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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 30, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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headed our way today. i want to check in with katie she will very more on the forecast, also justin keeping an eye on things this morning good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning, guys. >> good morning, yes things are pretty quiet right now as we said, dry weather but showers coming up later this afternoon. >> they certainly r so we will be tracking all of that as the day progresses, for now no umbrella required. humidity creeping up on us here not to the point it is oppressive just yet. even today pretty typical summer day all things considered. we see systems move through all the time. right? so when you are talking about this time of year, high of 86 degrees, little humidity, is nothing short of typical here. but storm scan3 beginning to show few signs of life, mainly off to our west, in fact, i want to zoom it out one time for you so you can see the moisture beginning to build up across central pennsylvania, obviously still off to the wells. really just matter of time. but we've got some time to kill. that said, as we go through the afternoon, however, some of these storms could turn little dicey, little feisty if you will. so expect potential here for
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specially gusty wind, and small risk for some small size hail. the tornado risk very low today, but from storm prediction center at about 2%, so something that we at least want to mention. meantime i don't think that is as much of a concern rather the gusty wind, and perhaps some heavy downpours that come along, and also the lightning that might fire up out there. meantime, no storms in site for now locally. 68 degrees the current temperature with calm wind, at 60 as well in atlantic city and we take you around the region here throughout the course of the day, starting with some sun the further to the closer to the shore you are, more likely it is you will get most of the day in without any wet weather issues eventually the system does have to move through for everybody. weep get you to the mid 80s city cooler, some of the resort towns and do you have deal with some unsettled weather here on this final day of june. can you believe we're already coming up on july? crazy stuff but building heat humidity, as is typical for the early days of july coming our way. and that last headline, decent holiday weekend, it is
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generally looking decent, justin, but there is a caveat to that which we'll discuss as the show progresses, we send it into you. >> talking about warmer temperatures record high for the day 100 degrees so not even close to. that will yep bringing back soft summer heat. we check out the roads with dry conditions, enjoy the morning drive still somewhat comfortable out there low humidity liking at the vine street expressway right now we had lane closures from broad to 76. looks like we lost that camera. now looking back, okay, we take you to the schuylkill expressway again at girard, both directions looking pretty good, see the skies starting to lighten up little bit. sunrise coming up at 5:36 this morning. one accident, monroe ville road, rich ville road, still 295 northbound and southbound, the ramps are closed at exit 17 for gibbstown due to downed wires from the storms. one week ago last tuesday also harmony road stays closed from 295 to swedesboro road. due to some downed trees and wires, and heads up in south
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philadelphia tonight we have brewers versus phillies first pitch coming in at 7:05, watch out for increased traffic in south philadelphia at the sport complex. mass transit looking pretty good. report nothing delays at the airport, ukee, we send it back over to you. >> here's what's going on in the news, gunfire in philadelphia's west oaklane neighborhood sends two people to the hospital. >> one of the victims is a pregnant woman. justin finch joins us with the latest on the investigation good morning. >> reporter: erika ukee, good morning, police say early indications are that this is a couple, man and a pregnant woman, and that this shooting as you mentioned has cost them a baby. now, we are told, that woman herself is fighting for her life. behind crime tape, flickers every red and blue lights on the 7300 block of thoron avenue, police beginning a thorough investigation of a late night double shooting with a surprising turn. >> upon arrival at einstein hospital, doctors discovered that she was approximately
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four months pregnant. she is 32 years every age. she was suffering a gunshot wound to her lower back. at 11:15 p.m., her unborn fetus was pronounced dead. >> the shots were fired about 10:15 monday night in west oaklane. but, police are left with few clues, a pregnant woman about age 32, was found bleeding from her back, and sitting inside black dodge caliber suv parked by the curb facing northbound on thoron. >> after being shot, we believe the female jumped into the passenger front seat of the vehicle. we didn't find any bullet holes, or any strike marks in the vehicle. vehicle's engine was still running, upon police arrival. >> just outside her door, a 46 year old man believed to be her boyfriend, was lying on the ground, shot in both legs. witnesses are speaking with officials from northwest detective, and their accounts are said to be consistent.
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>> the witnesses not only heard four, five shots they heard some sort of argument, just prior to the shots being fired. >> the couple was taken to einstein medical center, both of them said to be in critical condition at that time. meantime, police are searching that car hoping to glean more evidence and clues from it witnesses did report two men fleeing from that scene, in a unknown direction, both said ton dark completed that's all they have to work with at this time. police also looking for surveillance video that may point them toward those two men. we are live at police headquarters, justin finch cbs-3, ooh i witness news. >> justin, thank you. >> new this morning, offer duty philadelphia police officer is involved in a car crash over night. the accident happened along the 9500 block of germantown avenue, just before 1:00 a.m. the officer's vehicle flipped over, and took out two pine trees. fire crews used the jaws of life to get him out that far truck. the officer was taken to einstein hospital where he was
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treated for bumps and bruises. >> take a look at this fire i wreckage. after an indonesian air force plane crashed into a neighborhood, this morning at least 20 people have been killed we're told there were 12 people on the plane but we are not sure right now if the victims were on the plane or on the grounds. this is the second time a plane has crashed into a neighborhood in that same city. 143 people were killed, in 2005 when commercial plane crashed shortly after take off. >> also, developing right now two people are killed, after a passenger sets himself on fire on a train in japan. smoke filled the train car after the fire, police say the the passenger who started the fire, and another woman were both kim. at least nine other people were hurt. >> after avoiding the topic for month, new jersey governor chris christie now plans to make it official. he is running for the white house. he'll launch his campaign
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today at his alma matter, livingston high school that's where christy served as class president. christie launched his campaign website over the weekend "eyewitness news", spoke to new jersey voters, for their reaction. >> it seems to be more interested in the national stage than what is going on in local government. so, you know, let him do what he wants. >> i'm not particularly interested in him. >> he is honest. you. >> think? >> he seems honest to me. you know, people person, maybe not. honesty, yes. >> christy will be the 14th republican candidate to enter the race. >> and a lot of people are wondering right now if vice president joe biden will jump into the race for the white house. the wall street journal report biden's sons encouraged him to run for president again. but, he still has not decided if people challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. democratic source says the vice president said in early august, deadline to make a decision. >> and, stay with "eyewitness news", as we await governor christie's announce.
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many we ' bring you campaign 2016 updates on tv and on line at >> power is finally coming back to some customers in new jersey, a week after strong storms took them off the grid. crews have been busy, very busy restoring power mostly south jersey, hundreds of customers still waiting though, in gloucester county generators are running big time. some utility polls and power lines still down, so are dozens of trees. neighbors are just running out of patience. >> we've bank running on a generate on, just timing it, like maybe to use the tv or poppa movie in, or just put some light on during the night. >> in east greenwich township, businesses including burger king and shoprite were using generators. large tree fallen across popular roadway in fairmount park. "eyewitness news" photographer noticed it last night montgomery avenue, just in time to avoid t last time we checked with philadelphia police, the tree was still
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there, so, if you are going to be in that area please be careful once again if your honor headed that way. >> happening today, a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new public park at the philadelphia in a navy yard. the new urban environment is sustainable, green five acker park named central green. visitors will find oversized sun lawn with bouchee court the navy yard's sixth park base. mayor and business lead letters cut the ribbon at 11:00 a.m. >> right now raging wild fires burning out of control in washington state. we'll tell you about the big obstacle preventing firefighters from getting the upper hand on those fires. also, spilling his secret. one of the captured killer in up-state new york talks about his grand plan after he broke out of prison. and this looks like a movie stunt, but it is not. why that driver told police he missed the moving draw bridge. and after a gorgeous day yesterday, rain is back in the
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forecast katie updating it for you and lets you know when the storms will arrive. we will de all of that and more on the other side. good morning see you in a
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> in washington state, the sleepy hollow fire, it has
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burned through about 3,000 acres every land. as andrew spencer reports as many as 28 homes have been damaged many of them just destroyed. >> driving through in neighborhood in washington, destruction really starts to sing in. >> i'm just? shock. i can't believe it happened so fast. >> it will probably hit me hard near few days when i realize i don't have anything. >> falling embers from nearby wild fire ignited homes destroying two dozen or more, many of them on this street. neighbors spotted flames on the roof of one house and were able to flagg down a passing fire crew. >> i said guys, this house is on fire. and the roof is going in. so they pulled up in the driveway. and got their hoses out. >> all that's left of another house is the driveway. few burned out pieces of furniture, a mid a pile of debris and a car scorched by the flames, the windows the tires, even the bumper, melted away. >> i can't -- i don't even know what to say. >> it is so sad that we get to get up in the morning, and
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everything is complete, and go around the neighborhood and see what's happened, and then just feel so bad for these folks. >> our friend's houses burned down and that was hard. >> the wild fire that caused the damage continues to rage near the national park's east of seattle, burning thousands of acres of land. after causing massive damage to two fruit storage companies, flames caught at recycling plant on monday, releasing dangerous fumes, into the air. >> the thick smoke could be seen for miles. andrew spencer cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, another massive fire destroys this historic stadium in eugene, oregon. fire fight remembers watching for hot spots this morning after the intense flames ripped through civil stadium last night. now, this is one of only 12 wooden stadiums left in the country. it is also on the national register of historic places. former phillies greats, mike schmidt, greg luzinski, larry bo, a all played there. investigators are not sure
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what sparked that fire. but they say the dry lumber helped the flames spread quickly. ukee. >> escaped up-state new york prisoner now in custody says he split up with his accomplice because the other man was slowing him down. david sweat is revealing details about his june 6 prison escape. sweat says that he and fellow fugitive richard matt had fishily planned to go to mexico. when that plan collapsed they made a run for the canadian border. sweat believed malt mat was slowing them down so they split up about six days ago. police killed matt in a shoot-out on friday, sweat was captured two days later. >> it will be a stormy one today, the morning looking pretty okay. >> looks like katie is tracking some rain for later today. >> exactly, so basically tracking a very sluggish system. it will sort of mess with us for couple of days, so, today's the warmfront tomorrow, and the next day are cold front. so, it is a couple of days here. >> mess.
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>> exactly. but even more instability. >> we never did anything to you. >> it could be a lot worse no day like this past saturday brought. >> got that right. >> that's good. tough to top that, right? but yes still regardless going to end up with a few showers, few thunderstorms some of the storms could have little gusto as i like to say here looking ahead to the later part of the day today. so for now we take you outside. show you waist going on for the moment, things still looking pretty good for us out there, hi, justin. well hello. he saw myanmar gate shot, he couldn't stand it. exactly. it is surf time. common. but, yes, you have pretty quiet start here overall. not just at the shore point but basically everywhere else. we look at storm scan off to the west, clearly something brewing off to the west, this is what will eventually start firing up, showers thunderstorms, little more organization to work with here now, you can see again things just look more coordinated i guess. that's a good way of putting it on storm scan as we
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eventually see first warmfront, then cold front common through. so, we will see some sunshine, get to you more typical territory, mid 80s again mainly later into today tonight, some could be locally strong with specially with wind if not some small size hail even tomorrow, that's your cold front dropping in. and that will bring us shower or thunderstorm as well. thursday pretty much off to the south. do want to allow for shower to the south. that will goes for friday, as well but for the most part, we're going to see i think nicer day unfold for most every youment meantime humidity starting to ramp up, first pitch forecast for phils back in town again tonight there will be thunderstorms in the forecast, but, you know, a lot of these tends to be just sort of pop up. they have to be right over the stadium, for or athletes right over south philly for them to maybe call that. we have to keep an eye on the radar, there will be thunderstorms in the area tonight, we drop down officially about 70 degrees through the overnight taking it forward in the forecast, every day at least into the low or mid 80s so, it is a steamy and certainly very
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summer like forecast, for us. but it does get little brighter for us thursday, friday, and at the moment, fourth of july, not looking terrible. justin, we send it over to you. >> thanks, katie. finally, my turn now there would be a camera hog this morning. i was just trying do the traffic and weather together all in one hit you know. >> look at you. >> you have got the skills so come on. >> skies brightening up 5:36 our sunrise this morning looking at 476 coming out every mid-county. both directions no problems this morning. and we'll take you back into the vine street expressway, where open for business now between 76 and broad street, again, they'll close that tonight, at around 11:00 usually that wraps up at 5:00 in the morning area speeds still looking pretty good in the citiment vine st. running at the speed limit also, we take you out to the blue route, no problems, 95 through north east philadelphia, still in good shape this hour. as well as areas in central and south jersey, still, we have downed wires, from last week's storms, on 295 the northbound southbound ramps at exit 17 for gibbstown and
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then once you get off the 295, eventually harmony road stays closed 259 to swedesboro road. one accident in monroe ville new jersey monroe ville road at richwood road as well. that's a look at your ride this morning, we send it back to you. >> philadelphia police looking for killer right now who slashed an ender -- elderly woman's throat. regina bruner found dead yesterday morning inside her home on rum ford road in east mt. airy. police say there were no obvious signs of forced entry. those who knew her describe the eight a year old as a sweet, kinds wonderful woman. >> she is just the nicest person there is, yes. surreal, i can't belief it. >> i'm sure the neighbors are scared. i'm not somebody who get scared but, you know, yes it would be scary to people. >> her car silver 2007 toyota corolla is missing. ms. brown her been living with a man neighbors describe as a friend but so far's not a suspect since he's been in the hospital for the past week.
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>> a frightening story now as father catches his daughter sneaking out of the house with a sexual preditor. this happened in california. tim lablank happened to be up 2:00 yesterday morning noticed his 12 year old daughter's window was open and she wasn't in her bed. he then spot add man trying to get his caught near a vehicle in front of the house. he quickly knocked that man to the grounds and took his picture. seems his daughter met the man on social media. he claimed to be 15 years old. turned out he was 27. >> from what i gained from my interaction with this guy is i don't think that she would have ever came home a life. >> now, police arrest that man, as for la blank, the dad said his daughter now banned from using all social media. you just can't be too careful when it comes to social media and your friends. >> that's frightening. coming up 5:21, nfl star keeping very busy during the off season. see the new way he is getting practice tackling
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quarterbacks. >> don't want to be on the receiving end that far. also, donald trump finds himself in a unusual position. he's fired. reality tv star and presidential candidate responds to nbc cutting ties with them. we'll have that when w
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a new member of the phillies front office, first hired as team president from outside the phils organization. andy macphail won two series in minute society, a served in the offices of the orioles and the cubs. his father and grandfather are in cooperstown's executive wing. macphail's preaching patience. >> i've been described as deliberate patient, and i think part that far is because i've want to collect as much information as i possibly can. if i'm not really a big believer on touting people that i have the magic formula. >> now look like pat gillick and rubin amaro jr. will stick around for the rest of the season until macphail gets
5:25 am
acclimate today hug news gig. phils got off to good start against the brewers hernandez put the phils up four to one with single that scored sean o'sullivan. but brewers came back with six unanswered runs, and beat the fighting's, seven to four. phils will try to end their four game losing streak with cole hamels with the brewer he is at the ball yard later tonight. trip to the worm's world cup finals on the line, but the americans will face their toughest opponent yesterday when they take on top ranked germany. both teams have won the world cup, twice before. should be good match up. erika, back to you. >> no kidding. one of the best defensive players in the nfl shows he has not lost a step during the off season. jj watt played the role of bounce bouncer you may sigh, when man ran on the to the stage during the sack sound bron setter, defensive end sacked that man before pushing him off stage. and i do want to say, there is a lot of speculation this
5:26 am
whole thing was set up. but it was staged. >> really? >> yes, we were saying that they organized there is but that is somebody who really needs some cold hard cash to volunteer to get tackled -- >> by jj who? >> seriously. >> jjd can what? unbelievable. >> don't mess with zach brown. >> the show must go on. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" holiday terror threat to tell you about. why officials are worried about possible attack, over the fourth of july holiday weekends. >> jan? >> reporter: and, it is probably one of the worse depth secret. but happening today, new jersey governor, chris christie; scheduled to make very big announce: i'm jan carabeo, live in pennsauken camden county. we'll explain straight ahead. >> jan definitely looking ahead to very steamy day by comparison also the threat for showers maybe locally stronger thunderstorms returning to our forecast. we'll have that full forecast for you all coming up, snare.
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>> thank you, roads are dry at least for now but still backups to talk about. justin has the detours for you before you head out the door. we'll be right back.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". the race for president is about to get even more crowded today. new jersey governor, chris christie, is getting ready to jump into the race. >> so, how will his tough talk play with voters all around the country? hear what new jersey voters and political expert think about governor christie's signs of winning the republican nomination. >> and hey, it is dry out right now. but that's going to change this afternoon katie is talking about some showers rolling into the area later on. so don't be fooled by your morning drive to work. right, katy? >> that's pretty much it, yes. eventually things go downhill i would say just ten you drew the long straw for traffic today. because later today who ever is covering traffic look have some stuff to track. >> we've obviously had wet weather, pretty wet month in general across our area, which we will talk about here, but yes, later today when ' see the next round of rain moving on in to add to the monthly total. that's where actually i start things offer for you guys, take you on out look back to the month of june, thus far


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