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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  June 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and we begin with two major stories this noon, breaking right now, new jersey governor chris christie officially announces he is running for president. >> we have finally learned the pope's plans for his visit here in philadelphia in september. hi, good afternoon i'm ukee washington. >> i'm pat ciarrocchi. more on governor christie in just a moment. first, the pope touches down in philadelphia early on saturday morning, september the 26th. and, he has a packed schedule. >> our alexandria hoff live on
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independence mall where officials are detailing that part of the papal visit. alexandria? >> reporter: good afternoon, we now know that pope francis will make his first papal visit to the u.s. straight from cuba to washington, dc, that will be on september 22nd, it is a tuesday, there is going to meet with un officials and the president, at that point he is going to head to new york city where he is going pay tribute at the nine 9/11 memorial before holding a mass at madison square garden, at that point all roads lead to philadelphia. >> pope francis' schedule is tight, and full of high already anticipate the emotional moments. here's what that schedule looks like. he will arrive saturday, september 26th at 9:30 a.m. hold a mass, at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul before taking residence at saint charles borromayo seminary in lower merion. at 4:45 pope francis will visit independence mall where he is expected to discuss immigration and religious freedom. 7:30, he will take part in the world meeting of families on the parkway. that next morning, he will
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meet with bishops and pay a visit to the curram from holds facility at 4:00 conclusion mass on the parkway departing for rome at eight p.m. >> i know he will see a church that's thrilled to welcome him, and thrilled to have him in our midst. >> now, behind me, we just heard from mayor nutter, organizers of the wormed meeting of families. we'll have much more on that tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. alexandria hoff, "eyewitness news". >> for the latest information and also help in making your plans for the pope's visit you can go to we of course will have more for you coming up today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00 on the web all you need to do is click onto papal visit to get all of the information you need. >> well, after month of speculation, new jersey governor chris christie makes it official. moments ago the governor formally announced he is running for president at his old high school in north jersey. that's where we find eye within news reporter cleve bryan, he is in living
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inkstones ex county with more on the governor's decision to run, cleve? >> reporter: good afternoon pat, ukee, i hope america likes bruce springsteen as much as new jersey does, blaring in the back gown after he wrapped up his announcement he is in fact running for president. this was a very personal announcement for him right here in the gym of the high school that he attended, in fact he was the class president here at livingston high school for three years. now, he is of course much larger aspirations, governor christie took the stage with his family, he thanked all of his supporters, that have been with him since he began his political career. he had a lot of olds friends growing up there in livingston that were with him. once he got back to the business of talking about policy with running for president, he was very quick to point out the thing that he will run as his presidential platform, that is bringing a strong leadership to the president's office on foreign policy on cutting entitlement spending, and he is of course drawing on his history as a republican governor in a
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democrat g state passing some of the pension reforms that he was able to accomplish early in his career, governor christie's definitely has a crowd excited as he made that all important announcement that he is running for president. >> america is tired of hand wringing and indecisive necessary and weakness in the oval office. we need to have strength, and decision-making, and authority back in the oval office and that is why today i am proud to announce my candidacy for the republican nomination for president of the united state of america. >> and here is the campaign slogan, chris christie, 2016 telling it like it is, or as he sees it. this is of course the governor who made a reputation for no nonsense saying things that weren't always popular plans to do that in the future, hopefully that will play well with the national audience. reporting live in livingston, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve as you now the governor is joining a crowded
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field of republicans who have their site set on the white house in 2016 as well. other gop candidates include jeb bush, donald trump former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. so far only four democratic candidates are seeking their party's 2016 presidential nomination. and they include frontrunner hillary clinton vermont senator bernie sanders former maryland martin o'malley, former rhode island governor link con chafee. stay with us for campaign 2016. we'll bring you the very latest development on television and of course on line at >> if you look out the window many of you are seeing clouds, and our weather team tracking a chance of storms. let's get our first look at the forecast with meteorologist, justin drabick liver on the cbs-3 skydeck. hi justin. >> big difference frost yesterday. dealing with very pleasant air mass comfortable but now starting to feel the increase in the humidity, all because of warmfront coming through. that will change our weather pattern up little bit. actually in little sunshine right now. but storm scan3 does show the
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clouds, to the north and west, and we are seeing scattered showers breaking out mainly across the lehigh valley, and up in the poconos but more showers trying to develop near the baltimore area. still not really seeing any thunderstorm activity, but that will change later on today. there were some heavy showers in the poconos the past few hours, that's why flood advisory has been issued until 2:00 this afternoon for carbon, monroe county. so again some of the smaller streams and vehicles could be on the rise. certainly, could be dealing with little bit every ponding on the road as heavier showers moving through. they are the temperatures. go on philadelphia on south warm in the lower 80s but you get to the clouds and showers and lehigh valley, we're stuck in the low 70s. but the humidity is on the rise. and that's what will help fuel some more showers and storms, again, many of the suburbs starting to warm up now in the low 80s even in new jersey right now. there is that dew point temperature, tells us how much humidity is in the air. it is creeping up. we're in the mid 60s to around 70. so that tells us we're in a humid air mass. so later today as we head through the afternoon watch out for more shower and storm
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chances. so we're going to be seeing high temperature today around 86 degrees for philadelphia, average for this time of year. watch out for late day shower or storm could impact your commute. shore stay dry sun and 81, cooler with showers in the poconos, mid 70s we time out the storms coming up in the full forecast back in a minute. back to you. >> see you in a bit, thank you. just tragic story in west oaklane, philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting that left a man and a pregnant woman critically wounded and killed her unborn baby. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch has more on the search for the shooter. >> on this quiet corner, many questions, the scene after shooting not yet solved. one, that unfolded on the 7300 block of thoron avenue, surprising neighbors nearby. >> that i look, and they were back there then oh, they have it roped off d somebody die? >> my next-door neighbor called me she said rose, did you see the light in the back? i said what? >> the light of officers looking into a double shooting after man and woman.
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police say the shots rang out at about 10:15 monday night here in west oaklane, and neighbors say they heard them. >> four shots, distinctive shots. went out. >> those shots were fired after allowed argument neighbors say, police pulled up a short time after. >> upon arrival, einstein hospital doctors discovered that she was approximately four month pregnant. she was suffering a gunshot wounds to her lower back. at 1:15 p.m., her unborn fetus was pronounced dead. >> the car, a late model black dodge caliber suv was legally park against the curb, the 32 year old woman was sitting in the front passenger seat possibly trying to escape the gunfire. >> we didn't find any bullet holes or any strike marks in the vehicle. the vehicle's engine was still running upon police arrival. >> just outside her door, a 46 year old man believed to be her boyfriend was lying on the ground shot in both legs.
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northwest detectives is on the case, police have report of two men seen leaving the scene, the search is on for surveillance video that might uncover more clues. in west oaklane justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". a dump truck and a pick-up truck collide causing a serious traffic headache on the pennsylvania turnpike this morning. it happened around 6:30 in the westbound turnpike ramp to the blue route at mid-county. emergency crews had to rescue the dump truck driver from that rec, boost drivers were taken to area hospital, the highway has since reopened. >> off duty philadelphia police officer recovering after serious car crash overnight, the accident happening along the 9500 block of germantown avenue, just before 1:00. the officer's vehicle flipped over and took out two pine trees. fire crews used the jaws of life to get him out of the truck, the officer was taken to einstein hospital where he was treated for bumps and bruises. >> and, heads up for drivers traveling through fairmount park.
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a large tree fell along montgomery drive at belmont avenue. last night, a "eyewitness news" photographer noticed just in time to avoid it. we just checked with philadelphia police, and the crews took care of removing that tree. >> neighbors in south philadelphia community woke up this morning to a heart singing site. someone vandalized more than dozen cars overnight. but as "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo tells you, police think they have nabbed the alleged culprit. >> reporter: not the wake-up call anyone want in the south philadelphia this morning. this time, a notice on the win shield, doesn't mean a ticket, instead, it indicates possibly even more expensive problem. >> we can't have cars in the city now? what's it come to? >> chris, just in town visiting his girlfriends. now he'll leave with his car keyed, 911 etched in his doorment and more than dozen other drivers who park here in the middle of the 2,000 block of south broad street, will discover similar damage. sixteen cars, in all were
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vandalized overnight. >> insurance probably will not pay for. that will i can live with that you know? obviously i'm not happy. but what are you going to do? >> he is lucky compared to other. some have broken windshield wipers and few cars have entire sentences, keyed into their doors. police say the person responsible is now in custody but first district police are still investigating. those white slips asking folks who found their cars vandalize today call authorities. still, drivers here are thinking about other ways to protect themselves in the future. >> what are you going to do? not park here any more that's what i am going to do. >> for now dealing with expensive and unexpected repairs n south philly, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and coming up on "eyewitness news" at noon, video of car jumping a draw bridge, as it is opening. >> and turmoil in greece people are lining up for money, as the nation's financial crisis continues. for right now, there are hopes for a last minute deal. >> also, residents are moving very fast, trying to get out as wild fires in washington state come very close to home.
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we'll have the latest when "eyewitness news" comes right
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>> a large wild fire has forced hundreds to flee their homes in washington state. the massive fire has burned down more than two dozen structures including houses. rainfall monday provided some relief, but sweltering heat, strong winds continue to pose
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challenges, at least a thousand people have fled that area. >> the death toll in the military plane crash in indonesia has now risen to 74 people. officials say there may have been more than 100 people, including military personnel and their families, on board the c130 hercules plane. plane crashed shortly after take off when it plowed into the country's third largest city. the pilot had reported engine trouble. well global stocks rebounds a bit today after yesterday's massive sell-off overgrazes tease -- greece, many holding out hope, for last minute agreement. the credit minister's will have con friend tonight to assess proposals to athens. negotiators remain at the table, investigators concerned that the country could be forced to give up the euro, as its currency. >> and still ahead on "eyewitness news", caught on camera. >> suv jumps a draw bridge as it is opening. find out why police think the
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man kept driving. justin? >> and, weaver some sunshine outside right now. but some storms are coming. i'll time everything out for you when we
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>> take a look at this video death defying trip across open draw bridge caught on camera. investigators say the driver plowed right through a traffic arm and went right over the bridge just as it start today open. for palm beach gardens police say 29 year old james is no daredevil, distracted driver. he and passengers were treated for minor injuries, and the driver faces wreckless driving
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charges. i think i heard he was dealing with his gps or something distracted. >> exactly, he just made it. i mean, if it was open a little wider. >> just little wider. >> whole different story yes. whole different story. hey, man? >> good graying yesterday, beautiful, from late june, but now back at it creeping humidity hearings comes showers, storms, so that will be the trend as we finish offer the monday of june and head into july. but still okay here, in center city, we take you outside right now. live look from our campbell's field camera being looking at the ben franklin bridge. see clouds, mixed with some sunshine but the more surgeon we get better shot to see some heavier showers and thunderstorm, and some of those heavier showers are breaking out to our north and west, we go to storm scan3 this is a set up, basically these locations here lehigh county, best shot to see the rainstorms this afternoon, it will be little harder to get these storms to push eastward, but that's the trends right
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now. there are some pockets of heavy rain moving north of reading right now look at southern poconos northern lehigh valley and in the next few hours eventually showers will try to push east, more developing over the mountains of western pennsylvania, right now, we should see thunderstorms, develop some could be strong to severe. specially later in the afternoon. they are the temperatures you can pick out where the sun and clouds are we're in the sunshine, low 80s even down toward the shore point, 81 wildwood capitol city of delaware at 84, cooler in the poconos, lehigh valley, 60s 70s at this hour. humidity increasing, already on the humid side. tomorrow it will be worse. it will have the steamy feel to the air. by the end of the week we start to brit hume i had at this levels down just little bit. it could be worse for this time of year, and there is really no signs of any intense heat or humidity coming up any time soon. here's the reason, warmfront coming through, will trigger off showers storms, later this afternoon then get cold front through tomorrow, could bring another shower or thunderstorm, very isolated but have the umbrella around in case.
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not all day wash out. thursday, looks drier we drop the humidity levels as the front moves on through nice drier air mass settles in, we'll see sunshine. later today talking about marginal risk for severe storms out across new jersey, and southern delaware, that's the lowest risk level. but, elevated levels here, as go from the city on north and west. again, i think it is lehigh valley, berks county, chestnut county best shot to see severe thunderstorms, threat, lightning, gusty win small hail potential. so we time it out. right now seeing showers north and west, lehigh valley, berks county, in through the afternoon we go. again, you see it scattered or isolated, not everybody sees the showers and storms. the threat will be there through the early evening hours, say 9:00, 10:00. tomorrow morning still can't rule out shower as that colds front moves through. afternoon is looking drier with little bit of sunshine around. here's the forecast this afternoon, right on average this time of year, 86 degrees, late day shower, storms, humid side. same deal tonight mostly cloudy with shower or storm
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7o maybe headed to the ballpark, not bad night for baseball game. humidity is around. that may help out the long ball, some clouds, maybe thunderstorm, but will get the game n looking ahead to the holiday forecast here, saturday, slight chance of scattered shower or storm don't cancel the outdoor plans, typical summer stuff 80 at the shore upper 80s in philadelphia, and here's the extended forecast. no 90's coming up we move into july. just pretty much average temperatures, low and mid 80s this week. looking okay, we head to the holiday weekends. >> july 1st already tomorrow. >> party on the parkway coming up. indeed. thanks appreciate t coming up this noon, no routine traffic stop. >> massachusetts woman gets pulled over, and she has no idea that it was a set up. the happy reason whe
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>> money on some prepaid debit cards is stolen, and authorities seem powerless to stop t our consumer reporter jim donovan tells us how hack remembers taking your cash, that's today at 5:00. women, team usa facing huge quest for the worm's world cup. >> critical game, second ranked americans face top ranked team in the worlds germany tonight at 7:00 in montreal. the winner of tonight's game goes not world cup finals they'll play the winner of tomorrow's seem ' between japan and glands. let's go usa. >> for sure. now, also take a look at this. special surprise for a massachusetts mom when she was pulled over by police. well darlene mcallister
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thought she might have been speeding but then her son showed up. >> she is army engineer base in the colorado, and rigged the surprise reunion with help from the police, darlene said she is plotting a surprise of her own for allen's 19th birthday, next month. >> oh, going to get back at him little bit? >> exactly. >> great moment. >> sure is. >> fantastic that's nice. thank for watching "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm ukee washington. >> i am for justin, all of us, thank so much for watching. >> "eyewitnesseyewitness continues at 5:00 always on line at stay tuned now for the young and the restless. ♪ ♪
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>> ashley: the doctor didn't say that jack was never gonna come out of the coma. he just said that he hasn't woken up yet, okay? >> kyle: that's right. my dad's gonna be okay. >> billy: you know, you said you had nothing to do with this. >> adam: what the hell's going on here? i didn't. >> ashley: please don't start this again. >> billy: but you still haven't explained what you were doing in the park. >> adam: billy, i was taking a walk. is there a law against taking a walk? >> billy: no. you just happened to run into jack in the middle of the night right after he got shot? >> adam: that's exactly what happened, okay? and, quite frankly, you should be grateful that i did run into him. >> billy: i should be grateful? >> adam: that's right! he was gonna bleed out! >> billy: do you expect any of us to believe this? >> ashley: okay, stop! >> adam: it's what happened, billy! >> ashley: there's a bigger question here. what the hell was jack doing in the park at that hour? >> marco: what are you doing marisita? >> marisa: what i should have done long ago. >> marco: you're going to shoot me for leaving you behind? >> marisa: i'm turning you in marco. everyone will know you were behind this plot to replace jack abbott. and jack getting shot -- that was


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