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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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guys when we see these kind of patterns evolve. the building heat, the building moisture, followed up by a frontal boundary that is passing through, and when it comes through at the timing it is expected to come through today. it ends up bringing you some very nasty thunderstorms so, at the moment, not too much happening here on storm scan3 let me just zoom out one time, though. oh yes, you have scary looking thunderstorms actually firing up around the cleveland area, moving along at pretty good clip here. they bring very heavy downpours, frequent lightning whole slew of other threats for our area, eventually, with time. now, here is a heat advisory goes into effect as of 11:00 a.m. so it is not out there yesterday. -- yet. if you have outdoor activities you want to get in i say get them in now before you start to really see things spike on the thermometer. heat index values are expected to spike in fact, to near triple digit territory if not actually into the triple digits. please take care here today. drink lots of water. avoid the strenuous activity at the height of the day most specially, and take it easy, you know, this is one of
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those excuses that we prefer that you just relax rather than go too far and hurt yourself. meanwhile, 67 is the current temperature outside cut town area middle school, lights already beginning to pop over the horizon only will allow things to warm up from here. so off it very warm start as we speak pretty much, finding 70s around the board so you're not going to get too much relief, but it is the best time of day this morning to get in the outdoor plans by noon flirting with 90. we should have absolutely no issues getting to 94 later on today. that's the expectation. but even as we approach the early evening, when we start to see some of the showers thunderstorms firing up. far northwest suburbs by that point, probably starting to seat storm clouds roll in. in philadelphia it might take another hour or two. ukee, back to you. >> katie, thanks a l some folks ready to hit the roads. eastbound, westbound lanes open between i76 and broad street. the overnight construction has been cleared in that area. i76 near spring garden by the way the road is cleared now.
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no problems this morning thus far. hopefully it will stay that way. and on the maps all westbound lanes are blocked on route 422 and route 100 in pottstown due to downed wires that occurred from an earlier accident in that area. all eastbound lanes were previously closed but they have reopened. more traffic and weather coming up in just a little bit. in the news, gunman opens fire in broad daylight injuring several bystanders including children. now, this is the second shooting within days in a philadelphia neighborhood. >> on saturday, ten people were hit by bullets in man too a the latest shooting yesterday in kensington. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now, he is at police headquarters as officer are searching for that shooter. good morning. >> good morning, commissioner ramsey made his outrage clear in both of these case, called these shootings ignorant, given that kids were victims in both cases he says it is proof these shooters have no record for public safety. and we do have surveillance of the monday shooting, as you are about to see for some it, can be difficult to watch.
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>> police and evidence markers spread over another mass shooting scene monday afternoon. this time, on the 700 block of east hilton street in kensington. >> i don't know who did that, man. who ever did that is craze. >> i neighbors lamenting another shooting where kids are caught in the crossfire. and here, a look at the moment before during, and after bullets blasted the block. look as children playing in water at hydrant are quickly whisk away by alert adults. seconds later two, men appear to walk into the gunfire, one falls, he's hit. >> we heard something. we thought it was fireworks. when we come over here, we see blood. >> i was in my truck driving northbound on g, and i saw the people got shot. >> orlando garcia says he then called police. >> i told them they better hurry up, couple of people on the grounds. >> the shooter got away, but the weapon used was found.
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seven people shot, three of them children. >> it makes absolutely no sense. again it, reinforces when we -- some of these guys just do not care, they do not care. and any time, any place irrespective who may be on the streets. >> monday's shootings echos one at mantua block party saturday night. ten victims total, three are children, the shooter also fled, and appears to have used a shotgun as well. and in that kensington shooting victims are still recovering at this time. again, there are seven of them, there are two men in their 20's in critical condition, one with a gunshot wound to the chest the other to the neck. and they are also, again three children, two adult and they are recovering now from graze wounds, at last check were in stable condition. police now looking for a person of interest in this case. a black male, we are told, about five-seven, between 25 and 30 years old. a stocky build we're told, last seen wearing red and white tank, perhaps blank
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handkerchief covering his face. live at police headquarters, justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. new this morning police are investigating a shooting in the fairhill neighborhood of philadelphia. it happened around 12:30 this morning, in the 800 block of lehigh avenue. police found a man with a gunshot wound to the upper thigh. he's been taken to the hospital. there is no word on any suspect at this time. >> a preliminary hearing is scheduled this morning for two philadelphia police officers charged in the 2013 beating after man. officers sean mcknight kevin robin sore son face several charges, two officers imagine i riviera, knocked him from scooter from seventh and somerset began beating him before placing him under arrest. it was captured on surveillance cameras. he has maintained his innocence. >> philadelphia police meanwhile searching for driver in hit-and-run accident that left a man in critical condition at temple hospital. it happened around 9:30 monday night at the intersection of sixth and erie in the city's
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hunting park section. the victim just riding a bike when he was hit. police say the driver fled that scene leaving the vehicle behind. >> a pilot is recovering from minor injuries, after a crop duster crash in burlington county. chopper three over the crash in pemberton yesterday. it appears the pilot had to land that plane without landing gear. no one on the ground was injured. >> well, destructive scene in the rhawnhurst section of philadelphia when a vehicle crashes into a home. chopper three over the 7900 block of castor avenue yesterday afternoon and eyewitness tells us the car first hit his car head-on then careened into the home. a woman inside was reportedly stuck between the car and the wall but was in the injured. two people in the car are hospitalized in stable condition. a new bill decriminalize g marijuana use in delaware is being signed into law today. governor jack markell will sign that bill which allows people to possess a small amount of marijuana without facing criminal penalties. if you're caught with 1 ounce of marijuana or less, you will
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receive a 100-dollar fine. it is still illegal though, to smoke marijuana in public. that law goes into effect in six months. pope francis will not be the only big name on the ben franklin parkway this september. this morning cbs-3 in rome when they announced andrea boetsch ellie will perform the same weekend as the pope's visit. in addition to bo chilly, the philadelphia orchestra and latin superstar janice, will perform during the festival of families saturday september 26th. not only will the philadelphia orchestra perform at the festival of families, but will take part in the papal mace. on sunday, september 27th, providing the music for the anticipated 500 member archdioces choir. >> day two for that philadelphia delegation now in vatican city, the group includes religious, civic leaders, led by mayor mike nutter. they are there to work out details for the pope's plans
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in philadelphia. mayor mike nutter spoke with anchor jen did a december in -- dean in rome, the face-to-face meetings, for the crowd estimate, daunting security detail that will move with every step the pontiff takes. >> we want to make sure all of those things are in place we feel good about it, for the next 09 days, continue to fine tune and tweak and make changes as necessary again anticipating that there may be last minute changes because you know the pope is the pope. generally gets to do whatever he want to do. >> meetings between vatican officials and the philadelphia group are of course underway, and jessica will be live from rome coming up in our 6:00 hour. so please stay tuned for that. err dismay. >> meanwhile, advocates for the poor hope the pontiff's upcoming advice lit boost their charitable efforts. they've started what is called the francis funds to raise money. short-term effort to help the homeless and hungry. more than 50 local organizations will receive
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money, including saint john's hospice. that is a shelter that feeds 300 people each weekday. >> ideas are wonderful, spirit is good. we need money. we need support to make these programs take place. >> francis funds will have lasting impact after pope francis leaves on the lives of those who are hungry, homeless in our community. >> saint john's hospice will receive $15,000 to help with their food operations. the francis fund aims to raise about one and a half million dollars before the pope arrives. organizers are about halfway to that goal. >> for the latest information in help in making your plans for the pope's visit just go to our website click on papal visit to see what's in store. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the controversy surrounding the confederate flag is increasing after the church massacre in south carolina find out what politicians and businesses are doing to speak out against the symbol. >> and they may be uncomfortable, but it turns out that skinny jeans could also be hurting your health.
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what a new study says about those popular pants. >> and family, just another heads up. it will be a dangerously hot day today. heat advisory will be in effect for most of the day and that is not the worse of t katie is tracking severe storms headed our way later this afternoon. we'll break it down for you on the other side. be right back.
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>> governor of south carolina says if they do not take the flag down, she will fors the i shall glue this call to remove the flag comes in the aftermath of the charleston church massacre. more now. >> it is time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. >> south carolina governor nicky haley calling for state law makers to move quickly on
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legislation, that would remove the confederate flag from state property. republican state representative, doug bran on said he plans to introduce a bill that would do just that. >> i've been in the house fifth years. i should have filed that bill five years ago. but the time is now. >> while brandon acknowledged the move could cost him re-election, many with presidential aspirations rush to embrace governor haley's call. senator lindsey gram, who had expressed different opinion just days before, publicly reversed course. >> put it in a museum. move forward. >> the flag can only be lowered, with a vote by the state legislature. mark albert, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> and wal-mart has announced it will stop selling merchandise bearing the image of the confederate battle flag. the country's largest retailer made that announcement yesterday following the shooting in charleston. wal-mart. com currently sells that flag along with several apparel items, featuring the flag's
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design line t-shirts, belt buckles. statement from the company said the items will be removed from both stores and their websites. >> right now just past 5:13, we want traffic and weather together. oh, watch out for the heat and the storms. >> very active day out there erika, and a lot of what sum kerr really bring to the table here all just in the one day forecast. so let's take you out there. i want to start it off by showing you what's happening on storm scan, right now, a development of our latest storm system, as it tracks across the storm center over canada. then the trailing frontal boundery affecting us later today. already some very heavy rain, lightning, nasty storms errupting across basically the really just where the lake meets the actual land area here in up-state new york and pennsylvania. so, lakes erie and ontario is saw decent action, but the severe weather threat for us is actually upgraded now to enhanced risk. now, that might not sound familiar to you. that's because the storm
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prediction center has since last year upgraded their classification. it used to just be three of them. you had hi moderate, slight. now, that since expanded to include enhanced risk and marginal. basically looking at lowest level of totem pole to the top level. so we sit right in the middle today. it is definitely not a high risk, to he severe weather potential, but enhanced risk of the in other words little more than slight if that makes sense. in the meantime, you are going to be dealing with some pretty significant heat here today. if you can wear light and loose fitted clothing if you have got to be outside. i always feel so much for the poor folks working on construction in this casino every heat. drink plenty of water water is the drink of choice. draw the blind during the day if you don't have the benefits of air-conditioning, and remember, that those cars, they can turn into offends especially with the heat and humidity, almost like your own virtual greenhouse meanwhile. we look forward to these afternoon showers thunderstorms, to start erupting this afternoon, early evening, so prime time for
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rush hour no less. then headed into tomorrow, granted, still hot but we are expecting to seymour sunshine, less humidity, overall just much nicer summer day. ukee, we send it back to you. >> thanks so much. let's go outside, take it to the bridge, the benny looking pretty good this morning, the shot showing the westbound bridge approaching center city from camden, new jersey, another shot for you i-95, moving nicely as well, right now. so far so good. this view is near girard avenue showing southbound traffic going toward the city. take you to the maps for a moment. if you are in this area, just heads up, all westbound lanes still blocked on route 422 at route 100 in pottstown due to some downed wires from an earlier accident, once again if you are in the area, use the pennsylvania turnpike as an alternate while crews work to clear that scene. pretty cool being the traffic dude. >> i was going to say, man of many talents. >> traffic dude in the house. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", deflate gate, heads to major hearing this morning. >> patriots star tom brady revealing his punishment today.
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the bat thal faces him to get his suspension overturned. be right back.
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>> new figure suggest americans are only half at appropriate weight. find more than two thirds of americans are overweight, or obese. researchers found that more men are considered overweight, but more women are obese. obesity surgeon says their pain rent getting younger and younger. >> we talk about diabetes, hypertension high cholesterol, obesity will surpass cigarette smoking as the leading cause of cancer death in the united state. >> this generation is not going to out live it predecessor. and that's pretty amazing. >> researchers also say the key is using intervention to
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get people more active. more work needs to be done to get people access to healthy more affordable food. >> also this morning, warning for women who wear those popular skinny jeans. doctors in australia say that women who squat, while wearing skinny jeans, for extended periods of time, they could damage their leg muscles, and nerves. they say a 35 year old woman damaged her nerves after spending hours squat to go clean out cabinet while wearing skinny jeans. if you have ever worn them, you know that sensation, oop that feels tight, but then you move. you stop doing that position. when ukee wears his skinny jeans on the weekends, you never clean out your cabinets. >> no, i'm in sweats. >> you never scat? >> i put the sweats on. it is all good. hey, please be careful if you are headed outside today. >> yes specking some dangerously hot temperatures. katie has more on the heat advisory, and the severe weather coming this way or this afternoon. details on when that will affect you coming up.
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>> good luck trying to play a round of golf on this course. no excuse. this is in kentucky where huge sinkhole open up on the course. heavy rains cause that sinkhole. no word how long it will take to fix t meantime, golfers say they're just having fun with t oh my. >> hopefully carefully. >> got 2-foot put? pick it up. you can make that. oh, my goodness. that's something. thank goodness no one was hurt. >> maybe not the best day for some golf, katie? little hot? >> exactly very, very warm. if you have an early t time, probably okay here this morning. but, note it is going to definitely going to feel steamy outside. that will building moisture and building heat no less all
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coming courtesy whatever you see over my shoulder, what we will show in you full screen in a second here. live look for in you atlantic city on "skycam 3" showing really just couple of clouds out there. the sun still trying to peak through at this point. a lot of that cloud cover actually off shore. we go next to storm scan, what you will find, see one little bubble of thunderstorms that fires upright the tail end of the loop there just on top of your screen here, of the time and temperatures. you see that? so that's where those clouds are coming f meantime, yes your eye gets right immediately drawn to the frontal boundary off to the west. it triggers showers storms. your eyewitness weather health report very colorful today. uv index awfully hi, you have got a dangerous heat index value here in the fact that it may sky rocket as high as triple digit territory. so you have to be careful on days like. >> this moderate air quality level, thankfully the pollen pretty low at the moment. now, looking forward in this forecast, the day time high hits 94 degrees, again scorching us.
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this afternoon, cooling thunderstorms but nasty storms come along with the frontal boundery. leaks like primarily mid afternoon for the northwest counties, toward the typical evening rush, for philadelphia, and men maybe early evening towards the shore points. that's sort of the timing there. you can expect to see some very heavy downpours with this frequent lightning gusty wind, we can't rule out small size hail if not isolated tornado. that will have to be something we keep very close watch on which we'll do for you of course. then later tonight skies clear, humidity, thankfully, starts to drop off again. ukee, back over to you. >> that evening rush could be casino every tricky then? heads up. >> it is look that way. >> see what's happening in the morning, route 42 freeway past i295 in bellmawr, new jersey, all lanes moving at normal speeds you can see. the schuylkill, montgomery drive, looking pretty good, as well. taillights on the right side of your screen i believe headed toward the city. is that right jim toward the city? see, i am learning this stuff. all westbound lanes still block on route 422 at route 100 in pottstown due to downed wires from earlier
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accident. once again if you are in that area, you may want to use the pennsylvania turnpike as an alternate while crews work to clear that scene. they're doing great job. talking sports right now phillies take on cc senate ya and the yanks again tonight in the bronx after losing their road streak losing streak. franco led the way at yankee stadium. franco had two homeruns among his four hits, five runs batted in. the phillies beat the yankees 11-eight. the phils had season high 18 hits in the game. and season high in runs scored for the second game in a row. well the sixers have the number three pick when the nba draft comes around thursday night. experts say d'angelo russell out of ohio state would be great fit. but, there have been some reports, russell doesn't want to play here. yesterday, though, he set the record straight. >> the work out great watch guy wouldn't want to play for any nba team? i never would say anything like that. i mean, i know wave come f i
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know what i have been through t would be a blessing just to play in the nba. >> russell healthy, new orleans, look out. hey, in the round of 16 at the women's world cup and it is winner go home. team usa gets on the board first against columbia a goal by alex morgan, pad the lead later on, by delran's own carli lloyd there. team usa advances with a two-nothing win. they'll play china friday. and the world cup quarterfinals. usa. >> doing so well. welcome, ladies. still ahead it morning on "eyewitness news", next chapter in the deflate gate saga. tom brady making his case today to try to get to over turn his four game suspension. >> also, authorities in new york believe they're on the right track to find those two escape prisoners. we'll tell but the new clues police have to the convict's whereabouts. >> and get ready katie talking about this, for extremely hot day today. >> this heat could be dangerous. she also has more on the heat advisory and those possible storms moving in.
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that's coming up.
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>> expect extremely hot weather today. oh those temperatures will bring in some storms. not catching a break here. >> let's check the forecast with katie and see what it will be like. >> good morning, guys, expecting pretty significant heat out there here today. we have already had two days straight now of 90 plus degrees. actually we take you back in time and show you what we ended up with. and what we expect here today. so remember, the official definition for a heatwave is three days plus of 90 plus degrees. so, already had two days every 91 degrees. and now we expect this to actually be the hottest day of the three. so, this is going to b


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