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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 26, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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what a novel idea that would be? today i wouldn't call it a wash out. warning the transition take effect here, as one system retreats, and we await the next one. next one bridges its main event, if you will. the big show tomorrow afternoon and night. let me show you what's happening out there first for most live look at "skycam 3", basically a lot of clouds overhead definitely damp outside throw the throw the current conditions over top of this. northeast wind, barely in the recall frankly. humidity is up. temperatures currently at 69 degrees. and then we look ahead at storm scan3 here, nice wide zoom. yes, the train of wet weather continues across portions of the ohio vale, across now again, iowa, missouri, all spots that were just hit by the rain that hit us last night. so it is almost like this first system setting the stage for what will ends up being pretty soggy upcoming weekend. but even today back through some of the central plane state, you ends up with potential for flooding.
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catching at least what i would call frankly a break even though we are going toned up with some scattered showers tomorrow, look at this, you ends up with the heavy rain moving in. one, two, plus inches currently flirting with 70, and then we expect to see at best maybe ten additional degrees get tack on for daytime high. see couple of breaks along the way, not wash out after day by any stretch. certainly is little gloomy dealing with mainly clouds, couple of showers through the better part of the day. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone, women if you are traveling out and about on the roads, it is easy, it is breezy, it is a great way to start your friday at least for right now. usually at 5:01, we never have too many delays and problems. right now only problem ma that i be casting you a delay the vine street expressway, very minor. traveling on the vine, in the westbound direction it is closed between broad street and the schuylkill. notice behind me, traffic
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being diverted off the broad street here. they usually tend to wrap this up around 5:00 or so. by the looks of this delay maybe they are starting to pick up some cones. we we continue to double check. >> this as of now the vine street expressway, in the westbound direction, is still closed between broad street and the schuylkill. again something seems to be going on there. i'll investigate. that will let's go on, talk about the schuylkill, if you are traveling eastbound on 76, right around montgomery, disable vehicle on the shoulder, not causing too much after problem. we do have active flares out there. we are waiting for some assistance however schuylkill moving just fine, no delays in either direction really on any of the majors, except for that vine. something going on there. i just have a feeling. taking a look into new jersey right now accident closing east landsis avenue. no delays for mass transit. ac rail line still suspended. >> thank you. in the news, utility crews still work to go restore power to tens of thousands of customers who have been in the dark since tuesday night. letter are the latest outage
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numbers. ac electric is reporting under 55,000 customers without power, peco energy says, a little more than 17,000 outages remain, 1600 pse&g customers still off line, and delmarva power reports about 270 still out. >> now the clean up continues from tuesday's storm and some of it is taking awhile. this massive tree still lies in the middle of the street northeast philly. it is on the 1900 block of bridge street, in frankford. the tree has been cut into pieces and it should be removed pretty soon. "eyewitness news" in chester as resident helped each other out there. the county remains under state of emergency this morning there are 24-hour shelter though open in brookhaven. >> in other news caught on tape, verb attack on philadelphia high school student, going viral. the people there have been identified as student at martin luther king high school. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at northwest detective, with the very latest on that, justin,
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good morning. >> good morning and trending on social media seen several times here northwest detectives, and used to capture those five teen suspect. >> punch, pudge he will, kick mlk honor roll student. police reviewed the tape several times. >> he is not fighting back at all. he's trying to avoid them. >> trying to avoid injury, as other do nothing to help. police say 17 year old walking home from school when he was jumped. >> he apparently cast in a case of mistaken identity, one that left him suffering from several severe injuries. >> he lost numerous teeth as a result every this incident, as i said, he sustained a concussion. >> violent video taken earl why this month racking up views on social media. it was also crucial in capturing the five teen attackers mal kai
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jones of northwest detective. >> this video was turned over to school officials. and the school officials along with us were able to identify all five perm traitors. >> so glad they found all five of them. >> four of the five are juveniles, but one is 18. "eyewitness news", showed the video to parent, not far from the scene of the crime on 65th and wister. >> you should not beat on anyone like that that's ridiculous. >> parent relieved, all five in police custody facing charges which include robbery assault, and theft, and other related charges. again that victim recovering from the loss of lost teeth, cuts bruises as well as swelling. justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> happening today, two temple football players are scheduled for a formal arraignment. dion dawkins and has and reddick, charged with aggravated assault on a student. alleged attack happened at a
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night club in january. charleston south carolina will say good-bye to reverend clementa pinckney. he was shot during bible study last week along with eight other. president obama will deliver the eulogy there. don champion has more from charleston. >> mourners will fill the arena at the college of charleston today to bid a final farewell to pastor and state senator clementa pinckney, president obama will deliver the eulogy president and first lady new pinkney and some of the other victims. >> the president will be minds full of not just how sad it is, but also use the occasion to celebrate their lives. >> kill during bible study at the emanuel ame church. thousands touched out there thursday evening to view the pastor's open casket. >> no evil that could not be stamped out, and he lived by that. >> president obama will also meet with the family list of the other victims in the
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church massacre here in charleston. >> seven year old ethel lamb. >> victim every hate. and she can be a symbol for love emotions ran hi, as the victim were laid to rest, emotion also play out again over the next few days, as charleston burries six more of it own. don champion, cbs news, charleston, south carolina. >> back in our area, memorial services for harvey pollock are today legendary super stat as was called passed at this age every 93. service begin at 1:00 p.m. north broad street, east oaklane. >> well, draft night for the sixers and they come away with a big big man, duke's jalittle okafor, averaged more than 17 points a game for the blue devils last season. took guard d'angelo russ hole a lot of experts expected to go to the sixers but went
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seconds to la. sixers get major talent looking forward to get to go know philly. >> i'm not too familiar with philadelphia, one of my teammates from there always talking about it is the best city, all of that other stuff and i'm from chicago so we always argue, but i'm excited to know the sit a little bit. >> welcome big fellow. should be fun to watch this young fellow. more on the sixers and the draft coming up in just a bit in sport. >> all right and still ahead on "eyewitness news", i believe, jan is live for us at the tall ship festival. waist going on jan? >> i'm aboard america's tall ship, the us coast guard cutter eagle me and cup he elf my friends hanging out in its most luxurious room, reserved for top brass. we'll show you around just ahead. >> jan, top brass around here, nicely done. also pennsylvania's one step closer to banning powdered alcohol. why many lawmakers say, it is too dangerous. >> and more rain in the
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forecast today. but is this weekend a total wash out? katie is tracking the rain and she has your forecast coming up next.
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>> good morning, family, the tall ships sale into philadelphia. thousands expected it tour the festival this weekend on the delaware river. >> like the sound of that. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live for us at penn's landing with the preview of that. jan, good morning. >> good morning nicole and ukee, we are aboard the us coast guard cutter, eagle, it is one of more than a dozen tall ships here, on the delaware river for the tall ships festival. it is also about history. what a better flies start than this? in the flag cabin as you can see, the most luxurious room aboard. and here to talk little bit tills, how brass get to sit here usually they let me.
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>> absolutely. it is because the original commanders there is when this was german ship, all admirals in the german navy, considered flag rang, so-so would have stayed back here in these quarters. some interesting facts about this room, all of the wood panelling in this room is original. and this is one of the only ships still active that has wood panelling like this. we start today realize that the flooding emergency, see it was easier for us to get access to the piping, the electrical box it is there was no panelling on the ship. so we had to get special permits, to preserve historical wood panelling on the ship. >> so everything, the wood paranicus egg, a loft furniture, paint action, everything you see around here pretty much original? >> yes, all of the chairs, in here, all of the wood panelling, a lot of the furniture, original to the ship when it was built in 1936
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in germany. the paintings are all original paintings, not necessarily -- all original works that were collected by coast guard that preserve our history. >> so, next hit you guys, we will go top side. i think they are kicking me out of here because it is obviously only supposed to be top brass, but we will take you around around the eagle on our morning show, so stick with us all morning back to you guys in the studio. >> but you're gold star reporter jan. >> in style. that works. thanks jan. >> nothing better than a view on the delaware. >> thanks, jan. 5:13, speak -- speaking of gold star meteorologist, not exactly forecast. >> oh, i thought were you going there with the forecast idea what are you talking about? >> for now stuck with wet weather, drought status helping out always plus side, we can always fine a positive, not the best idea or most ideal forecast for those every that you may have outdoor
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plans today specially for the second half of the day. let me take you outside. we start it off with a view of storm scan3, two separate systems, folks, ushering in cooler and weather pattern overall for the area retreat heaviest rain which actually ended up sort of clipping our area delaware certainly got in on some of. that will primarily but we are at this point still left with building clouds, or i should say residual clouds, and residual showers yes just like train basically of pocket of heavy rain and thunderstorms moving into essentially the exact same areas. atmosphere once again dumping on iowa, missouri, eventually going to become the next system to bring in our next rounds of heavy rain. short amount of time no less, lead to flooding issues for us tomorrow. so severe weather threat along with this, too guys, primarily dealing with heavy rain.
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solvely across southwest risk for heavy downpours gusty win, maybe small size hail out of the storms rum philadelphia again tomorrow, second half of the day. call it lingering shower, primarily cloudy today because of that, not as warm, high of 79. drop to 64 tonight. still spotty shower, sprinkle, but again not a wash out. just between systems. so not going to brighten up. weekend stuck mid 70s again second half of tomorrow, by far going to be the worse time period here of the weekend. you will get a little window of dry weather tomorrow morning, then another window every opportunity to get outside for the second half of sunday, when things start to dry out. >> i have jack's first birthday photo shoot. >> oh, no. >> sunday afternoon. >> critical. really important kate. >> i outside. >> like 2:00? >> i think you're going to be okay. >> okay! >> you know what you can do, nicole? you could style it with umbrellas, and rain boots. >> oh, geez. >> there you go.
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>> it is a baby shower! >> showering us with joy. >> jack has been showering us with joy. >> and you guys can hold the umbrella i'll style your shoot. >> thank you. >> that's her second business. >> i got you. >> i love. >> i know do you. >> good morning, everyone, right now i'll let you know right now traffic moving real well exceptional take a live shot of 95, you will notice, that traveling around the area of girard avenue, southbound traffic coming towards you moving away, it is all good outside. all of the majors so far so good are running just as nice, as 95, and let's continue to move. we take you to the vine street expressway, where we finally have seen them open up the westbound side of the vine between broad and the schuylkill. so great news, you are free to travel between 95 and 76 throughout center city without that construction zone. we go down the mass transit checklist for a second. ac rail lines still suspended from the severe wet their we had not too long ago.
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so definitely, good idea to make sure that you're planning an alternate commute there. septa regional rail lines running on time. patco running on time. and be mindful still downed trees, and downed wires and debris, still scattered throughout the neighborhoods. this one here, southbound on baltimore pike, still closing a downed tree, schoolhouse lane, 322, your best alternate. no delays at the airport. nicole? >> all right vittoria, thanks, still ahead on "eyewitness news", i know you know something about this, the sixers, have got new team members. >> that they do. jahill okafor is the new draft pick. find out what he has to say about joining the squad. be right back. >> you got some nice form there. >> thank you. >> don't ways it on me. >> i have got no legs, though.
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>> is a bumm prohibit cents use of substance passed house yesterday. supporters say alcohol in powdered form would be dangerous in the hands every children, could too easily
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lead to over convulsion. bill now awaits a sun at vote. delaware ace first medical marijuana dispensary will open later this morning, first compassion center located outside wilmington. governor jack markell signed the bill legalizing marijuana for medicinal use more than four years ago. officials say about 340 delaware residents carry cards allowing them to use medical marijuana. well, now it is time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger, here with more. >> carreers in science technology engineering, and math so-called stem jobs, can be intimidate but worth taking closer look. they have a lot to offer. the labor department reported that there were 8.3 million stem jobs last year. accounting for 6.2% of total us employment. the average wage for all stem occupations is over eight a thousand $500. that's nearly double the average for all occupations of about 47,000. of course, specific stem jobs
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differ by gooing owing if i earn median wage of $94,690. that's above the national average of 90,000 for software developers. additionally, wages for specific stem jobs can differ greatly, in different industries. computer systems analyst who work in motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing, might make $60,000 a year. while those working in mining make twice that amount. so go ahead enter the stem job pool. but do so armed with information. i'm jill schlessinger, for cbs-3, "eyewitness
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>> getting rid of the drought season that we've been acquiring for the last month and a half. looking at the us drought man tore most recent report that came out yesterday actually, your eye just gets immediately drawn to what's happening here across california. now, they've been in a exceptional drought for months. but we are unfortunately not going to be seeing too much help there any time soon. but, that said, here at home, basically alleve ate dollars at least from the us drought man tore status. that's some good news. you can see how that sort of is just being pushed away off to new england more of their concern at this point but you can see one watch of wet weather moving away, another one, is on the way as we look ahead or look back i should say to the west here, through iowa missouri, combination. next storm system. train basically of heavy rain, thunderstorms. so timing everything out for
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you, today we're really just talking about some scattered showers. i think they could pop at any time. we might even see one tonight. not enough that you have to have an umbrella. tomorrow, rain gear is a requirement. specially for the second half of the day afternoon night with the wind kicking in, sunday will be left with showers, especially in the morning, before skies start to finally clear. so the eyewitness weather three day, temperatures get held back here. you are going to have hard time even hitting 80 degrees, for the majority of the next 72 hours here. but, with that said, again the clouds certainly can limit the warmth, and we do at least start to brighten up into next week. vittoria. over to you. >> thanks so much, katie good morning, everyone, if right now you are planning to jump on any of our majors in pa, new jersey, delaware, all is good right now. but 5:25. pretty early for a rush hour, usually don't see volume building until around 6:00 or 6:15. so traveling on the schuylkill, like right now this is 76 not too far from the roosevelt notice traveling in either direction is great outside. but, give it another 15 to 20
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minute and we will be talking something completely different, seems the westbound side, if you look toward the top left of your screen there already starting to see some break lights being tapped approaching city avenue. soap, it is not that far away. watching us at home right now you won't be jumping on the majors for another half hour. i would anticipate some delays. forty-two freeway still in the clear no problems really if you are traveling in new jersey volume wise, but still have downed wires and debris, and downed trees, in a few different neighborhoods, not only pa, but new jersey, as well, and delaware, like downed wires closing exit ramps on 295. be mindful of. that will no major delays for mass transit. the ac rail line still suspended, ukee? >> thank you torrey after wonderful contribute use to harvey pollock your philadelphia 76ers welcomed new big man to town, grabbing young star with their first round pick. >> philadelphia 76ers collect jahill okafor from duke
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university. >> yep, the big fellow coming to town, okafor first freshman named acc player of the year. averaged over 17 points, eight rebounds, in his only season, the national champion duke, the t wolfs took carl anthony towns and the lakers took d'angelo russell with first two picks in the draft. sports director bust will he reese talked with the newest sixer. >> just give me your thoughts on lining up as the next superstar in philadelphia. >> i'm excited. i know i have big shoes to fill, when i step into philadelphia, with all of the great players that they have. so, i have big shoes to fill, will work hard to fill those big shoes. >> the six hers a bunch of picks, took willie gomez with the first pick in that round they also took are sean homes 6-foot 10-inch power forward out of bowling green. they also pick up two international players, north carolina forward jptakoto.
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>> coming up until the next half hour, caught on camera, student beaten up by several of his classmates. now, police are stepping in. we'll tell you about the charges the suspect are facing. also, it is take your dog to work day. what you need to know before bringing your pups to the office. >> and, we are tracking rain this weekend so will it and total wash out? katie is back with a check of the forecast coming up next.
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good morning, to you tracking rain this weekend showers today, but get ready for really wet day tomorrow. >> let's see what's up. here's katie. hey, good morning. >> good morning guys, absolutely right. we've been talking all week about two separate systems would be moving through and delivering the blo


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