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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  June 24, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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boy, those damaging storms rolled through last night bringing down trees and power lines and leaving thousands without power but the big impact from the storm is going to be for commuters this morning. i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. severe weather continues to cause problems for folks trying to raid rails. many amtrak trains were delayed or suspended yesterday. patco announced service suspension this morning in. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is at the pennsylvania co's colin wood station with more, justin, good morning. >> reporter: ukee and erika good morning. if your commute commute involves the rails you may want to double-check if you have a way in. there are service shut downs
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in our area and patco says that service will not be up and running until after the morning commute. stations here like in collinswood are still closed in the dark, until that service can be restored. now last night came word patco service shut down amid those storms yesterday happening as evening rush was underway. we are told nj transit will honor patco tics on the nj transit buses. that storm blew in, at again rush hour last night leaving passengers stranded at 30th street station we spoke with one amtrak rider who said power issues left him trapped on the train for hours lets take a listen. >> at least twice as long and usual. there was no electricity. it was hot. it is really very stuffy, and there was no water and the toilets were non-functional, people got conflicting information. >> reporter: you heard there not a pleasant ride but as you
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can see no lights are on. the train is still on the track. there are cars in the parking lot but no doubt people that come in today expecting normal commute will not be getting it. septa is also working to rebound this morning. we are told that lines including paoli media fox chase and norristown high speed line are all having delays as services suspensions at this point as well as buses will not be serving the chester, transportation center. this is until they cannery store power at service to those lines and alternate routes. just check with septa we are live i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now, coming up on 4:33 let's check the roads and areas affect by down trees. >> i don't know if you saw this, your commute here for everybody here at the station but even myself coming in the studio tons of down trees lights out lights being on flash, and just major problems even throughout the neighborhood. we will take you back off to justin for a second and go
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down mass transit checklist to keep you informed of everything happening right now so you cannery structure your commute to make things easier this morning. let's start with amtrak. amtrak is looking g they are operating on a normal schedule. today they have been restored. as we look the a the patco line, as justin was saying it was suspended but new jersey transit is cross honoring tickets. that is a piece of good news with that. media elwyn line has been suspended and paoli thorndale line has been suspended but between only between thorndale and malvern. so take a really good look at this mass tras it checklist. i will put on twitter tons of down trees and down wires in the area here's one, new jersey turnpike southbound, closed completely, because of the down tea between black horse pike and 32 two. best alternate is 295-6789 wait until you see list i put on twitter so follow me at vittoria cbs-3.
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now lets check weather. hopefully a better day today katie. >> i can guarantee that, yes. we will take you back in time to look at to the very short list from the storm reports that came n trees came down in medford. house collapsed in fishtown. 72 miles an hour gusts reported at philadelphia international airport. 66 miles an hour gust in new castle. the list goes on very short list clearly not exhaustive here but storm scan three empty and it will stay that way today. high pressure is in briefly in control. you can see very strong thunderstorms even the last few hours over norfolk virginia area thankfully retreating out to sea and high pressure will regain control lower humidity, takes the lead sunnies back and we will keep that summertime warmth but it is a quieter day a and much more comfortable day for you. 71 degrees. we knock another degree before the sun comes up but as we look forward to the forecast, nice day great at the beach.
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great in the mountains. great in the city a as well. yes, there is some clean up to do out there but we expect to see much nicer weather unfold today. a nice change of pace obviously by comparison. ukee, back to you. tuesday night's severe weather left no part of the region untouch. high wind brought down this nearly 200 year-old tree in delaware county. it split a house in half and sent the home owner to the hospital. all across the county local roads were a mess as crews cleaned up fallen branches in the middle of the frustrated evening commuters. >> it last towed about 20 minutes and when it came you could hear everything hitting the roof. i went down the basement with my granddaughter. >> last check the home owner who was taken to the hospital was resting and his injuries were not described as serious. emergency crews tell cbs-3 there may still be a threat from partially damage trees out there that could come tumbling down. new jersey shares their damage too whipping wind up
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routeing trees down at the jersey shore. large regions lost power and in woodbury high wind were to blame for a delicious that caused a car right there to flip right over. and in cherry hill a down tree was blocking covered bridge road, one of the many similar scenes all across south jersey. vittoria mentioned many people in our area are without power because of the storms. peco energy is reporting 187,000 outages and says for some customers power will not be restored until friday. atlantic city electric has nearly 160,000 outages and 50,000 pse&g customers in the dark as well. del marva has more than 27,000 outages. right now 4:36. a happening today allegations from philadelphia attending the papal audience in st. peters square. philadelphia archbishop charles chaput tells "eyewitness news" that the delegation will meet with pope francis immediately following. our jessica keen is with the
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delegation right now in vatican city. she's there we will hear from her later on this morning. now back home in the news police are investigating a fatal shooting in the fair hill neighborhood of philadelphia that happened in the hundred block of wishair street before 1:00 last night. police found a man with the gunshot wound to the chest. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. a fire fighter is in the hospital after an overnight fire in elmwood. this had happened in the 6300 block of wood land avenue just before 12:30 this morning. there is no word on the severity of that fire fighters injuries. a big reward is offered in connection with the recent shootings in philadelphia neighborhood. mayor's office is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and convictions of a gunman who opened fire in kensington on monday. seven people were injured on the 700 block of east hilton street. last saturday ten people were shot at a block party on the 4100 block of ogden street. $10,000 reward is being offered in that incident as
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well. welshing happening today boston marathon bomb are dzhokhar czar inner will be formally sentenced to death. he will be given an opportunity to address the court but unclear whether or not he will take it. victim impact statement will be made at the sentencing. the judge will then formally impose the sentence. happening today another presidential hopeful enters the race. louisiana governor bobby join delis expect to announce he is running today. he will make that announcement this evening in lou san a he will join an already crowded race with about a dozen competitors, now running. new jersey governor chris christie's announcement could come as early as next week. according to a report, christie is in the final stages of preparations for his presidential bid. christie's ramped up campaigning planning in recent weeks and hired two additional staffers in new hampshire on monday. governor said wow wait to launch his campaign until new jersey legislature passed the
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budget at the end of the month. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning we now know cause of the death for freddie gray baltimore man who died while in police custody. we will tell you what the autopsy report revealed. storm may be over but are there anymore we can expect this week? katie has a check on your forecast when we come right
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happening today a viewing in the south carolina state capitol will take place for clementa pinckney. pinckney was one of nine people killed by a gunman inside a south carolina church last week. he join the south carolina legislature in 1997. he was also pastor of emmanuel africane piss pal church in charleston where that deadly shooting took place. in this region local members of the bethel african methodist episcopal church in kenneth square they will gather tonight at prayer vigil
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for nine south carolina shooting victims. that vigil is expect to begin at 6:00 and will be led by reverend michelle pinckney mack bet. south carolina lawmakers voted to consider removing confederate flag from the state house grounds. one proposal would move that flag to a museum instead. this sudden push has made converts out of politicians who long supported or stood silent about such symbols. they call the outcry an over reaction. we now know what caused freddie gray's death baltimore man whose death sparked nationwide protest against police brutality. accord together autopsy report obtained by the baltimore sun gray suffer a high energy injury, while riding in a police van. sun reported that the injury similar to those suffered in shallow water diving was most likely caused when the van decelerated. report says death could not be ruled a accident and is instead a homicide because the officers did not follow safety
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procedures. coming up on 44:00 -- 4:43. check this out more damaging storm video here. tree toppling over. a view caught this, with high wind. this is eyewitness cam video from paul in the cities northwood second. if you didn't see that happen in your backyard you can see down tree limbs today. >> i lost power for a little bit of time. we had debris in our yard, backyard. >> we saw tree swinging. >> those older trees they have been loosen up so you have to keep a heads up now. >> it makes you nervous. >> something to keep an eye on here but thankfully much more just quiet weather. >> yes. >> but we are after yesterday, a good trade off. you said this yesterday you come to a point and it comes with a price. yesterday was price we paid for a beautiful day. we have that going for us. obviously lots of clean up still yet to be done out there from the debris that is still
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blocking roadways and what not and at least we have got this forecast today and it will be a nice one. looking at storm scan three it is dicey right now just off mid-atlantic coastline. that is the same system still churning, burning away here and now thankfully off and out to sea. we are going to see high pressure settled in briefly here to deliver pleasant weather overall. looking at the big picture nothing really all that obvious in terms of development or good organization just yet but we can see some bubbling up of moisture across northern high plains. we will see not one but two separate systems affect our area and bring in a very significant pattern change. we will wrap up the month of june and kick off july it looks like with some cooler air. it has been a very warm month thus far. sunny and warm today. back close to seasonal and a lot more comfortable. tomorrow we will start with sun. i call this a decent day. here's system number one of two. that is likely to bring in a
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shower or thunderstorm later in the day. we are expecting to see potentially steady rain overnight thursday into friday that leaves behind some showers and it will see another system coming for the weekend. things gradually go downhill but today a beautiful day. eighty-six and sunny. later tonight we will drop down to six 36789 nice comfortable night if you are not craze bye that energy bill. i think you can getaway without that. eighty-five tomorrow with the sun, followed by cloud and eventually shower, thunderstorm at night. friday, a couple scattered showers, more cloud then anything but saturday at this point is looking like a rainy day, guys, back to you. katie, thank you. in sports phillies go for a sweep of the yankees this afternoon, cole hamels goes for a phillies, game time 1:05. phillies and yankees in the slug fess after a long weather delay. that is cameron rough's first major league home run to tie the game in the fourth. red hot miguel franco had another big night he blasted
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another home run and drove in five runs for the second night in a row. phillies out last yankees for their third straight win phillies win 11-six. nba draft is tomorrow night in brooklyn with the sixers holding pick number three. that is not stopping other teams from making trade offers including one that would have center in lens noel and pick to boston for marcus smart and celtics 21st rounders. please. gm sam hinkie not going for it. philadelphia basketball community and entire basketball world has lost a real treasure. long time sixers and nba stat guru harvey pollack started with the warriors in 1946 and longest tenured employee in the nba. he was scorekeeper at wilt chamberlain's 100-point game and invented today's modern day basketball stats. mr. pollack was involve in the very serious car accident last january and he is survived by his daughter linda and son ron who works for the sixers.
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harvey had four children and six grandchildren. a special man harvey pollack was 93. still ahead on "eyewitness news" is there nothing worse then sending an e-mail and then immediately regretting it. now, one e-mail service is offering a fix for you. we will have that. but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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a lot of clean up in a lot of areas. storms, down trees and power lines. peco says there are more than a hundred thousand outages mainly in chester and delaware counties plus, thousands of outage as among pse&g and ac electric and del marva customers. there is a $10,000 reward for information in shootings in kensington monday and mantua last week even. up investigators say both shootings were from a shotgun
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but not clear if the same gunman was involve. and live look outside right now at the vatican where pope francis will attend his weekly audience. a delegation from philadelphia is there making plans for pope's visit this coming september to philadelphia. time for a check on business news and nasdaq opened up at another record high. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the insuring stock exchange. so what will investors watch today, jill. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. a lot of concern about greece, time is running out for country to make a deal with the creditors over its debt. also netflix just approved a seven for one stock split. so tuesday's closing price $681. the stock will fall below a hundred dollars in a split. ukee and erika. jill, is there nothing worse than hitting a send button on a e-mail and instantly regretting it. google is offering a fix though.
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>> reporter: that is right g mail will make it easier to unsend e-mails. that ability actually has been around for years on g mail but it has been hard to find. the new unsend setting appears at the top of the g mail window and delayed sending an e-mail by five to 30 seconds. during that time users can flip the link to stop that e-mail before it goes out. now they tell us, this has been around for years. >> i know. >> we have all been there and that awkward, that was meant for somebody else. >> been there done that. >> we will see. >> thanks, jill. >> coming up after a short break traffic and weather together on the three's.
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last night's damaging storms will cause big problems for morning rush. several road are shut down because of overturn trees and patco service is suspended because of a loss of power in new jersey. we want to check with vittoria for very latest on exactly how
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people can get to work today good morning. >> they will need to know that for sure. you will need to do restructuring to your morning commute if puff plans to head to work because we will go down mass transit check wrist and you will see that there is a lot we need to talk b i will step out of the way so you can take a mental picture of this we will put this on twit eras well. we will start with amtrak. amtrak is running on time. yesterday they had some problems. they are back to normal. patco speed line had been suspended but new jersey transit will be cross honoring. so you definitely have an option there media/elwyn line has been suspended paoli thorndale line has been suspended. only service suspended with that is between thorndale and malvern. you can still catch services between malvern to center city. also the fox chase line has been suspended norristown high speed line, service to radnor, station only, and if you have a few septa buses are terminating at certain points. definitely take that one.
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119, 117 so on and so forth. we will keep you updated with this throughout the morning. just know throughout the neighborhood and some of our highway, specifically new jersey turnpike, down trees fallen cables and with those power outages peco will have their work cut out for them this morning. lets see how we are doing weather-wise this morning with katie. >> at least they will have free and clear weather to get that work done, vittoria. we can expect bright sunshine today, low humidity, which is helpful because it was so uncomfortable yesterday before the storms rolled in. on top of it all we're talking about summertime warmth. maybe you can be lucky and didn't have too much damage around your property and maybe you have the day off. it looks like a nice excuse to be outside. we are expect to go see full sunshine today. you can see retreat of the clouds looking at this last three hour loop on storm scan three. so all is in the clear all will stay that way today and hey make out the center city sky line for a change. we have had cloudy, humid mornings and we have had difficulty seeing that city landscape off in the distance
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off of palmyra cove nature park. we will keep you in the mid 80's tomorrow starting with sun. notice with the pattern change. we have a cool down here my friend. two systems move into help that along and first to bring us a shower and thunderstorm tomorrow night and we are likely to see some rain moving through really for the next couple of days, steady rainy would say thursday night and into saturday. guys back to you. >> katie, thank you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live with the aftermath from last night's damaging storms and lingering travel problems this morning as you get ready to head out the door. also a police officer cheats death during a traffic stop and that is not the only terrifying crash for that department. check this out how is this for a multi tasking dad he makes a bear handed catch while feeding his baby, doesn't drop a bottle, how his spectacular catch hurt his favorite team, back at the top of the
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and this morning many people are waking up in the dark and, working to clean up the mess from last night's damaging storms. trees are ripped out of the ground and hundreds of thousands of people do not have power. we will be live in the hardest hit area with when the power should be turned back on. those storms are creating a real travel had headache for commuters this morning there is no patco services for your morning rush and that is not the only problem as you get ready to head out the door. in other news you're looking live at the vatican where officials from philadelphia and the world meeting of families are getting ready to meet the pope after this morning's general audience. it is wednesday june 24th good morning i'm ukee
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washington. i'm erika von tiehl. this is what people are waking up to this morning trees littering the ground after last night's powerful storms. damage is staggering this morning. >> that it is. >> storms caused power outages right now. peco is reporting 187,000 outages and says that some customers, for them, power won't be restored until friday. atlantic city electric has nearly 160,000 outages. >> more than 50,000 pse&g customers in the dark as well, del marva has more than 27,000 outages. national weather service... >> i said tornado warnings but, then came with a 15 minutes and was here and gone. >> reporter: what did you see did the skies get dark, was it raining. >> the wind was blowing wind was really blowing hard, and then rain. >> the national weather service may rule sometime today whether or not a tornado touched down in south jersey. many of the deptford mall described what sounded and


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