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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". the philadelphia police department in mourning tonight. a young sergeant killed after a weekend crash. coworkers and neighbors trying to come to grips with the loss. the ten-year veteran of the force was killed when his truck hit a tree saturday night. i'm natasha brown, thanks for joining us. officers say the speed was a factor in this crash but plenty of questions remain about what happened inside the truck in the moments leading up to the accident. steve patterson has the latest from the 39th police district. >> reporter: brothers and sisters in mourning. >> the district is crushed. >> blinking back tears, lieutenant jeff describe add deep sadness after losing a man the brightest and best. >> sergeant ali was knowledgeable shall, very friendly supervisor here,
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studying for lieutenant, bright future. >> reporter: sergeant raphael ali died shortly after midnight sunday morning. saturday night, investigators is stay ali was off duty. driving along the 600 block of henry avenue in roxboro. at 11:45, police say he lost control of his dodge ram and struck a tree. pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital. >> we can speculate why. we don't know. >> reporter: accident investigators little to go on, no witnesses near the scene, no surveillance video, no timeline for where ali was coming from or going to. police say they don't believe alcohol was a factor but that ali was clearly well above the posted 35 miles an hour speed alignment. >> we're at a loss to understand what happened in the couple seconds. we probably won't know ever. >> reporter: in ali's neighborhood people who knew the ten-year veteran and father of two stunned. >> he was good guy to his kids, nice, polite, spoke, all around
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good guy and he's going to be missed. our hearts are heavy at this point. >> reporter: speculation from investigators today was ali sleeping? was he texting? did he have a medical condition? those investigators now awaiting an autopsy in will hopefully fill in some of knows blanks. reporting from the philadelphia police 39th district, steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> an off-duty philadelphia police injured in a motorcycle crash, 6:45 this meaning, near 9th and girard avenue, when the 24-year-old man was side swiped by a vehicle. he struck his leg on a light pole and suffered a large cut but is in stable condition tonight sglnlts for a check on it forecast. you couldn't have asked for a better weekend weather, but will it heat up for the work week? let's ask meteorologist justin drabick standing by on the skydeck tonight. >> nash it does get a little bit warmer but not really bad as we
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move into the last full week of august. it's really nice outside here at the cbs3 skydeck. the moon is out, clear skies, with lower humidity levels, change as little bit tomorrow. today, again, was nice hopefully had a chance to be outside. 87 degrees was the high temperature. that is on the warm side. again, felt good with the low humidity. average high 85 record high for this date, 94 degrees. pleasant in the suburbs. right now we're looking at mid 60s up into the lehigh valley, berks county, mid 60s in south jersey. 68 degrees in the capital city of delaware this hour, the key thing is due point temperature, that measures the moisture humidity in the air right now, it's comfortable at 56. when you see numbers in the 50s in the summertime, that said really good. we'll call it pleasant right now, that said how it feels tomorrow. those due points climb into the 60, it will become a little bit more uncomfortable and on the muggy side. quiet on storm scan 3, just passing clouds through the overnight. we see showers across the ohio valley, that will impact our region late tomorrow, tuesday more on that coming up in the full forecast, it will be a milder start to our monday, 70
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for center city, 60s in at the suburbs, does warm up quickly into the upper 80's for philadelphia, low 80's, still nice at the shore and poconos, we'll talk about that shower or storm chance and cooler temperatures by the end of the week, seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes, natasha back to you. >> thank you. developing at this hour, a crash at poconos raceway leaves an indy car driver in a coma. justin wilson hit in the head by a large piece of debris that broke off of another car during a crash. wilson's car then veered west and hit a wall. the 36-year-old was air lifted by helicopter to lehigh valley hospital in allentown. also tonight, a south jersey teen is recovering after an accidental shooting inside his own home. authorities say two friends of the 17-year-old boy brought a gun to his mt. laurel home on saturday night, and accidentally discharged while they were handling it. boy was struck in the chest. two friends both teenagers from new jersey fled the scene initially before finally getting
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caught. both now facing weapons charges. a take-down three americans who helped stop a gunman from opening fire on a high speed train overseas held a joint press conference sunday. bryan webb has more. >> reporter: three americans tackle add an armed gunman on a high speed train in bell jim reuniteed in paris sunday, spencer stone, national guard alek skarlatos and anthony -- french officials say it americans along with two other passengers risked their lives to sdarm a gunman who french media reports in this photo to be, a visibly injured stone recalled the moment he sprang into action on the amsterdam to paris train. >> he was trying to charge the weapon and alec hit me on it shoulder and said let's go. skarlatos said his initial reaction was out of gut
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instinct. >> i feel our training mostly kicked in after the assailant was already subdued. >> reporter: cell phone video shows him hog tied on the ground, officials recovered an arsenal of weapons, sadler believes there is a lesson to be learned from the ordeal. >> the gunman would have been successful if if my friend spencer had not got up. in times of peril like that, please do something, don't just stand by. >> reporter: brian webb cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> an explosion at us army depot outside of tokyo today set off a huge fire that lit up the night sky. reports say no one was injured. the army says the cause isn't known just yet, but no hazardous materials or ammunition was stored in the depot, five. a message of hope in a philadelphia neighborhood that had an especially violent summer. the festival of lights kicked
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off today in nicetown, four people have been killed in that neighborhood and others injured just since july. the event organizers rival today to feed the hungry are giving away 2000 grocery boxes to residents. this runs through august 27th. a kennett square business owner a concrete mushroom meant for charity was stone from sinclair's sun rise cafe. it was going to be auctioned off at the annual mushroom festival in september. police believe the mushroom, which ways 108 pounds was stolen some time between thursday night and friday morning. if you have any information, please contact police right away. now, to campaign 2016, news, new jersey chris christy made an official appearance on "face the nation" this morning. while christy has had trouble gaining traction in the polls, he took on for immigration.
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>> in many ways he said too simplistic the idea of building a wall, kicking everybody out, and birth right citizenship. it's a very complicated problem and needs someone who understands how to do a complicated nuance solution to that to that problem. >> christy is trying to stay in the top ten of republican candidates so he can appear in the next republican debate which happens on september 16th. he might not have governor christy at that support but you will soon be seeing donald trump on it cover of a very popular magazine, rolling stone will use trump as their cover man on an issue due out early september. last week trump grade of the cover of time and was also recently featured on the hollywood reporter. democratic candidate bernie sanders was on the campaign trail at a town hall in new hampshire, sanders said people should support president obama iran nuclear deal. >> i can't guarantee you that it
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will work. or that we can trust iran but this, i do believe, that a great nation like ours has got to do everything that we can to resolve international conflict without going to war. war should be the last is. >> sanders will also be campaigning in new hampshire tomorrow as well. stay with "eyewitness news" for everything you need to know on campaign 2016 we'll have the latest for you both the republican and democratic races as the push continues. former president jimmy carter spoke about his fight with cancer this morning, he taught a bible study in a home town of plains georgia the first since announcing his bail way cancer, the former commander and chief shed a little more light on his fight with the congregation this morning including more on his treatment. >> had another mri and showed up that i have four places in my brain and so this thursday, they
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treated that with radiation, and i'm talking some additional medicine to stimulate my autoimmune system to fight against the cancer. >> carter is scheduled to teach seven more lesson over the next two months then hopes to travel to nepal for habitat to humanitarian. pope francis's trip to philadelphia is a little more than a month away. about 10 thousand volunteers are expected to turn out to lend a hand for the papal visit, organizers for the world meeting of families say volunteers will have a variety of duties, including greeting and directing visitors and providing translation services, all volunteers must clear background checks first. we are now just 34 days exactly until pope francis arrives here in philadelphia, and we got you covered both here on television and on our website stay with us. still ahead "eyewitness news" burned but alive, why this
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washington man is counting his blessings and thanking a nearby lake for saving his life. apple announcing a big recall for the iphone, what's wrong. >> comfortable finish the weekend across the delaware valley, now we're going to start to bring back heat and humidity for the upcoming work week, full forecast coming up when we return.
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. a heck taking part in a reality show made a hard landing in tex, yesterday afternoon around 5:30 when the two men on board were apparently hog hunting as part of the show, both men injured but in stable condition and expected to survive. investigators still trying to determine the exact cause of that crash the pilot of a plane crashed during a british airway show
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remains in critical condition. officials say the death thole told, which now stands at seven is highly likely to rise after the fighter jet crashed on to a busy main road in southern england yesterday. this is cell phone video of that crash. we've decided not to show you the moment of impact. it's much too disturbing. all of the victims on the ground, including the 14 who were injured. more wild fires out west. a fire is now burning in big bear, california, scorching about 100 acres near a ski resort. evacuations in that area and the fire is 30 percent contained at this point. a large wild fire in washington state burned more than 220,000 acres by saturday. forcing thousands out of their homes. meantime men fled the area, one homeowner lucky to be alive after he stayed to protect his home. he escaped the flames by jumping into the nearby lake, he
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suffered third degree burns from his elbow to his hands. >> the gash in my forehead, i lost a little bit more hair in the fire, but life is good. stayed in the lake more than half an hour or so or an hour until firefighters took him to the hospital. red flag warnings expected for much of central and eastern washington through monday. an put animal rescue group in delaware county spreading an important message to try to stop bullying, hundreds came out today at the mar pelvis sports arena in broomall to celebrate the release of the children's book backyard bullys, their goal is to educate kids early about bullying: . if you have noticed your iphone is taking blurry pictures, camera stills may not be to blame. apple is recalling a badge of iphones to, a picture take defect. the eyesight camera on certain
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iphones six plus smart phones phones sold between september 2014 and january 2015. customers can have the cameras replaced for free. going green in southwest philly and we're not talking about cheering for the eagles, even though we love doing that too. "eyewitness news" at the philadelphia montessori charter school on island avenue, at volunteers transformed 10,000 square feet of asphalt in a community garnered and green space, an orchard and a playground among other things. philadelphia 76 ers and virtue held their ining a relay basketball cling, today. the three-day clinic is designed to improve basketball skills coworker childhood fitness nutrition and well in his, eight to 900 kids, age ten to 14 all participated while 76 ers dancers and players all helped out. for the second weekend in a
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row, rap rules at the box offic office. straight out comp ton rakeed in 26.8 million dollars. movie tells a story of the rise of iconic nwa, it was a clear winner, coming in second place, mission impossible, rose nation 11.7 million, sinister two 10.6 million, agent 47 and the man from uncle. visitors to the please touch museum were transported to a gall alex far, far away today, it was the museum's annual star wars day today. familys were encouraged to dress as their favorite star wars characters while they got to interact with some of the most
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iconic. where is yoda? you got to have yoda? ok. r2 d2. >> it was a perfect weekend. i'm hoping that it can be a repeat for the week. >> gorgeous today. we're going to bring a little bit of that humidity back tomorrow. it is august but not out of control. i think you're going to like it again, nice pleasant conditions, take you outside right now, here we go, we're going to see clear skies at the moment right now. look at the ben franklin bridge. and all is good really across the delaware valley, not a bad finish to our weekend, good start to monday morning time period as well. recap the month of august so far, we have a lot of 90 degree days, we had ten of them so far this month, not seeing any 90's any time soon, tomorrow close but that said about it. we cool down by the end over the week, average all the temperatures together, it's two
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and a half degrees above average, only .98 inches of rain for philadelphia, inch and a half below for the month so far. we got hot days, 94 was the highest temperature so far this month. average high right now is at 84 indicated by the broken white line here, here's the forecast temperature this week in the yellow, we're going to be above average tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday be but in the event watch what happens, thursday and friday, we actually go a few degrees below average, we're talking low 80's for the forecast, folks who like a hint of fall in your forecast. wait few more days, it will be comfortable again with the low humidity. mid 70's, trenton philadelphia, mid 60s in allentown, 58, very comfortable in mount poconos this hour. how it will feel this week. again, we're talking about a little bit more humid tomorrow, call it steamy, that humidity level backs off for tuesday, and becomes pleasant both wednesday and thursday, even friday, and into the upcoming weekend. there's a line of showers and thunderstorms across ohio right now.
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cold front that will be tracking eastward next 24 hours, most of monday stays dry, you'll just notice clouds building in. it's later monday were could get a can scattered shower thunderstorm. they're going to be scattered. warm and humid for monday, mid and upper 80's for the high temperature, here comes the front monday early tuesday bringing a chance of showers, we'll see increasing sunshine tuesday, wednesday we knock the humidity back once again and set up for a nice forecast coming up for the second half of the week: let's we're looking at tropical storm danny, minimal tropical stormly just east -- tracking west about 15, continue to weaken into a tropical depression over the next 24 hours, just south of puerto rican. if you have a trip planned to the islands we're going to deal with clouds, rain chances back
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home, 40 percent chance, mainly for monday night into very early tuesday morning, tuesday afternoon looks dry. and we're pretty much down to 0 percent chance for wednesday and thursday, monday morning, waking up sunshine and clouds looking ok into the afternoon, just increasing clouds, come showers later on during the nighttime hours break up, that said why i'm saying scatter showers. by tuesday, back to sunny, not a bad day. even on tuesday. it is a warm start to the week, core of hot air over us. . what this pocket of cold air over canada. that tries to move in for the second half of the week. that said why temperatures go back below average, something to look forward to if you don't like the heat. forecast comfortable, warm, 70's, partly sunny, 89 degrees for the high temperature, shore forecast going to be in low 80's, pleasant partly sunny conditions make sure you have the sunblock, but sun is still strong this time year, extended factor, mid 80's tuesday wednesday, end of the week,
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thursday and friday, low 80's, with the sunshine, of course, thursday is natasha's birthday. i hooked her up with good weather. >> i will enjoy thank you very much. >> i'll bring the cake. >> please do. >> i got to throw the party too. my man, lesley, what's going on? we're still celebrating this win? >> the eagles and the big hit sam bradford took the cheap shot last night's game against the ravens, how much will he play saturday against the packers and iron nola with great
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so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. . we just want to see a little bit more of bradford. he wanted to to take a hit and
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get up. after missing all of last season, the ravens suggs, tried to injured sam, sam got up not happy. after that, sam led the eagles to a touchdown and his only of the game, birds beat the ravens 40 to 17. sam looking forward for more action against the packers. >> i think the more work i get, the better, but, you know, we put in three good weeks of camp, i feel like a got a ton of reps in practice, got action tonight in the previous two days against the ravens, but i'm looking for all the work i can get next week. >> baseball the phillies finishing up the series against the marlins, rookie aaron nola had his best performance, eight innings of shut-out, struck out six at phils blanked miami two to nothing, to first series win at marlins pack park over two years, souls hottesting
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jacksonville. final play, ron gentleman wore ski to watch, picked off the end zone the whole season comes to an sdpointsing ending. sports zone will we'll have more on the eagles win over the ravens and the end of the chase utley
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said an exciting weekend at the national zoo in washington. you just saw the first of the two pandas born being examined by officials. began mom mei xaeng had her first began around 5:30 saturday. the cub's between born about five hours later. both cubs appear happy and healthy. >> have a good night everyone
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. >> eagles championships of the world. the game is over. struck him out. the philadelphia police are 2008 world championships of baseball. this is the cbs3 sports zone presented by buick. fly eagles fly, the birds cruise to another preseason win and the offense looks pretty good. it's the end of an era. chase utley trades


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