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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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live interview wednesday morning. he later killed himself. >> as we approached that moment. >> reporter: the morning team was back on the air this morning, members struggled with their emotions as they pause todd remember their collogues. >> our partner, get through this together. >> reporter: morning anchor kim says it is difficult to move on. >> we cannot bring them back. we cannot undue what happened yesterday morning. i wish to god that we could but we can't and that is only thing we can do is just, go forward, and tell their story. >> reporter: flannigan was fired from the station in 2013, for poor performance, and a series of conflicts with employees. he left behind a manifesto that paint a picture of a disturbed man out for revenge. police say he became a person of interest a after texting a friend he had done something stupid. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". following his daughter's death allison parker's father is demanding new gun control measures. >> how many new towns will we
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have, or saint hooks, how many allisons will, you know, is this going to happen to before we stop it. and, it is, you know, i'm challenging you, the media, because again, this is one of your own. >> allison's father went on to say he will not rest until the country find a way to keep guns out of the hand of people with mental illness. this tragedy is also, putting a spotlight on the dangerous nature, something called auto play when you visit a web site and that video plays automatically. video of the chilling ambush circulated on social media but as greg argos shows us is there something to do to avoid those potentially disturbing video. >> reporter: shooter posted first person point of view video of his murders to social media. >> many people ended up watching these killings in some cases in inadvertently because social media sites have something called an auto play feature. >> yes, i saw the video, it is tragic. >> reporter: corry floyd was
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watching tv news coverage of the virginia journalist killings yesterday when he logged into facebook. >> i said look at this for a second, i was like why does this look familiar? i'm looking at my tv and i was like, oh, crap. >> reporter: in his feed video of the shooter's point of view started playing, recording of the murders right on his computer screen. >> literally just started to automatically playing. >> reporter: that applies for any offensive video in the just what aired yesterday. >> the reason that platforms are bake nothing this ought at owe play is that they want to stop your attention as you are scrolling through a feed and watch a video. >> reporter: social media expert amy says reason for, auto play feature boils down to money. more views equals more cash for social media sites like twitter and facebook. >> facebook is a place we look to spend time with friend and family and not a place to see something like this. >> reporter: there are ways to disable auto play. on twitter and facebook go in the settings tab. >> as i scroll down, is there
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a section that says content. >> reporter: then unclick the auto play video button. >> if you unclick that, now videos will not auto play. >> reporter: it takes digging but for people like corry, it is worth the extra time. >> would you want to change your setting so you don't have the automatically start playing you would have to click play. >> i probably would, yeah. if i could, i probably would because there is certain things i just rather not see. even if i know they are happening in the world i just don't want to see it. >> reporter: on twitter you can go one step further, under the accounts setting section, there is actually an option that will allow twitter to show you whether or not they think that a message contains sensitive information, even before you click on it. reporting here from the news room i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". facebook and twitter suspended bryce williams account disabling those videos shortly after he posted them yesterday. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the continuing tragedy in virginia, you can find updates and tributes to the victims,
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on cbs very sad news this afternoon back home now, sixers legend darryl dawkins has died. >> iconic member of the nba, dawkins was known for many nicknames and naming his thunder us dunks. sports reporter pat galleys here now with more, pat. >> yeah guys, sad, sad story, basketball world mourns the the loss of the gentle giant who shattered backboard for a living. former sixers center darryl dawkins passed away this morning at the the age of 58n a statement his family says, he died of a heart attack. the the smooth big man known as chocolate thunder, a term coined by none other than stevey wonder, dawkins was first player to make the jump from high school to the nba when he was drafted by the sixers in 1975. he was best known for destroying rims with his powerful dunks, which he would name and his flamboyant personality. philadelphia abbass death ball legend sonny hill tells us about the first time dawkins played in philadelphia. >> i was very fortunate because it was the height of
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the baker league. darryl dawkins made his debut in philadelphia a at the baker league at temple university mcgonigle hall, with seats over 4,000 people, close to 5,000 people. we ended up, with two or 3,000 people turned away. that is how much interests there was in reference to darryl dawkins coming to philadelphia. >> dawkins played 14 seasons in the nba, seven here in philadelphia a a he also coached, most recently with the the lehigh carbon community college mens team, and forever be known for those dunks like the chocolate thunder and playing get out of the way back board swaying, game delaying super spike. but he will be missed such a flamboyant guy, what a personality. >> you know that first hand. >> i knew darryl he was life of the party. after he stepped in the room, a beast on the court, and a teddy bear off. he loved doing things for people especially young people. i was fortunate enough to do a few charity event with him in west philadelphia at shepherd
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recollect senting also known as haddington, that is mr. kaufman of impact charity services by his side, as well on many occasions out in the neighborhood. from the planet earth, chocolate thunder, job well done. we will have much more on the passion of darryl dawkins coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. get very latest on our web site at cbs we are just learning this afternoon of a tragedy, in chester county. a young boy is killed in an accident, on a farm in honey brook. the authorities say that the six year-old suffered multiple injuries, and he was pronounced dead a at paoli hospital around 1:00 p.m. yesterday. no other details about that accident have been provided at this time but we will learn more and we will pass it to you. we are now just, a month away until the pope arrives in philadelphia a. >> that is right, 30 days the papal weekend begins. today septa updated commuters on the sales for regional rail passes and how to navigate public transportation that week even. "eyewitness news" reporter
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syma chowdhry is live at ben franklin parkway with details on this, syma. >> reporter: there was talk, visitors having to walk miles and miles and miles just to come see the pope but septa says, not to worry that many stations are less than a 2-mile walk to the parkway, or even less than a mile walk. septa's reminding visitors to buy a papal pass, that is because they are far from sold out. >> easy to get here. it is not going to be, you know, long waits or long walks, that have previously been reported. >> reporter: general manager joseph casey is trying tone courage folks to use septa when pope francis comes to philadelphia next month. in a message septa outlined stations in the area that is now being called the francis festival ground. each is less than a 2-mile walk from the papal visit activities. >> if you need it with the walker, i suggest maybe getting a wheelchair, getting people to assist you. >> reporter: septa says they have not sold out of the regional rail papal pass in,
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fact more than 100,000 are up for grabs. >> i don't know the reason why we have not sold out, there might be apprehensive. there is a lot of vacancies in hotels downtown. >> reporter: septa released new information about the airport line. instead of just transporting airline passengers, now anyone can come and park at the the airport and take the train in on september 26th, and 27th, all you need is a papal pass or prepurchased tickets like a weekly or monthly pass. there will be no ticket sales on board. >> this is an easy event to get to and i don't want anyone to regret not coming to it. >> reporter: septa wants to remind riders thaw can use tokens or transpass on buses, subways, or trolleys but you need to make sure thaw purchase them ahead of time. that is because they don't plan on having any cashiers on hand, during the papal visit. we are live on logan square, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. a camden native hand may have landed him a spot next to
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pope francis during his historic trip to philadelphia archdiocese has yet to confirm the news people who knows sign language interpreter victor is very excited. >> well, when i heard that victor was going to be the interpreter for the pope, i was thrilled because he was a student of hours, years ago a and he became a very successful interpreter and that is wonderful. >> coming up at 6:00 "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff spoke to the man whose hand may soon carry the vote of the pope francis, for the hearing impaired. turning now to our forecast, another nice summer day out there, we're soaking these up. the meteorologist kate bilo is on the cbs-3 sky deck. this is a good stretch, kate. >> amazing stretch, guess contact we have finished out month of august but not to be out done summer says i'm still hanging around. by end of the month we could have a heat wave starting last day of august and continuing in the first couple days of september. all of the more reason to get the outside tonight and enjoy
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the beautiful air in place. nice breeze right now. nice, cool, comfortable. most temperatures in the 07's this evening. storm scan three shows a few cloud trying to drift in earlier today, mainly because of the cool air in the upper atmosphere, gusty breeze from the north and west and temperatures stuck in the 70's. the it feels awesome out here. i can tell you right now 79 at the airport. fifty-seven allentown. seventy-nine at the atlantic city airport as well no problems outside tonight. let's recap august, just quickly august in review heading toward end of the in we have had ten days above 9025 out of 27 days with sunshine, our high temperature is 94. doesn't look like we will beat that but we have a few days in the 90's before the month is through, at least one and few in september. i will have more in a bit with the full forecast, back inside to you. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 how would you feel bay complete stranger coming to the house picking up your child and bringing them to school. they are in the bus drivers. we will show you surprising new services that is gaining
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popularity. there is a a new millionaire in the philadelphia area we will show you where a winning power ball ticket was sold, vittoria. things are revving up here on the wildwood beaches here, and it is monster truck beach race weekend. i'm an amateur myself but coming up we will get a lesson from the pros, coming right back.
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we know that little didy it is thursday and that means cbs-3 is down the shore that means we will check with our own vittoria woodill in wildwood and she's having a monster, good time, right. >> reporter: that is right, talk about getting wild in, wildwood, we are down the shore, we are live on the beach, in front of these big dogs. it doesn't get any bigger, better than this. it is monster truck beach race weekend and i'm telling you this is one of the most memorable days of my life. we're going to let pros do a
5:15 pm
couple laps but i will talk to the pro and get a couple tips about how to even take on a truck this side. everybody, this is rick long, he is driver of the big foot, rick, thanks for having us here. >> no problem, i'm glad you could come out and you are having fun. >> reporter: so much fun. rick was teaching me how to do a few things early on, rick, what is the secret to even getting inside and taking on these hills, and doing it all for the ride. >> just making sure safety is the main thing we worry about. it is safer, of any age, everybody is strapped in, the driver strapped in tighter then anybody else because you have to have control but the hills are great. you come down here, you know, and it is as close as you can get to a regular show without being in it. we don't get air here but we go overall of the hills. you have done awesome. i was trying to get up and go get some air, but she wouldn't do it. these things are a lot of fun. this week we will have the show, we will have nine other
5:16 pm
top trucks in the world here just going crazy out there. come on out, have some fun with us, we're running all weekend long. >> that is right, i was in the truck earlier, teaching me your tips and tricks. i had to climb in that thing, jump inside from the under belly. i positioned myself in there up and down these hills, trying to do some figure eight's. that is way too advanced, am i right, way too advanced. >> i will have you doing them soon. >> no way. >> we will have fun. we will get you up in there and see if we cannot get air over one of these hills. >> i will take challenge and you guys if you want to see these monster truck beach races, they are this weekend, friday through sunday on the wildwood beach, between mariners landing and adventure pier. coming up, i will put rick's skills, well, not your skills, at least the tips you have given me i will put them to the test and see me jump in this big dog and take a ride. i don't know if you at the desk ready for this but it is
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some addicting stuff, am i right. >> it is, and i think she will do awesome. >> me too. >> don't get too much air. >> look at torey, okay. >> she has got confidence good go get them, torey. >> all right, wow, can't wait. >> this will be fun. >> little scary. but what a great day out on the beach. >> gorgeous. >> we have day after day, an embarrassment of richest. >> it is, and we are enjoying it a bun answer of beautiful weather. >> that it is. >> and then it will stay nice, it will heat up but can't complain too much about sunshine and temperatures in the upper 80's to near 90 this time of the year but by start of the september it will feel more like mid-july. our hottest time frame of the year in philadelphia. we will be back in the potential heat wave as we start next week. lets go outside and see how evening is shaping up, i will call your tension to the it weather watchers. their observations are scrolling on the bottom of the screen. we love our weather watchers. find them as close to you and get local observations in your
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neighborhood. lets look the at cloud that have proliferated here over city of philadelphia thinks sky cam three from campbell's feel. clouds popped up thanks to the cool air aloft. we will get cool eras we do, sun comes out, heat up the ground in the morning. the those parts of the air rise and cool air aloft ape that forms cloud cover. that is what we have right now. storm scan three is showing that as well. these bubble up clouds we he saw, you can see that effect, sponge painting almost, that is an indication that you have cold air in the upper atmosphere. we will clear things out tonight and temperatures will drop quite nicely. the right now only 79 at the airport. seventy-five in reading. 78 degrees in wilmington. see how cool it is still in buffalo, and where temperatures are in the 60's. but notice areas cooler starting to rebound back in the 70's and near 80. we will heat up as well. temperatures begin to climb saturday, back in the upper 80's and with a southeasterly flow we will be near 90 on sunday and feeling more humid. that comfort index start to increase throughout the the next few days, awesome
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tomorrow, pleasant still on saturday but sunday into monday it does turn more humid and that will continue into next week. here's latest satellite view starting to look more organized in the few recent satellite frames that we have, wind now 45 miles an hour, it is moving west northwest at 15 . here's latest track from the national hurricane center, takes it through bohamas. we have to make sure erika will survive over the the caribbean first, a a lot of sheer there and this takes it the right along the florida coastline as a category one hurricane by next tuesday. water temperature can certainly support that, water temperatures around 80 throughout the entire area you can see how dark that coloring is, best track takes it in the warmer water over south florida or perhaps up the coast which is when we would have to pay close's tension to the path of her contact. i will have more, including limitations in the next half an hour. overnight tonight clearing skies, comfortable night at six 46789 your friday looks great. mostly sunny, nice, low humidity. down the shore next few days are beautiful.
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temperatures near 80 degrees and warming up heading in to sunday and that same pattern hold true for our three day forecast here in philadelphia we have temps in the 80's but warming each day 84 for your friday, 88 on saturday, and starting to turn warmer and humidity increases sunday and we are up to 89, and then in that forecast, coming up with the seven day, we will talk about potential heat wave, that we transition from august into september. >> here we go. >> interesting timing. >> kate, thank you. >> still to come on "eyewitness news", and, with steven colbert see how he is preparing, and,. and, philadelphia police officer, we have these stories and more coming up on "eyewitness news" at
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we are less than two weeks from steven colbert's late show debut right here on cbs-3. >> the insider joins us now from l.a. with colbert's time magazine cover shoot, louie.
5:24 pm
>> reporter: ukee, jessica colbert is times new cover man. we will take you inside his photo shoot as he talks about his new, late night vision. >> i was a nerd when nerd is a nerd, okay. >> get those nerds. >> nerds. >> there is no reward. no, there were -- nobody catered to us. we were not a demographic. >> reporter: are steven colbert wears nerd level proudly and it is clear, nerd are running the show. >> now we're on top, and it is time to make popular people pay. i'm just joking. >> reporter: as colbert prepares for his new gig as host of the late show which premiers on cbs september 8th time magazine captured him hard at work in the ed sullivan theater home to david letterman for 22 years. >> i wish steven and his staff, crew, nothing but the the greatest success, so, i look forward to that. >> reporter: colbert who was a frequent guest of the letterman show, sought and received a private audience with the legendary host. >> i asked him a ton of questions, and he was really
5:25 pm
gracious. at the end of it he taught me how to run the freight elevator which is how you get down to the theater. >> reporter: and steven, you can only go up to there. back to you guys. >> that will be so great. we cannot wait for this you can see insider tonight and every week night at 7:30 on cbs-3. >> a lot of fun. imagine a stranger showing up to take your child to school and it is not the school bus driver, believe it or not, it is real service that parents are signing up for. >> it is called shuttle and parents schedule a pick up day before. children have to be eight or older. they have their own cell phone as well. the parent can monitor the ride in real time. >> every single ride is watched, live at shuttle headquarters by full-time shuttle employees. we can machine for driving behavior in real time. >> a predetermined pass word is used between driver and the child who also sees photos of each other before the the pick up. they say their drivers have child care experience and they go through extensive background checks. a million-dollar winning
5:26 pm
power ball ticket in last night's drawing was sold at the mini market at ninth and more more in philadelphia it correctly matched five white balls but not the red power ball. they have been very generous for lottery players in the state of pennsylvania, a two million-dollar power ball ticket recently hit in chester county. if you play good luck. are nice. coming up next half an hour, vice-president joe biden decides whether to run for president he is get gooding news in the form of the new poll. see how it could shake up the race for the democratic nomination. plus an inside look at some of the technology being deployed for papal visit, we will show you the huge screens that will be put up all over the cities to make sure everyone can see the pontiff, we will be right
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i'm ukee washington. here's is what happening. investigators in northern virginia is searching vester flannigan's apartment for clues in the former wdbj reporter trouble past. flan gone known as bryce williams shot down allison parker and cameraman adam ward during a live interview yesterday. he later killed himself. more than 100,000 regional rail passes are still available for the papal visit. septa encourage people to come into philadelphia a for the event, and, says it will run its airport line, every 30 minutes, that weekend. and philadelphia's 76ers legend darryl dawkins a has died at the age of 58, an iconic, very popular member of the nba, dawkins was known for his many nicknames and naming his thunder us dunks. kate. we are enjoying a beautiful stretch of weather here in philadelphia but how much longer can it last? well, sun will stick around but heat, humidity will return and we will end august with temperatures in the 90's. we are tracking tropical storm erika, coming up, we will let
5:31 pm
you know if this is something to be concern about in our area we will look at latest track and limitations of that tropical storm. ukee and jessica back over to you. new poll could potentially shake up the presidential campaign. >> this shows donald trump gaining strength, hillary clinton losing momentum and surge in support for a well known politician who is not even running. mark albert has more from washington. >> donald trump has not won an election but he is defeating all of his g.o.p. rivals. >> i'm leading buy a lot. >> reporter: quinnipiac university find the billion air now at 28 percent more than double his closest republican competitor. >> no matter what has been thrown at trump, no matter what he has said he has not gonna way. his numbers are soaring. when that happens other people will to have drop out. >> reporter: tim milloy ace cysttent director of the pole and he found among democratic voters hillary clinton has lost ten points in the month down to 45 percent. >> we're going forward, we're not going back. >> reporter: but it is vice-president joe biden, who
5:32 pm
is not yet a candidate, that comes away a winner. with higher favorability ratings then any top candidate in either party. he fares better against several g.o.p. contenders, than clinton. >> if joe biden were on the fence, if one were advising him they would look at these numbers and say everybody else is not looking great and you look terrific. >> reporter: but some candidates trailing in the polls say it is too early to focus on national surveys, including new jersey governor chris christie. >> they probably said 7 percent this morning you would be saying i was in third place. and the margin of error is four points. the lets get serious. these polls don't mean anything right now. >> reporter: biden is expect to announce a decision next month. mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". kathleen kane continues to fight criminal charges against her she has now been name the worst state attorney general in the country. this is accord together competitive enterprise institute and it ranks the the sixth worse in the nation. organization says that all of those on the list, betrayed
5:33 pm
the trust of citizens. the on monday a a judge ruled kane's case will go to trial, kane has denied any wrongdoing. president obama is marking the tenth observance of katrina in new orleans. president went to the lower ninth word an area where the storm had the most devastating impact. after the levees broke, flooding 80 percent of the city, ten years later the government has poured billions of dollars in recovery efforts. newly built surge barrier is 2 . >> protective side of the barrier acts as a detention basin and it can fill up eight to 10 feet before there is any kind of a problem. >> reporter: in addition to the rebuilt levees, the cities new line of defense includes a water pumping station, 200 flood gates and a 3-mile long flood wall. mississippi stays university freshman prompted a campus lock down today. officials say schools police force arrested the student after he made threats to kill others, and himself. however, authorities found no gun and say no shots were ever
5:34 pm
fired. officials say that the student is likely to face criminal charges. a police officers in louisiana was shot and killed when he responded to a call, from a house where three women had been stabbed, one fatally. investigators say suspect took officer henry nelson's gun and killed him with it, after he stabbed his wife, and two other women on wednesday. police say suspect then drove in the the house and crash in the convenient storying nighting a fire. he was later arrested, would the man who was killed was the wife of the mayor of the nearby town. the the suspect's wife is now in stable condition. ahead of the papal visit the delaware river and its banks were temporary training ground for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. "eyewitness news", where law enforcement agencies participated in drills on land and in the water. the exercise was part of a continued collaborative preparedness effort in the region. scope of the papal visit is challenging organize tours give a unprecedented number of
5:35 pm
religious pilgrims if not the close to pope francis at least being able to see him. >> giant video screens will be set up and as pat ciarrocchi reports, one company in pottstown is inundated with thoughts of the pope on the big screen. >> it is just his work and we are extremely blessed to be part. >> reporter: blessed, and a bit crazed. upstage video in pottstown is responsible for making sure that one pope will be seen by an estimated, one and a half, million sets of eyes. >> not everybody can be within a couple hundred feet of the stage, so the screens play a huge role in this event. >> reporter: general manager, shown here, loud our cameras to follow him through his warehouse, where the upstage jumbo tron team ace sem blink, packing, and preparing to prance port nearly 40led display screens. world meeting of families executive director donna ferrell has planned jumbo tron toss stretch beyond the key areas of the papal visit. >> from the papal alter on
5:36 pm
eakins all the tore south and north broad street, jumbo trons will begin programming on saturday the 26th, at 6:00 a.m. programming on 10-foot by 17-foot screens. each jumbo tron has 350,000 pixels. each, illuminating a unique color combination, of red, green, and blue, to make crystal clear video on a large scale. he tells thaws even beyond the great visuals, the screens will disseminate vital information involving security and weather warnings. >> anything basically that need to be communicated to the crowd can be done via the audio and the screens. >> reporter: millions of pieces coming together so any individual who braves the crowds and security fences can look up and experience the historic steps of the pope francis in philadelphia, live. now if you look closely at those jumbo trons they are composed of 45 smaller screens, those screens are
5:37 pm
called tiles, and if you put them end to end they tell us they span 11 football fields. also video will be transmitted to the screens by fiber optic cable so upstage video will actually use 7 miles of cable to do so, all to bring the pope to the people. >> um, um, um, wow. >> after the pope leaves can we use them for eagles football game. >> that would be really great. >> other thing that is an interesting element if there is a security issue and people need to be warned, and it is in one place along the parkway and not long the other it can be hyper local. lets say is there a problem on independent mall those people there will get that flashed up on their screen, where people on the parkway would not. >> love the technology. >> thanks, pat. >> good stuff. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the papal visit. we will have the latest on air and we have a full resource guide on our web site at cbs still to come on "eyewitness news" there is a brand new addition to the philadelphia zoo, it is called
5:38 pm
the sloth bear and we will introduce you coming up. vittoria. i have my tips from the pros, i'm an amateur monster truck driver but i'm going to put my pedal to the metal coming up next, do you see those hills down there? that is all me, stay tuned.
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good intentions. is paved with mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism,
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the wild swings continue on wall street, oil saw biggest gain in six years and second quarter, gdp came in berth than expected. dow jones closed up 369 points, and nasdaq was up 115, the s and p500, also up, 47 points. and labor department says fewer americans signed up for unemployment benefits last week. they say it is a sign employers are hanging on to workers. four week average is also at historically low levels. now time for your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has that for you you. >> it is time to go back to school, with your jobs search. whether you are looking to
5:42 pm
move positions within a company, or find something new, here in the philadelphia area, you need to prepare. you need to brush up your resume and linked in profile. hr pros recommend spending time on writing a compelling headlines. list your top skills. include a professional photo. next, make your job search part of your routine. career experts say that you should spend any where from 15 to 40 hours per week applying for jobs. talk to recruiters, attend social and professional networking activities, set up google alerts for companies on your wish list and considering a enrolling in classes or certificate programs to enhance your skill set. finally just like kids who can be reluctant to head back to the classroom try not to be too glum about reviving your search. the reward may be a great the new job. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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and it is thursday and that means cbs-3 is down the shore. >> we will check with vittoria woodill in wildwood and she has big trucks there with them, vittoria. >> we're in the rear-view
5:46 pm
mirror. >> hello. >> hi there, i'm checking my lip gloss, fixing my hair a little bit we are live in wildwood down the shore, and i'm about to take this pup i for a little spin. were we do that i want to introduce to you gary mcgee. gary runs wildwood's motor events here in wildwood and it is a big weekend. tell us bit, gary. >> we have a great weekend. we have perfect weather on order for everybody. we have a monster truck show better than anybody has ever seen. we have great stuff. we have old school big foot here, new big foot body style, avenger, brutes, just a great line of tough trucks, tough trucks. we have kid kj for intermission show, and back flipping, motor cross, motorcycle stunt show. great stuff all weekend long right here in wildwood. >> well, gary, this is my audition. if you don't mine, you can hop off that wheel i will get this
5:47 pm
baby started. i'm taking my notes from rick, who taught me a few things earlier. first thing i will pop the ignition on, i will press start, going to put my foot on the brake. put it in gear. all right. are you all watching at the desk. >> here we go. i hope you are buckled up.
5:48 pm
>> all right, you guys. >> all right, torey, go ahead, girl. >> i do not want to brag, but, gary says that he has a job waiting for me. just saying, amateur instructor maybe and all i know is that it is my 28th birthday today, and this is the most memorable birthday that i have ever had in my entire life. and don't forget, you want to check out, the big, big huge weekend we have here in wildwood, it is the monster truck, beach races, friday through sunday at wildwood on the beach, between mariners landing and adventure pier, and you know what, i think we have had enough talk, let me take this baby for another ride, i will see you guys, later. >> torey, be careful, happy birthday. >> we will see her in our parking lot pretty soon, pulling up in that thing. >> yes, i know. >> that was fun. >> thanks, torey.
5:49 pm
>> how about that. >> very serious. >> yes. >> beautiful day down there, kate. >> yes, good day for her birthday. >> sun glare and windshield of your monster truck, not too bad. happy birthday to torey. what a beautiful take. lets take a peak of the beautiful take. looking great. just a few clouds this afternoon but temperatures are so comfortable. we are below average for this time of the year. temperatures barely made it to 80 across the area today. we were warmer earlier thanks to more sunshine but a lot of sun this time of the year or at least with this pattern. it is self-destructive sunshine. sun heat up the ground, warm air rises and cool air aloft and you get what we see there just a few clouds that pop up with that cool air in the upper atmosphere. the lets check with our weather watchers here as we take a look on our thursday evening, as temperatures are 80 or below all across the game. michael irwin is at 80 degrees. michael says if only these days should stay just like
5:50 pm
today, no frown face, michael tomorrow just like today. we have another day. maybe michael has seen extended forecast which i'm about to show you which does feature more heat and humidity. seventy's in the north. phil in chestnut hill sent us a nice photo. beautiful flowers here. what a great shot that is, phil sending lovely pictures thanks as always for. that lets head into northern delaware at 77 degrees, with sandor in newark, 77 with sun. great day, sun and cloud, low humidity and great temperatures. i could not gree more a perfect summer day. the once again outside we will go down to the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach on our live neighborhood network and 74 degrees there. people still on the beach. others have hit the boardwalk, nothing but sun and just a few clouds outside this afternoon. storm scan three shows us clouds that started to drift in. that effect we talk about an indication of the cool air in the upper atmosphere. just a few cloud but that is it. we have got clearing skies,
5:51 pm
through tonight and temperatures are on the low side. certainly we're normal this time of the year is 84. we are 5 degrees below that. seventy-nine at the airport. seventy-eight in millville. seventy-five in allentown. the lets look at our tropical storm erika here. you can see wind speeds as erika continues to move toward florida through the next couple days. we can see strengthening here as wind pick up. a as we get in the start of the next week. we have an area of wind sheer that erika is moving into here late tonight and into tomorrow. we can see if erika first can survive caribbean and then focus shifts to the south east. lets look at erika's obstacles. there is a sheer zone erika has to overcome. interacting with land mog moving over bohamas. the it has been a weak storms with wind of 45 miles an hour. we would need to see it move in the area more conn dues turf strengthening but still have to have watch that storm especially as we get into next week especially heading down to the florida and south east coast. it does not look like a major
5:52 pm
impact maker for bus fit moves out and strengthens it could be a rip current situation at the very least. overnight, clearing skies, very comfortable. sixty-four for the low. friday mostly sunny, beautiful, 84 degrees p if you like today you may like tomorrow. we may see more sunshine tomorrow and fewer cloud then today as we see high pressure building overhead. regional forecast for your friday 84 degrees in philadelphia 79 degrees down the shore. poconos things looking fabulous as well at 74 degrees, and eyewitness weather seven day forecast features a little bit of the warm up. few degrees every day. we will jump from 84 to 88 on saturday. eighty-eight with sunshine. sunday up to 89. then monday, tuesday, wednesday, we will transition from august into september but it looks like we are heading back to the heat wave, monday, tuesday, wednesday we're in the 90's with hazy sunshine, hot and humid as we start september but does stay dry through the middle of the next week at least, ukee and jessica, back over to you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" fresh produce and other
5:53 pm
high end groceries at the gas station. >> find out where people are filling up in the lap of luxury when "eyewitness news" returns.
5:54 pm
so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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when you think about this, a gas station, ape fast food may come to mind. >> but one service station in england is breaking the mold with the fresh concept. cws news correspondent jonathan vigliotti took a road trip west of london to check it out. >> reporter: gas pumps on, business side motor way are empty because travelers are busy, filling up, on other goods. >> i bought some bread, i bought something for my tea and lunch on the way home. >> reporter: you won't find fast food at gloucester service center. >> no being mcdonald's here. >> reporter: instead there are rows, and rows of organic
5:57 pm
vegetables, homemade bread and freshly cut fish. >> i'm like my goodness, why haven't more people done this around the world. it is amazing. >> reporter: dazzling british taking on the great american farm stand. >> everything here is local, in the cafe it is all homemade and we work with some amazing producers, suppliers, farmers. >> reporter: it is a pit stop worthy of royalty. even for charles, who came straight from the road to give his official seal of approval. the future king has a passion for organic farming and spent time chatting with workers. the eco conscious building blend in england's rolling hills. the price of the food is relatively cheap despite service station's 60 million-dollar price tag. >> it is a great concept if you like food. >> reporter: owners hope fresh approach will lure in the millions who pass by every year n england, jonathan veg light for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> how about that. philadelphia zoo introduced visitors to its new resident, meet contact lah a
5:58 pm
two-year old swath bear. he arrived last night from the san diego zoo but in the wild they are found in india. zoo keepers say kayla enjoys exploring her new home in the bear country exhibit and she has been spending lots of time, doing some bear things, like climbing, and, of course, digging for ducks. >> ♪ >> oh, yeah, hottest dance craze right now, you are watching philadelphia police officers in the 35th district do the nana with members of the community. the the philadelphia police department posted this video on you tube. sergeant perkins direct the fun project, all they have it going on. video part of the efforts to reach out and connect with the community, doing the nana. >> looking good. >> love it. >> love it. >> that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00, remembering a sixers legend. >> a sad day for the philadelphia sports community, we will hear from those who knew the the late darryl dawkins.
5:59 pm
and, relaying pope's message to the mass west his hands, a camden native may be translating pope francis words through sign language. we will hear from him about the once in the lifetime chance, kate. and we've got pretty nice weather on the way to finish out rest of the week if you like today, you like yesterday, tomorrow we will be right up your alley as well. it has been another gorgeous day but we're talking about heat and humidity returning are, maybe a heat wave, i will have latest on tropical storm erika coming up at 6:00. >> this might not be the rocky steps of the the art museum but you just conquered this hill, that is right, we're live down the shore, and it is monster truck beach race weekend. >> that is right, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now.
6:00 pm
remembering, darryl dawkins, the sixers legend, was a nightmare for backboard around the nba, he has died. tonight we're taking a look back on his life and his career. dawkins was a ground breaker in the a association, first player ever drafted out of high school to play pro ball. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness sports" reporter pat gallon joins us more on chocolate thunder. a sad day. >> reporter: really is a sad day. we mourn the the loss of the philadelphia basketball legend the man we called chocolate thunder darryl dawkins has died at the age of 58. darryl dawkins best known for rolling the rim among other things, dawkins fame rose after shattering backboard and naming his dunks. have you ever heard of the rim wreck error look out below? those are a couple names he gave to those powerful slams. that great nickname chocolate thunder which was one of many was given to him by stevey wonder. drafted by sixers in 1975, dawkins was firstye


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