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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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identified the victim in this case as eight five-year old regina brunner described by those who knew her on the block as a wonderful woman quick with the smile and a kind word. >> she was just the nicest person there is, yeah. it is surreal. can't believe it. >> reporter: it was around 11:00 a.m. her body was discovered inside her rumfort street home inside her bedroom there were no signs of forced entry. >> it was very brutal. you have a eight five-year old female who can't defend herself she's beaten, stabbed multiple time and ultimately her throat was split. >> reporter: brunner was living with somebody for several years but inveighs girthors say that person is not a suspect as of now. he hads been in the hospital for several weeks. now the investigation will broad tone find out what happened. >> i have detectives canvassing the area we will not knock on doors and look to see if there is any solve lanes video but we don't know what we have yet. >> reporter: as a search continues, people in this east mt. airy neighborhood are on edge leon king, is a former
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city prison commissioner and knew the victim well. >> i'm sure neighbors are scared. i'm in the somebody who gets scared but, you know, it would be scary to people. >> reporter: we're told there was nothing obviously missing from the home, and except for one thing that would be brunner's 2007 silver toyota cover role a police believe the suspect likely fled the scene with that vehicle. if you necessity anything about that vehicle's whereabouts or anything about this particular crime police are asking for your help, give them a call. we are live in east mt. airy, man matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> lets hope they get some answers soon, thanks very much. state police in delaware have a arrested and charged an assist tenth elementary school principal with molesting three young girls at his home. edward husbands is accused of inappropriate liz touching that girls during his own daughter a's sleep overs. police say that husbands is an a assistant principal at banker elementary in milford.
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he faces several charges including unlawful contact and child endangerment. power problems continue to weigh on the patients of residents in gloucester county, new jersey. thousands are still in the dark following last cut's strong storms. and they have got to be wondering will this ever end? "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in deptford for with us more on ongoing restoration efforts alex? >> reporter: well, chris ongoing is right. relief did come two hours ago in deptford township but many places are still in the dark. atlantic city electric tells us they plan to have all issues resolved by midnight. during the afternoon of day six without power those seeking refuge inside of the deptford township senior center felt forgotten. >> charging our phones in the car, eating in the dark. >> reporter: delores collins husband has stage 4copd and like many in the crowd of mostly seniors they have needs that require electricity. >> so like food, ice and
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charging stations the township took care of that. >> they came four times and checked on him and generator last night. came back 6:30 this morning. >> reporter: but many were asking where was the governor? >> that is his area. he is from new jersey. i'm here. >> reporter: others wanted a clear answer from atlantic city electric. >> thursday, midnight, friday, midnight. i called earlier midnight. i gave up. i'm giving up. >> reporter: not so fast, around 3:00 p.m. atlantic city electric arrived and restored hope and power to this neighborhood. just a few miles away to east greenwich the battle of broken branches, poles and homes has just begun. kings highway has been dubbed ground zero, on this stretch all new utility poles and lines had to be replaced. back in deptford relief feels good but concerns about the future remain. >> they understand it was a a pretty severe storm. it was straight line wind of 07 miles an hour. what happens when a tornado hits deptford or severe ice storm do we lose power for
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three and four weeks? >> reporter: so this time, if you or anyone you know is still without power atlantic city electric is asking for to you call them. reporting live, i'm alexandria huff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a long wait, alex, thanks very much. it has been a beautiful sunny day to day but heat and humidity will return, sadly. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the upcoming look the a the forecast, kate. >> just a gorgeous start to this week, temperatures comfortable in the 70's. it was slightly cool they are morning when i dropped my kids off at school. everybody had jackets and sweaters on at cam this morning. it is not often we will get temperatures in the 60's with the cool breeze this time of the year. enjoy it while you can. it feels fantastic right now with the sun shining. lets take a look at these temperatures and you'll see why it feels so great. temperatures are right around 80 degrees. average high is 86. we are 5 degrees below average. it is a goldie lux day not too hot not too cold, just
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right. seventy-eight in allentown. seventy-nine in reading. eighty the atlantic city airport. dew point is a huge roll this time of the year. dew points in the 50's. that is very pleasant. we will start getting in the humid range when it becomes oppressive. today it is just awesome. storm scan three locally we are sweeping the area not finding anything at all. we have to zoom out into western pennsylvania. that is where we will see a couple showers moving in and few showers and storms will arrive here during the day tomorrow and then they could get nasty in the afternoon as more humidity comes in out ahead of that system as well. parts of our area in the marginal risk for severe weather. as far as this evening is concerned, 77 at 7:00 p.m. seventy-six at 9:00 o'clock. by 11:00 we are at 74 and partly cloudy feeling great. perfect night to be out and about in the city, and make a monday back to work all that much more bearable, after what was a bit of the unsettled weekend especially on saturday. big weekend coming up fourth of july right around the corner. i will that have forecast when i join you inside.
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chris, back to you. small plane on its way from lancaster pennsylvania to massachusetts crashed into a home in the state on sunday killing all three people on board. impact ignited a fire that consumed a plane and that home in the town of planeville. there are audio transmissions between the pilot and air traffic control they indicate the plane was experiencing some engine troubles just moments before it went down. family of four inside the home was able to get out safely. >> close to the quarry so we are used to explosions here and house shaking but when i saw fire bolt go down back of the house we realized it was more serious then. that we shouted at the kid to get out of the house. >> reporter: national transportation safety board and federal aviation administration are i been investigate ago this crash. investigators are searching for cause of the fire on a farm in gloucester county. chopper three was there over south harrison township. that is where flames tore through a farm structure near monroeville road and stayed
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road 45. the roof of that building did collapse, fire crews battled the flames for about an hour or so, before they got the up are hand. good news is no one was injured there. a child is hurt in a serious multi vehicle crash in winslow township. chopper three over route 73 in heyes mill road, a total of six vehicles involved in this crash. the small child was in the back of the hyundai rear ended by a pick up. we are told that child was flown to the hospital with injuries that are life threatening. police are investigating that crash tonight. a reward is being offered for information that lead to the person who stole ipads from a school in west philadelphia. on june 11th 30ipads and six computers were stolen from saint ignatius of loyola parish elementary school. in addition to offering a $5,000 reward for an arrest in the crime philadelphia's fraternal order of police is replacing 20 of the ipads that
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were ripped off. >> hopefully by the first day of school and i know summers go quick but by the first day of school, we're hoping to have every piece of equipment returned so thaw won't in miss a beat. >> well, estimated that $17,000 worth of equipment was stolen, the fop asks that anyone who would like to help replace stolen ipad give their office a call. authorities are looking for a suspect wanted for multiple robberies in point breeze, and girard estates tonight. take a look at this man he was seen entering a rita's water ice at 19th and oregon at oriental chinese restaurant on south broad street. he took a certain amount of cash from each one of those businesses. if you know who that man is, give philadelphia police a call. okay. more changes big changes for phillies to day friday, of course, was ryne sandberg stepping down as manager. today we have a new team president. leslie van arsdal is live at the ball a park with more on
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the new man in charge, leslie. >> that is right andy macphail will be taking over at the end of the season in october, up until that time he will be a sit back and checking everything out because he knows is there an awful lot of work to do here. >> right now the phillies snapshot is not all that great. >> reporter: andy macphail will be in charge of all things baseball, until then, pat gillick remains in charge as phillies president. >> i a applaud the fact that he has agreed to come on board with us. i think it is a right step for this organization. >> reporter: macphail has a long resume including winning two world series with the twins. right now phillies have the worst record in baseball and he knows fans are fed up. >> we get just as impatient and frustrated as they get the difference is we cannot act on it. we have to stay with our program. >> reporter: among key decisions macphail will have to make going forward the fate of gm ruben amaro junior?
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well fans wanted change and this is definitely a big change. by the way there is a game here tonight phillies taking on the brewers sean o'sullivan on the mound. back to you chris good he has a big job ahead we wish him well. thanks very much. what do you think about the phillies and their new president? connect with us on facebook and twitter and use that hash tag cbs-3 chat. still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 sharks aren't the only danger to look out for down the shore right now there is a potentially deadly problem that has washed up once again. we will have a live report up next. then dow jones takes a triple digit dive after the financial crisis in greece send world markets tumbling, we will have more on what that collapse means for u.s. and potentially for your retirement. caught on camera, family picks up a want to be hitchhiker on the way back from the national park. we will have more from their grizzly encounter when "eyewitness news"
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at the shore or on the beach and you see one of these little guys and you want to steer clear. we have been telling but these little monster creatures that have been watching up they are portuguese manowars. on sunday one was spotted at stone harbor. saturday two dozen washed up in surf city and back in june, one was spotted in harvey cedars. what is going on here. new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in ocean city where it is one of the busiest vacation weeks of the year,
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cleve? >> reporter: chris, it seems like people were just letting north carolina shark attack slip out of the back of their mind and enjoy the beach and now we have to speak about portuguese manowar. there has been one confirmed sight nothing ocean city but because it is so painful it is something you need to be cautious with. >> uneasy feeling for some beach goers in ocean city after this portuguese manowar washed up. susan allen snapped photos walking near 59th street sunday morning. >> i saw it, took pictures and we walk up to the life guard and say here's the picture it is right over there to leather them. >> reporter: ocean city isn't the only place manowars have washed up in stone harbor, avalon and long beach island. it looks like a jelly fish but they are a animal made up of a colony of organism working together. they are recognizable by plastic bottle like shape and long ten californias that pack a nasty punch. >> we do get them but it is
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really rare. it that is gulf stream and wind carrying them further north then usual. >> reporter: brian sykes is resident expert on manowar after life guarding for a deck dade in palm beach county, florida. >> it vice painful. i compare to it bee by the, it is like getting bit inn bee ten bees at ones. >> you can have an allergic reaction possibly even causing anaphlatic shock. if you see one you should report it to the life guard and if you are bitten seek medical attention right away. >> to you get stung seek the attention of the laugh guard. >> reporter: chris work regular jelly fish you can just use vinegar to take away but with these the scrape you have the things that are biting you and don't use a hand or a card so your hand is not bitten and then wash it with water let it dry before a flying any cream, because it is going to itch. in ocean city, i'm's cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> bay is looking good right now, cleve thanks very much.
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still to come on "eyewitness news" putting bucks county on the map our nicole brewer will take you to a walk and let google give you a tour of spots off the beat and path. are you looking for a new job? are you thinking of switching careers maybe? three on your side's jim donovan will tell you which ones offering the most promising opportunity for the
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well franklin institute kick off the go forth and learn program today as part of the wawa welcome america festivities. today's free activities at the franklin included book readings, a chance to learn about fire works and a exhibit about wawa's dairy farming. it looks like a good time there. in camden public pools are officially opened. mayor dana redd was at north camden community center to kick off summer fun for residents. the public pools, as well as the other pools are safe haven for youth and family to hang out there to escape, the summer heat. weren't you in one of those spray parks a few weeks back, i can remember you being there. >> we were over in roxborough it was great. such a great place to take it kid. i love those pool noodle thing shaped like killer whales, and shark, fins. >> we have a shark one for my kids abe riding around the pool. fantastic. great to see pools opened. >> great pool day to day. >> little cool this morning
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but now we are in the 80's, lower 80's right now. we have a few more hot and humid days on the way. definitely pool time in your future this week. lets look outside if you are not heading to the pool maybe to the beach and folks still out on the beach in ocean city think evening i love when sea gulls fly by the scene there and people still wondering in the surf maybe pick ing up some shells, lot of umbrellas still out just a a perfect perfect beach day and don't want to get off beach any sooner then you have to. if it were me i would be there as well. you can see dad daughter hunting for shells there just a great scene. lets go out to storm scan three. we have in rain just a few cloud, here and there but as we sweep area we are not finding anything at all in the way of wet weather unless you head back to the west. this is next system to impact us generally light showers and couple thunderstorms that will get here during afternoon hours tomorrow but as the system approaches it will kick up a southeasterly flow overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow ramping up the heat and humidity. tomorrow is not quite as cool
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and comfortable as today but not a whole lot more on our radar here. nothing going on right now. that is for sure. a great evening to be out and about in the city of philadelphia maybe grab some dinner temperatures right around 80-degree marks in many spots topping out in the 07's. zero seven in mount pocono. eighty at the atlantic city airport. it has been a wet june capped off by saturday which was a total wash out. look at these days with rain, almost more than half of the month. total for month of june 7-pint 38 inches, more than four above average. it doesn't look like we will get much more, maybe tomorrow and then we will start off july and as of right now league sneak peak in the fourth of july weekend forecast but as of right now it is looking like typical summer weather. pretty nice wet's head. starting off tomorrow morning with some cloud. we have showers and then are storms popping up in the afternoon. there is 3:00 p.m. off to the west is there a marginal risk for severe weather, they drew a line right down the middle, downpours, gusty wind and threat for small hail with these storms midday.
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overnight partly cloudy, comfortable, 66, your tuesday 86. warm and more humid with that thunderstorm possible between about noon and 6:00 p.m. you can see how it does warm up. eighty-nine wednesday starting off july on the steamy note with no thunderstorms around. showers possible as well, highs once again in the middle 80's and then we will have our fourth or july weekend forecast. we will that have in a bit.
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are you looking for a new job? are you thinking of switching careers? well top option, will look much different at the end of the recession six years ago and they will likely look more different a decade from now 36789 on your side consumer reporter jim donovan looks at jobs best poised for growth now and in the licensing term.
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the economy seems to be making it, enter or exit the work force. >> boomers are looking to retire as the economy has improved. their retirement savings are looking good. so, they will be exiting the work force which is opening autopsy lot of new opportunities, for new grads and younger workers. >> reporter: stacy, compiled a list for kiplinger personal finance of the most promising opportunities. based on project job growth, current openings salary and required education. tech often comes to mind in jobs like computer systems analyst, information security analyst, and app developer are on the list. >> advancing technology was one common thread throughout the whole thing. even with the health care professions, it is really advancing technology in applying medicine, and, you know addressing medical issues that have driven a lot of these jobs. >> reporter: that sparked growth for jobs like health services manager overseeing and securing digital patient
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record and medical stenographer as imaging equipment. with an aging, proposition medical field will have more opportunities for register nurses, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists. but also, on the list, community service managers, to facilitate things like adult day care programs, and meal delivery services. now, kiplinger depending on how you pronounce it started with a list of 784 popular occupations and started with their top ten. i have posted a link with more details including salary information, that is important, on cbs i will post it shortly on my facebook and twitter feeds. lots of stuff in health care. i'm afraid of germs. >> rubber glove sales. >> exactly. >> lots of people out there looking for opportunities. >> good information. >> jim, thanks very much. still to come in our next half an hour a financial melt down in greece has sent stocks falling all around the world.
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here at home dow jones has plunge. we will tell what you that all could mean for your bottom line. also getting a head of your child's weight? health reporter stephanie stahl has new recommendations just released to prevent obesity earlier in life. new at 6:00 o'clock, pot for pets? stephanie stahl will show us how marijuana could be used to help ailing animals.
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i'm chris may, in the news tonight, philadelphia police are searching for a killer, a woman in her 80's was found with her throat slashed she was found inside her home in rumfort avenue in east mt. airy. would the man's cares also missing tonight. day six now for power problems for thousandsness hard hit gloucester county, new jersey. more than 2800 customers there are still in the dark, after last tuesday's powerful storms. ac electric says that they hope to have everyone on line, by midnight. >> and the phillies introduced andy macphail who will succeed team president pat gillick when he retires at the end of this season. macphail will spend the next few months familiarizing himself with the organization, kate. what a beautiful tart to the week. it has been a cool, comfortable monday but it does turn more humid tomorrow and storm chances return with that increase in humidity. we are looking ahead to the fourth of july. we will have a sneak peak at
5:31 pm
the weekend forecast coming up with the seven day chris. >> thanks very much, kate. debt crisis in greece is one many factors leading to a big sell off on wall street today. dow jones plunged 350 points, its worst performance of the year. s and p500 and nasdaq broadly lower as well. right now in atens greece protest tense are in the streets, the atens stock exchange and bank were close today. long lines formed at atm where limits have been placed on withdraws. our todd quinones has more on what is going on in greece and what it means for your bottom line. >> reporter: in the wake of 2008 everyone is concerned about that whole series of dominoes? is that possible here? >> i don't think it is a major thing as far as domino effect goes. >> reporter: bruce radar contend greece deck crisis us no reason to panic but waiting in line to withdraw money from
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the bank is there a fear of the unknown future of greece, impact of the euro and global market. >> if you had a credit card and said you cannot bureau anymore and then you don't have the cash. that is the problem. >> reporter: any impact on the u.s. market is not expected to be long lasting says bryn mawr trust chief investment officer ernie. >> what we are seeing now we could see this for another day or so. >> reporter: situation in greece is actually helping strengthen dollar as investors seek stability and potential for global crisis is unlikely. >> those triggers are inside, you know, firewalls inside european central bank to ensure that the flow of fund is smooth, and that any if you will debt, doesn't create any ripple effect. >> i do want a list of the people in the next couple of days. >> reporter: newtown square travel agent ronnie lighton specializes in greek travel. she says client over there right now are not reporting problems. >> there is no limittation on
5:33 pm
what americans can withdraw from their american bank atm cards. if they had an atm card with a greening bank than the then they are limited to 60euros per day. >> reporter: for anyone traveling to greek she recommend purchasing travelers insurance if you are concerned. reporting live at the sat center, todd quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good stuff todd thanks very much. we are learning more about the new york prison escape that sent authorities on a three week manhunt. one of the convicted killer, who was shot and captured is in the hospital tonight and he is talking with investigators. kenneth craig has more. >> reporter: authorities say that david sweat has started telling them details about the getaway plan he and fellow escapee richard matt deviced with prison employee joyce mitchell. >> they would kill mitchell's husband and then get in the car and drive to mexico. >> reporter: when mitchell did not pick them up after they escaped sweat said they decided to go to canada instead. authorities say sweat also told them that he split from
5:34 pm
matt, five days before police killed matt on friday. sweat was shot twice and then taken into custody on sunday after a state trooper spotted him near the canadian border. >> resident near the prison in new york showed their gratitude to the officers who worked around the clock. >> i stopped and said thank you very much. we appreciate it. you see smile on their face. >> reporter: one of the big questions remaining is how the pair managed to escape capture for three weeks. >> adirondacks when you go through those mountains and ridges ditches swamps, it is ten times worse around here. >> reporter: marty simon is a survival list and wilderness expert. he is amazed that the two men lasted as long as they did. >> it could be two things. he could really know what he is doing or just one of the luckiest guys on the face of this earth. >> reporter: the community is relieved their luck finally ran out. in a malone, new york, kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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fbi agents arrested a new jersey man today whom they suspect of plot to go support isis. it happened as the fbi and department of home land security urged local law enforcement to step up security during fourth of july celebrations. officials say there is no specific threat but home land security bulletin was issued friday warning the potential threats against both law enforcement and military. former deputy cia director and cbs news security analyst mike morel said although there had been similar warnings, this one concerns him. >> just about 50 people in the last 12 months have been arrested in the united states for being radicalized by isis, wanting to go fight there or have an attack here. there is a lot of people out there seeing themselves as in line with isis, number one. number two, you have this isis call to arms during ramadann. i wouldn't be surprised if we're sitting here a week ago from today talking about an attack in the weekend in the united states. that is how serious this is.
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>> authorities say there his no need to cancel your plans. they urge you to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. well, seven people have now been arrested and accused of helping a gunman go on a rampage in tunisia. it is islamic extremist who have taken responsibility for the attack that happened friday at a beach resort. thirty-eight people were gunned down there. today officials held a memorial on the beach where that attack happened. u.s. supreme court up holds the use of the controversial lethal injection drug by a five-four vote. court held that the sedative can be used in executions, without violating the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. death row inmates in oklahoma brought the challenge alleged that the drug does not generate a deep coma like unconsciousness. good morning, everybody. good morning here we go. good evening. i just came back from the weekend. no, good evening everyone.
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right now we are traveling out and about we have some clean up still underway, if you are commuting on north bound side of route one right around oxford valley we had an incident around 1:30 that we are still trying to recover from but on the opposite side of the area of bucks county we are dealing with the southbound accident that occurred a few moments ago. traveling in this area you will notice we have a lane blockage and we are seeing delays, in either direction so you will want to give yourself more time. speaking of delays we are heading down to i-95, we have a phillies game at 7:05 and usual rush hour volume we are seeing specifically around cottman but not only around cottman it is also around girard avenue and delaware county southbound, northbound i-95 we have a high volume to and from and in and around the area of 476. of course, expect the girard point bridge to be crowded heading down through the ballpark. sixteen on i-95, 12 on the schuylkill. high volume no matter how you cut it. your western suburbs in and around downtown philadelphia, delays on the northbound side
5:38 pm
of the roosevelt boulevard making your way through schuylkill out toward broad street and be mindful of down wires in new jersey on 37 blocking all lanes. church road still your best alternate, chris. >> good afternoon. chosen counter for montana family when curious bears decided to try to hitchhike. take a look at this grizzly latched on to the car just outside of cook city. while someone inside the car filmed the whole thing. the driver actually jumped out of the car at one point to take pictures which is probably not a good idea. >> it wasn't really scary for my wife and i. we had experience with bears before. the bears didn't show any sign of aggression. they were more curious then anything else. >> leaders say that his kids were more excited then scared. eventually those bears lost interest and then walk away. wow. >> there are pizza pockets there are pizza bagels, how about a pizza cone, coming up
5:39 pm
the latest twist to take on the pizza slice for you. hits just keep on coming for diddy, first arrested, and then he falls in the hole during a performance? and it is all caught on camera. and getting your child's weight under control, our health reporter stephanie stahl has unique recommendations for healthy habits in the home. kate? chris, if ever there was a night to eat out identify tonight that is night, beautiful evening it is perfect for now, we have got more heat and humidity and chance for more thunderstorms in our forecast. i'll have the
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amtrak interest tuesday aid brand new location mote turf day that honors the nation's veterans. dedication was in wilmington, delaware. locomotive will stand as a company wide tribute to all those who served in the armed forces. it is painted red white and blue and has the 50 stars of course. "eyewitness news" was there. we spoke with senator tom carper about the importance of today's dedication. >> i have new or old locomotive to built by veterans maintained by veterans, it can't get much better than that. >> veterans locomotive which is part of the new fleet of locomotive will enter service on the northeast and keystone corridors. it took center stage today
5:43 pm
ahead of the papal visit world meeting of families, artist meg seligmann and hundreds of others began work on this big project. every day philadelphians were invited to write their individual struggles on strips of cloth which will be woven into a grotto for the papal visit in september what a great project, proceeding the pope's visit. we will be right back.
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well, trend to go day paris hilton is the rick tim of a cruel prank, on a plane take a look. >> is this normal? it always does this? >> oh, man hilton screamed, in panic when she thought her plane would crash in dubai. as you might expect it turns out this was a prank for television show. hilton said scariest moment of my life, i believed plane was going to crash and we were all going to die. that is just in the right to do. well, did dy down. rap mogul took a spill at the bet award. watch diddy there in the
5:47 pm
jacket, walking away from the camera and then drops. kate loves this. diddy took a hard fall in the hole in the stage from which lil kim had emerged just minutes before. always the show man diddy shook it off and finished with jay-z, he says what hes not hurt, which is the good news, you don't want anyone to be hurt. >> he just disappeared. >> yes. >> well, also trend to go day forget about thin crust or thick crust how would you like pizza in a cone. italian restaurant chain known as coneo pizza is expanding in the u.s. and word is they are coming to philadelphia. this is what they will bring with them, they pile the sauce, cheese, and topping right inside of what they call a crust/cone. and, i don't know but i would be willing to give that a shot. >> sure. >> why not. >> for science. >> yes. >> research purposes. >> just to give them a chance. >> that looks kind of amazing. i wonder fit is a crispy cone
5:48 pm
or soft cone. >> right, it is like a burrito, in a lot of ways, which, my gosh. >> yes. >> what more could you ask for than that. >> speaking of amazing, our weather ahead doesn't look too terribly amazing but today looks nice. >> this week looks like a typical summer week. it will be hotter, more humid but not bad. it is not a wash out like saturday was. we have decent days on the way. maybe if you want a traditional ice cream cone this evening maybe not pizza in a cone but if you want to head outside sit outdoors have ice cream with the family it will be a nice evening for that. look at this shot. blue skies a few puffy fair weather cumulus clouds drifting over the city. it does not get much better. it is one of the days where temperatures averaged five or 6 degrees below normal and been fantastic. low humidity. few clouds this afternoon. now things are clearing out. lets see if our weather watchers have nice word to say about what has been a beautiful day. we will start off here taking a look at 83 degrees. nice warm temperatures from
5:49 pm
steven declemente from robbinsville, new jersey reporting full sunshine here. as we head down to the river in cherry hill. lynn springer has 76 degrees. she says what a fantastic day. i could not agree more. we will head over to the pennsylvania side of things and check with lou in eagleville. lou says 79 degrees with some sun, delaware looking good as well. 83 degrees checking in with our weather watcher here, this is walter and he is reporting 83 sunshine, great evening to grill and dine on the deck. i just said the same thing grade mind think alike walter. lets look at storm scan three which is not doing anything at all. we are working hard with the quadruple sweep but might be overkill tonight. nothing happening outside as we zoom over to western pennsylvania pennsylvania. a few showers working their way in. this area of showers will move across our area into the day tomorrow starting perhaps even by late morning in our western suburbs and then moving through city through mid afternoon. definitely something to keep an eye on. lets go outside and look at temperatures. temperatures are really,
5:50 pm
lovely right now. seventy-eight in trenton. eighty in philadelphia. we have 77 in stone harbor. seventy-nine in cape may. eighty-two rehoboth beach. heading down the shore for your tuesday warm, humid pretty nice beach day. 81 degrees. temperature up to 71 in the water. not a bad beach day. keep an eye on the sky as dark cloud may roll in. we could have a late day thunderstorm to contend w we have a couple showers thunderstorms. here's 2:00 p.m. showers and storms until 9:00 o'clock. few more scattered showers and storms on wednesday. then this clears out. high pressure tries to build in and it looks nice for most of the day on thursday, just chance for stray shower in the afternoon. then we will head to the holiday weekend. overnight tonight partly cloudy comfortable 66 degrees. for your tuesday warm, humid with a thunderstorm possible at 86. breaking it down hour by hour. 10:00 a.m. looks good. grab umbrella leaving the house because you will look like the smart cookie when you are the only one that has it. eighty-three at noon.
5:51 pm
eighty-three at 4:00. seventy-seven by 4:00 o'clock. lets zoom ahead to the fourth of july, been a while since it has been on the weekend. eighty-seven the high. nice and warm. just a chance of the thunderstorm a typical summer day for fourth of july. your seven day forecast, again just a couple spotty showers and storms over next few days but temperatures are seasonal 86 is normal. we will be plus or minus a few degrees right through holiday weekend, saturday, sunday looking nice for your fourth of july plans chris back over to you. kate, thanks very much. on the cbs-3 healthwatch today with childhood obesity rates sky rocketing american academy of pediatrics released new guidelines aimed at saving lives. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on these new recommendations. >> reporter: lopez family has made big lifestyle changes in their house to get heat i. >> my daughter calls me a drill sergeant. my house is known as non-fun house because there are in sweets allowed in my house. >> reporter: it is what more families should be doing according to new guidelines
5:52 pm
from the american academy of pediatrics with an emphasis on preventing obesity. >> it is's reminder to physicians and to families that nutrition and lifestyle should be a discussion at every well visit with your doctor. >> reporter: recommendations say to limit or eliminate sugary drinks, snacks for special occasions only, bought just before the event and tossed right afterwards. they say high calorie foods should be wrapped in foil not plastic and put in the back of the pantry or refrigerator to make them less visible. >> if you have apples in the front and baby carrots and yogurts they will eat that. >> reporter: sixteen year-old lisa lopez is working hard to get healthy. >> i felt like i was bigger than most kids so i wanted to change it so i started eating healthier and going to the gym with my mom and she really helped me. >> reporter: new recommendations remine parents about the importance of sleep. kids who sleepless than nine hours a night are more likely
5:53 pm
to be overweight and obese. children need to be activity, 60 minutes a day is the recommendation. more sleep more exercise. >> do all these things early too, that is the way to go. >> stephanie, thanks very much. good to see you. still to come do you ever wonder how google get those pictures for its maps off the beat and path? our nicole brewer found out and she goes on a trek to find you a different side of bucks county. that is next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
but to give virtual visitors a place of places off the beat and path. they call it google will tracker and soon, it will be featuring bucks county. our nicole brewer went to core creek park to find out how the high tech gadgetry is being used here. >> reporter: do you want to ride cammal back, how about explore the opulence of the taj mahal with a couple clicks you can experience the most impressive, image as cross the world and soon google trekker will add beautiful bucks county to its list. >> people expect to see video to see photos, and they can
5:57 pm
experience it firsthand. >> reporter: think google street view but off the beat and path. captured with high tech backpack. visit bucks county vice-president paul is one of the handful of employees that will spend six weeks shooting over 70,000 panoramic photos with 15 different lens necessary 12 different locations. here at core creek park he is taking his time to get the best pictures possible. >> you cannot walk at a fast pace. it needs to be 23 to 25 minute a mile pace. >> reporter: with the help of the navigate or he covers plenty of ground and speed and then send data back to google via blue tooth. tracking is one thing but try doing witt this on your back. it may not look like this but it looks like it ways 50-pound. these google trackers are getting a work out. >> just imagine if you have a fourth or fifth grader doing piggy back all day, my calves are like, stone right now. so it is definitely a work out. >> reporter: i can vouch for
5:58 pm
that. >> it is heavy. >> reporter: i tried it on for all of five minutes before giving it back to paul. he says bucks county may be small but just 622 square miles but hopes to leave a big imprint on the worldwide web. >> it is staying up with the trend and meeting the users expectations. we want to be able to present bucks county on line in a interactive sense and engage with them so they will come and visit with us. >> reporter: after all the view in person always beats your browser. nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hard work but great job. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 an elder liz woman is murdered and police believe her killer is in her car tonight. we are live with the very latest on the investigation. nearly a week after storms devastated parts of the area some remain in the dark, we will have the latest on the push to restore power. kate? and chris it is a beautiful monday evening out here nice cool breeze and lots of sunshine but we have more heat and humidity on the way
5:59 pm
and maybe a few more thunderstorms. i'll let you know when to expect more wet weather coming up at 6:00. kate thanks. there was a danger down the shore tonight, there have been more sightings of these portuguese manowars but your they turning up on the east coast, we will take a look. tonight, a philadelphia neighborhood is, in shock an elderly woman is victim of a brutal murder and tonight her killer is on the loose tonight. police are trying to track down the suspect whom they say is probably in the victim's car. good evening, i'm chris may. guess case a off tonight. officers were at the 300 block of rumfort road in east mt. airy throughout this day where the gruesome discoveredry was made. also there tonight "eyewitness news", reporter matt rivers has the latest from police now, matt.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: homicide investigators have the spent the entire afternoon here at the victim's home. she has been identified by investigators as 58 year-old regina brunner and they are trying to figure out who would brutally murder that elderly woman inside of her own home. her name is regina brunner, 85 years old, according to police, men to her neighbors here in east mt. airy as sweet, kind. >> she did everything that you would want an eight five-year old to do to have a full vibrant life. she went to the gym. he did her crossword puzzles. >> reporter: her body was discovered around 11:00 a.m. inside the bedroom of her rumfort street home. >> you have an eight five-year old female who cannot defend herself. she's beaten. stab multiple times. ultimately her throat was split. >> reporter: brunner had been living with the man neighbors describe as a friend but so far he is not a suspect having been in the hospital for at least a week. investigation will then broaden, as detectives went door to door on the block talking to


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