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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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that. what to expect between now and 10:00 o'clock tonight threat for strong to severe thunderstorms continues. anyone producing localized flooding downpours, if you can get trapped in a downpour it can drop two to 3 inches of rain in an hour and very short period of time leading to a life threatening situation on the road. damaging wind still possible, bringing tree branches and small hail cannot be ruled out through remainder of this evening as these storms, continue to push east. we are a under a severe then are storm watch and flash flood watch including western chester counties, up through lehigh veil, berks county and lancaster until 3:00 a.m. that means flash flooding could occur especially as entire ground is saturated in the wake of the earlier storms. lets look at our severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 p.m. it encompasses the region. only place it is nod included is shore air is more stabilized down the shore so we don't expect severe thunderstorm occurring down the shore. severe then are storm watch until 8:00 p.m.
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here is a run down of the storm reports this afternoon. trexler town, somebody at a shopping center, trained spotter spotted a funnel cloud, and we have a few photos to show you coming up a few funnel cloud or wedge cloud trying to form. orefield hail measuring 1.75 inches in diameter. coplay cars trapped if flood waters. at allentown lehigh veil airport 61-mile an hour win gust was reported this afternoon. of course, wind like that certainly strong enough to bring down tree, tree branches and power lines and cause major problems. you can see a call, and not much of the threat from a stabilized atmosphere, slight risk continues all across the area, any storm that pops up this evening into tonight can have potential for lightening gusty wind and small hail if not large hail, again we have a number of flash flood warnings ongoing and we will see anymore severe
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thunderstorm warnings or warning are to pop up. it looks like things are weakening but we have an eye on the storm tonight and we will continue to bring you the latest. for now back over to you todd. >> busy afternoon there. less than three months pope will touchdown in philadelphia. today we are getting details of his long awaited trip to the you had. he has a packed schedule. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has more from center city. >> reporter: last week "eyewitness news" was there as pope francis greeted followers in philadelphia officials inside of vatican city. now we have learn a good deal more about when it is our turn to host. >> here in the cradle of liberty, independence mall what a beautiful story this visit to philadelphia will be. >> reporter: here's a look at how it will go, wheels will touchdown the atlantic aviation before 9:30 a.m. saturday december 26th immediately following at 10:30 a.m. a mass will be held at cathedral basilica have of saints peter and paul. at 4:45 pope francis is expect
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to talk, immigration and religious freedom at independent mall were heading to the ben franklin parkway where he will take part in the massive world meeting of families. that will begin at 7:30 saturday evening. sunday morning pope francis will meet with bishops. >> from there we will go to curran fromheld prison where he will meet with prisoners have a chance to meet some families. >> reporter: by 4:00 p.m. sunday it is back to the parkway. pope francis will depart for rome by eight. kind of schedule that can overwhelmed a rock star so for holy father organizers say scheduled breaks are an important part of the agenda. >> he is a very energetic person but everybody needs a break from time to time, even the pope. >> reporter: is there a possibility when pope francis comes to philadelphia that he will be stay at saint charles seminar any nearby wynnewood. the final decision is still up to the vatican we do know he will stop by on september 27th for meeting with bishops.
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seminary residents there are very excited about the papal visit. >> it is an important moment for us, for the church in philadelphia and visit of the holy father but world meeting of families, visit of pope francis is a transformative moment to unite the church and region as well. >> reporter: coming up tonight at 5:30 we will have much more on the pope appearances at saint charles seminary and also the curran correctional fat it is. we will look closer at logistics of pope francis visit and what it means for residents who live here. so for latest information and help in making your plans for the pope's visit go to cbs and click on papal visit to get all of the information you need, todd? and we all necessity him as straight talking governor of new jersey, now chris christie says he is ready to be the next president of the united states. he kick off his campaign
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today, at his old high school in livingston essex county. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan was there for the governor's big decision. >> reporter: more than 30 years ago governor christie attended livingston high school as class president. today he came back to announce he is running for slightly bigger office, president of the united states, with this campaign slogan telling it like it is. >> i'm so honored to be here this morning to introduce one of my oldest, most dear friend, chris christie. >> reporter: with an introduction from the high school friend governor christie took the stage for the biggest announcement of his career. >> when i decided to make this announcement there wasn't any choice, i had to come home and livingston is home for me. >> reporter: christie told his family stories humble beginnings to reaching his dream of becoming a governor. he made an early name for himself reforming pension system and tenures for teach ears his record sets him apart in the crowded field of more than a dozen other republicans
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eyeing the white house. >> america is tired offhanded ringing and indecisiveness and weakness in the oval office. we need to have strength, decision making and authority back in the oval office and that is why today i'm proud to announce my candidacy for the republican nomination, for president of the you had of america. >> he is telling it like it is. everybody wants a person to tell it like it is so why shouldn't it be the president of the united states to tell it how it is. >> reporter: hundreds protested the kick off. they are not happy how christie likes to tell it how it is and failing to make once promised payments to the pension fun. >> i'm out here supporting teachers and everybody here in new jersey, disrespected by chris christie and i cannot see him running for president if he cannot do anything for our state. >> reporter: before governor christie finish his speech the democratic national committee released their statement and one used by republicans first such as new jersey's downgrade from wall street and slow job
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growth coming out of the recession. in livingston i'm cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and governor christie is joining a crowded field of republicans who have their sights set on the white house in 2016. other candidates include jeb bush donald trump and four pennsylvania senator rick santorum. police found car belong to go an eight five-year old woman found dead in her east mt. airy home tonight. 2007 silver toyota corolla was found in the 3100 block of north stillman street in north philadelphia. it belongs to eight five-year old regina brunner she was found dead yesterday in her home on rumfort road. her throat had been slashed. so far no arrests have been made. philadelphia police are investigating a double shooting in west oak lane that left a man and pregnant woman critically wounded and her unborn baby dead. shots were fired around 10:15 last night in the 7300 block of theron avenue. neighbors say the gun fire
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a -- followed a loud argument. the three two-year old female victim was shot in the back and taken to albert einstein medical center. >> doctors discovered that she was approximately four months pregnant. she was suffering from a gunshot wound to her lower back. at 11:15 p.m. her unborn fetus was pronounced dead. >> um. there is no word tonight on the identity of the victims police are now reviewing surveillance video in the area. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a hrouda wakening for south philadelphia residents and 16 vehicles are vandalized on one city block. check this out, it looks like a movie stunt but it is not, why the driver told police he missed the opening draw bridge. and three on your side warning, money on prepaid debit cards is stolen and authorities seem power less to stop it. consumer reporter jim donovan
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tells us how crooks are taking
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we continue to follow severe storms moving through the area thunderstorm and flash flood watches are in effect, meteorologist kate bilo will have an update in just a few minutes. people are already cleaning up from this latest round of severe storms. >> "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in white hall township lehigh county with a look at the aftermath there, david, what can you tell us. >> we know there was a state of emergency in white hall township just look at this
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right here. took us a while to get in whitehall township because road are closed, a lot of the power, lights are out right now. you can see this roof completely collapsed during the storm luckily no one was injury. i had a chance to speak to emergency officials and they said there were no serious injuries. i want to show you this tree across the street, we happened to notice the kind of thing we are seeing in whitehall township. we know there are 2100 people without power at this time. there is a state of emergency but this storm came and went, in and out very quickly. neighbors are just glad no one was seriously hurt but diana and todd, a lot to clean up tonight. we will be back live at 6:00. >> thank you very much. some residents in south philadelphia woke up this morning to find their cars were targeted in a vandalism spree. more than a dozen cars were damage on the 2,000 block of south broad street. as "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao tells us police
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believe they have caught the alleged culprit. >> reporter: not the wake up call anyone wanted in south philadelphia this morning. this time a notice on the windshield doesn't mean a particular instead it indicates possibly an even more expensive problem. >> we have cars in the city now, what has it come to. >> reporter: chris, was just in town visiting his girl friend? now he will leave with his car keyed, 911 etched in his door. more than a dozen other drivers who park here in the middle of 2,000 block of south broad street will discover similar damage. sixteen cars in all were vandalized overnight. >> i can live with that, you know i'm not happy but what will you do. >> reporter: he is lucky compared to others. solve broken windshield wipers and few cars have have entire sentences keyed in their doors. police say the person responsible is in custody. but first district police are still investigating those white slits asking folks who found their caravaned alleys todd call authorities still drivers here are thinking
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about other ways to protect themselves in the future. >> what will you do? not park anymore is what i will do. >> reporter: for now they are dealing with expensive unexpect repairs. in south philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". drivers are recovering after an early morning crash on the pennsylvania turnpike in montgomery county. dump truck and pickup truck collided on the westbound ramp to the blue route to plymouth township. crash prompted an hour long rescue effort to free dump truck driver. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. fire fighters are still working to get a handle on a fast moving wild fire in central washington state tonight, that has forced thousands of people, out of their homes. the large fire burn more than four square miles and has destroyed more than two dozen businesses and homes there rainfall on monday provided some relief but sweltering heat and strong wind posed some challenges. some residents say they were able to get out just in time. >> the fact that this is all i
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have now is just heart breaking. >> i don't even have a fork, plate, clothing, this is just basic things that we all take for granted is just gone good despite the destruction no residents were hurt from the fire however, three fire fighters did suffered minor injuries. right now that fire is about 10 percent contain. at least 47 people are dead in the military plane crash in indonesia tonight officials say there may have been more than one hundred people, including military personnel in their families on board the c130 hercules plan. they don't expect survivors there as you look at the wreckage, the plane crashed shortly after take off in the country's third largest city. the pilot had reported engine trouble. greece's bail out deal expired today and so far no agreement has been made. greece owes international lenders $1.9 billion.
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according to the prime minister negotiators remain at the table. president obama says greece's financial crisis is a substantial concern however global stock market has rebounded slightly after yesterday's dramatic dip. still ahead tonight on "eyewitness news" got a second? you will have an extra one today. we will tell you about what to know about the leap second and how it could put computer systems at risk tonight. money still on for some prepaid debit card and authorities say they have not been able to stop it. three on your side has a warning up
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we have been following this severe weather all afternoon, looking at rain coming down hard, fast in center city as people run to find cover. cbs-3 cameras caught this downpour, just outside of the art museum steps. this wasn't how rocky envisioned it but it sure makes for some great video on this stormy day. >> never fails, even on a rainy day people making rocky run there. busy day this afternoon weather-wise thankfully, kate is here to help us sort it all out. >> it change so quickly. it did. nice start to the day and then once storms started they just exploded. >> they are still out there now but not as bad as earlier this afternoon. things will continue to weaken and generally quiet down throughout the rest of tonight. we do still have residual problems from those storms. damage reports coming in and
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still flash flood warnings to tell you b lets take a look outside and start off with a look outside window from campbell's feel. it is in the so much window as lens of the camera but that is what windows in the city are looking like right now as steady rainfalls over the city of philadelphia ben franklin bridge looks half its side with the low cloud and fog out there. in the only do we have heavy rain but le visibility, low clouds and that will slow you down during evening commute. one storm sitting over city right now. you can see puddles, on the field not a great night hopefully drying out in time for brewers/phillies game tonight. but lets start off with storm scan three and take a wide look what is happening across the northeast. these storms are coming together here off to the north. this is mainly missing most of our area although, poconos seeing rain right now. that is worst of it. we are not looking at severe storms more just heavy flooding rain at the moment. a few of these storms are packing a punch. i want to zoom in over the city of philadelphia. it is centered right over center city, south of the vine
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street expressway, very heavy rain in our studios right now you can hear it coming down and see where heavier rain is, that bull's eye over city of philadelphia that will slow you down on i-95, schuylkill expressway and on the vine as well. as we zoom back out we are still seeing a couple storms moving in lancaster county. is there one right here northern lancaster county zooming up toward berks county. we will zoom in on that one and notice that bull's eye of red south of manheim and north of lancaster very heavy rain coming down with that system as well. these storms producing flooding downpours. we have had a fair share it has been a wet june, more than 4-inch's above average so far and we are getting more today. here's flash flood warnings, up to the lehigh valley, severe then are storm watch until effect until 8:00 for the entire region. air is stable down the shore. shore is not included. north and western suburbs have a flash flood watch taking you into the middle of the night. temperatures are rain cooled in the city, we will drop to
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72. eighty in millville. eighty-four in dover. these storms will rumble through the next couple of hours and then finally overnight we will see them fizzle out. we will get sun tomorrow. anything we see tomorrow will be very isolated, pop up garden variety thunderstorms and then tracking a system staying to the south but could bring showers down the shore on thursday. as far as overnight hours are concerned it will be warm, steamy night at 70. mainly cloud which a chance for shower or thunderstorm in spots. watch for thunderstorm tomorrow not as active as today. they are warm with some sun. for your saturday fourth of july possible then are storm but pretty typical summer day with highs in the 80's in the city and down the shore. cooler in the poconos. you're witness weather three day forecast sun for your wednesday, 88. thursday watch for a shower to the south. friday partly sun which a high of 82. stay right there
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more than eight american millions dent have bank account so many rely on debit cards to pay their bills. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan tells us about how crooks are stealing money trying to reload those cards. >> that is right this particular situation involves what is called reloading a service that allows to you add money to your prepaid debit card and pay your bills. one day after karen martin loaded $500 on to her prepaid debit card using reload it, her money was gone. >> it said i was negative $3.05. >> reporter: it turns out karen had logged on to the wrong web site, in a statement, reload it says karen's money was stolen via a fraudulent pfishing web site cloned to look like the real reload it web site. here's the real site and here's the fake. only difference is fake has an e at the end and doesn't beginning with https. noah schwartz of the
5:26 pm
electronic frontier corporation say people unknowingly navigate to fake lights see a on line search results, and then enter sensitive information which the bad guys, steel. to avoid them you have to know what to look for. >> typically they have a little lock icons. >> schwartz says always look for htt ps as it indicates a secure site and never enter sensitive information without it. for its part reload it says it has been aware of the criminals posing as reload it brands and it is taking a number of pro active steps to protect consumers. the site has been since suspended but this is a prime example why it is so important to be sure to deal with the legitimate city specially when it comes to money or banking. >> you wind up losing her machine there i reforms load it refunded her money but that is very rare, that is why you need to make sure. when dealing with cash, loading up a debit card on a web site make sure you are dealing with the legitimate
5:27 pm
site. >> you have to be so careful. >> exactly. >> thanks, jim, very much. coming up neck, our team coverage of the papal visit continues, as we learn specific details about his plans, for philadelphia. pat ciarrocchi will join us live with the significance behind this two stops. and it is a daring, move, by a driver, when he jumped the draw bridge while it is opening. wait until you hear what he told police. and new at 6:00 they already have food, coffee but one local wawa is blew up quite a proposal, what a delaware county wawa wants to add to their show when we
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i'm todd quinones. here are the day's top stories, new jersey governor chris christie formally announced he is running for president. >> i mean what i say and i say what i mean, and that is what america need right now. >> christie kick off his campaign this morning with the speech after his old high school in north jersey, joining a crowded field of republicans in seeking the white house in 2016. and police have found the car belong to go eight five-year old regina brunner found dead in her east mt. airy home yesterday. 2007 silver toyota corolla was found in the 31 hundred block of north stillman street in north philadelphia. severe storms move across our area, triggering thunderstorm and tornado warnings.
5:31 pm
"eyewitness news" in the spring garden section where the rain, caught some off guard today kate. >> that is right todd. storms continue to come down across the area they will continue to move in from southwest to northeast with heavy rain up through poconos and couple storms right around philadelphia, also watching this cell which will move in sussex county delaware, in a few minutes. i want to zoom in on this one particular cell moving east of philadelphia moving over river in portions of camden and gloucester counties as well. you can see heavy rain. no severe then are storm warning but entire region remains under a severe then are storm watch until 8:00. we have more storms later this week. coming up i will tell you how you that impacts your fourth of july weekend plans with the seven day in a bit diana. >> thanks, kate. we will begin at 5:30 with our continuing coverage of the pope francis visit to philadelphia. today we have learn details of his long awaited trip to the city for world meeting of families. on september 27th, the pope will arrive in atlantic aviation at 9:30 a.m. and will attend mass at cathedral
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basilica at 10:30. at 4:45 the pope is expect to talk immigration and religious freedom at independent mall. at 7:30 he will take part in the world meeting of families on the parkway. >> most exciting about the announcement itself when you look at the overall papal itinerary for washington d.c., new york as well as philadelphia, philadelphia shines. we have all of the large events. we have the exciting events, and, this is going to be a great, great visit by the holy father. >> pope francis will spend sometime at saint charles seminary, in philadelphia's wynfield neighborhood. that is where our pat ciarrocchi is live, with that part of the story tonight, pat, we are counting down the days. >> reporter: we certainly are diana. this will be a extraordinary time for philadelphia, it will be a whirlwind visit to philadelphia for the holy father, and tightly packed. here at the seminary this will be the only suburban location he visits. it is here that he will rest,
5:33 pm
pray possibly he will stay. it is also from here that he will leave for the prison curran fromhold. the bashed wire swirls around the fence line at curran fromhold prison but on sunday september 27th it will be an opened door for pope francis. >> we're hoping he brings something to curran fromhold, we hope there is a message of hope for individuals incarcerated here and message of encouragement. >> reporter: philadelphia, prison commissioner lou was short on some details but believes that the meeting in a prison gym will be face-to-face. >> vatican didn't discuss with us the selection of the inmates to be confined to a religion, they asked to meet with the inmates. they asked to meet with men and women. they asked to meet with some families. >> reporter: within weeks, he set his missionary tone, on holy thursday in 2013, washing the feet of female inmates at a prison in rome. pope is a precious commodity among these women incarcerated
5:34 pm
in riverside. amanda cortez who has been here five years is moved by the idea of the papal visit. >> i know, but when you see people coming out reaching out, and dealing with what other people wouldn't do, it is like wow. >> reporter: at saint charles seminary where pope francis will meet seminary resident and speak to bishops inside saint martin's chapel. the hope that is his presence will bring healing from the clergy sex abuse scandal. >> and, the reality of sexual abuse, and played out in philadelphia, and we too within restructuring and reorganizing closing and consolidating. there can be healing and renewal. >> reporter: and, in fact, if the holy father stays here it is believed that he will but has in the yet been confirmed you can imagine seminary students, young man studying to be priest will be have have a pivotal, spirit moment unlike any other. reporting live from saint charles seminary, pat
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ciarrocchi cbs-3 "eyewitness news". what a moment indeed it will be, thanks very much pat. crunch time in harrisburg where pennsylvania's deadline to pass a budget is midnight tonight. republican lawmakers scheduled votes on key pieces of legislation that democratic governor tom wolf is likely to veto. they include budget legislation, overhaul of public employee pension benefits and privatizing state controlled wine and liquor store systems. president obama is proposing new rules to expand a number of people eligible for overtime pay. if it goes through over 5 million more workers will make time and a half, after 40 hours of work. the department of labor will pre pose raising the cut off for work hours make less than $50,000 a year. workers in retail stores and restaurants are most likely to be affect. welshing wal-mart is apologizing tonight after a worker at one of the stores designed a cake featuring the isis flag. louisiana man says wal-mart store decline his request to honor a cake with the
5:36 pm
confederate flag in it. the next day that man asked for a design featuring the black flag and that cake was made. he posted images of the cake to you tube criticizing wal-mart for approving the isis design. in a statement wal-mart says it is unfortunate one customer sought to take advantage of associate who did not know the flag or its meaning. this cake should in the have been made. wal-mart says it will no longer sell products featuring confederate flag in the wake of the charleston church shooting. a death defying trip across an open draw bridge and it is all caught on camera. watch as this driver plows right through a traffic affirm and goes over the bridge, just as it started to open. my word. palm beach garden police say 29 year-old james montana is no dare devil, that he was a distracted driver. he and a passenger were treated for minor injuries and the driver is facing reckless driving charges. >> little shaken up there himself.
5:37 pm
a milestone in the expansion of the king of prussia mall. chopper three was over the mall today where final steel beams of the big new corridor was put into place. when complete that corridor connecting the plaza and the court, will have dozens of new stores, and restaurants. also in king of prussia today a job fair was hell at crown plaza valley forge hotel. job seekers got to meet face-to-face with dozens of employers. good evening everyone. quite a busy day in the traffic world. we are dealing with rush hour, we had a bit of rain pass over our area we were on tornado watch earlier but we are trying to recover from a lot of that weather on top of rush hour but we need to address our attention now to route one traveling throughout the area of bucks county, northbound direction, we have a multiple vehicle accident only allowing one lane of traffic to get by approaching the area of business route one. this is causing major problems not only on the northbound sigh but look at southbound the gaper delay that you have.
5:38 pm
anyone traveling in and around this area, may be traveling to and from oxford valley, pennsylvania turnpike so on and so forth we will have quite a commute ahead of you. as we continue we will get down to i-95 impacted by the weather. you will not only have flooding on i-95 but surrounding majors as well. this is a great camera shot. this is i-95 northbound waiting to push these trucks out of the way so you can see. you will notice flooding blocking right-hand lane on the north bound side approaching 476. this is impacting rush hour for sure on the northbound side. even causing slow go on the southbound side as well. be mindful probably not best to drive through that flooding but if you have to definitely make sure you go at a slow speed. regardless you are traveling slow speeds all over the map. fourteen on i-95. thirteen on the schuylkill. high volume around city avenue not only on the schuylkill but on the city avenue and roosevelt boulevard, 476 is a swamp of traffic, 17 is your average there and we have 35
5:39 pm
minute delays at philadelphia international airport. so a lot of people want to plan accordingly this evening todd? >> vittoria, thank you. >> tough out there tonight. still to come on "eyewitness news", there is a new player in the subscription music business. this shouldn't surprise you apple, what will they think of next? we will tell you how it is different from spotify and pandora. it will be a long year, well, one second longer to be exact, we will tell but the bizarre phenomenon and one little second could have a major impact on major computer systems, kate? and one more second of nasty weather this evening, as storms continue to rumble through area, we are tracking showers and locally strong thunderstorms that have left behind some significant damage in their wake, we will also take you into the fourth of july weekend with the seven day coming up when we come
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apple launched a brand new apple music today. it will be available as part of the ios software and lets users stream songs from apple's extensive music library, the service is free for three months and then after that it costs $10 a month. tracks can also be down loaded for off line listening.
5:43 pm
apple says its play list are pick by humans and not computers and there will be out takes and musician interviews. >> just sounding great. >> yes, fun things. >> time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more. >> reporter: more than 6 million americans worked part-time, while many would prefer a full-time position, others often work part-time in the evenings or on the weekend to earn additional income. some of the most popular part-time jobs in the philadelphia area include office professionals especially in the fields of finance, administration, and human resources. if you have a specialized expertise, business consulting may be a more lucrative part-time job. consultants can earn 150 to $300 an hour to assist companies. if you hold a m.b.a. or specific industry experience a good web site is hourly it connects consultants with companies that need their
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services. companies post products on the site and allow freelance consultant toss compete for the business. company chooses one winning bid and manages the project on line. depending on your experience level or what kind of project you are seeking you may be able to work as much or as little as you want i'm jill schlesinger for
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you will have an extra one today. >> world official timekeepers are extending today by one second. >> the so-called leap second it is a tiny, time alteration but significant just one 612th, minute may be enough to crash complex computer systems this years leap second at 8:00 p.m. eastern time coincides with the opening of the many asian financial markets, so, extra last second worries have set in, so what exactly is a leap second. >> it is an extra second that will be added to our day, so that the earth can manage to catch up, in time with the atomic clock to keep our timing these days. >> in 20 12a leap second crash multiple sites including yelp, readit and four square. >> i can use an extra second, every day.
5:48 pm
>> extra hour or two today was one of of those days you did not want to get caught without an umbrella. >> that is for sure. >> don't want your extra second. >> yes, in a rain storm. >> soaking wet. >> you just eat a chocolate chip cookie, because it has been a rough day, we have had storms, even a few tornado warnings. lets look at what is happening outside, right now center city looking better then it did a few minutes ago. we had heavy rain in the city, that has started to move out. we are seeing brightening and our very own vittoria woodill tweeted photo of a beautiful rainbow. check for her on twitter vittoria at cbs-3. very lovely shot. always nice to see the end of these storms as they move out. we are not out of the woods yet we have a few storms still to watch out for for the rest of this evening and into tonight. lets look at our eyewitness weather watchers. we will start off here west of the city from jamie mcmahonnews glenn olden 80 degrees. jamie says hopefully our power
5:49 pm
does not go out again. i'm right there with you hoping to get power tonight. it has been a long week for a lot of people after storms last few days. here's the photos, you can see cloud, rain, and thanks to jamie for that photo. we will head north 77 degrees north of the city to check with phil, in chestnut hill and phil says rain stop and the sunnies returning always a good sign, and phil send us a picture of the sun peeking back out. good news things have have quieted down. blue skies. beautiful shot there from phil chap-line. things are winding down a little bit here, and, to the east not quite as supportive as severe weather over, western suburbs, they move east and hit stable air over portions of earn, new jersey and they are starting to fizzle quite a bit. still heavy rain over camden, gloucester counties and still watching this cell with lightening associated with it in eastern maryland in sussex
5:50 pm
county. we will keep an eye on that to see fit head toward delaware beaches or jersey shore before the night is through. you you can see heavier of the rain, in the poconos. we have steady rain moving in south jersey at the moment. you can see where worst is over glassboro mantua, williamstown and down toward elmer, heavy rain, traveling a lot of people heading home, and it is a rainy one over towards, berks county we are seeing more heavy rain there as well. that will take you up, and still seeing flash flood warnings this one here will expire shortly. this one goes until 7:00 p.m. over portions of lehigh, northampton county. flooding is ongoing. you can see the storm wall clouds or wedge cloud here from stephanie roseman jones in wilson, pennsylvania, showing that storm has moved through. pretty nasty conditions. white hall photo got facebook in white hall pa and few more photos forming and take a look at this one from copley, pennsylvania pennsylvania, showing what looks like, a
5:51 pm
developing tornado and again we have another photo from one of of our eyewitness weather watchers, showing us storm moving over city. severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00 o'clock tonight. flash flood watch until 3:00 a.m., north and western suburbs, pretty awful conditions out there with rain amounts in the area upward of half inch to an inch. chesterbrook .81 we will see higher amounts rolling in as night moves on. we have had some spots getting two or 3 inches of rain. seventy-nine at the airport this clears out. tomorrow thursday, just a couple spotty showers thursday off to the south and that will be a story for friday as well. offer night mostly cloud which shower or then are storm still around, that severe then are storm watch until 8:00 p.m. we can have a few storms tomorrow afternoon but they will be few and far between. not anything like what we saw today, you're witness weather seven day forecast, quieted down showers to the south thursday and friday. fourth of july looking good. sunday 88 degrees and mostly
5:52 pm
sunny, keeping it in the upper 80's next week, todd, back over to you. thanks kate. on the cbs-3 healthwatch a new link between citrus fruit and skin cancer. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on the new research. >> lots of people wandberg this, first is there still unanswered questions about this and it is only a danger for people who get an excessive amount of unprotect exposure to the sun. this research linking citrus to melanoma was public in the journal of the clinical oncology. loaded with vitamin c and other nutrients citrus fruit is popular and healthy. new study that followed people for 25 years found a link between consuming citrus and melanoma deadliest form of skin cancer. people who drank orange juice once a day or 25 percent more likely to develop melanoma then those who had it less than weekly. those who ate whole grapefruit three times a week had 41 percent higher melanoma
5:53 pm
risk verse those who never ate it. researchers a say fruits contain certain chemicals known to make skin more sensitive to the sun. they also add this doesn't mean that citrus causes cancer it is when combined with excessive sun exposure without protection. at risk was only found with orange juice and whole grapefruit not all sit trust. they could contain certain compound that increase cancer risk. doctors say that the best way to prevent melanoma and other skin cancer toys avoid sun exposure and use sun screen, every day. people have a lot of concerns about this, questions always talk tour doctor. >> good time of the year. >> everybody is outside enjoying weather unis screen. >> i love my grapefruit for breakfast, time to switch it up okay, thanks, stephanie. still ahead tonight on "eyewitness news" a wild new thriller. >> fill get your popcorn out tonight, this is a night to stay home, watch cbs.
5:54 pm
>> they had best selling author james paterson wants to you tune into the new series based on his best selling novel the zoo, we will preview that coming up.
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5:57 pm
james paterson is known for his page turning book. >> he will have us on our edge have of our seat in the summer tv series zoo on cbs-3. best selling novel, wave of animal attacks, hits the world, the race is on to find out why and stop the violence. show premiers tonight paterson talked to our ukee washington about that premiere. >> i kept reading about these odd animals, and fish jumping into boats in michigan which is really a visual. >> sure did. >> or more gator attacks in florida, then there were, crocodiles, in africa,
5:58 pm
learning how to bark like to lure people to the rivers. just strange erie stuff. that was when the book started. >> and again watch premiere of the zoo tonight at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. well, that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 62:00 straight tuesday the region rattled by severe storms. several counties were in tornado warnings. they are not in the clear just yet, kate. >> that is right todd and diana we are cracking storms right now than though they have weaken. we are looking at heavy rain and still under severe then are storm watch. i will have the latest at 6:00. pope plans are revealed, team coverage as we learn more about pope francis chip to philadelphia same. can wawa in delaware county soon be selling six packs of beer? i'm syma chowdhry with that story coming up.
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00 severe storms, once again rock the region, and some of them are damaging. homes, wreck, trees uprooted, and the wick weather it is still lingering. this is a live look right now at storm scan three where you can see the system lighting up in green yellow and red. good evening i'm diana rocco. >> i'm todd quinones. we have team three coverage this evening, "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in hard hit lehigh county but kate bilo joins us tracking these severe storms, kate. >> the storms weakened slightly at least which is good news. we had several tornado warnings earlier today. in reports if the tornado touched down we will go back to the national weather service to send someone out to do damage reports to see if tornadoes touched down. we had a number of sight goes of funnel cloud not touching ground but spins in the atmosphere. heavy rain in the poconos region but storms are
6:00 pm
weakening, and if you leave in more stable air over and down toward shore points but still pockets of heavy rain to watch. and, a few storms popping up, one cell just to the west of kent county and heavy rain over gloucester county, and these are areas hard hit last week, some folks still without power from that storm or just got it back and another round of storms rumbling through that area from gloucester, williamstown. i'm keeping a close eye on this storm looking nasty with lots of lightening. this is in maryland but making its way toward southern delaware. we will keep you posted on that. we will remain under severe thunderstorm watch for most of the area until 8:00 o'clock tonight. this is any area in yellow including cumberland, salem camden gloucester counties in new jersey. kent and new castle delaware. southeastern pennsylvania, that goes until 8:00 p.m. recap of the damage and storm reports we have received, and lehigh county, a possible funnel cloud spotted at a


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