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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 27, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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it was yesterday around this time that we went live to alison parker. >> we were focused on consoling her staff. >> together, we go inside the newsroom of the crew murdered on live tv. >> what we're seeing here is an outpouring of grief. and hollywood's outrage over graphic front page coverage and demands loved ones speak. >> we want our love to be shared. and then with josh duggar's rehab center revealed, as news breaks, ashley madison is coming to tv. >> what we're doing is not just, here's a big show about infidelity. and almost naked. miley shocked kimmel. what about when she hosts this weekend's vmas? what could possibly go wrong?
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♪ blurred lines >> and the situation comes up. who wants her replaced. >> and we're about to make "dancing with the stars" history. only we could tell you who's next to hit the floor. >> and taylor swift's epic duet you just have to see. now "e.t." with the latest on today's top story. >> thank you so much for tuning in. >> big news to get to. tonight's story. new controversy today over coverage of the tv tragedy. >> "the daily news" and "the post" are facing public outrage today. >> the pages we blurred show freeze frames of the on air killing. celebs share their anger. have you taken leave of your senses and martha, how dare you. that could be your reporter and montell williams, i am boycotting "the daily news." "the daily news" quote conveyed the true scale of what happened
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in rono. inside the virginia newsroom, hugs and on air tribute. >> it was yesterday at this time we went live to alison parker and photojournalist adam. please join us now in a moment of silence. >> when you take a moment of silence, you remind everyone that we will not forget you. >> sort of the mantra has been let's breathe, but let's also take time to breathe and then let's do our job. >> this afternoon, the entire wdbj news team outside for a press conference. >> i've watched anchors and reporters half an hour before a newscast be crying in the newsroom and get on the set and deliver the news to the southwest and central virginia. >> what we're seeing here is an outpouring of grief, people coming from all over the state really to bring flowers, as they grieve the loss of these two young journalists. >> meteorologist throughout day.
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the station shared memories of came cameraman adam ward and reporter alison parker. >> when i was younger, i wanted to become a doctor or a pharmacist, but as a journalist, i get to cover those type of deals, so it's close enough. >> alison's boyfriend, and anch anchor, chris hearse, shared his heartbreak. >> she had a photoalbum and it was my job to up load photos to facebook and put pictures in here and into the scrapbook for the next six months. >> when we saw him show the photo album, that's him keeping the connection with her, but this grieving process is just beginning. >> i spoke to one of the relatives yesterday and they are bewildered and heartbroken by these events. they hope to talk to family, send their condolences and right
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now, they, like the rest of us, don't understand why this happened. >> so very sad. all right. well, yesterday, we told you that josh duggar of "19 kids and counting" checked into rehab after contesting he had cheated on his wife. our staff uncovered new details about josh's road to redemption. it is here at reformers unanimous in rockford, illinois, police checked in for a long-term program. it looks beautiful and peaceful at the christian treatment center but strict. one sample schedule, a 4:30 a.m. wake-up call. a 5:00 devotion and 5:30 p.m. chapel and study, fellowship, and finding time to relax. and angry extended duggar family members tell today, hand in a cookie jar and i hope he gets the help he needs. in the midst of josh's down fall, his father, jim bob, appeared for the first time since the turmoil.
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he left the family compound in springda springdale, arkansas, to go to the bank and 13 awkward ways josh and anna duggar describe love story in their own words. of course, the family's drama launched when josh's name was exposed in the ashley madison hacking scandal and this big news, the web site that hooked up people looking for elicit affairs is now coming to tv. ♪ ashley madison >> the timing has been right. there is more than 30 million people on the site using it. >> ashley madison's founder, noel biedermann, alleged to have multiple affairs but there's a female boss. >> so by having our main character be a woman, we get to change not just the dialogue about why people stray from their marriages, but the lens from which it's told. if kristen wiig would like to contact us, we'd certainly pick up the phone. >> some people it might turn
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off, but it's done well. and i think it could be compelling. >> the ashley madison thought this show would be perfect for showtime but so much interest, they're pitching it to all the networks. it's throwback thursday. is i'm going to do a little taylor swift rewind. back to 2008. she was 18 at the time and made this confession on "the ellen show". >> your musical crush? >> oh, justin timberlake. >> justin. >> how good was that reaction? j.t. hopped into her life again last night. one of the guests who helped taylor close out her star studded run in los angeles. a drop the mike moment. taylor wins.
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she and j.t. had been planning this for weeks, first performance since he and jessica biel welcomed baby silas almost five months ago. justin with taylor's epic finale but props to taylor's other squad surprises. >> matching black thigh highs. strutting selena joins taylor in the crowd last night including our boss with julie chan and their niece moment. calvin harris also there and have you ever noticed taylor makes the same face in all of her instagrams? but i got to say, this moment had to be my fave. i mean, can't top that. and well, everybody is performing to show up with taylor, taylor has performed great times on "dancing with the stars." so do we. tonight, we have the exclusive honor of announcing the next two
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contestants on season 21. cameron mathison with that disneyland at the crack of dawn for the big reveal. >> hey, guys, here i am at disneyland for their diamond celebration and we are about to make "dancing with the stars" history. >> way better than a drum roll. from spy kids and from big night rush. they'll compete against each other for the mirror ball trophy. >> that is a way to make an announcement. am i right? no kidding, at disneyland and now it's on "entertainment tonight." i mean, on your birthday. >> on my birthday! >> listen, first married couple officially on "dancing with the stars." that's a big deal. >> my husband, i support him. i think he's great. >> what was it about the show that made you guys want to do it? >> i think the opportunity to work with my wife was kind of a number one. we loved it.
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we're almost two years married. it's still fresh. it's still going. >> james on "dancing with the stars," but obviously back in the day? has he given you any tips? >> i sent a picture of my shoes and he just laughed and he was like -- good luck man. it's tough. i was like, great. >> bindi irwin has been working on the show. >> it's different and it's new and it's fun. >> hough thinks she's going to be just fine. if you can wrestle the crocodiles, you can wrestle the waltz. australia hosts "america's best dance crew" but have to see jason schooled for approaching
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tomorrow on "e.t." -- >> are you in love? >> yes, i am in love. >> justin bieber on the record. the new music, his new girl, and his new elvis durand interview. >> he was ready to talk. >> that's tomorrow. showing him tomorrow. "what do you mean," yes, that's the title of the song. and counting down release to big social media campaign and asked frankie about the song. >> have you heard the song? >> yeah. >> tell me about the song. >> it's amazing. you guys are all going to dance. >> trying to pick the winner of ameri
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"america's best dance crew," the show on tv. a little inside look. >> i think you guys have the hottest in the show. >> this season is extremely great because of how amazing the crews actually are? >> i like the dance moves you do though. don't make me dance. >> off every break, lock in. >> i actually seen you on instagram today. look, look. >> oh, oh. >> the same move every time. >> it's called the deja vu move. selena gomez hit the stage with taylor swift. you've got to love their matchy matchy hot pants and now brooke anderson is going to show you how you can dress t. swift chic. >> you know, we totally crush on taylor's style here. i mean, can you imagine what her closet must look like? well, check out laci in the polka dot number affordable for pretty much any budget from the
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lc lauren conrad collection and check this out, the detail is really cool here and just like taylor, we also went with a long pendant necklace and a nude toe. i am loving these pumps. lena has a pretty spot-on match for this t. swift too. kind of a '50s retro inspired look. the details make this dress come to life with the red checked pattern. that pleated neckline and the belt. and we followed taylor's lead and kept it simple with a lot of edge and i really liked that. made this outfit super easy. all you have to do is head over to and click "get the look." coming up next, see how miley cyrus is gearing up to host the vmas. we're talking to one of the show's producers about what they can and can't show. as a parent group fires off. >> she's sort of gone out of the way to shock and provoke
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parents. and then, remember the movie "dead man walking" with susan sarandon, hear how the stars teaming up with dr. phil tell the real life prisoner on death row. >> we're not asking for him to be set free. >> that is coming up next. closed captioning provided by --
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they have a lot.
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>> embarrassed now. >> that was miley cyrus on jimmy kimmel last night pushing the envelope. we covered what she does because we need it too. many of you know, miley is hosting the vmas this sunday night and we are already bracing ourselves for all kinds of outrageous outfits and behavior. when it comes to miley, what could go wrong? [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. we think sensors will work overtime on sunday based on what miley is posting to her twitter feed this week. her tongue out and riding a kitten. suspended in midair. the truth s anything can happen with miley running the show. listen to what she told jimmy kimmel. >> i don't really tell a lot of people what i'm going to do. i just kind of do it and hope they don't find out. >> miley is so involved in the writer's room for this show and really going to go for it. we can probably expect colorful language, maybe nudity and i think some references. >> looks like the vmas go r-rated.
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here's what miley told us last year about why anything goes at the vmas. >> this is the place they can be the most expressive, and so i think that there's not a lot of boundaries. sort of the line that is very thin line. it gets drawn farther and farther away every year. >> that line got obliterated in 2013, the year miley first went naughty. over concerns of a repeat performance, the parents television council asked to carefully weigh their decision to sponsor the vmas. >> i have no doubt over her shocking stage presence. they chose her shocking presence. they could have chosen a taylor swift, who i think would have been a little bit more subdued, probably, a little bit more responsible.
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clearly part of the reason why we're concerned about this year's vmas is because what we've seen in the past. >> controversy is really the life flood of the vmas and thrives on it. the show isn't meant for young audiences. there's a lot of mature content in. they have a point. >> it's hard to prepare because miley is so doggone unpredictable. >> she said she'll poke at stuff you guys don't even know about. like how do you possibly prepare for something so unpredictable? >> i don't think she's coming on to do anything to sort of, you know, do something that will hurt the show. >> she said she'll do stuff you guys don't even know about. >> i think she means it in a playful way. i don't think she's coming on to do anything to sort of do something that's going to hurt the show. >> mtv has been so awesome and pretty much let me do whatever i want, which is pretty crazy. >> it's crazy but clearly it works so it should be an interesting night on sunday. in defense, vmas always pushed the envelope. tomorrow, we flash back two of the craziest years ever. the 2000 vmas. from britney's on stage strip tease to j. lo's first vma. we're taking you back to one
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epic night. janet jackson, whitney and bobby, and nsync. plus, all that crazy fashion. susan sarandon won an oscar for her role in "dead man walking" and that touched so much, she's been helping those on death row ever since. a man scheduled to die in less than three weeks and helping susan in her cause is dr. phil. >> how will you feel in the morning if they kill him at midnight? >> i'll feel ashamed and sad for us all. not just for him. i mean, it's hard to even put an animal down, but to put a man down? it's just not the way we should be living our lives. >> call it personal fight for justice doing everything they can to make sure this man, richard's story is told and in prison for 17 years convicted for being part of a murder plot to kill his boss, beaten to
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death with a bat. part of their argument is that jurors didn't get to see this interrogation video of the confessed killer. >> we know that this involves more than just you, okay? >> i hope and pray they don't execute me for something i didn't do. >> ain't you going to ask me what i've done? i didn't kill nobody. i swear to god, i didn't. >> richard's fight was brought to susan's attention by the real life played in "dead man walking." you can see next to susan make a cameo in the film. >> it comes full circle because here we are with susan who portrayed her and the real life sister, we're here with a real wife drama fighting for someone's life today. and i mean, it's an honor for me to get to use my platform to try to bring this to the attention of america.
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>> the man who confessed to doing the murder and zefserving life sentence and solely on this word without forensic evidence, finished. >> i'm heartbroken for the man. >> meant so much to dr. phil, he decided to shoot the monday special episode ahead of the upcoming season. >> we're not asking him to be set free, but have time to present evidence. >> he is on death row. he is scheduled to be executed in just a matter of days, and we're dedicated to stop that from happening. >> oklahoma governor has seen more call for delay since vocalized her support, but has no plans to postpone the execution. we'll be right back.
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arnold. and which shot's baby boy follows in mom's musical footsteps? find out in our star shot gallery on "e.t." online. travel consideration provided by -- well, that is all the time we have for tonight's show, but don't forget to check out our web site, to stay on stop of all the news. >> one more before we go. >> bye, everybody. >> it's the countdown to the emmys. just 24 days away and one of the shows getting the most love with 11 nominations is amazon's
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"transparent." we were on set with jeffrey tambor. >> it opens up all the doors that need to be opened up about the lgbt community. >> last night, the tv academy hosted the celebration for daytime tv. >> daytime television is important. >> executive vp of cbs entertainment and cbs television distribution angelica mcdaniels said it's all about the fans. >> we have 20 million people who watch our shows every single day and tonight it's a celebration
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yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. i talk to her every single day. and i'm not going to get that anymore. >> wdbj shooting victim allison parker's father breaks down as he calls out the media to remember his daughter.
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>> next week, it isn't even going to be a story anymore and everybody's going to forget it. >> as we investigate the killer's past, were there signs of this violence? >> he became quite confrontational. he had to be taken away. then kimye comes out stronger. over their leaked engagement video. but why is khloe team fireworks? and inside celine's epic vegas return. how her cancer-fighting husband is still running the show. >> he wants me strong. he wants me back. plus, the countdown is on to stephen colbert's "late night" takedown. how he's switching up letterman's legacy with ultimate revenge of the nerds threat. >> now we're on top, it's time to make popular people pay. just joking. now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> hello, everyone. and welcome to "the insider." >> we begin with the top


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