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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 19, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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lightning over into. >> katie here to take a look at what we can expect when we head off this morning. >> just depend where you are what you will find initially here nicole, eventually we see some sunshine, but for now, some damp roads out there even still some very heavy rain continuing to fall, we just showed you on storm scan. we take it quickly full screen. this is all cold front related. soap, you are still going to fine a shower, thunderstorm popping up out there today. generally, skies are starting to clear and if we can expect that to happen as the day progresses. the more detail on that in your full forecast coming up. guys, back to you. >> thank you the manna cured of church massacre in south carolina sits in jail this morning, waiting for bond hearing. >> police say 21 year old dillon roof opened fire inside historic black church in charleston wednesday night. he killed nine people including pass ton there. roof was arrested yesterday morning in north carolina after massive manhunt. thanks to a woman who spotted his karat a stop light he was apprehended. now, she followed that suspect for miles until police arrived.
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cbs correspondent craig boswell live in charleston, south carolina with the very latest, good morning. >> reporter: absolute disbelief, shock anger anguish, all of those emotions being expressed here, and this morning, a chilling portrait of the accused shooter is coming to light. dylann roof will face a judge in charleston later today, to be arraigned, and charged with murder in connection to the mass shooting inside the emanuel ame church that left nine people dead. the 21 year old was extradited to charleston thursday evening after being captured about four hours away in shell bee north carolina debbie dill who spotted roof's vehicle on her way to work, alerted authorities when she recognized the car and the driver. >> i got up a little closer to him, and i seen the haircut that they were talking about kinds of the bowl-looking cut. >> this image from the snap chat account of one of the church victims apparently shows roof at the bible study before the shooting. >> as a memorial continues to
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grow outside the historic church a portrait of accused shooter dill inch roof begins to emerge. roof's childhood friends joey says he reconnected with roof a few weeks ago, meek says roof told him he wanted to hurt a whole bunch of people and that he had a plan. >> he just told me that the black people was taking over the country and he wanted it to be segregation. >> meek says roof used birthday money from his parents to buy a gun. sources tell cbs news, police found a 45 caliber pistol in roof's possession, and investigators found shell casings of the same caliber at the shooting scene. charleston county sheriff's department says roof social security held in isolation and later today charged with nine counts of murder. live in charleston, south carolina, craig boswell, now back to you. >> craig, thanks for that update. we we do appreciate it. >> local church holds vigil to remember the victims of the church massacre in south carolina.
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>> hundreds of people from faiths gathered last night at mother bet elame church in society killed. one of those killed reverend pinkney, a member of the south carolina state senate. he has family in our area. >> it was in a place he loved. waist in the right place at the right time, i would say because you know what he was in prayer. >> the name every those killed were red out lied. stay on news on tv and on line, for the latest information on the church massacre we'll let you know what happens when roof appears in court later today. >> the latest on the showers. >> it is actually straight up soaking rain, too. >> maryland, early delaware this morning quickly retreating out to sea
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. >> nasty storms rumbling through portions of the area. notice how they start today fizzle. also, move out to sea, quick hitters, but they may have woken some of you up in the middle of the night. all cold front related so, we are watching this front continue it trek offer to the southeast, will sweep out to sea later tonight. >> back to clouds through, so we're likely to see maybe spotty shower perhaps even rumble every thunder at some point today. the general gist. >> seymour sunshine with time, as well. >> interesting, calm winds being reported there considering did you have pocket of rain moving through. but as we head forward in this forecast yes, a lot warmer than it was yesterday. expecting at least 80 degrees at the shore with gradually
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clearing skies and there still be a shower if not rumble every under this nerve philadelphia. nothing super hard hitting, just enough it is worth a mention from this front crossing through. and then, skies clear out i think the first half of the week, should be a-okay. more details on that,. >> thanks so much, katie. good morning everyone, right now, traveling on the majors, still a frily nice ride. but as katie was talking about, some of the water on the roadway, it is definitely out there. and makes it a very slick and sometimes, well, not sometimes, a lot of the time, a dangerous commute if you just don't take it easy. soap, taking a look first at 95. notice headlights reflecting off the roadway there, if you are traveling in either direction around cottman avenue, you are moving well, no delays in either direction in and out of the northeast and real any and out of center city, south philly, everywhere, delaware county, it is all good. even in delaware, itself, we're not seeing any delays. so all-in-all, beautiful ride. moving now to the schuylkill expressway, this is 76, not too far away from center city. if you are traveling in and out of the city and throughout
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your western suburbs again no problems, no delays. that earlier construction that we had on the vine street expressway closing the vine, between the schuylkill and broad street, has been lifted, so good news there. if you are traveling the roosevelt boulevard, both northbound and southbound, between rhawn and strale, we've been experiencing this ongoing construction for quite some time. and the inner drive is closed, so, maneuvering in and around this area, stay to the outer drive if you can maneuvering throughout the neighborhoods good idea with weather like this to take it eastleigh too. >> also, some construction traveling in new jersey, affecting new jersey turnpike at the pa turnpike connector bridge westbound side. >> note that for the next couple of hours but no delays for mass transit and things at the airport are moving fairly well, but i would say even in weather like this probably good idea to call ahead. nicole?
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>> "eyewitness news" on the 5600 block of lloyd street. now this happened shortly after 1:00 this morning and firefighters had trouble fighting flames, because the house was boarded up from the inside. now, there were report of a person trapped on the second floor, but firefighters tell us, there is no sign that anyone was in there. now no one was injured. meanwhile, water main break, at nicetown shopping center parking lot leaves a muddy mess, causes damage to several stores there. the break happened at baker center along roberts avenue. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at the scene, with the very latest on the repairs justin, big mess. >> perhaps along day couple every days, height you here crews that have work here overnight trying to air out these several stores, that were flooded out yesterday. also, right over here there is orange fencing behind that fencing, is the large hole, we are told, crews have been digging to try to find the pipe that burst and cause this mess just yesterday.
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we are told by days in they want to be closer to two goals, one, re-opening the stores, and also finding the cause of this break. >> muddy mess left by millions of gallon of gushing water thursday afternoon. about 3:00 p.m. shoppers say they saw much of the baker center parking lot off fox street and roberts avenue turn into a pond. >> from the check outline there is woman recalls watching waves of panic in the store, then the waves of water outside. >> i went to the door, to see what was going on, and it was water just flooding through the front. >> philadelphia firefighters evacuated seven stores, in some 100 people. shoppers who could save their cars quickly did. but were not spared the water main's wet wrath. >> this main was 120 years old. >> as for the cause, a ruptured 48-inch main, more than dozen feet underground
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and put there back in 1895. no word on how many or why it broke. >> age may play a factor, infrastructure in philadelphia is aging but we're work to go replace it. >> shut off flow to investigate and begin clean up. this plaza flooded before. back in january 2014, broken line left a similar mess. though officials believe that break-in thursday's are unrelated. >> one store majorly affected by that 2014 break-in at the shoprite down there, believe it or not loan store here spared this time around. every store from that shoprite around to this hair store to my left here, has been affected by this flooding, and likely, may be closed for portion of the day or perhaps, even longer, we are told that at the height of this flooding, there was some 7 million gallons of water gushing, in this lot so big mess still this morning and perhaps for some time. erika, nicole? >> justin, thank you.
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>> happening today, new jersey governor chris christie will be in philadelphia for the northeast republican leadership conference. presidential candidate rick santorum will also speak at the conference this morning the event kicked off yesterday, at the sheridan, in center city. santorum and other presidential hopefuls are addressing conservative activists during this three day event. >> get ready to go for dip in the pool. >> sound grand to me. >> philadelphia kicks off its summer swim seat season later today. >> it does not begin until sunday but the city getting jump start. first of the city's 07 outdoor pools open today. all will be open by july 1st. pool hours 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. monday through friday. and noon to 5:00 saturdays and sun date days, something about spools summer, ac killed. >> what could be bad about a pool day? life is so good. still ahead this morning about the last thing you want it hear, taxes going up in philadelphia sorry. >> chances are you will ends up paying the price even if you don't live in the city
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. >> now she lost another job. >> also, more communities covered in water as what's left of tropical storm bill soaks the midwest. now the flood being is taking a tragic turn. and of course all of that rain headed our way here this morning, katie lets you know if the whole weekend will be a wash out whether we do traffic and weather together on the 3's. we'll be back.
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comfort keepers can provide a variety of custom in-home services for your aging loved ones, including medication reminders and transportation to the doctor. ♪ >> the flooding flooding in oak people claimed life of second person this week, a 08 year old woman found dead yesterday after she was trying to cross a washed out road in her truck. a river had overflowed on to the roadway and the powerful current then took over. the renmant of tropical storm bill have been causing massive flooding in that region. now, earlier this week, two year old boy drowned in that flood. it is 5:13 right now. let's check in with katie on what's happening in our area. >> guys, we are eventually going to end up here, with
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some of the moisture associated with what was tropical storm depression bill at this point, brinking in all of the heavy rain, and still got very well defined rotation to it. >> we start it off by taking you out to wider zoom on storm scan. you can see, there is very, again, well defined system, still spinning away here, but eventually, it is going to sort of just get stuck. need something to push it o next cold front will eventually come along here. but looking at this storm system. bringing in bands of soaking rain across missouri, arkansas, eventually the whole thing will get swept up by this. >> help sweep this across the us, over our area, and then out to sea with time. so we track it, currently depression in bill, and it has got central pressure of 1,005 millie bars.
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15-mile per hour sustained wind speed not big wind producer but it is a soggy rain producer. >> one two, three plus inch and the every rain that come with this, yep basically bull's eyes right over philadelphia, as we look ahead to specifically sunday. so timing less than ideal obviously for fathers day 84 degrees, the expected hi, and steamy on that holiday for you here, the official beginning of the summer season. and then it is out of here, it does make very speedy exit out to sea which is great. >> monday hot, sunny steamy, that's a pool day my friends if i ever saw one. that's maybe kicking off your summer vacation, you pick a good start to it. >> wet fathers day. >> we'll get through it.
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>> good morning still little wet on the roads and because of that, you may notice that it is a little bit slow out there. but because of no volume at this time, i would just caution you to take it easy even if you don't see many folks out there. take a look at the vine street expressway all-in-all, pa, new jersey, delaware, not too long with too many problems f any at this point. even the construction that we had earlier on the vine street expressway closing both directions between the area of broad street lifted so as you notice headlight coming toward you, that would be the eastbound side, making their way down toward 95, and then the westbound side as you notice these tail light here moving quite easily. so the vine great at this time. even as we continue into new jersey the 42 freeway pretty fantastic. northbound, as you will notice approaching 295 looking great out there seems we might have disable vehicle on the shoulder but again because of no major delays and volume still overall beautiful ride. no delays for mass transit. >> thank you. still ahead this morning
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philadelphia police officer goes above and beyond the call of duty, see his act of kindness going viral. >> robo calls in the past. >> annoying. >> new way to stop those annoying phonecalls. >> oh? >> do tell. >> details on that coming up. good morning.
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>> are you bug by unwanted robo calls? your phone can do something to cut them off. just approved new rules that let phone companies block the robo calls if you don't want them. the same rules apply for spam texts, you get on your cell phone. one of the biggest calls impacted by the change will be political robo calls that are exempt from the do not call list. how about that? >> sound good to me. 5:19. time to check your philadelphia job market report. business analyst jill schlessinger. >> in honor of the upcoming fathers day holiday here's
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some wisdom from my own dad. he was an options trader on the floor of the american stock exchange. with high pressure job short work hours from 9:30 a.m. until just after 4:00 p.m. when they close. the curtailed work day allowed into a tent all of my after school soccer games. one of the greatest lessons i learned from dad, an occupation that allowed you flexibility to do other things in your life was likely more valuable than a high paying job. such career which is come leaving many americans to seek more tell he commuting opportunities. the state of pennsylvania comes in at number six nationally, for tell he commuters. according to research from flex jobs. com 3.9% of workers in pennsylvania are full-time tell he commuters and the numbers are growing. increasingly, companies allowing some flexibility for many employees so it may be worth talking to your boss about working remotely, as my dad used to say, there is a lot more to life than work.
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i'm jill schlessinger, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> right now traffic and weather together. 5:23, watching a shower and heavy rain depending where you are. >> exactly it, thankfully i can report, heaviest of the rain now pushing out to sea so unless you're on a boat, looking better here right now we can start things off by taking you out to view of boat sitting out on the shore. and the damp sands is tell-tail. isn't it? we did have steady rain roll through across beach patrol headquarters just next-door atlantic city and many other locations, up and down the jersey shore we show you the three hour loop. it explains it very well. look at. that will man overnight some of you probably got woken
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up by thunder and lightning over portions every delco, new castle county here. it is all pretty much pushing out to sea as far as heaviest stuff, residual showers along the way got to talk about sunday. here is the gist. track tropical remnants, depression bill, expecting rain heavy thunderstorms along the way here locally it will be more than anything, a soggy mess for you here with potential for flooding. and we could even locally ends up with 3 inches every rainout of. >> this so sunday will be a mess, make indoor plans for dad, i'm telling you 90 degrees on monday with a sun returning. so we kick start this upcoming week here, certainly with some summertime heat. vittoria? >> well, right now, with the dampness that we have on the roadway, i'm anticipating it will setback your rush hour. but not dealing with rush hour delays just yet. we're starting to see little bit more traffic on some of our majors, like 95, i know it doesn't look awful. and it is not looking at this shot here. but 95, the headlights coming toward you, that would be the
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southbound side, notice, headlines reflecting, indicating yep it is going to be slick ride this morning. >> cottman angrier around, fine delays, but just building, stay with us, rush hour on its way nicole? >> vittoria, thank you. sports, the sixers are going to look good when they start the regular season this fall. these are the new uniforms that we told you about yesterday morning. the unveiling brought fans to their feet, and the uniforms combine elements worn by the sixers champions in 1967, and also 1983. so little throw back there for you. the current crop of sixers and old friends were therefore the party, and someone asked allen iverson if he would consider helping out the young players. >> if you do say so yourself. also on hands sixers legends
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moses malone, cunningham, dawkins, and others. some good news some bad nice for philly fans this morning. good news, well, the phils nine game losing streak is over. thank goodness. the bad news? cole hamels will miss a start against the cardinals tonight because of hamstring strain unfortunately. now, yesterday another homerun for the orioles. they hit 12 homeruns against the phillies in this series. but the phils they finally got one, too ryan howard, despite all of the offense and the phils win it two-one. and while today is the second round of the us open outside seattle tiger woods struggled to his worse rounds ever at an open. he had eight bogus and triple, to finish at ten over. so, not so great for tiger. first round leaders are dustin johnson and henry stinson at five under. erika? >> nicole, thank you. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" the latest overnight developments on the charleston church shooting suspect gets ready to head to court today. philadelphia city council has
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wrapped up its work for the summer. jan carabeo live in center city coming up finds out how couple of items could have big impact on your wallet. >> jan, thanks. also frightening day on the job for some pennsylvania construction workers. see what it look like the moment a bridge collapsed with them standing on it. and, vittoria and katie return. they have your traffic and weather together on the 3's. how is your weekend looking? how is fathers day going to shape up? katie is tracking it for up. we're back in just two minutes.
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>> charleston church massacre waking up in jail this morning. he is getting reds toy face a judge, after being charged with killing nine people. twenty-one year old dillon roof is awaiting a bonds hearing. >> he is charged with murder in the mass shooting inside
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the emanuel ame church left nine people dead including the pastor. roof was extradited to charleston yesterday after being captured about four hours away, in shell bee north carolina woman spotted roof's car alerted police, then followed him all until they arrived on the scene. >> bowl look being cut. >> sources tell cbs news they found pistol in roof's possession investigators found shell casings. same caliber at the shooting scene. roof has waived his right to council, meaning he will represent himself or hire his own lawyer. of course you can stay with "eyewitness news" on television and on line at for all of the late he information on the church massacre. we'll let you know what happens when roof appears in court later today. >> brace yourself for tax hikes, if you live and work in philadelphia. for the details, we head out to jan carabeo at city hall where city council members


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