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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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from the broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the death toll rises on the caribbean island of dom incase officials in at least three states make preparations for tropical storm erika. we'll have the latest on the storm's path coming up next. today marks ten years since hurricane katrina devastated new orleans, coming up: look being back on the damage caused by the storm and also it lasting legacy. and neighborhood on alert after man is spotted looking into a family's window, and talking to a six year old girl. absolutely frightening. we'll have the details on. that will today is saturday, august 29th, good morning,
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thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer, it is 5:00 on the dot. we send it over to kate bilo. good to have you in the studio, kate. >> good to be here on a saturday news with good weather news for the weekend. good news, tropical storm erika does not look like it will impact our forecast headed into next week, will stay off to the south, we'll continue to track it as we go through the next 15 minute or so, the latest on the track. as far as back at home, real great summer saturday, starting off right now storm scan3, looking fine, we've got high pressure overhead, could be little patchy fog out there this morning, maybe up in the poconos specially. do watch out for that. otherwise system in the great lakes there is one will be lifting to the north, really, weakening, can't make it around the big area of high pressure that's dominating our pattern for the next several days. so, temperatures right now, 49 gross in mount pocono, 54 allentown, but you can see in philadelphia, we're hanging on to the heat. 67 degrees, that's part of the urban heat islands effect we often talk b just doesn't get
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quite as cool in the city overnight due to the blacktop and concrete out there. 50's, reading, lancaster, low to mid 50's, daily planner looks great. by 9:00 a.m. up to 71. eighty-two by noon. then by 3:00 p.m. we hit our high of 88 degrees, gorgeous summer afternoon. heat starts to creep back after eight a yesterday, headed for 88 today, then 90s start tomorrow. and coming up, i'm tell you how long the 90s will last as we head into what could be the fifth heatwave of the summer season, nicole, back to you. >> kate, you have been mentioning it, tropical storm erika leaving trail of destruction in parts of the caribbean, could hit florida by monday. caused massive flooding on the island of dominica. mud slides there wiped out homes, roads, so far the storm has killed at least 20 people and left another 31 missing. meantime, people in florida are lining up for gas, food, water, all as it barrels toward the united state. cbs news correspondent david with more on the preparations.
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>> reporter: erika is moving through the caribbean. the storm caused massive flooding when it hit the island of dom i can a thursday, mud slide wiped out homes, roads, more than dozen people dead, and in missing. deidra robinson is in the capitol. >> reporter: people have lost their homes, properties, lives, to the landslides, much of the islands does not have power out all. >> erika hit puerto rico friday, slash dominican republic with heavy rain, 50-mile per hour winds. people in florida are lining up for gasoline, food, and water, as erika barrels toward the us. >> you never nope. that's the truth. only the big guy up there. >> the storm is expected to reach florida's gulf coast by monday. the main thing, this is not going to be much of a wind event, as rain event, and a wet storm. >> the governor is warning residents who may be feeling complacent, this is a storm they need to take seriously. >> you have got your parent,
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your siblings, your kids, your grand kids, you say how do i get them ready. do i have enough water? do i have enough food? is there medicine i might need? >> florida governor already declared state of emergency. cbs news, surf side florida. >> and today marks the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. former president george w. bush visiting new orleans and mississippi. in new orleans yesterday, the former president visit add school rebuilt with support from former first lady laura bush's foundation. discussed education as well as memories of the storm. >> hurricane katrina is a story of lost beyond measure. it is also a story of commitment and compassion. i hope you remember what i remember, that is 30,000 people were saved in the immediate aftermath of the storm. >> mr. bush also flew to gulf port missus p toy honor police and firefighters who saved lives after the towering storm
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surge swamped the coast. knew this morning, woman is in the hospital after she was hit by a car while riding her bike last night. this happened around 12:30 this morning at the intersection of 22nd street and the ben franklin parkway. the 28 year old biker was trapped for several minutes, underneath the car. she has been taken to the hospital with fractured bones. alcohol was involved, but it is not clear if the driver of the car or the biker was drinking. a neighborhood on edge this morning, as police search for preditor. a mother comes home just in time as a man leans into her daughter's bedroom window. this all happened at the washington way apartments, in washington township gloucester county. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco with the latest on the search for the suspect who took off running. >> it is nerve wracking. >> neighbors in this washington township apartment complex are uneasy, and determined, to help police finds this man. >> if i see him, i'll try keep him at bay, talk to him, until authorities come. >> police say he was caught with his head inside his first
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floor apartment window talking his six year old girl while her parents thought she was sleeping, when the mother came home from work around 10:00 she heard voices in her daughter's room. >> she heard her daughter talking to somebody by the window. when she opened up the bedroom doors, the gentleman's head was inside the window. she screamed for her husband, by the time she got out, there the gentleman took off. >> the man allegedly told the little girl his name was joe and he was a doctor who lived in the complex. the little girl told her mom the man took a picture of her before running off. police say the mother saw him lurking around their building a day earlier claiming to be looking for a cell phone signal. >> it is scary, scary news, you know. i have to make sure everything is locked. >> neighbors have been sharing the man's sketch and keeping a close eye on their children. >> i have two and a half year old grandson who place back and forth with these kids. the doors always open. they are always in and out. but now, i am not sure i want to leave tub locked. >> the man described as in his
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late 20's or earl 30th's, he has dark hair, dark eyes, with a full facial beard. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. in washington township, diana rocco, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and philadelphia police are searching this morning for a man they say robbed and sexually assaulted a two women and a man in fishtown. this is composite sketch of the suspect. take a look. police say he robbed those victims at gunpoint near cup letter band street and the delaware river sunday evening, victims were assaulted then bound with their clothing. anyone with information should call police. a mother is outraged after she says her three year old somehow got out of day care and walk home, at kinder world hamilton avenue in hamilton mercer county thursday. little --ortiz walked two blocks, her mother shocked when her teen year old daughter called it say the three year old was at the side door crying.
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>> i couldn't believe that my son had made it back over here without anyone noticing terrible school he was gone. i asked for an explanation, asked how come nobody in the dollars he was gone. she had nothing to say other than just give me apology and said it wouldn't happen again. >> ortiz said she has filed complaint with the police department, and the department of children and family. well, new information this morning, about the shooting death of a tv news crew in virginia. we have now learned that suspect vester flanagan, used the same gun to take his own life he used to kill alison parker and photographer adam ward. meanwhile, correspondent craig boswell report, the shopping plaza, in virginia where the shooting happened, has now reopened. >> bridgewater plaza reopened for the first time since the murder of two young journalists. many business owners say they are ready to return to some normalcy. >> it has been a long two days, and i was happy to get back here this morning. >> at the entrance to the shopping center, well-wishers
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leaving flowers and mo men toast at memorial for reporter alison parker and a.m. caiman adam ward. the murders happened right outside his business. >> it hit me as soon as i hit the parking lot that this young lady who was only 24 years old, prime of her life, and some idiot takes her out. >> parker and ward were ambushed during interview about tourism in the area. people hearsay that the two victims will not be forgotten. investigators say the suspect vester flanagan tried to make a get away with a gun, ammunition, additional license plates, and potential disguise. flanagan, former reporter at wdbj, who went by the name of bryce williams, later killed himself after a police chase. dozens gathered outside the cbs affiliate in roanoke for a stop the violence candlelight vigil. as life slowly returns to
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normal in this community, many hope the death of these two young co-workers cut down in their prime will bring some change. craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> now hampshire jury finds elite prep school graduate not guilty of rape but convicted him on sex assault charges. convicted on several misdemeanor charges on assault of 15 year old girl at st. paul school last year. prosecutors say assault part of practice known as senior salute. seniors try to have sex with underclassmen. the two had concentual contact, he claims. 5:10, talking about the pope's visit to philadelphia for months. right? well now in new york a larger than life welcome for the holy father. we'll have more on this special mural coming up next. plus this. >> hillary clinton tries to get pledges of support before joe biden decides whether to challenge her for the democratic nomination. i'm mark albert in washington
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brookside. talk about delicious. >> happening today, comedian kevin hart is in town for a pop up 5k, i never heard of this kind of thing, i run with heart event starts at 8: 054 in front of the art museum. decided to come home to host
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the free veg ration, registration is full, but if there are some no-show's, some walk in's can race. several roads will be closed in the area, for full list of closures head to our website >> speaking of visitors, 28 days and counting, getting close, less than a month, pope francis will make historic visit to the east coast. philadelphia of course just one of its stops. north new york is another one. in fact, the big apple giving philadelphia some papal and mural competition. i don't know how i feel about this. take a look at the giant portrait in progress taking shape on eighth avenue in manhattan. right by madison square garden. the location of the planned papal mass, of covers, it is hard to blame them. we're as excited as to ever see pope francis. but we're going to have some nice wet they are weekend. >> we are. if only the weather could be as nice as it was this week, for pope francis, we've had a great stretch of days, low to mid 80s, great. i thighed say good-bye to it,
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but un northerly back to the heat and humidity. outside, the morning starting offer great. in fact, if you want to feel cool, crisp, comfortable air, get outside now. it will start to fizzle away over the next several days. outside on the roof camera, zooming out, beautiful wide view of center city, feeling great outside this morning, in the 60s in the city but many spots in the 50's, at the moment. >> let's take you out to storm scan3, you can see nothing going on, high pressure overhead, will be planted here for the next several days. that will keep any storms really at bay. as we zoom out, you can see, or zoom in i should say, skies are clear, not even cloud in the sky right now, but zooming way out, watching this system now. what this is, cool front, portions of the midwest, really die before it gets to us. what it is helping to do pump up the southwest flow. so, all this wind out ahead of cool front around the western flank of big blogging hi, that will be moving, in bringing us all of the mouse tire, humidity, warm air from the deep south and the gulf of mexico.
5:16 am
that's the pattern we will be planted in over the next several days. we start off with temperatures in spots in the live neighborhood network. see how comfortable it is this morning, 61 new castle, delaware, 56 millville, pave of five's, 55 degrees in doylestown, almost hinted of fall in the air, philadelphia still sitting at 67. 54 degrees in allentown, 49 in mount pocono right now, you need jacket this morning, and dew points are still in the 50's, so it is still pretty dry outside. but the dew point will be rising specially starting sunday. the whole reason for this heatwave or this hot stretch i should say, don't know for sure it lab heatwave, we have to hit 09 threes days in a rope, it will be close, this high pressure heat pump centered off the coast, kicking up southwest flow, very typical pattern for us mid summer, how we get into our july heatwave, big blocking high off the coast, but we will be in it for late august early september. see the high really goes no where. not a lot of rain in the forecast at all. looks like dray stretch into next week, but it is going to
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be hot. getting little more humid each day. so today still pleasant range, due point not bad at all, humidity does start to climb starting tomorrow and monday and tuesday. latest on tropical storm erikament still tropical storm, finally worse of it starting to move away from hispaniola, toward cuba, it could downgrade the system by late today. winds at 40 miles per hour, gusts of 50, expected to become tropical depression as we head through today, into tomorrow morning, as it moves over the cuban mainland, now tracking even little further to the west, but we are expecting to perhaps become another tropical storm tore redevelop into tropical storm once it reaches the warm waters of the gulf of mexico. today mostly sunny, warm day, 88 gross will be the high, tonight few clouds, warm, pleasant, 69 for the overnight low. eyewitness weather seven day forecast and "shorecast", here comes the heatwave. 88 degrees for today, again, humidity not too badment then humidity ramps up as does the heat, 90s sunday through wednesday, notice how close we
5:18 am
are to 90 thursday and friday. it could be very hot stretch right through next week. nicole, back to you. >> if he runs, vice president biden could shake up the presidential race. talking campaign 2016 right now. the democratic candidates met with top party leaders trying to lock up crucial support before the first primary and caucus votes are cast, cbs news correspondent mark albert has that part of the story. >> i'm here tore ask for your help. i'm not taking a single primary voter or caucus goer for granted. >> after summer of controversy, hillary clinton hopes the democratic national committee's summer meeting in minneapolis will be the start of a come-back. clinton camp want to shut out support to shut out potential rival, vice president joe biden? that's part of our strategy to win the nomination. we're going to fin to do that. >> biden was noticeably absent in minneapolis, saying if
5:19 am
the -- stale at the white house for meetings, decide to go run within the next month n virginia jeb bush pick up the endorsement of congressional leader eric kantor, then turned to current frontrunner donald trump. >> here is a guy larger than life. it is all about him. let's have a debate about the people have as thoughts about candidate. when they do i think i will feel a lot better than mr. drum up. >> now one will out trump, trump, as far as taking him off on. rival makes a case for themself using trump as casino of foil, no one has had the bravery to do that yet. >> trump has shall bashed bush, calling him low energy candidate. mark albert bert, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> also campaign 2016, vice president joe biden says he's deciding whether he has the emotional fuel to enter the democratic presidential primary to face hillary clinton. now, as of speculation he stopped delaware delaware carper told us who he would
5:20 am
support during a visit to our studios. take a listen. >> if joe gets into it, i would stay with joe. i think our country would be happy to have either one of them. we'll see what happens. >> yes, we shall. the democrat also said he's happy donald trump is in the republican presidential race because the billionaire is providing a lot of pleasure for supporters on his side of the aisle. >> wealth, the ceo of ashley madison has stepped down a mid the massive cyber breach of the company's date a after i had life media, ashley mass madison's parent company, say mutual decision, the security breach which happened earlier this month ousted millions of the website's estimate the 40 million users. all right, 5:20 right now. still ahead, overseas thriller and a dj drama. that's what's in theatres this weekend. take a look. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming
5:21 am
up zacarias moussaui evan aspiring dj, and owen wilson must protect his family in a war torn country in no
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5:24 am
dj struggling to make his mark in the music scene in we are your friends. owen wilson must protect his family in the brink of war in no escape. >> what if we don't like it smear. >> i think we. >> when they move their family overseas for new life, they become caught in the middle of a civil war. push to extremes, to protect their children, and to get to safety in a strange country. >> we don't have a choice. >> when red this script, the idea of kind of trying to save yourself, and trying it save your wife, that's one thing, but when it is, you know, casino of your children, and the ages they are, where they are so innocent, that your animal instinct kick in. >> (movie clip). >> this party is looking a little -- blank >> in we are your friends, zach effron is aspiring dj, looking for that one moment to make it big.
5:25 am
but the role came with a surprising physical demand for the usually buff star. >> i did a lot of research on dj's, and at the moment i signed up for the movie, i wasn't possessing the physical at bust of a dj. you know, they are not, i guess, stoked. so i just started running every day. and that was it. that was really all toyed do. i think i lost like 10 pounds, and it worked. it worked for the character. >> what's up? i'm coal carter. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier. now back to you in the studio. >> there you go. the king of pop, the theme at summer fest down on penn's landing, wish we had a little mj impersonator there, as well. played, rolled around the ring, in addition to the music and skating, kids and adult, learned thriller moves and played fun games. but, most of all, learned those thriller moves. check it out.
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coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", philadelphia police identify a suspect, wanted in the deadly hit-and-run after two year old boy. we're live with the latest on that investigation. also ahead, why a local hospital is trying to get it hands on huge collection of cons fist kate dollars wine? yes, un cork g this bizarre story, that's straight ahead.
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today is saturday, august 29th, good morning to you, we're glad that you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. coming up on 530:67:89 we will check in with kate. man, we've been spoiled with this butter. >> i am hoping it continues. but i have a feeling there is a butt there, in there somewhere. >> there is, there is a little one. because, yes, it has been a good full week. we just can't stay that way forever. there is always a change in the forecast, you know what, even though it is going to change as far as the temperature is concerned, at least the sun will stick with us, it will stay nice and dry, through next week. now, that's good and bad. good for any outdoor plans you might have, not good because we do need some rain. pretty dry august, only five days with appreciable rainfall the last time we had it back on august 20th. storm scan3, starting things off. see certainly no rain on that radar, everything is clear. high pressure is in control. and i tell you, i just stepped out on the skydeck to see how it feels outside, the moon absolutely george thus morning, if you can poke your head outside and see that before the sun comes up, and you don't get to see it any
5:30 am
more. well, it is beautiful if not ill post a picture on my twitter feed in just a couple of minute, never as good as the real thing, but see what it looks like. 54 degrees in allentown, chilly 49 in mount pocono, actually sounds kind of nice. fifty-seven in philadelphia, 56 in both milville and atlantic city. starting out your morning by 7:00 a.m., 69 degrees, bright and sunny, 9:00 a.m., 71, sunny, nice, then we jump to the 80s very quickly by 11:00 a.m., keep it in the 80s through the rest of the day. if you are headed down the shore you will love the wet they are weekends, 83 today, 84 degrees tomorrow, here's the latest on tropical storm erika. looking pretty weak, and ragged right now. we'll see what happens in the next update, but i'll have the track for you, coming up in just a few more minutes. for now, nicole, we send it over to you. >> kate, thank you. philadelphia police issue arrest warrant foreman in connection to the hit-and-run that killed a two year old boy and critically injured his mother last spring. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry live for thus morning, spoke to the victim's
5:31 am
family. syma, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. that's right, police have identified a suspect in this case. and now the family says, they are relieved they're one step closer to getting justice. >> you can run but you can't hide. >> daisy sanchez relieved that police may know who was responsible for killing her cousin's two year old son david alicia. david and his mother, 19 year old josephine rivera, were crossing the street on the 2700 block of mascher street, in kensington, back in april. that's when police say, 22 year old miguel cologne hit them while he was driving a white 2006 infinity. riviera was seriously injured. david was taken to st. christopher's hospital where he died, three days later. the family held a vigil earlier this month to remember david who was described as a sweet, fun, little boy. the vigil was also meant as a reminder the driver was still out there. >> with all of that support, and effort, i think family, you know, we're getting
5:32 am
justice. >> family and friends are hoping this nightmare will soon be over. >> we can never get him back. but justice will be served. >> as you can -- if you could say something to the man, what would you say? >> turn yourself in. >> and, as police continue to look for cologne, they are asking for the public's help. they are offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest. live in brewerytown, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". syma, thanks for that update. we appreciate it. >> well, we now know teacher as one of two people killed in a accident on route 206 in southampton burlington county. allison macinnis, middle school teacher in pemberton township, being remembered as warm and caring. she was jogging on route 206 thursday afternoon, when she was hit by a truck. the pass inning nerve the vehicle, david eldridge, was also killed. an investigation into that crash is ongoing. >> well, calls for change this morning after what seems like disturbing trends in this baseball season. a phillies fan is the latest
5:33 am
to be injured by a foul ball at major league stadium. woman was actually hit thursday night. "eyewitness news" reporter greegree ghost with more on what some say could be done to improve safety. >> you don't see it. but you hear the crowd's reaction. >> shot to the head. >> a female fan hit by a foul ball along the first baseline. sitting five rose back, and just feet from where protective netting ends. >> that foul ball went past the net. and into the diamond club. >> fortunately, the fan was not seriously hurt. >> round every applause. you heard this for the young lady heading up the stairs. she is on her feet. >> this indent happening, the same night baseball commissioner was at the stadium. >> we are looking at the designs every all 30 stadiums. we're looking at things like i think people think you just put more netting up. you have to worry about things like camera wells, the design of the stadium, unimpeded views. >> with multiple fan injuries this year alone, commissioner
5:34 am
says safety is priority. >> our goal is to make a big presentation to the owners in november, and hopefully being be in a position for change next year. >> former phillies player matt stairs believes the changes can't come soon enough. >> 15-foot net up there or screen, you would be surprised how many balls will getting in down. it will protect the fans more. >> it is very scary. hopefully nothing ever happens anything more than a cut or bruce, but there has to be something done. >> all right, so what do the fans think? we spoke with many people. and most say they're in favor of additional netting. they don't want to come to a game and become injured themselves or have loved one hit by fly ball. but others who say they don't want any changes. they opportunity have access to the players, after the game, and they also want to be able to catch a foul ball if they're paying attention. reporting here in south philly, greg argos, "eyewitness news".
5:35 am
>> a stunt plane crashed while practicing tricks for a weekend air show in new york killing the pilot. police say that plane went down at stewart international airport in new windsor around 2:00 in the afternoon. the pilot was the only person on board. there is no word on what caused the plane to crash. officials say, the new york air show will go on as scheduled. very sad. >> a transportation security administration agent has been arrested on charges he sexually assaulted a 21 year old woman at leguardia airport tuesday night. valerie castro, from sister station, cbs2, has the latest. >> reporter: i'm really shocked that, for one, he would be able to pull that off. >> reporter: travelers at leguardia airport react today news that tsa agent, 40 year old maxio, was arrested after pouter authority police say he molest add young woman. reportedly luring her into men's rest room inside terminal b where the assault took place. >> he was is a really bad person, and, you know, took advantage of his power. >> it makes you afraid to go
5:36 am
to the airport t makes you not trust these people that are supposed to be here to help you. >> port authority police source says he told the 21 year old he needed to conduct an additional screening to check for a knife and allegedly touched her ann prepare re atly. the woman is a korean exchange student who lives in salt lake sit but was in new york to visit friends. tach letter megan haines says flying is stressful enough, let alone having to worry about her safety. >> even having your bag searched can be an invasive feeling, like let alone something like that. >> other travelers hope they would be able to escape such an assault. >> is that something you have ever worried about? >> not me personally. ill defend myself but makes you terrified. >> friday the tsa administrator released a statement saying in part tv a has terminate in the individual. tsa holds its employees to the highest standards. and that was valerie castro reporting. police say, other travelers
5:37 am
witnessed the young woman being taken into the rest room. the victim notified another tsa agent about what happened, and port authority police were called. >> very very scary. 5:37. much more still ahead on "eyewitness news". take a listen. >> one of pennsylvania's largest rare vintage wine collections could soon be coming to chester county hospital. i'm alexandria huff, i'll explain coming up. >> i'm danielle nottingham at children's hospital los angelesment coming up the procedure helping young patients avoid open heart surgery. >> and the weather has been practically perfect. we've had such a nice stretch. i have a feeling mother nature's turning up the heat. kate bilo is in studio this morning, she'll have the details on that coming up next. stay with us. we snap it. we stack it. we smoosh it. we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more...
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>> we are holding a 98 -- this is very good year for this. >> to find this selection, we to travel to jersey, in pennsylvania, the state buys its wine largely in bulk. so, finding a rare vintage would be, well, rare, to say the least. last year, a chester county attorney had to fork over a collection estimated over $100,000 after police say he and his wife illegally transported in from new
5:41 am
jersey, and then distributed it, a fact which they dispute. but this month, the couple settled with the state and was able to reclaim about half the collection. >> that leaves 1,404 booth many of rain vintage wine, and what would make a better home for that, then chester county hospital? wine currently being stored in a police evidence room. >> the police department has those wines, and they're not properly stored, they could diminish the value. >> but little known legal loophole could allow it to be turned over to the hospital. in a statement, the couple's attorney said their clients hope, quote, that the remaining wine will be donate today an appropriate end i at this at this that can benefit from the sale rather than be destroyed. the chester county hospital would be a worthy recipient a judge will decide if that's possible next week or even if the hospital could use it in other whales. foreign theus as is that makes the way of a trip to the hospital little less painful. alexandria huff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:42 am
we can all cheer to good health. happening today, adventure aquarium hosting its first ever hippa awareness week toned give them a chance to learn about the fascinating animal. event takes place today, tomorrow, guests get up close and pearls until with the resident hippos. this is button and jenny you are seeing on your screen. the event is to help raise money for the hippo trust in zimbabwe. very nice cause there, great thing to do with the kids maybe this weekend. pipe the way it is a wouldn't national zoo in washington dc has big announcement about that surviving panda cub born just days ago. officials also reveal the baby's father, soot's male panda, mother, panda, gave birth to the twin cubs week ago, but unfortunately her smaller cub also a male died four days later. now the most likely cause every death was new moan y but final results are still pending. the surviving cub is doing well, and growing. so, that's a little good news there. remember that family's bears,
5:43 am
how could you forget, that took over backyard pool in north jerry? turns out, they're back. they're back for more. someone else in the rock away neighborhood captured these images, thursday, of her mom, of the mom, rather, and her cubs, knocking down garbage cans, and feasting on whatever was inside. the new jersey department of environmental protection notes that even though the images may look cute, there needs to be population control for safety reasons. now, residents in that area are sure to be long the look out for the bear family this weekend just in case they make another appearance, but man, i guess they found little home there in rock away township. >> they like the neighborhood, nicole. i was saying yesterday, you know, new neighbors will move in, you look over, it is the bear family, moving their stuff in. >> the bear end steen bears, very cute. >> looking outside, seeing very, very first little glimpse of light in the sky. that's yes pull up this camera for you on spring garden street in philadelphia. see looking east, the sky just beginning to lighten up a
5:44 am
little bit cents we kick off a beautiful summer saturday. people up, nice, enjoying nice cool start to the morning. if you want to exercise this morning, if you do, now is the time to go because it is cool, comfortable, good time to go outside, go for walk, go for a run it, will heat up for the rest of the weekend, even if you want a bagel run, instead of exercise, i won't judge. clear skies across storm scan3, we zoom in, no problems, completely clear at the moment. we are getting into what's known as bit of return flow situation. that's high pressure system moves off the coast, and this front kind of slicing through portions of the midwest, just helping to drive in some southwest winds, overnight tonight, into tomorrow, feel the humidity ramp up. temperatures feeling fantastic, cool, comfy, pretty much across the entire area. fifty-four allentown, 58 in reading, 67 at the airport right now, and 56 in millville. so certainly the warm spot is the city of philadelphia. but we are going to be heating
5:45 am
up, again, the high moves off the coast. in the 90s tomorrow, partly sunny, it is hot. now, over the next couple of days, especially sunday, monday, with the heat and humidity, can't rule out pop up shower or under this earl. we see these sometimes, driven by the heating of the day. as the ground heat up, parcels of air rise to the upper levels of the atmosphere, causes instability, could cause chance for thunderstormment so can't rule it o for the most part dry, sunday into monday, temperatures again in the low 90s. we move over to tropical storm erika, moving off the coast of hispaniola. see this storm is looking very, very ragged here, on the last frame. wouldn't be surprised if it is downgraded by mid afternoon today into tropical depression, but it does look like it may at this to reform. the problem is, this track has been shifting further and further west, every time they issue it, remember, earlier in the week it, looked as though it would make landfall near miami. now this is going over cuban mainland, really going struggle, rocky terrain there, will downgrade into tropical depression, then as it moves to the warm waters of the gulf
5:46 am
corks reform to tropical storm. right now nash hal had your can center has it along the panhandle, early thursday morning, so future rain amount, these have shifted, as well. seen earlier in the week a lot of rain for portions of western or eastern floured a should say, western florida missed out on t now the heaviest convection with the east side of the storm. so attract that takes it up like this would bring the heaviest rain to western florida, so tampa, right down through the southern most tip of the florida peninsula, some spots over three, 4 inches every rain, risk for flooding still remains very real. >> for today, in our area, mostly sunny, nice and warm, 88 degrees in the sit, tonight few clouds, nice and warm, at 69. and your beach forecast, if you are headed down the shore, what beautiful saturday. temperatures in the upper 70s, to low 80s, on the beach, water temperature, 75 degrees. and feeling fantastic. your eyewitness weather seven day forecast and "shorecast", heat and humidity continues to build. back to 90 on sunday, we'll keep it in the 90s monday through wednesday, chance we could it hit it thursday and
5:47 am
friday as well. we may fall agree short a day or two, so not guaranteeing heatwave. but it will be close. hot start to september next week. nicole, back to you. >> kate, thanks. darth vader gets newhart valve. maybe not the darth vader you are thinking of, though. the force actually with one little boy who thanks to dedicated medical team is continuing to do what he loves. correspondent danielle nottingham has that story. >> reporter: while max charmed superbowl viewers as little darth vader, was also battling congenital heart disease. >> i was feeling really tired. even like walking up a flight of stairs would winds me. >> the ten year old actor has had ten heart surgeries in his lifetime. the first at three month old. he had open heart surgery in 2012 but the valves began restricting blood flow slowing him down. >> the valves became leaky and narrowed, earlier than expected. >> in july, doctors at children's hospital los
5:48 am
angeles gave max a newhart valve, without having to do open heart surgery. insert ago stint through max's thigh. >> you can squeeze that stint valve into little sausage like balloon, run it through the blood vessels, then run that inside the vessels back to the heart. >> max spent less than 24 hours in the hospital. >> i am feeling great. >> to think that can he go in and have a valve replacement surgery, walk out, the next day, inside 24 hours, not even 24 hours, with a band aid on his thigh, and medication was to take a tylenol. >> max will receive his 11th operation in september to replace his pacemaker. but, he says, he is ready to take on the world again. danielle nottingham, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> that's awesome. it is 5:48. big turn out for the final smooth jazz summer nights concert of the season. >> ♪
5:49 am
>> world renounded saxophonist minutes i, took us out in style, "eyewitness news" there at the great plaza on penn's landing for all of the great music. our anchor ukee washington there along with the huge crowd that came out to hear the jazz, everybody having a good time, kind of swaying to the music there, just relaxing, and listening in. let's do that as we head to break. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
5:50 am
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now, with even more avocado, olive, and shea oils. nourished hair, better color ladies! and greys? 100% covered! you want more? you got it! new garnier nutrisse nourished hair means better color. garnier. >> game three of the pre-season tonight in greenbay, one that goes a long way before deciding the final roster. everyone wondering how much sam bradford will play, or if he will play at all, and kiko, both locked to make the roster. but tuesday the eagles will have to trim their roster 75 players, then next saturday the final 53 man roster must be set. chip kelly says this year's cuts will be more difficult. >> i think we have more depth. so i believe we'll cut some players that will make other rosters. so, you know, i'm hoping, you know, that's our goal for all
5:53 am
of our players, day one, i want them to play in the ffl. hopefully on our team, if not on our team, another team. so but it is going to be difficult. you know, we will have to sit down long and hard after this, pack our game, and casino of it is difficult to get to 57 from coaching standpoint, that's good thing, but still human factor that gets involved with cutting somebody. and that part is not a lot of fun. >> now, sam bradford only saw one series last week against baltimore. he looked good, took couple of big hits, traditionally the starting quarterback will play into the thirds quarter but chip kelly would not say how long woe play. bradford said he wants to get on the field and get some work in on the road. >> i think it is nice, obviously, probably have to work some silent count, which is what we expect to have to do week one in atlanta. that changes things with motion, timing, you know, just different little things in our offense that you take for granted when you play at home and everyone can hear the snap count. stowe will be good to get a
5:54 am
challenge from good greenbay team on the road. >> the phillies trying to snap four game losing streak at home against the padres, youth movement on the mound underway, alec ash letter get his first major league start sunday. but, last night, it was aaron nola. he was out standing. the phillies first round pick last year, pitched like it, seven innings, only gave up two hits, one run, struck out six. he's been impressive. speaking of impressive, how about aaron alltear? only played seven games this season, somehow all seven of his hits in the major leagues have been extra patient. rbi trip little score, and will make it a three-one ballgame. later in the eighth inning, cameron rough blowing this one wide open. crushes this pitch. deep into the seats for three run homer. so the phillies win it seven to one. >> close to 15,000 fans on hand yesterday to watch triple crown winner american pharaoh work out. he's in saratoga springs for the today. the second race he is running,
5:55 am
after winning the triple crown. that race has been sold out for weeks. that's all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdale have, a great day. >> switching gears right now, if you her to take down a tree, either after a storm or a tree is dying, you know it is a big job. and removing the tree is only part of the process n this week's angry list reports, jim donovan looks at getting rid of the stump that's left behind. >> removing a dead tree, including the stump, requires a lot of equipment, muscle, and know how. >> well, what many people don't realize, it is usually an extra charge in toward have the stump removed. be sure to ask your professional about that service, as well. >> arborist john, has been removing trees and grinding stumps for nearly 20 years. it can be a dangerous job, and he cautions homeowners before trying it on their own. >> if there is a stump that's out on the backyard, no glass around, no parked vehicles around, no kids around, you feel safe, you feel confident,
5:56 am
absolutely. you got to think about it twice, then i saw call us. >> in rendering a stump -- renting a stump grinder for the day can cost $200. most pros could get rid of 18-inch diameter stump for the same price. might n worth it to hire an expert. any reputable tree service can handle the job. but ask to see their liability insurance to make sure they're covered, if something goes wrong. >> no, once the stum some gone, you can plant another tree nearby, but not in that exact same spot. if you want to grow grass over the area, just cover the spot with a couple of inches of top soil, and place down the seed. for more advice from angie on removing a tree stump, visit's list. i'm jim donovan. >> all right, good advice there, coming up the in next half hour, philadelphia firefighters responds to apartment fire. we'll hear from some resident who were able to escape the flames. also ahead, day care scare. mother says her three year old wandered away without any of the workers noticing. she is talking to "eyewitness
5:57 am
news" about the frightening ordeal. >> and, our last weekend of august can you believe it, but it is to still feels like summer. we'll talk about the forecast heating up in just a few minute. stay with u ♪usic: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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5:59 am
enamel is your teeth's first line of defense. but daily eating and drinking can make it weak. try colgate enamel health. it replenishes weak spots with natural calcium to strengthen enamel four times better. colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel. >> the death toll rises on the caribbean islands of dominica.
6:00 am
officials in three states taking preparation, we'll have the latest on its path. also, today marks ten years since hurricane katrina devastated new orleans. coming up: we'll have a live report from louisianna, with a look back at the damage caused by that storm and it lasting legacy. and neighborhood on alert, after man is spotted looking into a family's window and talking to a six year old girl. this is a frightening story. we'll have the details on that in just a few moment. first, today is saturday, august 29th, good morning, i'm so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. 6:00 on the dot. we get you start wad check on the forecast, because we've had good news for several days now. >> yes, we can't complain really? >> no, we really can't. wednesday through friday, this week, just gorgeous weather. >> yes. >> now, today, looking pretty fantastic, as women, the problem we'll heat up. the humidity will start to ramp up. a lot of people telling me on social media, that they're ready for some fall weather, everyone wants to break out the back to school clothe, sweaters, jeans, boots. not yet


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