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tv   Eyewitness News at 7am  CBS  June 21, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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shots fired at a block party in west philadelphia, an 18 month-old ace monk ten people injured in that shooting. we're live with the very latest. and trying to heel worshipers, return to emmanuel ame church in charleston south carolina just days after nine parishioners were killed during bible study. the first day of summer is off to a rain start as remnants of the tropical storm bill make its way across the region. we will have the latest on the forecast coming up. today is sunday june 21st good morning to you happy fathers day to all of the dads out there. i'm nicole brewer. so happy you are joining us. it is 7:00 o'clock.
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we will send it over to carol because she says that the worst is behind us which i'm thrilled to hear about. >> the rain isn't over but worst of it is, behind us. it will be flood watch that has been canceled. we have a flood advisory in a couple areas but improving trendies starting to move in, to a number of areas. still looks glummy out there we will look outside and notice low clouds in center city philadelphia. we have roofs of these buildings gone, just with cloud though and then we will move down to the shore and then, it just looks awful and, no rain coming down, in ocean city, and it will be getting true, and this is worst part of the day right now. and, it is something out there at least the farm fields and a lot of grass that people will be mowing probably. 70 degrees. maybe not this morning though. 70 degrees our temperature at kutztown at this point. you can see on storm scan
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three that we have the heavy rain and notice right along the shore areas right from, atlantic city, ocean city and points south, that is where the the heavier of the rain is right now pulling through the rest of the area we will get rid of this and things will definitely be improving. we have that flood advisory though, now the watch has been canceled but the flood advisory until 7:15 for new jersey inn in 9:15 for down into the new castle county and kent county areas and that is in delaware. that is again until 9:15 there and then the worst of that will be over. temperatures in the 07's with the exception of the poconos in the upper 60's. we are sending our card to the number one dad and that happens to be you by the way and happy fathers day. our temperatures today essentially getting to 90 degrees. we will see some clearing but chance of the thunderstorm coming later on this afternoon once we get this morning rain out of the way. we will finish out that seven day forecast just ahead nicole. >> carol, thank you. new this morning a fightin
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side of an olney bar results in the shooting that leaves one bar patron dead and security guard in custody. that incident took place overnight at all madrid bar at 5100 block of north fifth street. police say a customer got in the fight with the security guard there and that guard shot the man after the patron took a swing at him. homicide detective are reviewing security video and they are questioning that security guard. well, a bar was the scene of another deadly overnight shooting this one in strawberry mansion. shortly after 2:00 a.m. police say a man and a woman had an altercation inside johnny's bar. they shot that man in the chest. homicide detectives are questioning several people, no one is in custody at this point. a west philadelphia block party, turns violent as a gunman opens fire on a clouds striking ten people including two children and a 18 month-old toddler. alexandria hoff is live in west philadelphia with the very latest on that, alex.
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>> reporter: good morning, nicole. we do know all of those victims are in stable condition at this hour but police are still looking for that suspect. and according to investigators it was just before 10:00 p.m. when a block party in the 4100 block of ogden was interrupted by gunfire. police say an unknown male turned in the street and fired multiple shots using a shotgun, one of those shots hitting an 18 month-old in the neck. >> it appears that everybody here, was here for the picnic and they randomly fired down the street and hit whoever was in their way which was a terrible situation. >> reporter: police are still unsure if that person was maybe at the block party left and returned or simply unwelcomed there to begin w they are still looking for an exact motive and still looking for that person but once again all ten of those victims including that 18 month-old are in stable condition. reporting live from southwest detectives alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right alex, thank you.
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this morning members of the emmanuel ame church in south carolina will gather for their sunday worship just days after a gunman shot and killed nine members of the congregation. bells will toll nine times during that service in honor of those lost in the tragedy. all this as investigators try to confirm if the manifesto uncovered on line was written by at alleged gunman. craig boswell has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: some came to sing. >> ♪ >> reporter: and others placed flowers outside of the emmanuel ame church in charleston, eva had to be here, her sister, 87 year-old susan jackson was oldest of the nine victims killed during the church massacre wednesday night. >> we will miss her. >> reporter: for hundreds of people passing by here it was a chance to begin the healing process. >> what he tried to do, all he did was bring us closer together. >> reporter: dylann roof faces nine counts of murder and a weapons charge. authorities are trying to confirm if the manifesto found
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on line was written by roof, in it, the author says he was truly awakened by the trayvon martin case and it was obvious that zimmerman was in the right. the more than 2400 word rant detailed hatred toward blacks hispanics and jews. it said the author chose charleston because at one time it had highest ratio of blacks to whites in the country among the photos of the roof holding a gun sitting with mankins and burning burning the american flag. parishioners filed past this memorial on the way to the oldest black church in the south. prayers for those taken way too soon. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". connections to the victims extend far beyond south carolina, "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson spoke exclusively with a local man who is now mourning the loss of a very close friend. >> reporter: twenty-five years of friendship, taken away by one person, in one moment. >> this is just an absolute sweet of the heart of the
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person. >> reporter: artist column own quashi lost a life long friend this week 54 year-old liberian cynthia hurd, one of the nine victims murdered wednesday night after attending a prayer group at emmanuel a me church in charleston. >> i was getting ready to call her. you know, that little thing, i have to call sip they a when i get back. you know what i mean? i was just absolutely shocked when i is a thaw. >> reporter: quashi was working with a project with hurd with her right before the shooting and that the pair collaborated often. he said proximity of it all hits home. >> church is literally a mile from my house yeah, passed by there almost every day. i work six blocks from the church. >> reporter: mourning has been difficult, instead of being in town quashi, which already had been here, the artist premiering a new gallery this weekend at the african-american museum in philadelphia coincidently and even fortuitously the work is a a satire in commentary on
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american slavery and modern race relations. >> to offer people in a way of looking at things from a different perspective. >> reporter: his thoughts on the current conversation about race just as biting an honest. >> i already know what i will say and other minorities will say. it is time for white people and white american to step up to the plate. instead of looking always from the inside out it is time for them to step up and have that conversation. >> reporter: for now quashi can focus on the mourning. >> i'm just looking forward to going back, reconnecting, and paying my respects and grieving with the rest of the city. >> reporter: in olde city, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in pottstown members of the many faiths gathered a at a prayer vigil for victims of the south carolina rampage. they assembled at a local synagogue saturday afternoon. several of those involved had direct connections to clementa pinckney the reverend and state senator killed in the tragedy. and you can stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the south carolina church massacre we will bring you updates on tv and on line at cbs
7:09 am well, more than two weeks and the manhunt continues this morning for two escaped killers from an upstate new york prison. now authorities are searching near the new york/pennsylvania border after an unconfirmed sighting. correspondent brian web has the very latest. >> reporter: multiple law enforcement agencies have set up a perimeter near friendship, new york near pennsylvania border after i have possible sighting of quick killer david sweat and richard matt according to the new york state police. third possible sighting of the men in the past week. >> we're not going anywhere. our plan is to pursue these men relentlessly and until they are in custody. >> reporter: sweat and matt cut their way out of the clinton correctional facility on june 6th using power tools, and prison employee joyce mitchell is behind bars accused of helping them escape. a former prison guard says that the officials had warned mitchell about her relationship with the prisoners.
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>> yes, she was talked to about getting too close with the inmates. >> reporter: prison officials also suspended a corrections officer as part of the investigation but didn't release any further tea tails. in new york, brian web for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in new orleans authorities are searching for the suspect who fatally shot a police officer. this is such a sad story. that officer was actually transporting the suspect to jail at the time. investigators say while in handcuffs that suspect managed to grab a gun and shoot officer darryl holloway, the officer was pronounced dead at the hospital, it is not clear how the suspect three three-year old travis body got his hand on the gun. well, pope francis begins his two day visit to the italian city of torin presiding over sunday mass. earlier the pope visited the cathedral of the saint john the baptist pausing in moment of silent prayer before the shroud of torin. it is believed to be the burial cloth of jesus christ
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after the crucifiction. hundredses of houses of faithful visited and he will have lunch before returning to the vatican on monday. all this happening as a delegation for philadelphia heads to the vatican today "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean is traveling along with them as they finalize the plans for pope francis's visit here to philadelphia you can look for jessica's reports from the vatican coming up tomorrow, on "eyewitness news". and still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" you used your credit card all the time, right? which ones can do the most for you. whether i prefer cash back or points for travel three on your side find out which cards will give you the best benefits. we are off to a soggy sunday yes find out how long it will stick around when carol does your weekly forecast after the break, we will be right back.
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blue cash preferred card so figure out if you spend enough in those areas to out weigh that fee. by the way key to getting a good reward card, have excellent credit. credit score of 750 or higher. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. all right. hopefully you have already got a gift for your dad right carol but if you want to treat him to sunshine do you think is there any hope later today. >> well, first of all, that would be my gift to him so everybody else, is still on the hook for their own father. >> yes. >> but, some dads like rain because then they don't to have go outside and mow the lawn today and that is what we have provided for them at the shore, which i don't think there are five people who are happen bye this weather at the shore. we do see some very rainy conditions boardwalk is soaking wet and we will find showers over right now but won't stay that way. these are moving out of your area we are getting first thing this morning and then even though there could be maybe a shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon this will start to clear out as
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this is the most glummy time of the whole day right now. we have another glummy picture, there is the palmyra cove nature park in new jersey overlooking the delaware and philadelphia and you can see gray skies out there not the greatest looking start to the day but it won't be this bad this long. notice is what happening it is rotating out the extent of the heavier shower are right a wrong the shore. they are leaving. we have dry slots working in. and then generally we will be clearing out. we will be seeing some sunshine some clouds, maybe a return to a shower or a thunderstorm later on this afternoon. this is the darkest part of the day right now this does not look good. but, it is all uphill from here. or downhill however you want it. heavy rain is over and now at 7:15, we still have that any flood advisory that was going on through new jersey has expired. we're new left with the one through central and southern delaware and this is until 9:15 this morning. just in case you picked up
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more rain, you have already seen quite a bit of rain out of this system. it is mile. if you have walked outside or see steam on the windows no wonder it is 75 at the airport. seventy-two in trenton. seventy-three in wilmington. the air mass is just saturated after out after the rain we saw yesterday. generally about an inch. in some cases where we see yellow and orr ranges here's the legend at the top we are seeing, you have seen 2 inches of rain. that is why any additional rain that we're seeing out of these showers pushing through right now can create a little bit more of a flooding situation. so urban areas your creeks, your streams you may be finding them higher but generally the flood watch for the whole area has already been canceled. so our temperatures will be very close to 90 degrees today. maybe they will stop at 88 degrees which would be nice for everybody. because tomorrow, they will be getting about 90 degrees and then by the time we get to tuesday, they could be middle 90's. this is a hot, couple of day stretch that we will be
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finding coming in here, especially as we get through that monday, tuesday timetable. our computer model not exactly right with where the heavier rain is because it is right down here but notice, the trend, the trend toys get it out of here. by noon we're looking at sunshine and a few clouds and a chance of picking up some showers as we go through later on this afternoon and first part of this evening and then it is gone. we are left with some sunshine tomorrow and it will be humid around here as well tomorrow. so tuesday maybe another chance of picking up some showers, this is, of course, going to be refined time-wise but this computer model says, yes, as far as our temperatures go today about 90 degrees, in philadelphia, middle 80's, shore poconos everybody clearing out later on everybody with the chance of the shower or thunderstorm later of this afternoon. hot day keep cool, keep your pets with you, if you are in cool conditions, shade for everybody, today. because we will be find something sun breaks. sun and 72 degrees. partly cloudy. slight shower chance tonight.
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as we go through next couple of days we could be looking at, could it be our first heat wave hitting 90 today? maybe. by the time we will get to the end of the week we will get a high temperature on saturday the way it looks right now nicole at 78. >> we have to start making plans for that. that looks nice. carol, thank you. 7:20. lets see how traffic is moving out there ann evans is standing by in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning ann. >> good morning, nicole. unfortunately a jackknife tractor trail tore tell but. this is the blue route southbound, at swarthmore and exit one macdade where there is a jackknife tractor trailer at the top of the screen. it is blocking the left lane. traffic is squeezing by there but it is, very slow. it is a slow go there. very jammed traffic. you have not only the jackknife tractor trailer but rain to contend with this morning as well. we will move the traffic cam right here, here you go, to i-95 at the airport and you can see the foggy conditions, wet conditions at the highway here. so again drive very carefully this morning. i-95 despite weather
7:21 am
conditions is doing okay in philadelphia and suburbs. on to the ben franklin bridge mid span, the rain is kind of we have any this section of the ben franklin. you can see the rain in the lens of the traffic cam and no delays on ben franklin, despite the rain, however we have construction westbound between the upside of the bridge and mid span heading into philadelphia further up the 42 freeway looks good, so does 55, no problems on the ac expressway or garden state parkway. that is very latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now nicole, back to you. >> thanks for the update, we appreciate it. coming up next carol answers your pet questions in this weeks ask the vet lets take a look. >> your pet has had surgery and it is not going too well, what do you do right now? we will check it out with doctor jerry geffen on ask the vet. and it is a stormy start to um iser, carol will let us know how long this wet weather will stick around. will it shape up for the dads out there? we will have the answer
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tina joins doctor jerry geffen and me once gannon ask the vet. that is at paws spay and newter wellness center at 2100 grays ferry avenue. doctor geffen has been there forever, his sonnies there he hads a great staff. i'm rubbing this dog's ear and finding a little lum this. maybe a cartilage. do you feel a lump in your dog's ear what is that and how do you handle that. >> it is just thickening of the skin almost like a pimple or a calcified area. it is usually not a problem fit is very tiny. >> but it is the blood in there what do you do with that. >> those are hematomas those
7:25 am
can be difficult to deal with. some people recommend draining them or injecting them with cortisone. i tend to be more conservative. i like to leave well enough alone and eventually that blood will get absorbed. fit doesn't you can drain it and there are several surgical procedures to get the blood out of there and keep it out. that can be a very a anything problem for a dog and its ears. >> and scratching, itching their ears, what if your dog has really bad ear problems, and, it is called another era ambulation where you take out the whole ear canal. >> that is most aggressive form and that is worst and last case scenario for dogs that don't respond to medication or a partial resection or ear canal but overall majority of the dogs with ear infection we can get them better with a combination of medications rather than having to have surgery. >> and owner compliant. >> a lot of times it is. if the owner gets to it before it gets so bad that it is so swollen we can treat it
7:26 am
medically and they won't need an operation. >> we don't necessity how to say this delicately but a tumor on the back side of the male dog. >> these are pen i annal tumors, they are tumors around the rear end and they can be cancerous, mess of the times they are not but they can be cancerous. usually pet owners will notice that the doggies licking excessively or they are seeing blood around the area. although they are small maybe size of the pestholes rate and bleed. they will have to be removed. >> it is mostly unnewterd male dogs. >> it is recommend todd newter the dog at the same time to help with the slowing down of these tumors forming. once they are newterd the problem is solved. >> do not resuscitate order you tea your dog in. you know it could be cancer. when you get in there do you talk to the owners about what to do when you are in there and see you see what is in there. >> if we have a option of something bad or doing exploratory we may discuss with the own's head of time
7:27 am
what they want to do orr give them an option or something that we didn't expect, we will usually call the owner while the doggies on the table discuss what is going on and in cases where we and the owner believe it may be more humane sometimes if we find something that this doggies dying from we will not resuscitate or bring it to awake. >> it would be sees year on the dog not to wake up. >> it is always a tough decision and sad but sometimes it is most humane thing for the pet. >> doctor geffen, thanks so much for your advice, teen, we love you and we love you for watching and we will see you next time. >> my friend, let's find diamond. this missing white westy got lost in pennsauken at the end of march. she needs to get back to her family. they are desperate for her. they have done everything to find her. in questions asked just get diamond home. and you can send any information that you might have have to carol erickson's pet page or facebook or carol on cbs-3 on twitter.
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today, it is sunday june 21st, good morning to you, and happy fathers day to all of the dad out there. i'm nicole brewer at 7:30. let's send it over to carol. a lot of rain overnight but we're hoping for the best. the best is behind us. >> yes, you know what, the
7:31 am
best might be behind but another dose is coming back. >> there you go. >> we are looking at some rain out there and it is primarily along the shore areas and, in fact, we have just added a flood advisory for those folks until 9:15 this morning. center city philadelphia still looks really glummy with the low cloud. we're seeing some rain. it is pulling away. a temperature of 73 through center city philadelphia look at the shore at 73 degrees. that boardwalk is basically empty except for that one guy who says i have paid a lot to come down here this weekend i will be outside on that boardwalk. there he is on his rain slicker. it is also breezy. the camera jumping around there. 07 degrees up through poconos and you can see very cloudy, miserable there. storm scan three is showing heavier rain right along the shore areas. you can see it through atlantic city, ocean city but notice what is happening. it is pulling away. so now it is just a couple sprinkles through allentown. we are seeing a couple
7:32 am
sprinkles through new castle county. heavier rain a along the shore. once that is out of there and it is leaving things will be starting to look better. that new and flood advisory the one down in delaware that i just showed you a half an hour ago or less, that is canceled now and we have this one that just popped up and that is through some of our shore areas until 9:15 because of the heavy rain we are seeing right now, 75 at the airport in philadelphia, everybody in the 70's right now, happy fathers day you guys are the number one dad whether you've got kid pets or just mentor somebody, we love that you are helping out. our temperatures today 90 degrees. we will see some sunshine. we will see maybe a then are storm later on. most glummy part of the day is part of the take we are seeing right now. then it gets better. we will talk about the seven day forecast coming up, nicole. >> car will ol thank you. a west philadelphia block party turns into chaos as gunman opens fire on the crowd striking ten people including
7:33 am
two children and a 18 month-old toddler. alexandria hoff is live in southwest philadelphia with the very latest, alex. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. we do know all ten victims are in stable condition but police are still trying to track down that suspect, according to investigators it was just before 10:00 p.m. when a block party on the 4100 block of ogden was interrupted by gunfire. police say a unknown male turned up the street and fired multiple shots using a shotgun. one of those hitting an 18 month-old in the neck. they are still trying to piece together together what happened in the moments before. >> we don't believe the shooter was here at any point. from what we know at this point. there may be a possibility he may have been here and returned back later with the gun but we still to have work through that. >> reporter: along with those questions police say that there is also an ongoing feud between two groups, one which lived on that block. once again all victims are in stable condition. reporting live from southwest detectives alexandria hoff
7:34 am
for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a manifesto has surface that had could give investigators a better pictures of the gunman accused in the charleston church massacre. investigators found a 2500 word racist rant on a web site. they are trying to confirm if it was written by the suspect dylann roof. there were photos of roof holding a gun sitting with slave era mankins and burning an american flag. in the meantime crews are working to get the emmanuel ame church ready for worship. the church is expected to reopen again later this morning. >> unaudible. >> we still have actual violence being committed through the way of domestic enemy, domestic terrorist under this flag. >> the fbi is now investigating that shooting as a hate crime. well this crime motivated by racial hatred is sparking a conversation about the confederate flag of social media confederate flag
7:35 am
actually flies on the ground of the south carolina state capitol. former republican presidential candidate mitt romney tweeted saying take down confederate flag at sc capitol and following that was saying to many it is a symbol of racial hatred. remove it now to honor charleston victims. well in south carolina state law prevents the flag from being removed without a two-thirds majority vote from the state general assembly. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton spoke at the united states conference of mayors, she touched on racism, gun violence and charleston shooting, lets take a look. >> as a mother, a grandmother and as a fellow human being my hearties bursting for them, for these victims and their families, for a wounded community, and a wounded church. >> clinton call the the violence fun. ly senseless. she spoke about quote a history that we desperately want to leave behind. well residents in
7:36 am
southwest philadelphia gathered to protest for peace in the wake of the church shooting. the third annual stop the violence kickback block party was held in the 55 hundred block of chester avenue. state senator anthony hardy williams, one of the event organizers, said the community has proven charleston shooter dylann roof wrong. >> so, his view of african americans are they rape, they pill age they rob our answer to that is, we come in peace. >> philadelphia activist and rapper, lemont brown organized that event a as well and fathers were celebrated yesterday with a tribute concert. we do have an update on a intentional hit and run that led to a philadelphia woman losing her leg. that victim beatrice spence is home from the hospital. police charged precious coleman with attempted murder after she ran her over with her car in north 17th street in april. it was all apparently because of a love triangle dispute. police say on the same day
7:37 am
spence's house caught fire when her mother ran out of the house to check on her leaving food on the stove. well, tanker fire shut down part of the pennsylvania turnpike this weekend. the truck was carrying 2700 gallons of home heating oil. it caught fire near bensalem interchange in bucks county. crews brought in foam to help clean up that mess and a portion of the guardrail had to be replaced. and a new jersey, a special welcome home for a pair of veterans, this is just so nice to see. army staff sergeant paul rodefsky and joseph white were greeted by family, friend and warriors watch riders in haddon township. both were most recently deployed in qatar. they served in iraq and they have also had deploymentness europe and africa. >> not everybody gets a big welcome home. not everybody has a big family to have a welcome home, so it is truly amazing. i think everybody should experience it. >> reporter: paul rodefscene is alumni of collinswood high school. he graduated ape joined
7:38 am
marines. joseph white went to rancocas valley regional high. welcome home. imagine being able to pay off your student loan debt by playing on on line trivia game. sound a nation. one former student cashed in on a $32,000 check because he pointed and clicked in all of the right places. reporter sarah simpson has that story. >> unaudible. >> my goodness. >> we have come to pay off your loan today. >> oh, my gosh no way . >> twenty-six year-old kevin foster is first of many to get his entire college loan debt paid off by >> you are debt free. it is still unveil. i will be smiling like this all night.
7:39 am
>> reporter: they are youth pastors in burlington, oklahoma and now they can go after their dream have of helping children overseas. >> if my college debt got paid off, then we would pursue, doing, starting an orphanage in the philippines. >> being debt free taking chance of the trivia web site makes this so surreal for foster. >> very unreal but it works. it worked three jobs in college to do this and now it is okay. now i can seriously look at just giving my life over to the service of others and service of god. >> will well g ivlink dot come was created by a california company to tackle the country's student debt issue. now, a problem platform founders say have surpassed $1.2 trillion. a lot of money. 7:39. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" you have probably heard of the face lift right but a voice lift? health reporter stephanie
7:40 am
stahl shows us new trend in vocal rejuvenation. meet the new born who could not wait to event they are world her mom made it to the hospital but didn't quite make it to the delivery room. we will show thaw story up next. also it is still raining out there in some parts but the good news is the sunshine is on the way carol has your weekly forecast after the break. we will be right back.
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on the cbs-3 healthwatch you have heard of a face live to look younger but now doctors are offering a voice left so people can sound younger. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how it all works. >> reporter: as we age like everything else so do our voices. >> i gave you a sample of a voice from a 13 year-old. >> this will be a good year. >> twenty-five year-old. >> kind of something like that happened. >> and from an 80 year-old. >> if you do it the same way you have to expect the same result. >> you can easily pick up who the 80 year-old was. >> depend ing on genetics it can be worse for some. >> it is a weakness in the voice. it is a rattleyness lack of range. >> reporter: vocal cord are made of muscles college on and fat just like features in the face. >> just like skin sag or gets thinner, overtime vocal cord do the same. >> reporter: when that happens less sound is created and that leads to a horsey old voice. >> keith, tom at the party.
7:44 am
>> reporter: to combat this problem people are having voice augmentation or voice lifts, that can help a voice go from this. >> one two three. >> reporter: to this. >> one two three. >> it is a simple concept. we want to take those vocal cord thinner and just push them together when they are not meeting. >> reporter: doctors use fill tours do that, same fill their used to ease wrinkles. mark abbott credits a voice lift with restoring his voice. >> some people my age could careless about their voice. i'm not retiring. i want my voice. >> reporter: he spend as many as nine hours a daze talking to clients. >> i was too embarrassed to go on the phone because it wasn't me. >> reporter: in less than 15 minutes and a few injections, he is now back in business. >> all right. >> reporter: voice augmentation injections last three to nine months, permanent vocal cord implants
7:45 am
are another more invasive option. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pretty incredible stuff. >> well, one baby surprised a new mom in an elevator, addison lumpkin could not wait longer when born between second and third floors in the south florida baptist hospital, in plant city. can you imagine this? her mother was scheduled for an induced lane are but as a hospital technician wheeled her in the elevator baby addison decide that had she was ready. she weighed in at 4-pound and 12 ounces. so mother on her own time and own schedule, carol. >> when you want to show up, you show up. nothing you can do bit. eyewitness weather watchers are up this morning and showing up, reporting for duty i'm glad they are. we have 72 degrees, and this is down in ocean city with all of the rain we are seeing out there james is definitely seeing rain at 72 degrees. humidity 96 percent. it is a hot soggy morning and he has seen 2 inches down
7:46 am
there. he says happy summer to carol. thank you james. and the entire "eyewitness news" team. nicole he is shouting you out as well. 73 degrees phil says in philadelphia. happy first day of summer, dads. we can add moms and everybody else, and kid because it is the very first day of summer coming up today which does not look or feel like it, and then we have 73 degrees. i have a feeling my friend delores lee she says heavy rain drizzle but does the look like it is done. delores, maybe later on this afternoon we will take up another sure or thunderstorm but a lot of what we're seeing now is ending. let's take a stroll and we will cross over and head into over to ocean city. i hope you have your rain slicker behind. i shouldn't have if i am going to over to ocean city now. look at this boardwalk. this is a horrible looking day. nobody is out there everybody would like to be out there. you will be out there a little bit later.
7:47 am
we are dealing with the last of the heavy rain we are seeing in the area this morning and it is falling right here through ocean city. it is leaving. you will be in better shape later on. you might see another sure or thunderstorm coming back but you will be brightening up. seventy-three in reading right now. you can see puddles on the playground out there. so temperatures are going to be mild today and it is first day of summer, it is here at 12:38. boy, you will look like it this morning. it feels like it with the humidity we are dealing w storm scan three the heavy rain and you can see it pulling away from the shore. you will get light round couple of showers, in the next hour or so, and then it seems to shut off, we will get some clearing this afternoon and then that may bring us, at least a chance, in fact, let me go back one graphic because i got a little trigger happy here. i wanted to show you this. this is a flood advisory that continues until 9:15 because of the heavier rain we have seen there take it easy along the shore areas that we may be
7:48 am
dealing with these showers at this point. seventy-five in philadelphia. everybody in the 70's, right now, over the last 24 hours we have pick up an inch of rain in some places. we have pick up 2 inches of rain. there was a soaker out of this thing. our temperatures today almost 90 degrees. tomorrow in the 90's, tuesday in the 90's we could be finding this our first heat wave of the season, if we can continue with these temperatures at 90 degrees today. a couple of showers as we go through this evening. not every where but you might fine another one and then tomorrow looks like a sunny hot day coming up, i think our next chance of picking up some showers is going to becoming in by the time we will get to tuesday, we will see if we have a few of these showers rolling through the area something to monitor but otherwise it will be hot humid and a better looking afternoon for the most part then what we're finding this morning. temperatures close to 90 degrees today. eighty-five at the shore. poconos and remember that return shower or thunderstorm chance this afternoon. there will be clearing later on today. hot day keep yourself cool,
7:49 am
keep your pets cool, 72 tonight. maybe early shower. then things get better overnight. it is just a hot day around here tomorrow. we have temperatures of 91 degrees. tuesday, 93. we might pick up that shower or thunderstorm into the 80's and then 78 degrees, lovely 78 degrees, by next saturday. hey, do you love watching the weather? well, you can be featured in our newscast bee becoming an eyewitness weather watcher. sign up at cbs, nicole. >> thank you. 7:49. time to check on the roads and the high ways with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic enter hi there ann. >> hi nicole. we have a jackknife tractor trail tore tell but. we are looking at the blue route southbound between exit three media swarthmore and exit one macdade. jackknife tractor trailer is at the top of the screen. two lanes are block. we're basically in the moving on the blue route this morning. it is basically shut down southbound between exit three media swarthmore and exit number one macdade they are
7:50 am
trying to clear this out or clear a lane so the lane could get by. we will move the traffic cam to another accident, this morning, and thinks on the schuylkill, the schuylkill westbound montgomery drive right lane blocked a pretty serious accident a tow truck is there and in the process of being cleared at this point those single vehicles accidents. we have to move the traffic cam again this is to the ben franklin parkway, ben franklin parkway is close todd traffic this morning between logan circle and art museum circle for fathers daze run that is going on. also closed martin luther king drive between eakins oval, art museum circle and montgomery drive. that is the very latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now nicole, back to you. >> thank you. philadelphia residents celebrate the sixth annual juneteenth street festival. the germantown festival commemorates passage of the 13th amendment which ended slavery in the united states. now in addition to a panel discussion about the history of american race and sliverry, festival goers also enjoyed
7:51 am
music, food and plenty of shopping from local vendors. and still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" the phillies try to beat one of the best teams in the league. leslie van arsdal has the highlights coming up in next in sports. but first here's a look what is coming up tonight on cbs-3. we will be right back.
7:52 am
when were you first considered a family? when you fell in love? when you got married? when you had kids? when did you first fight to be considered a family? when you fell in love? when you got married? when you had kids? family isn't defined by who you love, but how.
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tylenol®. phillies starting pitchers have gone 25 consecutive
7:54 am
starts without earning a win. aaron harang did his best to change that last night begins the cardinals. phillies had a lead in this game second inning codey asche takes john lackey deep and that put phillies up one to nothing. unfortunately that lead would not hold. game tied at one in the sixth. randall crushes this ball to center. actually end up in the bull pen and yes all downhill for phillies from there they lose this 110-one. before yesterday's game phillies designated pitch er philip aumont for assignment, he came over in the cliff lee trade. he has been starting this year for lehigh valley. he started friday night. he went four innings gave up six runs and walk seven batters. almost perfect washington nationals, max on the verge of the perfect game yesterday. two outs, two strikes he hits the final batter, unbelievable. he would finish off that in hitter but just so close to
7:55 am
perfection. so, he will get that check late seer up shower, his last two starts he has thrown two complete games given up one hit, one walk and struck out 26. next up, the phillies, on friday. well, this is the highlight of the week for so many flyers fans. long time flyers defenseman kimmo timonen finally getting to hoist the stanley cup honestly it would have been better if he got to raise it with the flyers but after trading him to the black hawks ron hextall was thrilled for him. >> you know what, i was sitting thereafter the game thinking you know what, they should make a movie like seriously, i could not be happier. i think probably all you guys in the whole delaware valley and finland and every where else is happy for this guy because he is a consummate pro and i guess in the end he got what he deserved, he deserved to win a stanley cup. >> conn are barwin out in the community in his make the the world better foundation
7:56 am
hosted their second annual benefit concert. it featured barbecue and pre seeds will go to the revitalization of smith's play ground in south philadelphia. back to baseball history friday in new york alex rodriguez hits this home run for hit number 3,000 this is a huge career milestone just one problem the fan that caught the historic ball, zach campbell is not going to give it back. this is a guy knows a thing or two about catching baseball he has caught more than 8,000. he wrote a book on the art. yankees tried to negotiate with him by trading memorabilia but quoted news day assaying it is kind of like well, i don't like you and i have something you want and you cannot have it. that is that. have a great day. i'm leslie van arsdal. one of the midwest biggest marathons took place this weekend, about 18,000 runners hit the asphalt for 39th annual marathon in minute so the a now volunteer force, for that annual race wasn't too shabby either, 400 medical volunteers and more than a thousand water station volunteers all turnout to make
7:57 am
the 26.2 miles a huge success. and that is fight are "eyewitness news" at 7:00 here's what we have at you coming up at 8:00. gunfire erupts in a gathering in west philadelphia, ten people are hurt, the youngest just 18 most old. we are live with the latest including what investigators believe led to that violence. also a live look outside for you summer officially starts later today and it is also fathers day so is the weather going to shape up for your dad? carol has the answer, when we return.
7:58 am
well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts?
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this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today.
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good morning it is sunday june 21st happy fathers day to the dads out there. i'm nicole brewer at 8:00. send it over to carol, and, this is a a good thing for all of the dad. >> outdoor plans a little wet still here and there. >> clearing up is my gift to dad and it does not impact any credit card balances. >> there you go. >> it is a perfect gift. we're looking right now at conditions that will be improving and you can see look at this the tops of the building. now we have not been able to see that until very recently. that is an improvement in center city, philadelphia we will head to the shore. and this is not a great picture but what it is down there but not what it will be. things will be getting better for us. the heavier rain has moved out already and look at reading. skies are brightening up out there even though there are puddles on the ground, the


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