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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  June 20, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> axelrod: breaking news on the two escaped killers in new york from a new search area 350 miles from the prison. dylann roof's manifesto. a web site uncovered today contains racist rantings and chilling photos of the charleston massacre suspect holding a confederate flag and a gun. a new orleans police officer shot and killed while transporting a suspect. a graduation speech controversy. why this valedictorian is being silenced. and long before he snagged a-rod's home run ball last night, steve hartman learned this guy likes to play hard ball. >> i catch you doing that again you're out of here. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod.
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just when it looked as though the two-week search for the two killers who escaped from a prison in northern new york hit a dead end there are dramatic new developments tonight. police are now focused on a new search area in allergeny county, new york, near the pennsylvania border, nearly 350 miles southwest of the maximum security prison they broke out of in dannemora, new york. anna werner is following this breaking story. anna, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, jim the reported sighting was as you say, in allegheny county, in friendship, new york, about 350 miles from the prison further north. now a woman says she saw two men running on the railroad traction. police have set up a perimeter. armed police are searching cars and trucks. and this comes after yesterday's sighting in nearby stiewben county, which is east of there. so you can kind of track where they might be going from north to the spot yesterday and then to this spot. >> axelrod: all right, anne aif they are indeed in the area where the search is unfolding, why would they be in that area?
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>> reporter: well, no one knows for sure but there is a reason they could be there. richard matt one of the two escape ease, we spoke with his children and stepchildren in the area, also his ex-girlfriend the mother of his children, live in the area, and some of them told us they had been worried that he would come to see them, that he might want to come and see some of the family members. some of them told us they were actually very worried he might do that and, of course, they live in the buffalo area, which is just about an hour and a half to the northwest of this spot where police are investigating their presence now. >> axelrod: anna werner following the developments in this breaking story. anna, thank you. they will hold services at 9:30 tomorrow morning at the a.m.e. emanuel church in charleston, south carolina, the scene of a massacre this week, when nine members of a church were shot and killed at a prayer meeting is clearly a house of unshakable faith. and we are now beginning to get a much movie extensive look into the mind of the alleged gunman,
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21-year-old dylann roof. a manifesto surfaced online today containing photos of roof holding a gun and the confederate flag, as well as disturbing hate-filled racist rantings. we have several reports tonight beginning with jeff pegues. >> reporter: the author, presumably 21-year-old dylann roof, says he was not raised in a racist home or environment. and that the event that truly awakened him was the trayvon martin case. he says it prompted him to search for information online where he read wikipedia articles and extremist web sites. eventually, he decide it was obvious that zimmerman was in the right and "i have never been the same since that day." the more than 2400-word manifesto details the author's hatred towards blacks, hispanics, and jews. towards the end the author writes "someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world and i guess that has to be me." the web site,, was created in february and in addition to
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the manifesto talso includes several photographs of the accused mass killer burning an american flag and pointing a gun at a camera. investigatorring believe roof walked into a.m.e. emanuel church, sat among the parishioners during the bible study meeting, stood up, pulled out a handgun and began shooting. all nine victims were shot multiple times. one of the survivors and several family members of the victims faced roof in a bond hearing on fridays. tywanza sanders' mother, felicia, watched her 26-year-old son die. sander's friend and local attorney andy savage was with her in the bond hearing and says he was one of the few people who has heard her account of the mass shooting. when you say she's the key witness? >> because she is the adult witness. felicia was under the table with her 11-year-old granddaughter conversed with her son who had been wounded who said to her
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"mom, i've been shot in the head." and his last gasp of breath was crawling towards his auntie, who was the oldest woman the oldest victim, who was killed. and as he proceeded crawling across the sanctuary floor, he was gunned down with multiple shots to the head. that's what his mother witnessed. >> reporter: as painful as it must have been for her to talk about this, "that's what she told you. >> yes. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells cbs news that investigators are aware of the manifesto. jim, we're told that they are checking the legitimacy. >> axelrod: jeff, thank you. tonight we are also learning more about dylann roof's past from a childhood friend of his. here's adriana diaz. >> people say "oh,, you know, it's going to be from the mom the mom or the dad always
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instills that type of hatred in somebody." that was not inside of him the entire time that i have known that kid. >> reporter: growing up caleb brown was one of dylann roof's best friends. he occurred roof family. brown, who now lives in houston says dylan was not raised to be racist. >> knowing him and his family, that they weren't at that point in his life racist, his mom did not instill racism into him and i still believe that his mom is one of the greatest people i've ever met one of the greatest, nicest ladies i have ever met. >> reporter: roof's mother and father divorced before he was born and friends say they were loving parents but documented show roof had an unstable upbringing. he attended six schools in seven years, and repeated the ninth grade before dropping out. he bounced between his mother and father's homes around columbia, south carolina, and recently spent nights in his car. his father was among several family members who contacted police identifying dylan as the
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shooter. he also told authorities about authorities about dylan's .45-caliber hand gun a gun dylan bought with $400 his father gave himaise birthday gifted. but a friend of dylan's said both parents were upset he had a gun and at one point took it away. >> i know his parents didn't want him to have his gun and if he wants the gun he said he needed to call the cops and get his gun. >> reporter: stunned by the shootings, roof's family released a statement yesterday: roof's family has strong ties to the columbia area. his sister, amber is set to get married tomorrow, but jim the wedding has been postponed. >> axelrod: adriana diaz in columnia, south carolina, thank you. among those in charleston working hardest to keep that city together is the longtime mayor joseph riley. as elaine quijano tells us, this is a man with a four-decade
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record of support from blacks and whites. ♪ we shall overcome ♪ >> reporter: as charleston mowrngz, the people who live here have turned to their long-serving mayor, joseph riley, for comfort. >> i bring you now my kind of mayor! >> reporter: and the mayor has warmly embraced them while also angrily denouncing the alleged shooter. >> this disillusioned killer is on the wrong side of history. his ideas long discredited about racial superiority are in the dust bin of failed civilizations. ( applause ) >> reporter: reilly has paid his respects, alongside strangers who flocked to the memorial outside a.m.e. emanuel. >> i knew many of these people. i admired them and loved them. it's the hardest thing i've done in this job and probably the hardest thing i'll do in my life. >> reporter: the affection is mostly mutual among african americans. >> if he wanted to run again he'd probably get elected hands
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down. >> dot scott is the president of the n.a.a.c.p. she gives him high marks for being in touch with the concerns of the african americans and remembers when he joined the march to have the confederate flag removed from the state house grounds. >> he has walked the talk, literally, to say take the flag down. he was with the pilgrimage that walked from charleston to columbia to see that that happened. >> reporter: she said issues of inequality remain but doesn't blame the mayor. she blames the idol of racism which still exists. >> it goes beyond his fault. it's not just him. >> reporter: as for mayor riley, he will once again help to comfort his community. jim, he will be among those who will be attending the services here tomorrow at emanuel a.m.e. church. >> axelrod: elaine quijano reporting for us tonight from charleston. elaine, thank you. a manhunt is under way tonight for a man suspected of shooting
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and killing a 22-year veteran of new orleans police department. as vinita nair reports the officer was attacked as he was transporting the handcuffed suspect to prison. >> reporter: immediately after his s.u.v. slammed into this utility pole, 46-year-old daryle hollway was still alive. the veteran police officer was shot in the chest while transporting 33-year-old travis boys to prison. new orleans police superintendent michael harrison: >> sad day for the city of new orleans, especially for the hollway family. >> reporter: new orleans police say officer hollway and boys got into the s.u.v. at the police department before 8:00 8:00 a.m. they were supposed to drive about six miles to the orleans parish prison. less than halfway to their location boys partially unrestrained himself. >> somehow, he was able to get his hands from behind his back where he was handcuffed. apparently he's double jointd and able to do that in the back of the car. >> reporter: according to police the suspect crawled from the back seat of the vehicle to
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the front through a tiny opening in the vehicle's cage. they say he used his own gun to fire at hollway. how he snuck it in is still under investigation. >> officer hollway put up a fight to try to get the subject to not exit the vehicle. but succumbed to his injuries. >> reporter: according to court documents, boys has a history of escaping law enforcement. he had pleaded guilty to escape charges four times in the past before he allegedly shot and killed officer hollway a married father of three. >> our prayers and our condolences are with his family. >> reporter: vinita nair, cbs news, new york. >> axelrod: still ahead on the cbs evening news, he's first in his class so why is he banned from graduation? and high drama when a sky diving stunt goes all wrong. and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet
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gives a speech at graduation. not this year. in fact, the valedictorian who is headed off to harvard won't even be allowed to attend graduation. what is going on here? contessa brewer tells us. >> reporter: devan solanki worked hard to get the grades that made him the leader of the class, get him into harvard, invited to an honorary breakfast with his principal. >> they talked to me about how proud they are of me and two days later they tell me that i would no longer be giving my speech. >> reporter: he said he was told the school was overhauling tradition. devan thinks it's personal. he admits he was suspended for disrespecting a teacher. >> i'm an outspokeern person and they might have thought i would use it as a chance to get back at them. >> lauren shahine, said he is a loud. >> he is standing up for the class or specific students. >> reporter: classmates protested in devan's defense. they say administrators
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threatened to punish protesters, and then devan says he tried to plead his case with his guidance councilor. >> told her i would like to resolve this peacefully. that's it. she walked out. i don't know if she took it as a threat, as an ultimatum. >> reporter: because of that perceived threat, school administration officials told devan he wasn't welcomed back to classes here at lodi until he had a mental health evaluation. >> so i was cleared by the psychiatrist. >> reporter: he has the note to prove it. next day at school, he says he got suspend. he can't even walk in graduation. >> i went from the person who would be giving the commencement speech to someone who has to receive their diploma in the mail. >> reporter: there's more than one side to this story, but the school's not talking. state education leaders say devan could appeal before a judge. devan's mom seems resigned. an immigrant who works seven days a week because devan's dad died just nine months ago. she says she's proud of her son.
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>> i did the american thing to do. i had a. i had a protest. and i tried my best to get my voice heard. >> reporter: and now his words are being heard beyond lodi. >> it's a world of chance and a world of change. >> reporter: well, devan's harvard admission could be in jeopardy here. students are told when they're accepted their admission could be revoked if their behavior calls into question their honesty, their maturity, or moral character. and, jim we reached out to harvard. they won't comment on devan's specific case, but it's troubling. >> axelrod: contessa, thank you. some quick thinking helped a couple of parachutists avoid tragedy at an air show in england. after one man's chute failed to open, his buddy angled over to help him. the pair from the british army, then got tangled and with the earth fast approaching they employed some skillful maneuvering and put them over rawrt instead of land for a splash landing. both men are reported to be fine. golfer jason day returned to the
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>> axelrod: california's drought is not helping firefighters near los angeles who are trying to contain a wildfire. the so-called lake fire in san bernardino county now covers 15,000 acres. firefighters are struggling to keep it from spreading into the nearby community of big bear. also affected by the drought california's air quality. in the central part state crop fields have turned to dust. john blackstone picks up the story. >> reporter: this is what residents in the farming community of hanford are inhailing every day. dino and julie giacomazzi are fourth generation farmers in the heart of california's central valley. >> it seems like this air is getting worse every year. >> the central valley is the new dustbowl. >> reporter: the dust clouds are coming from fields once thriving with crops now left bare because farmers don't have enough water. darrel pyle is the city manager. >> there are an awful lot of private wells agwells and small
6:52 pm
community wells that have gone dry. >> reporter: poor air quality has always been a problem here. an annual report listed hanford and three other central valley cities as the most polluted in the nation. add the dense dust particles and now smoke from wildfires raging across parched forests and you have a recipe for a noxious soup. janice nolen is with the american lung association. >> the smoke from wildfires can travel hundreds of miles. the wind and the weather patterns can trap it in so that as to the heat problem as to the pollution problem within the valley. >> reporter: valley doctors say they're seeing more patients with allergies and breathing ailments. >> constant levels of particles can increase the risk of having an asthma attack, of going to the emergency room, going to the hospital, have a heart attack, as well as shortening life by months to years. >> reporter: the g.i.'s' seven-year-old has been diagnosed with asthma. the entire family is on asthma medications and inhalers.
6:53 pm
>> the quality of the air can't get much worse. i mean, it's pretty bad. >> reporter: in the meantime, they continue to wait for rain so they can all breathe a little easier. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> axelrod: still ahead an historic home run ball and the baseball magnet who doesn't want to let it go. the garlock bankruptcy may affect your rights even if you do not presently have an asbestos-related disease. garlock's products were used in industrial and maritime settings, where steam, hot liquid or acid moved in pipes. certain personal injury claims must be filed by october 6, 2015. you may have a right to vote on garlock's plan to reorganize and pay claims. call 844-garlock or go to when were you first considered a family? when you fell in love? when you got married? when you had kids? when did you first fight
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hit number 3,000 last night, a home run in the first inning, and the guy who caught it, zack hample, says he may not give it back, which is no surprise to anyone who has encountered zach in the bleachers before. hample plays hard ball when it comes to acquiring major league baseballs as steve hartman found out when he met hample a few years ago. >> reporter: who doesn't root for those wide-eyed kids wishing so hard for a big-league baseball? zack hample, that's who. >> you can toss the ball here? >> reporter: zach is a freelance writer and the undisputed king of shaking baseballs, foul because. >> this section sucks. >> reporter: batting practice because. even the occasional home run ball. >> out of here! >> i am a fan. i am a very passionate fan. some would call me an obsesd fan. any chance for a ball, please? >> reporter: another hample secret, the two-hat scam. >> visiting teams love to spot their-- quote unquote-- franz
6:57 pm
fans on the road and rewards them with baseballs. >> i'm a cubs fan all the way man. japanese: >> reporter: and quite frighteningingly zach can ask for baseballs in 27 languages. >> he brew: sign language:. >> reporter: zach who is single and girlfriendless-- go figure-- dashes all over the ballpark to where he's figured out the fouls area most likely to land. we could barely keep him still for his big network tv interview. >> like, i'm going to move over because i want to be in strait away left right now. >> reporter: don't worry about me. >> there are 30,000 people in this stadium, and for a moment, allize would be on me or anyone else who catchaise ball and it's about beating the odds and beating the competition. >> reporter: which brings us to the famous glove trick. >> the rubber band, prop the glove open with a pen make sure
6:58 pm
it's nice and bouncy. >> reporter: zach can get to baseballs no one else can. it amazes and abuses players. although security doesn't always think it's so funny. >> i catch you doing that again you're out of here. >> reporter: even with the bust, zach managed to get 13 becauseballs the night i was with him. now if we could just help him get a life. steve hartman, cbs news-- >> thank you! >> reporter: philadelphia. >> axelrod: two updates apparently mr. hample is now considering negotiating with a-rod for the baseball, and apparently, zach now does have a girlfriend. and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs "48 hours." for now i'm jim axelrod in new york and for all of us here at cbs news, thanks for joining us and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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