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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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take a look you can see where shell casings have been placed, every time a shell has fallen related to this shooting and back beyond that investigators combing through the scene. on the scene here commissioner charles ramsey and we spoke to him about the spat of violence now facing the city. >> it just makes absolutely no sense. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey shaking his head monday for the second time in three days multiple people have been wounded by gunfire including children, in the city of philadelphia. >> obviously it is a problem. it is ignorant. people going around shooting like that, down the street, in the middle of the day beautiful day children get struck. >> reporter: this time it happened in broad daylight. police called to the 700 block of east hilton street in kensington at 2:30 monday afternoon. police found seven wounded four adults and three children with at least one person remaining in critical condition. >> i'm looking for a solo male at this point. we do have a weapon that was
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found. >> reporter: police believe that male was alone and fled on foot. the weapon a shotgun recovered near the scene. >> some people just do not care. anytime, anyplace, irrespective of who may be on the street. >> reporter: philadelphia police now working with a very basic description of the suspect, and also trying to determine what the motive here was for this shooting, no word yet either on if any of these crimes are related, of course, if you know anything about this or any of the shooting in this city you are asked to call police immediately. reporting live from kensington i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thanks very much. on this first full day of summer, we are feeling the sizzle mercury rising in the 90's now and just beginning. heat advisory is set to go in effect for most of the area tomorrow morning. meteorologist kathy orr is on the cbs-3 sky deck, how sit feeling, kathy. >> we have a big breeze
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coming through dry wind, so not a lot of humidity but hot wind as well as temperatures soared above 90 degrees for the second day tomorrow our first heat wave of the year. lets look at these high temperatures around the region because they will go higher tomorrow philadelphia 91. ac airport 90. wilmington 87. trenton and allentown in the upper 80's. eighty-nine in the city. millville 86. dover 88. average high is 85 this time of the year. temperatures falling through 80's this evening and stays sunny through sunset and clear skies 79 at 11:00 p.m. but humidity will rise and tomorrow the temperature will as well. that is why a heat advisory goes into effect. it will feel like around 100 degrees most of the day. now we will look at storm scan three. do you see that activity over great lakes. is he rear weather there yesterday, and today that will bring a severe threat to us tomorrow, it is associated with a cold front. that front will bust the heat but create some problems around the delaware valley.
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the main threat with this will be damaging winds. in the poconos lehigh valley between 12 and four. two to six in philadelphia and jersey shore and philadelphia beaches around four to 8:00 for your tuesday. so keep your eye to the sky. that is very latest, from the sky deck i'll be back with more information on the storms and how quickly we will cool down in the wake of them coming up with the seven day forecast. >> we will see you then, thanks very much. this september the arrival of pope frances promises to be philadelphia's biggest event in a generation. that is why mayor and other civic leaders are visiting the vatican tonight. they landed in rome this morning and so did "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean and she joins us live from outside the holy sea with more, jessica? >> reporter: well, good evening from rome, chris. it is a lovely night here, it is just after midnight here in rome. we are operating six hours ahead of you guys back home in philadelphia so very quiet out here. we are outside st. peters
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square and vatican where it is really peaceful. i must say quite beautiful tonight. we did land with the delegation early this morning here in rome. so we have had a full day. i did get the opportunity, as some of the delegation was resting up adjusting to the time change we have talk with the mayor and also talk with the executive director of the world meeting of families about how important the next few days are the sun and flooded square on this hot june day. few miles away philadelphia delegation prepared for five days of action. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter told me this trip is about meeting vatican counterparts face-to-face as his city prepares to host the world meeting of families and pope francis. >> having to plan out 48, 50 some hours from the time his holiness land on the ground and every event and activity in between. >> reporter: helping the delegation that includes city and archdiocese
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representatives, and as well as top business leaders. world meeting of families executive director donna fur ill said these business leaders have been critical to the planning. >> the people we're here with, the delegation, these are some of the people who stepped up first and strongest to say we want to help. >> we're really excited to have chris eisend, ceo of wawa here with us, dan hillforty president of the blue cross. >> reporter: when it comes to preparing for one to 2 million visitors the city welcomes all of the help and proud of the coalition. >> it vice important that we also communicate to the vatican the breath and depth of support for this event across philadelphia, a across the region, and throughout the state. >> reporter: chief inn expect or joe sullivan of the philadelphia police department is also here as part of the delegation. you can only imagine having the holy father in philadelphia with one to 2 million people, that there are going to be some security
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situations, they will need to work through and talk about. that is part of the planning process this week. a lot of talk about security a a lot of talk about logistics and how to work all that out a rot of agencies involved here. we will hear more about that this week. also up next, they will start off early tomorrow morning we're expecting a big announcement that has to do with the world meeting of families so we will certainly bring that to you as soon as we know it. chris, exciting stuff coming from rome this week and it all has to do with our town of philadelphia. >> it does jessica, a lot of work to be done in a short period of time, thanks very much. we will see you later tonight. you can make your plans for pope's visit by going to cbs once you get there click on papal visit. we will see what is in store for a historic event. there is breaking news right now chopper three is leave overcast for avenue and loany street in the rhawnhurst section of the northeast philadelphia you can see what has happened here. what a appears to be an suv
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has slammed in the home, we're told that two people have been injured and taken to the hospital we're not sure if they were in the car home or perhaps both. pretty significant incident there, this suv appears to have crashed through a fence and directly into this home. there are emergency crews on the scene assessing damage to the house and determine whether it is safe or whether some of it may indeed collapse. no word on whether the injured were inside the home or inside that car or both. we will keep an eye on this we will have more on breaking news on line at cbs well rescue on the rails in delaware, an suv gets stuck on the tracks but as "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff tells thus story has a happy ending thanks to two quick thinking officers. >> reporter: just like that, onlookers realized just how bad, this could have been. >> my first reaction was was there someone in that car.
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>> reporter: liz was working inside dear park tavern and was relieved to find out that there was not. according to police the 76 year old man from new jersey straight from new lon on road and got stuck in the railroad track gravel. that sparked the attention of the two newark police officers who were working extra duty as security at the bar. >> a as soon as they got there warning arm came down and they quickly got him out of the car and away to safety. >> reporter: this intersection is troublesome especially for out of towners and more so at night. we have two road that turn into three and then one way. >> definitely a dangerous spot. >> reporter: thomas has been working at the tavern for three years and says he has witnessed his fair share of incidents on the track. >> on my way to work two years ago one of my delivery trucks was making a right and got wedged in between railroad tracks and he got nailed and hospitalized for at least a week. >> reporter: in this most recent case of carvers train "eyewitness news" did speak with the driver.
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the exact events of the crash are still fuss toy him but wants to thank the city of newark, for their kindness. reporting from new castle county alexandria hoff for cb136789 "eyewitness news". >> unbelievable video there. a philadelphia fire fighter was injured bat telling fire in port richmond. authorities say the fire damaged two homes in the 2900 block of memphis street. the injured fire fighter has been taken to temple hospital we don't know the extent of the that fire fighters injuries tonight. red cross is helping two families there but there is in word on how the fire started. after two full years the suspicious death of the new jersey woman remains unsolved. but police are hoping that a new video will provide a break in the case of carol reese. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us from gloucester township with more, cleve. >> reporter: police felt very strongly that somebody saw something around this time around the time carol disappeared and time that she was found here, and a large apartment plex that has many people come and going all day
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long. plus it goes right through here with lake view drive. where this truck is going it is an on ramp on to route 42. this is a a very busy area. they are asking everyone to please take a fresh look at this case. >> we need your help in solving these suspicious unsolved death of carol rise in june 2013. >> reporter: police hope this new video will generate new lead in the fresh of carol rife last heard from june 20th, 2013. her daughter a says in the video they had plans to go to the video but rife never showed and didn't answer the phone. four days later her body was found behind the woods in the maintenance shed behind the lake view apartment where she live. >> we do not want any other family to hurt or suffer in the way that this effects a family. the way that this has affected us. our family. >> reporter: police still cannot say how rife died. in the warm summer weather her remains quickly decomposed. they are certain that someone placed her body in the
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woods. while many renters come and gone at lake view those who were around still get chills. >> we're really worried when they said she was missing could not find her. it looked suspicious. >> reporter: detectives say lead have gone cold over last few years but they hope a 20,000 will dollars reward and this new video will jog peoples memories. >> sometimes people don't realize they were a witness to something. we bring to their attention the incident that occurred, maybe they will remember something or maybe they heard someone else say something and then that will click. >> thank you so much for your help a long with that emotional polite, people have donated more than $10,000 to that $20,000 reward, if you know anything, call gloucester county police or camden county prosecutor's office n gloucester township cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, it was a bizarre sight on the new jersey beach still to come here on "eyewitness news", we will tell you where this dangerous
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creature washed a shore and what exactly that is. plus a pennsylvania brewery has plans to honor the late joe paterno, we will tell you when you will be able to buy a joe pa inspired beer, kathy. we are talking some heat and humidity and some thunderstorms, these brought severe weather to the midwest yesterday and moving our waste for tomorrow, we will talk about the storm and when the heat will break coming up with that seven day forecast, leslie? pete rose has maintained he never bet on baseball during his playing days, well, there are new documents that have come to light that contradict's pete's story i will have details coming up later in sports.
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rather frightening sighting has occurred on a new jersey beach take a look, harvey cedars beach patrol posted this photo on their facebook page have of a portuguese manowar jelly fish thinks a potentially deadly creature of the sea. beach patrol officials say when wind come from the north east, warm water from the gulf stream can bring these things our way. a reminder to always be aware when you are swimming in the ocean. well, pennsylvania beer maker will be brewing up a
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lagger honoring the late penn state head coach joe paterno. duquesne brewing company in le trobe plans to begin selling the vee's style lagger in august. it will feature joe pa's image and a list of his accomplishments. the brewery says that it is working with the paterno family on this beer and a portion of the proceed will go towards charities. college football's winningest coach, joe paterno was fired amid jerry sandusky sexual abuse scandal. he died just two months later. region's top high school softball players are competing in philadelphia this week. "eyewitness news" at fdr park where the 11th annual philly's carpenter cup kick off today. more than 250 female all stars will compete in the 30 game tournament, all in front of the college scouts and tournament includes 16 teams from 22 different leagues. well, golf outing in chester county for a very good cause, "eyewitness news" at
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waynesboro country club at an and you'll event that raises money for red cross. event helps fund resources needed to help victims of disasters. among those in attendance today business and community leaders, as well as, the ceo of the red cross. maroon five will be the next band to perform on the beach, in atlantic city, adam le vine and group will rock the shore on august 16th of course, last year you might remember it was blake shelton and lady antbellam who performed to a huge crowd. not too shabby opener, either, nick january as and matt cherrie andrew will open up that show and tickets go on sale on friday. boy, just think a head to august in atlantic city on the beach it will be a nice, sunny, warm, event. >> they are all welcomed to come to orr at the shore. >> sure. >> highlight with them. >> can't wait, it would be great. >> you love the new jersey connection yes the jonas
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brothers. >> a cutie. focus on weather now chris. >> yes. >> it is going to be warm, hume mid august. same goes for tomorrow our first heat wave and with the heat comes severe weather. take a look at this scene in plymouth iowa yesterday where the storms rolled through. this is same system coming our way tomorrow afternoon. homes, cars had damage from down trees and branches thankfully no one was hurt. lets look at storm can three because this is same group of thunderstorms moving through places like michigan, and heading into western new york right now but this broad some serious wind damage, also hail and some very heavy rain through midwest. you can see a few showers and storms in iowa through great lakes but this is going to be main event tomorrow afternoon. that is cold front and with it we will be seeing strong to severe storms. take a look right new looking beautiful in ocean city cape may county, ferris wheel moving, many people on the boardwalk and why not
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humidity is low, we have a westerly wind and ocean water temperature is warming. in philadelphia 89. look at those temperatures down the shore they are warm as well. eighty-seven in ocean city on the board. stone harbor 86. eighty-eight in cape may. tape ferry over to rehoboth beach where it is 5 degrees cooler. ocean city at 69. live neighborhood network takes us to the suburbs. kutztown area middle school where this looks like a wyeth painting. temperature 83 degrees. wind west at 6 miles an hour. middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse another beautiful picture with a deep blue sky. tomorrow that sky turns milky white as we add heat and crank up humidity. this is what humidity will look like. we will start off overnight humid and then slowly rises through morning and noon hour and in the afternoon. we will add temperatures in the 90's and humidity and makes it feel like it is in the 100's. take it easy tomorrow. future weather shows that front eastward, heat and humidity build go ahead of it.
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heat advisory will go in effect. showers and thunderstorms more between two and 6:00 and you can see storms firing up, some strong biggest threat will be gusty wind and possibly damaging wind. in the wake of the front you can see by 8:00 a.m. wednesday fair weather high pressure builds in. lower humidity but still quite warm with temperatures wednesday still in the 80's. now severe threat for everyone tomorrow, right as the afternoon heavy downpours and once again those damaging wind. overnight low temperature is 75. no weather issues throughout the evening. during the day tomorrow hot and humid see heat and humidity build. showers and storms in the afternoon. high of 94. here is record to beat tomorrow allentown 95. ninety-eight in atlantic city. ninety-seven for trenton and philadelphia wilmington will be tough to beat this 1100 degrees in 1894. on the exclusive seven day forecast and shore cast, 88 on wednesday. eighty-six on thursday. look at what happens over weekend, highs only in the 70's but guess what the
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weekend looks good a few showers saturday but dry for sunday. we do have to be concerned about sun glare right vittoria especially for this afternoon. >> absolutely. you know what is interesting we have sun glare that will ten to cause rush hour to go slower. right now it is not too bad rush hour is fairly light with the exception of the schuylkill expressway as we usually have it every day. seventy-six traveling westbound notice slow down at city avenue. eastbound delay will be heaviest out of the area of king of prussia and center city. i-95 looking good around cottman avenue. taking a look at speed sensors relatively speaking we're okay but i would still take it easy out there for sure but stay with us on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we will be right
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one story that he never bet on baseball when he was a player. new documents tell, another story, bureaus had and only as a manager for the manager obtained by espn, roth bet on red games during his last season during an active player with the team, in 1986. he has been banned from baseball from 1989, earlier this year, and he applied to be reinstated. the phillies are in the bronx taking on yankees for first time since 2010. they will try to bill off that big win with the card yesterday, kevin on the mound for the fightins, caesar hernandez playing second, chase utley is designated hitter. >> it looks like cole hamels will pennsylvania make start in the series finally on wednesday, he felt fine after a bull pen session yesterday, coal missed his start friday with a strained right hamstring. and nba is on deck thursday, with the sixers with the third overall pick. many experts think they will take guard deangelo russell from ohio state. they did bring him in for the
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work out. those reports surface that had russell didn't want to come here. today he set record straight. >> the work out was straight. what guy wouldn't want to play for any nba team, would i never do or say anything about that. i know what i have come from and it is a blessing just to play in the nba. >> dario saric will not join sixthers this season he decided to play another season in turkey. sixers were negotiating with his team to bring him here this season. sixers traded for his rights last year after he signed a three-year deal to play in turkey. we will be right back.
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we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here at 11:00 on cbs 36789 "cbs evening news" is next, scott pelley reports from new york.
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>> take it down, take it down! >> pelley: message received: late today south carolina's leaders said they want the confederate flag removed from the statehouse grounds. also tonight searchers find a vital clue in the hunt for two escaped murdererrings. -- murderers. swift reversal. an preponderance caves in after a pop star protest. and seeing is believing in the mysterious world of henry kupjack. >> anything that's made by man is easy to copy. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the state that fired the first shot in the civil war may be the last to retire the colors. the confederate battle flag at the state


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