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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 26, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, to you tracking rain this weekend showers today, but get ready for really wet day tomorrow. >> let's see what's up. here's katie. hey, good morning. >> good morning guys, absolutely right. we've been talking all week about two separate systems would be moving through and delivering the blow hereof some heavy rain, specially
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tomorrow. that's what i am calling sort of the main event here with this overall transition mode that we're finding ourselves in to a cooler and weather pattern. we start things off looking at storm scan3, three hour loop, obviously moisture moving taught sea at this point. grant philadelphia looks like things are just clearing out right? we can't get ahead of ourselves here. we are still going to see additional clouds, potential for a shower, scattered in nature though, so if you really don't want to take an umbrella today i think you can get away without one. expect more than anything just a lot of clouds for the better part of the day. how often in our rain chances graphic do you see us put down 100% chance? this storm is absolutely coming along, it is absolutely going to be brinking in some heavy rain and it could even produce some flooding issues for us. sunday the wet weather will linger, then start it retreat. so the whole weekends isn't total wash, but timing obviously less than ideal here if you were trying to maybe get outside saturday afternoon. meantime temperatures are held into the mid or upper 60s
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across most of the region, little cooler in the highest terrain, looking forward in the forecast, don't spec too much movement on the they are mom term, tad cooler by comparison granted. it is still mild, at 79 degrees, just not summertime heat here with very limited sunshine, and again scattered shower around the region as a whole. vittoria, over to you. >> thanks so much, katie. good morning everyone, all of the majors still sleeping, i would say because if you are traveling on any of them right now, our speed censors nice and hi, folks moving really well. i wouldn't say this is going to last too long because it seems to be more vehicles are jumping on the roadway not causing huge delays just yet but definitely the rumbling of that rush hour that isn't too far away. i would say about 6:00, 6:45, that's whether we tends to see things get real heavy. take a look at 95. this is 95 around cottman avenue southbound we usually have a delay around the area as well as girard because of construction narrowing the roadway, notice, traffic moving just fine, at least for right now. as we continue, we take you
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elsewhere to the roost develop boulevard, no delays in either direction here. and it is pa, new jersey and delaware still moving well. dow want to say as you maneuver through the neighborhoods, and in the tri-state area, still be mindful of debris, downed wires, downed trees in the area. and be very, very careful. as we take a look at the mass transit checklist, ac rail lines, still suspended. we are getting words it will continue to be suspended throughout the remainder of the day, plan accordingly for. that will regional rail lines running on time, patco running on time, no delays at the airport, nicole? >> all right vittoria, thank you. utility crews making some headway, restoring power to tens of thousands of customers who have been in the dark since tuesday night. here are the latest outage numbers for you, atlantic city electric reporting under 55,000 customers still without power. peco says, little more than 17,000 outages remain. about 1600 pse&g customers still off line. delmarva power reports 270 still out. now, this is kind hard to watch. actually real hard to watch. video of five teenagers beating up another teen, goes
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viral. >> police say the victim lost several teeth in the attack, as well, as a concussion. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is at northwest detective, where the alleged attackers face some serious charges, justin, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, nicole, serious charges indeed. and now we know, how that video ends. that victim is now recovering, and there are five teens who have now been caught, and as you mention are facing charges. let's get you now to that cell phone video as you mention. it is hard to watch. this takes place earlier this month, at 65th and wister. you will see five teens jumping a 17 year old boy police say that victim was heading home from school, at mlk high. that this appears to be a case of mistaken identity. and that those suspect believe that he was involved in a previous fight the video was used to round up all five of those teen suspect known to mlk staff and parents who have seen this video were outraged by what they saw and that's no surprise. take a listen. >> i don't care if it is a
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mistake in identity or anything. you should not beat on anyone like. that will that's ridiculous. >> five suspect were called for expulsion by the school system here, four juveniles 118 years old. they are all males. they face charges of robbery assault, theft and more. that victim recovering from lost teeth concussion, as well as cut and bruises. ukee nicole? >> all right justin, thanks so much. we'll check back with you later this morning. other news this morning delegation for philadelphia is on their way back from rome this morning. for their final day the group with several officials on security, met with several officials on security for the event. how much, pope francis likes interacting, providing challenge. world meeting of families announce more than one and a half million dollars in scholarships will go to people who could not normally afford it. we're three month away from the papal visit. >> it will be such an exciting time here in philadelphia. >> will be here before you know it, too. 5:35, in business news this morning, dating app is looking for partners. >> and, who wants to come to
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work with you today? money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, are we talking about our four legged friends, jill? >> ya, that's right. we are. good morning ukee, nicole. invest remembers keeping a real close eye on greece, reaching debt deal with european creditor that sent the market down again yesterday, the dow fell 75 points, the nasdaq dropped ten. stocks fell despite word from the commerce department that consumer spending surged in may with the biggest monthly increase in nearly six years. continued is her seek sutures, after the parent company the popular dating app it is going public. company controlled by billionaire, barry dillard and also, owns max. com and okay cupid. revenue of $239 million in the first three months of this year. and, today is the 17th annual take your dog to work day. it was created by pet sitters international. to encourage pet adoption, some studies have also shown
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that doing-friendly workplaces can reduce stress. and sadly, i believe my sweet dog, cooper is home today but here is a little picture just to keep us all company. >> oh, cooper, coup! >> he is a cute. >> i check coup out. >> adorable. >> very nice. >> you know the new york stock exchange could benefit from having that little guy around, you snow. >> i think it would add to the more all here. >> i think so, more all boost. >> that's great. matter of fact erika von tiehl will have a story we'll see her dog. >> i'm on zested when sophie. >> i couldn't bring my three dogs here, we would have some issues. >> national military park the latest to pull items featuring the confederate flag. says it will no longer sell items that use the battle flag as a stand alone feature. the book store will continue to sell items that feature both the us and confederate flags where the images depicted in it historical contact. the national park service had
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asked con session areas to make the move in the wake of last week's massacre in south carolina. >> apple also removing games from its on line app store that featured the confederate flag in offensive or mean spirited ways. the announcement comes days after apple ceo tim cook to honor church shooting victims by irradicate g racism and the symbols that feed it. >> happening today president obama will deliver the eulogy for reverend clementa pinckney. he and eight others were shot to death at historic black church in charleston, south carolina last week. a viewing was held last night for reverend pinkney at the emanuel methodist episcopal church pastor and south carolina state senator. >> new york state prison guard charged in connection with the escape two killers now freon bond. jean palmer arrested on charges of promoting prison did a interest panned, official he i shall misconduct, in a signed statement, palmer told authority he provided convict with tools and other item -- items. but said did he not know they
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planned to escape. >> authorities say a plane caring pilot and eight crew cruise ship passengers crashed into a cliff in southeast alaska killing everyone on board. the passengers were on the holland american line crews. seen here, which left seattle saturday for seven day round trip crews. no details yet on what caused that crash. >> and ukee, a massive wild fire forced thousand toss evacuate in southern california. take a look here. fire about 90 miles eels of los angeles, has torched approximately 50 to 60 acres so far. that fire burning for more than a week now is being attack from the air and on the ground and the cause is still unknown. and, still ahead here on "eyewitness news" this morning, we'll check in with jan carabeo. >> we're coming to you live from the us coast guard cutter eagle. it is america's tall ship. three mass, 295 feet long, 100% awesome. you won't get a better view of the delaware river than this today. i'm jan carabeo coming up, we
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talk about life on the cutter. >> a lot of people say to get to work with their best friends every day but at one local business, they bring a whole new meaning to that. i'm erika von tiehl coming up i'm tell you where it is bring your dog to work day every day and have some tips if you want to bring
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>> it is national bring your dog to work day. erika von tiehl business that is celebrate year around and has this report. >> if someone says you're working like a dog today they're not yanking your chan. it is national bring your dog to work day. >> whenever the pets are here, just tough to have a bad day. >> every day is bring your dog cat or even snake to work day. >> great to get up in the morning, do you want to come to work with me, the dog was his tail, bamm. >> to ebony, the senior shivering chihuahua, all breeds welcome. some can't wait to play, other are content snuggling. but there are some rules. sign up sheets are used to make sure pet and people will all get along. >> juan's one year old tabby bennett, even dresses up for his big day in the office. >> i feel like he feels dapper especially since i name him after tony bennett nod to that. >> you might expect pet insurance company to be animal friendly, many low businesses
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are also opening their doggy doors to our furry family members. >> nice having little buddy in the office for the day. >> kristin, editor in chief of philadelphia style magazine, bridges her 12 year old pup, buster, in with her every day. >> spend most of your waking hours at work, so why not have it feel a little bit more like home? >> i couldn't resist. >> let guess to work. >> it was high time my little girl sophie got a tour of cbs-3. a quick touch up, and she's off, checking smiles all along the way. as for actually working with her here? at times it was hard to retrieve her. but, i'll tell you this. we positively loved every minute. erika von tiehl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> check sophie out! >> you know, i think sophie has a future in television. >> oh, no question. >> i their our boss brian, made her an offer she couldn't refuse. >> offer she couldn't refuse. >> anybody?
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>> no, cricket, crickets. well hey before bringing your dog to work, forget you guys experts say few things you might want to pause to think about. >> oh, no. >> dogs should be up-to-date on vaccinations, make sure they get along with the other dogs in the offers. makes sense right? also, keep your pet on a leash, make sure they're wearing an i.d. check your office policy. this is a good one before bringing a pet to work. >> could we go back to the offer thing? all looking like huh? >> fur? >> oh, fur. >> oh, fur. that took a while! hello? >> emphasis on the fur. >> thank you. >> boom. now all makes sense. >> you know, when you have to explain the joke, just forget about it. >> we were all like huh? >> thank you. >> we were trying, like anybody, anybody? no? no one got it? >> anybody. >> sorry nicole. we'll laugh for you though. no? >> little late. >> sorry. well in that, well, not quite
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in the same vein, but at least to make you feel better, nicole i think we have pretty simple trivia question for you here. i will be shock if you don't all get this, frankly. troop, false, if it is not raining you're safe from lightning. true or false? >> false. >> false. >> false. >> is it? indeed. >> that is false absolutely. you think at first? >> little delayed. >> i do feel bert thanks. i'm glad. yep, that's absolutely, and the reason we're talking lightning, not because it is in the forecast today but because this actually was lightning safety awareness week. so, that's important thing to keep in mind t may not physically be raining but if you hear thunder, head inside. your close enough to a significance tell to actually get struck by lightning always good rule of thumb. storm scan3 shows a lot of activity here, the train is moving on in here. why did my graphic just advance? i don't know why that happened. but we are expect to go see some wet weather out there. some showers some heavy rain beginning to move in for us come tomorrow.
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see one 2 inches of rainout of it, gusts as high as 30 miles per hour, then lingering showers in the morning with some late day clearing. soap that's the general synopsis for the weekend meantime, today still lingering showers around, not enough to absolutely warrant the umbrella but it is going to be somewhat of a dreary day, held back to the mid 70s at best for the weaken, then starting to rebound monday, and specially tuesday, in advance of our latest and greatest frontal boundary, for the high hits 87 degrees with some sun initially very likely shower, under this earl storm, toward the time we see the sun starting to set over the horizon vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone, taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, only few vehicles are on the roadway at least for right now you commute your way from the new jersey side, in toward down toward eighth and vine. really all of the bridges are moving exceptionally well. 5:46. not seeing too much of a problem really anywhere. so far, kind of surprising for a friday. because some folks like to get in early get out early you
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know what i am saying? but if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway, no delays still again few more vehicles but speed censors are still nice and hype. fifty-five, being your average, all over, even on 95. so, it is all good right now. pa, new jersey, delaware, you're looking great on the majors. except we do have an accident, which is closing east landsis avenue in vineland between main road and spring road. best alternate being chestnut avenue. if you are an ac rail line commuter, we will be dealing with us is pension of the rail line throughout the remainder of the day. so you will want to plan accordingly. no other delays for mass transit. things at the airport are just fine. >> thanks so much. tall ships festival is docked in philadelphia. many are expected to tour the vest they will weekend right there in the delaware river. >> such a site to see. "eyewitness news" reporter january jan carabeo live at pest landing with a preview of what viewers can expect. >> nicole, ukee, good morning i came to the festival yesterday as these tall ships were sailing down the delaware river. it is absolutely beautiful.
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so make sure to get out here, it runs through sunday, one of my favorites is america's tall ship. this is the us coast guard cutter eagle. one of my favorites. it is free and open to the public. so there is no reason that you can't get on board here and check it out. look at all of the beautiful things here. also, learn about life on out can you cutter to learn more about that, joined by jonathan actually from carlisle pennsylvania, harrisburg area, third class cadet here. good morning, first of all. thanks for being up with us. tell us first what made you want to get into the coast guard? >> i wanted to join the coast guard because my family's been in the service i love being out on the sea. i knew i wanted to be out there helping people and the coast guard missions are all about humanitarian, helping people out. just perfect match for me. >> perfect because the cutter not only training, but it is those humanitarian going around it, and sharing what you guys do. what is daily life-like though? is it tough at times? i mean, just behind here i'm told it takes six cadets to move the helm here. so what's it like for daily
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life. >> definitely, daily life is tough at time, always work to be done whether we are studying or standing watches or learning with the crew, we have great crew on board and they are always helping us learn about the ship, navigation how to become better leaders in the country. so always work to be done. but it is very rewarding, very fun. >> and you form really tight bonds. because you guys are on this cutter for weeks at a time. there is close to 200 people aboard. you know, what's that like? these are friendships for life. >> definitely. closed quarters. working, living with your classmates, just like working with them every day in and out, being at port calls with them. great bonding experience, experience not many people get to have. so you really get to form those memories. good times. >> i know a loft cadet look forward to getting on the cutter obviously, training ground, you came from staten island. you are taking long tour around, six weeks is it? >> that's correct. six weeks. >> what are you looking forward to going the most? >> bermuda, it will be great. definitely excited for bermuda. >> jonathan, thank you so much
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for getting up with us. we'll have much more, take a look around, learn about this thing right behind me here. apparently takes a lot of manpower to wheel that aroundment make sure stay with us throughout the morning. >> that's a beautiful ship. >> bermuda. >> i'm thinking stow-away action. >> somewhere in that ship we have to be able to stow-away. you know? >> little something-something. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", some showers today get ready for tomorrow. that's the big event. katie will check on the weekend forecast coming up next. >> first though here's a look at what's coming up later tonight on cbs-3. back in a bit.
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>> neck to go see soggy weekends un foam, especially second half of your saturday. that's when we go out to storm scan3, the system that you see over iowa, missouri, finally going to sort of blossom. and become our next big thing. so, one system retreating, part of the whole batch and cab oodle here send cents us into cooler and weather pattern the next few days, what you are looking at here, saturday 8:00 a.m. actually what we end up with here today. perhaps, couple of hundreds of an inch of rain, with quick shower here and there but going through the day saturday, leading into sunday morning, we could easily have at least a inch of rain on the ground. and flashflooding concerns, as a result of that, possibly, even higherments, a society further north you travel, meanwhile, today we keep it on the cooler side by comparison. since we've got limited sunshine, and there will be lingering showers very scattered variety around the region. vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone, starting you with a look at 476, right around the mid-county toll plaza this is great indicator to tell you that your friday morning commute is not awful just yet.
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if you are traveling to and from mid-county the schuylkill, nine the a, so far is a breeze. even traveling on the vine street expressway, trying to head to and from 76, and 95, the earlier construction that we had compromising part of the westbound vine, has been pick up. only hands full of vehicles out and about. so overall, great start to your morning. in newark, we do have construction in delaware closing red mill road between kirkwood highway and rutter drive. we have a gas line repair going on. so harmony drive would be your best alternate traveling in and around this area. as far as mass transit. ac rail line still suspended said to be suspended throughout the remainder of the day. the rest of mass transit looking pretty great. things could change. keep it here. good morning w
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>> william left his high school to join the aim, never had a chance to graduate.
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yesterday, he received that diplopia at the panther valley school board meeting. diploma issued through operation recognition, which authorizes school districts to grant high school diplomas to honorably discharged veterans who served in the military during world war ii, korean war. >> con yacht lakes cents, and thank you sir. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news" where residents will soon have to pay more for their phone service. plus, vicious beating captured on camera, has a lot of people talking this morning. we'll have the lathes on who police have under arrest. >> then, too close for comfort. we will tell you where this shark was spotted. it is a beach you may just advice. >> i oh, boy. >> we'll be back.
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i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods.
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never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me and i was like well can you fix it can you paint it back on and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier and it was a real easy switch to make.
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days after the damaging storms, and much of the area still feeling the aftermath. this tree still down on frankford, in frankford rather, and now are thousands without power. what's worse? katie is unfortunately tracking more rain headed our way. katy? >> i certainly a.m. and, especially for the poor folks just not on the grid yet. for the poor people who might not have power this weekend yet, oh, the last thing you want to hear there is more soaking rain on the way. yes, if you are still trying to clean up the debris, maybe get back to normal life here, maybe try tarp over some of the stuff little break-in store mere today. we are expect to go see couple of showers out there some clouds, as well, but the brunt of any rain that did come through, it is already come through. you can see it pushing out to sea already. but there will still and residual shower lingering here and there throughout the course of the day today. so nothing major. enough of course it is worth a mention. we want to mention that for up but really tomorrow is when the next main event comes in


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