here on "eyewitness news" move over alexander hamilton a would hand will grace the next 10-dollar bill but who will it be? we will tell you who is in the running. they call themselves, the free, you can see why the t ball team full of little elsa hitting a home run on social media, we will have their story coming up.
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well, it is certainly not an ideal beach day out there but if you can believe it is warmer down the shore then it is here in the city. >> how about that. meteorologist kathy orr is live in stone harbor for this weeks orr at the shore, hi there, kathy. >> you would not believe how crowded it is. many schools just got out today but we have families here that are on vacation, some schools got out last week and it is pack here at the mini golf, at club 18 mini golf, high atop the city of stone harbor and you can sea water tower there in our view.
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the beach beyond that. beach is not too crowded but everything in town is and we are getting held i for a great weekend. maybe not a total, ten but it is going to be fairly decent from the city to the shore. let's talk about it and show you storm scan three. this evening will be pretty nice. we have a few showers that are to our west but i think mostly it will fade as we move on through the evening period. you can see as we, pan down, towards memphis and into oklahoma to see that swirl, that is the remnants of the old tropical storm bill that will continue to move toward the north and the east and impact our weather unfortunately by fathers day weekend. right now in philadelphia 72. allentown 68. trenton 67. believe it or not it is warmer down the shore. cape may 73. we have an on shore flow with sunshine in stone harbor. we're at 74 degrees. ocean city 71 degrees. here are remnants of the tropical storm bill and you
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can see, right there the max wind only 15 miles an hour low moving toward the east/north east and that moisture is going to be moving through the ohio valley, if you can see those red and magentas, the center of the remnant will be to the south by sunday and that means we are going to be seeing some heavy rain across the area so as far as the rain is concern our computer models are showing about one to 2 inches of rain, across the area overnight mostly cloudy tonight, and a stay shower is possible, low temperature is around 64 degrees. during the day tomorrow morning shower but then turning sunny, 87 and then on our three day forecast it is pretty nice friday and saturday, the problem is sunday potential for some tropical downpours with the remnants of the bill, temperatures are will be in the 80's and down the shore will be in the 07's. back here live at club 18 and you can see high atop stone harbor. i'm joins by vince. the owner of this wonderful
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place. >> hi kathy it is pack today. >> thank you, first of all, for the weather. >> my pleasure i wish i was responsible. >> nice crowd here nice family group. >> tell me about this place how long have you been here. >> we have been here for 28 years. we redesigned, what was formally like a playhouse and we made tonight to a mini golf course. it has been a good 28 years and a lot of repeat customers a rot of people that came here as teenagers are now grandparents and parents and they have their children and grandchildren here. >> that is fantastic. i know you have your grandson working here. >> he just started here. >> yes. >> so, show us how to do it over here. we will play putt, putt. >> absolutely. >> thanks for having us. i hope you have a very busy summer season. >> thank you very much, you have a great summer. >> lets get our putters and we will come over here and watch the action and getting. that is very latest here high atop stone harbor here at putt
5:21 pm
putt golf course and if you want to come down this weekend we are looking at some showers for next couple days, good shot that they will be pretty good. that is very latest guys, back to you in the studio. >> mini golf is an essential part of the shore life. >> it is, and i see strong swings out there bright future good including kathy i'm sure, we will see that later on. >> thanks very much.
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philadelphia is celebrating the american flag all week, with special flag day events. today betsy ross as well emerging from her home at second and arch in olde city carrying the flag to be raised with the help of some volunteers including our own pat ciarrocchi. this was all part of the cities once upon a nation
5:24 pm
celebration. >> it could be soon seeing a whole lot more of betsy ross or perhaps some other famous american woman over the next couple of years. >> that is right, 10-dollar bill is being redesigned and it will star a woman but whiz woman? "eyewitness news" reporter carol erickson has this story. >> reporter: unleash the currency, american money, paper bills, featuring a boy's club of historic men, no one can keep straight. >> hoist on the 10-dollar bill right now? >> um, um, jefferson. >> reporter: no. >> hamilton, jackson. it is one of those guys. >> reporter: correct one alexander hamilton in 2020 will lose his $10 solo selfie to a paper bill woman. she will be chosen later this year her $10 qualification like a flag must be historic like a betsy ross type and champion inclusive democracy like. >> susan anthony. >> reporter: u.s. treasury secretary makes a final decision he wants input from
5:25 pm
the public. >> third choice? oh thanks anyway but woman on the bill can't be alive, that is third qualification, but it is one elinor roosevelt and claire barton means, very lively soon to be ninth grader alycia thinks the ten is a great place for. >> rosa parks. >> reporter: but for now big question mark which woman will be crumbled in with the george's abraham's and good cash flow day alexander's in your wallet. local pride might make a difference. >> it out to be harriet tubman. >> reporter: she spent time in this germantown house a stabbed on the railroad, johnson house director hopes treasury secretary sees the light and puts miss tubman on the bill. >> not a child that goes through here that doesn't know about harriet tubman. >> reporter: a lot have of exposure but now a day her face on the credit card might be more noteworthy. car will ol erickson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good stuff all good options there. it will be fun to see who it is and think think old ten
5:26 pm
toll air bill will be a collector's item, first round of the new 10-dollar bills. >> i like the carol erickson one but if you are a merchant and you get one of those. >> don't take it. >> also she's still alive. >> she cannot, make it on. let us know what you think on facebook, twitter and use that hash tag cbs-3 philly. >> coming up next, car seat safety some surprising new research parents will definitely want to hear. our team coverage continues on the church massacre in south carolina. we are learning more tonight about the victims and from leaders in our area. a local life is turn upside down when she's told she has a serious illness. after under going years of treatment she found out she was miss diagnosis. apparently this is not uncommon, health reporter stephanie stahl has her unbelievable
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tonight the suspect in the deadly charleston south carolina church shooting is in custody. >> dylann roofies accused of opening fire during a prayer service at historic black church. he was captured 250 miles away in shelby, north carolina. nine people were killed, including, state senator and pastor clementa pinckney in what investigating as a hate
5:30 pm
crime. today community came together to pray for the victims their families. >> this shut is should send a message that guns, must be taken off the street of america. >> there is something particularly heart breaking about a death happening in a place in which we seek solace. >> reporter: attorney general loretta lynch announced the department of justice opened its own investigation in the shooting. meanwhile suspect has waved extradition and is expect to be returned to south carolina this evening. we spoke with religious leaders in our area who said they are shock, saddened by the church massacre. some say it is a reminder there is work to be done to bridge racial divide. our reporter cherry greg from kyw news radio has that story. >> we have to get together. >> reporter: for generations faith leaders have led charge
5:31 pm
for racial justice in america. so many clergy see the attack on reverend clementa pinckney and his church members asiana tack on faith. >> it is very disturbing, very sad. a lot of grief and anger for to it happen in the congregation for people praying is absolutely gut wrenching. >> reporter: this is bishop wayne led faith meeting at this germantown church, today. their focus race. a discussion planned weeks before wednesday's mass killing to organize clergy involved in the movement for racial equality. >> the united states is in a volatile situation in that if we're not careful we will find ourselves engulfed in a great race war. >> reporter: the message resilience and focus, message others joined in. >> when terrorist attacks come upon you you cannot fear you cannot cower, you have to stand up. >> reporter: across town rodney mohammad leader of the philadelphia naacp is preaching faith with vigilance. >> i would encourage the
5:32 pm
church and every other house of worship to begin to have some kind of check procedure at the door to make sure people are not coming in with weapons. >> reporter: he wants communities of faith and justice to organize and to pray. tonight, the people will gather at the historic mother bethel ame church for a prayer vigil and leaders are asking clergy of all faith dedicate their message of love and not hate n germantown, cherrie greg kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. keep it right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we will have continuing coverage of the church massacre, you can get the latest at cbs philly to the come. a condemnation from pope francis today in, a letter on climate change to the world's catholics, the pope is blaming man's treatment of the environment and greed for pollution, global warming and the polite of the poor. pat ciarrocchi has reaction. >> reporter: pope is calling for a bold cultural revolution
5:33 pm
to fight climate change in a 200 page docks you'll known as a document which pope francis describes a per verse economic system where the rich exploit the poor. at pontifex he tweeted at earth our home is looking more and more like a immense pile of filth. clint stringer is an environmental expert from st. joseph's university. >> from what i have seen. >> reporter: in this case science blended with script tour invoking a moral authority, calling on the world to cut greenhouse gases and then live simpler lives. >> we go out and we burn our fossil fools in the you had and they have far reaching consequences globally, to people that are poor, marginalized and that is what he is saying is that we just cannot do that mind leslie. we have to have an eye on what it does to all people in the planet. >> reporter: climate skeptics, still continue to debate. >> probably moral responsibility to everything. you have to balance it. >> reporter: outside liberty bell a possible stop for
5:34 pm
francis in philadelphia, visitors had the pope's discussion top of mind. >> i agree with him completely. we're burning up everything that is natural, and good, for humans. we are living in a terrible contaminated atmosphere now. >> from his perspective obviously god created the earth and we have to, you know, use that and understand that it is our job to protect it, keep it clean. >> reporter: from philadelphia's archbishop chaput the holy father's, writing is a deep, complex appeal to reexamine our stewardship of the environment and our love for the global poor. climate change is expect to be part of the francis address to the u.s. congress and the u.n., in september. in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right pat, thank you. philadelphia delegation is heading to the vatican next week to finalize plans for pope 's visit here in
5:35 pm
september. i will travel with them and look for my reports from the vatican starting monday, right here on "eyewitness news". now to campaign 2016 northeast republican leadership conference is underway, in philadelphia. g.o.p. presidential hopefuls are addressing conservative activist during this three day event at the sheraton in center city. candidates are here hoping to get exposure, access to political insideers and former new york governor george pataki was first presidential candidate to speak today. >> i believe in the republican party is the party of freedom. it was the foundation of our country. it was declared right here in philadelphia. it is because that freedom is at risk today that i stand before you. >> new jersey governor chris christie will speak tomorrow, as will the lindsey graham and rick santorum. imagine being treated for devastating condition you do not have. that happens more often then you might think in tonight's
5:36 pm
healthwatch stephanie stahl has a exclusive story about how that happened to a woman in bucks county. >> reporter: debbie figured a healthy diet was an important part of living with multiple sclerosis, a disorder that strikes the central nervous system. >> it was scary, it was frightening, it was worrisome. >> reporter: when the 57 year-old was diagnosed with ms her children was stunned. >> destroys your world, yeah. >> reporter: for 15 years debbie, who lives in bensalem gave herself daily injections of a powerful drug that she thought was preventing ms symptoms but she and her family lived in fear, there was no telling when debbie might be incapacitated. >> i tried to prepare myself as much as possible for the worst. >> reporter: but the worst never came, when debbie's neurologist change medication dosage last year she got dizzy and saw a ms specialist who said that she didn't have it she had been misdiagnosed. >> i'm's devastated. i'm overjoyed, don't get me wrong that i don't have it but
5:37 pm
i'm so heart broken that i put my children through this. >> reporter: it has happened to others, research in the journal neurology says misdiagnosed of ms is common. >> many other conditions can give the mri imaging that we see in multiple sclerosis. >> reporter: debbie did not have have ms but she has weak painful tendons a side effect of the ms medications. >> i'm absolutely terrified. >> reporter: debbie wants to worn others and working with attorneys who is considering legal action against the first doctor. >> debbie went for all of these years with daily injections of toxic medications that can lead to many other problems. >> now experts say ms can be tricky to accurately diagnosis, and it usually involves imaging and series of other tests all have to be analyzed and interpreted by a neurologist. for now debbie and her family are waiting and wondering really what will happen next. >> oh, she's right super frustrating. she's relieved but imagine
5:38 pm
giving up so much of your life like that. >> reporter: fifteen years. >> incredibly frustrating, stephanie, thanks very much. still to come new concerns tonight about car seat safety, and why your vehicle, not the seat may be to blame. also, take a look at these fierce disney princesses that is a team photo for six and under ski ball team, we will introduce you to the team called the freeze. not breezy down the shore kathy. >> it is beautiful down the shore, chris where we're here at club eight miniature golf in stone harbor and let me see as i try my luck. wow. is the forecast a hole in one. we will see about that on the forecast from the city to the shore as "eyewitness news" continues. go ahead guys.
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jill schlesinger is here with more in honor of the upcoming fathers day holiday here's wisdom from my own dad, he was an options trader on the floor of the american stock exchange, high pressure job, with short work hours
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from 9:30 in the morning when markets opened until just after 4:00 p.m. when they close. the curtailed workday allowed them to attend all of my after school soccer games. one of the greatest lessons that i learned from daddies that an occupation that allowed you the flexibility to do other things in your life was likely more valuable then a high paying job. such career wisdom is using many americans to seek more tell i commuting opportunities, the state of pennsylvania comes in at number six nationally for tell i commuters, according to research from flex, 3.9 percent of workers in pennsylvania are full-time tell i commuters and numbers are growing increasingly, companies are allowing some flexibility for many employees, so it may be worth talking to your boss about working remotely as my dad used to say is there more to their than work. i'm jill
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. all right. it is shore time and if you happened to be down the shore it is a nice day. we're gearing up for more wet weather this weekend. >> we've got team three weather coverage with meteorologist kathy orr and kate billow, we will start with kathy live at stone harbor. kathy? >> you know, we have been down
5:46 pm
the shore orr at the shore for about 13 years now and one of the places we have never been, is club 18 miniature golf, do you believe that, that you have never been here before. >> no. >> it is unbelievable, all these youngsters and teens are enjoying a game of miniature golf on the have roof of the building right here on third avenue and i'm behind by mayor of the stone harbor susan walters. another summer. >> yes. >> fantastic. >> my pleasure. >> so what a great spot, first of all and on a cloudy day down the shore people say i don't wanting to to the beach and i will come play miniature golf. >> you can see kids and families here having a great time, a great spot. >> my grandchildren are here and they love it too. >> reporter: i will say hi here, tell me your favorite thing about this miniature golf? do you have a favorite hole? no. >> i like all of them. >> why don't you try this little easter island hole
5:47 pm
right there and i will talk tour grand mom here a minute. tell me about wonderful things going on here especially this for families because the kid just got out of school and you already have crowd. >> that is why i have the grand kid they just got out yesterday and fantastic and we are looking forward to a wonderful summer. we have had a ton of free events lined up monday night family fun night tuesday night concerts, wednesday night on the lawn we have a lot going on, we are looking forward to it. >> reporter: we are looking forward to a great weekend and we will talk about the beach forecast and more wonderful family here. thank you so much. >> thank you for being here we appreciate it. >> oh, my pleasure. >> lets look at that beach forecast. we are looking at a few nice days coming up especially during the day tomorrow, it looks nice. temperatures in the 70's. here's the forecast for saturday, mostly cloudy but that uv index on the moderate side. a few afternoon showers. high of 77. we are watching sunday fathers day concerned because of the remnant of the tropical storm bill, it will be breezy, some
5:48 pm
downpours are possible, so we will keep you updated on that, it will be warm but with a temperature of 76 degrees. back here live, i want to you meet jimmy, jimmy told me he would introduce me to his family. go ahead, tell me where you are from. >> i'm from levittown pennsylvania. >> reporter: where do you go to school. >> pennsbury. >> will you introduce me to your family. >> this is my dad jim, these are my two sisters annie and my mom gale. >> what grade are the twins going in to. >> kindergarten. >> did you have a good year in school. >> yeah. >> what are your plans this summer. >> we're -- >> you are on vacation. >> we're going to meet our family. >> and have some fun. >> yeah. >> let's try this hole, are you ready. you go first, jimmy. t it up. let's see how you do. all right. okay. i will bureau this ball. >> thank you very much. >> here, jimmy, you hold the
5:49 pm
mike. >> i will go, give it a good whack. not bad. not bad. we will finish this hole but come here send it back to the studio. look back in the camera and say jessica and chris back to you. >> back to you. >> jimmy, thank you. >> great job and work on kathy's putting. give her some tips. >> good work guys, have a great vacation. >> you played many round of golf at that particular spot. >> i have indeed, dinosaur, we love the dinosaur right across the street from springer's, kathy doesn't get ice cream before she leaves, i think she's mistaken. >> i think we know that will happen. >> okay. lets take a look at how the evening is shaping up because it has been an ugly day outside. it is getting brighter. we can see tops of the buildings here in center city when we have in the been able to see mess of the day here. we are trying to see blue skies but just a cloudy,
5:50 pm
dreary day after rain this morning. we have not been able to break out of the cloud cover. lets get to the live neighborhood network sites at lower merion high school right along montgomery avenue. may be out on the field enjoying the afternoon and traffic moving okay. road not wet, everything is dried out by midday. now just 70 degrees in ardmore at lower merion. it has been a cool day, temperatures below average. reason why rain and clouds that have been hanging on. notice we have thunderstorm activity on storm scan three missing us off to the south. lightening and thunder around d.c. and skies clearing behind those storms, whole lot warmer, a few miles to the west, in fact, take a look you can see orange and yellow where warmth is but we have been stuck in the cloud all day. temperatures trying to get one last push here. seventy-three at the airport. seventy-two wilmington. sixty-eight in allentown. eighty in pitberg. ninety-one in richmond. up to 77 in state college. this heat will be getting in our area tomorrow.
5:51 pm
but we have got to talk about bill. bill must not be a dad, because bill will come long and spoil our fathers day on sunday. still a tropical depression. as we get in the weekend this patties what bill takes. notice buildings right over south jersey, shore points, i'll be down the shore and i'm mad at bill for raining on the beach vacation. it will bring heavy rain. most likely time will be saturday night in the first part of the day on fathers day sunday. we will track it for you. just some cloud in the morning. stray shower. high pressure briefly tries to build in we will keep sun shane through our friday. we will clear it out into saturday morning. a few more cloud, a stray thunderstorm saturday afternoon. here comes bill. this comes in sunday at 9:00 a.m. we will see heavy rain. may, may is the keyword dry out late in the afternoon but not before leaving rainfall in the wake. in fact take a look what we can expect. here comes bill. notice bright colors to the south, on spots looking at 3 inches of rain from cape may
5:52 pm
county right down through delaware beaches and then by sunday at noon. overnight tonight mainly cloudy we have a stray shower around 64 degrees is our overnight low. tomorrow starts out glummy, maybe a shower but will turn brighter throughout the course of the day. we will get to 87 for our friday high. not a bad final friday of spring. for your fathers day sunday warm heavy rain is possible back to the early watch for tropical downpours. not the best fat are day in the morning. may have to move inside. maybe we will dry it out in the afternoon. we will start summer on sunday. sum inner full winning next week. ninety on monday. mid up toker 80's with sunshine tuesday and wednesday as well. jessica, back over to you. trending now this may be the cutest t ball team you will ever see, look at the freeze. a team photo for a t ball team in oklahoma went viral. you see the girls here, they are all dressed up as ella is a from frozen, of course. they wear their t ball gear
5:53 pm
including black lines under their eyes. they think elsa is a wonderful role model. >> i love you elsa. >> who doesn't love elsa. >> i love you elsa too. unfortunately the team didn't have a winning season, but you have to listen to elsa and frozen, let it go, right. >> let it go. let go of that. >> brothers will have a olaf team. >> very, very cute you can see why it went viral. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a car seat is only part of the equation for keeping kid safe in the back seat. >> there is surprising safety information out today and parent, you need to hear it,
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
new testing shows that this car seat is part of the equation for child safety. >> at attachment hardware for car seats were tested for american 100 cars and cbs news correspondent hanna a daniels tells us which vehicles passed the test. >> reporter: this carries on the market aren't making it easy to make parents properly install child restraints insurance institute for highway safety looked at the
5:57 pm
built in hardware or latch system which stand for lower anchors and teathers for children. >> we evaluated over a hundred vehicles and only three earned the top rating of good. more than half were poor or marginal. >> reporter: ratings are based on how easy it is to use the hardware. in many vehicles, latch can be confused with other hardware and almost impossible to spot. only three vehicles received a rating of good the bmw five series, mercedes benz gl class and volkswagen passat. those rated poor included toyota siena and popular nissan altima and volkswagen passat. parents should look for latch hardware that will be latch hardware easy to use is more likely to result in a good tight installation. >> reporter: iihs say car manufacturers need to put them in accessible locations and leave parent enough room to maneuver around them. hanna daniels for cbs-3
5:58 pm
"eyewitness news". safety officials say latch hardware with the poor rating provides same protection as hardware with the good rating but just more difficult to use. >> but very important to use. >> yes. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. at 6:00 for second time in the week water rushes in a fill neighborhood after a water main break and we are live in east falls. >> why did you do it? >> reporter: suspect in the south carolina church massacre is in custody but answers are out of reach tonight. we will talk to a local woman whose cousin was a pastor killed in south carolina. rainy days may not be your favorite thing unless you depend on it for your livelihood i'm cleve bryan coming up how farmers feel batch needed rain. but we don't want too much rain. i'm meteorologist kathy orr, remnants of tropical storm bill will be moving our way, we could have downpours for fathers day from the city to the shore, we are live in stone harbor and i'll have that forecast coming up, all
5:59 pm
next on "eyewitness news", "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news at 6:00 o'clock water gush necessary to an east falls parking lot, flooding a shopping center. thinks the second significant break this week, in philadelphia, tonight the clean up is underway, crews are working to repair that main. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. we will go out to "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt and how is it looking out there. >> reporter: things were actually put down an hour ago when the actual gushing stopped but right now it is a muddy sloppy mess. this is what crews to have do to water since drained and receded but for almost two hours that water was coming out and coming out very quickly. 189 is five the year officials say water main below this parking lot at corner of fox street and roberts avenue was installed.
6:00 pm
water started spewing out around 3:00 o'clock putting the parking lot under water and creating problems for businesses. >> we didn't know what was going on and then all of a sudden water came rushing in the front door, and, we had, asked if we could get out and back door but by the time i got here i said i could not get to the car. >> reporter: her carries ruin. >> water inside, and as you can see it is up to the wheels so just turned tonight to my insurance agency. >> reporter: water crew where is on the scene in minutes but water kept fledge even getting inside some stores. >> i went to the door to see what was going on and there was water flooding through the front. >> reporter: water pressure in stores and nearby homes has already and will continue to decrease but crews are confident, that there won't be an entire loss of water. >> and it ran at a rate, at its highest for a full 24 hours, about 100 million gallons of water escape the main. >> reporter: that number is are


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