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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and good saturday morning to you. we're talking about a weekend wash out here. a live look at storm scan3 shows the remain of tropical storm billhead dollars our way. the area right now under a flood watch this morning. >> today is saturday, june 20th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer, it is 5:00 on a saturday morning, we send it over to carol. we have a lot to talk about this weekend. unfortunately it involves a lot of rain? >> and also involves fathers day. and it is the first day of summer. >> not the best timing, i guess? >> the timing not great at all for. >> this we are going to be getting some rain though. right now just looking at least the first part of the day, probably being a fairly quiet. we've got humidity out there of course, mild temperatures, we will take a look, see what
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we have going on out there at the present time. you can see that 71 degrees, that's the temperature in ardmore, that's how it looked yesterday afternoon. this is how it looks now. and you can see that we're still dealing with darkness, and we're dealing with darkness at the palmyra cove nature park, as well, but as loot it is not raining now. we will be finding that changing in a major way though, and you can see on storm scan3 that we've got a lot of rain, off in the center of the country right now but it will be coming up here. you can see the spin on it, as it moves toward cincinnati. this will be a soaker for a number of locations now as far as the temperatures go this morning, they are very mild 75 degrees, in philadelphia, 73 in wilmington, 69 degrees in trenton, 61 even in the poconos, and the 70s along the shore. our temperatures get into the lower 80s this afternoon, it will be humid mostly cloudy, most of the time. shower thunderstorm chances probably starting this afternoon, heaviest rink will be holding off until overnight. we will time some of this out. future weather says that by
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8:00 this morning we've just got clouds over us, you see shower or two before we start to see some of the heavier rain coming in tonight. it is possible. this is a look at 10:00 tonight. we will finish out the time line when i come back. we do have the flood watch that runs from tonight right until tomorrow evening. and we will spell it all out and find out with we get rid of it, too, nicole? >> carol thanks. new this morning philadelphia police investigating a homicide in the mayor fair neighborhood of philadelphia. man was shot in the 5700 block of leonard street around 1:00 a.m. he was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. there is no word on a suspect at this time. >> well, if you are traveling around center city this weekend you may encounter several street closures. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry live there now to show you all of the detours. syma, what's going on? >> reporter: well, nicole, lots of construction going on in the city this afternoon. and this morning as you can see behind me, crews are already out getting ready for
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this. now, we are talking about some big closures in and around city hall. we are talking about 11 street to 16th street near market street being closed from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the street near the old pnb bank building will be close today allow a helicopter to remove an old air-conditioning unit. so if you hear a lot of noise this morning, that's what it is. crews will also install a support system for a new ac unit at the old pnb bank building. now, other street closures to mention, if you plan on heading to university city this morning, spruce street, will be closed from 34th to 38th street, from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 in the afternoon the area around seventh and chestnut, which is a popular area, on saturday days, a lot of tourists like to hang out there, that could get clog up because of closure that starts in about two hours. and until 3:00. around the same time, a portion of columbus boulevard under the walt whitman bridge, will also be closed so give yourself plenty of time to get around this city this
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afternoon, and you know, a lot of people like to go and do the tourist thing they like to go to the museum, they like to do brunches on saturday days. so, you don't want to get in here get into the city, get stuck around the traffic and then having to try to figure out a way to make it to where ever you are heading. so give yourself plenty of time today headed into the city. i send it back to you nicole. >> good heads up, thank you. right now more details are emerge being wednesday's mass shooting at historic black church in charleston, south carolina during a video court appearance yesterday the victim's families expressed extraordinary words of forgiveness telling the suspected gunman they do forgive him and hate won't win. marlie hall report now from charlton where the community is trying to heal. >> ♪ ♪ >> people in charleston gathered remember the victims shot to death as they held a prayer meeting inside the
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historic emanuel ame church wednesday night. >> we all have one thing in common: our hearts are broken? twenty-one year old shooting suspect dillan roof officially charged with nine counts of murder during bail hearing friday and victims families were allowed to speak. sister of reverend spoke for her family. >> we are the family that love built. we have no room for hating t so we have to forgive. i pray god on your soul and i thank god that i won't be around when you are sentenced. >> i forgive you and have mercy on your soul. >> police documents show the victims were shot multiple
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times, and that roof made a racially inflammatory statement cents as he stood over one of the survivors. roof is being held in solitary confinement and is on suicide watch. marlie hall, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now this crime motivated by racial hatred is spark ago conversation about the confederate flag. right now the confederate flag flies on the grounds of south carolina state capitol. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has that part of the store. >> i we find this flag to be the symbol and the flag after american terrorist. >> south carolina's state capitol friday, both the state and united state flag went to half staff to honor the lives of nine people murdered on the ground of a charleston church. in the same place the confederate flag flow over hud at full staff protected that makes it untouchable. >> enough is enough. >> in philadelphia, friday, the confederate flag was balled up on the ground every independence mall, shoved into
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a small metal tub and set on fire with lighter fluid. >> i'm extremely happy to burn this flag, and this flag represented for generations of fear it represent hatred it represents bigotry. >> the burning friday afternoon was done by small group of activists without much man fair, iron, or attention, radio host manuel glenn says none of that is the point. >> this flag represent american terrorism. it represent the symbol after american terrorist. >> once again the usual southern debate has gone nationwide. is the flag a cultural marker of heritage, history, and tradition, or a symbol of hatred, represented murder, rape, and oppression? >> well, i think it is a ring. >> patricia wilson aiden is the president and ceo of american museum in philadelphia. while she says the flag's purpose historically will likely be debated for generations it placement as a symbol of antagonism and death for african-americans has been
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firmly cemented. >> this is an instance where we need to put the past in the past. it does nothing to heal this nation. and, therefore, needs to be put aside. >> friday, nicky haley was asked to address the controversy on cbs this morning, she responded by saying in part, quote right now, i'm not doing that to the people of my state saying she wants to focus on healing first. reporting from the saturday center, steve patterson cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and you can stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the south carolina church massacre. we will bring you updates on tv and on line at >> developing now, new york state police say they are investigating possible siting of those two escaped killers two men fitting their description, were seen one week ago in stoop end county, new york, more than 300 miles away from the prison they escaped from. men in question were headed toward the pennsylvania border, investigators are
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analyzing surveillance video that far pair. by the way it has been two weeks since richard matt and david sweat escaped from that up-state new york prison. pair now on the us marshall 15 most wanted list. the agency is offering a $50,000 reward for information lead to go their capture. corrections officer was put on leave friday as part of this investigation, and a prison worker, joyce mitchell, has been charged with helping those men escape. >> meanwhile, a young boy is recovering this morning after being struck by a line drive at last night's phillies game. this all happened in the ninth inning foul by hit by dominick brown. he was in the front line. the boy was taken to the hospital for evaluation. so hopefully he'll be okay. commissioners in rehoboth beach rejected controversial plan which would have earth shore rent presser using pools or hot tubs there. city mayor proposed this as a way to cut down on noise
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complaints. homeowners have been recovered to cover or lock their pools when renting out their properties. while voting down the measure the board did vote for them to register their pools with the city. 5:10 right now. very truck discovery in south jersey. still ahead this morning worker finds a noose hanging in his truck. "eyewitness news" talks to that victim who says he now fears for his life. >> and questions a rise over how his supervisors handled that situation. we'll have more on. that will also, ahead huge fires burn across the western part of the country. the areas most in danger this morning, when we come back. we'll take a short break.
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>> final day of the gop conference, using the platform this week to pitch to their fellow party members. the three day northeast republican leadership conference is being held at the center city sheridan. undeclared candidate new jersey governor chris christie addressed that crowd. while he hasn't formally thrown his hat into the ring, many felt that a portion of his speech yesterday casino of hinted that in a announcement may be in the works. >> so if i do there is that's the way i will do t some days i will say things that will certainly make you feel un comfortable. some days, i cannot believe he said that out loud. that's an inside thought not an an outside thought.
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>> he is famous for those isn't he? the gop wraps up with win con sin governor scott walker. >> philadelphia charm err of the boy scout has approved new policy that allows to start as scout masters said long south policy included, nearly a month ago boy scout of america president robert gates, said the organization's ban on gay adult scout leaders needed to end. after the remarks local chapters were allowed to amend operate their own policies. >> a 14:00. we are hearing from atlantic county work err who said he found a noose hanging inside his truck. now, that man says, he's living in fear. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan, has the details now from egg harbor township. >> all this stuff going on with south carolina, this stuff is really serious. >> scott henry said he is thinking about getting new job after finding news two weeks ago in his trash truck at the atlantic county utility authority. >> i felt threatened immediately, i felt like somebody was targeting me, like putting black by that
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goes to open up the truck. i see a noose there that's not a joke, nothing fun bye that that's serious business. >> henry's bosses say they are taking the matter very seriously, launched internal investigation immediately but they didn't contact the police until 15 days later after county leaders pressured them to make the call. why didn't the utilities call the police right away? >> because at first it wasn't seen as a hate crime. scott henry didn't identify this as a hate crime at that time. it was an unfortunate incident that appalled us. and we were going to follow up and get some information. >> henry's frustrated how his bosses handled the noose surge, urging henry to speak out, says it was the wrong decision not to get police involved from the start. >> this is something you don't just roll over and act like it doesn't exist here in 2015, because we still have some deranged people living among us. >> egg harbor township police are now investigating the noose, but say it is too preliminary to say if there has been a hate crime. >> anything could have happened to me. that will could have been direct threat on my life.
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like i fear for my life at one point. my wife didn't even want me to come to work. >> he said today is his last day for awhile, taking over six to ten weeks because of stress n egg harbored township, clever bryant, "eyewitness news". >> fire fight remembers battling several wild fires all across the west. one of the biggest is in the san berdino mountains east of long as less, helicopter attacking the 11,000-acre fire from above. this as hundreds of firefighters bat it will on the ground. big mess there. farther north, fires are burning near yosemite national park even in alaska. hey, it is rain, and lots of it, reaking absolute havoc in the south and in the midwest precipitation is all thanks of course to the renmant of this tropical storm bill. flooding had a claimed several lives in oklahoma unfortunately. the red river that divides texas and oklahoma now threatening to reach the highway. that runs over it, and that's frightening, carol to see that. >> you know, it is, and this storm is tenacious, this
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tropical storm bill, not even tropical storm any more, but lock at the rain there, they have got a lot of rain through the center of the country. take a look at storm scan3 we are looking at where bill is right now. or what was once bill. and even so, it is just going to be soggy around here. it is already getting very soggiment look at cincinnati. and it has got little bit of territory to go before it get to us. right now none of this is actually hitting the ground around the philadelphia area. we just have the cloudy skies but we've got so much moisture in the air that it is not going to take long when all of this energy gets over here for it to really just downpour on us. so even this afternoon that's certainly not out of the question that we can see some showers at least starting this afternoon. seventy-five, it is warm out there, right now in philadelphia, 69 degrees, in trenton, and 66 in allentown if you are looking for some of the cooler numbers go to the north. if you want the warmth and the humidity early in the morning why not stay through south jersey? seventy-three in millville, 72 down in wildwood this morning.
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now, here's what we are expecting tomorrow. remnants of tropical storm bill tropical downpours are still expected, amounts generally, one to 2 inches, but locally by locally we mean, in a spot or two, you may be finding 3 inches of rain. the heaviest should be probably on sunday morning overnight sunday, and the first part of sunday morning and flooding is certainly possible out of this system. there is a flood watch it covers all of us, and that goes from this evening right until tomorrow evening. it doesn't mean that the heaviest rain is all that time. but it just means that some of the cumulative effect of the flooding can still be going on even if we go through sunday evening. so everybody is in this one. so everybody needs to pay some pretty close attention computer model fairly right on with just some clouds out there. it wants to pick up any of the sprinkle in allentown at 9:00 this morning, then as we hit 2:00 this afternoon some showers, and/or thunderstorm can't be ruled out through this afternoon most areas not probably, but then we start to see other chances in other
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locations, it is a look at 4:00 subject to change. the take away from all of this guidance not necessarily the exact time but the fact that we've got some heavy rain moving into the area. this is a look at 10:00 tonight. i know so many people are getting married tonight. they want dry weather for this this computer mod whole keep it sort of dry around here around 6:00, 8:00, that time but by 10:00 tonight you start to see some of these rain showers moving in. and certainly as i mentioned the timing can change, so just know that tonight you're going to be want to go keep umbrellas at the ready. 3:00 in the morning tomorrow morning, still rain showers scattered around, see them at 5:00 in the morning and then we clear out little bit. as we go through fathers day tomorrow, but do we see some showers coming back in, at least at the tail end of this, as this system starts to pull away? it is entirely possible. so i think sunday is the day that you will be watching this sky, with the heaviest, probably be taking place, in the morning. timing 2:00 to 11:00 spotty showers, thunderstorms around
5:20 am
here 11:00 p.m., until about 7:00 tomorrow morning, the heaviest rain with some downpours, embed in the that, and then after 7:00 the rain tapers, we do get some clearing, but some scattered showers, and thunderstorms might be coming back in the picture later on in the day before this thing totally gets out of here. future rainfall amount, this is a look at 6:00, by tomorrow morning, and you can see this area of the blue, you are looking at 1 inch plus, if you are seeing purple, that is 2 inches, and again this is going out in time. it is estimating situations can change, but notice you do pick up isolated spot or two where you could be seeing 3 inches of rainout of this system before this thing finally pulls totally out of our way. so, that flood watch in effect tonight, right through tomorrow evening. 82 degrees today mostly cloudy out there right now we get a shower or thunderstorm later on today. same deal at the shore and in the poconos at 72 degrees. so everybody in a pretty similar weather boat, and boat might be the operative word here.
5:21 am
82 degrees mostly cloudy, winds out of the east at 5 miles an hour today. tonight, 72 degrees, showers thunderstorms, some heavy rain possible especially during that overnight time period. and then, as we go through the next couple of days, it is 75 degrees tomorrow. now, tomorrow is a big day for, you know what, that's not 75 tomorrow. that should be about 85 tomorrow, my finger must have hit the wrong spot. 85 degrees tomorrow, it is the first day of summer, and it is also fathers day. monday and tuesday we are still in the 80s all week long but i think the worse of it is going to be as we move through tonight and first part of tomorrow. nicole? >> all right carol thank you. >> right now 5:21, still ahead, raising money for a philadelphia landmark. plus this. >> i'm kevin frazier coming up disney picks will get you in touch with you're motions and takes you inside the mind after young girl in insid
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>> well, dinosaurs from jurassic worlds are expected to dominate the box office yet again with another record breaking opening. but they could get some competition from picks arrest newest animated movie. kevin frazer from entertainment tonight had the word on inside out. >> this week five key emotions work together to help navigate young girl's mind through life's ups and downs in inside out. >> i'm joy. this that's anger, this is
5:25 am
disgust, and that's fear. we are riley's emotion. >> expressing themselves in the disney pickar inside out helping take care of 11 year old riley. prime joy the primary emotion she new the movie was an opportunity for everyone to get in touch with their feelings. >> so, how was the first day of school? >> it was fine, i guess? i don't know. >> did you guys pick up on that? >> ya. >> kids have really really hard time telling you how they feel. they are not equipped yet. right? they don't have the skills. and it is really cool to be able to like use the characters in film to talk about feelings. because feelings are hard things to figure out. you can't focus on what's going wrong. there is always a way to turn things around. >> mindy, who place disgust has a softer side that connected with the story. >> i think that material is very moving. because it is really real about a little girl.
5:26 am
and the story is casino of sophisticated and you don't get to see that much. so i cried when i went up and they pitched it to me. i do cry three, four times a day. but who doesn't? >> it could be worse. >> ya, joy we you could be lying on a dirty floor in a bag. >> perfect day. nice job everybody. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier now back to you in the studio. >> for all of the latest news from hollywood you can watch entertainment tonight every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. such a cute movie. well dozens gather to raise money to restore a philadelphia landmark. the uptown theater hall of fame awards fundraiser honored philadelphians who made great contributions in entertainment and culture. the big event took place right here at our cbs-3 studios. proceeds go toward revitalizing the historic uptown theater on north broad street with it currently in phase two of it construction. >> well, every dog has his day. but this next story is proof so do some cats. tara the cat in fact, gamed fame for protecting her five
5:27 am
year old onofre a dog attack. the los angeles spca honored her with their national hero dog award last night. now, you can see that award was slightly altered for tara. the feisty feline and her family were on hand to except. amazing story there. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" the new jersey town hoping to help macon line purchases safer for buyers and for sellers. then, in the wake of the south carolina church massacre, we are taking closer look at security inside local churches. we'll talk to area religious leaders about their concerns. plus, caught on camera, a store owner fights back against a would-be robber. we'll show it to you coming up next.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today is saturday, june 20th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:30 right now. it is fathers day weekend. but mother nature, man she is calling the shots. carol, what's going on? so much rain? >> yes, we will be getting a lot of rain, all from tropical storm we didn't deal with, but a loft country has now it will be our turn to deal with remnants of this system. we will be watching for that precipitation coming in specially this afternoon but i think overnight, first part of tomorrow, and then we should be calming down little bit. you can see, right now though, we have a lot of cloud overhead, center city
5:31 am
philadelphia, not looking too bright at this point. storm scan3, it is all lit up, though, and you can see right through cincinnati, that rotation, that system coming in our direction. so we have to continue to monitor that. some heavy rain embed in the there. at this point, there are no precipitation reports in our area. you are getting a little precipitation, aloft, but it is not making it all the way to the ground, but that certainly will be changing. as we push on into the area, you can see right now expect to find just chance of some showers, some thunderstorms going through the day but better chances tonight, and heavier rain also tonight and overnight and first part of tomorrow. seventy-three in philadelphia right now and millville 66 degrees, up in the allentown area, 61 in the poconos, 72 in wildwood. on our way this afternoon temperatures, right about where they should be. they are going to be in the 80s, thunderstorm chance, 82, 83 degrees for our high temperature today. and now let's time some of this out at least on this computer model t says pretty rightly so at this point really not much hitting the
5:32 am
ground. we will be finding clouds overhead, and then by the time we hit 3:00 this afternoon there are some areas that will be picking up some showers maybe a thunderstorm, and you can see, they are scattered around. and then as we go through 5:00 the same deal. but we get more in the way of precipitation, as we had later on in the nighttime time period. this is a look at 10:00 tonight. we will finish out the time line when come back, also, remember, there is flood watch in effect foreign tire area it, starts tonight it, goes right through tomorrow evening. so, we will talk about all of it and when it gets out of here coming up. nicole? >> carol, thank you. meanwhile, the suspected gunman behind wednesday's mass shooting in charleston, south carolina now sits in a jail cell. a vigil was held last night for the nine victims who were shot and killed inside the emanuel ame church. dillan roof made his first appearance in court closed circuit tv for security reasons, held on $1 million bail. during the hearing the judge allowed family members of victims to address the accused killer a extraordinary
5:33 am
expression of forgiveness. >> you took something very precious a way fry me but i forgive you and have mercy on your soul. >> we are the family that love built. we have no room for hate. we have to forgive. i pray god on your soul. and i also thank god that i won't be around when your judgement day comes for you. >> this crime motivated by racial hatred is of course spark ago conversation about the confederate flag. right now the confederate flag actually fries on the grounds of south carolina state capitol. >> now in the wake of that shooting in charleston, some local churches are re-evaluating their own security, "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has that story from mother bethel
5:34 am
ame church in society hill. >> from the nature of christianity, it is open. >> reverend tyler admit the shootings at the ame church has left some in the congregation here at its sister church mother bethel ame feeling vulnerable. >> it is a shame you can't come into a place that is supposed to be sanctuary closure eyes in prayer, and not fear that someone will hurt you while your eyes are closed. >> there are security cameras inside the church near sixth and lombard. when there is no service the front doors are locked, to enter, you have to be buzzed in the side door. at thursday night's interfaith prayer vigil armed security was on hand, but the reverend remained cautious when asked about other security details. >> in light of just kind of where things are i would rather not comment. >> we have weapons but it is not something that i constantly walk around with that i have a gun on. >> roger runs a germantown based security firm that provides armed security, for seven philadelphia area
5:35 am
churches. >> we read people's body language f they come and they talk to the pastor, we have the right to say well, what is it? how may we help you? >> while reverend tyler says patting down parishoners, or making them walk through metal detectors is going too far, a different take. >> but are we there yet as a society, or something that we have to address and look at and have a conversation? yes. >> and says typically the most dangerous situations he deals with involves people who are mentally ill or cup holes are dealing with domestic violence. reporting in society hill, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and you can stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the south carolina church massacre. we'll bring you all of the updates on tv and on line at >> a new jersey police force is joining a growing number of departments across the country that are creating safe zones for on line buyers and sellers, after increasing number of violent crimes involving people responding to
5:36 am
craigslist ads. in 2009 philip mark off known as craigslist killer arrested and charged with murdering woman he met through that website. the hills dale police department want to help make sure your on line transactions happen in a safe and secure environment, so they are offering up their lobby and their back parking lot. >> in 2009 there had been 48 reported killings every craigslist related crimes. >> around the country. >> around the country correct before you meet up with the person in a secluded area, or to unfamiliar area, come positive police headquarters here, a public building. >> great idea. now, police say if a perspective buyer or seller has an issue with meeting at a police station don't do business with them. they are offering this option to anyone not just hills dale residents. and they ask that you call ahead just to notify them of your potential transaction. store clerk fight back for a robbery and this morning hearing from man who defended himself against the knife wielding suspect of the as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt tells us the
5:37 am
victim used even bigger knife of his own. >> employees inside capitol biron cumberland street are proud to work there. >> i been working this chinese restaurant for many years. >> than men injury henry li who in addition to beer sells chinese and japanese food. he found himself in trouble this week when a mask man seen here walked inside the store took out a knife and demanded cash. >> i thought he was joking. and then when he jump off the counter i know that he is serious. >> very serious man continued to make demands, and just when he had enough of it, lee grabbed a sharp sushi knife from his counter. lee is at the ton of of your screen trying to fight the man off. mant kept yelling. >> i don't want to hurt you. i don't want to hurt anyone. i just want monday. >> i lee showed us the video and said he's glad he fought back. but he needed back up. and called for his chef, who just happens to know kung fu. >> when he was little boy he got trained by the kung fu master, so he knows a loft
5:38 am
kung fu. >> enough to scare the robber off. lee says the robber new he was on camera. but what the robber didn't realize not just one camera, we spotted more than ten inside the store. and henry li is counting on those ten cameras to help detectives catch their man. >> so that's the first time we got robbed. so i never see him before, and the area was safe before. i don't know what's going on right now. >> if you have any information, give police a call. in philadelphia, david spunt cbs-3, "eyewitness news". be careful who you target. 5:38 right now. and still ahead on "eyewitness news", cutting the cake. it is a hallmark after wedding ceremony right? but is the wedding cake business crumbling? the choices some couples are making instead. plus this. >> high times for the marijuana industry. i'm kenneth craig in new york, where i'll take you to a convention. >> carol's tracking lots of wet weather headed our way this weekend her father day forecast when we come back.
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>> imagine if you met your partner and didn't even know it? is what happened to the couple. they returned to the chance end count their happened at sesame place actually when they were both kids. check out this 1988 home video here. the boy with the glasses, who walks in front of the camera, right there is actually jordan's future husband ryan,
5:42 am
at age 13. apparently both of their families were at the water park at the same time. after finding out about that chance meeting really incredible sesame place offered to host the couple and their children for two days. now, they say they're taking plenty of video on this trip because well you never know. how about that? that's amazing. 5:42 right now, it is an iconic dessert right the wedding cake? but some say it is facing stiff competition these days, not just sweet treats. as reporter karen kafa tells us, some couples are look to go trim costs in calories. >> iconic symbol thought to bring good luck. the time honored tradition, a magestic wedding cake. >> this is a symbol. and at this point that symbol is not being replaced. >> well, some couples beg to differ. bride and groom, editor in chief, has been tracking the latest trends in wedding desserts and says, the cake is starting to crumble a
5:43 am
little. >> i think people are getting little more creative with their desserts, realizing it cake isn't their dessert they don't have to go that route. also the element of finding a dose that's right matches your style as a couple and your style wedding. >> for some, it is matter of taste, or it is the bite a cake can take out after budget. the average wedding cake car ace price tag north of $500. venues often add a slicing fee for each slice. then restrictions among guesses, many couples are downsizing. >> used to be you have gigantic cake as you said and you sliced it, now we're seeing things that can be consumed one at a time. >> the cupcake craze got the ball rolling on many desserts, pinterest opened venue for inspiration and ideas and pastry chefs indulge their creativity. >> you have cupcakes, so huge, so like, well, we can get people on board on pie just make pie look like a cupcake. >> now wedding season bridges a boom for pie sisters in washington. >> wedding season, where we
5:44 am
book four to six wed as weekend? sisters say couples finds the flexibility every pies appealing. >> you have to choose one kind of cake at wed so you get that. pies people have guests of 100, 200 they say you can go up to over a sort, probably three, four different kinds of pies. >> multiple flavors stacked in elegant tears, where executive pastry chef christine dresses them up for weddings. >> just like, that you have your lemon meringue. >> fancy cakes by leslie in bethesda maryland, they still argue nothing can take the cake. >> tries to get pushed out and always come back with a vengeance. wedding cakes are here to stay. definitely. >> when debating traditional or trendy? >> at the end of the day the couple getting married, it is their wedding they should do what reflect them and what they think is the most fun. >> after all, a party after lifetime dose setter really just icing on the cake.
5:45 am
in washington, i'm karen kafa. >> yes, just as long as your guests are fed doesn't matter what you are feeding them, you know? >> and there will be so many wedding cakes tonight. and i know, so many brides, and grooms, and parents and everybody, thinking about oh this weather there is weather. >> i know. >> probably stressing about it little bit? >> they've been stress being it ever since the engagement went on. >> checking the farmers almanac. >> forever. >> worse nightmare confirmed. >> we have rain. it is coming tonight. you can see weaver clouds over us right now this is a look at the shore, storm scan3 shows the bulk of the precipitation, here it is, right now. as we've been saying all morning, this used to be tropical storm. but, it is to still has some characteristics like it, you can see being some of the spin on it, as well. it is going to be making its way in our direction as well. there are couple of other areas already after associated with that. but, they have some showers out there. and you might be finding some mist at the very least i was checking some of the surface observations, there could at
5:46 am
least be some mist from some of the precipitation that you see falling over the philadelphia area right now. but i think a lot of it is aloft. it will be on the grounds before you know it, though, because renmant of bill are going to be coming here, tropical downpours are certainly to be expected, generally one 2 inches, every rainout of this, but locally couple of spots could be picking up 3 inches. the heaviest should be on sunday morning and flooding of course is possible when you see that. we've been relatively dry. not the main rivers that will be flooding but the creeks, streams, and that sort of thing. that's where you are likely to find it. and any clogged storm drains, you get the idea. so we've got the entire area covered with this flood watch. so that's why it is important to everybody pay attention to the wet their we're getting over the next day or so. seventy-two in philadelphia right now. sixty-nine trenton. 73 degrees in wilmington. the temperatures are mild this morning. they could stop here, probably no one would be complaining. future weather, a pornographic because this samples the atmosphere at this
5:47 am
point. and tells us what it thinks is going to be happening later on. and it says most of this morning, we get some clouds, a spot or two of picking up some showers, and then by 3:00 this afternoon, few more areas start to see some of those showers coming in. and we see them at 5:00, this afternoon, as well. but then, six to make 10:00 maybe it is dry maybe that -- maybe you're fine. and then, 10:00 we start to see some showers in ernest coming in. we find some of the heavier rains coming in overnight. you'll see this, 6:00 tomorrow morning, gets out do we clear out little bit? do we pick up few more showers later on in spots in the afternoon? it is possible. so this is of course the changeable situation. we'll have to continue to monitor t but just know some of the heavier rain is many doing. the timing, spotty showers 2:00 to 11:00, showers storms, 11:00 to 7:00 a.m. the heaviest rain will be coming in here, and then sunday after 7:00 a.m. the rain should be tapering off. we get some clears, but still chance of scattered shower or
5:48 am
thunderstorm in the afternoon. nicole favorite graphic and mine, as well there is will show you the various computer models and what they think about the totals in our area. at least, an inch, according to every single one of them, and couple of them say we could be picking up 2 inches plus of this. and this computer model estimates across the area, and you can see that this i95 corridor it has got pegged as picking up a lot of the precipitation out of this, so we'll continue to monitor that today 82 degrees, we get shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon, 80 at the shore, 72 in the poconos shall everybody in that shower or thunderstorm chance today. tonight, we drop down to 72 degrees shower, thunderstorm, that heavier rain starts to come in after the midnight hour. and then we are going to be finding first day of summer and fathers day tomorrow, but we are going to be also watching for temperatures in the 80s, a lot of humidity, wet weather monday looks fine tuesday maybe a shower, but looks generally fine, this looks like the time period, that's the most troublesome of the next seven nicole. >> carol, thank you. marijuana is illegal in most
5:49 am
of the country. but believe it or not the industry is actually growing. companies in the cannibis business are seeing sales take off, not just for pot. kenneth craig has that story now from new york. >> really simple operation. >> colin is cashing in on the marijuana business. even though in most states, it is still illegal. >> remarkably, we went from red to black in basically first quarter of sales. >> his company green brz sells this 10-dollar leave blowing machine can -- >> it is small cut. almost likes like a large food processor. >> right? >> he is one of thousands of people who came to the cannibis world congress and business in manhattan. >> no pot here, medical marijuana can't be sold in new york until january. but that isn't stopping companies from hawking their goods. from grow lamps and device toss cannibis infused coffee. >> i want one joint. >> jeff foster's kiosk streamlines the buying process
5:50 am
at pot dispensaries. >> less than 30 seconds. >> conventions like this are happening in several states across the country. many attends east came out of curiosity. >> i think probably a lot of opportunity to be found. >> new york state will award license toss just handful every business toss sell medical marijuana. thomas hopes his company will be one of them. >> the projections are by 2020, it will be 2.5 billion in revenue. >> industry leaders expect more states to legalize marijuana use and the people hearsay they'll be ready to cash in. in new york, kenneth craig for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". 5:50, still ahead this morning, weekends long fundraiser kicks off in bucks county. plus, it is casino of sad when the most entertaining thing on the field in a phillies game is a squirrel. ya we'll have more on this unexpected entertainment ahead in sports. we'll be right back.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
>> another squirrel stole the show! >> a girl behind home plate. and he's made his way all the way up the netting. now he is on the guide wire, atop the netting. i don't know where he's going to go now. oh, my goodness. oh my goodness. he just jumped off the wire. now on the roof of the dugout.
5:54 am
and the players are scattering in the phillies dugout. there is a squirrel loose, in the phillies dugout. and everybody has run for cover, and that poor animal has no idea where to go. i haven't seen this much energy at the ballpark since well it's been a while. now we check with the phillies, pet control at every game. squirrel taken into custody the charge, being more entertaining than the philliesment imagine all of the nuts on the floor and peanuts? to the game. philip, with the spot start for the phillies, and the second inning, first gave up two-run homerun two-nothing cardinals, same inning, it is coal ton wong, two run shot to right. he went 4 inches, walked seven batters gave up six runs. >> phillies lost the game, 12 to four. >> meanwhile, cole hamels skipped last night's start. he said thursday wasn't
5:55 am
feeling great. right hamstring strain. he is expected to make his next start against the yankees. hamels wanted to be smart about his health. >> to me it felt like a cramp have to play it by ear make sure everything going to come out okay, everything being red properly by trainers, i want to make them aware make sure we're all on the same page. so for this, it is more precaution than anything. >> flyers in the news yesterday. surprise move. new head coach dave hextall has decided to retain all of the flyers' assistant coaches. still needs goalie coach. yesterday general manager ron hextall was asked what he hopes to accomplish in next week's nhl draft. >> this is a very critical draft for us, i think one of the more critical drafts in years, we have to hit here. we do have a loft picks we have some holes to fill.
5:56 am
we need to keep young players coming. so this is critical point for us for sure. >> that's sportsment i'm beasley reese happy fathers day weekend everybody. >> well the fifth annual miracle league of bucks county festival is underway this weekend. the opening ceremonies for the softball tournament was held at the george school of newtown last night. more than 150 athletes, with physical or intellectual disability, are compete and celebrating with friends. first game, well, it was played last night. >> and the thing that's really wonderful, sometime this weekend, each and everyone of them will have a moment. they'll get the big hit. they're going to make a play in the field. they'll do something that we are going to be able to really truly celebrate for each and everyone every them. that will will happen. we will make sure we celebrate for each of them. >> that's great. it will mean so much to those kids. festival concludes tomorrow with the closing ceremonies. >> and hey if you are headed into the city this weekend get ready for some traffic tie ups. still ahead, live with all of the closure points and the detours for you. also ahead lightning strikes
5:57 am
a lie way and it is all caught on camera. seymour of this dramatic video. then, the tail of a dog in war. we'll have preview of max in theatres now. and a live look at center city from our cbs-3 studios carol of course tracking showers as the remains of tropical storm bill arrive for fathers day weekends. not the best timing in the world but we'll break it down for you coming up next.
5:58 am
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>> good saturday morning, we are talking about a weekend wash out. tropical billhead dollars our way, unfortunately, the area is under a flood watch this morning. today is saturday, june 20th good morning to you thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 on the dot. again, talking about fathers day weekends, and unfortunately, a lot of moisture moving through our area. we send it over to carol now for more on. that will this is just bad timing all around. father day. >> and the first day of summer tomorrow, as well t won't seem that much like t but, you know, i think a lot of the worse of this is going to be coming early on sunday, and then we do get some clearing later on. not totally out of the woods as far as getting more precipitation, but i think the worse of it may be during a time period when a lot of people won't be up and out


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